The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 8, 1948 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 8, 1948
Page 8
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TAGE EIGHT BLYTUKVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JANUARY 8, 1948 To Speak Here Shock Kills Many In Jew-Arab War Nerves Taut in Holy Land; Heart Attack, Hysteria Frequent .. By Robert Miller (Unlltd Press Siaff Correspondent) JERUSALEM, Jnn. 8. (UP) — Jerusalem -has become a city of (cnr where death from heart shock frequently comes to those who are missed by bombs and bullets. Daylight assassinations, midnight explosions and virtually continuous (i;lng have given the population ol the Holy City n dreadful case of juttcrs. Nerves are stretched as tight as piano wire. The slamming of fi door causes the same reaction fts the buzz of a rattlesnake ft backfiring I ruck sends citizens scurvy' Ing (or shelter behind buildings " trees or boulders. No. one unexpectedly slaps a friend on the back. That's (lie way stabblngs are done. Tlie shock to the nervous system might lie disastrous, especially ntnnug oldsters. Only an extreme emergency forces anyone out afler nark in tiie | mixed Arab-Jewish quarter, IJc- j p,m. Saturday and morning and Iwcen dusk and dawn, a walk any- night services Sunday. The Rev. where In accompanied by a feel- j Mr. Docld, according to the Rev. Ins of butterflies fluttering in your j Mr. Stafford, is one of the dcnom- midriff. ' (nation's most- forceful speakers. One Man Jet Helicopter May Become Air Flivver 1 Soviet Satellite And Prove Popular With Many Sunday Drivers The Rev. Elbcrt Dodd. district superintendent lor the Nazaicne Church In Ixiuisiana, will conduct a three-day convention for members of the First N'az.arene Church of Blythevillc .starting Friday nlRht, it was announced today by the local pastor, th e Rev. Daniel Stafford. The first service of the conven- By Douglas Larsfn NEA Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON. Jan. 2 (NEA).— The U.S. Air forces' new one-man Jet helicopter. "Little Henry," is being hailed by aviation experts as the poor man's Wide Blue Yonder. Engineers who are familiar with the extreme simplicity of this new flying gadget, built by McDonnell Aircraft Corp., St. Louis, claim it can at last bring aviation to the average man. Air Force spokesmen predict the new McDonnell Jet rotor blade makes possible ft personal alrcrait which could oe made to sell for less than hull the cost of the average new automobile. In addition to having nil the obvious advantages of the ordinary helicopter, an aircraft with a jet rotor can be made extremely light, easy to operate, cheap to run nnd maintain ,aml free of most of the other bugs In private Hying. The. operating principle of the now jet helicopter rotor is the same, as that of an ordinary spinning lawn sprinkler. The. power wlifch turns the rotor blade is furnished by exploding fuel, however, instead lion series will begin at 7:30 p.m., of , waler p,.,,.,,,^. ]„ f . sctp lh c Prlday_\vith another service at 7:30 mclt)ad fo ,. feedi Countries Get U.S. Warning WASHINGTON, Jan. 8. (UP) — The United States lias warned Bulgaria and Yugoslavia thai, recognition ol Ihc new Greek rebel government "would be clearly contrary to the principles of the United Nations character," the State Department announced yesterday. Bulgaria and Yugoslavia arc Soviet -satellite countries which border on Greece. The warnings followed a sternly- corded statement Issued by Acting Secretary of State Robert A. Lovett on Dec. 30. He saitt then that recognition of tiie rebel government ram <above] sliou.s the simplicity of .siruction ami oprrnlloti. fl may open the Wide average American who ran't now afford lo fl> f , "Little Henry's ron- Rlue Yonder to the "would have, serious implications." Michael J. McDermott, depart- nent press officer, said American officials in the two capitals were making clear that LovcU's ital»- ment expressed the views of