The Buffalo Times from Buffalo, New York on March 30, 1903 · 7
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The Buffalo Times from Buffalo, New York · 7

Buffalo, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, March 30, 1903
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-.1 : BUFFALO B VEKING TIME S, MONDAY, f MARCH 30. 1903, i i ROW 1 O FELDMAN 8 OFFICE MANAGING CLERK EDWARD M. REGAN; PROBABLY WILL- HAND IN TION TODAY. SULLIVAN MAY SUCCEED HIM LAST YEAR'S day that John J tleth Ward, whoi ber of Assembly HIS KESIGNA- UepibSLicaV CANDI DATE FOB MEHBER OF ASSEM-' BLY Vt HIRST DISTRICT A LEADER FOR THE iLACE. CAPTAIN AND! 12 MEN Of ' th Zelvler Arctic Have AirlTed at Krwar - ( By Associated Press TROMSOE, yor! way, iMajrcb 30.--Cap-tain Coffin an,dl2 men, who will take part in .the Zeigler Arctic expedition, have arrived here. The rppairs to the expedition steamship America are com pleted. The whole of her stores will ibe Expedition CaMe. purchased In the BURGLARY Tjnited $tates. AT LA SALLE ;! .',.! j I : EXPLOSIVES USD POSTOF FICE LOOTED -BIG, HAUL IVIAIjE NO pL.UE, ao&lkl to THE! TIMES. NIAGARA If ALLS, March 30.- A row has been started in the official ' this morning burglars broke into jthe family of Corporation Counsel Feldman La. Salle postofflce, forcing the front which will result in the resignation of door open Edward M. Regin. the present manag-Ing'clerk In the Jffice." It is rumored to-j Sullivan of the Twen-; recently ran for Mem- in the. First District, is a jimipy. Previous Eajriy to this they nad: broken open the black smith shop," JpecUring; aj sledge, a chisel and a brace. The combination ,'khob on the safawas pulled out and the large safe door was ' lilowh joff by either a charge of dynamite orj nitro-glycerine, the door being blown to atoms. The to be named to pucceea but. negan. : " 'p L " i --. - The. Republican organization leaders inner uuWSspM uiwuu. It is-said, have hothing to do with the. The bursters worked; leisurely, ;the 'change and havJ not been consulted re- noise of. the two explosions failing; to garding it. MrJ Feldman made hi awaken the; inhabitants. The safe was original selections without any advice rifled in 7fa thorough manner the from Mr Warrejn and it is understood month's pfwtdfflce receipts, amoiiirtinig that he will matte the present change to about the receipts of the gteneral If it is finally (decided upon without store of Kijnisey & Bennett for the past consultation witi the machine men. , : week, aboit -to about IJOOj and the re-It is known that the friends of Mr.lceipts frorilithe sale ofl trolley tickets Sullivan have bten very active during for the ipast! month, amounting to about the past few dasls in an effort to secure 2hp, being .taken. I I the appointment for their candidat . i a large' ibundlfe of I trolley tickets, Sullivan was orfeinally a candidate for- amountinglo about $100, and the money the place and lad strong backing a: order box Jwhich was jtaken from the that time. He yas beaten out for the safe, was fjund in an orchard' near the appointment by Mr. Regan, who has not j postofflce tllis morning. been on the best (of terms with the mar- , There is too clUe to the burglars. This aging influencess in the office, and the is the second successful attempt to rob difficulty, it is said, will terminate in the La Salle postofflce within a year, and an unsuccessful effort was made to blow open the safe a year ago, : the burglars btjjng frightened away. "WAS ROBBED IN CANFIELD'S" bis resignation. Alderman Johh Martin, J. J. Donovan, District tjommitteeman Garrett Laughlin and a iumber of others called on Corporation Counsel Feldman on Saturday and hail a long talk, with him regarding the It is not known when the change will be made, but rumor has it that it will go into effect on April 1st. A number of the organization men stated this morrjing that they did not nEafARK Vas MADE BV Ax IXSA.E Know mat anyone naa oeen'agreea up- j : ' a. on for Mr. Regjin's place. They say IN FXT OF BELLEVLE that they understand there will be a jvacancy but thqy do not believe that lanyone has beert agreed upon for the place. Some on the prominent sub leaders deny then report that Mr. War ren is not to be