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THE nPFFATQ n-CPRF! WEDNESDAY MOUNIXG, NOVEMBER ociaL calendar WINNIE WINKLE, THE BREADWINNER: That Makes Mike a "Hich ory Nut I tVWYTHINd oony it MuuJOaM YOUR a GEE. tor WMCM I St TKtS TlMi! JUST LOO MuSTrtY TEA.H, ITS TswW Mt SUCH A tC0 TIMt. I'M AFSAtO Il KCvttt 6 TOCUMftOE. SOCtAU WAOCEftl AT MtCHTY CA Record of Events in Buffalo Society 6iT to MOW IASY IT COMtS TO 40Mt GUYS AM uw IT IS HERTJ ITVAf, 0C A MUTf. 0 YA Mti tvea, 6 TO.

bAt It A 6IM'LMNl I FEU CwiVTIN a v- Mrs. Allen K. Brehm of ral weeks in Atlantic City, Y- Mrs. Sidney A. Trevett of reet and their son, David, Ttoanksgivlnj; In Boston Mary Trevett, who at ina ball, Wellesley, and ir fiftn.

Walter, who Is at la February Mr. and Mrs. ro to Cleveland to make root i I YOU n. ii i (r i 'i. MISS HARRIET TAYLUR ft JANIEL W.

STRICTER CliURCH H0r.IE GIFT DAY Mrs. William It Mansper Ktbruary th on the Relt-, rhe Mediterranean trip. i js'ng their summer home, '11. and are at v' i Mnwood avenue until their j'hiiip Clancy of jN'lagara Falla -i -d from an extended visit ia Uvea in the South and has Miss Christine Halnbrldge. Ga.

Kdward Ingalls is living at MR. MARCARIT 4, CCCO Chalrmti for tfc fomideri fc programme tad urrr of ji Wom'i league on K2ay br SOtb, trosa 4 astll o'eiofk. V.r Codd has aQ4 a meet ins ot omnaltt tor o'clock tomorrow afternoon at her home. No. Jtf Iv ware arenii DANGER Bj IIAZEL DEV6 BATCIIELOR Coyprljht 1923 Public LeJgei company onIi aw light ahead became a goal toward which sub was struggling.

She did not realise how weary she was, nor bow her legs ached, until she stepped up on the wooden platform of the tiny station and found that she could hardly drag herself along, i Inside there was a small room with a wood-n bench running around It. It was dimly lighted and behind a window labeled station agent another dim light burned. Eleanoi stepped up to the window and looked la. A man waa lying there on a low TO ADDRESS GARRET CLUB Tomorrow afternoon at 4 o'clock. Daniel W.

Streeter will give aa informal talk at the Uarret club a beat his booting experiences la Africa, Each member may tiring a guest On Saturday night the first the season's club sights will take place, supper at T40 oclock, to be follow ed by an entertainment, Missionary neclirt. The Woman's assoclstloa of the Bethany Presbyterian thnrch will meet tomorrow night at I o'clock in the church parlors. Miss Elisabeth BUrliag will lead the devotional tr-vloe; Mrs. 8. J.

Courtns will apeak on Si am, and Mrs. G. W. Thorn on The Freedmen. Dinner Dances Supper Dances at Hotel Statler V.

The Vincent Lopez Statler Dance Orchestra plays from 6 to 9 i in Main Dining Room. No cover charge at dinner. Afternoon Tea, 3:30 to 5:30 Htm tint it OtouJ, Vloltelet Mum Martha Uoanch. Hamtot Htmimi 1 i Generous contributions insure an other happy year for residents. Bishop Brent, Miss Brent and Mrs.

Hannah J. Baldy received the guests who called at the Church home yes terday. It was gift day for the home and waa marked by generous remem brances from many friends. Sup plies arrived In gratifying quantities! bat the shelves of the pantry that feeds 125 persons for a year must be well laden. Mrs.

Thomas S. Watts and Miss Josephine Loomis received the gifts of money. Miss Elizabeth Cottier was chairman of the tea committee. The table was attractively decorated With chrysanthemums aad roses of many colors and a cloth of real lace and embroidery. In their library the boys sang for the visitors, wtile the girls did the same In their reading room, in the nursery the babies 'received guests.

