The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 8, 1948 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 8, 1948
Page 13
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 8, 19-1S BLYTHKVIU.K (AUK.) COURIER MOWS Fatal Plane Crash Chicago Millionaire, Gold Mine ii i- i j tor DGatn Valley's Scotty, Dies Is Investigated Survivors Charge They Attempted to Cancel Reservations t Bjr Ed Brld(« lilted Press Staff Correspondent) By Palrlda Clar.r (United Pint Staff Correspondent) LOS ANGELES. Jan. 8 I UP) — Death Valley Scotty's secret "gold mine" was dead today, He was Albert M. Johnson, 75, Chicago millionaire, who admitted 10 years ago he waa the source ol the money Ihe grizzled mirier had been throwing mount! since"1905. Scolly—Walter Scolt—nKviiys salt! the money came from i\ hidden Bold mine In Dcuth Valley. It wasn't mull 1937 that he admitted under oath that Johnsou had been giving him SAVANNAH, Ga., Jan. 8, (UP) — Mithoritle.s today investigated claims of survivors that they had tiled un- luccessfully to cancel their reservations on a chartered DC-3 airliner that crashed near here yesterday, j the" money "purel^ - — »^ .. tilling n persons and injuring nine. | klck ouL of walchhlg Sco(ty spcnd it. Johnson died at a hospital yester- lay after a briel Illness. Services i will be held Saturday at Forest ! Lawn, and he will be burled at Obei • '•• I In. O. "ScoUy paid me back in taught," Johnson always said, "lor every j cent I ever nave him." ' The retired president of the National Life Insurance Co., said he The converted Army C-47, route from Newark, N, J,, to Puerto Rico, crashed and burned in swampy marshes near the mouth of the Savannah River. Of the dead, 14 were Puerto Ricans from the New York area making a pilgrimage to their homeland. Another was plane Caplnin Aldlonl Atonlolll. Two other bodies, burned to a crisp, were said to be those of U. S. Internal Revenue agents picked up in PhUiutblnhla. They were burned so Inidlv that they were not immediately Identifiable. Co-Pilot Raymond Eick of Trenton, N. J., one of the survivors, said the revenue agents were put aboard »t Philadelphia but added that he did not bmow their names. In Philadelphia, it was disclosed that Revenue Agents Harry Wood- laughing to himself M legends snowballed about his hidden gold mines and unbelleveable weiilth. "We have been partners," he snid. "Scotty has a great appetite lor money, and I like to gtv« It to! him." Johnson financed Scotty'• $3.000.000 Spanish-Moorish castle In barren Death Valley und gave him al least $500.000. Scolly poured that out from coin-filled kc^s. ScoUy bought railroad tickets with rolls of yellow-backed currency, tipped bellboys $20, hired R special train for a record-breaking cross- country run. scattered golden coins over the streets of Chicago, anil bought a 225-hovsepowcr car and I a 150,000 pipe organ. "I've got » million dollar hole In the grovmit," he told everybody who I wondered whore the flood of gold came from. "I reckon rvn spent 18,01)0,000, but. I've still got » 800d-.it7.ed bankroll left. Kveryltme I nerd a little money I Just grind up some more rock," The golden fountain's source was uncovered when Scully's wife .sued him for alimony. He .said he didn't have a dime. "Hav« you ever owned a mtnef he was asked. •Nope," he said. 