The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 29, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 29, 1947
Page 10
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BLVIUKVILLE (ARK.) COUBITO NEW! TUESDAY, JULY 29, 1947 BLYTHEVnjJB COURIER NEWS H. W. HAUflBS, PobUdMT., JAMXS I» VXBSOEKF, Editor MUL D. HUMAN. AdTerttsln* Bcdt Nrtontl AdmtWs* Representative*: - i/Wtbur Co, Mew Tort. Chicago, Detroit, Publkbrd Erery Afternoon Except Sunday •Btend u xcornJ c4«s« matter »t the port- office »t BlythtvUle, ArkuMM, under act of Con, October », J»n. Bernd by the United Pro* la m»ta- BUBSOMPTIOM RATES: By carrier tn the city ol fllythevllle or a&ui-b«n town where carrier service la m Mined, 20c per week, or B5c per month. By m»fl wtthln a radius of 40 miles, »4.00 per jmu 1300 for six months, $ljOO for three months; Oj mifl outside 50 mile *>ne, 110.00 P« >'«" payahk to adT»ne«. Meditation And wh>- beholdest thou the mote that is In thy brother's eye, hot conslkrest not the beam that Is In thine own eye?—Matthew 1:3. It Is ridiculous'for any man to criticize on the »orks of another who has not distinguished himself by his on-n performances.—Joseph Acliii- son. Made for the Job The Minister of Industry and Lnliov in the new Burmese cabinet is n man named U Win. If work ever gels slack in Burma, he sounds like the ideal fellow to conduct further negotiations with John L. Lewis over here. Coals to Newcastle some union or other, and strikes nre not noticeably fewer than they were before. ' AH of which leads to the conclusion, often expresseu before, that the system of government is less important than the people who operate it- Socialism and communism may sound fine in theory. But the American system and private capitalism, for all its shortcomings, seems to bring home more bacon for more |>eople and to spread the butter thicker on more pieces of bread. For nobody knows liow long, the phi-ase "Carrying coals to Newcastle" has been the classic description of superfluity added to abundance. Yet coals are actually being carried lo Newcastle and the rest of socialised England today. "Coal-rich England, long an exporter, has been forced to import a cargo of fue) from the United States to tide them over a period of critical emergency. The Minister of Fuel and Power, Emqnuel Stairwell, has apologized to the country for what must surely be considered a failure on the part of the- Labor government and its nationalized mining industry. 'Britain has huge coal deposits, and a force of 700,000 miners as compared > with America's 400,000. Yet American miners are expected'to dig some 900,000,000 tons of coal this year, while it appears that no amount of speedup will permit Britain to reach her minimum requirement of 200,000,000 tons Part of this difference is due to the fact that British mining is much less mechanized than ours. Part of it is probably due to the new five-day week, which Mr. .Shinwell says he thought of changing. Part of it may also be due to a continuing war-weariness. But all these apparent reasons fail to add up to a convincing explanu- ticm of the drastic drop in British coal production. British miners are getting more pay than ever before. They get extra allotments of food. Their working conditions are • improved. They are now employed by a government for which a majority of them voted, and which certainly has the workingman's interest at heart. Yet they aren't digging enough coal—and coal, if possible, is even more vital to Britain's life than it is to ours. Why? A likely explanation might be found in the method of the Labor government and their offect on Uic- miners' state of mind. First of all, the miner is still a member of a "restricted industry," which means that he can't quit his job if he doesn't like ii. No one can be ungracious enough to gloat over the United Kingdom's plight. This is particularly true when one thinks that another severe winter on top of the present coal shortage ^ might bring even greater suffering and economic paralysis than were experienced last year. But at the same time this plight raises another question as to the virtues of