The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 30, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 30, 1947
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY. JULY 30, 1947 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION BLTTHEVim: (AMJ COURIER NEWS Minimum Cliarge i lime per line .'.'..'....'... c times per line p«r day ,. J limes per line p«r day .. 6 times per Hut' in?r day .. 12 times yer line per day .. — --•-"•* .--. ....^ ,.„. Mvmh per line touni five average • ISc 12c Uc Ic 5c vwuui live average words to the Jtn* Au ordered for three or sl.v times .ini slopped before expiration will be eliars- tti for the iiiiinber of times the ad appeared and adjustment of bill nlaile. All Classified Advertising copy suti- Buttrd by persons residing outside o! the elly must be acfomi/a/iled by cnsli. Hates may be easily computed from the above table. Advertising order lor Irregular Insertions takes the one time rate. No responsibility wlU Ve taken for oiore than one Incorrect Insertion "' any elasslfleA ad. for Safe Elfoerlu canning peaches, Hahy chicks. Order ynur ooal now, 1 (on or a truck load. Lewis Poultry, -119 K. Main, plionc 9-19. 7 2ft ck 3 1 40 acres, four room house with electric lights niltl two rcw,-;i t^iK-nt house, ftood bnrn. 0:1 =?:'i>vt:1 roir; school Jui.s $Ctl~WQ u'ortii of •'otion soltl off this plure Sast v -\i ;iii.| now 1ms :i5 IUTL\S of uootl cot urn. -JO acres, j«,-j miles from Holland, Mo. Klcn fovir room iiotiso with hini. CJooiI mixed Roll, rcully \vorih thp money, «0 acres, sniidy loam soil, fovir room and 2 room house, I 5 -- miles trom Rives, Mo. Priced to ::i>l], $125. per »cre. 4C ticrc. 1 ! nnd two EO acres >oln!njj, cun be bought tot!Cthci or scparatelj-. Improved. AU tractor liind oa stale hlgliway. Easy terms. 320 ncTL-B, 1GQ ucres on encli side of stn.te highwiiy, '.<| mile oil concrete hlyhwuy. can )>c bought loyciJipr or separately. BeFt type of soil to be found with all tractor land. Ile- modelctl modern home.-. Ensy terms Wonderful buy. COO acres of the finest blac'K silt soil you've ever seen. It will fit- a pleasure for us to show this farm \vllh all tractor latul mitl row crops with the best hnprovcjnents, aiso perfectly drained, Cim be bought in two tracts. Several Improved semt- /nodcrn Jlvint; quarters with tenant homes. Price §150 per acre. Nonresident owner, easy terms. 57 acres, short distance west of IJly- theville. 40 acres cotton and balance In corn. This Is yood loarny soil. 4 room house, 2 yood barns and out buildings. Price §160 per acre. Can Ue uouuht for $1777.50 down and balance in is years at 5 ( J, or pay all at anytime. Payments $481, year or about fi of what the place will rent for this 'year. The aDove farms are a few of what we h ave to of tc r I n sizes from 10 acres to n. thousand. We are always glad to have you come In if you are Interested In buying or sell hi 1 * to talk wltl 1 . us or see what we have Rlales Lund Co. Office across from city Hall In !Inl-" lIulldliiK. Phone 3322---Blyt1icvlHe, Ark. Broker—Russell E. Rlales Sa]est]ven---Beil D. Haniier, R. M. lV;ck. Antique walnut secretary', antique nia- hognny table, 2 nntlque walnut bcdskte tables, antique walnut marble top table, modern dtvan, lamps and Grunow S-txibe table model radio. Phone Osceola 10. * 1-2 1 /" sallon cotmter Ice cream free/.er with cabinet, $1000. II. I-. Ktn-j phone 97, Manila. 