The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 7, 1948 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 7, 1948
Page 6
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f AGE St* BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. H W RAIN £8, JAUIV L. VERHOEFF .EtUtar PAUL D HUUAK Advertising •ok KkUoMl *dvirU*ing ReprewnutlVM! Wiu*o* Winner Co. N*« Vork, Chluio. CXtrolt, Atlanta, Uemphlt, Pubil»h«a Every Afternoon Except Bundty CnUno u iccond cli*» matter at the post- office $t Blythevllle, Arkansas, uniet »ct ol Con, October ». 1911. Served by the Untied Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES: I; carrier In the city ol Blythevllle or »n» tuburbau town where carrlei Krvlce ti mtuv talned, 20c per week, 01 85c pel month By mail within a r»1h« °' »" mtl "< ' 1 -°° nct ye»i $2.00 lor six months. $100 for thret months; by mill oulsldt 80 milt tone. 110.00 per yeai ptytblt in idv»nc«. • __ Meditation So make up your minds not to prepare your defense, for I will jive you luch wisdom of utterance as nou« of your opponents Kitl be able to "resist or dispute.—Luke 21:15. * • • Few »re leeklnt or expectlnt such wisdom In <ullng with their protilemi of toiUjF. Let 'Em Eat Plutonium A health expert from the Los Alii- mos Scientific Laboratories reports that plutoniurrrj the raw nmterinl of atomic bombs, can be swallowed in •mall amounts with almost no i!l-cf fects. Fin*. But what's its nutritional value, and how much docs a small sl"if cost? With the price of meat where it i«, we'rt lookinu for a substitute, and if it'» i»f« we don't mind If it'» radioactive. So maybe the men who were smart enough to invent the atomic bomb can also develop something new, tssty, nourishing and inexpensive for ui to chaw on. ii • revolutionist. We doubt that he would gain from the severe depression that lie prophesies. Yet his dim view of the American capitalize system i* also * ra>*Uar of record. Maybe lie sees himself as the wise and benevolent leader whom the people will turn to in 1052 to rebuild a Republican-wrecked economy. All this may sound implausible. Hut probably makes more sense than Wallace'* rallying cry for an army rescue the country from the two war-mo/igej-jnjf politk-iil parties which enjoy the almost unanimous mipport of Mr, Wallace's own common m;u>. it Mr. to VIEWS OF OTHERS What Makes Henry Run? Some weeks ago, Henry A. Wallace s»id that if h« had to choose between Mr. Truman ami Mr, Tnft for President, lie would take the Ohio scnnlor. That offhantl remark may point to tht reason for Mr. Wallace's unreasonable announcement oC his willingness to be President of the United States, Hil election in impossible, of course, and h» knows it. There isn't a chance that he can carry even one state. He has no national party. His only organized support comes from tha Progressive Citizens of America and the American Labor Party—both split by his candidac.Yf—and, in all likelihood, the Communist Party. Yet Mr. Wallace is going to run, And since he is something of a practical politician as-well as an "idealist," he knows thai all ho can hope for is to •wing the vote in three or four key ttates. Neither he nor anyone else can •ay whether he will be able lo do it. But a good guess is that the self- appointed leader of the unborn third party hopes to swing them to the 1 GOP, and that the GOP candidate will, be Mr. Taft. The reasons behind this guess may .do the senator n disservice. That is not intended. Yet the record cannot be ignored. Of all the Republican aspirants, Mr. Taft is least enthusiastic about the tylarshall Plan, He doubts Unit we can afford anything like what the administration is asking for European aid. He is inclined to let Europe work out her own salvation. Mr. Wallace is bitterly opposed to the Marshall Plan or any other