The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 30, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 30, 1947
Page 8
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PJLGB EIGHT •J^THEVILLB (ARKJ COURIER NEWS MercyPlaneShot Down by Dutch Craft Hauling Drugs Mistaken by Pilot For Enemy Transport $40,000 in Chinese Money Equals One American Dollar By C'ABI, J. JOHNSON (United rrrss Vice President) SHANGHAI, China, July 30. (UP) | "What's l*lng don« about Inila- —'-There's a half-million bucks," | tlou?" ers wlio entertain them, the visitors Invarlbly ask: n man from the local United Press Bureau told me. "It will get you through the _ evening il you're careful." BATVIA, July 30. (UP) - The; Seve) . n) ,, ours lil , er thls vlsltlng Dotch admitted today that. Dutch Mlor s , )elU Ms cntlrc ron on d | rl . pilots shot down n DC-3 plane nel , f orf |n> nt a Chinese restaur- whlch was carrying medical sup- nut nll(i $ a \w to his hotel broke, piles to the Indonesian capital of | Fom . correspondents who slept to- J °*J* k ? rla - , • , selher In a compartment of the , Dutch pilots mistook the Amcri- , nlllous shanghai Express coming Mn-made transport for a Betty or dawn fl . om NtmklnKi tiprwd the por- Heten-type Japanese bomber, a tcr Ull thousand dollars each. Dutch communique said The an- , ( ot (Il( ,, n „ resll . a t ne< i " thil nk nouncement added that the mcdn.U , mllstcr ... bul nothing effu- plar.e was hedge-hopping In evasive action when it was spotted. • Indonesian reports said that nine occupants of the plane were and another Injured when Ten thousand dollar bills nre the largest In print these iays of runaway inflation. The program Is «uea ana anouier injurca \vm-n to BVO | d smaller denominations bc- two Dutch fighters shot it down cau , c a tnkcs such a ,,, hund i c near Jogjakarta. The dead includ-' of thcm to buy n mcn , 01 . a „„,,.. ea a Bntfsh woman, wife of one cu t of the British pilots. | A p Mkage of cigarettes cost Gen. Simon Spoor, Dutch com- I eight thousand dollars. Recognized mander-in-chter, told a press con- money changers will (jive you about ference that the Indonesians weri I forty thou.snnd Chinese dollars for "guilty of culpable carelessness" $1, u. S. currency, in falling to notify the Dutch that I You can get a better deal from the plane was arriving. | the curbstone operators, but you •The Indonesians said they had risk being handed a roll of Chinese broadcast that the plane was com-' counterfeit. ing in, the Spoor said he had no; Among Americans, there's con- heard of any such announcement. siderablc kidding about China's 'Spoor added that the plane did fantastic Inflation. They get a not carry the usual H«i Cross me- kick out of making million dollar dical markings. His pilots mistook bets that the Dodgers will beat the it for a Japanese-made twin-en- l Pirates, nnd iw.y off with a suit glned bomber because a plane of case full of bills, valued at ap- that type had raided Scmar:jig proxlmately $25 American, earlier In the day. Spoor said. . The Inflation is no joke to the ; He expressed "deep regret" nt the Chinese. It has wiped out many incident. He said the Dutch, if savings and left the country impo- informed, would have provided tent to compete in foreign mar- safe conduct for the plane, r|'.d kefs. Thus far all answers have been vague and uncertain. Pegging the price of a basic food like rice Is Impractical. Speculators would cor- ncr the supply and divert It into •,he black market which the government doesn't have enough police WEDNESDAY. JULY 30. 1947 .'..' .< -fj'? ..V, l;iv',», .-•-. <,,,!„,.., ,; ,„,.,,.: easy when (you are lighting a civil war." be,n g taken," one high ofllclal reported Asked to bo specif is he mentioned the effort to talince exports with Imports. "Any other 'measures?' asked. <X a pro-dawn disturbance Sunday In which Kerby's friend, Thomas J. Colter, of Sonnnervllle. Mass.. was Aggravated Assault . NEW ORLEANS. July 30. (UP) — Edward R. Kerby of Miami, Fla., he was! who said that he was Qcn. Dwiylit struck Cotter in the face four Mines with his clui). ........ ...,-„,.. „.