'Did you ever sell any gold?" "Nope." "U he has u gold mine," Johnson said. "I'm It." Scotty sliil lives In a cabin near the $3,000.000 castle Johnston built for him. There was no Indication whether he planned to attend the limeral. PAGE THIRTEEN started giving Scotty money in 1902 ! when Scotty persuaded him to come j lo the desert for his health. He rc- 1 muined in the back of Scotty's lif<- blamed the crash on control failure. He said the plane went into a side-slip and spiraled down to crash on one wing. The wing was u>ru off and the :ock. 37. and Gerson Brodv', also 31 leas tanks exploded, leaving only a riad left for Florida. ' ' i 15-foot section of the tail assembly Woodcock is division chief of the Intact. Philadelphia Bureau of the Department of Internal Revenue Prankford Branch, and Brodv Is deputy jollector lor the same office Brody's brolhcr. Dr. Moris W Bolts Brln * Out ni><1 «« Coast Guardsmen and the crew l of » u - s - Engineers' dredgcbont had to pole flatboats into the tan- swamp to bring out the man- Brody of Cynwyd, Pa., said the two '•! f? led bodies and the Injured sur- mea had gone to Florida for a va- ! vivora. cation. The crashed DC-3 was selicd- '. One S irl - a 10-year-old Puerto uled to stop at Miami en route to ! Riean. was taken from the wreck- Kico. ; Hot-' ulive but died later. nine'injured survivors were I 'Hie -craft plummeted into the taken to a hqspital here where most swamp yesterday morning, but it of them were In serious condition, was nine o'clock last night before Two Puerto Ricnn survivors the Coast Guard Cutter Aurora charged from their hospital beds ! finally slid Itito the city dock bear- that the plane, operated by Coastal I *»£ thc burned bodies. Class rings. Airlines of Tetcrboro, N. J., had not 'scraps of clothing and baggage tags been fully converted for civilian use. They said .it atlll had bucket leats for passengers. Passengers Diih'ked Plane Plnol Octnvio and Filar Diaz, both of New York, said they were dissatisfied with the plane when they first saw it at Newark Airport. They claimed all the passengers tried to get, their J57 each passenger money refunded from Travel Agent Manuel Casslano of New York who arranged the trip. They said the agent sent his son to the airport to Inspect the plane ind he told them they would have to take the plane or lose their money. It was the second crash in less than six months involving Puerto. Ricans flying in chartered planes to their homeland. Eighteen Puerto Ricans were among 21 killed when another chartered war surplus DC-3 . crashed near Melbourne, Fla.. on C|jF;uly 13. 1947. 1^ Three Civil Aeronautics Administration inspectors from Atlanta arrived here late last night to investigate the crash. They were told of the survivors' charges and said they might Question the passengers. Besides the two crewmen the DC-3 carried 24 passengers, Ihree over Die regular seating capacity of similar commercial airliners. Co-Pilot Eick, who suffered a crushed shoulder and other injuries. offered faint clues of identification . Some of the bodies had been de- capilalcd and all were horribly mangled. Red Cross officials said it might, be hours before they coutd be individually Identified. At Philadelphia, officials tif the charter line said the plane had recently received a 100-hour check at Miami and should have been "as mechanically perfect as possible." Buy Your Plumbing, Heating and Appliances From An Old Reliable Firm ... Tli« Win. IV'Afier IMuiuhlnR aiirt lle;itlnR t'om|i',uiy has hr«H In business In IHyllu'villr fur thr past 23 years :uid have a (Irtc htock uf plumbing needs un hand fur Immediate delivery at 40L Kfttl Ctierry Street. 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INC., STORYt itlwK blotter ortice nnd mr ihf arm •*l>rnrr»l AvI take I>1*' In- iloivM 10 Jloli l.Hphnn Iritrr iknr 'I'hTw mould vTcnlr «' Axnln*< nrkct of Dance Nightly In The Chick Room r»y. fellas, here's your chance to really get ihe gang together. The Rustic Inn Is opening the Chick room for dancing nlghtl? with no cover charge. Come in any night after mealtime. (8:00 p.m.l New Hours: 11 a.m. 