socialism and government control. Socialism and communism, in actual operation, seems to consist largely of present hardship and glowing promises , for the future. The British government hM£Ot.yet come to the point of making ft**7«*r plans, but its goals and pre- «Uctkm« so" far have been beyond its ; actual accomplishments. The governntlnt, to ai: appearances, has even raised the moral of its sup-, >rtevs. Although it i s made up of metnt«r» of the workingman's party, it' always M*ms to be on outa with Behind the Nurse Shortage A Bureau of Labor Standards sui" I vey reveals that the average registered nurse gels §40 for a 44 •hour week — wage on a par with what lawn mowing and other unskilled labor IK Jn-inl;- ing in many parts of the country. And we have observed that people are about as prone to complain about the high cost of musing care as they are about the high cost of getting the grasti cut. No wonder, then, that we have a shortage of nurses in this country, or that there i.s unrest among the 300,000 fili 11 practicing in spile of Hie inadequate pay. It would be a pity if the teachers' strikes of last winter were to be ,repeated in the nursing field. But unless this skilled and' indispensable profession is better compensated, Americans can scarcely be surprised if organization and concerted, militant action by nurses .should come to pass. No Long Engagements CIO President Murray wants his organization and the AFL to relegate their "minor differences" lo the background and get together on political action. AFL President Green insists that there must be an AFI.-CIO merger before anything else is done. The future of these two organizations rrut.V not be so blissful, but Mr Green is going lo insist that it be wedded. VIEWS OF OTHERS When Russian Papers Speak of '"Fascism" A Russian news agency dispatch from the United Slates which told of the passage of the Taft-Harlley labor law was published in Soviet newspai>crs—nil mouthpieces of Ihe government —under Ihc headline "Steps Toward Fascism." On Ihe same day a Moscow dispatch published in American newspapers snid a new decree had been ordered lhat boys IS lo 17 years okl and girls IS to 10 be mobilized for training in craft and railway schools. Boys and girls 1C lo 18 years old will be mobilized in faclory schools ami boys of 19, previously subject to military service, were made subject lo work underground in coal mines and in slcel welding and olhcr divisions of the metal and oil industry. This decree merely makes changes in Ihe existing sys tern. Did Russian newspapers say something about "Fascism?" —ARKANSAS GAZETTE. BARBS BT DAL COCRRAN Sour Notes Similarity Between Hollywoo'd Trial and Senate Hearing Seen By FREDERICK C. OTHMAN United Press Staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON. July 29. (TJP) — When i left Hollywood I thought I was all through writing pieces ntxmt blondes admiring the moon of Errol yacht Ami about beauti- . .... ons red-heads studying Shake- U good quality pasteurized mi.k i re u|1[Jei . Ulte | a( , c 0[ Charlie cannot l:e obtained, Ihe housewife should secure grade A ruw ini'it Th« DOCTOR SAYS BY WILLIAM A. O'ERIKX, M. D. through the portholes Written for NEA Sai-rife and heat treat It do destroy any disease-producing germs which may be present. Those who patronize public paling places should insist on being served milk in its original container so that the pasteurization statement on the label can be checked. Milk may become unfit for human use even though it has been properly collected, pasteurized, and transported to the home. If milk is allowed to stand in the open, especially in the hot -sun fov a few hours, it can develop changes which will .make .1 young infant sick. Non-discase-producing Eenns whiuii are net destroyed by heat anay decompose the protein and irociuce toxic compounds. Now it's Brunettes will) curves more pronounced than that of the fuselage of Ihe GOO-passenger airplane of Howard Hughes, skimming through the ivatej- (the lovelies, not the plane) in fresh-colored bathing suits for the edification of government big-wigs. Only difference in today's slory about