The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 18, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 18, 1931
Page 6
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SIX COUK1EK NEWS BRUSHING UP SPORTS La ufcr Blytheville Linksmcii Suffer First Defeat of Sea- sou at Sikcslon. 1.YTUEV1I,I,E goifirs. ado: 1 res- !f.terln» three straight victories, sustained I h i-! i 1 first setback ot I lie season in an intrr-club I c u r- y when I he- 1 / ' were defeated at iSlkeston, Mo.. •Sunday. Thci Slk- cston club won 37 lo '27 nnd avenged a defeat earlier iti tiie season nl the hairls of Ihf Ulylhevilh 1 i golfers lure. ! The largest group of ijolfers ever f to mak? a read trip with the lily- \ theville team te:d oil at Sikc.ston yesterday afteinoon Incidentally a bhlnhiB sun nnd the real summer (lay ot the season might Imvc been responsibly but anyway members o[ tolh clubs turned in pood card. 1 ; lor the tournament. Jo, Halb.icli, Bl;tlieviK[> no.. au.1 tliive members uf the Slkeston team, Paul Gallaway, M. Phillips niv.u I.. H. Boivmaii tied for medal honors with 13 strokes cadi. l)ow- man and Phillips each stint 011= round ol the lilnc hole course in 35,' one over par <i! 3-1 strok'rs. Ten golfer.-, stroked the 111 holes in Hss than 80 strokes including L?o L1niz3iilch, jmcnile niom- her of the Blytheville team, whose 77 was the fourth best lliylhc>vll!e score. Clifford Cavllt ranked first ninona the simon pure amateurs of th; niylhcvllte, team with a Hue 7S. Of the first, eight matches Bly- Ihcvlllc counted only four points and- failed lo score in the four closing matches. E 13. "l-a.;Thomas. C. M. Buck, Leo Untzcn- fcli ami C. C. Chappell were the only Blytluvillc golfers lo swovp their matches for three points each. Results of the individual matches follow: Name Out In Total B S C. C. Sccll .... M 30 75 0 JOD Haltach .... 37 3G 73 2 SOON AS (IE PUT riii CAME TC(,BT, ec, HE'LL EG a\c»i AT WE Top/MA i IAW> TO FIND A ItJMDER WHO Sets New Derby Record Paul Galloway .. CllfTori! Cavitt .. M. Phillips .... John Lent! L. K. Bowman .. C. H. Baxter .. L. M. S!«llcuj> .. C. L. LinUcHieh 35 M 38 38 35 39 37 42 13 8-1 81 BJ n. E. Bradley .. 38 H. L- Bannlslir 40 Dr. T. C. McChirc 39 R. P. Kirshncr .. 43 LI. B. D. Butfcr 42 B. A. Lynch .. 41 Monroe Robblns 33 H. T. Clllp .... 42 J. V. Conrnn .. R. N. Ware, Jr. P. M. Bobbins E. 13. Thomas . 4441 43 43 '< C. D. Matthi-v.p, 42 W. J. Pcll.ird ..41 Eddie Mai Ms C. M. Buck . 45 40 If. A. Trowbridgc 48 Byron Morse. .'. 41 C. L. Malone .. Russell Phillip Win. Mann . C. n. Habcock Lee Bowman .. G. G. CivudtU .. Joe Matthews W. T. Bnrnslt .. D. L. Fisher .. E. B. Gee .... Jesse Miles .. 43 50 43 42 43 42 42 43 43 43 41 Judge G. E. Keck 42 W. L. Huters .. 43 Dr. H. S. Davis 4J 40 45 41 39 W. H. Eikes JetT Holand C. E. Brcntou .. Leo I.entzcntch J. Li. Brown Charlie Baker. .. Sam Gaslon .. 