The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on November 20, 1920 · Page 34
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The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada · Page 34

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 20, 1920
Page 34
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; wh'U ' r-iiiM in. i " in 1 n VOL. VL SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1 920 "! 8 " Schools Show Increased Interest THE BRITISH LION Drawn y C WiMrid Nebie. A0e 1. Surte 7. 21 Hargrove tree. Grade , Alexandra ecHeei. HALLOWE'EN Prixe SALI.OWT7EN-. -which brings to us visions ef fun. Is aa oM, old festival. Tb eU Roman held It about the first of November In honor of Pomona. th goddess of fruit trees. In Britain tho Druids celebrated a festival at tbe naiim time In honor of tho aim cod. and la thanksgiving; for har-vast, and tba two featlvale seem to hare become one la tha ralnds of tba Bntona. Whan tba paopia became ChrtaUana tha early church fathers let them keep their old feast, but save It a new aaaoclation by holding It la commemoration of all departed souls. Thus the of tba festival ana to be called All Hallow ETen. Tba Kama comes from tba old K-"gnh word, haiwa. or, as we say now, holy. Many beliefs crew tip about this feast, sorb as tha belief that on this one night o. all the year, the spirits of the departeed were allowed to visit their old home. In many parts of the Ola countries food was left, heartba were carefully swept aad cfaairs ware set la order before the people of tfee village went to bad. Hallowe'en came on Sunday tola year, but most of the children celebrated on Saturday night, tome children go from door to door asking for Hallowe'en apples, others ro around taking; off gates and biding tbetn so that their owners cannot find them. Sometimes people have Hallowe'en parti and Inrite many of their friends. They play many tricks. There are usually a lot of apples tie! on the ends of strings IS .b,le " nanlng all around. I we:.t to a party on Hallowe'en that had doughnuts banging' all around to bite at as they were not so slippery as the apple. Nearly everyone that tried wot a doughnut. On Hallowe'en night the college students In Winnipeg celebrated In fine style. Tbey had a parade. The students were all dressed in masquerade costumea After the parade was over they marched over to the Arena rink. Kaeh college put on a stunt and Premier Norrla gave a speech. - FANNY MACLEOD, Age 14. 44 Cathedral are, Orade t. Lux ton school. OOT FOUR APPLES Prize SALLOWEJEN comes at the end of October every year. Mostly everybody dresses up aa ghosts, witches and many other fuany way, j dressed up as a man. but did "ft wear a false faea because it hurt my eye. The first thing I did was to go around and get apples. 1 only got four. I then went to call on my girl friends aad we went down to Main at. We saw some very funny sights. As we were coming home we Saw ante people dressed op aa niggers, playing the nkelele. Everybody was laughing at them. I got home at half-past ten and was very tired. I then went to bed and had a good long sleep. EVELTN MORRISON. M Agnes at. Grade f. John M. King school. AN ACCIDENT Honorable Mentis . Peggy and Dot were cleaning oat the dolls' bouse In the nursery. They snook the small rugs and dusted all the furniture aad pot trp clean window curtains, and dressed all the doll la clean clothe, Presently Peggy said: "Let as make a fir la the fLrep'-ace." Dot agreed, aad Peggy ran for matches. This was a thing ah anew she was forbtddea to do, bat She was not thinking of that now. Sao got tbe matches oner en aad returned to the nursery where Dot was busy putting bits of paper la the tiny grate. Peggy struck tho match aad the paper caught fire. Then ail of a sudden the wool doll-house - was In a blase. Peggy and Dot acres mad. aad Nanny, tbe nursemaid, came roaalng up with mother. Tbey quickly extwgulebed the blase, and then mother told tbem the harm tbey might have done. Dot and Peggy often play .with the