The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 29, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 29, 1947
Page 3
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_TUKSDAY, JULY 20,'1(147 England hm Political Crisis Attlec in Session With Members of Cobiner, Party Leaders LONDON, July '>». !UP) Uri. Inin today moved into u nuijin 1 nci- lilical ci-isis wllli liiuli n'Hvni- mciit Iputlfi-s m.'i'lins to elclonniJK' their slralCBv 1" 'lie fnoc of inouiit- inK economic anxiety. Tho cabinet -ui'l with 1'riinr Minister Clcmr-llt R. Attli'c win, t,,,- mor!ci\v faces a nmk ;m<l liv ;u- tiick by his own iKirliuiui'm uv ip. bor parly on' diarei's (lie ;<,>VM- ; ,. iiieni lias bini'ili'd Britain's no:io- niic recovery. There \vas a possibility, Cue •>.>- vornnu'iit miijlil clmdr to iruui tlie country in « new iicin.':^.! elw lion in expectation Hint it would : <> returned even if by « mluml majority, thereby g;:iliim» uimllicr tv.o years of life. The stock market broke- sli.i"'>'v itnder the threat of thr do!n(?:;(ir economic and political crisis. Jirun-n selling bit all sections yesterday and dropped indices .to levels close .,-. those of the critical early days of the war. There were persistent :euor;s that some of the Labor Party lenders _ Herbert. Morrison, lord president of the council. mini!, chancellor of the exchequer, ati.l Foreign Secretory Krnest Uevin — were urging :i general election now ill the belief labor .support is stronger now than it will be at the end of the current five-venr term. For the time .since the L:i- bor Party took office two yo.i:s ago criticism within and without party ranks was centering squarely on Altlec himself, L-aborite back benchers 1 charge thai Attlec has failed to inform' M'IC country of the critical facts of the economic chrisis and has failed 'o provide the country the leadership it needs. , Spreading political unrest \v;is noted in the a«<<mla of the trades union coiiKiess, the backbone of the party, which meets at Sonthport in September. The preliminary (a- Kenda was stuffed will) questions oh-.xllengiiiK the government's economic policies Af 16, She Has Her Second Baby BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 'Draw i/ r H Ruler I'Jeal liniirisnmnrnl Email Amazon river towns, with their little jails, permit prisoners to <jo free during the day to earn money to buy iheir food. They return t'j the jail at, nightfall. Stnfc Agri College To Educate Formers As fo Proper Use .,. of Arrlailtiire nt I lie of Ai'hii'<ii.s i.s tuklni; ol the new weed h.Uler i.s iitidrrliikliiK nn ed- j'utpi to i(. n; .|, us | T0 . Although she's scarcely older than the average autograph-chasmf.' bobby-soxer, motherhood Is no new oxperwirp for IG-ycar-old Cnrolyn Sparks, of Columbus, Ohio, pictured holding her now [iniisntpr. (Jn bod beside her is photograph of her other babv. Pi'iscilla Rose, born 11 months ago _wncn Airs, faporks was only 15. She and her luisbmyi. P-vId, a 19-year-old brush salesman, were Tnnrpiivl tit-n vr>nr.i nflo. Manila News Mr. and Mrs. Francis Chandler and family or Lodi. Calit., have arrived in Paragi-nid to visit Mrs. Chandler's sister. Mrs. w. C. Mang- 1 ha;i, for a few weeks. Mr. Clinndler will visit his Barents in Manila and also other friends and relatives »n Manila while here. «-•. F'lls said Unit hi' 1 - ri'colvnl I'cini- 'IlKhv (TO|) d:\WUW ril!:; its "liin>r;ip<'i'" l:i- pointed out Hi"! thn kiiU- hii'i IIOI.MI i>*lk- -'ill'-, d<'- Cnnilv. In 1 liliinli'r < ^rnlLiliu'd \VLIS (Hnia;M'd hy '2 a ni'iii!)" rlre [tcld mi ccniiil.v. fiu'ini'i'. 