large- scale American aid lo western Europe. He seems completely indifferent to western Europeans' political fate or physical well-being. Apart from Ihc pure Communist Party line, he 1ms only one solution of thc whole difficulty : The United States must disarm and stop opposing Russia. We took the first provocative step, Mr. Wallace still insists. We have made Russia suspicious and belligerent. We are to blame for the few minor retaliations by Russia thai Mr. Wallace will admit. If we only let Russia have her own way everything will be all right. Mr, Taft doesn't hold those views. But it is entirely possible that Mr. Wallace is -banking on a sharply reduced European aid program if Air. Taft should be elected. On democratic policy the Iwo men are at opposite polls. Mr. Taft wants a minimum of government controls. Mr. Wallace is"a champion of planned economy. The former vice president has said more than once that this is capitalism's last chance, and that we must show Russia that our system is better than theirs. W« don't think that Henry Wallace President Signs Price Control 'Feeble*' President Truman let go with both barrels at the Republican price-control bill, which he "reluctantly" «[|ned—because, he said, It complies with three polnls of his 10-point program. "H will not reduce thc high of living." h« declared, "«nU H will not keep prices from going even higher." In line with what the President wanted, thc meiL'iure extends his power, which was soon to •xpire, to control exports and rail Iransixjrtatlon fudlUlti. H also authorizes him to set up a voluntary food saving program, and to restrict, for 60 d«y», the amount of sjraln used by dls- tlllerlci. The bill gives him none 01 tlie s(a!id-by pow«r hi »s|tcrt lor to control wages and prices and to ration scarce necessities. Instead, the FrMldcnt U merely authorized to seek voluntary agreement* with heads of Industry, business and fanning to share scarce commodities- fniily. He Is right In calling the bill weak. Y«( both the President and the Republican authors ol the bill now that only drastic action, which tin nation would not accept, could control tht present Inflation. It results from a relative scarcity or foods, and a flood of money—poured out in war-time, and fed since by wa»« boosts, which the administration cncouroced, and by the »rab for profit.-; which followed the too-surfden removal or war-time controls. All of that upward drive on prices could only b* hailed by the government if It iharply reduced the amount ol money and credit; If It out Its exixm««. and u«ed the savlns« to buy In i!s bondi from the banks, where they are a credit bMis; if it turned down our large export* to nnlioiie oiilslde the war-wracked areas, and it it repealed Its urnporl of farm prlcei. That is a Imrdshlp program. There wasn't the courage In Washington to adopt it. So wi lot a weak compromise. It may hclp iomtwnlllj In spile or the President's pessimism about it. And production, which 1> Increasing, will help more. One (liing it sure. High prices will be a hot 1048 issue. —ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT. BARBS Just to Irriuu you— junvmer started in the southern hemisphere at 11:43 a, m., Dec. 22. • " • • You only have Ui ( 0 out on slippery road« lo rcaliie what a , rC iit turnover Ihe American auto Indmtry l§ having. • » » Nothing It harder on » woman's clothes than her eticmics. • • • Self-artmiralion often Indkalri Ihert It no accounting for tjsu-.v • * » Among great pieces of fiction found in every language is the one about having a little extn work to do at thc ollice. Emblem of the New Third Party WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 7, I94S High Court Opens First 1948 Session by Waking Spectator THE DOCTOR SAYS Bv E'lwin P. Jordan, M, p. Wrlllen for NKA Service In a recent column. I called attention lo the facl that many patients have greatly aided medical research and have made a real contribution to the health and well- bJing or those of us who are living loday. 