Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 16, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 16, 1895
Page 2
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fTCURES EVERYBODY. The Wonderful Medicine, Dr. Greene's Ner- vura Blood and Nerve Remedy, Always Cures. It is the Best Spring Medicine in the W orld. You Need it Now. Rarely do people feel well at this •eason. Tnoy emerge from winter, weakened aod run down In h«<iHh. They are not exactly s'ck, but they feel out of order, nervous, tiro easily. do not eat or sleep well, and are •plrltloB. "»Dd lack their old time strength and luntltion. All this Is because they need, and muot have a spring medicine. It it acknowledged by all physicians to bo absolutely necessary It U not safe to try and gat ihroufrh the spring without oue. The bleod under^s changes ai thU soa.-on, which re-quire a B trengtbeniu;r, luvig- oraUu? medicine, just such n ono us Dr Greenes Norvura blood and nerve remedy, for there la no other modi- cine lo iho world which has such wonderful power to make pood blood, BtronK nerves, and perfect health. Rsad'what Mr. nnd Mrs. Joseph A. SUyton, t«o prominent and well known people of Calais, Vt., think of It. H I wanted to. It cured me completely. Before I took UI was so dizzy I did uoi daro go away to work alooe. I would fall down and hurt myself badly. Since takicfr Dr. Greene's Ner.vura blood and nerves are steady. I know u is tbo be8t medl " cine, and advUe all to use It."Mrs. Lucinda Slay ton writes as follows: "About three months a£0 I had bilious fever and Rrlppe. My nerves wero all exhausted. At the same time I waa very sick. The prippo settled in my limbs and by advice I did 30methlng to scatter the trouble and U went all over mo. .-I was afraid I should become help I employed doctors, but they did cot cure me. I was so weak that I would sweat profusely, and could do but little work. I commenced taking Dr Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy, and soon received great bene- Gt from U. i.My troubles have now all left mo. and I can work ••P^BBI^^"^^— M MB, ASP "Two years ago I was taken with the grippe," aa\s Mr. Slay ton. "I bad to take to my bed. and was very sick. I c«me Tory near death. I was confined to my bod six wetks. When I got up I was very weak «nd could but just get around. I employed physlcirtns who did me very little good. • •I had serious trouble with my heart, so b .d that I fell and received •erloua injury. I was completely run> down nna could not do any work on account or nervous proatraiion. I was thoroughly discouraged. A friend »dvi«ed me to try Dr. Greene's Ner. vura blood and 'nerve remedy. -I had to have something to help me Immediately or I could not live long. O her medicines which I had tried did me DO good, I took one bottle of Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy, and it set me right on my feet. »I could not help having faith In this wonderful medicine even JCMKI'H A. SI.AYTON. all day comfortably without resting. My health is ae good as before 1 was gick I think my teeth have been benefited, as they do not actae be'< re. I o«n not praise too highly Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy. I strongly urge everyone to take It at ooco."- Don't delay another day taking this most wonderful of medicines. It will positively cure you. Now is just the time you need it most. It will take away all those dull, tired, languid and nervous feels, cure that biliousness, constipation and headache, and make youfeol strong, powerful and vigorous. It Is purely vegetable and harmless, and Is used and prescribed by doctors, because it is the discovery and prescription of a noted physician. Dr. Grrene, of 35 West Uth St., New York City. He Is the most successful specialist In curing nervous and chronic diseases, and can be consulted free, personally or by letter. Cnarley'* Aunt, ••Charley's Aunt 11 lh«J farce which hat made suoh phenomenal records In New York, Am*terdaoa and South Africa, will be presented at the opera houae. Wodneiday, March 20 for the flnt time, under the direction o? Charles Frohman. The farce flrat captured London two years ago, and ha* bsen pUylng there continuously, winter and aunamer. ever alnoe. Boston crowded the Columbia and P-trk theatres