The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 8, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 8, 1948
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 8, Little Hope Held For Tax Relief Laney Sayi People Demanding Many Expanded Services By Bob Brown (United fret* Staff CorrttpondenO LITLE ROCK, Ark., Jan 8 (Up, -Gov. Ben Laney said yesterday lh»t despite » $10,000.000 Increase in treasury balances the past three years, there was little chance of a tax reduction as long as the people demanded better roads, schools and oilier expanded services. Strengthening reports that he will nock a third term as the governor of Arkansas, Laney revealed figures which he satrt outlined direct benefits gained by the state during the three years of his "business administration." He pointed out that the treasury balance on Dec. 31. 1947, amounted to $54,638,000—more than $10 m . TOO above the balance on Dec 31 1944. He added that during ' the three-year period the state had re- j tired bonded indebtedness totalinz $14.602,000 and paid interest o* highway bonds amounting to $12,996,000. TJie governor said that if Ihc highway department's huee bonded in-, debtedness been legally callable It: wuld have been financed at n : tremendous saving to the state" The highway debt at present Is about $125.000.000 in non-calUhle bonds and will not be paid out until The governor was asked if the increased treasury balance would Justify a tax reduction. "Not 1! the people continue to demand roads, schools and other services to which they are entitled" he replied. The governor pointed out that at the present time, staff expendituies were much higher than they were several years ago. "If all of our state Institutions nnd facilities were in good shape, a tux reduction might be possible." he declared. "But our roads must oe improved because the present system is hindering the development of the state." Juvenile Delinquency Proves Tough Problem For French in Postwar Reconstruction Period _BLTTHBVtU.B (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Is very rmr. The rfcoidi »how »I- n\ot(, no rases of rain among nil- m>rs. such us are reported from tlio Uiiiled Slutes. Thru accompanied by violence aim murder are Infre- France knows Hint Juvelhw ,1,. lliKluency »!w(iy« Increases In ever.v country after » major war, and Ihul It liss liiwen.wl In nil countrlM *'"« Wn ' ll < War n. nut condlllon, - , Y mo i|. acnic (h(ln )n roinilrlcs. factors tlint « re blamed oilier but whose resiwnslbllity U hiird to measure, the expert* Include diet dellclrnclei. • Mnny of (he adolescents that coins be/ore I lie court have never Iciiown enounh food or . b»i»nceil fliei. Aricr (our yean In which Na- «1 dulgn ttKnvatcd the shortages of wartlm*. they t liiUi a post-war er* almoct U b*4. In addition to the pressur* thst this puLs on a child to >wk '/ant Kv any means callable, It hu ntnaut In retarding mental frowtb In DUBT cites, l r lh e N le Nwl OK-upallon bred juvenile ,Mi nv , fnry ,, r |KIS ,. war Kran , p ,, „, lions In which Ihls family existed. The ohe.u,^ *,,,! sll , ali , 1( . lll!lt was lflo(|( . became a habit that juvenile authorities (1ml difficult i,, ,, v ,.,,, mu .. TI in tilt: miserable ronrii- wlicn tile Germans ruled Bride Dies, Bridegroom Disappears CLINTON, Ark.. Jan. 8 (UP)_ Authorities said they had found no trace today of a mlddlc-a^cd bridegroom who disappeared Following his 52-year-old wife's death ""srierirfT^r? EVt - i Home 01 thcse arc '"Stable in ., weSirTSe 5 rtusban-irv'* 1! rr y long occiipicd by a ™ a "<- Bobbins, a Van Buren county farmer, who vanished from hts By RosclU Hargrove NFA Staff Correspondent PARIS. <NEA»—Seven schoolboys from comfortable middle-class families were picked up on a black marketing charge. Their a-cs ranged from 15 to 17 ycnrs One war, carrying a suitcase filled with U.S. dollar bills. Search ot their homes disclosed a hoard of S8000, p| u s large quantises of cameras, fur-lined fj--'".