Harrisburg Telegraph from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on December 5, 1867 · Page 1
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Harrisburg Telegraph from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 5, 1867
Page 1
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THE""TELEGR'APH . II rUBUSBKO Every K v nine QFFICM THIRD ST.. 2fAIi WAlSUT. 1 HAll FHXTLVfi , IWZ 55? , ! f t J . i f V : Mil! TKKTI8ISa BATSS DAICT TKtBOBAPB. - ' im fnhiwli. .1. . .... , clcobapb. lihse bavint advertisina to do will D"ii oonveniot for reference. . . "n or ija oonnuate eMe - stalf squar. - iTM lines, or more than four, edfewitate i square. - , An TEEMS' OF SUBSCRIPTION. SINGLE SUBSCRIPTION. Xn Duly Tkliokaph I served to subscribers in the eity et 15 cents par week.: Yearly subscriptions will be charged 7 00, ia advance. Those persona who neglect to pay in advance will be charged $8. WIKLT TELEGRAPH. s Tut TaxseSAru it alto published weekly, and is furnlt bed aabsoribers at the following oash rates : Slot le c p , weakly ... .. .... .. $ 2 Oft Three eop es to one r - ostoin - e o w Ten eopiea to one Postoffloe 15 0 BHIOK & KI NNE Y, 1 . - .' ; .' f , . , BALlttlS IX , . VEGETABLES FISD AND OYSTERS. a idvdii: A HAPtmnDC Always w u XV found, at raasouabe prioe. and Walnut - , Depot, Seeond ocrS' tf 09oraTe lfr ,tuwX ATTOBNBYAT - IiAW; nin.ovw 'the City Bank, corner of Third and M2rke;"(tr..oeon Third street), HarriB - b Prompt attention given to all bus'ness entrusted te his eare. r - 0 t2 " . John , 81. Uershjr, ATTOKNTCY - AT - LAW. Oftta ia the Court House. . tepl8 - daw8in 1 ATTORNEY - AT - LAW. iFFICE'with E. Cl Reichenbach, No. 28 V South rhtrd ., Harrteburg, fa. e!a - dw4m . TUB ffl r VnyUTT m WHOLISaLS ' Produce tsd Commission Merchant No. 92 Fourth SL, PUtburg, Pa. octa lr JOU5I W. OLOVEU, MERCHANT TAlLdll, HO. 231 MARKET STREET, Oppoit the fiturl Howe. T HAVE always on hand a fine assortment CLOTHS. "ff v" ! ' 'caIsIMHRES AND VESTTNGS. Also a full asiortmeat of Gentlemen's furnishing QOOdi. - .. ' MH'll tf WM; W. JENNINGS; IBON FOUNDER, I IX OIw JXAII. IJTW, House Fronts, ' " Verandas, Settees, - Table. Hat' Stands, Window Caps, .: .. . .' ''.!. r' Brackets, and Banders' : Iron Work la General. Corner South and Biwrt Sts., ', ' IIARBfBI'Rfl, PA. N. B. Wood Carving and Pattern Making attended to pmmpMy. ' gi21 - tf George Conkle, MERCHANT TAILOR, Ho. 310 Market street. ' ": ' - teplg - tf ; - - ;. , ' . , ' . - . Money Loaned on Collaterals, : - , THE undersigned has opened a Loan Office on Sixth stree', near the United etate Hotel, between Market and Walnut. bere he will advance money on Stock - , ttends, Notes. Wstohes, Jewelry, Ac. tantlVly) - J UX)B TAUSIi. - J. KSiJLIXOr - R'S MOISTEY LOAN OFFICE 428 MARKET STREET, 1 1 .' 5 Money advanced on collateral security of every leseriotlon. in small and large sums. - uk1 ly J. VS. J DARK, - r 1 ' AT TO 1N EY - AT - LiAW. Offloa Court Home Avenue, neat Market street . Jy30 - tf " , M. W. MoAlaruey, ,. ATTORNKT - ATLAW. ' Office: Walnut street, opposite the jail, P. O. Boi 350. - ' myl7 - dly - ' . Oe BEICilfiNBACH, r: , LaU Major, Quartermatter' i Drp't, V. S. A., ATTOHNEY - AT - LAW, OFFICE 28 SOUTH THIRD STREET, HABKISOUU. , Oolleotions, Offieers end Soldiers' Claims and Ao - noaaU promptly attended to. - ifdjiifte !bnna to btutfd)tr pror oufltf libit iX' wtrbtn. wpl8 - tf Jt'Tr. Slmoutou, A TTORNEY - AT - LAWj and District At - Xtorney of Dauphin oounty, ha removed his of. r uaup Third i ee to North street, near Market. jan2 - tf MEBGIXANT f TAILOR, NO. IXSJiARKET STREET. ' , mar!9 - ? a. r. xr.vrsr.it, ' j ' TEACHER OF MUSIC., Onoa Ward's MuhIo Store". Thi - d street i Reeldenee Third atreet. above North, jo'33 ly. John W. O lover, T MEBOHANT t TAILOR, 221 MARKET STREET, V. !" OAHBIMBDKO. w ap2 - dly , KNSBIIIIOEK AAIIAHs, AweUorutri m& Conmitsion ' - Merchant No. 84, ooana Caasxif ct axd Sboohd btbsets, Sales both in oity and eountry promptly at - tended to. Terms moderate. Reiii - ati IT. A. BOEHMBK, ' (Sueeetsor to W. ST. OoUsby,) ' Plumber, ( and 3 Uas Fitter", To. 25 South jSefonii tj jlarriabarg. All work warranted to bo done 'n the ben manner and on the most reasonable terns. apl - ly KEY8T0NE C0NFE Tl(NEtt, ; SHICK'8, Second and Walnut Streets CANDIES, CAKES, CREAMS, WATER ICES, FRUITS AND TOYS; WHOLESALE AND RETAIL.' First class arrangements for servin parties', large ana small, wttn tint Uaki, - renins, vo. A LARGE ASSORTMFNT OF CHRISTMAS . TOYS. aovja - tf tirape Vines, Tree, Ac. XTOW i the time to nlant Vines and Trees, wJ.tr jH ,n 1 leading varieties of (Ira no Vine, rt2. fnrj'rts Trees, Everert - ens, c. for (ale s,l - ityrioral Garden, Corner of 'iVi and Forster ftreeU, - rr..0T. inovH - tfl JOHN KEPPLE Chaaao f rhaana T A PRIME ARTICLE just received,' at . hm9, M. ..FOUKT'S, Third and Walnut s's. KaVlntltii ! ll.ti ImIiiw!! A"li?5?f Raisins, in large qnantitiea, fortheholie - H..!,,,, Jtf H . 1 a. . atifE tlVo MUDH.L RTOTtE. MHrKct "quire. T BDOER8,pa, Books. Jot, b'?0(fc'i.R"Vlpt Fas Td Po lama .f.v. J Journals. Record eke. M ore era n CaEi - Fkk'B BOOK SXURK on, for sale at DaCf. - ir... MLERICAIW DR. JOHNSON, li BALTIMORE LOCK HOSPITAL HAS discovered the moat certain,' speedy and effectual remedies in the world for j .DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. , - , RKUBF IH MX TO TWKLVB B0UBS. NO MERCURY OK NOXIOUS DRUGS. Curt Warranted, or No Ckarae. in from I One to Two Days. ' , . . , Weatnueaf theBaok. AlrMdonse the Kldntf. ad ASlailUer, Involuntary Disoharges, Impotenoy tiunerat Debility, Nervouraess, Dysrepsia Lanruor Uow Spirits. Confusion of Ideas, Palpitation of the ;r trt. Timidity. Tremblinas, Dimness of Sight or JidtJinesa, Disease of the Head. Threat, Koee ot Km, Aifeotiuns of the Liver, Lunts, Stomaoto 'Viweis thoe torrible disorder arisins from the talitory BabiU of V oath those secret and solitary prootiden more fatal to their victims than the son, of Syrens to 4he Uarinera of Ulysses. bUghtut; their nort brilliant hopes or anticipations, renderinr aarriace, Ac Impossible. . L r ' YOUNG MEN Apeoially. who havebeoome theriotims of Solitary . chat dreadful and destructive habit which an - ".ify sweepsCto an. untimely grave thousands of Yoong Men of the most exalted talents aad brilliant otelieet. who might otherwise have antra need list Senates with the thunders of eloquenoe or vakcxi to ecstaei the UtUk lyre, may tall with fail " i "' MARRIAQB, ' ' - nfarriod persons, or Tonne Men eontemplatln jiiirriace. being aware of physical weakness, organic iiihility, deformities. Ao., speedily oured. ... uoino places nimseir unaer ut care ei bt. M!.i re! - 1 rod rct .i - e - i' - r.ely eonfide in his honor as a gentleman. itCdently rely npon ais satu as a rnyttoiav i - ORGANIC "WEAKNESS 5 iromediately oared, and foil rigor restored. , , lb if distressing afleotion which renders life mis - .rcl.lo and marriage impossible is the penalty paia tiyihe victims of improper indulgence. Yeungper - rms are too apt to oommit ezoesses from not being aware of the dreadful consequences that mny ansae, low. who that understands the subject will nretend to deny that the power of procreation is lost sooner by those falling into improper - habits than by the i praaieBW JJesiaee oetng aepnvea toe pleasures ol healthy offsprina, the most serious and destructive i.L.iiitoma to both bod, and mind avlaa. Theavatam bccciBii deranged, the physical and mental funo - tione woakoned. Ion of prooreativo power. nervs irritability, dyspepsia, palpitation ef the hearL ic - :rrr1or, constitutional debility, a wanting of the (Tame, cough, consumption, oeoay ana aeata. - 1 ' ; i - r - . . ' .' . . . . - . 