doll-bo use, hot they sever light a fir in the grate. COW8TAKCH MAC MULLEN. Age 1L TJ JabUae eve, Orade . Lord Roberts school. . SAW GHOSTS WALK M fM ""41 atvfa ge4fftfia Hallowe'en Is the night that witches fly and ghosts walk. I saw a lot around too, so I guess f hy arw rJ However, we sren't taiaiaa akuat apouks, but I am going to tell you what I did. I was invited to a party, and we were asked to go In costume. I dressed as a Quaker lady, baring en a Quaker gray dress sad bonnet, trimmed wiib woite. When we were at tbe party we had a beautiful time. - W played games of all kinds, and then we had supper. At tbe table we told joke and riddle. Afturlnae.- ' played more gamesaaad "" d!TH BAYLY. Age 11. iT Bereaford arenas. Orade . . Lord Roberta school. ... I DRAWINGS ARE GOOD. ' Some good drawings are bring sent to Tbe Tribune Junior for Its rboot coaprutioa la that subject Two of the best are t today. Picture are given to school which wia prates ra drawing. The Tribune Is rjegotlaxlng for very 9a patristic pictures. A set was received, bat they were Mt the one whl- h The Tribune ordered. T5e po-tare are coming, however, and when they do. every eiaas room which has smt in a winning; drasra-.g wia rootre a fine picture. U. V-llfreo Not.;, of the Alexandra &e. grade eight, aad May Robinson, of WUuam Weyi arbssl. grade eight, won pictures for ineir rooni tfcle wr The composition prtaee were awarded to VarVy Whet ham, grade five. La Verwnarye school; James Hunter, grade five, timer V. erbeol: Evelyn Mamas, grade seven. John M. king erbool; TU:y Do!-, grade sue. Aberdeen arbooi; Mabei C;v grade eort-t. Principal Sparling ecboai. Kan ay McLeod. grade er. Lustoo school. Tbe te areiera of tke fi a line corn poa-f ton prises may cbtaia books from Ue lists reviewed In the Dally Trlbaeo Junior a appttratsyn. Ccruooales am be forwarded to the wtoaers later. TRIP TO IalZXA . Prut DKT me take yea for a visit to Uw. Ltsaa U a town o the Panfie coast of Seats America- The way thmga la Lima grow la very mteresnaa. The country is a desert and tbey get water la frosa the top of the mountains. Tasre are bace Ice rivers aad tbey elide dew a tbe mooataia side sr.fU they come to the liao of ppetsal saow. Then tbe tee melts aad ta water flows down tbe rest tne way. and wbea it get to tbe bottom it forma a river. Tier are very polite people la Luna, aad wbea yon nk a boy wber a street is b- 4ux not J yo jat where to go; be takes you to the street. Thrtr boose are made of mud. aad tbea over tae top of tbe mod thrre Is pat something wfcicb maaea then sane msrrile. There 1 a great ahwadance of fraM there. There are farms of nee. tobacco aad cotton, sraegea, era pre. bananas, iemona peaches, pluraa. cherries, figs and dates also grow there. There are plantations of sngar-cane. The cutton ia the long fibre cotum. This cotton mtse well with wool and It la often oaed aa 'par mT la tha stores. Lima ta the capital of Per and U a great plar to live. m one of those farms of Lima you would have to work. You would have frail tor every meal, and if yon ever got hangry yoa evuld ro into tbe orchard and eat what yoa wanted, and enjoy a great ('mat wtth-ut having to go through tho Ubor of or king at a factory. The aaUves there do the work. JAMES HOTTER. Age t. tit Windsor are. Graa . Oeorge V school. AVIATION Pnxa I r of th most Interest irg and fmportaet I I 11 achievesaeaU of the day Is tbe perfecUoa of tbe v 1 s-iTlm- On e a man wanted boild a k J machtao that would rise la tbe air. hot La did not meet great aweees. Two Americas aeother took tho machine from the man and built it ap to a macro n that rose a few bna-dred feet. The airplane were need for scooting aad dropping bomb during the war. Nowaday airplane are oaed for rrnssiiig the Atlantic In two or three days. The airplane are made a that some of them caa carry 2 passengers. Wlnnipes; now shows us that It caa be a flae frying , centre. Winntpea; la also beginning to aead airplaaoa to carry maU. Wbea the war brake oat there were many airplaaea. Ther are alae