'til 12 p.m. Rustic Inn Walnut »t DiTfalon Avi» MIIJ ATI. * » • XXIV T E1PHAN was still looking at me, and there was a look in his eyes that I couldn't quite fathom. His voice was level and impersonal. "There are. however, a couple o( thing?, lhal don't quite, )ibe with this other evidence. There is thc fact that your original statement to the police was one of the things which made us : uspecl murder in the first place. You were so vehement in your assertion that Art Cleves was not irunk when he left your place. L'OU didn't know that, did you?" I shook my head numbly. "Now Ibis is the way I see it," Leiphan we tit on, "If you were (he one who gave poison to Avis Vaughn and Art Ctcves the best break you could have had was having it take effect when it did, and having their car plunge into the canyon. All you had to do was keep still and it would have passed as another accident due drunken driving. That's the one thing that doesn't square , . . and you can thank your lucky stars for it!" His eyes wore suddenly rueful: "That and one other thing—call it a hunch, if you like. Or say that I'm just a sucker for a certain type of face." His own colored beautifully. "It's the way you were sleeping that day when 1 first saw you. I thought it was going to take Gabriel's horn to wake you. I canH believe thai a woman who had just gotten away with murder could sleep as sound- ly and look as innocent as you did curled up in that deck chair." He stood up bringing the interview to .nn end and wailed while I got out of my chair and tried to wrap a little dignity at'CUttd my battered ego along with rny coal. Suddenly he grinned at me. "You have pretty tough luck with your men, don't you?" i * • A ND there was b<H\ve(Mi us for ^ a mom en I one of those quick vorm Hushes of perfect under- landing. I knew he was thinking if what I had told him about Oscar, and how Jeff Haverson had ;old me down the river by blabbing to the police all that about me having been put in 3 sanitarium to keep me from taking my own life. Just to get the police off lis own trail. It didn't make sense, but then lolhing wns making sense by Dial ;ime. I mean the feeling I had ;hat I was walking on air when I went out of Bob Leiphan's office, i didn't feel at all like ivoman who has jiisl been grmit a brief reprieve from arrest for murder. 1 drove back to the studio nnd wont to my ofllce and looked for my lipstick and couldn't find it. Someone must have seen it on Ihe floor and picked it up nnd carried it away. Well, I'd have to get another one. Somehow, I got through the day. I spent two hours instead of my usual half at the commissary dawdling over lunch. And then ! went over lo the library and die a little research reading. At last il was 4:30 and I sprang up and went to my car withou going back to my own office. '. slopped at Ravella's Hollywood Boulevard shop on my way" home and explained to the girl win waited on me; "I've lost the lip stick I bought here xhe other da —Ravel la made it special for me I thought maybe she'd mad< refill or two at the same time. Just in case I'd want it again." i r FHE girl asi;cd my name and said i she'd check and see if there ' were any refills, She went through ie door in the back of the shop tint led, I supposed, into the kib- ratory. I rather suspected that lavella had dozens of lipsticks in identical color she bad sold ne and that all that hocus-pocus bout individual fomiulus was just smart sales device lo make the ustomcr feel line about paying our or five limes