42 John Waterman 42 41 •12 59 42 42 3t! 41 41 40 43 43 40 42 41 45 42 37 43 4G 46 41 41 41 42 41 42 4G 39 41 42 45 50 51 47 44 39 78 85 R4 70 60 U3 E4 t!4 8G 13 S4 82 SO 82 84 89 flS 93 89 84 84 83 85 0 0 0 0 0 I) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 2 0 3 n 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 Miicks Going Sh'onsj, Yanks Grab Another; Grimes Reals Giants. -l--*-^^,^ T T npT-|-'Tj1"y ? -H J-iXlJ \ - Soiillirrn ; Biiniiiighain Little Rock .. Allanla New Orleans 0 Nashville Memphis Chattanooga . . Mcbilc w. 23 1G 1G 1G IB 15 in 13 83 0 P. H. Daniels .. Whit Goodman Al Wallhausen 48 C. C. Chappell . . 48 41 47 48 41 44 41 45 39 44 41 62 84 03 !M 91 92 sr> 77 83 89 RC 83 93 87 92 89 St. Louis ...' New York ... i Bos'.on Chicago Pittsburgh .. Philadelphia Brooklyn Cincinnati .. N'.-llinnnl I.raeiie W. American Philadelphia New York .. 0 I Washington 0 Detroit .... Cleveland .. 0 Chicago R. H. Wilson .. E. E. Elkins . G. O'Hara ... C. W. Vollmcr 49 45 04 . 55 56 111 41 49 Byron Bowm'an 47 L. D. Chamblin 50 C- D. Matthews 41 Byrnie Morris 45 Totals 41 82 51 100 46 82 49 103 SI. Louis 15 15 14 12 13 10 10 I) W. 16 15 17 1G 12 11 11 7 I . Pi-l Hie St. l.miis Cardinals. National leaders, defeated the challenj!- Im: New Yea;-. Giants at New Yoil: v::i:iduy. In the Ainr.rlcau ciriiil: the Athletics !:\v:imi:cd the frtMans hcn^atli a barr.i'/e of hits while the Ynnkcos kept in :;lride jv.-ith :; win over (ho Timers. I I Th: 1!s wen bilniid the'. | ! hurling uf their vr'.rran s[Jit b:di| pitcher, llurlr-iyh (irimes. 'til. 1 scon: was G to I. The lone Oiunt inn resulted from a homer by Vcrgr/. The victoiy was Grimes' fifth ar.d the.firs!- defeat for rit?.- finiiKuns. Watins liit tv.o homers, lictloiu!i'y and Martin otic apli'tv. •Ih,- Pittsburgh Pirate:; beat Ihe Boston Braves 5 to 3. Heinle Mcine liurtud good ball for Pittsburgh, fiibold !rt. ill-. Pirates [u-t av uy in tlio tirsl inninc; niK! they i slaved in front. I 'I tie Cincinnati Keels c!cf?al:c! hhe lircokhn Do.'.^ers 7 lo y :iV i Er:Kikiyn. Frey iviicved Ri.\oy wh:r, '(he Robins started a lite attack [ llnw decs and held them oir Tli,' Hcils: swinjr fnr showered Liiqne and Mattin?ly trrm tht> minimi. I-'ollowiiv .'Uie Athlrtirs him? uji (heir. for a lon^ i ninth straight victory on their | yesterday, drive to ;;aln a firm firip on the American top berth by bca'Jn^ Cleveland 15 tu 10 yesterday. The Indians yot Hi lilts and the A's 18 in the shr; fest. Simmons, i-'oxx. Averill. 1-Vrrrll nnd Uorh- 1.1110 hit homers. wr.s (Iio losing pit- chcr and M-.'Donald the winner. IVm-l! and Earnshay. were bailed jrom liie box. Vanks Hit Hall The Yankees beat the n-.-troll Tij'crs before 33.000 fans at Detroit. The score. 8 to 5. The hard hUtlnj Ynnkics got 17 hits and OTJ I the Timers c.ct 14. but Sherirt \ i-.i; li^Tti".? route to win. Ijickcy wl live : hits in five times at bat. | Tlie Washington Senators ;i ;1bc St I.ouis Browns divide:! a dcublc-hmdor nt St. Louis. The '('03 I ' Vy " il!s won tlie second Bailie •! to 2 MC.i n " cr lllc Browns copped th 1 .