1 ; him 1 i:'i'il i'"tli'n lo t!»' rx- . I :t1lon and lin:i Infoni'fd wits <'a\lri'<! by ihe V.tin.w, iu-.iil of Hie of Plaul 1'nllioloisy, •V (l-ina^cs i'*;{.:s iind •'-i and jnnkc.s snlull leavoj on :i ijuinU'd Khupo mid curl in i:'li.s s:ild thai Iptlnrs have v.titlcn lo ;'c-i'.'ll:n-c!al cvn] rs :uul iranuf-.u'lnrers of llu rSilc in iArk:ur:as its \\ell :i> fditcis of r.uin louriv.i.'.s aiul tlu St:il,' viiint .'iuurd, askln-4 co-npci 1 - atidn. Kills y:i!ii that nearly ail dntiini;t lias rrMiHi'il limn faihin; In ob- «"rvi- rrnji'-r care |n uslnu Hie clu'ini'-.'.l Tn ^unii} instances, tl dnsl or ;ni-ny drifted bryond tin Man Enlists For Five-Year Period Under New Army Plan John Kssary, i;;. son or Mr. and Mrs. llaymond lissitry, or lllylh'- vllle. became the Ilr.v|. man in this area to enlist In the Id'Kiibr Army for the newly-aut!ion/?;l live-year period, S-«i;t. l>u:i C Seal, of the Army Ueeruitlnn (M- Mce here, unnouiu'ecl KMl.iy, I'^siu^'. who was a movie pio- Jeelo] opei'ator nt Hie r<il/ Tiie- atre hete piior to hl.s eiili-ili]:eni, enlisted In Hie Army Air r.iiv«.. 'Hie Army only veeenlly iuilh«ir- i/.eil enlistmentr for iwo. Ion,', and five-year periods. lie I.s now eiironte lo pint Sam Houston, Tex., lor pruresiiln-; mul assignment. Alvtn liostlc Jr.. son of Mr. ami Mrs. AU'ln Ho.slle Si-., uf '(otli t_ Oseet>la; Vernon K. Wea\'er, -sun n Mrs. I-.thel Weaver ol Home 'J M'linlla; und Jackie l.atmslon, son >f Mr. mul Mrs. Kelly l.ann.sion of Route [i, Osceola, hiivo also enlisted ift (ho KeKiilar Army. Heal slated. Post-War Air Cruiser Sets New Flight Record ATLANTA, tin., July ;J, (IK') — he lAvln-ciiBlncd M a-0-'2" on p.^rlinenlal l>:irnslormlnt! '. Hikes off tooiorrow on it.s lonnd- Ihe-rountry Illuhl The Glenn 1 Mm tin Co.. nh liner, willi a lower- rAGK TEtRBfc to be •I)'/ Read Courier News Want Ads. Playmates—But for How Long? Tnlett, onL-.i rnLioi Other diinuiju' ha- 1 n,'.in", thv !i".'r^ *''ju- in :octii:i<lr.s t luil lnu i'ri used [or 2-l-D. t.U:il i.-rout (Mrc M kill) [• Im.s been usrd i j-, HIT to be ustid fo: fof bride (wdgrGti Hand in haod together they come up trie aisle, each breathlessly thrilled by Iho beautiful wedding ring they wear. To bring nev; glory to the double ring ceremony, choose your matching wedding band from our large stocks of gorgeous rings, magnificently slylcd in 14K yellov/ gold. Priced for extra savings. Frnnk Brown, of Vnshon Island, V. r ;-,^h., and 18-months-old I-'elix, the lion, arc ;;ood pals now, as ijiioto above indicates, but neighbors —and perhaps Frcml;—arc beginning In 'vorrv about v.-lial's" goitr' to happen when Felix ;:ro\vs up. The. lion born in the Tacoma 700 and fnnnnd out to the lirov.-n:; lo r<ii.;e. They ;md theiv seven cnildren consider Felix-, v .