1 - f ' f ' j . i - . . . ' Qmoa No. 7 Boora Fbstduiok Brant, Left hand efde anins from Baltlmora street, a Ibw door from the ooraer. Fail not to observe name rd jiwulier. . Letters most be paid and contain a stamp. The Doctor's Diplomas bang la ais omoa. r C - DR. JOHNSON; " .." Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, London graduate from one of the most eminent oolleges in the United States and the areata Dart ef whose Ufa Sao been spent in the hospitals of London, Pari, Philadelphia, and elsewhere, has effected some of ihe must astunvining cores taat were ever Known trtany troubled with ringing in the head and ears ahen asleep, great nervousness, being alarmed at ulil"7i (tnanes, ba'&folnew, wttn frequent blushing, ..Horded noinetlmes with derangement of mind war yarndi n mediately . TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. . These are some of the sad and melanoholy effects produced by early habits of youth, vis: weakness of the CKckand limbs; pains in the bead, dimness of licrht. loss of muscular oower. palpitation of the hoart, dispepsia, nerrons lnitabUity, symptoms of nirriT.LT. The ie.rfnl effects ea the mind are n.orh to be dreaded lose of memory, oonfnaion of id fas, depression of spirits, mru foreboding, aver ;' - - b to sooiety, self dutrosl love of solitude, timid - ity. Ae are seme of the evfls prodnoed. - , rii . YOUNG MEN ? , Who have ininrad themselves by a certain araetiee icdulged in when alone, a habit frequently learned from evil companions, or at sohooL the affects of which are nightly felt, even when asleep, and if not cared render marriage impossiDie, ana aeetroy both miud and bodv. snot ould apply immediately. man. the hone of his aoi w ny u it tnat a young man, tne nope ot ais eoon try, tbe darling of his parents, should be snatched from all proinecoi and enjoyments af Ufa, by tag oonseqnenoe of deviating from the path of natars ircuixing u a oanain eoorei nam, joaea per cve iHiaiu. eentempiating w ' - ! MARRIAGU, "' Reflect that a soaad mind and body are the most ceceseary requisite to promol connubial nappt - ness. inaeeo. witnoat tna in journey inrongB lite becomes awearvDibrrimaaret the arosDeat hoar. ly darkens to the views the mind become shadowed ma despair ana ouea witn tne meianonoiy reoea - tton at the happiness of another becomes blighted n oar own. - - ..Jit . DISEASE OF IMPRUDENCE. When' the misraided and imnradant votar o ifuure finds he has imbibed the seeds of this nis pain - Ul - Bmed gi disease, it too often happens that an unee of shame or the dread of discovery deters him ro - eaa applying to taose who from education and re uttuit;, can aione nemena aim. tie nuis into bands of ignorant and designing pretenders. . incapable ot ounng, nion nis pecuniary sui liwirn, n.wy uuu uiuiug wvuhi mivmw ihvbm. vi mm long as the smallest fee can be obtained, and in de - pmi leave him with rained health to sigh over hi .. .. . t... kin. tM.. .Am , galling disappointment, or, by tbe use or tn aeadjy poipnn, Meroury. aaeten to eonsatuttonal symio te rns of this terrible disease, such as affection of the Bead, Throat. Nose, 8kin. etc, progreesing with YijbtM rapidity ttu death pats a period to hi y - rtf"; ernertrnr fcy sending aim to that andis w ver sa oour.tr, , from wnenoe ao traveler ratoras. r WIXR8KJ1SNT OP THE PREHS : - u i , . - ., ,, :, . .., . . . - . - The many thousands cored at this institution, year Rer year ma tne numerous important surgical ci on - srations performed by b Dr. Johnson, witneasad t ur. n rnimrters or tne .Sun, ctp0er, and many otnei nrs, notices or wniob nave appeared again and wa - nteetore the publio, beside his stand' n a a ranMSman of character and responsibility, is a sufft - went gaaran'.ee to the aJiiioten. ".KIN DISEASES 8PEEDILY CURED. f : , - r Omoa No. 7 South Fbbdkbiok STBtar. - ap - '67 - ' A (food Chance for Investment. niVVO clots of Buildinz Lots for sale, suita - 1 bio to rect thereon twenty - eight dwelling houses. The lots front nn See nd. Reily and Penn street. For farther information inquire at J. ' Kr - PPT. K'd Cigar Store, 13 Market Bquara. sepw - tr - - 1SGS. Almanacs. I8O8. BIER'S IAXCASTER ALMANACS, lufflissh txnd German. by the single "ne, doten or gross, for sa'o at v BERGNER'S BOOK STORE, ' oot24 tf V25 Market St., Harrisbnrg, Pa. Orrioa PEgwgvLVAwiA PAiLaoAn Co.. Philadblphia, Nov. 1. 18S7. mUE irliNNSYLVANT A RATTRnATt ' . w vr l A.W A A. A. mA B. A. A - ' COMPANY hereby giv n. tice. that they will receive proposals until the first day of January. 186H.forUajingsrpratelyorcollectiveiytheUnion Depo' Hotel at P;tti - burg, the Loitan Iloose at Al - toona, and toe Dining Ha.oon in the iiarrisburg uriot. wr m ... v. .., wiuuiifliii On Or DO f.r. M .Mh 1 1K8U. The hotel at P t J - burgand Altoona are furnished tnrougooni in ne ore - uiauunr. ha ainreuly understood that thw.:i. road company will require that all these establish, menu shall be sept in a striotlv first - class manner for tbe convenience and comfort of passenger 4 I - I.. - St. Mr.. Proposals will be addressed to John M.Kennedy,. Chairman or epeoiai voduiui w. nw nrpu Philadelphia. nov. ijani A. NEW SENSATION. Ilalr Brushed by nachlnery T UXURI0US mental inTigoratornow in l - ione - a - ion at Connelly's Hair Dressings loon, State Capitol Hotel, corner Third and Walnut sts. Every one dol'ghted. oo'14d8fn No extra charge. Freh Arrival. CRANBEERIES! sreeelTt at oAmBurm : WBQTOIJ; Arrival and Beceptlon at Chicago. The Windy City in a State of Excitement " ot.. .i . Imeldemtsortlie PedeatrlsWa Fiaal Hawla X Chicago, Nov. 28. Weston ; arrived here at 10 o'clock this morning. The streets through' which ' he passed to the Sherman House were lined with interested spectators.' He appears at the Opera House this afternoon and evening. - ; , ' , ' IKCIDENTS 07 BE LAST BAT...; . The Chicago Tribune, correspondent gives some interesting incidents of Wednesday's journey from Laporto to Hyde Park, Within five miles of Chicago. He writes; J : The road became worse and worse as we progressed westward. Our horses stalled and baulked every few rods. Two miles this side of Pinhook our progress was entirely eat off, a large oak tree having fallen across the road. To get past this obstruction necessitated a retrograde movement on the part of the vehicles, and two additional miles had to be traveled in order to circumvent die fallen log. The carnage wheels sank to their hubs in the soft, spongy soil, while the pedestrian, every time he lifted his feet, carried pounds of "mubh" with them. He became very much fatigued, breathing hard, and showing distress, and frequently was compelled to halt and rest by the roadside. He several times insinuated that the pilot wasleading him astray for the purpose of tiring him dut and making him lose the race. There was no truth in this, however. The old gentleman who had undertaken the arduous task of pilot performed his work in a conscientious manner, deserving rather the thanks of the pedestrian than, his corses. ;But then it is Weston's way tod n everbvd that will stand it. No one under him escapes his wrath, no matter how much they may be inconveniencing themselves to serve him. Certainly no other man could have taken . ! , MB. IKGALLB.! i .v! ,.; '': place during this journey, and performed bis labors as well as that gentleman