In states while sitting around com fortably In various rooms were the aged men and women, enjoying all the bustle and excitement. PILGRIM EVANGELICAL CIRCLES ARE ACTIVE When a Feller Needs a Friend the play being rehearsed by the young people of the Pilgrim Evan gelical church. Mrs. Edward C. Cor coll Is directing the cast.

The per formance win be In January for the beneat of the church. The next monthly social will take place on December 6th. Tomorrow una on Friday the women ot the church are conducting their annual bazaar. FOR WHITER HOW CHAMBERLIN METAL WEATHER STRIPS Phone upper S0T8 for Estimate. 2500 MAIN Will Serve as Usual Their Old Fashioned Thanksgiving Dinner Watch next Tuesday's paper for full menu, or call Crescent 1658 After Shaving Use Cuticura Talcum After shaving with Cuticura Soap, tne neaitarul np-to-date Cuticura way, Cuticura Tlcura ts an indispensable adjunct- It is soothing, cooling and refreshing totbe most tender skins.

Caticura Soap, Ointment and Talcum promote and maintain skin purity, skin comfort and skin health. tlM MM, 1 fW wmtafl. Mmr Oam tahar. VMa Mm." sM otott- "DELIGHTED-- 'Highly Plcad, WITH 4 Aiaerkta Talict. Lact CarUU TWwtrTY rart-vt'in i-r-.

IV I-: are, '() Lift 111 I-i with thm ionsar life thair r. f-urtalna yteM ilh AMI MCA PAtACK Httere4 Mori.e a-t waht sad cartful entstoMr mrthoda ItirAUTT IjOVlN'fl KtO'ttp. WIVHH ars II I i fLEAKKD" ltH he irtre tlon ot tnt, atrateWtma il 'Ua and K-a11)a, attraettve raimay aa accuracy im wkr itorgR. ivivI VilAi I Weust AVKIUCAV I'ALACK IrfiCs Curtains btr hairs any ninrrinf inn-iibl. mt lbs Curtain.

Hod hem I aJwaia own and fe aiide lb jw4 the tur-talna never havs fes muaaet or stretched en this account. AJ! to thase rars features rsrrful aitroprlsls twivlnt nM IrlJvrry and you have mmi the reasons why pour L-e Curtains aiiOHtil, r--eive the benefit AitKRK'AN laualertnr meilnxia. Tee fhone Tuppw write lu Iim PAUCE afe LAUNDRY S3 8 CM FAftqd A.VJE wgt Hit, Americaj ji-alnfw JLnvrtdry WHITE ELEPHANT SALE TRINITY EPISCOPAL CHURCH S7f Dtiawart Wtd, Nev. St 1" Vs HV--1I NATIONAL Ii A OF THE WALL HERE YESTERDAY 3C3 women heard her speak at a luncheon in her honor. Nearly 300 women attendeS the McAll association luncheon yester day alter noon at the new Central Park Methodist Episcopal church Mrs Frank Bergen Kelley, national president of the American McAll as sociation, who, last summer, visited all the mission stations under the auspices of the association, was the gueet of honor.

At the speakers" table, which was decorated with pink and white roses, were the Rev. C. D. Skinner, pastor of the church; Mrs. Kelley, Mrs.

O. Barrett Rich, Mrs. George S- Searle, Mrs. IL Osgood Holland. Mrs.

C. D. Skinner, Mrs. Robert J. Mao Alplfle and Mrs.

Horace A. Noble. rTbe luncheon waa preceded by a snort welcome from Mrs. Rich, the president, and Dr. Skinner asked a After the luncheon Mrs.

Don Tullis sang. Mrs. Rich introduced the speaker. Mrs. Kelley described her motor trip through France last summer.

The McAll is still doing active relief work among the people in the war-devastated regions. Red Cross boxes with full supplies are provided, as the need is Imperative. In the Saint Quentln district, she said, people re living in inadequate, one-story oaf-racks that were in use In wartime. At Chatillon the mission cares for 800 war orphans, the building being open all the year. It also supports five vacation colonies which are in operation three months of the year.

Mrs. Kelley -said that the McAll workers are welcomed In places where others find a feeling of resentment. 1 Today Mrs. Kelley goes to Toronto, to be the guest of Lady Kemp. She has just come from an intensive lecture tour, having given fourteen talks In Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

Iast night the Junior McATl as sociation gave a supper at the Touralne hotel for Mrs. Kelley. The Juniors have the working girls of France as their especial care. Bine Bird girls. At the Blue Bird Girls' frolic to night in Holy Angels' hall, a pro gramme of munic and dancing will be given by Miss Helen Gorman, Miss Mary Farrell, Miss Louise An thony, Miss Madeline Turner, the Sunshine Girls.