Iconsulted in the mat ter and maintain that when the new appointee is seleted it will not be until after Mr. Warren has approved of 'his candidacy, i A.0EINEI& FATALLY vi - s. -i I INJURED LUMBER INSPECTOR WAS RUN OVER BY THE CARS AT THE CLINTON STREET ! CROSSING. ATTY. GpNERAL BOY WAS SHOT jivier Vlernaekl Who Annoyed Jok WlstniewslU W Sliot la the ; Right Lev-Sot Serloasly - Injured. ' ' I ; ' Adolf Geineig, aji jnspeclbr at the Clinton' S:reet yards of the; George W. Shepard Lumber Company!, j Was fun down by i.n engine kit the Clinton Street crossing of the New Tork Central Railroad at 8 o'clock this mornihg and so bady margled that his death occurred shortty arter being, removed to the hos pital. -. ! .' !; ' i . Geineig had just come from the lum- ber yards, and as 'an Engine was back-1 iing down on the west-bound track, he is said tq have run in aavance 01 u, stepping put on the east-bound track just in time to be caughti by engine .No. 2994, tvhich was running :gnt. tie was knocked beneath the wheels and his left atm and left leg sejvered. His body was otherwise , cut i ujpi It 'vj'as thought alt first that he was dead and Medical Examiner! Danser was summoned, in a few I minutes he showed signs of reviving ahd was taken to the Emergency Hospital. i i il Geineig I was 32 years ; (old land married. He Jived at NO. 146 Bats Avenbe. MR. R02AN 18 A L0YAL DEMOCRAT "I SEVER WILp ALLOW MY PERSONAL POLItcAL A.VBLTIO.S OR r" DISAPPOIXT3BBNTS TO JEOPAR DIZE THE PARTY." SLCCESS OF MV Editor Buffalo TIltES: In yesterday's etjiloa of THE TIMES I noticed au article quiltled "Kozaii Fighting tlie CSairiuau.' As a rule I do cal happenings tha friends, the peopie deem it uacpssarj- to answer the self, I almre. l nave worked r era tic party and for not answer newsoaper comment, hut for rnne time my name an been eoufweU so ofiin with different pollti- in iluc respect to my I represent and to uiy- mostly for the Demo- the success of Its candi dates lor nearly lit i( years, and in view of taose services 1 tlnik 1 am entitled to better treatment froiii my party press and party leaders than fclurs and ridicule. Mr. t'Jtzpatrick and myiself are under do obligations one to the other, neither is there uuy controversy uctMecu us. Once for all I nisii to s,y that I never oave and never wiiraHow my personal political amliitliius lor disappointments to jeopardize the welfare and success of my party. Tery truly yours, JAMES M. BOZAN.. March 30, 100ft. fcUT BY THE MAYOR'S ORDER To Relieve the the Greenville), Flood Situation In Ml., Diatrlct. Rr Asr GREENVILLE. The protection le part of the city diarort Press. Miss., March 30. fee in the northern was cut early today by order of the Mayor. The crevasse was made with a yiew of relieving the situation wumn the town limits, the hope being that the cut will let the water now standing in the city flow into the bayou. I . ' ' PRAY FOR RAINSTORM TO QUENCH FLAMES By Asoc.if ed 'Press, CUMBERLAND, Ad., March 30. A ffre has been raging for iome daj-s In Mt. Pisgah in Clay County. W.I Va., and la assuming such a threatening iature that the people are praying for rain. It Is feared the village of Clay will be destroyed. ; 4-- THHER STl5flTS UROWXED By Assodateu Press. HAXOVEll. N. H.J March 30. Robert M. Baker of Worcester) Mass., and John B. Kenerson of Roxbur.i, Mass.. both freshmen at Dartmouth Colleae. and members of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity, were drowned In toe Connecticut Sunday. Bv Associated Press. NEW YORK, March 130. Almost unremitting application to his studies is believed to be responsible for- the meii-tal condition of Samuel Arnstein, a Columbia University student, who has been placed in the insane pavilion : at Bellevue Hospital for examination.; j He is 18 years' pld and lived with .his father, Sigmund' Arnstein, a wealthy diamond merchant of (his city. It was observed by his family two weeks ago that overstudy had apparently undermined his. health. Every effort was made to keep him from his books; ! He "was taken by his1 father to the family physician , j yesterday who advised that he, sent -to Bellevue. .It was necessary to! summon tlwo policemen before the ypling man ccbuld be induced to return home. I