The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 29, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 29, 1947
Page 12
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, JULY 20, 1!M7 . Scrys Russians AreKidnapping German Boys 'WASHINGTON, j»iy M. CUP) - 8«r. James H. Grilfitns, CnthoUc Military Ordlnarlalc cliancellor of Wew York, said yesterday 5,0.10 .German boys, -VI to n years of BBC, have disappeared from the street; of Berlin Into the Russian Zone Within the past few moutlis "never to be heard from again." - Grif fltlv>' nccusatlon kcynoted nn »Uaci, on Russian policies In Europe made at a news confcreni-e ' by 13 clergymen pust- returned from • 35-day tour of Europe. .1 Qriffith said (ho German boys •were being kidnapped by Hie Russians. He said only those youths Jfrho showed' qualities of lender- ahip are taken. The process, which began In Berlin, has now spread to Austria, be said. J'l cannot reveal the source oT this Information because it might endanger those who told me," Griffiths said. "But I can assure you that it Is absolutely reliable. These' kidnappings are going on now »nd they have been going on lor several months." He said he had no Iciea what the purpose of the kidnapping was but suggested thai the Russians may be training the youths In '.he principles of Communism. Hollywood Star Has Triplets • ••Feline" il cloo who Is a llo'.lywood film star, proudly exhibits her three recently born fawns, who were two days old and vvei B ho<l six pounds each when Hie pliolo above was taken. I'dmo modeled v for Wall Disney's "Unmbi" and the triplets' Hither is the younij buck scon m "The Yearling. The clergymen agreed that un- Unastrd schooner flying the Chrls' linn flar of white bunting headed less the Marshall plan for the eco- • ,. ou , lu , n (| CT full sxl yesterd-.iyicji I IIP . Is ! '' ' _ ~ n «~ „..,.. yoyns;C to nn- nomlc rehabilitation of Europe supported Communlsls \\'IH take over the entire continent. 'Little White Ship Of Cod' Sails For South BOSTON, July 29. (UP)—A tiv first leg of an B.OOD mile to brins the word of God lives of Ihe Smith Sea Islands. Pire sirens and ship vvliisllc.'i sounded a farewell yesterday ;is (he "Little white ship of Cioci" left •Q.Boston harbor with a cargo of DEflTH of a DOLL Hilda <£OWASIIICS ~© 'by HildoLawrence; Dislnbulcd by NEASERVICMNC Till! STOllVl ARIies, n m Hope IfoaHr, flntl* ti «?rimi|»li-t contamf *U4vn 111 » «lo«»«. ' 1» n »lniu 1111 <h>? hem. .>!!»» ««!!« >H*» Ilriiilr Ihiit I.llllmi riti hnK b*rn nctintf uui'i-rly* her Hint I.UIh.i, the loljhy \thvu JlutU fc frleklcnvil. , "VTISS LIBBY'S call came a few minutes after nine on n cold, dark morning. Roberta turned to Kick'Who was only half awake. "Listen while I call Mark," she said as she dialed the bedroom phone. "I can't tell this twice." Her mouth was trembling, and Nick sat up hastily. ttut Marl •was calm. "Take it easy," he said She babbled. It was Miss Libby Miss Libby at Blackman's. She was raving mad because the Smith kids had come to work in hysterics and had to be sent home. Moke and Poke. The Smith kids. There'll been an accident at Hope House and they were hysterical and Miss Libby didn't like it and thought somebody ought to look into it. "And you've got to, Mark," Roberta said. "It sounds awful. Last night somewhere around one o'clock a girl went into the balh- room to get a drink. The blind girl, (he one who roomed with ^Suth Miller. Ol course she didn't turn'on the light because she never did that. She- didn't need it. 