- first. Shanty Hojan nf the GianU lost a SfiO bet that, he would scale inidcr 225 when [he season slaitcil . . . he welshed 226 . . . Ray Cahhvell ami Cnrt Mays Flill are ptlchini; great hall In tire minors . . . Several teams have been invited lo train in Los Angles next spring, ainont; llipni the Ciiants and Robins . . . The winner of the National League batting championship lids year will not Ml. AW, hnl somewhere nearer .372. Two of tin: pinch-hitters in the business nre Bib Faik of the Indians and Andy High ot the Cardinals . . . Wcs 1'Vrrcll is OIK o( the best hit- tins pttrlicrs in Ihe I>|L; leagues. . . . barring Hnl McKain of the While Sox. who shsgpc;! the apple for 410 In W games Itust year . . . the Sox ought to play McKain In the outfield when lie Isn't pltchlni;. Hnffalocs 'Finish Slronp tci Will Over Blytheville Clnl) in I I Tlie niythrvlllr Red Sox Biiirer?;! il:clr fourth straight di'Ieal Sunday u-Hli the Mimetts I!uiralo:>> i;ainin^ revenue for a defeat Jid- mini.slercd .'rveral weeks :mo h'-f' - 1 the Sox fell Into their losing liablt. The .score was 10 to 1 at in? rl jse of a hectic eleven inning ct>:>tev lit, Haley Held before a fair-sixeil I crowd. The Buffaloes showered Monk WiishL's hm-ling lor 17 hils while II. Smith, Mancltu twirler, let the llel:L-liiU!i); Hlytlieville team down with nine saf.'Ues in 11 slnn/.-is. lie truck out nine men. Despite (lie preponderance nf hilling on Ihn Monctle side the Sox made a do:.; name of it until the fatal eleventh and ini^lit have fared forth into the \vin column hut for mental ancl physical lapses in crucial moments. Tlie Hose made five errors and l-'rank. Tiuasher. playing manager, v:as lv,'ice caught off base. The locals started off as If they ins-ant to make up for their defeats of late. In Ihe initial slams, lliry coiuiled three runs when Young, running and Thrasher hit. safely in succession after Harris had reached first on a fielder's choice when I.cO.betlcr, who had walked was out at. second. ?.1on:tl: sl:irt- ed the souring in the lirst with oar run on one single. ;Su.v Oct Karly l.tail Blytheville added three more in Ihe third an:l held a coi:ifi>rtnb!:: G lo 1 lead. lYoimsi doubled. Fanning walked and Thra^!:ei- crashed a double and Jenkins foll&'.vcd suit. Wanineloii went down s^inyiny lo end tlie stan^:i. The Buffaloes stampeded in thr fciirlh, scoring four runs on four hits and two errors. With o:is down F. Smith singled. Stotls was safe on Ledbetter's intone. Moore doubled, Markin singled. Smith followed suit and Wilchcr was safe when Ihe Butfalo hi'.vlcr \vent out on a fielder's choice. Wright struck out Ta'.e lo end the scoring. The Hose counted another run in the filth and held a 1 to 5 lead. .Fanning singled and Jenkins push- j ed him over with a double. Tlie scorn was tlie last for the Sox as Smith pitched better as the game progressed. The seventh turned out lucky for the visiting team and Ihe Bulfa: Ices tier! (lie score. Tale walked. Jlethel singled. !