-ho lives in a small slbchadc in the bjicliyiird. quite a iirr.r.'vild |)c:t. E-af- of- t-he Airport"! Chicken On the Fly ™ Cooked Like Cooks It! PI ATF |j &,-3^A i k USE YOUR CREDIT '3ili WEHT^lAlfi ST. nous IN M.TTMV:LU,MIMPHUAMI) jiiB tnll nnd' » tiorsol f!<s down t«r the weather closefl in over Deino I'cntCT of the fuselage Is ex- troit, Pittsburgh «nd LovlsvUle, Ky OH^...:",^"^'^!;^ St" SoT d stops * the dars m ~ MILS. DC., Monies and St. The speed craft left Dallas, Tex, . , , , yestciday and iler to Olileago in P..IHC Intided here last niljnt four hours and 12 mnutes, more ,.' ,°. ni ' r l'»i»' /'id c Blit-min- tlian Uo hours faster than the II. -s fll'lil fro,,, Knoxvllle. Tenn , ,, Qnmi l commercial time, for' twin- ttluic tin; ii.nnc was diverted at,- cngincd planes over tnirVout*." ..,,„. l)u> % PLATE 9 LATE emd AH Kinds of Scmdiwiches! the First Gate Entrance Leads You to the FLY-INN MARIE KOLWYCK Owner & Manager We Handle Your Car With Care! Wheel Alignment Eliminate unnecessary expense in wear of your fires by letting us keep your car in perfect alignment. Our guaranteed work will save you money- Tuneup - Lubrication Your car's motor will hum smoothly if you it to us for regular checkup. Our experts will spot those minor flaws before they develop into serious trouble. Expert Motor Care You can entrust your motor troubles, no matter how serious, to us. Here you'll gel a prompt, accurate diagnosis of your car's ills . . . and factory-trained men will make those repairs efficcntly and economically. LEE MOTOR SALES East End of Main St., Blytheville OF JPAWUHG SHWBI OR A POLISH; 10 * AUCOtOtS GIRLS SLACK SUITS will nivc inoiidis ol' c'omt'orl for A coiil I'liyiin (ulirit tliai Ilio hot days !ilu'a<l. $1.50 MISSES SLACK SUITS A sturdy deitim in "fatleit tit a mliHTtl price of lilne" color. Don't iul.S!t these $2. LADIES Slack Suits Crisp, cool, comfoi'tahle scerautkci-. Wash it, and w«nr it. Sanforized for permanent fit. Broken sizes and lota. ; • $3.00 Women's and Misses Now fort, late him Women's Sun Suits for hot weather roni- Sluiits and l>ca arc trimmed I'inli and colors. $2.00 Girls' Slacks Cool rayon iioplin in all the stinimer psi.stcK All si/.es. $2.00 Boy's Wash Suits Short .sleeve nhirl \villt iinK Jimmies. Sanfor- Fast uilors. ized. $1.00 Long Sleeve Sport Shirts Ilroken si/.es and styles. $2.00 Striped Seersucker Playsuits Iteduced (o clear. .lust a few lofl al Hi i.s low price. Not all sixes hn( yon tvin't afford to /miss these for $2.00 Wash Pants A jufood select ion. lirolcun sixe.s. i'nlirics include pop- lin, f;uhnnline, (wills, cov- erts, and pini'hccks. A val- ue at $2.00 Girls' Playsuits Jtisl a few of Hayon washable. those Cool lefi, and $2.50 lust Misses' Shorts a few left. $1.00 Juvenile Polo Shirts .lust a sleeves. few Dark left. Short colors. 25c MEN'S WHITE HANDKERCHIEFS Large size. Good quality 2for25c MEN'S STRAW HATS - - SOc Bathing Trunks For Men and Boys. Our entire stock. While they last. SOcpr. Short Sleeve Sport Shirts Broken Sizes and Lots $1.25 MEN'S SLACK SUITS , -. " - ,.; -, Plaid or solid color shirts, with harrnonrxmg color trousers. < , >:-? $3.25

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