th« United States. Read Courier News Want Art*. SECURITY Footsteps behind you antomatl- | cally cause the bristles to rise on t Ihc back of your neck. Your goose ; pimples have goose pimples. Several deaths have bucn caused by heart failure and hysteria is more usual than (lie common cold In the half dozen no-man's-lands around town where mighty (.tittles occur. .. .. Public Health Suffers .. .. Medical authorities any that continued high blood pressure rcsultils from prolonged excitement is bound to have » detrimental effect on the health of the general public. It can result In hardening of the arteries and various heart and circulatory disease. Jerusalem turps Into a ghost town as soon a.v the sun sels. The streets appear to lie visited by a plague, stripping them of |x?ople. Tlie few pedestrians hurry on their way. peering fearfully over their shoulders. MovEe houses draw good crowds to their special 5 p.m. shows but at 9 o'clock the sents arc empty. Audiences pour out of the. theater, take deep breaths and race for home. Tlicy never feel secure until they bolt the doors behind them. The Arabs are afraid to gossip over coffee cups In cnfes. which are a favorite target for bomb throwing terrorists. Dozen of cafe. In the old clt v now are only sea of wooden tables. v The green neon street llghtlni outside the old city gates give cv crything the pasty look of death The city itself Is locked up, sl">t lered and barred. It is hard to I :- llevc. as you pass down the streets, [hat thousands of people, are living here within these darkened buildings. Ocaslonally the sound of a radio comes through the night, revealing that life still is left somewhere. But the crack of Titles and the dull boom o[ grenades reminds you that it may be gone tomorrow. U.S. Science Foundation Bill Again Introduced WASHINGTON, Jnn. 8 (UP) — Rep. J. Percy Priest, D.. Tcnn., has Introduced another version of last year's vetoed bill to establish n national science foundation. The organization would direct scientific research for the government. The bill varied somewhat from the similar one vetoed Inst year by President Tniman. Other legislative introduced nl the first session of the new Congress included: . Rep. James Domengcaux, D., Ln. —To provide thnt the federal government give up Its rights to tidewater lands out to the three-mile ocean limit and lann beneath navigable rivers. The Supreme Court ruled last year that the federal government has paramount rlgh*.s of ownership to land of the California coast between tidewater and the three-mile limit. Lonoke Man Bonders Race "or Governor LITTLE ROCK. Ark,. Jan. 8. (UP) James M. Mulone, former Ixmoke oiinty judge and a 1M6 cnndldnie or tlie Democratic nomination foi 1 overnor, announced today he hail enl out "feeler" letters to Arkan- cltizens prior lo innkini; any \unouuccmcnt on ht.s ,|iosstbly can- rtidacy later llils year. Malone admitted lie was considering innktiiRi the race ngain nnd said he simply had listed potcnlml candidates, ar.d included his own name, In the letters. "I asked the people which mini they would rnlher have In Hit |;ov- ernor'.s chair for the next- two years/' Malone said. He recently completed a tour of various Arkansas towns which he described as a "trial balloon." Malone said he probably would make no dellnitc tinnouncenienl be- lovc Jan. 19, the dale on which Gov. Ben Laney has promised to reveal his future plans. He added", however, that "I'll have a statement to muke shortly after that lime." family man with his own brand ol handling juvenile delinquents. When Mrs. Hubert Manning complained that two boys had scattered broken glass In the neighborhood. Beach rounded up the culprits—aged nine nnd five. The boys confessed expecting the worst In juvenile court. Beach gave them three minutes to get a broom and start sweeping. The boys did an extra good job of sweeping the sidewalk and street. "Next time yon go to court," Bcnci wnrned. Then to Mm. Manning, Bench snid: "I doubt II