'umme olher such patients was boy of eight named James By Ilarman W. Nichols (United J"rm SUf Corrcipondent) WASHINGTON, Jan, 7 (UP>— After the pitgc boys, dressed fit to kill In blue serge knickers, had prettied up the plage and filled the ink wells, the nine Jtislices filed in They tucked their black robes under j them and sal down. The crier an' iiouiiccd in a nnsni, but reverent baritone: i "Oyez, Oyez. Oyez! All persona .•having business before the honorable, , the Supreme Court of the United ' States are admonished to draw neur and give Ihelr attention, for the court is now silling. God save It ,, )e ,„„. ,, silm , e „ .. „„ ,,.„*,.., H t UL1 «mi t:uw|)Ui% taken from the hand of Sarah ! NcalmM, He thujj became thn first ', " "" IIJ *"' **"" i""&*"•"• • ^* child lo receive vaccination 0 | h «1»e.s|ed." But the plushy quiet smallpox. To tost Its value n,' wns shattered when Crier Perry •<l Jermor Uiocwtated tlie'chii i , Lit>1 ? cl , t ' £ rl '" !'!? f™" 0 "' 11 " collt ; with smtillpox eijilil weeks later • a " le " off and m Ws <lcsk * BOCKl James did not contract the disease' ' one wlth n "'C'S 111 * 11 B«v*l. That - '" l1 """ 151 - made it official—the court's first 1048 .lesion was open. Kverybocly sat down. Everybody except a lady In a green hat on (he center aisl*. She hadn't stood up in the first :. She was round asleep, But the and thus proof of Ihe value' of smallpox vaccination became es- labllshed. Much medical progress has been due to (he physician who has made personal observations on himself as ' • — •-- "••- -~ --.-, •••the patient. John Hunter shortened ' Stivel fixed that. She stood up now, . his life by an attempt lo Invert!pate ihc cause nf spvhllis; Henry Head, a famous British nerve specialist, cut one of the nerves in ills nrm lo study thc processes of nerve recrowlh. Numerous medical Investigators have become thc victims of the disease which they were Investigating. Lazenr, Adriin Stokes and Nognchl died of yellow an fever, iticketls of lynhns atul Dulton of Irypanosomtasis, lo a feiv examples, Inventive Thc patient who suggests methods of treatment to his doctor is not always popular, and is apt to be a nuisance. Nevertheless, a few blushed, and sal down again. Clerk Charles K. Cropley, sitting al Ihc left of the bench, at-.irled in rise, but he had a time of 11. His .swnllowtnll had somehow Innfilod with the back of his chair. Mor.t people didn't notice and he wont about his business—naming off some ceses the court had agreed to lend i ear to. After Cropley finished, Jusllcc Robert H. Jackson adjiutod his glasses, ahemmcd and snM he was goin(! to read nn opinion. Something about somebody who had beon arrested during the days of OPA and charged with holding, or having ielhing lo do with fnkeri coupons. Conaress H«JS $*op? of'-.... With Which to Work Duima 1948 Deliberations By Peter E<ls»n M'aslilniton Correnpimdrul (NEA1.—As if ms Congress wouldn't have 'URli to do In fixing up Hie o be handled. Issues which the! asl Congress didn't selllo are more "'"' bid-niime-callinf;. it numerous than Ihose they did. At the end of the last regular JMsion, House Republican Floor leader Charlie Halleck of Indiana put out a biff bra« on all the nw- lorlty party had done. A few rinys ater Executive Director Clael Sul- Ivan of the Democratic National Committee pul out his version of ;he same thincr. Nobody caugtit It There were a lot more ol these deadly parallels Hint weren't no- llced at (lie time. They're worth ciilns noiv, however, as an inclica- iie.xl lot of bickering will get worse as election sets closer. 