When they got in front of the hoMse he refused Id enter. j "No, I won't go into, there. That's Canfleld's, nd I was robbed there oncfe. I am not going back again." He ran down ( Madison Avenue for three blocks .before he was overtaken. Then he was placed in a cab and taken to the hospital. . NEW $60,000 CONCERN C. Roaster Mannfactaring; Company Organltvd to Make Automobiles and Carrlnftes. The C. Rossler Manufacturing Company, capitalized at $60,000, has filed: lis certificate, of incorporation in the County Clerk's office this morning. The company will manufacture automobiles and carriages arid will start business with $25,000 capital. The directors are Charles Rossfer, Stanislaus S. Nowacki Stanislaus! S. Lipowlcz. Charles Newton and Arrihie H. Newton. I WATER RATS AND SCORCHES HARBOR POLICE AND BICYCLE SQAAD READY FOR RAIDS MADE I. THE GOOD OLD SIM- , MER TIME. The pairol boat, . Gov. Norton, will snon he but info commission for the summer. jCharles Pritchard will agjain be captaliji of the yessel'. j At the met-ing of the Police ' Commissioners today, David O'Connor, C H.j Dillingham QnH Charles H. Dav were appointed as pno-inpprsJ -The men appointed to act as pilots kre Joseph Cole, Fjred R. Cole and Wflliam J. tiyae. ine crew tins not been appointed! as yet, but will be in a day or two. 1 i i ; 1 ' Patrolmen Edbert W. Austin f.nd Joseph Giacinger of the Fifth Predict were sentenced, to be reprimanded Ifor failing to make hourly reports from the patrol boxes. ; The bicycle patrolmen Will mount their wiry steeds in a few days, probably April 1st. if the weather is favbr-able. The personnel of the squad will be given out j by Supt. Bull in a few days. Michael WItucki, Xavier Viernacki and another young Pole went into John Wisiniewskl's saloon at Ni. 357 Love-Joy Street last night and became boisterous. They were ordered out of the saloon and for; revenge threw stones at the place. Wlsiniewski procured a revolver and fired three shots. One of the bullets struck Xavier Viernacki in the right thigh. He was removed to the Emergency Hospital.' The saloonkeeper was arrested. WItucki was ar-rested as a witness. BESSIE HAS BEEN ASLEEP 28 PAYS RAISES HER EYELIDS OCCASION-; ALLY BIT NEVER OPENS ! ! THEM. p.t- Associated Press SALT LAKE, Utah, March 30. Physicians here are at a loss to account xor the condition of Bessie Knecht, 22 yearj old, who has been asleep 28 days. During that time the young woman has not spoken a word, nor had, to all appearance, a waking moment She breathes naturally and at long intervals, raising here eyelide a trifle, but never opens them. Life is sustained with liquid food's but she is gradually wasting away, , CUNNEEN IS A HUMORIST WRITES AMI'SING LETTER ACCEPT- r ii, : re larvrrATioN -to ambsb . CLl'B dixserJ By Ass NEW TORK. and 400 . PROSPECTIVE Ynnderbllt WUI Entertain His. Cho- GROOM akera Rorsllr nt iport Home By Associated Press. NEW TpRK: March 30. j-rAlfred O. Vanderbllt Robert L. Gferry. J. B. Neilson, G. C. Gray, Jr.; T. M. Adams and Robert Clark, who are to act as ushers at the wedding of Reginald Van-derbllt to Miss Cathleen Neilson, will leave New York today, for Newport where they will be entertained by the His Sw- claied Press. arch 30. Between 3C0 brethren, of "The Amen Cor- prospective onaegrooni finm ne gives ! I Vifo Kanhnlnr'a Rinnan all rhnUill Tn ner" have announced Ibelr intention p ".."":" . -v of attending thfe dinnei at the Ffthl Mr. vanderbilt has arranged a series Avenue I Hote) oin April; i7th. Among'of entertainments that Will outrank in the, guests are Senator j Piatt, Senator brilliancy anything seen in, Newport Depew, Ex-Governor Black, Senator for some tlme- i: :' Gorman,! Charles F. Murphy, John C. SheehanJ Mayor Low, District Attorney Jerome, the Rev. Dr. Parkhurst, Senator Ireland, j Judge Alton B. Parker, Gen. Chaffee and Secretary siiaw and Secre tary Cortelyou. Attorney-Generjal ' Cunneen. in accept ing an invitation;, wrote 'as follows: "Alter caiKiUii.. considering tne syllabus descriptive of this corporation I feel thac I must, in view of the State, attend my official obi Iks t ions to tnig dinner, ana it pos METAL TRADES CONVENTION EXECITIVE COMMITTEE tS SESSION TODAY PREPARING FOR BIG MEETING