there'll be a ne^t time." us the luL-l through the rotor blade to the ram-jet engines \vhieh provide the po\ver on the ends of the rotor was borrowed Irom Ihe lawn sprinkle]'. Most of the Hdvnnlngc of Ihc jet rotor results because It oliiui- nates the need for Ihe liruvy. corn- predicted Hint the craft's speed can sear.s and transmissions bo greatly increased, The whirling rotor .swings in \\\ art only 13 feet, in di.imeter. Kn- Ljim-ci'S expect in r<.duai it.s length so that itic whole tlilnn tan fit in an oidinury gnragc?. "Little Henry's" present speed is about 50 miles per hour. At this -speed the r-mLs of Ihe blades arc traveling GuO mph. It is plicated which turn the rotor on conventional nclicoptcrs, With the power actually on the end or the rotor blades themselves, there is no need lor the heavy, complicated gear arrangement Hence there is the amazing saving of weight. "Little Henry," which Is only a makeshift rig to test the rotor, weighs 310 pounds. The lightest commercial helicopter weighs 1035 pounds. The jnt rotor makes a helicopter easier to operate. Without all the complicated gears the pilot can Ittt the rotor easily with a simple steering bar fastened directly to the ro- to" mechani.'in. The jet rotor eliminates torniw— the tendency of the rotor in the conventional helicopter to turn the fiisclngc iti the opposite direction of the valor. This cllnnmUcs the need lor a small, rear vertical rotor with it.s complicated mechanism. The only control surface for the pilot lo operate, besides the overhead r °| tor, is the small rudder. EUminaiion of most of the vibration usually found in a helicopter and fii'cat ease of starting ai-a other advantages of the new Jet rotor. A spin with the pilot's nnu is enough to start it and it doesn't make any difference how cold the During the first b\si.s mily tiny fuel tanks have been u.seil. Larger tanks will give it "a IOIIK practical range" according to a McDonnell official. And the jet device is bcins uttered so that ordinary yasolinu will run it. i No thought yet has been given to ci(•siijiiinR a fuselage for -'Little Henry" which explains why it. looks like something out of the Wright Broihcrs' shop, McDonnell's contract with the Air Force only calls for .successful development of UK; rotor blade. Giving It a streamlined body, however, is a simple matter. J S. McDonnell, Jr., pioneer aviator and president of the McDonnell Aircraft Corp., Isn't saying yet, exactly what he plans to do In the way of mass-producing cheap jet helicopters for the man-in-theft reel. But it is believed unlikely that he will ignore the trcmendoi market for such a flying device. McDonnell's company now supplies the Navy with most of its jet fighters, the speedy Bfinshce and the phantom. Ho is the only aviation company which has steadily Ejrown since the war. His eagerness I lo accept new ideas i.s considered his greatest, asset. McDonnell calls "Little Henry" his flying motorcycle. It could very cosily mean to aviation what the Ford "flivver" meant to the automobile industry. Savings at work here are loaned to home owners and are backed by one of the soundest types of security known...first mortgages on selected residential property. - 12 4 W. .ASH ST. PHONE 3545 How She Shops "Cash and Carry 7 Without Painful Backach* When disorder of kltiney function perm 11 poisonous mutter to remain in your blood, it left [>nln3, loss of 1'cp anil energy, v:ettinK ui> nights, swelling, puffin CAS under the eyvs. headaches «nd (lizzmcjs. Frcauont. or HCanty passages \v3t]\ ainaitinx am] bur nine SDITIC- linirs chows there is something wrani: with Don't wait! Ask your dniscisl for Doan'fl Tills, a stimulant diuretic, used successfully by millions for over BO yearn. Dean's give Jiappy relief *nd •will help tha 15 miles ot ";irJncy tubes flu ah out poisonous waste from ,-cuir blood. Get Do*n'» i'LHa. Boy 'Sentenced' to 5 Years in Sunday School GRENWOOD. S. C.. Jan. 8 <UP»• A Greenwood youth ycstcrriny bcg;u serving a