Arthur Bold -and the Carberry sisters. Dancing will fol low the entertainment. FIREPROOF Main and Utica Streets A FEW high-grade apartments to rent for Winter, at moderate prices. Beautifully furnished large rooms and apartments. Easily accessible by direct trolley lines, no waiting In the storms, as all cars stop directly In front of the door: excellent cuisine; garage on premises.

"Alt the without comforts of home its annoyances." Special Trial TIN 10 4 'ESSE GtriDDEN Jr- golden fragrance garden; a spring of joy; refreshment, Such a the Ocange Of the national W. C. A. board. who la called the Envoy of Under standing, and who will bo the guest of honor at a supper tomorrow evening at 6.30 o'clock at the local central branch.

ALL ABOUT PYSCHOLOGY Dr. Dowd gives Woman' City dab members some odd data. The Mind of Man was discussed from several interesting angle yes terday before members of the Buffalo Woman' City club by Dr. J. Henry Dowd.

Dr. Dowd admitted a pre-Adamlc race and the existence of any given Individual life long before Its offlcilal birth. lie states that the existence of morona, imbeciles and tfte tike, could be prevented by a selective system such as has been employed for centuries In stock raising. Dr. Dowd does not believe that a genius Just happens; he stated that a similar strain always can be traced in the father's or mother's family, deducing from these facta the vital importance of pedigree.

The -speaker aald every man and woman had a mental screw loose somewhere. Sometimes It falls Out and then the state has to assume the burden of the Imperfect life. But all these screws can be tightened by the proper exercise of the mind impulse, in short, learning to think carefully before acting. Mrs. Charles J.

Sfppl presided, and announced a gift raised by the members to be sent at Christmas to a itr" MrTlce boy ntm in WORLD ALLIANCE DELEGATES RETURN FROM CONFERENCE Mrs. Melvln P. Porter, Mrs, Frank F. Williams and Miss Elizabeth Wll Hams, directors of the Erie County League of women Voters, and John B. mated have Just returned from Philadelphia, where they were delegates to the conference of the world alliance for international friendship through the churches.

-They report stimulating addresses by many pub licists and educators who represent a growing belief thatthe church must act at once if Christianity as an active principle in the lfrves ot its members Is. to survive. A resolution vras adopted urging President Coolidge to take measures to make the United States a participant Jn a world court. The speakers included President Lowell of Harvard, Dr. Frldtzhof Nansen, Oscar, Strauss, Archbishop Athanassiades, the Rev.

Brierly Kay or London and Dr. Ty Tsu. i Holiday goodies. A demonstration of holiday focHj. suggestion will be given at the Buffalo Home bureau tomorrow af ter-noon at 2 o'clock.

Miss Harriet Brlghanw nutrition specialist, will demonstrate Parisian sweets, cranberry and pumpkin pies, cranberry ice and two fancy salads. Mystic Art chapter. Mystic Art chapter No. 668, O. will have a sale in the rooms on Saturday afternoon at 2.30 o'clock.

All articles left from the recent basaar, including aprons, handkerchiefs and fishpond articles, will be sold at reduced prices, and a hat of the velvet with ostrich feathers. She carried yellow roses and deep purple orchids. The bridesmaid's gowns were Of green chiffon- modeled like that of the matron or honor. Their' hats and shoes were of a deeper shade of green. They carried deep pink roses and lavender and yellow pompon chrysantne-mums.

Mrs. Northrup wore a gown of bloe chiffon and a black velvet hat with lace and a corsage bouquet of orchids and lilies of the valley Mrs. Schoaeld, the bride's grandmother, wore gray satin. A small reception was given at the borne of the bride's parents in Elmwood avenue. Giant yellow chrysanthemums and clusters of yellow and lavender button chrysanthemums decorated the house, and the buffet table ras centered with pink roses.

Mr. and Mrs. Knox sail this week for Europe and on. their return in reDruary win go to Aiken, S. for a few months.