has; bat for all that, he receives his foil share of the petu lant "pea's" maledictions, line gentleman left a profitable position in a large lumbering establishment in New York city to act as Weston's confidential agent and adviser on this crazy enterprise. That he has performed his work well, all tb.e disadvantages under which he must necessarily labor being taken into consideration, no man of ordinary sense can dt - ny, yet tne little man never permits an opportunity to pass when a crowd ot strangers are hanging round, to denounce Mr. Insralla in the bitterest terms and most insulting man ner, now be manages to keep bis temper is the wonder of all. But he does. ! Not once since I have been with the party has he die played a single sign of anger.. , Only once or twice hag be spoken ot Weston's mean treatment of him, and then merely to remark, 'I have known him sinoe he was a boy,, and am too anxious to have him win the race to mind bis insults." w - , ANOTHER HONOR. ;: Three or four miles this side of Pinhook the pedestrian's progress was stopped by the appearance of a woman who was approaching through the woods, carrying some neaw ob ject in her arms. She was almost out of breath when she reached the spot where Weston was standing;, but manured' to tell him her errand, in the meantime unwinding 1 1 1 1.1 a largo enawi wnicn enveiopea ner nuraen, and displaying to his astonishment an infant of the male gender, and apparently a recent acquisition to the population ' of Laporte county. The owner of the youngster stated to the pedestrian that she had concluded, after considering the question a long time, to name ner - "coo' ' uawara - ' rayson 'Weston Thompson. She was not sore that the brat would ever amount to anything when he srew up, but if Weston would take the chances, she would. The pedestrian, was to much pleased with the idea of having; a namesake that he presented the mother one of hii photographs, and gave the child one of his riding Whips. . . ; . , - : ; . i AT CALUMET. ' .i' - fc - - ' - As mentioned in another part of this dis patch, we reached this place at 11:85 a. mV to - day. .'After a short rest, Weston " went tor tbe erub. and tbe way be bid awav "vit ties" fully corroborated all that has been written of his appetite. A man who had obtained a position hear the dining - room door observed to the landlady, who was standing near : " That little cuss can make grub sicker than any man of hi size I ever see. Why, darned ef he hain't et a whole chicken and nigh onto a peck of mashed taters. and he's goin' for more Broiled chicken is Weston's "best. bolt." He praters it to anv other food, and will wait hours sooner than be deprived of his favorite meat. : , HIS riSST CIOAB. , :. .,.... r ,, Mr. Weston, after dininr to - dav. smoked his first cigar since leaving Portland, He re marked as be applied a burning match to tbe fragrant weed, that he intended to give off swearing and commence smoking from now until be reaches Ubicago.; , . AT THE HYDE PARK HOtJSB. ' Of the arrival at the Hyde Park house, five miles from his journey's end. the Chicago Timet reporter says : Just at 1:30 a. u., Weston entered the main entrance to the Hyde Park house, and he was immediately conveyed to the private rooms occupied by his wife. The moment which Weston longed for, was eagerly seized by him npon his arrival at the hotel, and without any preliminary enquiry, after bis wire's rooms were suggested to him, he "made a break? for them, j For weeks they had been separa ted ; in the interval he had acquired a wide celebrity, and now, when the opportunity pre sented itself, he pressed his wife and child to his heart, impressed numberless kisses npon their cheeks and lips, and for minutes acted like one elated witb an intense and irresisti ble joy., ! Wearv davs had elanaed aihee laat ha aaw her, and during that time desire, inclination and affection had conspired to make him long t. ii a .i . . i once more ior ais lamny, ana now taai tne great task he had undertaken was aecom - Slished, and his efforts had secured that con - dence and security for the' future which he most desired, be was doubly elated, rejoiced and jubilant. - ' " j ' - A RECEPTION ' ; was held after supper, in response to the urgent solicitations of his friends and admirers. The parlors of the hotel were accordingly thrown ooen. and the crowd, forming in sin - ?;le file, passed by the pedestrian, he having a riendly ''shake" for all. It was amusing to see tbe interest manifested, many who had passed bim resuming tbeir position in tbe line and saaking bands witb bim many times be fore they were pleased. .. THE CURIOSITY to see this man is unbounded. An ideal ath lete has been co iceived whose strides are like a Colossus, aad people rash to see the real. tor a realization ot their conceptions. ' How violent is the reaction instead of seeing an individual with a port like Jupiter, and "an eye use mars to threaten aad command," they perceive an ordinary - looking, boyish individual, with less dignity than a schoolboy, and a face whose contour and limning look like a Uape Uoa scnooi marm's. INORDINATE DESIRES , r exist to see Weston, but, once seen, tbe snell i i i.i , j - j i ia Droaen ana ine common - place muiviauai assumes a position in publio estimation com mensurate witb bis merits. - Mere strength, stamina and endurance, without mtellectu allity, excite for the moment a temnorarv homage and allegiance, but that essential of menial ability is necessary to a permanence of public approbation. Weston bashes upon the people of Chicago with a meteoric glare; they desire a nine day's wonder, and he fills the bill exactly. After curiosity is satisfied he will be unrecognized, uncared for. He has created an intense ex citement because he has performed an un precedented feat ; a multitude of rivals will soon spring up, and in their success Weston's Erestige diminishes and he is only remem ered like other originators as "having been" at some remove ppnou. hajsbiduro, pa., Thursday evexiwo, December 1 .. - A CHALLENGE. .It is understood that soon after Weston's arrival in this city he will receive a challenge from a resident of Chicago to run a race of a mile upon Dexter park for any sum from $500 to $6,000. The challenge will be asade in good faith, and, if Weston claims to be a runner as well as walker, such a race wouia excite a degree ' of interest unparalleled in the West. : , , A Hide in the Sewers of Paris. . ; j ; - But a few of the Americans who visit Paris, know of the opportunity which may be afforded them to visit the very extensive sew - ; erage of Paris, and examine its system. Receiving i cards of invitation, we stationed ourselves near the tower of St Jacques, at an iron trap - door, and the party .were soon called upon to descend. Not knowing of the modus operandi o getting into these dark regions below, we all felt as if we were going to "take a leap in the dark," but what was our surprise to find elegantly fitted up carriages or cars, lighted by four large globe lamps at - each corner .! These cars contained twelve persons .each, and there were five of them, making sixty persons, which is the limit of the number invited at one time. Of course onr ride was limited to the large tunnel or main sewer, which was about twenty feet high and fifteen wide. The cars run pn a six foot gage track, and are pushedon a down grade by two men to each car. "" - v . The water sewerage or drain is below, and is from six to eight feet deep, so that small. boats' can