fivc-ynar ".scntpncc" u' Sunday Sclioo] and church ntlciui- ancc for theft ol a Congrcx^tnun 1 ?car, Fred Neal, 15. plradcci guiHy u theft of the automobile of Rcr W. J. Bryan Darn when the Conp resAtnan was visiting his home hcrr * Oct. 21. But Dorn asked Judge .1. FranV, Eatmon to send the youth u church rather Oian rcfoim schoo Eatmon placed the boy on five year's probation, with the stipula tlon that he altcad both S\inda School and church services ever Sunday. Street-Cleaning Job Cures Young Delinquents MEMPHIS, Tcnn.. Jan. 8 iUP>- Dcputy Sheriff H. J. Bench is n QUICK REUEF FROM Symptami ot Distrns Arising Irarn STOMACH ULCERS WETOEXCESS ACID FneBookTcll!ofHom«Tr«atmc)ittri>t Must Help or it Win Cost Yea Nothing Ovrrthrcc million hnttlcs of tho WII.I.ABD TFIFATMK.NT Tiavc bc?n sold for relief of 5ymptoinsofcli$lrcssarising from Stotnxh nnd Du»4«nal Ulctriduc loExct«« Acid— row Dl s n»l.n, Sour or UpMt StnnKh, Cjsjlnes*. Heartfevrn, SI««p4««tr*M, itc.. tlucto Exc«5* Afld. Sold on IS days' trial] A-!.- for "Willtrn We>»«s»" wMch fullr cxylr.ins this Ircntm^nt— ttt* —at K1RBY III-WAV DRUG CO. KIRBY DRUG COMPANY OWENS REXALL DRUG CO. Armorel: ARMOREL DRUG COMPANY Lvx«ra: PETTI'S rUAKMACX Extra! . . . Extra! . . . It's important American history that many of our successful men started in business by selling papers . . . But education and study lime is most important, so be ready for your newsboy when he makes his collections next week. Circulation Department Dial 4461 Blylheville Courier News JH JWANY SM^M/^tff REDUCED I M P RICE! I, o,t .less t|iq> T I r fe* Get New r tr*$font De Luxe Champion (TREADS for Extra Even though your present tire treiuls nre worn, the tire l>oily may still lio aa strong and dependable as when now. Let ns put on new Firestone De Luxe Clmnuioji treads and you'll get many additional miles of sate driving . . . come In today! 1000 Hour A&B Pack Radio Battery 1 Vi Volt $4.95 UPER SPECIAL HOUSE BROOM Reg. 1.59 P 1 11 e s t broom corn. Five rows of ft t r o n stltclmig. 98c BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH O Phone 3151 FARM (m LOANS TERM Homr Office, Newark, N. J. FROMPT CLO»IN« LOW KATX CALL. WHITE OR SES RAY WORTHINGTON US S. Third St.. Blythevillf. Ark. ScrTlnn This S—tir>n ".1 Vrar* Authorized Mortsag* Loan Solicitor /or THE PKUDF.NTIAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA SAVE! SAVE! BIKE BASKET Heavy-gauge steel wire, wnldcd for maximum strength. A teat buy! BARGAIN/ Reg. 1.89 DOOR MAT 1.18 Thick, brushy cocoaiiut fibers innke this fine quality mat extra tough. - SAVERS! FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES " w;n Refill Any Site Flashlight for only IOC Firestone All Chrome Auto Spotlights 15 M 18 5( SEAT COVERS Reduced 20% STUDEBAKERS CHAMBL1N SALES CO. Sales * STUDEBAKER, * Servict Enjoy safety and peace of mind through regular car inspection. • Put in Good Running Order « New Paint Job'• Check Electrical System • Brake Lining and Steering A. good telectlon ot uew «nd used truck«. Also, t number of lat« model us?d can . . fcH guaranteed! A \f of lat« model us?d can . . all guaranteed! f^ ft Rail/old »»J Ash 8tr«U J* _ Lex Chamblin Dial 2196 Bill ChambUn ID S TU D EB AKE RS n EVERY ' ' WAS NOW HUKSTONK SOCKET WRBNCH SKT :i!).75 80.5(1 KINK QUALITY TOOL KITS reduced to 'Z.OS xip l?i:CK SAW 2.SS 2..JO CAN-O-MAT CAN Ol'KNKK l.ilS -1.02 .IKWKl.l'.n I.1CKNSK PI.ATK HOLDERS, pair 20 .15 DISH MAT SKT (i!) .50 KKAK VIKW DOOR M1UUOKS 1.7!) 1.18 DHFROSTINC FANS 7-<)5 5.08 I'0\\'KUT()NK HORNS 8.115 fi.SS F.Ll'X'TRIC SOLDKIUNCi IRONS 2.0i) 1.6S DUST MOI'S !)S .08 IRONING liOARI) COY1CR SKTS l.:in 1.18 SKI.F POLISHING WAX & AI'I'LK'ATOR LfiS L3S TAHLK TKNN1S SKTS .'i.75 2.8S "No thanks, I'll ride with Red He has his repair work done at T. I. SKAY MOTOR COMPANY!" 207 W. Main St. Blvtheville First National Insurance Agency FOR COMPLETE PROTECTION Phone 2311 108 North 2nd St. BILL WILSON CHARLES BITTNEK 1

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