Bird-Mclntyre. Mr. and Mrs. William Henry Mc-Intyre announce the marriage of their daughter, Helen Louise, to Cyras Remington Bird on November 17th, at Auburn, Ind. Neuritis, the King of Pains Only thow who ha axpertenewJ th mi cileM.

ttahblng paint of aevrltis dew-rib. th tortura rmnl by thl InlUin mation of th nerve which brought hr rohlf. injur! ferulae et tufrUou J1 rate. Sometime reaulta from -m at trk rbumat1am or wtatira. Even th-xeaatv drtnklnf of roffeo will often pro dure nauntia, priyaMana claim.

mattor how tt ireta lt atari. noariW -an be promptly relieved wlthoul HH, fnm at, Noi will nnuallv atoa th ntoat -ev-re pain. wbih in the ahouldei for. arm. br.

thtKhe lee Tyemot rrtll reue the Inflammation nt r9mtorm the arr-rted nerrea to enand condition. Prlca tt at Mil, leading dmgriata. Tyamoi company iff. Chamtarta, too mmer saa rancico. a I.I 'II mm I I 41 Delaware avenue for the 0.

win? Edward Ingalls, will from Yale tor the Christmas holidays. 1 charl' W. Phelps of Syracuse Is hr. Kii Rt of his daughter, Mrs. C.

jiarh tli-y. for a few days. Mr-. David Held of England, who iKf'ii the guest ofjMrs. Allen A.

Jums of West Ferry street, is now vi-i' in in Canada, ami Mrs. 01 lver Cabana, i.inwood avenue are In New York. Mr and Mrs. Frank Dale Warren of riaiDfUUl, N. JS, and Dale Warren Mass.wlll be the guegfs Mr and Mrs.

Eric Hedstrom over Mr. and Mrs. fetuart It, Clement nn Mrs. William L. Gurney have re-njnii'ii from Yama farms.

ss Catherine Lascelles, who 1 the Yale-Princeton game last 1 day. ia now visiting In New She will return home in a vi k. Cursons Kiepe has returned Cornell, where Rhe was the l-st. of her daughter. Miss Lucy (unions.

Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Foral have nurnpd to Baltimore after spending few days with Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sthacfcr of Thatcher avenue.

Miss Beatrice Fischer of Morria ssztiasis: avenue son's school at Tarrytown, will spend the Thanksgiving holidays with Miss Betty Cannon at her home at Bay Sim re, j. I. Mrs. John Forrest Knox is spend-ine jifvrral weeks in California. Mr.

and Mrs. Paul A. Schoellkopf of Niagara Falls have returned from York. Mr. and Mrs.

Philip J. WIckser are in Ni'w York to meet Mrs. Robert i.iunnston Fryer and Livingston FrviT on their arrival from Europe. Tiity will return! to Buffalo tomorrow. I Mr.

Lonis R. Davidson of Lincoln parkway is in New Pr. PeLsrtcey Rochester. andMlss. Anna Rochester will spend Thanks, giving with Mr.

and MrsJolra Lr Rochester in Dunkirk. Entertainments. The Scribblers met for the first time this season at a supper last evening in the Georgian room of the Hotel Statler. Covers for 32 were laid at an oval table decked with autumn leaves combined with roses and chrysanthemums. Miss Marian de Forest presided, and introduced Mrs.

William Grant Barney, who gave a delightful and novel book review. Dinosaurs and Jumping Jacks, in which she catalogued the two contrasting types of readers' minds. She was followed by Mrs. Edna, Luse, soprano, who gave a group of songs, and by R. Leon Trick, pianist.

Mrs. Ralph E. Brown of Lin wood avenue entertained a few friends at bridge yesterday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs.

Charles W. Goodyear of Oakland Dlace will give a supper party and bridge at the Tennis club next Tuesday evening In honor of Miss Florence Daniels. Mrs. Seymour IL Knox and -Mrs. Frank H.

Goodyear entertained 100 quests at luncheon yesterday at the former's home in honor of Miss Helen Northrup, Seymour H. Knox and their bridal party. The College club wilt have a luncheon next Monday. Fifty already have been received. The Mount Holyoke alumnae' will.

meet for luncheon on Saturday noon at the College club. Knox-Northrup. One of the most Interesting weddings of the, autumn season ook place yesterday afternoon at a oclock, when Miss Helen Elisabeth North rup, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis G.

