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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, July 30, 1947
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BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS THB DOM1KAHT NEWSPAPER OF NOHTBKA8T ARKANSAS AND (SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XL1V—NO. 107 BlythcvlUe D»Uj Nevt- Couner BlyUieville Herald HI,YTH1CVIL1,K, ARKANSAS, WKDNIvSDAV, JULY 30, 1»I7 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS UN Intervention Sought to End Indonesian War Spokesmen for Two ' Governments Soon to Make Formal Requests LAKE SUCCESS, N. Y., July 33 ( UP> - - 'Australian and India! •ipokesmcn s-.iid today Lheir governments : vioiikL submit formal re quests later ttcrlny for United N:i lions intnrvonlion in li>o Indonesian conllici. Tho Australian complaint, cm bodying a demand for swift uctloi to halt the hostilities be twee: Dut~h and Indonesian forces, wil invoke tljo peace - cniforcomeii charier of tho UN charier for th first time. This presume. 1 ; the In doncsinn 'hof.nhtic.s to be a direc menace to v.'orld pence. Indin's request for prompt Sc cuvily Council action ou tlie ca-se was based on the Pacific settle- f/ncuts section of the charter, 'but Indian officials made cTcar they hope for the M iron ECS, t action possible to halt what Indians have complained i:; Dutch aggression n gainst Indonesian Republicans, /The 'Australian complaint v.*as •the first to occupy the Security Council with any ol the provision.* of the UN charter's seventh chapter—the one pc-rmilUng punitive notion if necessary to stop aggression or sLanip out other threats to Ihe peace. U.S. Protests Seizures by Soviet Russia WASHINGTON. July 30. (U.P > —The United States has \nvitcsicci Russian removal of Ocnunn IUK! Italian assets from funnor Axis satellite countries beford pcnco treaties for those countries i"> i effect. TIJ a note to Soviet Foreign Minister V. M. Moloio/ s:gncd by U. S. Ambassador \V. Ik-dell Smith and delivered in Mosr.ov/ yc.slnrday, the United Stales s.xid it "rfcsi to be informed retrain,! rt»y provisional transfer cf assets which may be effected prior to tho coming into force of Lho ImUic.s." The United States also Oc-maud- e;i that it bs consulttvl 1u connection with "any rii.scu.ssir.n.:," concerning application of trolly provisions governing transfer of assets from those countries Production Gets British Attention Labor Party Hears Of AtHee Decision To Curtail Imports LONDON, July 30. (U.P.>—• An informed source said Prime Minister C.cnieuL Attlcc told n Labor Party caucus today that the government Had decided to cut dollar import a drastically, spued up demobilization of the armed forces and divert still more production 10 exports. Tlie -report of. the , govcrnrnen 1 decisions indicated it had ~ agreed reluctantly to impose austerity far greater than that in wnrtime on this vat ion-weary, doilar-pcmr island ns the only" means of averting an economic catastrophe next winter. Such a government decision would represent a shap turnabout from its wait-and-see iltitode. in the face 01 it, the attack by parliamentary members on the cabinet was understood to have faded into the background. I Attlcc win ask Britain's coal miners to work 30 minutes to one hour overtime daily Eo increase coal production, well - informed sources .said today. The miners would rjcoivc pay at the rate of time-and-a-half for all wort over 40 hours weekly. Attlce felt this would not prcd- juice the five-clay week which the miners received "/hen tlv; govern- inen t t ci • k ove r the con! m i a year ago under the nationalization program. The prime mini.stcr wtri (-xpected to remind th? miners lhat thc> had not fulfilled tlictr promise to increase