The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 29, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 29, 1947
Page 4
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jReif Inspired Revolution \bout To Break Out In Korea fh American Occupation Zone EMTOE'S NOTE-^Th<: vie* present anrt t'encral news manager ot nMei'PKu'ts'pn a *»nr of the Far Kasl, making a flrsC-liaml ft ci»diUoa$. litre Is another of Ills dispatches.) . , By EARL, J. JOHNSON .j5|:':.< rl r 1 United Press' Staff Correspondent ,p;SEOUL, July 27. (.UP.)—Across tho Pacific and trough Japan, American Army commanders tell yon thai Ki?rea -is the hot spot of the Orient. j-HfKen'jTOH resell Seoul the re.i-» •— •cm for this becomes clear. It's _ , _ , hitwd on thc very genuine appro- f*4O-T 611011V KlIlG Ij^Uic^'lhat Ccriihvunists are nboui, •* m^up^T^S'^ln Ford Contracts • l > If that should -happen the Amer- I Aclrerrl kw HAW tain Army would have to BO into 13 /^blVCU UJ W**TT nbat- against communists ami e is no telling what tho con- DETROIT, July 29. (UP) — Thi would lead to. . cio United Anloworkcrs Unio' of 'tills'portentous pos- disclosed yesterday Hint It has ask ,,_ Mnmandlng General John C( i'ihe T-ord Motor Company for taedire Jias not brousht his fa:r.i'.y n n o-penalty clause lo absolvt wj; Kcr^a and has advised other 108,Q03. production workers of lega ferny irien to leave their- dcpen- utility under the Tnft-Hiirtlcy Ac dents it home -too. . for contract violations. f Militjjry Police •_ carry siwed-off The dlscliisurc was made by UAV slwt£[uris here. Coils.,o[ hnrbed vvire vice-President Hlchnrd T. Lcanan (estcon' many narrten -walls. Vet- ns un ( 0 n continued ucgolla irans 6' the war -in Europe say tions w jti, ro ,. ( i D] , pension plan de 1 looks more like c. front Hnc t a ^ s y ^ n ^ow contract. anything they have seen out Leonard sntrt I he company ha here. '•• Y ^ not yet granted Ihc demand lor J pedtice to its siinplest terms., the so . c! ii],. ( | j 0 ] )n u r/swis clans prcb'enj cl Korea' Is. how 'lo turn unlcll S | n( .. s tpps the Tall-Hurtle pie country back to the Koreans Law by re r clr [ n ^ union contrac f-Khnut having It become si S'jvjet. V i 0 j n (i ons to normal redress uiu lit^. When •the second World c j,i ne ,.y ended the'Russians moved Into "This is a very Important <lc . northern part of Korea nnd lnnn(1 •• j.i. 0 nnrd said. In'dlcntln occupied it down to the 38th par- thc 1)OW( . r f,|i mi ion would clclny it illel. The A^nerican.'i occupied ev- ,, BrC( , lncnt wilh the Ford com pan trythlng south of thtt Itne. The H ... hM(1 nf [hc Fol(l dcpll ,. lmcl . Cairo. Yalta and Moscow confer- f , ( inces decided that - -K^rca should , „... 4ave fier indepcndonce "In due fourse"- and dual occupation was fe be only a temporary measure. 1 Then' came the Moscow decision 4f 1645^ The A'lles set v> a joint Km^ricsn- Soviet Commission to lartls demand would ini nient announced UAW ix>llcy seeking no-penalty provisions in a its future contracts. The .Commission bsRfln holding 5 me .\_/on:Tiiiii^iuii uKfiiui iiuivimr, fl ^^ 1 ^|. re < ;i ^ lil c meetings at "once but Itot nowhere - ^^ ]n;(ln i ( j co i 0 [,i ra ) nllgnnients *t the Jje^nninK nnd nowhcrtf since. th[]t M . c ^^,(,1;,^ (!lc w orid these •Now it, is bogged down ngaiu. The (lRJ . s (;0 , ] , 0 ln(0 B j ln ,.| )cr f 0 cus here firht In the .Commission I* over u, nil - m O lher countries because which of 40 Korean political arcups. c j Ul( , p . ira ii c i dividing line. Po- '*_---1J '.»-- „!.. -- t.^i^I.^nr- Vlir MlO Viix. 1 "... ---- .should ;bc ftlven hearings hv .(he <i)mmission in connection \vitli setting up a provisional government. Americans nccuse the Ht-ica! Iliinkins Koreans themselves who are broken up Into more 'political imrlli-s than nny other five ccuntrit^ combined will only COU1UTK .., CC muuic-ii »m umj ..u>. sians (J* trying to sabotatse tnC| cou f ;ls i 0 |, w hen and II the forces ComJnlsston'5 work by chine pre- |Of con^iuunism nnd wcsi.ern de' Terence* to extreme leftist groups. The Cotrirnisston disagrees over Inn quBlificjitioiVs ' « pbliticaV parly shou'd J<ave ik'tprc, being admitted. 