Northrup, was married to Uey mour Horace Knox. The ceremony place in Saint John's Episcopal church, the Rev. Walter Russell Lord officiating. The chancel was decor ated with palms, yellow chrysanthemums and autumn foliage. Chrysan-thf-mums adorned the altar, Mrs.

Prank H. Goodyear acted as matron honor and the bridesmaids were Marjorie Knox, Miss Martha KliMck, Miss Rita Peabody, Miss i Wall, Miss Sara Baker and His Jean Baker. Ralph P. Hants as the best man, and the ushers Paul Brehm, Edward de Cernea, William G. Schoellkopf, Kenneth A.

"wd, Ganson G. DepeW, Eric Hed-s George F. Rand, of Buf 0. Stuart Hemlnway of Brook-Hi. Thomas Keck of East Hampton I Theodore Kenefick and DeFor-t' Van Slyck of New Haven, Rlake Lawrence of Shorthllls, N.

J.f V-a'vm D. Trowbridge of Lake Forest, Charles G. Stradella of New irk. Evans Wollen, of Jndian-atH, Richard V. Wooloru or -Tan ton, and Willmott F.

Lewis ot Farmington, Ct. The bride more a beautiful gown of ivory satin with a bodice and a deep collar of rs. point lace, the full skirt falling from a petticoat rose point Her veil of rose point lace to her grandmother was u-n with -nntnt lorn head areas a'lCl she carried a ShOWer bOUaUet Of iios Of the ltev Md" butterfly valley, ana 'Chlds. The matron Of honor wore gown of lavender Chiffon With a enetian lace collar. A huge bow of aep purple velvet formed a train In backhand she wore purple shoes if arinn Colby it in love tcith her employer, Aleo aolden.

Alec' wife, Harriet has for year lived a lite apart from him, and when he discover Marian" love a ttrange emotion leap up iijrhit Heart. The time come when he feeU that he cannot (to without her, and he goes to his friend. Richard Endicott. a famous divorce lawyer for advice. The two men quarrel and Richard has an in terview tcith Marian to try to break VP the affair, lie i apparently, unsuccessful, for Marian has.

promised to ao awuv with Alec, but after a battl icith herself she decides I aaainst it. In the meantime. Alec's daughter Eleanor, aged eighteen, is trying out some very dangerous theories. CHAPTER LI. One o'clock in the Eleanor, tramping along the conn-try road, was trying to keep her thoughts from verging on panic.

She waa hampered by her high heels and long tight skirt, but the thing that bothered her most was that she had no Idea where she was. Bomewhere, she reasoned, there must be a railroad station, and bravely she struggled on, peering Into the darkness, until finally with a little sob of relief she spied tracks running across the road just ahead of her. A tall, ghostly sign post flared out its warning of Stop; look and listen, and in aplte of the gloominess liiiiiffiratiiniiaiiiiininniiiiasaiuninininiininiJiuiiiiiirii DANGER! 1 Hazel Deyo Batchelor's Thrilling Story Ends' on Saturday. ii Her New Story THE TEMPTING OF HELEN DREW Another Thriller Starts in THE EXPRESS NEXT MONDAY DON'T MISS IT 3 her thoughts, a little amlle twitched Eleanor's lips. It seemed Incongruous that a trairf could ever pass through this desolate country.

and aa she stood tor a moment peering op: and down the track, she realised that she must decide which way to turn. She thought longingly of the friendly lights of a little way side station. Which way must ahe go to find them, left or right? A she stood hesitating she remembered strangely enough a play she bad seen several seasons back. Turn to the Right. "There must have "been a reason for remembering it just now," ran her thoughts; "I might as well take a chance." A momeut later she was picking her way along the tracks.

As she walked 4he tried not to think of what had happened. She began counting the ties. She tried to place her foot directly in the middle ot each one so as not to stub her toe, or catch her heel, and finally after what seemed hours of walking she saw a light in the distance. Her footsteps quickened, that PIMPLYTVELLJOHTBE People Notice it Drive Them Off with Dr. Edwards' OUTe Tablets 'A' Dimply face will not embarrass you much longer If you get a age of Dr.

Edwards' unve Taaieis The skin should begin to clear after you have taken the tablets a few nights. Cleanse the blood, -bowels and liver with Dr. Edwards Olive the successful substitute for there's -ho sickness er pain after taking them. Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets do that which calomel does, and iuat as-effectively, but theii action is gentle and safe instead of severs and Irritating.