be towed all tbe way, and bas down - grade enough to make quite a current. We rode by this train of cars across the Boulevard Sevastopol, to the head of the Rue Rivoli, alongside the palace and Tuile - riea' gardens to the Place Concord, a dis - , tanco of more than three miles, where we disembarked into boats, and sailed under the whole length of Rue Royale, coming out by the aide of the Church of the Madeline. All along this main channel are openings of trap doors covered with gratings at the head of each cross - street, which are marked by the names Of the streets on tbe side of the tun nel. BV this means complete ventilation is se cared. On the fop of the tunnel' are two large iron pipes in which passes through the fresh water supply for the city one from the aoqnedupts ana artesian wells, ! the other from thi water pumped up fiom the river Seine. j .. ' ; i There are also three lines of telegraph wires inclosed .in lead pipes. It is well known that these great sewers are built for a double purpose, and Que is for the underground trans - , portation of troops in tbe time of an insurrection or war. By this means Napoleon can transport, secretly, troops from one part of the city to the other, suddenly appearing from the ground at almost any point. The telegraph would also be serviceable on such occasions. Besides this navigable sewer, which is fitted up especially for pleasure trips, there are smaller sewers running under twenty - five of the principal streets, and the whole length of the sewerage of Paris, large and small, including that underoOnstruction, I was informed, is over three hundred miles in length, and by these means the drainage of Paris is effected on a magnificent scaie, and far surpasses , the subterranean wonders of ancient Rome. Paris Correspondence. L Curious Plot to get Possession' of a ftioh Widow's Property. The Grand Haven (Michigan) Union publishes the following : ' v ! , - "The following queer story was told us a day or two' ago, and since that time we have heard it from a. different source : - "Last Spring a prominent citizen of Grand Haven met with an accident that resulted in bis death. .His widow, - in her season of mourning, kept herself very secluded, hardly receiving calls from her most intimate friends . "Shortly after the death referred to in the above paragraph, the Clement Concert Troupe gave a concert in our' city, and went irotn here to Muskegon and Grand Haven. While at Grand 'Haven, the widow spoken of be came acquainted with Mrs. Clement She in vited Mrs. C. and her husband to visit her. which invitation was accepted, and they were soon on jnumate terms with the mourner. The concert business was given nD. and Grand Haven selected as the spot for the residence ot tne singers. . 1 . - ' "The Rummer passed away, and Mr. and Mrs. Clement quarreled with each other. Mr. C. grew - quite attentive toward the widow. A separation Was agreed npon between Mr. and Mrs.' C. 'About the nrst of August last, Mr, and Mrs. J., and the widow, proceeded to Milwaukee,. tne latter drawing her money out of the bank and converting her property into &uney before starting, and taking with her abont $60,000 in money, and a large share of it in gold. - Arriving at Milwaukee, Mrs. u took charge of a child belonging to the widow, and Mr. C. took charge of the widow and married her. . Mrs. C. then returned to Grand Haven and has made application for a divorce from her husband, on the ground of desertion,' and when this paper is secured, she is to mar ry a son! of the widow, aged about twenty years, who bas considerable money and pro perty in his own right. "It there is any truth in this story, it is a well - laid scheme of the Clements to nossess themselves of the money belonging to the Widow and her son. - Nothing has been heard of Mr. Clement and his new wife since their marriage, a bttle over a month ago." Sir John Franklin's Remains. Bv the arrival of the steamer Nimrod, Capt. Chapel, at St. John's, N. F., from the Arctic fishing grounds, we have some information of the progress Captain Hall is making in his search tor the remains ot tbe late air John Franklin It appears that, having been disappointed in obtaining a team of dogs, Captain Hall had started on a sledging tour, in the course of wbicb be met a party of hostile Jisquimaux from whom he learned that at about the time of the loss of Sir John franklin's vessel some white men carried a dead body on shore and built a brick vault,' which they carefully cemented, and in which they deposited the corpse, afterward covering the vault with heavy stone flags. This bodv Mr. Hall be lieves to be the remains of Sir John, and his intention is to visit the locality and satisfy himself upon the point, if possible. Since. however, this region is inhabited by hostile natives, Mr. Hall has thought it necessary to take with ! him a small force of white men. To secure this he offered $500 in gold each to any five men from the whaling fleet who would accompany him. ' Of course, he se cured his imen, and all bands will start this fall on their journey, so that it is not improb able that next summer we may receive defi nite information as to the resting place of air John B ranklin. Captain Hall has secured many valuable articles formerly owned by Sir John's party. The Most Extraordinary Feat in Voting Ever Known in the West. Wabasha w is a great county. They do things there on large scale. : There are about 2,000 voters in the county, all told, but these have done their duty as citizens with such marvelous indus try that they cast on Tuesday last 8 249 votes on the county seat question, of which Lake City, one of the candidates, which has not more than 600 voters, cast 2,018 votes, and Wabashaw, the other candidate in posses sion which has about 300 voters, cast 4,053. Tbe Ldtke Uity voters, it seems, cast on an average four votes each in favor of removing ine county seat to tneir town , out nev aoa - shaw voters, among whom there is a much larger proportion of Democrats, who under stand the business better, came out ahead in the game, and cast over thirteen votes each for keeping the county seat themselves. St, Paul Press. Nov. 18. It is claimed for a certain ring, lately be queathed to his daughter by a Knight, who died at Teignmouth. that it was once the pro perty of the Queen of Sheba, who cave it to Solomon. I It was taken from Jerusalem by Titos, brougnt to Home and was given by Clement VIII to Wolsey. From him it passed to the monks of Leicester Abbey, and thence into private bands on the dissolution of th monasteries. It w added that the fortunate owner of this ancient reho is a ward in chan eery. ' r - ' - PEFEBRED XOCAX. ' The Ruling Passion A Soartina IncC dent. From time immemorial . it has been recorded that the ''ruling passion is stronr in death." But, in" this age of fast men. fast women, fast horses and fast everything efoe, tb. nKnii ...sin." i. .1.. 