Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on December 6, 1986 · 6
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 6

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 6, 1986
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0 ALBANY (OB.) OCMOCRAT-KERAID, SATURDAY, DC. , 13 to cut U.S. vuQil 4W Trc3 flni!;y Ccplto! SALEM CAP) - Uit Capitol workers CaaSy p a still and reluctant Ctelma tree k;:e &e buiLLrg Friday after removing heavy bras doors to wkfea as epetif Efforts to ft the It M li& spruce bio the Capital felled m Tfcirsday, even including trimo-fcg five feet tit the bottom d the tree vuii a cfcaiosaw. The crew sLo tried biiictrj the tree, witfc plywood around ft, to mke it smaller. Eut the branches $uldat compress enough to go thrmSi Hie ducrwey. Workers even-tB&Rf solved (be pwlem by taking o3 the mm to mike room for the treat fm tlrah. ''Nett year we'll take a yantUdt wills us,H said Diane Dunn, eeontnator for Capitol Christmas decorations tsd who helped pick out the spruce from a SJmton free farm. Evsns now smHer PORTLAND (AP) - Evans Products Co. haa emertfd from a reorpmzatioa mfet federal b&ikxvptcj laws as a much smalkr concern with a new name, company officials have announced Te former Portland conglomerate, taken over by corporate raider Victor Posner and relocated to Miami, haa bees renamed Grossman's Inc. after betef reduced to Its only remaining operating asset, the Grossman's hardware store chain. At its tenith, the con fbmerate built homes, manufactured building materials, vehicle and engine parts, and leased raikais and truck trailers, among other operations. ' Pow took octroi In ISS1 In 1984 be sold Evans fiber and shelter products divisions, the first of several asset kV qukLtions during the company's strug- s with fcoo mUUon in kmg term debt he Florida-based financier since ha been convicted of federal tax fraud but the conviction was recenty overturned so appeal. Dishorn in troubla LGSTINZ, Ore. (AP) - Wildlife btolcgists fear Orion's most established Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep herd may be in trout le after fold resear chat tod five dead lambs last week and 30 more herd members with symptoms of distress. Including eouswii running onset and lethargy, otttckls reported The discoveries were made ia the Lostine Bighorn Sheep Winter Range In the mountains of northeast Oregon, Mid Oregoa Department of rt&h and Wildlife bwlegist Al Pekaa. He said blood and tissue samples were takes from the animala and are being studied by researchers at Washington Sute University and in southern California to determine the disease. The department has closed the sheep range to puUic access, fearing photographers and others could further stress the weakened anlmak -J Mm To Kyra Cook, being told ebout her life before amnesia is like hearing about a stranger. Girl rjcnto to reccll IIyq before 17 LONGVIEW. Wash. (AP) - Kvra Cook says she's AHer-mined to regain her memory of the fust IS years of her hie, but she doesnl know how she will overcome amnesia. its. Cook's parents, Gloria and Terry Cook, and her brother, Kyle, have skmly adjusted to having a "new" member In their family since Kyrs's memory was erased three months ago. At fust, said her mother, "It was really weird, like eometody horn another planet H Ms. Cook said she had to get to know her family again, too. "I'm used to them, but U s more like a boarding house than a family4 she said Her iiother believes his. Cook was mufjed Sept I in R.A. Long Part She suffered a bump on the head and was hospitalized. What she came home she didn't recognize anyiMrf In her room and was baffled at the sight of a toouhkmh, Mrs. Cook said Mrs. Cook maintains her daughter haa dunged in quite a few ways. Her manners art more formal, and she has a shorter temper. She no fcxigfT reads boob for pleasure, no Vrrt bites her nails and no longer refuses to ride buses. She seems less interested in her image and less independent, Mrs. Couk added. Several ksUiotht hospital showed no sip of permanent physical fcmm and a neurologist said he did not know how : to treat her, Mrs. Cook sail The Cooks say Kyrs Cook suffers from complete episodic amnesia. She knots the meanings of words like "grandmother" and "cookies," but can t remember her ow n pand-mother baking cookies, or anything else about her life before Sept I. Amnesia is frustrating, said Ms. Cook, a first year student at lower Columbia College. ' "I'm sick and tired of people telling me what I did because I didn't do it." she said "It drives me up the wall. It s like listening to a lecture you know nothing about. It's boring. Ml don't care what I did before. ( want to remember it myself.1' BEAYTR70N UP) - Kkt Inc. has fired 10 percent erf its U.S. workforce, or ataut 0 employees, because of a renewed slump m sales. workers in Oregon, Tennessee, New iiamjv-.hire and ebewhere receive ed tennmatmn notices when they arrived for work Friday, said Kevin Brown, spokesman for the athletic shoe and apparel corcpany. He said the terminations were effective immediately. "Some people think that layoff im plips that there will be some recall rtk That is not the case here " Brown Sdid He said those fired were offered a severance package, but he declined to