The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 9, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 9, 1948
Page 2
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TWO BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS Ruhr Rebuilding Planned by AMG Iron and Steel Plants To Be Marshall Plan's Industrial Heart •T Robert Racier (Unlltd Pros SUff CorrMpondcnl) FRANKFURT, Jan. 9. (UP) — American Military Government of- Jletals are planning to rebuild Die great iron and steel plants of the bombshattered Ruhr, making it the industrial heart of the Marshall Plan under the new West German government, Informed sources said today. . These reports said that a threefold Increase in Imports /or Ger-' many in general uas planned for this year. It was expected that much of the increase woutd be sent Into the Ruhr as a pump-priming measure to get the great Iron and »teel works going again. It Is expected that the increase In production in the Ruhr will •mount at least to the SCO per cent increase lir. food and raw materials tent into the zone.- The [ull allied plan to reconstruct the Ruhr will be unfolded Bhottly In a report by the Military Government . Economics Division, the reports said. ' It was understood the report will give priority to three classes of imports, with food at (ho lop of the... ,llst. Second will be large •upplles'^ol - raw materials, especially non-ferrous metals, with limited quantities of steel and capital goods coming third, . Self-sufficient by $2 Under this program It Is cxpecl- «d that the entire merged Anglo- American Zone will become self- sufficient by 1952. with Imports and exports balanced. The decision on~the Ruhr, bound to draw fire in Soviet quarters, came as" top German officials -of the two zones quietly accepted British-American proposals for setting up an "almost" government oi Wastern Germany. Gen. Sir Brian Robertson, coin- minder of the British section, disclosed that the new Western government was designed to eliminate as much as possible any need to consult with the four-power Allied Council In Berlin. The decision to establish a llllle SHAEF in Frankfurt was made necessary by the need (o reach decisions quickly and eliminate Inefficiency, he said. Robertson and Gen. Lucius D. Clay, American commander, said that forrhal proclamations setting up ; the new .administration will be lasued within the next 10 days and that parts of the plan will be operating by Feb. 1. Clay emphasized that the administration will operate only in the economic and financial fields and J. R. Porter and Miss May O. Gutn of Manila. Paul Thornton of Blyfhevlllc and Miss Verlie Evans of Manila. James p. Pulton and Miss Kath- ........L. n,,\, i>,,u»t.i,i> uirius uiiu r i^ ElltOtt, Of IjUXOra. has no powers in the political field. Garland Moody and Miss Clara German leaders of two zones E 'l.eii. Wyere, of Blythevllle. «gree<J readily to the British-Amer lean plan calling for an expanded economic council to serve as a parliament, creation or a second body to be called the Landerrat (Senate), and creation of a high court and central bank. Osceofa Speaker 'Show Must- Go On' Motto Epitomized 'Grub-Staking' M-A'yA'i.. i !; sjanafmmnHmxrr* OV OnnfGf Art or Uiiert««M*l !*• If !ll«%*l _ . . _• •* Dr. E. S. Davidson, of New York City, will speak In the First Baptist Church in Osccola at 7:30 p.m. Sunday on the subject: "The Jewish Problem nnd It's Only Solution." A special Invitation has bccn'ex- tendfil lo members of ihc Jewish race to hear Dr. Davidson. State's Highway Revenues Exceed Previous Year's •LITTLE HOCK, Ark., Jan. 9. P) — Collections from various highway revenues in Arkansas during llic first nine months of the bond year me running' more than $1.400,000 ahead of revenues the same time last year. The bond year ends Mar. 31. The Highway • Department said Unit throiiRli December collections amounted tc $14,898,140 compared with »13,4«7,966 the previous period. Of the total collections, the highway Iimd received «12 880904, about $S40.0DO more than ciurlng'the same period last year Total highway, collections In December. 