for 0>e rnoatas In New York u U now lo its second season. "Charley'!? iunt" has made a barrel Of money for everybody concerned In Its production. CharU-s fr'rohtnan's proBta from the Ne« York, B.'S'on and Chicago runs exceed *2ftO,000. ••Unariev's A.mt" Is a farce which catohe* the fanoy of women. They go to see It over and o»er and seem never to tire of U; probably this 1» b 'Cause It has eo much sweet and . fter n n! j sentiment mlnijled w th IIB rolllckion fun. There are six complete lovo Ktorles*\n it, all ehartnlngly told Even body In tbe piece is in love tvod Guoid has qui-e a praoksome tlm-i be'or« ibo performance Is over. This grent. production 1* lo be at the opera nouso nest We'-neaday nigh*. Ezr* Stovcins",,!* resldoot'of ton to*nsh'p Carroll oouaty, was Injured b-dly In a fall ye*vsrd»y at Kouln> li-.i-flog house In tbft cUy- -A. loo viion o' thd lijft ehouSdor »aa i bj Dr. Br-Hrifieid. »od see aU me UP* • styles in UUirlciSIe«ii«g Knl«hl» _ The Knight* of. PyvtUas of Lafayette are making big preparations, for the coming district meeting of tbe order lo be held, at that place Tuesday, March 19ih. la the meeting there ar« expected to ba three hundred knights, to represent thirty-seven lodges. The counties composing the district are Beaton, Carroll, Cass Clinton. Howard. Tlppaoanoe. Tipton, Warren and White. Committees have been bard at work for several day*, and the Lafayette knights promise th*t the best entertainment tbe city affords will be tendered the visiting delegates ^ A BowehoU Tr«4«««. D. W. Fuller, of C»nnjunarle, > T . Y., says that be always keeps Dr. King's New Discovery in the house aod his family has always found the very best results follow its use; that be would not ba without it, if procurable. G. A. Dyicemm, drugelst, Catskill, N. Y.. gay that Dr. King's New 'Discovery is undoubtedly the best cough remedy; that be has used it n his family for eight years, and it has never failed to do all that Is claimed for it. Why not try a remedy so long tried and tested. Trial bo^t'es free at B. F. Keeping's drug store. RfgulHi-oize 50c. and $1 A Sq;n«d i>f Bi-*ular«. A squad of tweniy-one regular soldiers passed tbroush here yesterday over the Pan Handle on tbe way from Columbus to Idaho. Mrs. M. F. Arnold, of Indianapolis, took five Dottles of Lemon Laxative and is permanently cured of Headache, Backache aad Constipation, She ad- VERDICT FOB THE PAN HANDLE. At Nobleaville on Thursday In the caee of Mrs Ellen Ferrlter against the Pan Handle company for $10 000 damages the jury delivered a verdict in favor of the railroad company. Lait July Pitrick FarrHer was killed by Pan Handle passenger train No. 3U near Mallot'd Park while on his way to Indianapolis with a wagon load of garden truck. The jury rendered their verdict on tbo evidence of the railway employes --no elated that they bad conformi u with the rules and regulations ano find given the proper warning: that they «rere approaching the road eroding by blowing the whistle aod ringing the bell. The verdict is a remarkable one for the reason that It is the flrst one rendered in favor of a railroad company in tha.t (Ham- ilioo) county in which a private individual was the plaintiff. All connected with the case received a surprise including the attorney for the railroad company, who had no hopes of gaining the suit but wished to out the damages down as much as-possib'e, The attorneys for the plaintiff have miide a motion for a new trial and in case tbia Is DOI granted will appeal the case loihe Supreme Cuort. Patrick Groaey was in charge of the engine that killed Ferriter. VANDALIA 1VKECK. A westbound VandcUla passenger train on the main line collided with a switch engine at the eastern limits of the Terre Haute yards at 2 30 yester day morning. The locomotive hauling tbe passenger train was a Pan Handle class P engine and the shock: was so terrific that the yard engine was pushed fully one hundred yard a ahead by the passenger locomotive which by the time the train was brughuo standstill it had telescoped. Although the passengers were badly shaken up. nobody was hurt much. In the crash a lan-p in the baggage car was thrown to the floor. It exploded and Bet fire to the train. To add to the catastrophe the pretsure In tbe water mains was