No one who takes jDHve Tablets Is ever cursed with a "dark brown taste." bad breath; a dull. listless, "no good" feeling constipation, torpid liver, bad post Ion or pimply tare. Olive Tablets are a purely vegetable compound mixed with olive oil; you will know them" by their olive color. Dr. Bd wards spent years among patients afflicted with liver and bowel complaints and Olive Tablets are the Immensely effective result.

Tsks on ot two nightly for a week. See how muclr better oa feet and look, lac and 30c 3 i 'ELL. lence). tethios lea of I vejut more i it, or i in the tor-- prince, res by of the' ie new. Ungofj seller? i gives ick.

at our: 11 bat subtly ortas-! aboutS Hi cot, a khaki blanket wrapped around Mm. As Eleanor shook the window slightly he stirred and then with a yawn rubbed ils eye-s and sat up. "Can I get a train to New Yorkr Eleanor's voice bad losi its imperious tone, it had instead of plaintive note like thto voice of a tired chile. Tne man stared at her for a long moment, and then finally rose to his feet and came over to the window MM1 a a. inere a tram lor rew York a s.34," he said, i jtill staring at her curiously.

"It's an accommodatloi train carrying, milk into the city xou nave about 40 minutes to wait Eleanor looked at her wrist watch as though to verify the man's state ment, and to her amazement the small hand pointed to five minutes after one. She could hardly believe It. It seemed hours since she had left Dan Sutherland at the inn, and since then she had walked miles and miles through the darkness. Five minutes after one, and in 40 minutes she could get a train to New York Why, it hardly seemed possible! She pushed a bill through the tick et window and watched with tired eyes as tffe stall agent stamped her ticket and counted out change men she went over to the nard wood en bench and sat down to wait for her The sudden relaxation and the knowledge that at last she was safe brought her. thoughts flocking nack upon her.

What on earth would the Ellsworths say when Dan returned without her? And as far aa Ricky Quarles, he would never want to have anything more to do with her. Of that she was certain. TomorrowTwo Sufferer. DINNER ON FRIDAY AT THE LINEN SALE The Business Women's club of the Westminster Presbyterian, church will serve a dinner on Friday even mg at the linen sale. Miss Mary uuve Neai is chairman of arrange ments, assisted by Miss Rath Alport Miss Alice H.

Stafford has charge ol tickets, Mrs. Julius Richter, tables. and Mlsa Emma H. Dreyer. service.

A Jerusalem cherry booth will be an innovation at the sale. Plants will be sold at stage when the cnernes, are turning from green to brilliant orange. Mrs. Paul Dold. Miss Marie Hill and Miss Ellen Loth- rop will be in charge.

Furs stored and repaired. Topper 4971 Martin Victor, 814 Main St i -tirSK jSk. tyransorms faded savaxr fiair to a beautiful oolden shade CW MMkas4 C. IIO el tu H.YC. MILES STANDISH Tells of Thanksgiving celebration in Plymouth, and gives his version about that Priscilla and John Alden proposal story.

More laughs by Jones. NEXT SUNDAY IN THE EXPRESS SATISFY YOUR CUSTOMERS Merchant gives some advice that will make for ultimate sue cess of retailers. Don't fail to read this interesting business feature. NEXT SUNDAY IN THE EXPRESS BE THANKFUL FOR WHEAT'S ICE CREAM This Is the month of Thanksgiving. tet'a bo thankful for Wheat's Ice cream, the most glorious of all desserts.

Smooth and creamy, delicious and refreshing It Is one food that Is absolutely healthful. Carry home, regularly, enough Wheat's ice cream for the whole family. Now that Indoor days are coming, help keep your family happy and contented with two or threo of. their favorite flavors. EAT KSgJ a Qtwi at SJ mp H.Tnaai St.

WHEAT REAL ICE CREAM imnl rrWd in a beverage of good cheer Ike the ioultrf an Oriental flam, Ike the nectar from zest, like leaping gajaf, Vke cod Hmds adrift. charm of really chctce tea THE FTNtST TEA CCS 7- THE WOULD nVOUCtS' mr Label BLACK WE PEKOE) MIXED. a'6Z rliqSest honor OfcUmablt.

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