'Hie sad (act Is lhat a lot of things which (he last Congress did will have lo be done over. Rent controls, pric e and allocation con- Irols of some sort probably head Ihe list. Any Idea that the so-called antl-lnllntlon bill passed In Ihe December special session renrescnts (he final word on this long-i-anao housing; arognm. aid to and health, and revised education social poles iincf. rvuvLTim'j'-'S-'i. ji lew ! SO)neu»uy 10 no UJIM lunt'tt rouj«;(LS. such patienLs have contributed real [ The half-packed courtroom leaned advance in medicine. A pood exam- i forward. Justice Jackson, half reao- ple is Isambard Brunei, a distin-, h'-g and half speaking right up. guislieri engineer. In 1843 Brunei 1 went into a learned dissertation of accidentally Inhaled a coin. | human rights. To illustrate his con- Attempts to remove the coin fall- ! tenlion lhat the man In Ihe case was ed on several occasions, but some j innocent, he went back to the pro- six'weeks afler the accident, Brunei i hibition era. Was a passenger in a supervised the construction of a 1 bootlegerV car expected lo know that table which could be moved into the rascal at the wheel had a jug Iho upright position. He had him- ; of hootch In his hind pocket? Same self strapped to this table, turned ; thing here. This fellow. In said, so upside down and shaken. After a! far as had been proved, had Just few coushs Brunei heard what he gone alone for the ride and was ; called thc delishtfu! music of the trapped W hen somebody found cou- coin clicking against his teelh. I poiis. QUESTION: Do carrots strength-j The visitors In the courtroom en thc eyes? If so, are cooked or nodded aprovnl; especially the lariy raw carrots better? —M. B. ANSWER: Carrots contain a vitamin known as carotene. This vlt- .. - - .- * to-.i »• .... word on this subject Is then, but Sullivan's ghost' writer 1 extremely doubtful rmut have had a bit of pixie In | Mam- 'economies claimed by the him, for when tho two statements Republicans will have (o be revised are compared line by line today,! h.v deficiency ar-prom-li-tlnns. One- things like these pop up: [ for Interior's Reclamation projects H»lleck_Thc Republican Party - has already b-en Iilkcii bv »S has delivered. Sullivan — The Re- million In response to pressurr from publican Party has dclivercd-lo western Republican, « nfl Domo bl(f business. I erats. (Hock—ive have demonstrated: 1 Republicans have already Intro- tint ours Is a tmllcd parly with a ' dm-cd nnother Inx reduction bill sound, forward-looking program. Aiiollior vetoed measure, which will Sullivan—It lias demonstrated lhal probnblv be re-hasher! i s n,c bill it Is a united party, with n sound- to create a Federal Science Foun- secuvity. But their ideas are rl. Autl-roll-Tax Measure Un Br(ore Srnute The. Sennlc-nnssed fiulwinkle bill pei'inittlne railroads to make rate agreement., free from possible mo- nmm K]lown as carotene. . rn , 5 vlt . wn ? S" 01 ' n 8 a " tl - trllst *™ s - am],, has some effect on the abll- wil be before the House. And a ltv „, tl1e cves , 0 sea ln rtim llfW . or nniM^n i 1 " collcctlon It rtocs not, however, slmisihrn of poll taxes. „« a yolmg require- thc cyC5 as such . Cooking carrols t™ Penale clcc t lons - ls ^'orc | dMll .^ some D , the carotene. Senate and House Foreign A((ntr.i ' Committee calendars are iammed with unfinished business. Marshall Plr.n eels priority. Behind it Is an unratifled commercial treatv with China, which may be complicated by a full-dress invrsti".ntlnn lend- In" to a new Chinese policy. The St. Lawrence seaway treaty ivith Canada, hanging fire as an 15 Years Ago In Blytheville— Mr. an<3 Mrs. B. A. Lynch, Mrs. in the green 1ml who was wide awake now. Justice William O. Douglas was next with an opinion on case No. 174. Something about sugar. Tlie other eight Justices didn't seem to be very interested