pruduc'.bn if th e five- day wcc 1 ,: were adopts-] Crop Prospects Continue Good Cotton Wilt Reported In Some Parts of Mississippi County (By United Tress) Crop prospects continued pro raising over Eastern Arkansas nn< in Northern areas for the we:: ending Tuesday, according to th weekly weather ami crop bulletii However, conditions declined i the dry West-Central and South western counties. Cotton Is growing satisfactorily with insect damage spotted from ighl In most areas to severe locally in a number of counties recent cool nights retarded growth, jut cotton is growing well again and fruiting heavily. Wilt Is reported prevalent in parts of Mississippi County. Cotton on heavy black soils in that urea is smaller and less promising than on other soils. A good crop of corn is in •prospect over trie Eastern and Northern counties which have had a good supply of soil moisture during the growing season. Some of the areas need rain now, but t! k crops have not deteriorated. Aj ferent picture Is presented, ever, by the dry West and Ceni Southwestern Arkansas couniU(», where all crops are needing rain. Some of the earliest corn was practically made before tho dry weather set In. but later plantings have been damaged. Soybean Outlook is Good Other crop conditions at a luman's Drive o Hold Prices ermed Failure Economic Advisers Claim "Moral Victory" Was Won BY CHAKI.F.S II. IfKKROI.n 1'nilr-il l'r t ".s Staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON, July 30. (UP)— 'resident Tinman's top economic idnsers said today the new steel irice increases would IK felt "all ha way through" the nation's eco- 101 ivy. They conceded that Mr. Truman nut lost his battle to stall steel inrt coll price boosts at this time, lut they claimed a moral victory. Fhoy said the hikes could have been ughcr—and would have been ex- epl for Mr. 1 Truman's "moral sun- sEon" campaign fom April to his nid-year economic report last week irgtng that prices be kept down. The $5 a ton steel boost announced yesterday by the two giants of ;hc industry, U. S. Steel and Bclh- :ehcm, sealed Mr. Truman's defeat. Most of the other big steel producers and almost all of the major coal operators had already raised tonnage rates. "These increases will raise almost every cost of production." one White House source said. "They will go all the way through the economy We can onlq wait and see and ' that moderation will be tho rule so that some of tho rise will be absorbed." This informant disclosed that Mr Truman had no plans to estnblisl new defense line at the manu facturliig, distributing, retail or con sumcr level to halt price rises. Tlu. White House threw Its whole ef fort Into stopping the advance the producer level, it was said. Government economists hopec that the price -wave will spreac slowly. They said higher steel prl ces would probably affect construe tlon of big commercial building lirbL. They thought automobile pro duccrs might absorb all or most o he higher cost ; With the same hold-, ng true for producers of hundreds f other consumer items using steel n lesser quantities.. One economist felt the Inflationary lift of'the steel price rise would to non-related would pnsh still higher. The price Index fast niotith. • Hughes Investigation Begins British Hostages Put to Death to AvengeExecution Claims of Irgunisfs Doubted by Officials In Palestine Area Senator Denies , July M. (UI'I — The It'tfnn V ( va! I.cutnl undci'Ki'Oimd group announced today that It hnd lianned I wo Hiltlsh sergeants held as hostages for Iht'ee ]r(;iutist.i executed by I lie lirllLsli yesterday. llrlllsh army units sped lo tlio forest on tlio Sharon coastal plain 10 miles south of Nalhanya where the Irgunlsls said Ihey luid hungeil Ihe sergeants. The commanding officer of tho Nriwiuils said he hnd received :i report that Ihe bodies hue! been found, but not olflelul llrltlsh cou- muflrinntlcm of the IrRimlsl slate- ment wns forthcoming Inimecltnlc- A .Senate defense luvenliuallni,' subcommittee opened hoirliiKS in Wnsli- ingto to determine whdher Uncle Sam was left holding (he IMR In a nmlti-mllUou dollar deal with plane maker Howard 1 Inches. For leadoff lcstiii!