WEDNESDAY. WILL GET AN INCREASE. By Associated Press. ASHLAND, Pa., Maiieh 30. The employes of the Schuyler . Traction & Lakeside Railway have been notified that their wages will be increased 10 cents a day from April 13th: Thdy are now paid ldVt cents an hour pr lo aours work. U : i 1 : 1 1 SPECIAL RIVER BULLETIN. ' By Associated Press. WASHINGTON. March 30. The weather Bureau today issued the following special river bulletin: f There ha been little Change In the lower MlsslsslDiil River sinice. Saturday. At Vicksburg the river this morning was Sl.o feet, a fall of 0.i? feet sinoe Saturday morning and at New Orleans 20.3 lect, a rise of 9.2 feet. j LONDON TIMES1 PRINTS MARCONI LODO'', March 30. The Times this morning jiublislies rtwo despatches from New York. Which it announces, were trans mitted bv tihe Marconi svsteni of wlreiesss 150 words. SALARY SHAVERS BILL TOMORROW i MR. BURKE EXPECTS TO GET Ol'T OF COMMITTEE AT THAT IT TIME. .Sneclnl to THE TlMlES. ALBANY, March 30, Assemblyman Burke expects to get his salary-shavers Engineering Works Company, Denver, The Executive Committee of the National Metal Trades' Association is in session today at the Iroquois Hotel preparatory to holding! a convention here April ist, which will be one of the most important meetings of its kind ever Tield in this country. Members of the committee expect it will take today and tomorrow to get rid of a lot of minor details Most of the following-named, who compose the Executive Committee of the association, arrived here this, morning: President, S. W. Watkins, the Chris- tensen Engineering Company, Milwaukee, Wis.: vice-president and commissioner, E. F. DuBrul, the Miller. Du-Bruel & Peters Manufacturing Company, Cincinnati, Q.; second vice-president, A. H. Bullard, the Bullard Ma chine Tool Company, Bridgeport, Conn.; treasurer, N. B. Payne, the Payne Com pany, No. 141 Broadway, New York City; secretary, Robert Wuest, Union Trust Building, Cincinnati, O.; coun cillors, M. M. Barker, American Tool & Machine Company, Boston, Mass.; H. N. Covell, the Lidgerwood Manufacturing Company, Brooklyn, N. Y.; V. P. Eagan, F. W. Wolf Company, Chicago, Company, Chicago, 111.; F. B. Poison,, the Polsom Iron Works, Toronto, Ont.; G. JT, Steedman, the Curtis & Com-pany. Manufacturing Company, St. Louis, Mo.; Lewis Searing, the Denver slble get an intimate knowledge of this corporation which imust be a veritable trust and: existing in violation of the Donnelly Trust laws. 1 regret that I must come after the waniDer of a pollcemnn seeking Inform tion rather than as a friend favorable to the purposes; of this monster trust which monopolizes! all the I ordinary I occupations of humanity!. I make this statement that my motives pay be distinctly ; understood, and that I may not "subsequently be "garded as having gained! this Information upon iaise pretences. SHERIFF'S It Willi Assess OOO Breach I Brought JURY ORDERED -1 : . j Damages In a $20,-of Promise Salt by Mary Mass. A special Sheriffs Jury to assess dam ages in the suit of Mary Mass against Adelber Neuschwanger was ordered by : Justice White today in Special Term. It is a breach of promise suit, the plaintiff demanding $20,000 dam ges". Ort account of the failure of the defendant to piit In an answer the plaintiff gets judgment by default and the jury is appointed to fix the dam ages. RICH B bill as amended, out of committee to- uoi.; u. in. n.innara, tne ivinnara-morrow aid between the Assembly ls , -Company. Minneapolis Minn.; ji (honorary, W. H. Pfahler. Abram Cox The measure provides that no person Stove Company Philadelphia. Pa. or corporation shall loan mdneyon ski- , the purpose of this committee to aries or Other securities without fllSng' cause the organization of central bodies a detailed statement of the amount i employers, corresponding to those of loaned anjd the interest charged, etc., the "union laborers, thus meeting the with the County UierK, also oetorei a i :,,,u,l,:ui "" loan is made the money shaver must consult the employer giving the state ment of the amount wanted by the em ploye. The report of , St. Mary's; Deaf Mate Institute, dn Edward Street may be presented jthe Assembly tonight by As semblyman Burke. PILLSBl I Br LONDON