the Senate's inquiry into the $30,000,000 plus that Hughes got from the government to build airplanes and the trials I used lo cover Is that '-he scene is Washington instead of Hollywood. Even so a fellow lias to look sharp lo realize he's In Ihe Senate caucus room and not In Los Angeles' skyscraper court-house. There's the swom evidence of Record of Pdst Session of Congress Shows That the GOP Hod a New Deal All Its Own (This is Ihe second in a series of rive dispatches dismissing the' accomplishments of Congress this cession.) • * • BY PETER EDSON NEA Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON. July 29. (NEA) — Republican political leaders would probably be the last to admit it. but the record of the Congressional session just ended shows the GOP has a New Deal all its own. The Democratic Nc\v Deal that was born and died with Roosevelt developed some very specific objectives. In simplest terms they wore to raise Ihe standard of living for the one-third of Ihe population supposed lo be ill-paid, ill(ed and ill-housed. .All this came to be identified os a "pro-labor" pro- its lo deductions and benefits. Tho Jaw called lor its expansion. For the unorganized poor the The Social Security system has, in three fields, the Republican: been frozen as is .until 1050. .both t fc leadership over the tradition- lie t fl rlntlltft tnllL- In. I tinimfit,. T v l\^. * ..,,-. ...t. ally more liberal Democrats. These are in OOP proposals lo put through an anti-poll tax bill, write n national aiiti-lynch law and cre- moncy grants-in-aid to the states. I ate a permanent Pah- Employment Local health offices would then] Practices Commission. But again have the responsibility of paying I no action till next year. Proposal.-; hospital and doctor bills for peo-1 to increase minimum wage stanrt- pli- who could not afford to pay ants to GO or 75 cents an hour 'Republicans propose a health program to be financed by federal tax decomposed milk does not render champagne parties in a mansion on it fit for use. especially by youni; Doheny Drive in the hills high children. above Hollywood, the $125 fees lo B.-iJs for going to dinner with hotshots, the lete-a-telcs in plush- lined rcslauranls. One of these is Romanoff's in Beverly Hills, operated | )V the pho- ney Russian nobleman. Prince mike (nee Harry Gerguson) Romanoff. And many an item I had to write about the mustachioed Mike. Onu member of the cast of characters, even, I remember from the trial of Errol Flynn: his old pal, Johnny Meyer. When I ^ne\v Johnny he was a portly young man will) Ihinhing hair, who had his desk In the Warner Brothers publicity department.. 1 Johnny knew everybody in Hollywood. He never Deemed to function as a press agent, except on studio junkets for movie premieries. That was when Johnny shined. He herded the accompanying starlets. Saw that they had their pictures laken with the dignitaries. Stuff like that. Johnny was a character witness for Flyhn at the latter's trial on charges of monkey-business with an 18-year-old girl aboard his boat. (Flynn was acquitted.) After I left Hollywood for what I thought would be more dignified job in Washington, Johnny moved over to Howard Hughes' movie company Milk cannot be kept in warm weather without placing it on ice or in a mechanical refrigei'alor. Preserve it in its original container j until you are ready lo use it. Milk • bottles should be rinsed under running water to remove surface contamination before placing them in the ice-box or refrigerator. PASTEURIZATION' AT HOME Home pasteurization units are now available and .several typos have been thoroughly tested and approved. When properly collected milk is placed in them, they heat it ito the point at whi^h disease germs are destroyed hut the taste remains. Milk can he heat-treated by putting it in the top of a double- boiler and allowing it to boil for three minutes. 