in what. Mr. Douglas had to say. Of course, they knew what he was going to say anyhow. Justices Wiley B. Rutledge and Prank Murphy, down on thc end, held a whispered conversation behind cupped hands. One of them must have teld a dandy. Both men dropped their dignity and chuckled. Silently, of course. Even Chief Justice Fred M. Vinson O. W. McCutchen, Mr. and Mrs, thought something Justice Hugo L. ---- _ .....p, ,,.,. „., „,, ,Jolm Waternian and Mrs. J. P, i Black said was funny for lie grinned issue for over in years, will be re-lentl will leave next Friday tori broadly. Ju'stice Felix Frankfurter -- : --- -,.-•-• .- - H,n,, ,,.;!! toH Wnc llQl'M^ff fun oil ,M, llinlralf fH« , again. Authoritv to operate ' New ^Orleans where they will sail . v . and expand Stale D<>Dartmcnfs \ on the Atemis ror a Carrtbean crulso ping a pencil up and catching It. He Voice of America Is pending. International oil and aviation policies . was having fun all by himself. Jltp- di.lion. Measures which Congress has consist-nlly rc'iiscd lo pass, IhouRh President Truman has asked (or asleep, rearward-looking program. Hallock—Thc era of a rubberstamp, spendthrift congress has ended. Siilllvon-liie era of a ,,,,,„„„,, lllllmu nas n fK! . a , or slalcsmanhkp. public-spirited Con- them renealcdly and will orob'ibly ^H 5 !! 1 '? n^'!"' 1 " sk for "S"'" "idiKlc: provision for Halleck—Tins Is n thai •-'-•considers economy lo be * virtue. Sullivan This is'n Congress which considers fake economy to be a political virtue. Name-Calling Grls 1'ihsl Priority are nenriine. United Natons labor, health and traitc policies are pend- for 18 days. They will visit Havana , ._ Cristobal, Panama Canal Zone and | when he missed. ports of Honduras. Mrs. Lentl making the trip as guest of . disappeared under th« bench onca univciTni military training, increase of minimum wag ( . rates, creation of a permanent Fair Employment Practices Commission. tics all session. But Ihcy have p'icii- Pr^tclonl Trums-n and Senate Re- ty to do. just minding their bus- publican Leader Taft both want & iness. ,tl is 1 While this was going on In yes, _ „ -.., „ — local terday's session, the page boys wero Ing. ' merchants who offered it as an I hopping around like crazy, peddling And. since Ihe Reciprocal Trade, award for the lady securing thc [ messages, bringing in glasses of wa- Agreemenls Act expires at the end i most memberships In the recent Red: ter on sliver trays and otherwise of 1!) 18. it win have lo be renewed. 1 Cross drive. i earning their keep. Little gentlemen, nmnnrlcd or allowed to die. Mrs. J. H. Holiis was enrolled as a] too. No noise. The press was quiet With both Republican anil Dem- new member of Ihe pie-school PTV for a change, also. Thc government ocrallc national conventions comiii!; | Friday afternoon at the home nf! saw to that when it installed silent in early summer, before centres- I Mrs. H. G. Partlow. This group is pneumatic, tubes to carry their stories slonal adjournment, congressmen's using for its study a Child Wolf are j down, to the press room, eyes will be urpitv much on poll- course Issued by Parents maga-1 zinc. IN HOLLYWOOD" BY ERSKIXE .TOIINSON NEA Staff Correspondent over reports lhal John Conic Is coi'rting M.Tilyn Max.vcll in New •» McKENNEY ON BRIDGE SO THEY SAY Life Is easier to take than you'd think. All tlut Is necessary is to accept the Impossible, do without the indispensable and bear the intolerable.—Kathleen Morris, novelist. • • • Vou can call me an Isolationist if you want to, but I'm not (oitie to wreck America to save »ny country—Rep. R. p. Rich ( ru ol Pennsylvania. « * • Is Iherc anything that Isn't In short supply except toy balloons and table radios?