« Hujhes contended that Cotter beaten with a nigmsuc*. Kerby i had started a fight outside the bar. Hint it was ''an unprovoked | Arkansas May Supply attack." so that the "Weh. he replied, "01 course we I Elsenhowvr's n e w ti c w brought*. ._ charges of aggravated assault (.odiiy" do what we can u> Increase pro-1 against Deputy Sheriff William duction in a'l fields. You •> must! Hughes. The charges were the outgrowth said yesterday that Ms brwwh of the Resource* ind Development Commission plans to • se*nh foi wax producing llfnltes In Ouachi- tii and Dallis counties this IU1. him .d said ' . - rci.ll»; that these things ntc not Imports Exceed Exports China's problem Is that her im- > liave offered to lend the Indonesians medical supplies, provided, they could be replaced from Indo- ' ports exceed her exports, there is nesian stocks In Singapore. | very little sound money coming The medical plane, reportedly into the country and her credit Is the gift of a wealthy Indian, car- shot. To pay for goods that have rled a half-tor, of penicillin, sul- been imported, more nnd more money must be printed. There seems no stop to the spiral. A streetcar motorman who got sixty dollars a month In 1039 tried to put some of it in the bank a- gnlust n rainy day. He no.v get t eight humlred dollars a month and •If he conforms to the well-rccog- BENTOfJVr.LLE, iArk., Ju'y 3D. nizcd nnd legitimate Chinese cus- (UP>— A note, said 'to have been torn of the "squeeze" he probably written by the Spanish explorer diverts enough street car fares to Francisco Vasqucz dc Coronado in his own pocket to give him an ad- 1540, was reported stolen today ditlonal three hundred thousand fa drugs nnd bandages. Spanish Explorer's Note Doted in 7540 Reported Stolen from Farm Home from the home of Claude Burl near Oravclte. The note was lound inside a"ranged marble chest" on the Burt farm purrftiased recently from E. E. Cooker c.' Tulsa, Okla. Sheriff Charles Womble said •there was no evidence that the net* was authentic ; "cut that the thieves eride.ntly believed. It l. fThe IDurt sacked. home was ran- dollars a month. Any money he may have saved from his 1939 salary is now peanuts. Tile American editors visiting China his month as guests of the War Department have to more government bigwigs than usually expose themselves to resident reporters. In making the rounds of the cabinet ministers and other lead- Oil Production Shows Increase in Arkansas EL EORACO, iArk,, July 30. <UP) —Oil production and exploration in Arkansas showed a decided increase in the first six months of 1947, according ito -the Arkansas Oil and Gas Ccmmi£sUm. Production 'totaled 14,51S.C53 carrels, approximately 2^CO,030 tmr- rp's rr.ore than the same period last year. A total of ,124 new wells ,*as drilled this year as compared with 91 for .the same period last year. Of the 124 completions. 71 were producers and 53 dry holes. j The fall of water at Niagara' Falls represents an energy equivalent to the burning of a ton of coal every second. Tired Kidneys Often Bring Sleepless Nights Doctors wyj-ourktdn«T»conUm 16 into* crt. * ipy tube* or filttra which help to parity the blood »nd ke«p you hatlthr. When they art tind and don't work right In the daytime, many people have to pet up ni eh LJ. Frequent oricanty p«u*£ea with amurting and bumlnB •ometunes show* there (5 •aiQethinff •wronf with your Udnejm or bladder. Don't neglect thltconcKUon and los«va!iikhle, rc»lful *l«p. Wbtndisonlerollcidnejfunction p*nnit» TKiltonousmatter to remain in your blood, it m*r also cau»« nagcinc buck ache, rheu matic pains, le« palm>. IOAS ot pep and energy. vwcllinff. puffmeM uiuter the eytu.hradachet and dUziness. Don'twiitl Aik your drugicist forDo»n'» PiUa, a atimuUnt diuretic, u»cd Fiiccesftfullr by millions for over BO year*. Do»n'« tire Happy relief and will help the 15 milea of kidney tube* fluah out poisonous wa*t« from JO»T Wood. Get Itowv'* PiUa, An Expert Opinion... ... is what yon gel when you drive in to our repair workshop for an estimate as to what lias to be done and how much it will tost. Sales Service SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY x 119 W. Ash . ':•• pj, one 438 establishment could j LITTLE ROCK. Ark., July 30. to leave, fijTpj —Arkansas is in a position to stopped. supply the Federal government with I fine waxes previously Imported Ujd you nay I couldn't put you from the Russian occupied tone ll? ' of Germany. Then Kcrby said that Hughes Slate Geologist Harold Poxhalls TO soon* ITCH RASH ot mrit its wnolMOBM •ntlMptlei ud nature aidln* raedleaUoa. NetUoc «IM like .it— nothlnf i* tomtotUni- or pletoant far •xunully cwued ikln Iroublo. 3Se. <M » p*ck**e todmy. Amerlccfs Highest Standard J of Good Clothing Value. ;- If It's for a Man Mead's Will Have It HART SCHAFFNER & MARX SUITS .. Air Conditioned . . . For Your Comfort The pose that refreshes — . r ,- K<S&, ^m, your stance the style -perfect tailoring of , -j-pyv •"** ^ ^ these fine, year 'round or summer weight • -,'7, - .. „ < ' >*&& fabrics will take care of you hardsomely iM\-,.; i ^SKSK'- -A^i^J*^, ^,^j?r at reasonable prices startiner at'

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