•'. Smith singled and Slotls singled lor two runs. !n their hall of tile .seventh Hie Red Slock- ings wcnl out in order. Harris. Young au:l Funnins. ll:r- heavy hitting curt of the tattim; order, struck out In succession. Tlie Hose got on? lone hit in the eighth and thai was the last for Hie locals. Neilher team coulci muster (he necessary punch until the • Buffaloes broke up the game in Hi? eleventh with three runs. A home QTA DO ' r "" by F - Suu'h with Gipson aboard >jJLAI\p ] (urncd the tide In fnvor of the visitors. As an aftermath Markin singled ami scored on an error. Blytheville went- out in order in the eleventh. WV l'C~ ru- i'.MZ, one r-vrculn Hie back- i lon^ irun siujt? up tlv^ proper address iron shot which I gave I olli-r this advice 0:1 516 ' .-I1C . IV I. .750 .05'' SCO ' 533 ' ln Tllli & 6EIOE SABAZEM AT TKe T£P CF tHE. LOMtr !R0^3 SHOT. HAS PlVOt KOf TO LIFT TV£ LEFT HEEL cr-f -ri>.= GRCUV'O., !$**••* Blylhevilie Lcdbctlev ss . Harris Ib ... Young If j Fanning c | Thrnshcr cf .. : Jenkins ?.b ... : Warrington 3b , Abernalhy rf . Wright p P.ox Srorc AB. 5 5 5 Totals ' Monet In Wltchcr n ..... : Talc ss-3b ____ ' Bethel cf ...... • Gipson rf ...... ! Smith. F. Ib-ss ftotts 3b-2b ... : Moore 2b ...... i Markin It ..... Smith, H. p ... 40 AB. . 4 . 4 . fi . 5 . S . 6 . G . 5 . 5 Kentucky De:!;y reccru v.hich had remained miMir;!assfd since Old Rosebud 1111113 up the mark u! :J:'j:i 2-5 in, 19M fell beneath the nyiiis hunts ot Twenty UrniHl. ::IL- t.irarit.s who came tlnoii-li in such iianrt style y.itiirtlay at Churchill Downs. Twenty Grand ran the miie and uiiartcr In 2:01 4-S fc-r a new mm*. The victc.iv netted Ivs owner $48.725. Tveinv Graad was ridden by Charl" " 'Ihe liorw ia of I IK- C!rci'iilr?c ttables of Mrs Kiirt«in^:r. Payne Whitney." MISS. COUNTY l.FAnur: Barons Win and Frav- niH-ci Lilies ; Promiw 1,-ind j Ekron Ilolbert Yarbro Hightsiver W. L. elevs in Dot^ F!y,ht for Runnei'-Up Posihon. i Little River ! IlermonJale It's an old. old s :o always be truc- ycslenby and it's •. --tile B!nnhi?,hi!i:; " otli^r ba!! gr.n:e. Ctiicl:; war-! ll-e Pet l.dlfl .500 .500 .510 .500 .500 .003 Lutes ancl Hightowcr pus;iod O '.;i in Jronl of ll:c pack hi the Mi, s is. ::p|ii County I/.>;'.aue cdise y. ...i.i v . c':iy and at tlie close ol tho S:ILI:!-I V (,ames were leading the. loop with I wo victories cadi. Three olhirchiv. i:i the icasue which bo:i.;te:l cliMii shi'.f-s when (he league op^nei! la't Smithy went down in' Tlie lopsided scores wiiu-h predominated in tlie initial (p.ues ui the season were tnissin;; yesicnluy and tlie results of the cjiiti-.tts Sunday Indicated (hat teams in :h.' baguc were well matd:e<l. Lute.s was foierd to work ov?i- lime to brat Hie visitirisj Yarbro ai'- Biegaikm. The (jamc v.vut 11 in- -iilng:i Ixifore the home hnys pirh- ecl across the winning comitei-. Tlie scora was 8 to 7. Lutes slarteil nil in the lead, counting- four runs in the firs!, and Yarbro's niisih lulling rally tied liie count nt sever, all. Lutes, Lutes an:! Quails were batteries for Lute", and Hunch. Thompson and Mnllim for Yarbr <. Promi.'