very low aud much damage was done before the hre could be put out. Several cars of coal and freight on adjoining siding we e with their contents totally destroyed. The wreck was caused by the crew of the yard engine occupying the main track on the time of the passenger train. That the Y. M. C. A. is fast gaining a foothold among railroad men is evidenced by the following-clipping from the Cincinnati Enquire r: President Spencer of the Southern Railway baa given his approval to a plan which contemplates the erection of no less than 12 or 14 Y. M. C. A. club houses along the lice of that road. The great advantage of these club houses to trainmen has been fully demonstrated, particularly" along '(he Chesapeake and Obio road, where a large number of club houses and club rooms are now in active use. In this connection it may be stated that the C. and O. road has recently publinbed a charming little volume entitled "Safety In Travel" in which tbe work done and the benefits accruing from the rail way branch of the Y. fil. C. A. are folly set forth. The book is beautifully printed and Illustrated In colors A table at the close sho« that 277 employ ee of the C. and 0 at Clifioo Are the Best Months in Which to Purify Your Blood And the Best Blood Purifier is Which Purifies, Vitalizes and Enriches the Blood/ season everyone should take a. good spring medicine. Your blood in A ehort timo he has » mere skeleton. wtite, and it was bard work •at enough to keep him alive. bad ' ,v o-oo spr . ^ mae m must be purified oryou will be neglect- A {ew weeks ^ter we h.d to Wp lanced -• ' aud following this five other eruption broke out, making eight running sores in oil We did all wo could for him, but he grew weaker every day, although we had throe of the best physicians. As a last re- U1 ,. your health. There is a cry from'Naturc for help, and unless there 13 prompt and satisfactory response you will be liable to serious illness. This demand can only be met by the purifying, enriching and Blood-Vitalizing elements to be found in Hood's Sarsaparilla. That this is the best medicine for you to take is proven by the fact that it has the largest sales and accomplishes the greatest cures o£ any medicine in the world. It purifies the blood, creates an appetite, builds up the nervous system and renovates the entire body. Do not be induced to buy enure uuuj . A-'" "«» "" \Tf\f\T\ia anything else. Insist upon HOOU b. A Boy's Life Saved. "I cannot praise Hood's SarsapariUa enough for wh»t it has done for my boy. Some four years ago, when BIX years old, Georffe was attacked by hip disease in his right leg. We had to get him a pair of crutches, with which he was able to move about, but became badly deformed. Wo had to have his right leg lanced just above the knee. In a few week, a second sore ^ MO jQy ^ ^ broke out, both discharging freely. Agon- gtored to health and we i izing pains afflicted him, ho could not bear • the h ^ hest terms of Hood_8 =»«££"£ to b* moved, his growth was stopped and I MRS. &BKKY W. M0EPHY, Enter, N, 0 vl ViAO V^JV p ~ "- — t son; wo were prevailed upon by relatives who had taken Hood's Sarsapunlla witu beneficial results to give the medicine a trial. We got one bottle .bout the first of March, and he had takcu the medicine only a few days when his appetite began to improve. When he had taken one bottle he could move about a little with hia crutches, which he had not been able to use for tbe preceding three months. We continued faithfully with Hood's Sarsaparilla, and in six months he waa Able to be Dressed and go about the house without the crutches. He has now taken Hood's Sarsaparilla regularly for eighteen months, and for the past six months has been with- •w worse. I read of cured of scrofula by out the crutches, which he has outgrown by several inches'. The sores have all healed with the exception of one which is rapidly closing, only the scars and an occasional limp ilmainW as reminders «' his suffering Hood's Sarsaparilla in his case h«» t?u v done wonders, and he is daily gaming m flesh and good color. He run* about and plays as lively as any child. We feel ble joy at having ouboy re- lth and^we always speaV in " My mother-in-law, Mrs. Elizabeth WoKc," at the age of 72 years, was attacked with a violent form