what the lip- tick was really worth. So I vnsn't surprised when the Kirl a 1110 back \v 11 h one nil wr a p ped ;p for me and s;ii<I she hoped hat I wouldn't lose this one. Marie had dinner ready when I rrived at the house, but she vas weaving around like n sailor m the first night after the fleet ionics in. 1 got the itlea that she me) been sampling my new tiquor slock a litllc loo freely. After she ust missed spilling the soap down my neck, I suggested that she go nd I ie dow n a nd f 'cl serve myself. And lhal was the last 1 saw of her until hours laler—and after _real ilcnl had happened. For it was that night that someone took a shot al me in the dark. I finished eating, went up .he living room nnd made a pre- lense of rcudicig a new book. But it wasn't any good. Other things, personal things, kept getting between me and the printed page. The phone rang and 1 picked it up quickly, glad of the interruption, and then was sorry 1 had. It was Jeff Haverson. He said lic'd like lo sec me. I cut him ofl short saying that 1 didn't feel like seeing anyone. The warm confidential tones of his voice outraged me—knowing what he had to!d the police. May be my sense of loyalty is per vert eel, but I knew I would never have told the police anything thai would have msde JcfT look suspect. I hadn't lold Leiphan yet about JcfT silting outside jn his car Ihe very night Avis was killed, silling there wishing that she were dead. . (To Be Continued) OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople KO. SOU n^ I/ TM6M'S "ID KE.G.P ME VYCRCYIW ALL. NIGHT, OR SEE IF I'LL, STEAL OME. PUT IM THAT I'M JUST ROLL IN' A FEW PM CASE I WAKE UP DLJRIN' TH NIGHT. 6UT CV*-M f COFFEE £'" \ TO f MORE- WHEN t YOU QUIT \ SMOK1N 1 / ) TH« RV5HTMAJK SAY, MARTHA.' i_'ve eeew 6Ae>HJWir^G AROUNO VJlTH 'A SCHOOL TEACHER NA^ ETHEL, AMD I'D LIKE TO BRIMS HER OSJ&R, f OR A \MlRE — VOLJ AND 6HE OUGHTA TEFVS\L>P UKB i PlAl^O AMD DRUfAS> / ewe's AS weLCQMe THB FIRST THAW, POP.' -— T. HOPE YOLVR& MOT I^ERMOUS ABOOT s A. 3LIM&LE N I'KIXKLKS & HIS FH1KNDS MERRILL BLOSSEB Start the Count FIVE! MAINTAIN -«UR DISTANCE, MEN.AND FIGHT IT our i 'APIER3 AT SHUCKS.You DIDN'T THINK 1DU VMERE FOOLING MB/ 1 KNEW If WAS A GAG ALL WET TIME/ WAS LARD EVER. • SCARED/ Sandwiches and pie? Well, if it won't tnke more than five minutes—I don't want to be late for supper!" Today ttie teacher asked a question-and I tv<3S the only one to raise hand! Ana is my little princess doing in school ? \ wonderful! Mat was ttie question? MICH A ML O'MAUiEY and was late before the cops got our atements and let u* £o home, but right and earfy I dTOpped in on Growl. WE'VE HAD COM- P1AINTS ABOUT A OAl WHO PICKS UP SUCKERS DOWN IN tltf CAS BAH. MA ME liSONYA IVWMIRE.HAS7WOBIG lOUTS OF BROTHERS TOR THE STRONG- ARM STUf F. HtR ADDRESS IS UNKNOWN NEVER BEEN PICKED UP. AMD THAI'S THE TOUGHEST PART OF TOWN FOR POLICE WORK. 1IIEY AIL IIAT£ US DOWN THERE. AS FOR THIS VAN WR FLANK CWRACICR, WE'VE NEVER EVEN HEARD OF I'VE CHECKED ALL THE FIIE5,VICAND T/e GOT A SUM IWD ON YOUR WHITf TUKBAU GIRL. .. SO BE ON THE NORTHEAST. CORMER OFCEPM< AND MRIM KT TWO O'CLOCK...ILL WCOSHIZE SOU EH VOUK HEIGHT. AFTER THAT SBU6ER BECAME out re IRRATIONAL CAPTAIN. ...6VEW VIOLENT TOWARD APPAMS.WHOLYAS FORCED 1Z>H WE HIM CONFINED WO* F6UA! TO HIM THI5 WAS AMOFHEE APCAMS MOVE TO THWMZT HIS RESEARCH! BUT WE HEA.HD HE V/AS WANTED HO I Pt&CED COMPLETELY CJREP^ WHW WAS THIS D15CQVESV FRED BARMAN AW To PROWL AROUND HAlRPirO CUR\' tOrtS BEFORE TRAlrt Ti/AE t\iGvi\ SPOT US F16URE WE WERE GOLD I HOT AUJA15 WDlM CA!-\P-l!A EDGAR MARTIN BOOTS AND HER liUDDIKS

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