- «--)--.motorbikes, cartons 01 •and similar rcadilv icir .spoils were valued francs, which at current ex?ham;e is almost $51,000. The scope ol their oucratioiis an-l the .size of their profits were unusual for youngsters. Bui in evcrv other wnv they typified one of Ihe most disturbing and most perplexing problems with which Prance is alflicted today. The Nazis set out deliberately to weaken France forever by destroying both Ihe physical health and the moral fiber of the coming Ren- cration. All experts concerned with Juvenile problems ngrcc that the Germans were at least partly successful The damage thus done, intentionally, as part of Ihe scheme In remove France as ic world power, is aggravated by internal condition-;. Some of these are inevitable in for boih cnlcrtainmrnl aim education. But they say most parents, even in tin belter-educated classes, show no discrimination us to what films their children .sec. As H result, Ihey [eel that many children arc badly influenced by them. The black market Itself is a cause of Juvenile delinquency, as well us an expression ol it. Injf Jackets, [ Dllrhljf (he war it. was cunskter- clgarcltcsT I ed patriotic to chest on the Nozl marketable j occupation. Families thut ordinurily prided themselves on ethics- un;l mortality entered the black market, both to supply .shoi'ta^es and to put .something over on the Germans. Black market operations became —among the best (rained young- sters an;! in (he best schools mul nnlvorsilirs. When ihe Nazis were expelled, and serious shortages continued, it «'as not i-ayy ,„ tc ., c i, ^j,, nn(t eirls thai what they had been en- rourased lo do before had now bc- c'Ome criminal. Thru is Die most common juvenile Clime In France. Not theft of muney, but the stealing of scarce ariicles Unit youngsters either want for use or know they can sell eusl- l.v mid profitably. V;.Ki-ancy — a natural result of broken homes — comes next. The projKMtion is about seven hoys to ihrce uiris. Prostitution among Bills under 1« is risim; steadily. On Hie other hand, alcoholism FORMERLY 98.00 FUR TRIMMED COATS , - ""-M iiuui ins rural home 15 miles Southwest or here two days after .his bride of lass than a week died of unknown cau- Deputy Sheriff Dale Moss said the results of an autopsy performed on the body of Mrs. Sue Dudley Robbins had not been made known to local authorities bv University Hospital patholigisU at Little Rock. Robbins disappeared after prom- sing; to meet sheriff Doyce Caf- inger Saturday morning to discuss circumstances of Mrs. Bobbins' death, which occurred on New Year's Eve at the farm home onlv Jour hours afler their arrival (here The couple, who been youthful sweethearts, were married 1 Christmas Day In Abilene. Tex Casinger said. The sheriff said he had,been informed by relatives that Rcbuins had sought the woman's hand many years ago but that she had married another man. Learning recently that she a widow, he reopened the relation- snip which resulted in their marriage two weeks aso, the sheriff revealed. WAA Speeds Plans to Sell Surplus Aircraft WALNUT RIDGE. Ark.. Jan 8 IUPI— The War Assets Administration has concentrated all its remaining aircraft In Hie Southwest Zonp. Five area at the storage depot here and hopes to sell the entire lot by Mar. 31. They consist of 280 C-M Curtiss .Commando transports plus a lew tactical inndels, according lo Col. C. H. Shepherd, special assistant for aircraft and electronics, stationed in Dallas. The War Assets Administration'? aircraft disposal office at Grand Prairie, reported having sold 1,350 aircraft in 1947 originally costing $36,000,000. It now will set"its siahrs on h(|uidatin» all remaining inventories by the last or March. tike Sodas The United Stales contains between 90,000 and 100.000 soda fountains, while the number in European countries probably Is noi more than 1000. Mobilization, deportation, inlern- j mcnt an. devacuations broke up i many families. Divorce, ahvays Inch in this country, is on the upgrade. War and divorce have created n vast army of orphans, semi-orphans and illegitimates, who are deprive,! of normal family guidance, restraint and teachings. And social workers are