7[2»-pk-8;2^ Ice cream equipment. Two frozen malt or, Ice cream macl'liies. one Jarne. one small, one 20 cu. ft 'cc cream cabinet. One 30 cv d fr|. yldairc. Act now. Have lost Itfase and must evacuate soon. Cii-n H. Kcc-lcr, Pronto liar. I, "ill Main St. Dycrsburu, Tciin. V123 cL;-31 1 Oliver 70 almost new \vlth 4 row cnltlviilor, plniucr, busters nnd disc. 1-C. A Ills Chabner with cultivators and busters, almost new. Also have 35 Poland China pigs. Phono "37. 7' 29-p'.:->3:5 'S7 model V-8 Ford truck, shotf, wheel base, stake body, good for hauling beans, cotton, etc. In goo'f '.tmdl- tlon. At Mill on Camp Moultr!-? Drive, or call 3309. O. S. Kolllso.i 7'23-cK U 5 1 used Wcstiii^house elect rlr 0'-;'*«••. stove. Call Lcroy Owens, 3C17 Between 7 a.m. ^c G p.m. IU-pk-3 S 2 PrMrie Scliooncr house traUcrs 3 rooms, 2 doors. Beautiful Inside nnt 1 out. Permanent beds. RutaFie iyts range. Refrigerator. Tile kitchen's. Large Studio couches. Selling reasonable. Highway 01 South. Trading Post Tiallor SaEes. E. Mat his. Blylheville. -<;29-pH-8 r 5 Attention Furm Owners— Electric pumps, watei softeners, water healers and pHnnljinjr. Not hint! down and ]j;iy once a vein for three years. Planters Hardware Ccir.pKny. 7 20 ck tf For Safe FItYERS. Bclcmiriuilly nileed In brooder. Never Ix'cii on ilia uround. .450 per Ib. on root. Abraluun's chicken rnrm. South Ill-way 01. jj,..\t lo old l-cijion Allport. V;15-cK.a;i5 5 piece mahoganydmofte finite. Like. new. ;}10 \V Walnut. I'll. 2325. 7 24 dh If or Fine I'orfraifs— I O'Stoen's Studio. 7 1!) ok S 19 t'aunfnjj peaches Fresh vegetables, fruits, meats and groceries. Opel liJ S o'clock evt'i-y day. Phone 2032. Joe ' Heslei Grocery, Highway Ol Soulli lielow Swift Oil MiJI. 7 22 pk 8 22 Oliver 70 Tractor, Kooil ineetnnlrAl condition: <t-row cnlilvmor 4-ro* nlnmw. two hottoui Im-uker '• K i°* tandem disc. Priced to m-u. '(••all VOT '12-1-I) 1 /-31 1-5 burner lablc top oil stove ajn P Missouri. ; w-ni- iY General Klectrlc Hove, and rrfrl"criiior rn-coklast room Milti- uml "rom-li' I'honc 2078. 7*>.ok-U Have something you rt-n't nnfilv Tr.icJo or sell it HI Sw»u K.'KO. 40; li .\ Pliouo 859. 4!30-ck-tf I.iimlHT nnd wood. 112 nilln Nortli •> nillra West of Oosnell. G.' a. How- _£fii; V.'2-pk-B!2 MERCHANTS PoBPl ment eases, wnlk-ln coolers re. fi-iserntora. nnd l)i-vcra [; c; coolcra tire nvnllnblc for Immrtllnte dellvrrv Also Ice creiun cnblnets uncl comuressors Eeo Dell Scott. 1211 w. M:ilu or J* 0 .". 0 .! 200 ' 62,-ek-|]'23 1 - wheel Iriiller, new tires f-nr.]<•!,. t'.oiisc furnishings. I'i.|nVi" 'il' Jjlli : Clnrk St. or iiljoiu 1 ?:t: J /) Farm trailers nml trailer ueeis iinv kind, wnilo Auto Sulrage. NorlJi Hlway 61. phone 3TS5. Fresh canning pouches. Ice cold wnter- inelons. Poultry. Itaby chicks. Lewis Poultry, 410 Ease Main St. Ph 949 7!3-ck--a'Q 1 or 2 bate, trailer beds nnd wn-on beds also track beds any n,j* Honrv WcHbrook Shop. 225 North First Plioiie 3942. l.'ll-pV-Btli Services Power Lawn Rlowors When the mowlnir Bets touch, hist call for us and set n flee demonstration of a power lawn mo\^er. No nb- HfTntlons. We mow where others mil You decide for yourself. Yea. we? trade In your okl hand mowers iJlytbevllie Machine Shop, 211 ^ Second, phone 282S. 7!l7-?k-tr See Larry Kilen:: for Payroll nnd Income Tax Service. tjookkceplnK nnd Ctenernl Sccrctnrlal Service. ICS) East Main. Phone •"» 1!J7-pK-8'17 MONEY UX) LOAN Do' yea need • loan tc repair or remodel? No down payment, no mortgage, no red Upe. FHA approred rate 5*. Ask for details. Max Logan, Realtor, phone 2034. Lynch K\dg., MylbtrUle. 