7. - .T - (according to our Marvsville correspondent 1. the substance of. whose letter we append : The recent fires in the mountains, north and west of this point (as witnessed with such beautiful effect, for several nights, bv our friends at the Capital and still further "down the river") brought a , variety of amaii game irom its haunts and secure biding places in the mountains, down to the farming lands adjacent. ' Many a stately turkev - enrk or full - grown specimen of the grouse family muuj a piump cotton tan, ana tat, Insky grey qoirrei nas iauen victim to the unerring aim if the trifle., or favorite "dnnhl - hRrrl" fouling - piece of the professional Nimrods of the rural districts, within the past few weeks. Occasionally, one of your city "sports" and yoa have, unquestionably, crack "shots" in your community ventures up into this neighborhood for the ostensible purpose of bag ging something! Re it understood, how ever, according ta "Frank Forrester," that every successful sportsman ought to know the "habits, haunts and nomenclature" of the game he seeks, ere he sets out on his errand of destruction. Bat. among so called "pro fessional" sportsmen, there may be found those who might ply the wood sawonhe i'shovel and - hoe" to better advantage, and with" more profit to themselves (and certainly wim uiuvu cream 10 tne pleasant, invigorating science j ot woodcraft) than to follow the calling of a practical, jolly sportsman 1 Many of. this ambitious class of hunters frequently rare tne came, so lar as "lack" is concerned, as does the patient fisherman returning home after a whole day's angling, with "wet on - mentionables" and "a hungry stomach" fas plain as, we choose to quote the original wordglV Hut, .we digress. Not long ago. a pair of "gay and festive" hunters from vonr city tonna their way outbere. determined to shoot wild turkey t (if they met with any in tha MAnntaina nrltili tk.. s7.slil n a m nl ww.uw ubu MffcJ MM VtUUIWIM certainty). . . , - jnow to get back to Harnsburtr without the promised wild turkeys was not to be thought wtLM Wiggle proposed ' to buy tame birds" - r - rto snoot em, pluck 'em, and do them up, you, understand ?" 1 "It won't do." said Wag gle "we can't fool 'em on the head, the legs ... n .... .. . ana tne navor, mat s certain no more than Bas 'fpalm off" the leg of a Cotswold or Southdown fir a genuine haunch of veni son 1" i - i "That's a fact." said Wiggle: "hnt what's . i ' . .T . oo ' 77 tone gone?" inquired the man, scratching his head vigorously. "Don't know of any other' plan than to hunt the pesky things at an hazards," ; was tbe reply ot bis tnend Waggle, j "But .'faint heart never won fair lady,' you know. : Let's go down to the farm yard, below there, and prospect. What ao yoa say ? Maybe that old chap can give us an inknog as to tbe whereabouts ot game ?" liood I proceed and down the moun tain side trudged our careworn Nimrods to old "Pap" K 's place, where the following dialogue took place : Jyimods. uood morning, sir." . Farmer. ''Ea ish vo bol - a - mole nacht ? JVt7!. - r - ,4Yes, gir" (glancing at the snn), "it is approaching to sundown. Do you know of any turkeys wild fowl hereabouts?" lah - lch hab welsb - bana das halver wild setn. ' Sei goocha yust grad wie die wilden. Ich hab' en alter nana in der fall (trap) ger - fonga, om lestzta herbst, un hab eim de fleigel scameta j un aen summer hen weir iu Oder 12 younga gezocba dat sein sie" pointing to a nock or bait - breeds, led by a magnificent cock, witb wings clipped, and other demon strations ot "in durance vile" about him. "By all that's lovely," said Waggle, in ex tacy, "they're the right stripe ! Observe the head the shining, black - and purple coat, and the unmistakable red legs! Mere is luck now, after all our trouble and tribulation 1 I say, Dad Mr. K what will you take for a pair of tbe birds the largest ot the young gobblers in the van, there t ' "Well,: ich eeb net teel drum set zu ver kaffa. ' Aur won eir sei wella so nem ich funf daler ($5) for dei zwal" "Agreed i tor the two Diggist I "Yah awer net der alt hanal" "We understand. . Blaze away. Wiggle." Tbe "sport" addressed raised the shining Darrei ot his touting piece to ootain an accurate aim at tbe head of his victim, when old man tt. interposed with : "Halt, amobl I meirkenna see yo tonga mn weisbcornl" . ' "Never mind,' old gent, we want them shot, you know less trouble to carry home 1 ' ' replied Waggle, with a sly wink at his com panion. ; " i ah, ich torstahvs. vets. Is ish richticn Eir sein zwa sharfa spitabooben sheezen sei, won eihr weld I" - The "wild turkeys" were then shot ac cordingly, paid for, and bagged, ' in less time it takes to relate this circumstance. Our lucky "sports" trudged a mile and a half to tne Marysville depot, and took the 8 p. m. train for Harrisbnrg, to exhibit their splendid iropnic8, shot in old rap li. 's barnyard to their numerous friends at the Capital. Whether the game in question graced the tables of th "Roltnn." "Uiai n ".Tnn.n "Brady." "State Caoitol." or "U. S. Hotel ' deponent saith not ; but he is positive that among a certain class of people, " the ruling passion is strong" even in lite. Yours truly, . Sparrow - Hawk. Marysville, Dec. 8, 1867. Ornaments for Hats. Great stress placed on the ornaments for ladies' hats. Tt e latest authority on this subject says that the ounches ot leaves in gold and silver form are tbe most brilliant decorations, judiciously en wreathed with black lace and velvet ; they really appear tawdry with any other color unless it is deep Bismark.' . There are wreaths of ivy, convolvulus, and bramble leaves in gold and in bronze, the former forming an effective head dress for ' dark hair, which ttbould be dressed in flossy tendril curls, or creped. - 1 be brilliant sprays et rose berries mountain, ash, and wild apples, are natural and favorite decorations ; so are the forests ot imitation pink coral used to decorate puffed tulle ball dresses. Bronze hop wreaths are new, and tnere are very ivy wreaths and sprays in vesuve bronze, which needs a little aeep yeiiow to tone it witn oiacx. unrysan - theums iu white velvet and crape are a favorite flower ; tausey leaves in chenile are among the most beautiful green garniture. But flowers alone are not so much used this season as trailing vines, with a few white flowers thrown on one side to t - often the glare of em' erald and vesuve. Scarlet verbena and velvet thimbergia or convolvulus are recherche. The greatest variety is shown in white flowers for opera bats and bridal wreaths. Lemon blos soms are opened for bridal wreaths, white jessamine, verbena, lilac, and apple or cherry i i i . , . i i f j Diossotns are mingiea witn mem, u preierrea. A fnll bridal garniture consists of a wreath for the hair falling behind on the shoulder epaulettes, bertha wreath and boquet for cor sage. Diadems and tiaras of white blossoms are mounted for the head. ' For opera hats, - splendid white roses are shown wide open, - with golden brown stamens, imitated from nature so perfect that you stoop to inhale their perfume ; lilies and buds, nar cissi, convolvulus, and furry steemed tropic flowers. Imagine the beauty of a window I saw. sheeted with treasures of white blossoms. from passion flowers to lilies of the valley, of which there were tour varieties. "Velvet mulberries in green, brown, purple and gold, are elegant garnitures ; also straw berry leaves and blossoms in velvet and gold.' In passing through the streets, we freauent ly hear small boys, and those not so small also, use expressions like these : "I hope to die, if it is not so," or "I hope to drop dead thiB minute, it it isn't so," and many otner utterances of a similar character. If such bovs would stop and consider what an awfu wish they make, they would rid themselves .. . . r, ,. . . . i or a habit not oniy wicaea, out entirely useless. The utterance of such oaths does not make the speaker's words more true, nor in spire greater confidence in the listeners, that there is no wish to deceive them. A plain, truthful statement needs no such attestation j to inspire belief. 