eided the university. i RY GIVES-HIS DECISION Associated Press Chhle. , March ; 30. Pillsbfiry hds He- lxtn came m tne International uess-niafch 1 favoij of- Kugland DEATH ROLL Philadelphia; March so.J-wniiam The 'despatches contain about GERMAN EMPRESS IMPROVING I?. By I Associated Press Cable. j BERLIN, March 3U, the Herman empress, who broke1 she of :the hones of her left foreajm through being thrown from her horse last irittar, is ma King good progress. Tnere is: no local evrauug or pain. CABOOSE AND CARSBVRNED fiv Assoclnted Press FTICA; X- Y March So. In a rear-end collision between freights on the New York Central Bailroad in East1 Home em-lv this Dl . 1. 1 1 . . . . , - une tauoemK morning. a caooose ana tnree cars were Are you Bilious? Are you Fagged? Are yoii Constipated ? eecham's Pilis If you aioBSIIou9 t tt Interfere wftt work, plauois sad hspplnesi ervrsodr Is so iu times; ta many rm it ukea Ufa s Inrrien Um fsalt f vttb be uomseh, liver slid kidneys. .The action at Maham'l py Is is prompt and certain sad TrtU la a short Urn ismovs Ut evlL I- I When you ana F !ied 1 That roadowo jfeellng is earned by your overworked: digestlva organs not doing their work properly. Beercham'a Pills will set them, right, reUrrUoraU the aritera and rectors awnd If GonstlpatBd :i B is important Ito know that OBratipatioa eansat mors than half the siekiicst is to world, sepedaUyol women-,- It can all be prerented If Beeoham's Pllfs an taken whenever nature seems to call for aaaistanos.' Comf ort'sad-haspiBeM si sure to follow tha naa" of tuh. mm. puis. 7 Sold Everywhere in Doxeo, 10c. and 25c. MeKean, who for nearly 30 years was efeli tor-iu-chief of the ; l'ublle Ledger, at his nome a ere, at the age or 8j years. Ql liBKC March i 30. L. Z. iJoneas.'pro vineiai snpermteuaeut or eame and dsn The deeased was well and favorably known among all ihe United States sportsmen. -DENVERl Col., i March 30. Frederick Boscovitz, an eminent Hungarian pianist, here, of general debility. He was the last living pupil of Chopin. He tvas born in Budapest. Iruugary,; und had been in America 23 years. j " j CHICAGO, MaVch 30. Gustavus Franklin Swift, brtsident Of the Swift racking Company, at his home here, of internal hemorrhages resulting from a I surgical operation performed several days ago. lie was 63 yeajs iof age. j .Attvy untft., aiarca 30. isews or tpe death of rather Ildepbonsus, Superior gen era i or tne uraer ot 1'assionlsts In spa nas oeen received i in tats city. He wtas well known in this country", as he couducqed missions in several 1 cities: when he was at tached to the monastertes-of the order I in Plttsourg, l'a., and Dunkirk, NL Y, There Is some talk of the Manufactur ers' Club all over the country acting in conjunction with this movement. Emory (i. Taylor Wants to Get fjS,- I OOO from His Father's Half- Million Dollar Estate. PITTSBURG FIHE.MAN KILLED. Br Associated Press. PITTSBURG. Pa., March 30.-Whlle answering a Are rail last night one fire man was killed and three others badly in jured. The; a high a cornier into the street ahead. Robert II. Wilson! firemen wheelsl killing were on the hose carriage going at rate of speed when a wagon turned JT IN NEED COMMISSION APPOINTED MAYOR NAMES COMMITTEE TO CONSIDER QUESTION OF MUNICIPAL EXHIBIT AT ST. LOUIS. Mayor Knight has appointed Horace A. Noble, Walter J. Shepard, Richmond C. Hill. F. C. M. Lautz and Alfred H. Burt as a committee to consider the question of a municipal exhibit at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis in 1904, pursuant to the resolution adopted by the Comnion Council requesting theMayor to appoint a committee of five representative citizens to act with the president of the Board of Aldeimen and the president of the Board of Councilmen. j The committee will consider the whole question and report to th4 Mayor the desirability of such an exhibit, its char acter and cost, ahd the means wnereDy FIRE ON FROG ISLAND $3,000 FIRE LIGHTED UP AM- ERICAN SHORE LAST NIGHT. FRED LERK'S HOTEL DESTROYED. j f A saloon ; aaq ice house on Frog Islaao), directly opposite the Grand ; Island ferry dock, was destroyed by Ore at 10:30 o clock last sight. Til "biase 'wasja spectacnlar srh Men from Georce Floss