-ny, Mcrrtl 0. MclBs. right,, former War Production Hoard official, was called to p\'c details on how Hughes and Ills onetime partner, Henry Kaiser, got a 1942 contract for flylni! iKint which has yet to fly. Mc i|, s Is turning with Committee Chairman Homer Ferguson, ol Michigan. cNKA Tclephoto.t Hurled by Hughes WASHINGTON, July 30. <U.l'.)— I'lrmemaker Howard HHK!I«K accused the Senate War Investigating Coplmittec ill' "Blitckmail" today and Sen. Homer Ferguson, R., Mich,, di.'iiiwl Hie charge by saying the committee "does not '•• function Unit way." Superforts Plan Tokyo-U.S. Flight One-Stop Scheduled In Alaska, With Next To Be in Washington Refugees Face Food Problem In French Port- PORT l?E liJQUC. France Julj 2"- <UP> IBrilish officials askcc France to rush extra food supplie; •tcd.,yto 4.5CO Jewish refugees en railed in a acaljrrne siklown of this tiny French port. ahc Jews, who attempted to en ter Palestine illegally, aboard thi •President Warfielrt. refused ti leave t'lree Rritish transport v.hich rcairned them to France. The 'British ships anchored of Port do Bor.c overnight, but thcr was- iw.easing speculation tha they cvenhial'y would carry th Jews to Cyprus, where other larg aroii]:s of illegal immigrants hav been taken. The British transports were no supplied for cither a long sitclow c-r :'. trip to Cyprus, and quickl ran short of feed. French rclie crs-iniziticns, \vhich had plannc to c.irc ft-r the refugees ashore prepared canned meat, bread, can dy. condensed milk and minera water for tr.insfcr to the ships. 'Rrac Coiaveri, secrcta-ry-genera r>! ilw lofrvl r-refccture. concede thai British and French oficia were pcipioxfd over what to c wish the Jews. glance: Hay yields are being reduced by dry weather in West-Central and Southwestern counties although good yields are reported In East- and Northern counties. Soybeans are growing well ant] omisc good yields. Insect damage light. There Is no evidence .>[ aningc yet by bean leaf beetle.' Mississippi county which pro- uces about 40 per cent of thi rkansas soybean crop. Rice is doing well, although tlv ool nights last week were not onducivc to favorable development the crop. Some fields are grassy ut insccl damage is less prevalent lan usual. Much acreage Is rccelv- ng its last irrisatlon- The Elberta peach harvest Is nderway. Dry weather Is red ic- ig the crop considerably and Im- inring quality in the Nashville- iigiiland area. Green wrap tomatoes are being arvested In Northwestern conn-: ies. Ripe tomatoes will be ready canneries in this area early in \ugust. Time to Run CEXTERVIL'LK. Va., Ji;ly 3 (UF)—When a member of a VI ptnia Reformatory road gang step pod on a hornets' nest ycsterda all the prisoners ran for cover. But Clarence Clark, of Hobar Okla., ran farlher than all U res!. Today reformatory officials a milled they slill haven't caught i with him. Decision Delated OnSchooSMerger Hearing of Protests Scheduled for Next Wednesday Consolidation of Brown School District with Manila District No. 15 remained undecided lori:iy after n meeting of the Mississippi County. Board of education was adjourned yesterday afternoon without Inking action on the contested Issue. .v.Only three of Jaycees Lauded For New Project State President Speaks at Fish Fry Held in Walker Park the five membnrs of; .the county board were fttkl after aljoul 45 minutes -of; ' ' Tofe on West Main taught by Elliott Johns Purchase ol the Wonder C Jril I. on West. Mni n Strcot, was nn on need today by Mr. nnd Mr.s. Elliott John,s ^10 look over operation of tlie cafe yc.stenlay. Air. Johns stated th?