'Remove from the fire and cool immediately, by placing the upper part -which contains the milk—in a large pan of cold water. Water should be changed every five minutes until the milk almost as cold rLs the water. Placing the pan in running watei shortens the process. • * • QUESTION: Is the man ever at fault when the wife cannot bear a child? ANSWER: The husband is ai, though was more than their own. thut. It 'Was a social weHarc program for all low-income groups. When the voters in 1846 kicked out the liberal majorities in Congress, the conservatives of both parlies took it as a mandate to substitute a social reform program of their own making. This program has not yet been carried out in full. /It will take another session of Congress to do lhat. But ius broad outlines emcrg- | iPassaric- of the Wolcott bill, eas- frhis same .procedure of giving'. nnvc Republican backing. uthority to the. states is proposed in the Republican aid to education program. What this trend implies is lhat the Republican Party is becoming the champion of slates' rictus. While Republican Senator Taft, In collaboration with Democratic Senators Wr.gner and Etlendcr, is sponsorin^ a long-range federal housing program, the rank-and- file of Ihe consewa'tive congressmen have shown no inclination to go a'.oir^. As matters stand now. there is ample evidence that a ma- , fault nearly as often as the wifo. I '» » simillnr capacity, according to a recent report. Lack Now 't turns out that Johnny of child bearing often is a result I came here a while back to give of several factors involving both! secret testimony lo the Senate War first advanced by Democrats, now I] authority to the. states is proposed! It is too early yet to tell whin the effects of the conservative labor reform .program will be. Union leaders are predicting calamity, but the showdown is eight, or 10 month? away. The complete conservative tax' program has still to be written. As revealed by the voiced Kmitson tax revision bill, it would have reduced taxes more for the well-to-do than for the lower income groups, percentage-wise as well as dollar- wise. On the long range tax program. Republican sentiment now partners. In one scries of C5 cases, the wife was responsible in 21. Ihe husband in 17, and both of them in 27 instances. •Jorily iu Consress would favor li- , SCOIKS to 'oc more for reducing in- qnidation of all federal housing ac- [ come taxes and increasing excise tivitics. returning Ihe problem to' privule iudtislry and local government.-;. ed in the 1041 Congress. It does not quite repeal the Democratic New Deal, but H chiingos it beyond recognition. SOCIAL SKCUR1TV SHIFT ing government controls on rents and housing, was a. clcfinilc move lo aid lanrt'ords and the building industry at the expense of Ihe home owner and renter. These seem lo be its main points: STUANGK <!<>!• TURNABOUT of a There federal strong likelihood sales tax emerging. Again, a greater proportionate burden would be borne by low-income groups. Humming up. the Republican formula seems to be one of seeking continued prosperity by making conditions favorable for business leadership. 15 Years Ago 'In Blytheville — Mrs. John W.'Snyder of Seda'ia, Mo., who was called here fov the death of her father, R. P. "CooJ: has returned to Jier home. She was accompanied by her nephew -Billy Lawshe, who will spend lei days there. iAa a imeans of making money U pay the monthly ioan due on tin club house the Womans club are planning a Bingo party for Mon- chvy evening. There wi'l be lot) prizes am! each guest may play entire evening for 30u. from A. "Little, automobile deal er, has purchased the Harry Hearn home on Chickasawba Avenue. IN HOLLYWOOD It soon will be lime for the early bird that got the worm to turn it over to Ihe chestnut. * * * I.ove (by neighbor — especially if Ius lattii- mowcr has just b«**n sharpened. * * * A Michigan insurance man says seven hours sleep is enough. We didn't know they ever slept. * + » People aren't as likely to notice ymir old clothes if you're wearing a smile. * * * A pair of stocking Is plural, according to U. S. customs court. But when you see a pulr these days, it's singular. SO THEY SAY Tile Germans arc not making all the effort they can lo feed themselves.—Charles P. Kindlc- berger, chief, State Department Division on Germany. « * * We must be blunt but not disrespectful In our relations will) Ihe Soviet Union. We must make no throats which we arc not able to carry through.