.e Land kept its record clean by beating Holbert, at Promise Land. The score of the welt- played and close game was 8 to G. Little River and Hennoud.-.le honked up in-a hard foir<ht (jiiim; at Lillle River with lh; home team triumphing. The score was 10 lo 9. Ekron and Burdttle battled for 10 innings -at Burdette until Cly.:n Sexton hroke up the^ game" in extra imiliiij with a home run. The .seor* was 8 to 7. Batteries for Ekron, | I.-.iiic and Kimiinglum; niirdeUe Quallis, Talc and A. Qunllis. Ekron' will prot'.'.;l the game because of the alleged ineliglbility of a liur- delte player, it is nudei'storx!. Hlglitmverjdefeated Dell, 9 to 7 at Highton-cr in a hotly contesl-l fi.-inie. ins rusty. Talk is cheap whc:i (hr manager is out there- on second base, bul when he's sitting besisl: rsvv b::t f? i. lo:i~t it war j ort!i rnri'ntilir; .irons ,v.on an-'' h = players, cute conversalion be-i t'l'.i' Alemoliis comes costly. The clubhouse la-.vyi-r.-, i The Little I °f I he Cubs ensemble will hnvo (r> Read Courier News want ads. Rock Pclis juriiprd inlo sn-oirl plao^ jset. in (heir critical chatter in thf Hai(, is mv own quaint hunch that the Cubs will clo lietter with him on the bench than on seco:i:I base. Ccdfrey on tlie Mai. One of the recent additions lo the .n the three- rnrnrr^t rr.c'e for th? i privacy of the hotel Th nmuer-iip iK)^it:o : :. ijah is still a fine bail player, but Tl-e Uarons ..on behind liv* effective pilehiii of Riv CJl^wel! and through i!te ir-effecliv:- n^Min^ of tile CliirknsT-vs. The C'.nr-ks r;ot (heir share ef !iif; but the Btvoni cut them oil by some sharp fi^Um-; at the crucial n'ouenls. Hul-jlicsm ! v 'Te.-:'.!ing ranks who is not a ol- Beck was! !l! l!- uinn is Feab S. Wilhnms You I may have heard of him under Uie name of Georrj^ Goiifrey. Certain wrcslling inon sny ihat George can't wrestle a lick but. that tlie v.r-^lcn don't care much for his boistfrous- cf the Clucks 3:oaiere:l. ll:e losing h::rier. The Pebbles teat the. Atlanta •rackcrs with L?o Moan, lefty, limiting t:ie Cia"I:'?rs tn s?vrn hit- and shuttiiiB tlieiu out, 3 to 0. The Travclei-5 b'.'nrticd tl-elr hits with I nt?s - At any rate. George is tack:;! Cracker errors to win. llcarn was | lo filler about in tlicre ivit'n Sianii- tlio losing bnrler. j Tii« Mobile Marines beat lhe: Ch.iltanooKa LoDkout';, 5 lo •!. The| Marine cotnblnrd som? p:nc!i-!'.il- tiji^ nnd Lookout errors for their win. Owens was the vvinnin^ anJ Grillilh tl:c losinq hurler. The New Orleans Pelicans teal tlie Nashville Vols. 3 to 3, .nt Now Orleans. Tlie I'cls t;ot 14 hits and used them while the Vols touched Umicrhilt for bu! five bin-jies. Un- dertiill further cc;ebratetl Vjy liiltii!? a iuuisr ns dirt Cicero cf Hie Vois. I(lll ' i soon 5' our ^bysi-ko one of these days If ><'u 'lon't Ir.uuhv at, that "i 1 m "3t be cracked. RITZ THEATER Sunday and Monday ALL NIGHT LONG ir.miblcd in vain! (laylu-c.ik lu- relumed to A groat roof Avtluir ];nvel' GAMES TODAY Southern I.rasuc Birmingham at MemphU. New Orleans at Chattanooga Atlanta at Lillle Rock. Mobile nt Nashville. American Ix-ague Boston nt Chicago. Waflilngton at St. Ixiuis. New York at Detroit Philadelphia at Cleveland. liurlcr tn Ihe first ranie and Brown in (lie second. Ooslin, Manur.h. West, nnd lllncge hH homers. The Chicago Wlsilc Sox won an exciting game by brntinir. the l!,.s-it!