ainshipa that Boat on the water. ' LILY POUCTW. Age- 12. MS Selkirk an. Grade C Aberdeen achocL DUTY Vis SN-LY a small ward of four Vittera. hot ft mass lag to a tbooaaad time aa great aa the size of tbe war. The great war which la fast was wow chiefly ay th thooght tho boy had la ttmir minda most of th tim. -I most do my doty to my king, my couutiy. comrades and my foike at I iai Duty should come first after faith aad tisisn. If piopie theaght mart ohowt th shim of -thyrr the world woaid be a kaliar piaee to live ta. MAPKL KLLUl Age If. 71S Liptoa wc. Orade , Prtacs-pal parting schaoL AUTUtm Ms twhls Mswtie "MoiLer." X asked an day as my mother cam wp to tell ma a good -night story, -ten me the story of Autumn. v . . -Wli. said another. "Just ait aw aad listen, aad she begaa. 'Aaale. did yoa see the freet ea tho sidewalk this morniagr Tea. mother." f rM ..-w-a,- -said mother. a i t-eat St la the Uagiaaiag of autumn. "Ia a Iltfla wtil th mother tree wm UH her ebnfrra to go to bed. After they say grwd -r to theer mnhir they gn to bed. They then are osvsred euk heaaUfal white blaaketa aad aaagaTle down to sleep. "Then Jack Prost goes to the anadows of the hoiroi aad paints hasutifnl pictures. Tbea be paiata tae children cheeks aad one a ntr red. Thaaagtrag TtiuaT-tr -J" MOowe. Don'i your IWv, ai irvrwr haa.' 1 OOLDTK LCCOW, Age , S74 Cotiege avwaoe. Orade (L William Whyt armoL IN AUTUMN Orswa by May lis aaao. Ceseo a, W104aas yte atHa. j 1-d Wa Note: ploue put age aad auwt addreas THE FALL OF TROT UwrnHC Or. .he had bud sw-g to Troy, awd after nary I I MBod a Ore. lawd rpotaa I I thought of Ibis scheme: The Ceoui bura.d ' IJjfr"' 4 Ivaad to eatl away. Tber a vy tar. Teot auw arrJ ' 1ry7TOZ. " karac. tbe OnMa "1. m.lf horwe wtta the faraaeoT ac.ldier ta a the Trojan ahoeo. After tae CSroras had raoa. tb Trojans caaae oat aad tried to dwride abeefcer to '"t at ttto tno ctty or to debtee y It. A eleaer Orerh had Wt l imilf a caiwmod and! aa i14 rrTLBm lh't tT too the horwe mta tae cty Tioy wweid aava goad tartawa. Tba Troma at mis ranted st b aad bad a very afreet aaast. far twee mam i i tne Trojea) were teastsac. tae Ora aavaae est tr Caa borne aad apewed taa gales for ta eeW Omks wwo -thfuZZUH' t"Uir- Tn9 hraa ta aaaaa of VARLST WHaTTHAhl. Are tS, Gbwbwrn Waca. CbrTe a. Cirade . La ru.ali,, acawsf. "a-yw DAVID UVmGSTONE 1 Ylavid Irtngstsae waa been la rh year It;! at a b:o paaea la laasu-lrsaur rami Mantyre, ae very far f ss s Otaawow. lie bad ssiTliaslaam Car rnXiw and -Lkad has Mk, aad tba ili aim I Tlm tba raisntoaary that be rvaaaaaUy husmi fa ir?'4tfn?!f?? mU varkls a oattea H aJtorMo tMC ' lltM' wmm taTovas '.1lm.ft Har fowad i?l""n"( "irtrl" t-.4' them tea ad, aa tree A lioness im si. aad aa MaV marTTdaa ' bis Jiiui u taat saeae aim oa fiimsisi Tna fesauhsm awrsjrtoaa turn wraa maaey. reory aad aaasi aad aa enabled btam I aaaaa ana nr . craa aau aa lt'. fie tbea tranWil I i i aad avamad In mt rata bvoka. aaaaaty. -Missisaaiy TraenW aa 'hMniTtM ta awota Africa.- TJratr laarala aslaawt. stone aad saw fnenaa weaf agaia ta Afrioa aad eUa-mru Lakes Kyaaaa aad Khira-a. Tbea he aawk twa yrara at his bam wrjtuac "A arrain mt aa rnsDi Uaa to th Tiwlia.- ta he agaia t to xi rv-a erarva tor ibe a mt a sn mm oat na way of " m Hiring the urmm of Lie wtaaraiiSuat to la n . aad . awf al stone mt ha fate wvw ussnig snasg A inlisf - party waa neat oat eraser IX. M- snaa'y. aad to aant LiviagaVoea at a p'-eoa caXo-d L'Jtii wear Laao Taa- gaaik Uviagatuae wwald ast as back wnb tawsa, aad o he stayed taore oaUl be fK with an at, -tsiao as mama ' resnarrws taaa wast th aaUtws sra aura. Vaa aast eae year were oaes of avwat siawstlsii. He -setteaad vata he Md that the t'pewr Caas auw eiwarm niiiasr ewd ta tbe Mb. He died ua Ua muurm A "x-fuwu aad aa earXaoVntrrf' Lla'criibalbad body Vas buri.7 etea WtaavSaaUMaVra A LAl m rCL'IITACC UUJBK. Ag LT. W Jobaaua avaue. 3rad Y. Oeorge V. ocbool WATCH THE DAILY TRIBUNE JUNIOR FOR SCHOOL NEWS . - a,. a a

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