1 '.Meantime the-Koreans, who bavcj R^ in^^.their own -lan^naije 4r ; "iri diie'^emirse," are : biicklnp |he tnistces'tiiol idea.; Thev belleVcl that trusteeship' means the sn.rh«' slRve-like control the .h'.ranese V.n-| posed here from 1910 lo 194"), when Korea v.^'-'a Japanese protectorate. --K.-•-•-•••••• i T£e Russians are said lo have orgBiii«d es a Soviet satellite that |Wt. or Korea they ccc\mv bc- hihd the pera-'lel. About lO.DOO.CO^ Koreans live in thnt part, of Korea and about 19.0SO.OCD In the Ariiericwi zrne. • i Desnltr nii'itDrv patrols on toth sides ofHhe orrallel Com-niunists up north ate said to he sending thou- si'nds ol well-dcr.trinated ComiTiun- iffs into the lAmeriean znne to Join with their cnlleagues here to stir up •'tro'^blc. Tliese arc in addition t/j refugee. 1 ; fr<-,m the Soviet zone who are described as Teeing across the border every day. V Tricy'jLare the people Am5ric«i military, authorities see as potential revolutionary threat. An up rising ; *culd appear to bs spon- t:ineoiii£ with regular residents of ^ie American z^ine. but- in truth would <« organized nnd turned on by thff- party workers who infiltrated viijto the zone from the north. S '•' Another disturbing aspect of thc situation nls the fact that the Russians have a native North Ko- eah army of 200.0()D. This remains north ef the parallel. South of the pars'tej; 'the American -Army snpp'.ei^entcd by no nal.lve army »t all,-but has a native constabulary of- -10.COO and police force of ajooo. ; v 'Thafis the lineup as it stand- today in this poverty-stricken. <li Tided l»nd. Koreans themselves havi riot hnl an .Independence Day ii lnocl conlc inlo on tllj ,.- ,,,. n i nsu la. C on[lict • Tbc"Jccp" pulls plows, secdcn •nd other farm iiitplcnicnrs; cowl 5,500 I'js., hauls 800 Ibs. You can cross town or pasture In the "Jeep." A power take-nff to run your equipment. Come... sec how widely the "Jeep" spreads its cost. SEE IT NOW AT POOLE MOTOR CO. Steele. Mo. 4 :. Immediate I delivery - A Gould's Automatic Water System - Gives you the most for your dollar ? Farmers Terms Fart this Fall-Part Next Fall HARDWARE CO.Inc. HOMf OF FAMOUS 66Af)DS 126 V&MAIN ST . . PHONE 515 XAKKJ OOUBIER mcwi TUESDAY, JULY 29, 1U47 TRAFFIC SAFETY WEEK July 28-Aug. 2 DRIVE SAFELY-SAVE LIVES! Notice To All My Friends: I have now assumed duties ns Foreman of the Lcroy Owens I'ontiac Company and you are cordially invited lo bring your car troubles here STANLKY C. WATSON FOR YOUR SAFETY-AND THE SAFETY OF OTHERS "Be Careful" is the Lliemo in Mississippi Counts' tliis week in observance of "Traffic Safety Week" ... A week in which every motorist should become "Safety Conscious" ... A campaign '." in which every driver is brought to realize the necessity of exercising greater care on the streets and highways ... A drive which will result in the saving oC many lives and thc preventing of 'untold casualties from accident ... It could even save your own life, or that of your child- Records show that .seven out of every ten automobile accidents could have been prevented if only Hie slightest amount of precaution had been exercised by the victims. What about the condition of your car? Arc your brakes all thai they should he? Have you had the slccriiiK apparatus, wheel mechanism and tires on your car inspected lately? These arc vital factors in helping lo prevent accident. Bring your car to us regularly for complete checkup for safety's :,ake. Our expert mechanical staff will keep your car in excellent condition at all limes . . . and at a cost that is so small for the lives it may save. So visit us regularly . . . and drive safely. Northeast Arkansas' Newest and Most Modern Garage i LEROY OWENS PONTIAC COMPANY Osceola,Ark. 4 llli

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