elahorate except to say the company took into conudcratioQ the holiday season. - Brown said the bulk of those fired worked at Nike's corporate head-quarters tn this Portland suburb. Those who lost their Jobs worked in all departments and at almost all levels of respon-sibihty, he said Most of Nike's manufacturing b done in Korea, Taiwan and China, however. . "I think it's unfortunate, bid the company recognizes that we are losing some very good, very capable people,' Brown said In fiscal 198, Nike fired 100 workers, most of them overseas, after suffering Its first quarterty loss. By the end of fiscal 1901 the company had rebounded posting record prof its of of sales of its new product line linked to basketball star Michael Jordan. Earnings per share for the year were f 1.55, compared with 27 cent? a share in fiscal IKS. Total revenue piqued the $1 btthon mark, compared with tftM million in 1&5. Because of the introduction of the Air Jordan line, "fiscal 1936 may have bees somewhat of an aberration, Brows said Friday. Nike's current troubles were foreshadowed at end of fiscal 13QS, when the company reported that orders were down 29 percent for the six-month period ending Nov. 30. By Aug. 31, the end of the first Quarter of fiscal 1967, revenues were down 3D percent Although the company hasn't yet released results of the second quarter, Brown said 'there's been no appreciable chance hi that figure." . Brown noted however, that fiscal 1967 hasn't been so bad compared with fiscal 13S5, when the company reported losses in two quarters and was kit with a shoe inventory of 2! million. "We started to do well again in fiscal 8Sand perhaps we hired too many people," Brown said "When you start to do well, you faU back into your old habits." Until Friday, Nike employed 1150 people nationally. Brown said a luring freeze has been in effect for almost a month. Nike's larf est product line is basketball shoes, followed by running shoes and children's shoes. S 2 millran on the strength New rule will permit trucker suspensions SALEM (AP) - Sate Public Utility Commissioner Gene Maudlin has given final approval to new rules allowing the PUC to suspend truck driven from driving based on professional or personal driving offenses. The rules had been in effect on an interim basis since September. . Under the rules, a driver who commits a serious offense will hi suspended from driving for a year and also won't be able to dnve for a new trucking company during that period Serious offenses Include drunken driving, recklessly endangering or driving while a driver's license is suspended Drivers also will be subject to suspensions for multiple offenses on personal driving records. Cocalno found ct desert airstrip on military po Coufcecod morderer wants fast sentencing No driftwood permits SALEM (API - SUte police offices as longer art Issuing ocean shore driftwood collection permits for the Ore? on Dunes National Recreation Area. h SUte Parks and Recreatka Division says permitt will be issued only at the division's regional office at Coos Bay. Hie permiu allow people collecting frift wood to drive on the beach la arews that otherwise are dosed to can The recreatM ant Is between Florence and Coos Bay. Survivor upbeat PORTLAND, Ore. ( AP) - A survtw sf the climbing tragedy that took aine Ira ea Mount Hood last May says he amr throughout the erdeal thought he would (be. Giles Thompson said ea ABCa "Good Morning America" show that was televised Friday that he feels he got a second chance at hfe. "Andl m not going Is screw It ap this time, he satd Tbomptoa, of Langview, Wash., and Brintoe dart sf Portland survived two sights la a mm cave ea the moua-Uia. Nine others la the Oreeoa Episcopal School rtimbfog party ded star a bhxsard stranded them ea the peat Thorn pice's lower legs were am- Cated ma he's feeling down now. said ea the show, he says, "Hell, j might not he able Is rua again, but I've jgnnyhraia, my mind and I've got a Officer gets heart SEATTLE ( AP) - A If year veteraa sf the Everett police depnrtmeat was ia critical hut stable coodftoa Friday mCt fo&oviftg a heart transplant at tttvwrsitv Hospital SgL Robert Yowg. IS, was the hotptul'l ttts heart traaspUat recipient, siad spokeimaa LG. BUnchard YUMA, Arts. (AP) - More than a half ton of cocaine, possibly dumped by mistake, has been discovered at an atrstrio oa the Army's Yuma Proving Ground, federal agents said Friday. FBI and Drug Enforcement Administration officials ia Phoenis Mid 1,415 pxmds of cocaine ia dufld bags were found Thursday la a remote area of the desert base in southwest Arizona. Kerb lUwkina, head of the Phoenix FBI office, said the cocaine had a value ef m million oa the street, while a Customs spokesman said his agency estimated the cocaine s street value at fsjomuhoa. "It depends on bow it's cut (diluted) and where It s sold" said Customs spokesman Charles Conroy. Hawkins and Conroy also differed on bow many duffel bap were involved. Hawkins said there were 17, while Conroy said there were It Investigators believe the cocaine was dumped by a pilot who mistakenly landed at a base airstrip Nov. X, Hawkins aatd Hawkins said Army personnel woke 19 the pilot after discovering him sleeping ia his narked plane ea the airstrip. The pilot