1947. amounted to »1530602, 01 which 11.315,305 went Into the highway fund following collec- lion costs and county and city turnbacks. By After Husband Is Killed BOSTON, Jan. ». (UP)— It . , _ . the Shubert Theater Wednesday | Insanity IS Defense '" ^P° Murder Trial % the rnght, and there was the usual backstage bustle as the cast of "Look, Ma, I'm Dancln'" prepared for another performance before a capacity audience. In » corner a telephone jangled shrilly. An attendant answered It and then paged K 20-year-old blonde ballet dancer, Mary Blye Howard. In costume and makeup, Mist Howard smilingly thanked the attendant and then picked up the receiver. It was probably a surprise call from her husband, a former Army Air Forces combat pilot. II wasn't. It wns from Mrs. Mary Rossi Anlonloll of Alexandria, Va., mother of tier husband, Alvlno Au- tonloll. Miss Howard listened for a second. Her smile vanished nnd the color drained from her face. She slnK^urcd anil leaio trickled through the rouge and powder. Then the comely dancer went to Singe Manager Charles Harris and sobbett out the story of how her husband, a commercial airlines' pilot, had been killed earlier In' the day in the crash of plane nenr Savannah. passenger Oa Harris lol.l her to for c ot the mus-1 njd k ew X'l h nol Kut *\,»- <nr)^,«H «„ I,,™ lUlIO KIILW \\l\HL hi" HOT SPRINGS, Ark., Jan. 0 (UP) —The first degree murder trial of 41-year-old Waller Hlld, who Is accused of fatally shooting his estranged wife In a Hot Springs restaurant last August, wns expected to eo to the Jury late today. At Ic.'ist, today's session of Gsv- laiid Circuit court was due to be the final one, with only a handful of defense and rebuttal witnesses left to be called. Moul ol yesterday's session was devoted to the Issue of Hild's sanity. It was on Ihc basis of insanity that Hlld pleaded not guilty. Prosecutor Sidney McMath contended that HIM was fully conscious of what he was doing when he lircd five shots at his wife from a small caliber revolver, while scores of diners looked on. llild's wife was working as n waitress al the ti;nt' Police Officer C. E. Garrclt, who arrested HIM following the shooting quoted him as saying he meant to kill his.wife and would have killed himself If he had had another bullet. Officer C.mretl said ho believed leal but she' Insisted on ' going on. She did. Four times she appeared on stage and each time she smiled bravely. Then she left for Jersey City, N. J., Lo await the arrival of her husband's body. 18th Body Found In Wreckapc of Chartered Plane SAVANNAH, Oa., Jail. 9 <UP>— The death tall hi the. crash of » chartered DC-3 airliner near here, their ar Wednesday stood at, 18 today after j sonmcul However, defense attorney James R. Campbell argued lhat Mild was emotionally unstable, despite a holding to' the • contrary by State Hospital physicians nt Little Rock Campbell pointed out Irml Hlld had been discharged from the Marine Corps as a psycho-neurotic. Of Nations in Europe Urged lilCIfMOND, V;i., Jan. 9 (UP) — ulUmalum Issued Jan. 1. The surprise arrests were 'made late Thursday as the city cracked rtov.n on violators of Us antl- sm'oko ordinance. Those Involved included Iho ter- W. Averell Harriman, secretary of commerce, today advocated •'wholehearted American-style grub-.slak- 118 of war-torn European countries to overcome threats of totalitarianism abroad. The former ambassador to Russia and Great Britain expressed great personal optimism in a speech at the annual Richmond Chamber of Commerce here last night. ' He snld he believes there are "no Immediate dangers of war" if this country will rise to its "change to develop world peace." Hiininiun said the Marshall Plan for European aid brought the first FRJDAY, JANUARY 9, 1948 - - — — • — ------ ~~^u mlnal superintendents of th e 1111- ray of hope to war-weary Europe n'ni hi'"i ^ lslaml i °™» "«>«8h it may mean thai new and high executive., of (he automobiles nnd housing "may have to wait." Soviet strength Is "overempha- siml and over-adve'i Used," the for- Frisco and southern Railway. Only nth century building still standing In Boston Is the Paul Revere house built about 1G77. iner ambassador said. He claimed Russians are suffering from "poverty such as we have never seen," but added that they "cannot speak for themselves." Marriage License* The following couple.i obtlaned marriage licenses yesterday In the oflice of MLss Elizabeth Blythe, county clerk. -.^..r.Hle Kiwanis Club President Makes Committee Appointments CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Jan. 9 (UP)—President Ployd V. Browcr of the Kiwanis club here announced appointment of committee members at the regular meeting this week, and asked each committee to plan one major project during 1948. Miss Mary Ellen Horner. club pianist, was presented a gift on behalf of the club by retiring president Iverson Mlchte for her services to the club during the post year. Cuiiimlllcc named Ijy Pitisldrnt Browcr were: Allemlaiii'e-c. Hedricks Hosea Wilson. John Lane. Jninr.s A. Perry. Classification nnd Membership- John S. White. Walter Bernard. Chns. Dorroh, Clyde Essary. Achievement Report—George Olo/.ler mid Hut Hutton. co-chairman. Agriculture—Hugh