place set out ifor the island, in boats an-d itttemnted to the buildings, but the fire bad gained too much headTvar- aad totally (destroyed tha smiefures. . '; V : - M Tne saloon was elosm for the wmtwf and is useu in uie sniuiD?r ior sihr parties. The building, It Is beli ved, was set anre by tramps, who ninkje It A tielr headquarters.1 The loss is estimated at S3.000. It Is not covered by insurance. Fred: Lux was tha owner of the buHdingsJ- He, lives in Genesee - oi rre-i urar ae pen Ijine crossing. i.'sl BIDS EXCEED APPROPRIATIONS the expenses can be met. cation to this effect was Aldermen' today. A communi- sent to the Application ws madie Jo Surrogate Marcus today by Attorneys Clinton & Thomas, representing Emory G. Taylor, for an order directing the Fidelity Trust Company, as executor of fche estate of the petitioner's fjather, llascal L. Taylor, to p'ay Him i$8,000 from the estate. The young man irlaims that he requires the money to meet his expenses (Representative of the bank asked for an adjournment of the rrtotion on the ground that the bank was to make an accounting on- April 15th, and it would be well to have I both matters decided at once. Surrogate Marcus denied this motion and said he would not delay the motion of Clinton & Thdmas any longer than tottiorrow. Proceedings halve been instituted by heirs of the estate to compel the trust company to j show where some "of the accounts have gone. Th4y claim the estate has been mismanaged. Hascal L. Taylor left pifoperty valued at over one-half a million dollars, CASE OF TOO MUCH ! MOTHER-IN-LAW Switchman Schroeder Replies to His Wife's Allegations of druelty in reparation Suit. On allegations of cruelty, inhuman treatment . and abandonment Kather-ine Schroeder Is seeking a, legal separation from her husband. Louis A. Schroeder. The husband is a switchman and until March 10th last he lived with his wife and four small children on Jefferson Street,, near William. The wife alleges that on each pay day her husband goes off on a prolonged spree and that during these times his conduct is such as to endanger her life. On March 10th last, she says that he abandoned her. An application for counsel fees and alimony on the part of the plaintiff was made to Justice White in Special Term this morning, by her attorney, Guy B. Moore. It was opposed by Attorney William Hutchinson, who represented the husband. Mr. Hutchinson declared that the charges were frivolous and that this was simply "a case of too much mother-in-law." Justice White made an NO IMMEDIATE PROSPECTS OF OB TAINING NECESSARY IMPROVE. MENTS AT PI MPINO - . I STATION. f- of "vVilliamjh The big of keleer '& 'Co., port, Pa., of $27,300 for boilers foil the. water works jstation was j certified by Commissioner Ward to) the Aldermen today to be the lowest, and that of the Green Engineering Company of .Chicago i which is $12,421. is the lowest for the new stokers, j The O'Hanan Company of Canton is the lowlest bidder foc con-i - veyers at thei Water Works tation.f Thjeir bid was $33,350. The John Danforth Company of Buff alo put 1 in the dlowest bll for steam mains at $10, f 700. and the Buffalo t"drge Company jor induced draft at $5,1766. j- , j The total Jf the (lowest! ! bids was. $89,537, which lis in excess of the 'appropriation. Col. j Ward Suggested ' that All bids be referred 'tOi the proper com-i mittee to see if any portion "of the work can be done 6r whether he be directed" to reject all bids and readvertise. Commisisoner Ward reported about 75 streets in such bad condition that spend $700 in supplying the prompt- action repave them pair. Supt. Emeifson askd permission should be taken at oncei toi iney are ail Deyond re- to obtainiri gapparatua for schools, wth boiled watfer- DISC0URAGING .JEWS! FROM FLOOD DISTRICTS KING AND QUEEN DEPART Edward Goes to Lisbon And Alexan dra, to See and) Visit Her Father. . Br Assorlatted Press Cnble. LONDON, Marjch 30. King Edward, with a puite consisting of half a dozen persons started 'or Lisbon this afternoon, having a few hours previously seen Queen Alexandria off for Copenhagen, i The Portuguese Minister to Great Britain, the Marquis De Soveral, accompanied, the King. . was unable to check his team In time to prevent a collision, and all of the were thrown to the ground. The of the carriage went over Wilson, him. GIFTS TO HISTORICAL SOCIETY. The Buffalo Historical Society has re-j celved an old Are engine from the Pratt & Letohvirorrh Company which the firm has had for 40 year. It has also been pre- soiueu w-irn an iDKsriinu ny .Mrs. .enie C. Letsonj which was used by Millard Fillmore. GEORGE W. VOSS IS DEAD. George W. Voss, formerly of the con tracting nrm or ismitn & oss. died yes terday at his home. No. 1284 Main Street. ard 4 years.