The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 8, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 8, 1948
Page 7
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 6, 1048 Red Activities Under Scrutiny House Committee Plans Further Check On Hollywood Figures ±t By Grant Dlllman UJf.lted Press Staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON. Jan. 8 (UPI — Dhairman J. Parnell Thomas «ays more top-bracket Hollywood fig- J«!s are due for a going-over by its House UnAmerlcan Activities Committee—probably next month. The New Jersey Republican also disclosed that his investigators have seen checking into Communist activities in the field of atomic en- irgy and will report back to Con- sress with their recommendations <oon. Thomas said the committee has undertaken one ol the most stren- IOUE programs in Its tumultuous ilstory to spotlight and slam]) out what he termed the "cancerous growth" of Communism In this country. The committee, he told a radio tudletice <CBS), last night, Intends :o expose Communists In strategic labor unions, ferret out aliens who entered the United States illegally »nd investigate "subversive Influ- inces who are seeking to expllot :he Negro." Thomas said the tllm Industry -somewhat belatedly" has started :o put Its house In order as a remit of the committee's Communism. n-Hollywood hearings. But warned that, the committee Is not through with the film colony. "I wish to serve notice on the motion picture Industry," he said, 'that our investigation of Hollywood It far from over and in the fery near future the records of nany more top salaried Hollywood fiKjjMs will be spotlighted." »nwhlJe, Rep. Rlcrurd M. Nixon. R., oil., called a meeting of m special subcommittee to set up learinsrs on Communist-control egislation. The legislation will be aimed at requiring Communists to register as agents of a foreign po«'- Thomas said such legislation Is necessary to combat "a small but lighly organized, well disciplined, •loscow-dlrected conspiracy which operates under the misnomer of he Communist Party of the United States." 3sceo/o Legionnaires To Distribute Medals Groin of Humor BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS His role In the current congressional mvestigaiion of gram «»eru- lators wa, the theme (or the initiation of Secretary or A K ,u-iillure Uinion P Annersnn into the famous (un-making Society of Saints and Sinners u> New Vork Scarecrow on the backdrop a supposed to represent Henry Wallac*. Navy Worli and .. Ark., Jan. „. ,.>. vv ,,., be distributed to Army. Air Force veterans :>f a dinner-meeting Lesion Jan. 21 in the Legion Hut here. Plans for tiie dinner-meeting, which will be attended by Legionnaires' wives and mcniDcrs of the Auxiliary, were made at the week- j| meeting or the Post i n the Hut J!t night. The Legionnaires voted last night a give free use or the Community louse here to all student* of thi Osceola, Wilson, Luxora and Shaw- lee schools ror any high school ac- ivities. Reservations must be made by contacting Steve Bowker. they aid. The Post also voted to support the Universal Military Training bill. Fin Damages Roof Plre reported to have been caus- d by a chimney spark resulted in light roof damage this morning at he J. M. JonU residence, 1108 Chickasa\vba. Jew and Arab Snipers Battle In Jerusalem JERUSALEM, Jan. 8 (UP) — Sizeable bands of Arab and Jewish snipers traded brisk rifle fire for more than an hour today in the Montiliore quarter near the oW city walls, with some of their bullets zipping over nearby British military headquarters. Two Jews were killed and a number of persons wounded in new flareups in Palestine. Mahmoud Husseini, 25, cousin and closest living relative of the mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin El Husseini. was 8 -- Victorv shot to death in Jerusalem. Arab d to -ivestock ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCK- vcn YARDS, Jan. 8. (UP)—(USDA) — ' !ect Livestock: Hogs 9,300, salable 9.000; weights 170 Ibs and up 25 to 50c lower than average Wednesday. Lighter weights ind sows steady to 2Sc lower; some pigs under ]20 Ibs off more. Bulk good and choice 180 to 300 Ibs 2«: top 28.25 for several loads mostly 190 to 230 Ibs. Pen- early 27.25- 