[. he would continue io -operate 'the cafe under ils present name. The cafe was f onn cr) y opera U: d by Thai Xcnos. Mr. and Mrs. Jolnis liavn bc L business m iBlyihevillo and Mississippi Couiiiy lor a numbci oT yeuv-s. They also o\vn The Spot, a night chib at, Luxara. Court to Hear Injunction Action Aug. 72 Phases of tin injunction suit filed by the City of Bls'tl'.cvilli; and Mr.s. Margaret Crawford against Fleetwcod B. ,Ioyner seeking to halt operation of a filling station in n resident!''.! district will be heard by Chancellor Francis Cherry when a session of Chancery Court convenes here Aug. 12, it was learned today. The suit seeks an injunction restraining operation of a Mlling station in the 2100 block onChick- asawba Avenue and ordering removal of its equipment. and .fixtures, The complaint charges vio- alion of a city ordinance covering construction of business buildings I residential sections and also; seeks to have the cuy recover! penalties provided for by the ordinance. The complaint charges that although dented B building permit for the filling station by the Oily Council, Mr. joyncr creeled the station and has operated It r.ince its completion May 11. Penalties of $15 a clay for caclv day the ordinance Is violated arc provided, with each day termed a, separate offense nrvl punishable by a separate fine. The complaint farther charges operation of the filling .-.t.ilicn disturbs the neighborhood, detracts from the safety of persons and Troops riislied to Ihe scene reported Hint their Initial search had not disclosed tile hodles of Iho. two sergeants One offluer sdld: "This Is another lioax iiHhoiijih the poor Ijoys may well be dead." Jewish newspapers received stenciled announcements (Vial the setjjeanls hurt been liaiiRi'd after conviction by an Iri;unls« court, They were described us. "British spies" In the statement. Told of the IVBIIII announcement, the sergeants' commanding offleei' said "It will b'-' very bud If true " lie snld however that the [irltlah hud received numerous reports of a similar nature In the last lew days, and they were hoaxes. The sergeants, Mervln I'nlcc nnd Chiton! Mnrthi, were setxcd In Nuiilhanya June 12. Tlie Iruunlsts promised lo execute them If Ihe llrjllsh hanged three of Ihelr members convicted of iiartlel|i..tlon In an attack on Acre Prison. The Irguu- Isls were executed yesterday. Hudson Workers Strike Without Giving Reason DETROIT. July 3). (UP)—Hudson ICTctor Car Ccmnany announced tcday lh?.t a wi'd^at walkout of CIO auto workers todav forced shutdown of all operations and idled 8.000 workers. ,A company spokesman said that about I.CCO workers struck in the machine shop this morning and that the union. Local 134. gave no reason for -he stoppage or notification of any grievance. The spokesman said, that lac!: of parts caused by tlie machine shop strike forced the company to halt assembly operations and laj off some 7.003 production workers The spokesman said all employe? had been asked to return to work tomorrow. property in the vicinity and lessens properly value. Mrr/. Crawford charges the station hss damaged her property at 2118 chickasawba. across the street from Pelion for a temporary rcstraln- ng order has been filed to halt Iteration until R final decision is cached. Mr. Joyncr was acquitted May K n Municipal Court of of iolating the city's building code >ut was re-arrested and on Ma> 14 fined $15 on each of two counts the same charge In connection with erection of the filling