A. Tistadt, Bush Moore, Herbert Pronge, c. Neeley. Business Standards—Ernest Oil- more, L. SI. Harper. Raymond A. Klemp, L. P. Lumsden. boys nnd Girls Work—Owen H. Ferris Dale Den* vs. Bud James, suit vor^jT Tom'J- ni^Ki ™? SaW ' tor divorce - i *? r ' ,' r ° nl tolll »s. Kiwanis Youth Sybil PhilllP, vs. J. C. Cr.wrJ^r^taTjSk''^," 0 ^ ^gcd Children—John E. Albert Walker. Dr. C. c. Rotory Club Members Hear Baptist Minister The Rev. E. C. Brown, pastor of the First Baptist Church here, addressed members of the Rotary Club at their weekly meeting yesterday noon in the Hotel Noble. Speaking mi "Going God's Way In IMS." the Rev. Mr. Brown SLiia that mo?t nations hove Irletl every other way thought of but failure has attended their efforts. He .suggested that 15 God': way were tried. they would meet with success. Guests at the meeting were Jim Feeley of Qulncy, 111.; Bill Wyatt and E. W. Simmons, both of Blytheville; and John Hoover, junior Ratarlan. With the Courts Chancery . . 0. Crlncr. •ult to cancel lease on cafe. Red Cross workers found another body in the wreckage, and officials believed there might have been still another passenger as yet unaccounted for. The latest discovered victim, still unidentified, was believed to be a Puerto Rlcan headed for his home- laud. Fourteen of Ihe other dead were also homeward-bound Puerto HI cans, Disaster workers said an Infant Ilslcd on the plane's manifest had not been located among either the dead or the survivors »nd might prove to he a 18th victim. Besides the'H Puerto nicans. three others died In the crash which nine survived. The other dead were the Pilot, A. Antoniolli, and two revenue agents from Philadelphia, Pa. Papers found near the plane showed that (lie Philadelphia men were Harry Woodcock, 31, and Ocr- son Brody, 37. Relatives said they were headed for a Florida vacation. •'^•'- .-..-.. Only in .. lous condition. He was listed as Ramon Huertas, of a Bronx, New York, nddrcss, who suffered a broken back, Internal Injuries nnd a brain concussion. of the rilne;.>uri4v'or« l her? waFTtiir In'UrV Read Courier News Want Ads drmi I flcrpmil •( Brown. I ° Board Bars Butter NEW YORK <UP)—The Board of Education announced the city 5 school lunch menus will Include oleomargarine Instead of bultcr^ thus saving about *I2-!,000 a year. Watson, Herbert Lloyd. Dr. o. W. Cook. Jack Taylor, Judge- [,. H. Schnll. tnterclub Relations and He- reptloii— Earl Long. Iverson MlcWe. Stecn Mnnter, Audlc Brock. Public Relations—J. Thos. Markey. Jaclc Johnson, Bob Mulllniks, Gregory Carey, Cliff Smith. Public Affairs— Oordon Wrluht. W. D. Byrd, Eric Taylor, J. A. Hayden, J. Ralph Hutchison. Support of Churches—Donald V. Magee. Ohaj. Dorroh, Gift Edgerton. Klwanlj Education—Everett Reeves. Bob Hawkins. O. E. Hooker. Finance—Marlon Barrow, Tom Collins. Noel Dean, Dr. C. O. De- Koff. Music—Dr. O. W. Cook. Denver Flke. Jack Btzzlc. Jack Hopke House-Olff Edsrerlon. R. L. Ward Bob Gnithcr. Ernest A. Long. Pro- SnulT Genrpe K. Reeves. Bob Moh- rsl, Bill Wilson. Elmer Pral. Pnbli- cntions—nil! Rhodes. Earl Long Floyd V. Brrm-cr. 16x48 Army Surplus Building SECTIONAL Smoke Elimination Order Results in Four Arrests MEMPHIS, Temi., Jan..'9 (UP) —Four railroad officials awaited hearings In city court today after then- arrest and the brief Imprl- .-iil of two for violations of the Memphis smoke elimination Come to KENTILE HQ for your Restaurant Floor! •Wane some extra glamour in your resiaunim — ask us about Kemile. We're ready to show you samples, talk designs and color schemes... give you fads on Kcmile's ability to resist stains and scars — and show you how it's all inexpensive ami actually reduces upkeep cost. KEtrpILE a*ftAu&lT7i/*£^ DEAL'S PAINT & WALLPAPER STORE Excellent Building Supplies 103 Knst Main Street Phone <M(i!> MEDICAL TEST PROVED this simply great to relieve 'PERIODIC' FEMALE PAINS with uncomfortable fullness maV < /?m'^ We , <i ">• ">•>'««• or f.- inrr./ nn.l VJ '""""'I* dltturb- "rmn nih? f.'f 1 " multe yo " «"«« era iVv llXik *° ""'"""• rcttlM. Taken reCTlarly—Plnklinni's Com- pomm helps build up resistance •Enhut <ucli distress. Alto ft grut stomachic tonic! 's VEGETABLE COMPOUND DAVID B. ANDERSON MASON CONTRACTOR Brick Work of Quality fioiler Work and Remodeling a Specialty E. Davis St. Phone 4641 ELLIS AUD3TOR5UM MEMPHIS JAN. 27 THRU FE8. 4 MAT. SAT. AND SUN. 1 GREATER DON'T MISS TLHS GREATEST SHOW EVER TO COME TO MEMPHIS. MAIL THIS GET CHOSCE SEATS NOW! HOLIDAY ON ICE, ELLIS AUDITORIUM, MEMPHIS Enclosed f,nd chect or money order for ^_ (01 which lend ma Ticloli al J for performance °" ___Eve. or Mat. 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