5, is7 VASSAR COLLEGE for Young Ladies. The Trus'ees of this institution, des ring to extend the beneSts of Mr. Vaesar's munificent gift for tbe better educat on of you - g women, will admit, at any time in the Collegiate year, students prepared to join College o'assrs, charging expenses only from the date ot tbeir reception Terms low; great facilities for e. - tucaiion, such as Cabinets, Art Gallery, Library. M - us - cal Conservatory Ac For circulars, containing tull information, atdrejs J. a.gUtt 'U, ton naepsie. . i. THE BEST IS THE CHEAPEST! HABVEST IS OTRS ! TUK YILD IS (JKKAT! PKOsPEKITT ABOUNDS! .' . ; . WINTER IS COMlNCIt ' AJtO NOW IS THE TIMS TO TAKB MOORE'S EUKAL NEW - YORKER," THE GREAT TOWN - NT) COUNTRY WEEKLY! TBE RITRAT, ia the Lavidine and Tiararest - Circu - . lating Newspaper of its class on the Continent Runerior in value and varietv (if con tents and beauty of appearance. It embraces more Agricultural' Horticultural, Scientific, Kduca'ion - 1, Uiterary aa News M - tt - r, interspersed with fengravinigs, than any ether journal fur it comprises departments including , . - - .. Aarrlenltnre. . ritolee Utewatnre, HorMci I tare, " Scivn eand Art, Kh - n Hnsbaadry, tdoeaticn. . Grazing;, Mtryii.r, YenUi'it Rrading, starai Aremterlar, esHri news. Moment ie Eennomy, Mnamerr", iirbeti, rVUft iu,tratto, Tatet, Mv; Mustc, foetry, Jinbustetntffmaa, &e , &e. The Rural tiejr - Yi - rkt - r is a SationalJoumal. circulating larg ly in the East and VV est. N orth and OoaW. It employs the best talent in all departments. It corp. of editors, coniiout'r,&o ,c m - pr ses many of the best farmers, planters, wool grower, grazi s, horticulturists, bc, and also Authors, Scholars, 4c , of note and ability. In brief the Kural Is ably edittd.pmatev illutrat d, neatly printed practical .scientific, useful mot at, instruc - tto ana entertaining. ' . Wherever lowtea in conntrr, vinage or city YOU WANT THE RURAL 1 YOTTR FAMILY AND FKIKNDS A ANT IT 1 For it is adapted to tbe wants of a'l. Note that it is not a month.lv, hut a large and beautiful weekly. and that Vol XIX will he materially Eniargrea. printtd in extra stvle o'ear tvne. good paper, and mora and better iUugratiins thii anv other Jour nai of its class. A title page. ineLs i, &o , at close of Volume.' TtBMR Only S3 a Year: to clubs of ten $2 50 ner copy. Vol. XIX beg nt Jan. 4, 1868. How it the time to ivJueribe and club Great Offers to Club Agents, . - pecimens. snow bills, premium lists, Ac. gent free: or the 13 numbirs of this aurter. (Ojt. to Jan.) on trial, for only Fifty Ten . Address nuiisis, Kecnestrr, at. x. rPHE PAPER FOR THE MILLION! The A. A'Vlr hlGAW r AKMEll the practi al tamer s own papef. the che pest and the best - Agri - uiturai and Hoi ticnlturai Journal in America. Beautifully lllurtrated withnumero - s engravings of farm build ings, animal. Jruits and flowers. .. . Now is th time to ubcribe fur the year lsbS. . ONLY OM! DOLLAR A AKI A een ts wa - itet everywhere. For club trice list of va'uib'e i.r:ie - i ouen to all. Ac. addre JOHN ITMill, rubiistier and proprietor, jocnejter. XX T ANTED. 100 Farmers to engage ia W - .nsicess that will nay from $li.O to 150 per month from now until Spring. Address J.UJNliB BROS, x CO . Philadelphia. "C1XCE1 SIOR DIALOGUES, consisting of - AJ new ana original nrst data aramas couoquies, tn. for ad ranee J sneakers in schools, exhibition. rooms, and private heatneala. Kvery line written nxnrsKklvfur tlii b ok. bv a corns of Dro'essional teacheis and w iters. AcKnnwlodged to be the best work of the kind ever published. Cloth, nearl400 du - decimo pages, noe$l 75, mailed tree. Address rhila. A ZYGOS I XX. Three maiuificr.tlv Mlnstrated Medical Books, containing important f - 'bysio'ogical In'ormation for men and womn, sent tre on receptof Z5 cm a, by adlresit.g the Kecrctarv o the New I org Medical University, No. 30 Clinton Place, New York oity. ; STANDARD MILLING MACHINES of imDrovel construction, creat power, large ca pacity, unriva'ed ennvenien e of adjustment. Also pine vises, with and without xtr jaw, and v'sesof ail size', for heavy and 1 ghtwork. (send to UNION VlSK COMPANY, of Boston, Mass., for illustrated circular. For sale by dealers in hardware and machinery. ' ' ' - ;; First Mortgage ;"Bond, ST. LOUIS AND IRON MOUNTAIN Bailroad Company. Seven per cent, interest February and Aueu?t. Th.se Bnnrig cover a rood of 91 mile', finished from At. ' ouisto Pilot Knob, and in fin - t - class or der, at - .d an extension f about the same length trom Pilot Knob to Belmont, n - w rapidly construct iag, for which the proceeds of these bonds are to be used, making a through route from St. I.ouis to New Orleans by rail. The earnings ot the 91 miles are $8 U 000 a year; the net pronts are now sumcient to pay the intere on ti e entire amount of bonds, were they all issued. The basis of security is believed to be beyond th.it of any other bonds now offered. Apply at the office ot tie company. No. 13 Wall st... to H. d, M AhQUAND. Vice President or to CLARK, DODGE A C '.. oorner of Wail and William sis.. New York o'ty. Century Tobacco. - &100 w we nave not on - continued, nor do we intend t'i cease packing $100 Daily iu papers of Century Tobacco, reports to the contrary notwithstanding. sj - ft'e are making; the Century from the choicest leaf; it is free from drugs and is in every resneot the best Fine Cut Tobacco manufactured. , Sold by all rospectable jobbers. PACKW.H IN THIS BRAND DAILY. Mondays. One $100 Not - ; Tuesdays, Tw . Fifties; Wed'davs.Five Twenties Thursdnys, Ten Tens; Fridavs, Twenty Fi e ; baturdays. "i'ty Twos. P.& (i.LORILLAKU, 18, 18 an H 20CWambors St., New York. , JyXa.ltm. t'oy's Corset Skirt SnDDorter. I Commneg in one garment a per fect fitt'UR Corset, and the most d - sirahle kirt Support erever of frred to tbe public. It places the weiiihtnf 'h skirt upon theshou - ders instd of the hiis; it ira - firoe the form without tiitht acing; gives ae and e egance; is approved and reco - nmc - dedby nhvsic ans. Sold at larlies' fancy goods store generally, and at wholesale by D. . SAUNDKKS A CO.. 96 Summer street, Boston, and 2Z Walker str;et, New York. A lso, by Henry C. roor. 429 Market st . Philadelphia, and Stvllminn, Hinrichs A Co., 21 Hanover street, Ba'timore. Md. WANTED AN AGENT One chance in each town, worthy the attention of an active bii8ine - s mm, to take the ng ncv f r the sale of Uradstreets Rubber Moulding - and Weather S'rips, applied to the sides, bottom, top and centre of doors and windows. Tho sale is beyond nth'ntr ever offerei bef re t" an aneut. and from $10 te $25 per rlay can be made. Mend 'or an aaent scin u'ar. The first who apply secure a lanr',n. Terms for moulding, cash. J. It. Bit ADS TRB KT & CO., "oston, Mass. TO $25 PER DAY, SURE. Agents wanted c err where, to sell our Patent A'oer - lait ng White Wire lot' re Line'. "Every housewife - hould use it.'' N. Y. Tribune. "We ha"e seen it ued and it give entir s uisfao - ion." IV. Y. Chrietian Advocate. " I he Patent. Wire Clothes Line is all it purports to bo." N. Y Independent. Address the AMERICAN WIKE CO.; : 16a Hroadwav, New York. WE STILL LIVK!bDerbyhuiS: postors or 'patent" coti iron or machine "Stencil tools." Penil f r our ntw utal'.gue of Improved - tenoil Dies, 20 varieties all of teel, carefully finished and tempered. S. M &!Pj; CBtt CO.. - Brattleboro, Vt. MAA DAY MADE BY ANY ONE, with JJIX" my Patent Stonoil Tools I prepay samples free. Beware of infriwr - rs. My cirou'ars will explain. Add its? A.J. fULLAM, ! - prinnfield, Vt. . llevolntion In Trade! - LADIE - r, you will be astonished at the value f a 1 kinds of tf - toils sent by the well known and justly c - lehratert firm of u RAH AM Cv.. FOR 0LY UE OuLLARl Such as ilk. Merino, aud Alnacca ''res es, Shawls, Balmorals. I.in - n Hoods Fnibo - ped Table "overs. Watches, Jewelry, Silver P a'ed Ware, (Suwing Machines. Ac This is no humbug, but a reality. 