—Robert H. Jackson, Supreme Court justice. * * # If there is one subject on which every unprejudiced person is agreed, it Is Hint unions must be made responsible for their acts; that collective bargaining cannot continue to be an Important factor In our labor relations unless both parties are bound by their contracts.—Sen. Robert A. Taft (R) of Ohio. By ICIiSKINK .JPJINSON NCA Slaff C'orrositoiHlcnl HOLLYWOOD. July ao. i NEA)— tease in a New Elizabeth Taylor has to U>sc 10 pounds, on studio orders. Her curves make her look older than 13 ami the sludio wants her to kr?p thai lecn-age appearance as Ion-: as possible There's a rumor nut that the Stale Department will not approve film production in O:i- Iral Europe (Germany, Italy and Austria) by American compunlos because of Ihe touch-and-go international situation- WEirnrr tlroi, just cancelled "The Children." which was lo have been filmed In Germany. Enterprise studio is Interested in n film about auto racing built ,1- round Barney Oldfield's life In case- anyone has been asking you what happened to silent st.iv Madge Evans, she'.*: playing the Bergman role in "Joan of Ijo-- raine" in the summer playhouse circuit around Cambridge. Mass It looks like William rowrll is definite for (he role of Khrnml Dowd in the film version of "Harvey." .T^.ui .Crawfor;! is adding four more ruouvs lo her Rrentwood homo lo a-vnni- modate Ihose adopt-M 1 . chil«lro LJ . The house stnrled out with si.\ roonvs and now h.i> 27.... Hollywood Is havinff fun Inniihiti-; at Its early antics inop ibvv. with "Morton of HIP !W.H-f"s.'' starring Hert skcltou, ami H»*Uv Hulton's "Perils of t'.iuli.ic" tmlh cHcMng biff. SKO FOR UTTI.i: I1EAVKR nobby "Little B:\.-.C!" W;:ke is breaking box-office rccmtU on southern personal apixrrance lour When "Life with Father" closed on Broadway after an eight-year-run Irene Dunne wired Ihe play's authors, Howard Lindsay and Russell crotise: "I told you it couldn't last." Overseas report: A lot of English ntitos in London are carrying signs reading: "Sec a good British film." London wags, however, are penciling In one word: "Where? 1 It reminds rue of the time Holly- Best Entertainment" campaign. Oypsy Rose Lre, doing her .striptease m a New York night club, cracked, as she shed the last of her clothes: 'Movies are your SECOND best entertainment." I.u.vcc White-man, former wife of Hurry Harris, will niarrv Ken Hulibard, Sanla Harbara " peace officer, July 25. Jimmy Cagney's yatch. Ihe Swift now belongs to the Cagncy Brolft- er s production company and has been put up for rental and charter to olhcr Mini companies. .-..There's t.ilk of Dick Hayncs doing a straight dramatic lead minus singing, after he completes "Up In Central Pnrk " JOE K. HKOWX GOES SERIOUS Richard Lyon. .son of Ben Lyon and Uobe Daniels, will play Joe. E. Brown's son in -The Tcndei Years." It's Brown's first seriou. role — Ihe part O f a Protestanl minister. Orson Welts hops a plane to Rnissrls laic Ibis month to accept a film award from llic lUlgian government...... . i .H O circus, really sols himself in solid wllli llic l;i,ls wilh his rx- hibilion of sharp shooting; .hits balloons jmet clay pigeons — without the aid of mirrors or a double. George Kaufman, directing his first movie, "The Senator Was Indiscreet," noticed Boris Karloff matte up as an Indian in the UI sturito cnlc. •'Yon know." said Kaufman, "1 think I'll take up a collection in have Karloff's face boarded up for the summer." McKENNEY ON BRIDGE rcam-of-Four Play Becoming Popular America's Card Aulhorily Written for NEA Service •My friend Sam Holt of Ashe •ille, N. C . has reminded me tha he Southern Appalachian Contrac Bridge Championships will be hcl •U The George Vandcrbilt Hole m Asheville VAug. 22, 23. and 24 This tcurnamcnt is actively span '.orcrt by the Ashcville Junto Chamber of Commerce. It always provides good compc iitioii. as it attracts not only th finest players of the south, but also many of the Life Masters of New York and Philadelphia. Uurjng the bill ret given nflcr ou'o'ing a contract