—Hep. J. P. Wotcott m> of Michigan. • • * If I make one movie a year at my S100.000 contract figure, (axes leave me £40.000. if i make four a yc-nr tor »<00,OW, as my contra*! permits, I will also make about »<o,000. Which would yon do?—Bing Crosby, radio and film star. n * • There arc reasonable limits to what many American families or individuals can afford to pay for efficient, serviceable cars, particularly in Ihcsc limes, ivhrn Ihc high cost ol living has reduced the' public's car-buying ability to new lows.-Powcl CroMey, jr.. cruslcy Motor, Inc. * W Thc little guys in this country »rc in a fix. Bui as bad as their fix is, it would be far worse H America lets her defenses down and becomes Involved in another war.—Alt M. Landon, former governor or Kansas. , , f - ^trt fjt i (// i..t-i«> v u cnn t .| 1fl HI. down on ihc Warner pubilcity 1 <f oOS*iMc' 1-Bid >- ™* lepArtment. No more pnlili:ily slw *''ll j vai>l.ut.l 1 a III | =av, on ,:„ h ™, P Mr^nd h „». L.^" ,£"' ^ "" .^^ '«. « iF^Mn' bridge hand lie nnturnlly onn he played well. Not many of them like to have hands written up in which they took the worst. of it, but Harry Fishbcin of New j A K 1037fi'> »Q4 « "M + 343 By Erskinc Johnson NEA Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD, INEA). Joan ~ = •'" •••"• >1> ^" '" J '^ , -^ »#.«•> ry..*. ».»***>>*• ."vt>;; Orawford and San: Wanniu.-iker may Y " rk - • • - Belle Davis has c'amp- I /lfj ElTOr SptS Uo be starred in "IJrcain Street." ... "'' H ""-" "" "-- "'— ..... i . ' T* Linda Darnell and Pev Mmlcy will adopt a baby from thc Cradle. . . . Comic Allan Youny will apply for U. S. citizenship. He was born In Canada. . . . Hollywood after dark: Martha ffayc siugitii; impromptu fit Ihe Mocnmbo to n half-empty hoti.ic at 2 o clock in thc mtn-ning. • * » Director Jack Hlvcly was lokl that, even thoiigli Marti,a Stewart plays a carnival dancer in -Are You With It?" she couldn't do any bumps. Alter a conference with the censors. Hlvcly told Marllia: The censors mean nn nurlli ami south Tnimuj, but there's nothing tlial sayj you can'l 50 east mid wesl." Grown-up Andy M-G-M Is talking lo oizie Nelson and Harriet Hllltard about doing a series ol jrown-up Andy Hardy film!,. . . . Friends arc snylnn that the Howard Hushes- Cyd Charlssc roninnc« may *'ln«J up at the altar. Both Warner Brothers and Paramount are trying to sign Phi] Foster, the new comic at Slapsy Mnx- ie's . . . The Frank Morgans will celebrate Ihelr 35th wedding anniversary in March with a posstb'e world cruise on the Morgan yacht. He'.-> trying lo arrange his radio and (Dm schedule now for the time. spades. . Thore is a quiet symmetry about I the whole Supreme Court chamber. i It is completely trimmed and furn- J ished in mahogany. And the seals says, on i;cr honir life mid her baby. . , . Lirrj- Parks went out r.o tl'O C.'lmvMa r:>n~li (or '.ocilion scenes in "Ti. r Gallant Blade" it bvotiTht back bilter memories. Larry :ii?d»- his film r!pt,ni n t || le same snot. n!tv : u« a Riinnn soldier extra in ^ Bibical short at S^i a dt,v. A camel working in Ihe same pic- j lure fjis wttlni S50 a dnv. and ; Larry quit vvl" 1 ,) he heard about it. j Dlseovcry Hollywood's twr> A"stralion star>, I Ron Fund!'!! arrt .\-i n Rlchnrds, ' liave dlseoverrd etch olher. . . , It's offH''! now tha' -loan Craw- lord will sins h; "Until Proven Guilty"—two choruses ol "I've Iiee:i Working on Hie Railroad." . , . Apropos of "Lor* Homeward Ansel." which will be filmed soon. Thomas Wolfe, Ihe slory's author and hero, was 6 feet and 6 inclv\s and weighed over 250 pounds. 