sUlion He pleaded innocent al both hear- ngs. the"pros una' tJms'of n ing ii heaving nt that timer it vmf agreed by tlie board and attoniiiys fol- boll! factions Hint consideration of the consolidation question would be postponed unlit next Wednesday at 2 p.m. The hearing will be held lit, the Circuit Courtroom In the Court House here, scene of yesterday's meeting. W. Leon Smith, ntlorney for the remonstrants, nnd Judge V. o. Holland, counsel for the group favoring consolidation, agreed to file petitions, remonstrances and counter-petitions which they held yesterday with Philip Deer, county supervisor of schools. G. B. Seagraves of Osccola, member of the county board, announced this action and said it was ngrood that no further effort would be made by either faction lo add or remove names from any pc-lition or counter-petition during the Interim between yesterday's and next Wednesday's hearing. Mr. Smith said he was filing; two remonstrances and a counler-peli- on. Judge Holland filed the orlfii- 1 petition and an amended pctl- on. The absent board members, C. .J. rowrancc Jr, of Driver and C. P. cmpklns of Bunlettc, \vcre.said to c out of town. Others present were A. Roperr, of Clear Lake and B. Chllclrcss of Manila. Yesterday's meeting wns schcdid- 1 after the bnard a week earlier ccided to defer action on the pc- tion seeking consolidation, "of the rov/n and Manila Districts. Pro- •sts raised at the first meeting •\uscd Ihe decision to be deferred. Discussion by board members and ttorncys of the issue yesterday ade apparent the possibility that inch of the next session will be lent in checking validity of slgna- uros on the petitions involved. Approximately 3f> memoes of x>lh factions were present at the iccling yesterday. lie Weather ARKANSAS—Generally fair to day, tonight and Thursday. Littli cliangc in teui|x;ralures. Flood Control Program Discussed by Engineers C. G. Redman Gr., secretary o Drainage District 17. was In Marim today to attend a hearing hel by United States Engineers to dis cuss flood control and drainage i this area. Olficials of seven Eastern Ar kansas counties were invited attend the hearing, at which preliminary examination of floo conditions on the 6U 'Francis cr and its tributaries will be mad Other counties represented wn Polnsett, Lee, St. Francis, Cros Craiglicad and. Crittenden, State Jaycec President Brncllcy Kimbrough nnd Slate Secretary Cliui'lrs Limdreth. both of Oznrk, and city nnd county ofnclnls were Buests of thn Blythevlllc Jnnlov .Chnmbcr, of Commerce last niuhl nt the club's imminl stag fish Cry at Wnlkcr Park. In n brief nddrcss to the ,Iny- President K)mbroui;h 'd the "club on coopeni- with city -and county other civic oi-yanlv.u- activities. lauded the. lilythcville Jaycccs for bclnij *n "active" chil) and termed their newest project — the construction of a clubhouse and playground— helphvl to ll\c community ns well as the organization Mr. Kimbrougb Inspcctixi the sllr of the proposed playground and clubhouse on North Second StreiM lifter his arrival here by plane yesterday noon. He and Mr. Lnndrolh were down here by Bill CrmvCord. piT.sidcnl of the Jnycce Rooster Club. Other guests Included County Judge Roland Green. Louis Davis, farmer president of the Blythevillo club; Fnrmcr England, president of the Chamber of Commerce: CH.y Clerk Prank VVhitworth, City Attorney Percy WrlglH, Aldermen ,Io- (iic Nabers and Halci[;h Sylvester. and Billy Nicholson, president of tlie Osceola Junior Chamber. Marshall Blackard wns chairman of the committee In charge of (he lush fry. J. T. Suttbiiry acted ns tnastcr of ceremonies. Cooler Weather MovesSouthward 16 States Report Temperatures Above 100-Dcgrcc Mark (My Knlteil Press) Then 1 won't bo so many roltai-s in laundry hampers tonight. Tho weather man suys that I lie b.?