- Mr. Voss was a prominent Mason. He is survived by a widow and two children. George H. and Jeannette oss. ine runerai win be held on Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock from the family uouie. PEOPLE WERE PANICSTRICKEN. By Associated Press Cable. JERUSALEM, March 30. An earthquake suoik oi unprccenemen violence ws ex perienced here at a quarter to one this morning. The entire population was panlc- ainu&eu uui me uumage was siignt. MRS. ROOSEVELT STARTS. Bv Associated Tress. WASHINGTON. March 30. The yacht Mayflower, having on board Mrs. Roosevelt and her children, left the navy yard this moraing for a wefk's cruise, which may extend along the South Atlantic coast If weather conditions lare favorable. Otherwise the time will be speut along the Chesapeake Ulver and Delawanj Bay. , SILT AN AND CHIEFS FLED Bv Associated Press Cable. LONDON, March 30. Gen. Sir. Frederick Lngard, high commissioner of Northern Nigeria, at the hes(fl of a British force occupied Sokoto Mari-h 15th. After a feeWe resistance the Sulkon of Sokoto and his order grant ing the plaintiff $50 a month alimony and her attorney s $30 counsel fees. The suit was then referred to Attorney E. C. Hard for trial CHINAMEN HAVE NO RIGHTS Poor Chack and His .Companion Are Chucked Into Jail While the Fees Pile I' p. Cribbing: Swept Away by the Terrifto Current Running Through Gap. f Ung Tai Hlng and t'ng Tai Chuck, the Chinamen having what are known as Me-Get trick certiflcates and to testify to the validity of which Felix W. McGettrick, s former United States Commissioner of Ver-ment. was brought here several weeks ago, were Irralgned again before I'nited States Commissioner Keating t'his afternoon. The two Chinamen have spent their time in the jail while awaiting dual action in their cases. S3TH WARD, REPl'BHC.7rCLlrB. At a meeting held in North Buffalo Hall. Niagara and Hamilton streets, hint Satur day evening, the Twenty-nfth Ward Per- mameut Republican Club was organized. umcers ior ine ensuing year as follows: President secretary. Edward ('. Charles Lelb; Sviee-presidents Edward C. Guenther, Henri' Fritz, Fred Kussen, nr. n. n. uingnam LONG HOLDS THE FORT. Although the town board of! Grand island has" appointed a successor toi Charles W. Long, 'he former highway commissioner, the latter has served notice thatl he will continue to hold office until next January, and a legal contest for the place js assured. WARDS AND EMPLOYES OF STATE UNDERFED P The In-er-seal Package,, in whicn Uneeda Biscuit are packed, was not an accident It was made for a purpose : SERIOUS CHARGES MADE BY ATTENDANTS AT BUFFALO STATE HOSPITAL FOOD SUPPLIED DAILY IS UNFIT TO Kiinployes of the Buffalo State Hqs pital for the Insane located on Forejst Avenue are again threatening open re bellion on account of the inferior char acter of the food furnished them by the Odell administration. There was! a strike lastl October among the attend ants for tljie same reason, but the men kvere : pacified by , Supt. Arthur Hurd, Who, because of the impending election. nas no doubt anxious to remedy the jvil. Since that itime,; however, there fias been little or no improvement in the rations supplied,: und the big Insti- ution 13 qm the verge of, insurrection. lhe grievances are enumerated by the en atr follows: - , 1 i f;- i Serving leggs that have reached l a tate iof over-maturity long before they ere nrougni to ine tame. ; " r. Permitting half-cooKed meats and ege tables to be served day after day without any -attempt to stop the bractlce. j 1 ' ! " I Favoring the table of the physicians at the expense of that of the attendants-. .