that he fee' ure he can defeat, and by h ouble he drives the opponents in o a better spot. East should have known tha Vest did not have many heart Not vulnerable. West had" offere 10 support when East bid tw '.chrls, and then four hearts. "Pros .he bidding, the missing king o :ioarts -undoubtedly was in tl South hand Therefore, tile double of -s spades was very unwise, and the double of .six no .trump was an ndication of an^er on the part of East, rather than ability to beat the contract. Experts say, don't double a slam contract unless you arc certain thai you can defeat any other contract tiie opponents may run to. nvestignting Committee about the nertalnments he provided for uch people as Elliofnioosevelt; aye Emerson, the Warner Brolh- rs' actress who became Elliott's ife; Gov. Mon Wallgrcii of Washigton, and Cap Krug, the Secre- ary of Interior. Having turned his fabulous ex- innse accounts over to Sellatois Owen Brewster, Homer Ferguson & Co., Johnny found urgent busi- less about as far elsewhere as he onld get. He reportedly went to South America and last was hi 3 atagom'a, the southernmost tip of he continent, where he presumab- y is wearing a fur cap against he July blizzards. Another report had him in Montreal. So Krug claims lie never ate $100 dinners with Johnny; that the alter is a master of the swindle- sheet. Gov. Wiillgren laughs off the parlies. Young Roosevelt hasn't said anything yet. Hughes, the mail who discovered Jean Harlow (and whose previous press agent, Line Quarberg, christened her the plat- imim blonde) says he has a ri£hl lo entertain his friends. And that brings us to MLss Judy Cook, whose bathing s'lit portraits lately have been sizzlim; the newspapers. I seem to have met Iw somewhere in my devious past, but. I can't place her. By the time the Scnalors have learned how coma Ihe government handed the millions lo Hughes, I imagine my memory will have been well refreshed. Hold everything. Hollywood. Roil 'ern. Senators. Here we go again. Green rcscs were grown in the United States as eaii'y as 1850. They arc considered freaks, ho\v- cvcr. and not a distinct, variety. Blossom Queen C'arcful Driving Pays PITTSBURGH (UP) — Many Americans have n. hard time hanging OH .to their drivers" licenses, the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators reports. Last year 311COD motorists lost their privilege to <M\ie. Tlie suspensions wood put ori n "Movies Are your range from three days (o life. AQB2 V7C3 v » A K 8 6 4 * A D V -1 ' 497532 4 10865 4 M * J7 f* ' -} A O .7 0 W El' S « Dealer |* Q J 10 73 A AK 10963 VK 108 4 > None #KQJ2 Tournament— N-S Soulh West Korlh 1 A Pass 2 * 3 A Pass 3 A 4 A Pnss G A 6 N. T. Pass Pass Opening — ^ 4 v via. . East 2V .{ ^f Double Double Z8 last year's tournament, today's hand came in for n good deal of discussion. At most of the tables North and .South, arrived r<L a six spade contract, which was defeated will) n heart opening. •At one table, after East doubled six spades, South \vcnt to six no trump even though lie was void in diamonds; and that contract could, net be defeated. Very often HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured danghlcr of U. S. secretary of agriculture, Nancy /• 9 RcUilh'cs 10 Kenown 13 Opposed 14 Dry (comb, form) 18 Aged 19 Is dormant 21 Plunge 22 While 23 Mixed type 24 Toward 2C Down ' 27 Ethical 29 Foreign 31 Indian 32 Kncoimlct'cd 33 She is 1917 cherry bios- , soni .15 Outmoded 38 Abraham's home 39 North Carolina (ab.) -SO Half an cm 41 Average (ab.) 42 Tavern 44 Merited 49 Mineral rock 50 Former Russian ruler 52 Weaving device 53 Slender 54 Stationary VERTICAL 1 One-spot • 2 j\ T egnlive 4 Slave 5 Ceremony 6 Cut 7 Either - 23 Plate 3 Night goddess 25 New York lOKroth 11 Likewise 12 Doctor (ah.) 15 Man's nickname 16 He borne 17 Unclose 19 Quid 2013randed town 28 Regret SOIielongs to it 33 Cease 34 Vases 36 Hindu i Raiment 37 Level 38" phvjer makes the mistake of] 57 Conquered 43 Natrium (symbol) 45 Charily . •IB Plant part ._ 47 Memorandum' 48 Prince j 40 Kxclamation i 51 Edge ' ! 53 Spread M Parent SO French article

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