unanimous in saying: that four out of every live children brought before the Children's and Adolescents' come from homes cither broken up already or lorn by parental dissension. Slums, and the acute housing shortage that has hit the working classes particularly, are important factors. Robert Chndciaux, presi- . dent of the Tribunal, points out j that many children before the court come from lamilies crowded into single rooms, in conditions of mi- i speakable squa'or — children who \ have only the sidewalks on whic'.i I to play and only movies as amusement. Chadefaux and his fellow judges recognize the movies' possibilities HI* Feet C.ct Break KEENE, N. H. IUP>—Students attending a dance at the Kcenc High School gymnasium stared at the sign at Ihc box-office. Then they lonfc off their shoes and stood on a yardstick. The price of admission was three ccnla per inch of fool. No charge was made for feet over a foot lone. DANCE to the MUS.C of One of America's Outstanding Bands! From 15 to 20 per cent of their light is absorbed by dust film on electric light bulbs. Now Pav Next Fall Vi Down—Baf. Oct. 1 HUBBARD Furniture Co. a job for "Cam^'nnd 'Maty' •me MENTHOLATUM TWINS t ' r -• <fc* «WHoumni , ev r»ll for Meitf lmirC,in,p . n,mg«m r .ml minty Men,hr?l. W« »enlly help K>othe (tnrfcr lip •kin, quickly re vive dried out "thirjlv" •kin celts, help Ihem rclnin nccdccf moiatnrc. Soon sninrling pain ICRVGB your hp« f M l aofi,,^ nnniolliw—you tmilftfaia. Gel ^fcnthol.1l(lm today •ISO IEUEVES NMI-CCLD SrUFFIHSSS CMSI-CKI TKirKESS, N»SAl imiTATION <• Romantic Style oj' SHEER MARQUISETTE 2.97 RUFFLED PRISCIUAS 35.00 SUITS . . . REDUCED FOR CLEARANCE Choose from wei'iMMK .swin K .skirls, ll,,vo U,c nrw in varieiy FORMERLY 7.98 DRESS^UP RAYON CREPES FINE SHEUAND-TYPE - __ ALL WOOL SUITING I .97 l» Ilin rid] nr.w similes you Kaul lor cusiuil wear. Sl-incli wiillli. . ' y<)n crcpc ™ MM! Fu slyliijj—some so<,mn trims, black and colors! cs , jumoi'H nnd women's sixes SALE! CHILDRENS KMIT SLEEPERS In the style Hud children like. Close knitted cotton. Fleeced for warmth. Colors pink and l>liic— si/.es •( nnd 6 only FORMERLY 2.69 COTTON PAJAMAS! Not nviiihihle in every size ,,nd color. Man-tailored |] H n- iielclte in assorted colors. Hurry up, »ct yours now, while they! In .sizes ;I2 to '10 CLEARANCE! MENS 1.95 FLANNEL SHIRTS A real bargain in wnrnith and wear. Heavy tfrny and blue i'lnnncl. Coat style, long tnils— cut roomy' Sizes' to 17 $28 $5 1.97 1.67 . .HURRY & SAVE! COTTON FLANNEL SHIRTS FOR MEN Save hy buying ||, rfc ,,. ar|n rr ,| ,, r | ( | |M . sliirla at Wards ,m». Sizes 1 I! j In 17. PRICE CUT ON MEN'S NECK TIES Buy fur now and Inter at these <lefl|i cut prices. Kntire stock included. RcKiilnr price $1.00. Now 770 EBC CLUB Thursday Night, Jan. 8th This band has recently concluded a record- breaking 6 - m o n i h performance at Chicago's famed Blackhawk Restaurant. Hear Carlylc's realistic impersonation of Crosby, Haymes and Como. Adm. $3.60 per Couple Phone 948 or 3962 for Reservations IMAGINE! NO-SEAM -yj RAYONS FOR ONLY <5/C i\t> srains lo worry aboul! Clear, even lexlured rayon. Sizes VA lo IOJS. BOYS 1.98 FLANNEL PAJAMAS A l>i> clcimmte of ;i ll winter pajamas. Well made of fnncy 1 O / striped flniinel. Middy style, all sues • »\* * 2ND REDUCTION ON GIRLS COAT SETS — Only 12 nt lliis price, well tailored, all wool mat and Ic K - JF»J / ffinjfs. Sonic ftir trimmed. Regular price K1.08 CHILDRENS STOCKINGS—PRICE CUT Children's ribbed lo lop Ion* slockiiiffs. Btiv several pairs for rolr! we.illicr. Color dark erni. Siv.cs G'/i to !)!/>. Sponsored by the RAZORBACK IUCKMAN "T-BEARS 1 ? n o OFFICIAL FOOTSAU ^."/ Official 5i?.p an.) wciglil. Doublc-linr.l; l»ck-ililctic<l seams. Couliide ctucr. WOMENS LACE HOSIERY. SAVE. HO pairs of mercerized cotton |,-u-e stockings. Thev used to he extremely K norl sellnrs. Ru.v them for work—all sizes —regular price ?].25 WATER TUMBLERS — BUY NOW. Fancy flora} design, o ol]ncc slVc _ Hl|v now M thjs |-p _ (liicctl price for summer use. 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