9-23-ck-U COMBINED WITH GENUINE FORD SERVICE WA.J-NJJT AT BROADWAV For Rent Bedroom, convenient to bath, on w Main, J^honc 3325. Y|lG-nk-81IC Housekeeping room. Phono 2920. Help Wanted Two gnitA mcL'hnnic.s, one niiln machinisl, onu parts man. Loy Eich Chevrolet Company. 7 2!) ck S 1 Salesman or siilcsliuly lo contact, rurut mule in Mississippi county," Dr.uv- lnj; iiccoiiiu. good coninilssion \Vr!tc Rax MB. % courier Ne\vs Ilis-ck-(f Lost ninck toy Monclicitor dog. Answers to nnme o! "Frlskey". F.HK ° drooo. 525 oo rewjird. \Vrlto box M. D. ^ Courier '•' 5| 1!30-!lk-8'6 .Strange Fnotls AmonR the delicacies served ;it the czar's'dinner table In okl Rus- sia were hen-ing checks, lips, calves' ears, pigeons' and built;' eyes. For Complete Protection Against All INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. j. POLLARD AGENCY Glencoe Hotel Bldg. 124 W. Ash St. Job Wanted Jo!> In cooil gnrnsc as Ijodv Mini jov Mini fender v.orkcr mid palntpr. oil r,fl-v basis. Contact ». T . Rusli no4 A '°; 1>"°"C 3487. 730-r,k- 31 For Sals of Trade J2 gn- pump -am, 22 rUfo T -m r V fee 1 urn. Jenny Lliul >><•[!. nr ,n.^'' ir ., cooler?, and many other (t >^i> t ir sale or trrulo at rcitl savings • r pl- Ijcrt Hulfinrin's Swjin Shop 401 "(••' Mulu. Ph. E59. :«:"•[ 32 Wantcd to Rent 1!)12 Fort] [liinip Irutk dinvn, SI!).:«i per month. •Cail Rolcson, 52S. 7 30 ck 8 2 Lee Motor Sales East End of Main St. Has For Sole 1017 Mercury 5- passenger Club Coupe inifi Ford 2-clonr Seil;in 1!IH Clicvrolcl 5 passenger Chi!) Coupe. {2 to choose from) .19-11 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan (1 (o choose from) 1011 Ford Club Coupe' 193!) I'lymoulh 4 - door. very clean Iflil 1'onliac -1-door St'rtau 1!)(7 New CMC School !5us, 50 ready to go- These cars arc all cily drii-rn cars anil arc in unusually good condilinn. Sold on easy terms. Phone 51D Qldsmobilc Cars CMC Trucks Open Daily Until n p. n ;. mnil furnished n|inrtment or house Permanent resident. Coil 273^ or write Box V58. 7;24-lik-!ll nlcsniiin ciesirrs house or thrrp four room npartmctit. rurnlshnct v, mirurni^Iirt!. Oiir rhlld. WrJ'c l> n Forehruid. !!o J05, Joncr.uoVo Ari; ' Treated with clieinicals. cotton can be - made fire-resisting inoistti re-proof. Wanted To Buy Sncond !;nn<( piano. Would conRkie'- renting. Phone tO-iO. 7"23-pk-30 Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles, Warle Auto Salvage, North Hiway GJ. phone ?>785. 7 3 pk S 3 Instruction f Male HEFKIGEIIATION Irst ruction. Male. Shortage of men lor installation and repair work, The ncrrr for trained mou to overhaul nr.d Lust nil rcrrts;omtinn antl nlr conditfonln!; rnulprnent Is uryrnt If you are mechanically inclined and Imvc r»Ir rclnrntlon. look Into this bJj: pny trade. Loarn iiow you can get this tnihiim; Jn .s^nro tltnc or evciilniis. No interference with present Joh, Vetorruis and Civilian!; For full information \vrilo at once.' i-1v- livp; n;iino, address ^ r>tc; Utiilttr*; Iiist.. Hox P. A. G. c« Courier News* T;2fi-cfc-30 A I,onr TMrUnoe Marine Conipvtcnt H^lp knd eqnlpr&Bnl. Ad*- QQIlely Infinred Contract HaDlfcg fcQd MJsc. ServlcoB. Home BerTlca ft Stonra •« Pbon 2801 Hardware Mutual ! Insurance Company I of Minnesota ! i Lnrgc Dividend Ravings ' Low Net Cost Protection ! For Service i W. L. TAMKE ! l 408 E. Davis SI., P. O. Boi 431 1 Phone Z«7 Bljlheville, Ark. l EARL WALKER & SON PLUMBERS Contracting and Repair Service Prompt Service—Local and Out of Town Phone 3553 When wo give ymir o;n- n t-Ionn Ijill of health, you may he sure it's reatly lo lake the road on nil cylin- ders, and to give you many miles of riding case, pleasure and comfort. When