16!) OJ170 Ibs 27-27.75; 130 to 15fl Ibs H^-26.75: 100 to 120 Ibs 30.75-23.75; good sows 450 Ibs down 24505;_ over 450 Ibs 23.75-24.50; stags Cattle 3,200, salable 3,000' calves ,200, all salable. Little more lhar, -2 dozen loads of steers on sale. tfarkel active and rully steady on nedium to good offering at 27-29; mtcher yearlings in lijnl supply nd firm; medium to good largely rong to higher. A few good cows 9-22; common and medium beef >ws 16-18; canneri and cutteri 13- sourccs said his bodyguard fired nil weapon accidentally. Arab snipers entrenched on city walls opened fire on the Montefiore quarter, 100 yards distant and only 50 yards from army headquarters In the King David Hotel. Bullets were zinging over the filing office at headquarters when this dispatch was sent. Officials and military figures-observed the firing through closed shutters as the snipers plugged away. Collector Appointed By,Governor Laney LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. Jan. 8 (UP) —A. G. Sanderson, Sr., was appointed Miller County collector yesterday by Gov. Ben Laney. He succeeds the late F. G. Martin who was found shot to death In his home last Nov. 28. A coroner's jury held Martin killed himself accidentally. Later the state comptroller's office reported a $16,277 deficit in his 1347 accounts, Sanderson was a former Miller county officials, and until recently was connected with the State Revenue Department as a deputy col- at Texarlcana. Death Sentence Imposed LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. Jan. 8 (UP —Friday, Feb. 13th, has been set the date for the execution of a you* thlul Little Rock Negro. Edward Push was convicted of criminally assaulting a two-year- old Negro girl near a Negro church in Little Rock. The execution date was set yesterday by Circuit Judge Gus Fulk. The Negro will go to the electric chair In (he Tucker Prison rarm death house unless his pase is appealed to the Arkansas Supreme court. much more, Mur.slnll predicted. ' "A world ot continuing uneasy naif-peace will create demands for constantly mounting expenditures lor defense," he said. "This program should be viewed M un Investment In peace. In those terms, Ihe cost Is low." Mutt Flnlih the Job Desplt* acknowledged pitfalls, Marshall said the bleak outlook of confusion and possible war "should speedily change" If the United States goes to the rescue of the l« non-Communist nations before H it too lite. "W« have engaged in > great war," the wartime army chief of staff continued In his clipped fashion. "\Ve poured out our resources to win that war. We fought it to make real peace possible. Tliough the war has ended the peace has not commenced. We must not fail to complete- Ibat which we hav« commenced." Marshall said three principles should determine our help; 1. It must be adequate. 3. It must be prompt, 3. It must be effectively applied. A ^ program of "too little and too late," he warned, would be no pru- yrain at all. Ami the sooner it gels underlay, he said, "(lie greater chances of MK-CCSS." . "Unless the program can be placed in operation on or soon after April 1, there will, undoubtedly, b- a serious deterioration in some the bajic conditions upon \vhlcr ^" whole project is predicated J- addetl. r A«fc» Funds fur Q In line with the reached by President Senate President / denbcrg. Marshall^ the »17,000,OOO.OX, the fnli SI-ror asserted ths- gress pled' project. •' cost ' PAGE SEVEN JANUARY SPECIALS Buy NOW for Real Savings In Farm and Home Needs! _ Hexagon Shingles EUROPE (Continued from Page 1) in order that we may enjoy security and peace (omorrow. Should the Congress approve the program roi-1 European recovery, as I urgently I recommend, we Americans will )mve ] made an historic decision of our I peacetime history." | But to abandon the 270,000,000 pvasi* ol Western Europe to the threats of hunger, poverty, desperation nml resulting chaos would ultimately cost the United States Elderly Farmer Killed In Fall from Truck SEARCY, Ark., Jan. ft (UP)—Funeral services were planned here .today for J. c. Lankford, 78-year! old retired farmer, who died of injuries suffered in a fall yesterday. Lank-ford was injured when he was thrown from a truck on which he was hauling wood. He is survived by his wife, one daughter and one stepson. Wafer No Help ALLEGANY, N. Y. (UP)—While workmen were coating the village water tank with a tar preservative, the tank burst into flames. Although the tank had been used to douse many a blaze, It was of little use to save itself. Firemen had 10 use chemicals. Just ask... we like to say "YES" to LOANS • AUTOMOBILE • SIGNATURE • CO-MAKER • FURNITURE Quick, Private S.rvlc. . P.rionalU.d Attention Cams in or telephone 2S26 122 W. Ash St. BLYTHEVILLE ,.