of salt rlicum: it spread all over her body, and her hands and limbs were dreadful to look at. At the same time, my little daughter Clara, who was just one year old. was attacked by a similar disease, like scrofula. It appeared in Large Soros under ear.h side of her neck; had the attendance of the family physician and other doctors for a long time, but seemed to gi many people Hood's Sarsaparilla. As soon as we gave Hood's Sarsaparilla to Clara, she began to get better, and before the first. bottle was gone, the sores entirely^ healed up and there has never been any sign of the disease since. She is a Healthy Robust Child. Her grandmother took Hood's Sarsaparilla at the same time, and the salt rheum decreased in its violence and a perfect cure was soon effected. It took about three months for her cure, and she ascribes her good health and strength at her advanced age to Hood s Sarsaparilla. It, has certainly been». Godsend to my family." MRS. feOPHiA WOLFE, Zaleski, Ohio. r and Only Forge are full membera of the Y. M. C- A. During the',past year there were 57,810 visits .to the ;club home there, 4 380 lodging! were furnished, and the secretaries paid 1,206 visits to railroad men. The average attend ance at religious meetings was 78 and at social meetings 199. For some time past thei Wabash management has been aoibyed by a gang of hoodlum boy a of Huntlogton who amuse themselves witn throw, ing stones and Other missiles at pass ing passenger trains in several instances striking an-3 injuring tbe Occupants. Several eTeioingn »RO three boys were caught in ihe act o' stoning train 44 and are now in j -il at HuntingtOD. G«orge W. Boyd. assistant general passenger agent of the reonsvlvaola makes the announcement, that the company has DO intention of abolishing vhe special order for half rate tickets for Clergymen. G. A. Dornb^rg. chief line repairer of the Pan Handle lines with headquarters ai Pittsburg. was in tbe city yesterday. Lewl« Porter, an Aliee'd «»« Thief in Adjiidtfed IJuUty Of Receiving Stolen Properly—Three years His 1'orllon. Lewis Porter, who was charged by John O. Tyner with stealing bogs, and Indicted by the grand jury on two counts, the first being the alleged receiving stolen property, and tbe second for the alleged theft itself, was by the jury found gulity on tbe first count, and his punishment was Qxed at three yeara' imprisonment, $100 fine and dlsfranchisement for five years A sealed verdict was taken Into court yesterday morning. The dozen Cass county citizens consumed only two hours in reaching their decision. Porter has spent a year in tbe penl- tent'ary, he bavin* been sent up from Carroll county some years ago on a charge of larceny. J he defendant, Porter, has for some time been under $500 bond. A motion for a rehearing hai been made by his attorney*. He waa committed to jail just before noon yesterday. His bond has been Increased to $1,000 and he remains in the custody of Sheriff Horn burg. Lewis Porter la a married man and has a son and two daughters. He is a son of the late Joshua Porter. Tbe Eik» A rehearsal of tbe program for the coming performance of Hie Elks minstrels, was held last night at the lodge hall. Tae blackface artists are working faithfully wlta the Idea o giving the public something new in toe way of entertainment. A RfMldenl for Sixty Yearn. Mrs. Jorm F. B.-u.-geman . eiebra ted bet 78ih birthday last evtnlcg at the home of Jacob Hebel on Race utreet. Mrs. Bruggtman came 10 Lo gansport In 1*35. A large number o her friends were present to congratu late her. BurklpM'x A<-«te The bei-i salve >n the <ond (or cuts bruises sores, ulcer*, »nlt rheum fever sores, tetter, cbapp-d h»nds, chilblains, corns, acd all >kin erup tions, and pocltlvelj curt-8 pile*, or no pay required. It is go«jrnnieed >o give perfect mWactlOD.orj mi-Bey re funded. Price 25 cenu peir hor. ( For "flothers' _- • 1«« Friend" MAKES COLVIK. LA.,Dec.2,lSS6-— My wife used "MOTHERS' FRIEND" before her tiiird confinement, and says she would not be without it lor hundreds of dollars.— DOCK MILLI. " S«nt hy erprexs or mall, P « oer bottla. Book "TO SuuleTIree. Soldby.llDraggUW. • EECi C'LTOB: CO.,, AUapU,G». Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Johnson moved to 301 Wheatland street. A company of ladies waa entertained t tea by Mrs. D. W. Cady Thursay. A dance was laet night given at X>ng Cliff hospital for the amusement if the patients. Three candidates were given the hi id rank at the regular meeting last Igbt of Apollo lodge, K of P. E. A. Beoley will address the meet- ng Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock at he rooms of the R. R Y- M. C. A. A gentleman representing a South American railway, is in the city look ng for men to work on the enterprise. John Boerger and a crack shot named Smivh of Plymouth will soon give a match game of billiards in .the City. John Walker, tb.3 convicted harness thief, claims that hl§ father was at one time a law partner of Adlal Stevenson. Rodney J. Grain, of this •Ity, will go to Kokomo as assistant superintendent for the Metropolitan Life ln- surance-company. One of the wheeli at the water works will be removed and repaired, U having been found to be badly damaged Wednesday. The water works race has been re- stared to lu former usefulness, and last night the city's lighting was gen eratcd by water power. Another fox chase will be joined in by Harrison township sportsmen next Tbur-day. The round up will occur tome where near Lucerne. A picture of St Vincent de PaulV school aod children attending wa taken yesterday before work was com menced on tbe new building. Several con vet t.- gained at recent meetings at Indian Oreek. wereyester- day baptised ID tbe baptistry of tbe Ninth street Christian church. Mul-iply Your Wealth! throogli reading onr PLAK OF J»C'*«'K»''*1'IJI« I.\ l.\VEl»TME*T HOOD'S A new trial was yesterday granted Gundrum by Judge McConoell, in the celebrated case against tbe commU-. slonere of Ce.ee and White couniles. Exalted Ruler Nichols was recently selected by tbe local B. P. O. E.. to COB« Chi- represent the body at the ferenoetobo held Mocday at cage. The order of Eastern Stars entertained the children last evening at their hall on Broadway. A most enjoyable program was rendered by the children. W. A Gamer is preparing to build * ten room dwelling on Broadway between Eighteenth and Nineteenth streets. Architect Rhodes Is at work on the plans. A social was last night enjoyed 1 good crowd at tbe Wheatlaod sti 1 1. E. church. The Junior Epworth league had charge of affairs, *nd th» oclal was a success. . Mr. and Mrt. Miller Dhl have Uken loseeaslon of their new home on th» sorner of Tenth and Market street*. The residence i« :one of the hamd- omest In the city aod wa» » Kilt from W, E. Haney, th« father of MM. Ubi. Ske Built* Htr Btatth »t gt*«ol. Sad, but needles. With prjperoar* and tbe use of Zoa Phora. at needed >«rlod*. her splendid intellect might >ow be supported by perfect physical )0wers and gracei. Sold by B.. P. fceaUng andCoulson &Co- drugglltt. IncreawathedlsooniTortof the yojagw, Bot >?mwhentue weatbei t» i-ot temjjestnou* Uibieto*ea Mcknei*. Thfj »bo usverseth* "gli-antlc wetwn-" *bf uld te pr> vWeo »lth Bo* teiter'j Mom»cb PItvix, »bli-b quiets illsortewd siomacbs with craUTjli'g «P"-<1 and certainly.' To to- hurt nl Inrluen. e • I * tioplc, ma arlon* too rlirorous or nump c'lmste. amw-11 ft* io tl» b^neml «-flects or nnwhole ome diet and bad It IB a rei aDle antidote Commerelal >w by Ma- rland. nmrlnn*. mlnem. wit- em pioneers, and all «bo have to encounter Ticlssln dec c.f cllninie nnd ternix-m ujv. coneot lu pronouncing It tbe bwt - nfepiard It prerenM ^m ai.d j;nlmonaJ7 attack In con>- quenee of damp-nd cold and It I* »B effl lent d<-fen«« against all form-of tnalcila. 11 ca _ . . apon In djspcpula. liver a d kldnt- r trouble. J*Ei.. our mourn fd Pamph'eta and Dally Marke Lener nmi]e> Iree o-i a|>p'i'*t on. reve*i n>« sSr" ot Qul kly *<-cuml Hug Gr«lDi irom opera Uou« In Wan Sixwt. H- Ben-Bide* Occ fitncks. Bonds. <-raln. T P risiors xnd boutfM ^nd IOM for • a ii or on it margin o PerC8Dt COMM S-10X, 1-10 P writ us M d l.o»ro. BUsb-ft 188S. Incorpor-t«l 1S92. Consolidated f t»ek and Pro 0 duce jCompany. H. E. TFUIAX, M. 3p»clal attention given to Xose. Long. »nd Chronic DU»^M«t. OIH<* nn<1 Benldftnc* orf r State National Bank. Snow 1» to 12 a ai.. 2 to 4 p. in., and ~ to 8 p. m. Ill rail* promptJj rttended. DR. P. M. BOZ R'3 DENTAL 9 Cats Logan .. ,

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