-.c mailer of bringine (hi ton Sox in the ninth InniiK- 2 tj : the top of the backs.Mii-r 1. The hurling duel \vas b.>:<v! 'u Unnir kind of a shol Thomas of the White Hc~e rani Gnslon of (lie tied .Slofkin ;s Tin- ll^stouiaus lied (he couni in t!u* ninth niul th? Sox nc;e<i ahi-.ui after Wiley Moore biicccciie-.l Garton. 27 37 Tlie oldest investment world is Ihe real-estate i , 2ICO : in the Catching Fish By Electricity KILLS LARGEST HATTI.EK I 011 mcrlgnpe. wliile tlie great CLARKSDALE, Miss. (UP)—The' Vl«tilan banking houses of -—' I'K«>1 family, founded about largest rattlesnake several years was killed found here in on . farm of Henry Fontaine, it measured six feet long, fo\ir inches nround, had 16 rattles and weired tlie gQQ C. C., invested large sums in n-.orl- ta?r-s on both city and farm prop- crtv. Corner News wnnt UOSWEl.L. New Mexico. iLT«---i Tons of carp, shad. bnlTal.-v am! j n her undesirable j-ii^clcs of ; : <.;i' • are. L'chiT talirn fioin bl:es ,i:: v i • 10:15 wires, to which nr? at- i lached copper p'atcs at intcr\ii!si • i;l revernl ferl. are placed i:i ih" 1 i pr: titular waters v.-ht-rc HHS- ii-:i I are knewn to congre-:a:e. and 11-1 ' veils of electricity then are ;•,]piled. The fish are stiiniv.-d :,»:! n.ay eas.ity bo takrn from iho wait 1 ;-. T!ie clubhcad should be ;.V, inrk clixso to the ground ar;l -.\ Iho left hand in control and cl to (lie body. The left knee :: dip stig'ntly toward the b3l! but enough to lift (he left hell, w: should be kep tctose to liv.' i:r:: throughout the entire swine. N'o diflcrcut than a woo:! f, ti:e left arm shoul.-l remain >!.r,r. with the right arm tucked in ,-] to (ho body. j Totals 47 10 17 3 ! By Innings— I Xfonette 100 400 200 03—10 I Bly'vllle 303 010 000 00—1 i Summary: Two base hits—Fanning. Thrasher. Jenkins 2. Mo.ire. I Young. Three ba«. hils—Moore, i Home rnn-l- 1 . Smith. DDiib'.e phy --Wright to Jrnki:'.s to Harris. Base I'll balls—off Smith four, off Wright ; !ive. Struck nut--Smith nine, by Wright lour. M.ukT. Mariir, Merits. Om- good friend Gnnlon ^f^c'r:av. of the Phi'.ntlelphia Record, proh- | ably Is th? lasl ]>er.snn in the ivirld i [o he suspected oJ naivete, whatev- j er (hat means. But the o'.hir dav. i wlieu tidings were \vhisp^r n d in Mnckiy'ii shell-lik? e.irs to tlie ef- fci't that Max Schmclii'.fr on his recent tour of this iancl of Ih? free, rarur:! to rhlmsell and company 472.000. Mister Mickay n.imo rig'nl nj) with this one: "My, niv. what a lot of marks in til is country!" I3y Hie same token, the pule for th» Schmfling-S!riblin<r t'nbl in Cleveland Jnlv 3 micht be "vjiecti 1 ;! to rtllect no sipns nt all of the current financial rcaciinslriont. Marks being that easy, and a!!. Ramon WARRO with JKA.