our experts scrviVc your car yon gel !he best! LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Corner Walnut and Broadway Phone 555 Asia \vith Its 10,103,000 .squaro Ii)iic.s\ i.s the most pojuilatftl ron- itneiu. it h;is inoiv (Imn wr>)OOU- 000 hihtil;it:ints, or UDlJi'OXtnuUrlV worUt 1Ul1 ' ' IU ' lx>I>nlnri() " ° r llll> Rend Courier News Wmit Ads. Eddie Sah'ba Maiii(t'n;in C( . lCnj>ineer Roof Coating, Industrial and Household Paints fill) fur tn-f tt aa t |ns|irr(laii . . . l.ct nir suivo y,,iir pulnl [ijul,- Wins. I'urinry Dlsti llmlur fur Co- laniiil lli'lliilii s : ,,ni <:i )rm i rn i (•„ '^1 !'). Kc-ndicliy A vc., Hlylltcvilln, I'hoiie 25:«i Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Blw I L MABRY »23 MISSOOItl ST. PH. SCZ PAGE CARPENTER SERVICE Minor itciialrlng, Sci-ccn -Wort Painting, Rc|)lncliiK Windows Steps, ntul oUier work. HOME SERVICE & STORAGE CO. Telephone 2807 Shipment of Bassinettes Just Arrived! TOT SHOP HO So. 2nd St. I'hnn« 2308 City Radio -Service- Dial 2407 For Expert Repnlra 321 East Main at Felix A. Carney and Pander Work NO JOB TOO TOUGH—NO JOB TOO SMALL! FREE ES (MATES We 'Arc WcJl Equipped to Do Quality Body and Fender Wor'K\ IT WILL PAY YOU TO KEEP, THE BODY and FENDERS OF YOUR CAR in goot^ condition. \ . !^^'j COME IN—Lef us ^ivc you a FREE ESTIMATE without obligation—EASY Monthly Payments. " --LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. 301 Walnut St. Phone 578 Bocf reduced lo n '\iowt\cr win; found tfi be. Ill porfcnt CDiulltloii altci- six years' slornvp. ^Km^~:r~:^:-:'"::^-myx'XKX? > . i. Notice to the Public: II \--have moved my office Infc Ilolhrock DruKHtoru , '-.\ Dr. C. E. Wilson 1 RADIO REPAIR 1 AND 2 DAY SERV1CK ON ANY MAKE OR MOO1JL RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 Wo call for nnd Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Blcctrical Appliance Co. Authorl/ccl Matorol.i Railln Sales and Strrice JOfi South Firsl SI. LOANS ;t; On Blythcvillo ! '*• '• !«; Residential Property v ;. !•! $ ]<cpiiy;il)lc in SinnII ;J 'l; AloulhJy I'iiyiiicnls ^ v H ^ Blythcville Federal $ *: |*i J; Savings & Loan Assn. >• K 12.1 AV. Asli St. | Phone ^515 !j PRESCRJPTIOKS Fresh Stock Gunrnniccrf Ucst Prices Kirby Drug Stores DON EDWARDS The TyjicwrtJer M»n UOYAL, SMITH, CORONA »nd UEMINQTON POBTABL1 IIP N, BECOHD 8T. PHONE «B r Trunsnctlon MUST I | I OBTABL1 • ONE »3SJ H >V\ . ^ CAN WATKR AH) IN ARTHR IT I S — RHEUMATISM? YTS—If It's Mountain Vnllcy Mlncrnl Wnlcr tho fnmotis hcnllh wnlcr from Hot Springs. Arknnsns MOUNTAIN VAM.KY helps stlmulnlc k t <l n c y nc-' lion, cllininntrr, the wostcs-so oriel) the uiulcilvliv cryisc o( Arthritis antl Rhcumnllsin. ° CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division Bljthe.llle, Ark. RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Typts Eiccpt Cancer) DRS. NIES & NIES Cllnlo 5H Main, Blylhcvllle, Ark., phone mi ,,„,. ' - ' X _J < )• I IV- ,,» F I lie ljos.s say. s he n-oiildn'l be without liis ear a miiiiilo. since lie had il panlwl by SEAT .MOTOR C.'OMI'ANY!" > CALL atW. -^ ^.iBlVWEifiJlUB.ARK. ./AMI'* MftIM ICE COLD! Watermelon Red Ripe ond Delicious Whole or Half Blytheville CURB MARKET 130 K. Main Phone 373 POP We Guarantee RECAPPING with Hawkinion Treads Let Your Next Tires B« GENERALS Cost More — Worth More MODINGER TIRE CO. 116 E. Main Phono a*l I Why don't you pull up your shirt and b/ovj on your tunimv? Ms/do! How often must / ask you not to talk so foolishly in front of the children.

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