'She werit straight to a basin beside the window and gol a drink -and that was when her fool touched something soft. She thought it was laundry, a bag of laundry that somebody had left but when she tried to pick it up her hand got wet and sticky. She knew it wasn't water. She wa. blind, but she knew that. So she screamnd. And because it wa dark in there nobody knew wher she \s'as. They heard her scream '"ing, but they couldn't see her. No •. at all. It must have been awfu ! And when they did find her, sh •! was sitting on the floor with th Eirl's head in her lap. Shr- was nyint! the girl's name and run- ling her hiind over the girl's face, because that's how she could tell vho it was. I hate it!" Where's Nick?" Mark asked. •riiglit here, Ihe lug," Roberta said. "Well, so they not llic doctor, and he fixed up the girl's face l head, or whatever it was, and she's alive hut only just." "What's the girl's name?" "Lillian Harris." "Room alone or with someone?" "I don't know. What difference does that make?" "Probably none. ?}ow hang up. I'll be in touch with you." 2,000 Bibles for distribution to n.\- livi'.s or the Rlicronesinn Isliind:;. The ship, christened (he Morning Star VI, sailed under sponsorship of the Congressional Amcuc.'.n Hoard of Foreign Missions. It was the sixth ship of the naim 1 to carry oil missioiuu'y '.vork among Iho Marshall. Caroline and Gilbert Islands which spread over with capsules. Miss Plunimcr had kept out «t his way. She was afraid of pills that put people to sleep. Sometimes they slept too well, and couldn't hear. Now, gi'o^t;y with wcarirtcss rtniV her own thoughts, she struggled with desk and switchboard anil tried not to weep. I more than 4,COO,000 square miles of the Pacific Oeean. Tim Morning Star VI Is captained by Price Lewis, Jr., of Holland Htvtcnt, N. Y.. who svill remain with the vessel for a year :>r l\vo after ins American crew is replaced by natives when the ship •eaclics Honolulu "I^IiOM that day on, she lol self, I've fell wrong. "TOO many Hope House Riils -*- stayed homo that clay. 'J'i- drifted up- and downstairs and in and ont of caeh other's rooms, collected in lounge and lobby, and looked over their shoulders when they were alone. Miss Hummer pressed i:ilo clay service, slood guard at the desk. Miss Brady issued orders. "I'm counting on you, Ethel,' liss Brady said. "People have ecn Jailing in bathrooms fo ears. I've said that until 1'n loarse, and now I'm handing it 01 o you. We've Kot lo keep ont o lie papers. Mrs. Mnrshall-Gil ays she is ravaged. Of. all the— veil, never mind. Just break ii] any group-that starts whispcrin ind be firm. No cullers allowcc don't care who they say live .ire or what they look like." •Is Lillian—" ( 'She's nil right. Unconscmu but nothing lo worry about. Nov carry on like a good girl, i Small and I are lunching wit Mrs. Marshall-Gill. Got to. An for heaven's sake, smile!" Miss Brady ran the elevator i to the eighth floor herself. Jew was sleeping off a double dose sedative'. In the middle of t night's upheaval, Dr. Kloppcl h gone from room to room look! for rollina eyes and tlosini; the COP*, 1M7 D'f N 7-28 C-.iUlc sprayed with water-ills- uiilriMled stock during inlcisuin- poi.wiKc DOT Biiiiml uu iiveraye MKT last year when flics were most o! 50 pounds per auiinul over inevalent. Club 61 Blytheville, Arkansas HlaliwayOINorlh Dine and Dance Couples and Parties Only w. Open 6 Nights Weekly Owned By A. (Red) Blckerstnff and Georpe Ford For Reservations Telephone Sl-4 • ••••»«••«•«•••••••*••••••'' ' "Oh, dear! Your father's fighting with the trash man I '^*^L N again about his old hat 1 threw away!"_-_-_ FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSER Not Lai-«l GATEWOOD GROCERY ! Phone 975! Ark.-Mo. State Line on the left at the Arch Ft. T.35 1.35 1.35 1.35 1.35 7 Crown Culvert Schenley Cream of Kentucky. . . Three Feathers Hill & Hill 1.40 Old Taylor Four Roses 5% Beer GAS, reg 17.9c; Ft 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 5th 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6.90 4.50 .per Case $3.35 Etnyl 19.9c she told lier- From the day that girl came here, There was something aljoul her, something in the way she looked. . . . The long-distance telephone call lo Chicago. She'd lost the slip. It had been thrown ont, she had decided after a vain search. Kilty hadn't kept it because it wasn't a npleled call. Kitty couldn't be peeled to know it meant any- rig. If she