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Con - taining nearly three hundred pages, and ' one nunarea ana in my nne piaus ana eniravinrs or the Anatomy of the fiaman Orgins in a state ef nmuLU ana vnH,Miw . iraaiiw ua cariy errors, its Deplorable jConsequenoea upon tbe Mind with a treatu and Body, with I he Author's Plan of Treatment th only rational anqlgaocessiul mode or Lure, as shon by the report of eases treated.' A tru'h ul adviser to the married and those contemplating marriage who Mitvzaaln donbta of tbeir l.hvsioal oondition. Sent freeubt postage to any address, on receiptor 25 cent ierstamps or postal .currener, by addressiog ti i . . 1 - k.iii x na si mMaen i..n. aidh,. 'n. rr The auther may ne censuitea upon any oi tne nnan Brbih hta bonk treats, either ner - s inaily or oy man. meaiomea iw mur he world. Consumption can be Cured. THE true Remedy at last discovered. Up - ham's Fresh Meat Cure, prepared from the formula of Prof. Trousseau o ' Paris, cures Cob sump - t'on, ung Diseases, Bronchitis, Dyspepsia, Warsaw mns. General Debility ana an moroia conomon of the f ystem dependent on deficiency of vital force. It is plensaot to teste, ana a single wrnw w w - vince tbe most SKeptlcat or lis virtue as ine groat healing remedy f the age. $1 a bottle, or six bottles fur $5. Sent by Express. Sold by ;8 LO. TJP HAM, No. 25 f - outh Eighth street, Philadelphia, and principal Druggists. ; Circulars sent iree, ; nova - 3m - 20 JPJEIl CENT. OWF FOR NEW BOOKS ' ,. . AT , : . :,.:, - ,, Bergner's Book Store, ' 225 Market Street, narrlatmrg, . T ETTERS FROM EUROPE, by Col. Jno. U W. Forney. Price, Z. , ; ...... f , - h - - .m. - ..: THE NILE TRIBUTARIES OF ABYSSINIA, by Sir Samuel W. Bake.. Price. $6, TTAREM LIFE IN EGYPT AND TUR - 1 KEY, by Emeline Lott. Price, $2. VnHE STORY OF THE 11th PA. REGT., L by Wm. H. Locke, A. M., Chaplain. 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Cloth, price , BENEDICTE: Illustrations of the Power, Wisdom and Goodness of God as manifested in his works, by G. Chapin Child, M.D. 1vol. Cloth,rtoe$2 50. ,, , v ,r; GOOD ! STORIES, No. 2. The second ef a series orgoed stories from all language. 1 vol. Paper, prioe 50c INEZ, by the author of Benlah, St. Elmo, A - cAc; 1vol. Price$175. . 1;. - THE GHOST; by W. D. O'Connor. Illustrated. lvel. Cloth, price $L ; TOGETHER with all the new books of the season, are for sale at BBKQSK1V8, 225 Market st.. Harrisbnrg, Pa. SPECIAL IJOTICE. ADDRESS to the Nervons and Debilitated whose sufferings have been protracted fr m hidden causes, and whose oases require prompt treatment to render ezistenoe desirable. If you are suffering or have suffered from involuntary discharge , what effect does it produce upon your general health? Do you feel weak, debilita'ed, easily tired? Does a little extra exertion produoe palpitation of he heart? Do - s your liver, - r urinary organs, oryour kidneys fretuntly get out of order? Is i our urine somotiraes thiok, milky, or flooky, or ii it ropv on settling? Or does a thiok scum ise to the top ? "r is a "ediment ut the bottom after it bas stood awhile? Do you have spells of short breathing or dyspepsia? Are your bowels constipated? Do you have spells of fainting or rushes f blood to the head?: Is your memory impaired? I' your mindoons'antlydwellingupon his subject? Dyou i'l dull, listl.si. monins tired of coniDai.y. of life? Do you wsh to ne iit aione, to get away irom everybody? Tina, anv littln thine make Too start or jump r Is your sleep broken orrostleFST Is tbe lustre of your eye a brilliant? Thebloom oayoar cheek as briaht ? - Do you enjoy yourself in soeietv as well t Do you pursue your business with the sameeiergy? Do you eel as much confi'enee in yourself? Are yourspirits dull and flagging, given to fits of melancholv ? If so, do not lay it to your ilv.t..n,iL IT ,t vnu restless niahts? Y back weak, your knees weak, and have but little aopetite, and ou attribute this to dyspepsia or liver complaint ? , Now, reader, self - abuse, venereal diseases badly cured, ai d sexual excesses, are all capable of producing a weakness of the generative organ. The oreans of generation, when in perfect health, make the man. D'd you ever tbink that those bold, defiant, energetic, persevering, successful business men are alwats those whose generative or ans are in porfnot health ? You never hear such men com plain OI DeinKlU lttliu Uiy, Ul u,l iumoihjw. v acion of the heart. They sreneverafraid thecannot succeed iu business; they don't become sad and discouraged; they aTe always polite and pleasant, in r.riA oimninT nf the ladies, and look you and them right in the face none of your downcast looks or any other meanness about them. I do not mean tho who keep the organs inflamed by run ning to excesi. 'I hese will not only ruin their con - stitutiens, but also those they do busiuesi with or for How many men from badly cured diseases, from theflots of self abuse and exoe - aes, have brought about that state of weakness in those organs that has reduced the general eyste u so much as to induce almost everv other disease idiocy, lunacy. paralysis, spinal affections, suicide, and almost eve y other form of disease whioh humanity is h - ir to, ana ine real cause 01 tne trouoie Bcarcui suspeoted, and have doctored for all but tbe right Diseases of these organs require the uie of 'a 1 diuretic. HELM BOLD' - FLUID EXTRACT BUC11U is the great Diuretic, and is a certain cure tor ais - eases of the Bladde. Kidneys, Gravel. Dropsy. Organic Weakness. Female Complaints. General De - hility. and all diseases of the Urinaiy Organs, whether existing in Male or Female, from whatever cause originating and no matter or how Ions taiia - lDff no treatment is submitted to. Consumption or Insanity may ensue. Our flesh and blood are supported from these sources, and the health and happiness, and that of Posterity, depend upon prompt use ot a reliaHe remedy. Helmbold s Extract Buoha, established upward of 18 year. Prick $1 25 per bottle, or 8 bottle for $6 50, delivered to any address. Sold by all Druggists everywhere. octl7 - 6m - rednov20 18G8. DIARIES. ; 18G8. . A LARGE and fnll assortment of Pocket Ijlaries for 188, at low prioe for sale at . BERGNER'S BOOK STORE, novl - tf 225 Market St.. Harrisbnrg. Pa. Htlll Planting Trees! MISH, of the Keystone Nursery, is still planting, and taking orders for tret. Those who desire the above mentioned article should at once apply. Be will warrant them if desii ed. nov26 tf POCKET HOOKS "VF all sizes, nualitiea and prices, for gala IF.. iiiiBiiiiiitv n ntr STORK. 225 Ma kec street. Harrls.burg. Pa, JVotlonM OF all kinds, ftr the DrwMm, Wwak Bani, at Jt. A. fpaM'V Room aad nov35 nin - rreparea oy H. T. HELMBOLD. Druggist, r 594 Br adwav, New York, and 104 South 10th St.. Philadelphia. Pa. One day .J. 4 75 Two days. fO 80 1 2 - 3 25 4 75 Three days IWOMI.m..iTO 1 IS ' bree days 1 50 Oneweek............. a 60 One month..... 6 0 Una week....... One month..... Two months Three months Biz months.... fi 00 Q l:A I Riv mnntV. ''"'"ift VIA fmeyear... . - 15 00 I One year JSS 00 Marriage Notices ..... . 