<?k of Ihe nation's innst wlde- si:«v|il 'I9H heat wave lias been TOKYO. July 30, (UP) — Crews of el|(ht siipei fortresses made ftnnl preparations today (or a 7,000-mllv one-stop Mlttli'. to Washington, which they hope to muke In less ttinn 32 hours. l)-20s of the 8th Air Force—the atomic bomblnu force — will t:ik>; off fi'oni Tokyo tomorrow and will fly llic i;rcut circle route with a stopover in Anchorage, Al«ska. The bop lo Washington, where they are due al noon Friday, Is planned us one of the nuiln events of Hie Al'- Force's 40th anniversary celebration on Unit day. Officlnl pui-|X)ss' or Iho fltghl Is lo "Increiisc efficiency of B-2f crews In techniques of Hying Involved In lonK-nuiKe ovcr-wntcr missions," nn ulr force spokc^'rnn snld. In addition the mass flight— d'j- scribed "s tlie fuslest nnd loniscst yet undei-liikcn by an entire ran — will demonslrute vividly licilcnlliilillcs of nlmUlc tximl ft will also draw atlcnllon to IncreiusLiii; Imporlancu placed l\v the U. S Strategic Air Forces an Hymn llic North Pacific. The fllidit will be broken Into l«o scKinenta of about :).BOO :n\\i3 each, with a three-hour layovar nl Anclionigc for refuelling MH! chocking pluncs. H will be inn'dc" "by the 492nd Squadron, which has been training here for n month under commnnd ol LI. Co. Howard F. Hugos. Hugo\ an Oklahoma!!, served as a BUJKI'- forl pilot In the 20th Air Force during the war. when he yens shot down 10 miles from Japan and rescued by a submarine after two days on a life raft. Hugos said Llic Icnlatlvo flight plnn calls for the planes to fly Norlhenst from YokoU Alrf(cld, Is chairman of a r\- coiinnlttec Investigating »40,90u,- 000 In wartime contract* ai'arded' . to Hughes The full committee Is headed by Sen. Owen Brewsttr, R., Me. " * • .•>. , Hughes charged from Ix» Artr (ieles that I>rev,'stcr was using thn Inquiry us a "blackmail Weppon" and hnd offered to call it ofl'jf Hushes would merge his tr»n«i World Airlines with Pan American, tilrways. ' • • ; lirewster, who h».s favoffd the I'»n Anierlcan plan to force A mercer of nil u. S. ovrnieu air lines, wiiulri not comment dlrntly on HuKhc-i' clinrjcs. . .. lint Ferguson told n reporter.' "I know the committee has never ihouKhl of cnlllnB the inyesll- Riitlon off. I've been In this all nloim i\n<i there has been Ao'lti- tlmatlon or request or suggestion thnt it ever be called off. The coin- - mlltcc docs not function that way." llrewslcr rclcrred rctiorters to the sixth chapter of Nchcmlali In the Dlblc. Thnt chapter tolls of a plot by three enemies of Nchcmlnh to dL-.- credll him among his peopled ' lIUKhKj nnd the committee . cn- Rnucd in their -second transcontinental ?rcha:iKe of the week fts.VVr- Ruson's swl«oinmlltce heard Glenn L. Martin, Unlthnore nircralt manufacturer tell of the aircraft bulld- Inu schemes of Henry J. Kaiser, West Coast Industrialist who team- nn<.i..i\ Yauth Suffers Arm Injury In Accident Hear Osccofo Karl Dcnsmore, 15-year-old son nf Mr. nnd Mrs. A. N. Drnsmorc of Osccoln, suffered multiple arm frnc- lures last, night when the iiicl:-up truck he was driving slrnrk » \VIIR- onlnad of alfalfa towed by a tractor on Highway 40 one mile West of Osceoln. A Holt Funeral Home ambulance driver said the youth apparently tried to puss the tractor, which was towing several wagons of alfalfa and had passed nil but one when the collision occurred. Young Dcnsmore was taken lo Campbell's Clinic In Memphis, where an examination that amputation of the nrm might be necessary. hmk of cooling air moved out ol C.madii, across Nfontana and Ihe ~):>kr:1as nnd wp.s expected to brllu: normal 'Icmporautu'.s Lo (.ho Mississippi River Vul'ey late tcday nnd lo Ihe Ohio River