could only rcmcm- i i- one word, it might help. . . . ilh Miller had made the call omul midnight, and hung up. Ihout il word, she hung up. ... Then there was Ihe party. She is Ihe one I asked to get the dine for the chef. I know she iiie one. F.vcn though she okcd like everybody else, nit lose flat faces staring at me, J io\v it was her. She didn't know here Hiss Brady's room was, vci > body else would know, so i'. as her nil rifihl. And she novel- id get the iodine. She stopped rocking. What am I linking? she asked herself. As ire as I'm sitting here somebody rought me the iodine, and han- :iges. What's got into me all of sudden? I never thought any- like this before. , . . But she new there was nothing sudden bout it. It had been there all long and she had covered il over vith her little jobs of woriv be- iiusc it had frightened her. Slip vent back lo the night, minutt by iiinulc, because she knew she must. ... I saw her go up the slnirs myself, .'.nil I waited. But was busy, and everybody was •unning around, and 1 didn't see ner come back. But she must have. She had lo. Didn't I find the things right on the desk, and don't Hint prove il? I must be crazy thinking she didn't come buck, just because I didn't sec her. I must be real crazy. ( (To lie Continued! . '" JOMM ! LISTEN : I T SOUNDS LIKE A LION.'." o SLEEP---ITS Jusr THOSP AGA'M WITHTl-tAT BLASTED y -^ Ail Brands Cigarets, ctn. $1.351 Chamblin Soles Co. 7 Inc. Sales Sludcbiiker Service li PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 204S 1044 Chickasmwbm First by Far With a Postwar Car Modern limc-savinjf tools are provided for our Iraiir 2(1 mechanics. They list; their skill and the correct tools to give you belter service. We repair all makgs of cars and trucks. Guaranteed Used Cars INSURANCE dial 2311 For Complete Protection • Accident & Health Hospitalixation • Fire • Automobile • Liability O Burglary • Plate Glass • Tornado • Surety Bonds • Aviation 1946 Ford Su]icr 2-door 1!)41 riymoulh 2-iioor 1!)U Vlymouth 4-door 1910 Tontine 1910 Chevrolet Vi ton Pickup J!>I6 CiMC \i. tun Pickup IF)lr> Dodged Ton Pickup 1911 Chevrolet '/i ton Pickup Lots of Others lo Select From CHAMBLIN SALES COMPANY Your Studcbaker Dealer "First by Far With a. Postwar Car" Bill Chamblin —KB & Ash St., Phone 2195— Li>x Chsmblli WASH TUBES Shut Up. Rustev BY LESLIS! 'limNEJ MWAH. THIS is \ sufie. ^M•l)o^)^:H^ RECP.LL...I THE PHirase^PH \TH' DM s'Ot) TOOK IT LITTLE I USEDHJ PARTING BU5T6E CHEWED TH 1 HME5 THE KRIMtLE BhS^'. / OFF'N ML SOUR BRUSHES ? SOU ^ LATER. T. f~ ~ G^K IT 10 VO ' ; Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople] Out Our Way W, YES! HftT CHIID POSED FOB. PICTURE.. |AWEE FOOD, OB— EMOUSH, MRS.KM.UKAK 1 . THI5 IS WONDERFUL! , BUSTER 15 3UST THE \XJUElH PER-SONEXLITV THOSE CHftRlWANS NEED FOR. THEIR COIOSSM. PU&LICIT'V STUNT! MTO I'W GOING TO SEE THM Tttg'J 6ET SOU'RE f.MXED UP, I GUESS, HR.KOONT/.TH'ONC B HIM 1 Trt 1 COUMTRV UPSIDE DOWU TO FIK'.D IS BUSTER! Insurance Agency 108 N. 2nd Chnrlcs G. Dlttncr- W. M. (Bill) Wllso BY EDGAR MARTIN RYDSR'S APT /to BE AROUND £0 TO EEO- OS5?WH'Cn 51\l\- EARLY.' ERE,EITHER, BUt WE OUGHT 10 CHECK. By J. R. Williams L MEVER THOUGHT TO SEARCH HIS PAMTS j/,. POCKETS BEFORE I PUT THEM IM WITH THE OTHER CLOTHES' eURvCE/ VOL)"MUST AlENIALTA'iKS AT OMCE BRUSH UP ON YOLJR 6C MATCHEDVOLJ ATOM BOMB \Oi-TJA-f SLUG TrtET AGO, ~i CAW A1L5KDER W'.NV A OF Ul^vAtS Ot^ NW ESGP.T SPAR A ROOt-TOS. WTlA FTHPsT BE A'i R6-"XDY AS A ST£ftN\COLl.ER V. T. HAMLIN Ry FRED IIAIIMAN V<=>"wf« UY MICH MIL O'MALLKY and RALl'll I.ANE BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES SJtie next"itiOTwri§ Tdrove'"out"to A.J.Mogul's rrtry place, hired on myowi terms over the phone.W JUST BUKNM5 W WITH CURIOSITY OVHR VVHV VOU'RE UERE.MR.FIINT.' &IAD TO SE6 YOU, YCS, DADDY, I'VE AIREADY INTRODUCED MYSELF. THli IS MV DAUGHTER, THERE'S NOW.IHOM IVEDOHE THE RIGHT THING IN WCIWK6 TO T*« MS ADVKf.

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