-v .-w-' GENERAL; CONTRACT PU3CHASE COBPORATlOKj quality shingles in red, green, and "lick. 170 Ib per square. Now only 3-in-One Shingles thicker (han orrli- Is 12x3« inches. Dreadnought finest asphalt, roofing mmle. Approved by National Board of Fire Un derwriters. B5 II). 55 Ib 65 fb /01NT WIRE Ext rR h eaV y we | g ht, extra service. Tliick ras Celt base. Thoroughly saturated with hot asphalt. 90 Ib P«r square MONEY - BACK GUARANTEE Ano comment eration Mr. Trumaif under the thui/V of State." V "This Is not so, s.. and need not be so,- -. phatically. "I have persS... estid myself to see that It be so," Committee Chairman Van berg, prepared for Marshall's „, pearance with » last-minute call for "all the details" on the vast, new spending program — Ihe largest peacetime foreign commitment proposed In American history. The opening of hearings set the stage for nn epic congressional debate on lorelgn policy, a debate that must be played out against the backdrop ol a national election year. At stake Is what the administration considers the most crucial issue since the pre-war decision on Armor Coal Roofing AUDITORIUM—Sat. and Evening. Admission—$1.60, $1.20, for children at matinees. and Sun. Jan. 10-11, -Matinee SOc for adults. Half-price E-CON-0-ME ROOF SAVER HEW! POWERFUL! ALMOST 60% SMALLER! Tt,i» It mil got, A» teparmtf tattergpafh JV» *rp*rmt« baltrry trlrr* ici —now you 0:111 wear a hearing aid with complete comfort ant) ease. The liny new JWtone MonO'Pic is ahout '3 size and weight of old slyle hearing aiJs-aclually little larger llian a deck of playing cards, yd so powerful you Iie»r even tthispcri! ' FREE DEMONSTRATION See for Yourself Wh .y (he Deafened Call II a MIRACLE «•••. 2?. r IRl PAUIL E - HOPPER, Consultant MILL GIVE FREE TESTS AND DEMONSTRATIONS Ai The G L E N c O E HOTEL, Blytheville Friday, January 9, 7 P.M. «o 10 P.M. n «». ,^ . Sa <urday, January JO, All Day O OBLIGATION TO BUV! COME! Audiphone Hearing Aid Co. 162S-Z7 Exehanie Blflj., Mcmphli, Tenn. Forms a tough weatherproof surface 'over the enlir* roof. Fills small cracks, joints and nail holes. 5 gal $250 5 Gal. Mammoth Parlor Heater $49 JO Mammoth Coal or Wood Heater provides tremendous heating capacity nnd unsurpassed fuel economy. Extra large nrcnot and fuel door takes keg size chunk or wood or two big buckets of con] to Rive plenty of hent /or several rooms. Extra heavy cast iron flrepot, ribbed Inside and out for extra strength. Hot Blast Down Draft draws fresh air over lire, turns smoke and gases Into heat; a big saving m fuel cosll Duplex reversible erates; cast Iron base, , cgs and nsh|)I ( Cnst |r(m lop has two 7-Inch lids. Dimensions- Base 30x20 in., height ovcrnll 52V. in fccil door opening 20xl3!s in., pipe collar" V in Self Feeding Heater $39.95 An extra heavy healer that burns coal or wood to produce plenty of warmth for 3 or 4 rooms. Tlic Automatic Barometer Draft. Control saves fuel and Rets the most heat out of every tilling. The firebrick lined chamber hoMs up to 100 pounds of coil, enough to last up to 3« hours. Has wide top fuel door for easy filling. Equipped wllh shaker grates. The smooth exterior is easily cleaned with • damp rag. The cnst Iron legs are sufficiently high to permit easy cleaning under and around Ihc heater. Takes « 6-Inch stove pipe. Compare with heaters costing "inch more . . . n $-19.00 value. Self-J-'eetllnt Healer f39.B5 WEEKEND SPECIA1 Single Door Dish Cabinet $12.50 Double Door Clothes Wardrobe $3,89 BirdArmolifeRugs,9x12 BirdArmo!ileRugs,7h9 - • Coleman Oil Heaters, 50,000 BTU Coleman Oil Circulator, 55,009 BTU Oil Cook Range ...... Ekfric Space Heaters - - - - $9.25 $6.25 $115.10 $129.50 • $7.90

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