valley lotnorrow. r rho weather bureau at Chicago s-iid thnt mMl. of the Northern sl?.1es, p:rls of Nebraska and Ccn- !r»l Wisconsin and fo\va already -had b^cn cooled. He added, however Hint the bank of stales Smith •il Kansas and Missouri will be missed by the mass of chilling lir from U\e North. Readings yesterday were above normal from coast to const. The thermometer hit n hundred •?rrrs from Riverside. Cal.. as far East as Memphis. The oven of tin: nrtUm was Ililylhe, ;Cnl.. -with decres. Yrrlcrday's 'high Icnipcraturc of 1,1 nt Chlcaco contrasted sharply with thai recorded a wrek ago -.vhcn the Imcrcury sank lo 43.3 dt>- ;n-cs. an nil-time lo',v for tho Tlie trmpcraturn at Land O'- Lak?s. Wis., was r>4 degrees higher I llan last 'I : ucsday'.s low of 3D decrees. Al Mich., tlie bii^ii yestpi-flay was D2 as cnmparctt with a Oiigh of 55 on Sunday. C. of C. Directors Call Meeting for Tomorrow The .Board of 'Directors of the Chr.nibcr of Commerce will hold iXs -monthly iiicctini! al 2:nfl p in. Soinorrow in l!ie Chamber's office In City Hall, Worth ». Holder ?:ecrotary, anncimrcd today. -.rokfiii. | fust of ttic Kurllcs, over the The mercury hit a sibling 101 .thins lo Anchorage,- ft dlslanca of ibices nnd more In 1C slnles yes- ;i,s7s miles with an estimated [ly- crdny. But durliiK the nli;ht "! ing lime of 15 hours. 48 mlnut«s. From iinchornRe HID planes will fly southeast across Cannda. crossing the u. S. border over Montfinn al 41) degrees North latitude, 108 degrees West longitude. En route to Washington the squadron vvlll fiy just North of Ilismark nnd Mllv;niikce-St. Paul, just South of I^elroll and Cleveland ami dlre(;lly over Akron and Pittsburgh. The distance of Ihls porllon is 3,510 miles, which Hugos hopes lo make in 1T> hours, 3(1 minutes. Hugos emphasized, however, that the route for the second leg uas lenlallvc and would not be dclcr- minrd finally milll weather re- parts have been studied al Anchorage. cd with Hughes lo build ft-200111111 flying boat Uinl has not yot flown. One of the conlracta under tn> vesligallou was an $18,000,000 a- wnrd mudo orl«liinllj to Hughes and Kaiser to build mammoth ily« ln« boals of woo;l with which to carry war cargo safely over U-boat, Infested waters. One plane .was completed — after Kaiser withdrew from the project —but '.t has not yet been flown, -', : Claimed Preferences 4' Martin quoted Kalaei- »* Miv'- Inf In 1942 thHt he '\»uld, go to high places" In WashlngVpri an-i, despite Army-Navy opposition, ''tft 1 ; nn ordur for building 500 M«r» fly. Ing boats. Kaber «nld .''he coliM gel nn order," Martin testified, where other plane manufacturers couldn'l. - - ; At Hint time Kaiser wanted to mass-produce the Mars craft, an- lilncjrcci and built by Martin, later he abandoned this scheme atul switched to plans for a. flying, boat of his own iu association: «lth HUgllCJi. ( . ' . . Martin snld Kaiser wanted ''t6 head a company to be set up by lenders in the aircraft Industry/to lurn oul Mars ]>lancs. Kaiser'nd- mlttcd he was "al variance with tlie Army and Nnvy," Martin safd/-but he thought he could get higher sources lo rc-allocnlc plane ma- Icrlals for tlic project. Marlin said Ktilscr did-not' say to whom he would go or hb'jv h'c would get the Mara contract. Truman Wants a Different Curve 1*1 25P 150 100 l»47 14 i915 19^6 JAN. FES. MAX. APR. MAY IWt 35 \ \ *-~-' no iz$T~ 20J V t:\ ^" iZSl ./ 74 . '(70 1J«3 ^^••^ US 39 ' 113.3 \\ iVi" I5J.2 37, 110 1H.I Hfl^ V*""' I5t.l 7» Uf... 230 1»J (S7 •««••"•*«• Mwirr'ol.priuiitcfion ii'dfix 1 — •• —~ f rfc« poid by farmtn •«MM^M^ ..CimmMcr 9<k* i*4*n I i ; i 1 ' - United Kingdom Refugee 1 ! Supplies to Dutch Army LONDON. July SO. (UP) Fores'!!! ircrctary Finest Kevin lolcl Commons lottay Ihnt Britain