3o —they Iricd to get Robert Wafer for thc role! He led back the club, which , u f , it JJR b] gave declarer the opportunity to col ,, mus Ever y t hin g matches except ruff with the seven of spades. Tha u , ; £ e honorable jU5tlc ' es It le lady was a good player, ghe sjt h E h , his ^ t , ed the queen of hearts and over- dd BSSOrtmcnt . Some with took with the king in dummy. h d resl5| even . Now she led the three of spades! and when Fishbein played the five- j spot, she put on the nine, then led Translucent plastic covers have heart lo dummy's ace. A been designed for the protection of t r as returned, and though electric fans against dust during iriMiijtjii still had thc jack and storage. ucs eight of spades, he was doomed to 1 lose them both. I Read Courier News Want Ada. + J85 Tourniiiv.cnt— N'-S Soulh \Vcst N'orlh 1 f Prfss I id Kast Dovible 7 r Radio Actor "kclyn Kulslil, Ihe warbler, will ,"""V ri !' £" Wi>5 !ly lo Washington. D. C.. to keep ) boss - JilCli W »» 1C1 ; . a duiuci- riixic wivh her lavoritc boy . . Irlfnd Pin) Scroll Fv Marine Jimiuy UiiMUtc. senled beneath Bob C,S *Tte-^tVh"w {J 1 ?/"'" 1 ''™ '? »,?~ th ^ , 1 V; - ) Hi own Derby, pointrcl to it and told proxy Bob Cobb: at a bis celebration Jan, 11 in Phil p.dclphia. launching National Marine Reserve Week. Humphrey Bog.irt's description of the character lie plays In "Thc Ticasurir of Sierra .Matlic": "At lite bc^innln^ I'm n hum. and I in ili!»nhill kteadlly from Ihorc." It's llic same picture in wlrcli \Val(cr [(uslun gives bis all fi>r his art. He plajs mosl of his scenes minus his IrMh. Ex-OI's will act a nostalgic chuckle out of thc name elvcn John York not only likes to tell about Lund's Army J?cp in Paramount'! hands on which he was fixed, but "A Foreign Affair." Director Billy does nol mind having them pub- Wilder christened the car. after llshed. riding In It a few limes. "Kidney I Fishbein is a great story teller, Killer." . . . Jams Pake's wedding ! a ,,d I wish I could describe this qown, for her wedding to Frank , ] w -.d as he Hid nllcr thc game. Martinelli Jr., was a gift from her i Thc ,,„,,,, was lllliycd in n , e ua . j llonal mixed pair champioiiship. i won by Mrs. H. Ansln of Brook- j line. Mass., and Charles H. Gorcn I of Philadelphia. I Against ( hc little lady in Ihe '• North position Fishbein and his partner cashed the first throe I rounds of clubs, then Fishbein ] (\Vcfti shifted lo Ihc nine of dia- I monds. Easl won it. another diamond was cashed, and as Fishbein said. "We had five tricks in and I am still holdine. the ace, Jack. ci^lit and five of .sp;uie.s. North ruffed the lliird duunoiri . and led a small spade to dummy's queen. Fishbein won with the ace. I "Yi'irll hafla have d' pitcher done nvcr. Pis season Dnrante's I iclnir/7. lias pot d 1 new look— with flnicd noslrils!" A now device caller, a phologra- phic memory will bo able to read and mrmnnzc mathematical data at the superhuman sperd of a thousand numbers of twelve digits each every second. Composer Deail Elliott i* burning I Read Courier News Want Ads. . i Now lie had six tricH I mad the jack, eight nnd he stoi and Civ* nf HORIZONTAL 1,3 Piclured actor 10 Greek lellcr 13 Down M Medium 15 Mossachusells cape 16 Angry 18 Exist 1!) Otherwise 21 Doorkecpei 22 Pronoun 23 He is v star 24 Hypothetical force 25 Lou Latm (ab i 20 Respond 30 Entertain 33Pertni digit 34 Danct slcp 35 Mountain spur 37 Upright 40 Accomplish 41 Area measuic 42 Ethical 46 Near 48 Middle 61 Likeness 523un god 53 Ajnpbltheale; 51 Portuguese coin 55 He has enjoyed great S3 Uhnmulivt " suffix 59 Sea eagle 60 Statistician 91 Doctoi ol Science (ab.) VERTICAL 1 Newspaper executive ?. Ridicule 3 Portal •1 State fj Ancnt 6 Pull 7 Title 6 Exempli gratie (ab i 9 Back 10 Remitted 1) G«svto|iud molluskt 12 Shoe part 17 Man's nicknamfr 20 Noli ol scale 11 Consumed 28 Foldinf btfl 29Goll terrr, 30M,rn,< 31 Damage 32 Employ 3h Eslran, 36 Lodge, 3& Preserved 39 Handle; M Precipitation « Silvci (svmbolj 15 Not a* inuch •)(> Mollusk genui 47 Diplomacy 4&CiHirch service 49 Formerly iC Compuss point 56 Nolt oj Gviido's scale 57 P;LIM Indies ObJ L

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