\ T IIKRSIIOLT C. AUF.REY SMITH directed by JACQUESFKYDRR .Arid 1'sclcss r.arc^ms. Ln?: year Branrh Rickey of tre Cnrdiuil" (or ivrr: it Slv Sam Broa- deni inaii^ira'ed a. systeui of moving Moivlay's ^.imes a day forward ancl civi" the fickle fans of St. L-.iiis Sun.lay doublc-hcariers. This ye^r. nrobablv riolivnlcrt by ith'; 5',icr.^s of the Cardim!s' ., ., .jthe Brrwrj are dolns the same to Holly WOOd | ti:inir. B-: there Is this difference: j 'he Card'mls nre champions and PARTS. France. (UP) — Mile l; ""<; arc—wc!l. ths Browns Kr.'.tie Krass-ne. youngest dau:;h- w ""' c''im!oin. SI. I.o:iis fans ter of the former leader of Ihi'l'?iii7 v.lnt thcv are. aivl tiawbill Soviet Russia foreign i^rvicc, has!brine whr-.t It if. is It illogical to a contract, to EO to Holly- Ismpert tint a Sunday cloubic-licid- I (\, mt ,,] v "SI'in I TtlvH 1!1(! ':Ncw Soviet Actress Sunday and Monday Lock Al Her! Su-ect anil adorable mi the surface— selfish ami. rrlrntlrss in bt-i^ IjL-arl—a r::briii.^t- niR lit'.Io LrLiuly w'ho [ilaycil (he Same nf Invc unfairly! Sro what it takes to wake 'cm up! TOMOKKOW: How do yon .wood to play a part in a film story!* 1 " at 81. Ifiis in which t'-.e Browns :<if the Russian revolution. " .ap:;earcrl would b: favored by ju.'t ! 1 Alter (ho death of M. ;h-.if c! (he al'0!"'J)ve a riii7l-i ir.,,.,!,.; .. r ili7' „,,,!!) LMU IIU.MI', . l>fak V,",f Ilalihrd MI-:.\:I>IIIS. Tcmi.. i !_•;•! >V,; Ill t'.-.c sha|:e of a h.ili,- ,:. k:n was brought licro ]-.,-• by F;. J. Wlhirrraiitli. nf i ;|, •i.'.^e. Tenn. The cgs Is two , tl . >'!!-; and one Inch iii ri.i : ii.e head. ryes. body, luc-; n>.u i^vls of a chicken are | M, "!l:o wiilov. and her tw.i daii'^!it?rs rli-l r.r.t to Inrk to Russia and Kattla, now 21. was educated at Camkrlcl e. -She is slim and a U-un:tt.\ rame.en Sunday wonlj draw? On I Hi. 11 theory t'-f.t s.?: 1 ;!!! lh» Browns . pl^v two fMrifs is twice as excruc 1 .- J •al'ii"; rs t)"]^::!!!!^ th'-ni In b:it r.uc? i Us:;, oh well, let's not V3t; on it I ri^ht now. ^ . noufii TAKKlX(iTON"S sma-slnnir slory of tlie jr i r I w b o couldn't be ponil. In the cast: Conraii Nagcl. Siil- ney Fox", num- phrcy Bogarl, Z.isn Titts. I'rcsrntcd by CAFtt. I.AKMMI.F, Dlreoteil by llotart Henley ;>rcilnfcd by Cnrl I.ieminlc, Jr- TIIIEVI'-S KINK IM' CASH Tlie Rajah's I.rRS. MOMUOK. La. itll')- No«- t!,.it cue of Rogers Horns- nho rlfied a safe and c.uli recis- ty's last pnir of lens Ins weii^nn:! I tr-r in a store hero "rann .niujiint laken from (he cash iislcr before leaving Ihe slore. lh'|n:i;ler (he Mraln of tile b.v=rt>.ili res- c.-.miiaieii. the londswak.'rj on l'-.e> bench arc in daiiu-cr of lucoin- inc':--- III, Night— l.i ;ui,| C'ominjr—-"('KM .\IKUON" i;icliai;<l Dix. Coininsr. — "SH \villi Kuljt. MnnlKciiiiiTv

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