hiul ':«n- nr<| llio sv.pply nf war materials 'o the Dutch K.irt Indies from the Unitcil Kingdom, Sins«poi'e nn>l',1 territories in Ills Far Fast. iDcvin snld 'the government nlso iinii forhiflrtrn the urn of BriUsli (mining far.llitics in tlie Far E:ist by the l;cr.iRcvcnt.s. Bottling Company Builds Warehouse in Osccola Harry Ilrccks, manascr nf the C=L-a Cola -Bottling Company here announced today tlial work on llic bit-lling company's new warehouse In Osccola got underway Ihls week and is expected lo be cotnr.lctcd wUliln Ihc- next 40 days. The new 40 by ICO-foot quonsot tyi^c structure will serve and a warehouse and distributing plant lor Soitth Mississippi County. Tlw building will !«; located on South Highway SI near llic -Federal Compress, he said. Hudson Infant Dies; Burial at Sandy Ridge Funeral services for Jerry Don Hudson, tihrcc-imonth-old son of Mr. and Mrs. James Hudson of l,i;xora, were lield this morning al Eanrty Hlclgc Crniclcry. He .vesterday miorning at Walls Truman Signs ; Measure for Foreign Aid- WASHINGTON, July 30, (UPi-- Prpsidcnt Truman to-lay signed t^ie Sl.r5a.902.197 first supplemental appropriation bill, Tr.ost of which is for aid '[o foreitni r.o untries. It !:iclndps S40:,CCO,000 for the ridminislration's ,sloj> - commurilsm - progrjiin hv Greece ancj Turkey, $"01COO,COO for relief in occupied areas, S332.00D.OCO for aid to war- stricken countries, and $71,073^00 for 'the international refugee or- ganisation. There Is $1CO,CCO,000 tor the sto^- piling of strategic materials,, pins contrnctiial authority of t75,GOO f OOO for the same purpose. Hoi- hethan his narenU he is survived by .two brothers. James Hidson jr.. and Johnny Wayne Ww\son, nnd two sisters, Jtwell Alma „,,„ Temperature Drops 30. Degrees Here Overnight Soybeans CHICAGO. July 30. lit.P.) Eoy- oean quotations: November: open 2T5a; close 277b Gvlareh: 275a; close 275a. Keep production up and wages and prices down urges President Truman in his midyear economic report to Congress. Tljo same report, however, outlined a reverse trend In the past, as graphically illustrated above for three ol the most important v-— ——- ol our economy,. Strike Forces Idleness Fof 22,000 in Ford Plant DETROIT, July 30. (UP)— The Ford Motor Company said today it will suspend "most" manufacturing operations tonight for thn balance of the week and layoff 22,000 employes become of a strike nt two Detroit, plants of the Murray Corporation, n key Ford supplier. nnd Butonne -Hud.son. Cotb Funeral Home charge. was N. Y. Stocks A T. i; T 1.57 Amcr Tobacco 16Vi Anaconda Copper .......... 36 r i; Beth Steel 87% Crysler 57*1 Coca Coin 176 Gen Electric 37'i Gen Motors 58?i Montgomery Ward 61 N. Y. Central 15% Int. Harvester 81V, North Am Aviation 7?i Republic Steel 26T!i Radio 8% S^cony Vacuum 16U: Stuclebaker Zl Standard of N. J 78 Texns Corp 66 Packard ,, SH The mercury 'here soared to a high of ! .second highest tcmperat' cd so far thts >"ear and tiire* de- the peak 1&47 reading of 100. 'Readings of ffj . degrees havs been recorded previously this yiar not so far this month. This \vas the highest maximum temperature recorded during July last year. - • •• A. IOC-degree high was recorded here June 6. Highest temptraJure lost year was 98 degrees on Aiig. 9. The temperature dropped nearly 3D degrees during last .-night;.tad a low of 69 degrees was reported this morning :>•/ Robert K Btay- lock, official weather ob»«nrer. Former Arkansan Dm . DALLAS, Tex., Julj' 39 V JWf.~.— Funeral services \vere held today lor 'Paul J. Summers, 41, former Arkansas deputy commissioner of revenue, who died at his home al- ter'a prolonged illness. He !s survived by his wite, Hrt. Melba Newavan Summen.

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