- "-;ivi,;. j,... -.. ,j-:,f- j Cutting off -supplies to euci an ex tent so that many of the attendants were forced to either go hungry or to sena out or the institution for food. Diaries have been kept by some of the employes in which were jotted down ! the kind of food furnlsnea from day to day and these memoranda tell a story of neglect and victuals unfit to eat. The potatoes, it is declared, were hardly ever wasnea, were of poor quality and seldom properly cooked. Pork and beans were frequently served practic ally uncooKea. Mucli complaint is made of the eggs supplied. Attendants to the number of 30 and: 40 have been known to leaye the table because of the odor from a rotten egg which had been opened. Onei entry irom a aiary under date of February zutn, reaas: "February 20th Had eggs for breakfast, which were very strong when opened, second table Had baked i po tatoes, but first had none, as they were not -ready, l suppose. General complaint about 'the breakfast. Dinner: Potatoes, half done. Supper: Milk was short. Potatoes Warmed up and not inviting. Fish mixed with potatoes, and whole burned. Much complaint" It is charged that beefsteak, is such a luxury that it has been supplied to the attendants only two, or three times a month, and that pie of any kind is naraiy ever seen. ! , The employes further allege that the patients, of "whom there are over 200 in the hospital, are half -starved and that they hungrily devour the scraps "left on me taoies or attendants. ; Dr. Kurd,- thei superintendent, made! genera denial of the charges, saying ma.i me cuomns was supervised bv an Your Purpose chiefs fled. w II II . ! l l 1 1 All . - . un . (Ml I I1TII l!AJJ v I 1 AAl IVk i 1 - r j , I Til LHfJvviUiJ u II II r t ' i. , ' : viA-ri . v. "X Vi - ; i r - ... i r i ' " . jv were elected Hk-hard Humphrey: Guenther; treasurer. jonn hi i) st, By ! Associated Press. NEW ORLEANS, March SO.-Dis. couraging neWs comes today-from the scene of the break in he levee at HV-mela. During the. eary morning more of the cribbing was jswept away by the terrific jiurrent tjhat lis running through th gap, and tie ends are J'apt idly crumblinlg away. Lumber is aW riving in aburidaijcej tut the "crevasini apparently I lis beyond control. Tha land for -miles) around iB a Vast sheet ff water and tht tracks' of the Texas Pa icific are now icovered. While the South ern racinc ia in dangpr from hae'lt water. j i ' ' .1 n. GREENVILLE, Mias., March 1I0.U water is now stationary and coveis nearly all the city. Many negro nsfilH gees are arriving and 'there is son) difficulty in providing for their imme diate wants but .there has been no real suffering. Relief boats continue t scour the: overflowed district south of here and ard picking ! up all perdort who desire to leave their homes. ' , : - 1 1 '' : . i ADVANCE FOR MACHIXE HINKBlS. .1 r By Associated4 Press. ' , JOHNSTOWJJ. l'a.f March 80. The Ber-wind White Company of J Windber, employe lug 4,0(X) niinei-Si has posted a -notice- of an advance of wages- to machine miners of 1a per .cent. Mo tollmen recejlve an increase of from 24 to 30 cents 'an hour; spraggets from 20 to 29 cents; and laborers lo pir TOOPS COJtFIXEDj ijjf- BARRACKS. MADRib. March 80.4-Jt is reported that serious Republican outrages bare ocenrred at Valencia. The troops are confined t oarracKg ana street meetings at Valencia are iui itiuufu, . . 1 j, - j - TAXPAYERS 1 1'RGB HASTE. ' The South Buflfalo Taxpayers' Association has adopted resolutions urmnir th ,Atr nr.i ficiais to do all In their power to hasten iie 1 formalities required before the work of abating the flood iniisance can be begun. 1 tirpos l! It was made that you might buy biscuit just as they left tne oven; tnat you could always ; depend on getting them fresh and oo4r Our Purpos It was made that e t 1 e could preserve ana de liver to you tne Dest biscuit in tne best con dition; protecting them against moisture, 'dust and germs; so they Will reach your table in their original, clean, wholesome and nutritious form. How well it has answered, all purposes is -shown by the sale of more than 200,000,000 packages. OKAX BISCUIT COMPANY I i 1 -Li expert in mat unet : , .. , i 'j ; 1 , ., . - ' j - - " T" If . . I; .... . - -y..-" . -. .

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