76 snnerai r - otices,eacn insertion 50 - tVBtfeineag notices itserred in tbeZocal 'o7sm or be'ore Marriage' and Deaths, Tan Ckmts raa Like for each insertion. - . - v , , B1AI iTATE 1 Oil SALE. F. CLABK. - ' . " . ROBT. SVODOaASS. .CLARK AND SNODGRASS. - RBAL ESTATE AGESTS, . - Wo 14 North Tllrd street, , Sarrisbura:, Pa. i " OfiFerthe following described property, for sale, at reasonable prices, and on tavornnte . ,terma;i '",:v - '1 ' - '". No. 1. 1 A large number of desirable BUILDTJ LOTS, in the First Ward, on - very favorable terms . T 5r?r '''. TWO - STORY ' FK AME HOUSE and LOn ; north side of North street, near Two and One - Half street. &LA,lWi) - ST0RY FRAME HOUSE and LOT, 25 by 100 feet, on the south side of Walauf ' street, below 5th. No. 8. A VALUABLE PROPERTY, 2 by 210 feet, on 1 the north side of East State street, with two three - story and two two - story Frame bouse. 8old separately or together. No. 14.' A TWO - STORY BRIOX RESIDENCE!, on Market street, betweea 3d and 4th streets. - No. 16. A VALUABLE PROPERTY. 53 by 210 . feet, on Walnut street, below Ath. - Has a fron t also on Strawbeny alley of 20 feet, and on Cana Street of 48 fee. No.l7. A PROPERTY. 56 by 120 feet, on the corner of North treet and Church alley. No. 19.; A TWO - STORY FRAME HOUSE and LOT, 28 by 75 feet, on Chestnut street, between 24 : street and River allcv No.20.i A THREES STORY BRICK on south Front street. r No. 28.. TWO TWO - 3TORY FRAME HOUSES, on the corner of Broad a"i "ennstreets. One eon - tains ten rooms and is n 'able for a Hotel or Boarding House. - The other now occupied as a Bakery, with a good oven. E :?ellent Stable on both lots; Forsa'e. or exchange tor a farm. No. 27i TWO NEW TWO - STORY . FRAME HOUSES on Allison's Hill, on Kittaninny street. Very cheap and on easy terms. . No. 34. A THKKE - STORY RRTf!IT TTnTTSR and Lot, on Walnut street, one door from Fourth street. No. 35. A THREE - STORY BRICK HOUSE and Lot, on Second street, near Pine street. No. 87.; TWO V RY DESIRABLE CORNER LOTS respectively 22 3 - 10 and 20H feet front by 132 deep, on Penns lvania Avenue, above Round House. Prioe, $450 and $400; on easy term. ' No. 40. A VALUABLE LOT. 80 by 211i feet, o weBt side of Seventh street, divided by Granite alley, makinir two corner lots. No. 43. t TWO TWO - STORY FRAME HOUSE and LOTS, on southwest corner of Fifth street ar Strawberry alley. No 45. A LOT, 25x172 feet, on the northeast cor - - ner of Fourth street and South alley, fronting on the Capitol grounds. Bas two Frame 'Houses on ' tbe rear of lot. Price, low. i No. 61 1 A FIRSTS - CLASS PHOTOGRAPHIC ESTABLISHMENT, on Market street, with good will, instruments, samples, over lt',000 negatives, Ac, at a bargain. Apply immediately. No. 54. The property known as MEL0DE0N . HALL, on Third street, near Market. No.j55. The property adjoining No. 54, known as ; the SPftRTSMAN'S HOTEL. No. 56. TWO D ESI H ABLE LOTS, on Hummel - town pike, will be sold low for cash. No. 57. s A TWO - STORY FRAME DWELLING and Lot, 21x131 feet on Broad street, corner of Marion, will be sold ch - ap and on easy terms. No. 61. TWO TWO - Sl'OBY FBAME HOUSES' and Lota, on Third st - eet, between Briggs and Forster. Price low Terms eay.' No. 62. A VERY CHKAP T.OT OF GROUND. 140 by 129 feet, on corner of Reily and Second streets, embracing the whole square, bounded by Reily, Second and Penn streets, an Basin alley. No. 63. A DESIRABLE LOT, 72 by 96 feet, on corner of Reily and Penn streets. This lot with the preceding: to. by anords a rare opportunity lor builders, or those seeking investment in the most prosperous part of the city. JS o. 65. SEVENTEEN BrTLDTNG LOTS, in 6th ward, on Fifth, Maclay and Peffer sts. Cheap, and on easy terms. No. 66. 160 ACRES of good Farming Land in Franklin oounty, Iowa, on the lineo the Dubuque and Sioux City Bailroad, will be sold low or exchanged for city property. . : j,, , Wanted to Buy.' ABOUT TWENTY ACRE - ! of unimproved land, within three or four miles of this city. Would prefer land below the city. Parties having such lands will do well to call. CLARK & SNODGHASS. , Fresh Fruits and confections ! bradyT& gray INVITE the public to call and examine their new supply or j LOOSE Nit C ATI vw RAISINS, . HAVANA OR NS, " j PAPER SHE - .f. ATMONDR.. . - 1 . 'OLISv WAI NUTS, and asplend'd assortment f f Whitman's CONFECTIONS and CHO JLATE. - - , Special ttention given to furoi - hir families or partioi with FINE CAKES, suoh as Pound, Ldy, Paris and Sponge. Give us a call a - d net b mains. i - , . HRADY A GRAY, - - nov22 2w No. 3.4 M arket street. FDRS. FURS, FORS! iioop! ONE thousand dollars worth of first - class Furs to be sold with the tmailesf profits of ny house in tbe city. We have ju t received the entiie stock 6ii.ee the late decline, and we are determined th t 00 hoilte shall undersell us. The place to - get 10 d Fa - s and at the right prices, is at AUuUINBAUGH & BENTZ'S, nov4 - tf j No 5 Market nuuare. HIT WARE! TIX WAHE! Stamped Ware I seamless fin i Ware! T?NAMELEJJ, Tinned Ea Ware, and eve - ythi g and Plain Hollow a - tu he louud in a nrst - olass tin ware manufacior; oan now te found at the ' store of 1 ' j H. I. BOWEBS, . Third Street, between Forster and Boas. Also, a large assortment of ' Cook fri(t Parliuf StovOH, Toilet Sets, Coffee Mil's. Coal Buckets, Hammered Pans, etc , oto. also on hand. VKk L 'W, RO'lFING and ctPOUTlNG promntly attended to, and special atte - tion l - a'd t Repairing Moves, and Jobhiri generally. v - t:sfnction auarnnteed. CAl L AND St K MY STOCK. nov2 - tf S. aS 2 2 THE only place in the city where Fursar e made a spsoialty, is at . . , II. U. LONG S HAT AN!) FCK STOKE, No.209 Market St., under the Jones House. The subscriber having had several years experience in 8oleitibg. aborting aud cutting fiue fum. has c.rofully se eotod his goo - is from tbe large and varied stook of the best fur houses in tbe eastern cities, and feels confident that he will be able to suit the most fastidious in any sty e m kind of tur at lower raies tran any other house in this city. The lrne f '"O S consists of. ROYAL ERMINE, , RUSSIAN SABLE, ' . MINK SABLE, GERMAN FITCH, AMERICAN FITCH, SIBERIAN SQUIRREL SETS, , RIVER MINK, FRENCH SABLE. - ' LUSTRE CABLE, I CONEY SETS. - Children's ' Furs in great variety at low'figures. guffalo and Fancy Robas, Beaver Glovesand Caps, adies' Fur Hoods, und a large assortment of Buok - skin. Kd and Cloth Gloves. Fur trimmings of every description. Muff Tassels and Cords, Buttons fo Capes, AC. In ftwt every artiole belonging to a well regulated Fur Store, can be f jund at 209 Market street, nov 8tf CHEAP BOOKS ! ! - . - i ,, at ... ' ' BEBGlfEll'S CHEAP BOOK STORE!!! The undersigned will sell, from this date and ' until otherwise announced, all books at a discount Of i - . 20 per. Cent, from Regular Prices. This offer 'embraces all the OLD AND NEW BOOKS in the regular trade, and any books not on hand will be procured on the same very liberal terms. It will afford individuals, libraries, associations and tbe publio generally te supply themselves with any or all of the STANDARD AND MISCELLANEOUS BOOKS at an unusually low figure, and is a chance seldom had ' Additional diseonnts will be made on large, purchases. - u - T 4 GEO. .BERGNER, Bookseller iitid Stationer, 225 Market ft.. Harrisbprg. Pa. . 91iiti' - l 9l?ut. A TMOSkVS calebiaitd No. 1 Mioce Meat, ZV:ut raevived at . F. ULKPSH'8. LX lout P at - tf

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