k4d Army personnel he had landed because his pUne was nearly out ef fuel and that he thought be had landed in the Barstow, Calif., area, Hawkins said lUwkins said the pilot took off after being gives some fuel It was not until Thursday that the cocaine was discovered ia some shrubs at the airstrip, but not la the vicinity ef where the plane had been parted Hawkins and Conroy said The cocaine was la Irregular packages coocealed In duffd bags, Conroy said Aa Army officer had written dowa the plane i serial aumber and investigators were pursuing that and other he satd. The Army uses the proving ground Ux testing equipment. SANTA FE, N M (AP) - Lawyers for an admitted murderer asked Friday for a speedy sentencing so any tmprsitioQ of the death penalty would come during the term of outgoing Gov. Toney Anaya, who recently commuted the sentences of five Death Row inmates. The lawyers acted we day after Terry Clark, 30, pleaded guilty to charges of first degree murder and kidnapping in the death of I year old Dcna Lynn Gore. The child's body was found July 8 in a shallow grave on a ranch where CUrt worked. Tt public defense laywers asked the New Mexico Supreme Court to order an immediate hearing, after SUte District Judge SUnley Frost denied s motion to hold It this month. Frost said it would be early next year before the hearing could be held Anaya, who leaves office Dec. 31, indicated Thursday that if Clart were sentenced to death he would commute that sentence to life in prison. l don't foresee any circumsUnces that would cause me to act dlferently than I have on other death sentences, but I have stressed that I would not and will not intervene ia any court proceedings," Anaya said in a statement, Anaya oa Nov. commuted the sentences of New Mexico's five Death Row inmates to life terms, citing what he called the immorality and inhumanity of captul punishment. Gov. -elect Carrey Carruthers, who supports capiul punishment, takes office oa Jan. 1. . In denytns the mot ion for a speedy hearing. Frost called it a "sham and said "this court has the power le protect it or a case from being manipulated by the chid executive of the sute of New Mexico.' AsiUnt Appellate Defender SheiU Lewis said the defense was asking the state Supreme Court "either to order Judge Frost to hold a sentencing hearing ia December or assign the case to another Judge for a sentencing hearing. Senior Justice Dan Sosa, an opponent of the capital punishment law, said the court probably will hear the case next Wednesday. Ms. Lewis said Clark had been witling to plead guilty to the first degree murder and kidnapping charges il the state wouldagree to a life sentence. She said prosecutors had refused to make that type of plea bargain. After Anaya commuted the death row sentences. Clark's lawyers discussed commuUlion with Anaya and then agreed to let Clart plead guilty to the capital charge without a sentencing deal, she said Ms. Lewis satd if a hearing is held in December, Clark's lawyers are prepared lo agree to all of the state's alleged aggravating circumsUnces that would qualify Clark for the death sentence, in order to get the sentence approved and delivered to Anaya. If the hearing is held after Anaya leaves office, Ms Lewis said "we'll put on every possible witness to show that Mr. dark s Ufa should be spared" Mil missile launched, 2 of 10 dummy warheads fail VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif ( AP) - Aa unarmed MX ballistic missile successfully flew to s target ia the Pacific ea Friday, but two ef rts dummy warheads didnl wort, Air Force officials said The MX was launched from a silo at I a m., satd Capt. Sharon Walker of the space and missile test ergamxation at Vandenberg, ISO miles northwest of Los Angeles. "Hie test flight itself was extremely successful' said Capt. Ron Joy, spokesman for the Ballistic Missile Office at Nurtoa Air Force Base. "Two RVs t re-entry vehicles, or warheads did not deploy --No. land lO.Wedoot have any knows causes of the problem. Everything else ... met all the test objectives The MX flew 4.200 miles to the missile test range at Kwajaiein Atoll. It was the 15th test ia a series of 30, Ms Walker said When the MX becomes operational it wiU )otn the Muxiemaa missile la the United Sutes' land based nuclear intercontinental ballistic missile arsenal. Give New Year Eve Party Package For Christmas Call far details 926-6031 Takerne Restaurant wiU be cloned December 24 4 25 so the emj4orees may errw the Sok y wtth thrtf famiLrw IIUUPrtcvM rvd K-t P?4 gtin na n-rn fc5iT 2XI fi? 2XF 01C3 'J tt i Wmm wwmmmmmw mW mm CMM f nnwim m MM pi IM It TM r f f'f A A I Ji. Visit the Raa drlvw thru with 4cm thla wwek and buy onw RfftsUr Roast Etef or tZQ aandkli and jet on I I. LE, Buy one) RtguUr Roast Ccf aarvdwkh and gat one FREE c s B B I Duy ont LZQ tandttlch and 6t onw FREE It B Fon Lurxii ron OLD FASHIONED i AC I 1m mmm m LmbAI I DHwo-TVra f etil Ofc!y DtWTatns SwiUl On s f I! t Oiiin v .: :i f3 for cr.VViVy C . . m t i it is i ft HUM O-Jf C "- ' C ' . tt; 8 U f plvS o t 1 v- trrn t?-:: cz::n-tn c:r:( enc nzi ALBANY WawHy 4 Sntm Mwy 15 tt in-y Z txlt 1222 ) fttaiarnt OPEN 24 HOURS Pe 04 a Apo na triii KVST IXM)HWITIISTYI.M i

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