The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 29, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, July 29, 1947
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ™* DOMmtHT NEWSPAPER P TXBT ABKANS NEWSPAPER OP NORTHXABT ABKANSA0 AND 8OOTRKABT UIBBOURI VOL. XL1V—NO. 106 D»Uj Newt Ooumr Blyttievlllc Benld HLYTHIOV1LI.IO, ARKANSAS, TUKSDAY, JULY 29, I'M? SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS President Buries Mother, Hurries Back to Capitol Simple Rites Held For Mother of Nation's Chief Executive BY TRAXK ICI.EA/KR ll'nltcd Press Staff Correspondent] GRAN'DVIBW. Mo.. July 29. (UP) —President Truman, looking somewhat imorc rested and able lo manage a slight smile, (lav back to Wr.shiiiKton today t" plunge into •the mass of work piled on his flosk following the end of the congressional sor.sion. Aflcr another night of seclusion snenl at his "Summer White House" in Independence, tho. chie executive drove to the Grandvlew cottage, from whi:h lie yesterdaj buried his 94-year-old mother, to' a 30-niimilc visit with Miss Mar; Jane Triimnn, his sister. As he entered his plane at th Gmmlview airport. Mr. Trumai doffed his double-breasted gra; suit coat and full down with somi papers before him, apparently go illR right to work. His plane took off for Washing ton nl O-.SO a.m. The Mexican ambassador, Espl nosa ilc Los Monteros, and En gene An/orena, secretary of th Mexican Embassy in Washington accompanied Mr. Truman. The fleiv here yesterday to convey t him the condolences of Mexica President Miguel lAloman in th death of Mrs. Martha Ellen Tru iuat\. As Mr. Truman .shook hands ttythevilte Trio Hires 'axi tor Transportation >n 2-Week Vacation Tour Etl McGregor, co-owner ot Hie 77 Taxi Company here, is probably wondering if its nil n dream. For today the cnbble is OH his way to Salt Lake city, Utah, :arryiiig three more Blylhcviile esldents on a two-week sightseeing vacation ol the Civcat Salt Lake and the Hocky Mountain region area. The trio, Mr. and Mrs. Cut Us telly, Blythcvillc cafe owners, and John Bishop, hired Mr. McGregor and his cab to carry them their vacation. They left Bly- iheville last night, and will return August 12. Officers Recover More Stolen Cars Suspects Admit Thefts in Missouri And in California State Patrolmen C. E. Montgomery. T. E. Smallcy, and A. E. Chronister, today believe thai, they have established sonic sort of a record in the recovery of stolen cars, for the troopers recovered their sixth in a two-week period yesterday. EM Amborse Decker. 25, and his wife, Betty Vireata Decker. 19. of New Orieans, were arrested yesterday morning by Patrolmen Montgomery and Chronistcr, while parked on Highway 01 near Frenchman's Bayou, and upon investigation, it was learned that the 10W Plymouth coupe the couple was Aff* • I /*! Officials Close Deals for Part of New School Site 5.9 Acres Obtained From Leo Swift in Single Transaction Piirchafe of three -tracls on Hie site recently accepted for a new high School have resulted In acquisition of nearly one-third of that ar;a. it was disclosed loday otter a Jon11 meeting last night ii City Hfl.'l of the Citizen Schon Committee and the IBlytheville School Hoard. 'A total of approximately six an< one-half acres of the site has heel acquired. The site contains be 'tween 19 and 20 acres. A (contract has been .signed fo (he largest ningle tract In the' site. II is the 5.9-acre W. A. -Pick- arcl pi-operty being purchased from Leo Swift and located In the Northwest, corner of the site. The other purchases were made from Elliott Johns and R. A. Ellis and involved property in the Southeast section of the. .site. The amount of funds on hand to be used for the purchase of the site now stands at $30,602.48. and the drive to obtain the full JSO.OtO has been renewed. Contributions totaling *176. including a donation of. $1CO by O. W. Coppcrtge, were reported today by drive officials. Other contributions included JSo from Lcndennie Fowler and $25 from W. C. Cates. Where Mrs. Truman Died with a few old friends and relatives at (.he airport, he appeared somewhat refreshed after the strain of the .funeral. His wife. Mrs. Bess Truman, and his daughter, Mar- giiret, accompanied him to the airport. 'Hir-y remained in Independence. Miss Miry Jane Truman and * his brother, Vivian, also accompanied him to his plane. Faces Husy Schedule White House Press Secretary Charles Ross said there were between ' ICO and 20D bills awaitins Presidential action. A'.so, Ross said Mr. Truman will have to make re- appointments of two j NLRiB members and its general counsel. The appointments he made were not confirmed by the Senate te- lorc Congress went home. Vivian Truman said jt had not yet been decided whether his sis- iter would live with his family or would continue to live in the cot- tafie where she cared so faithfully and i well for their mother. Thn body of the mother lay in a tree-shacied grave in Kansas City's Forest Hill Cemetery, beside the father who died in 1914 while Mr. Truman was running the family farm here. Tl'.o President, his wife and daughter and other members of the immediate family sat in the kitchen of the little crcam-co!ored ccU.'igc t-hat had been his mother's home tiuriiit< the brief funeral ceremony yesterday. The Rev. Welbern : Bowman, pastor of the Granclvicw Baptist, church, wearing a light brown suit stood beneath the arched dopnvay that separated the living and sitting rooms. Behind him was the metal casket iu the bcdrcom where -Martha Truman died. Other members o! her family sat on folding chairs in the living .room and the adjoining sitting room. Grandsons Carry Casket "Lord thou has been our dwelling place in 'nil generations." the Rev. Mr. Bowman began, reading 10 verses n[ the 90th -Psalm. Then he read a brief obituary prepared by the President's sister, Miss Mary Jane Truman. The services 'took only 20 minutes. There was no music, he minister offered a prayer, then read the 23rd Psalm. Tin'. 35 relatives -who attended the funeral filed slowly from the house. /The carkel was carried by four grandsons—Jclin Curtis, and Fred L.. Hairy 'A., and Gilbert Lee Tru- ouan. all sons of J. Vivian Truman and l\vo nephews. Ralph E. Truman nnd Murray Colgan. On top of the casket during l,he !7-miIe trip to ihe cemetery were sprays cf roses, gardenias, white orchids and red and white gladioli sent, by relatives. The family had requested that, no flowers be sent, in respect to Mrs. Truman's belief that flowers were for the living. However they accepted those that were sent, including sprays by the Senate anrt House of Representatives and President Miguel Alciiian of Mexico. driving was stolen a month ago In Venice, Cal. Patrolman Chronistcr stated Hint he spotted the car parked off the highway and decided to investigate. When lie asked to sec the couple's credentials, they rc- pUed that the papers on the cav were sto'en f-ron, ithem in Dallas, Tex., a short time ago, Ctironistcr stated. Couple Jailed Here The officers carried • the ccuple to tho -Mississippi County jail in .Osteola and began their invcsti-i gation. Oil completion ol the in-f vesUgation it was learned that the car was stolen from the streets of "Venice, Cal., last month, the officers said. The couple was transferred to the county jail here yesterday, where they are being held to await ^verification from . California authorities. Upon his arrival at the jail here Decker admitted taking the car from lits parking place in Venice and the -theft of a license plate in Los Angeles, the police 'reported He stated that he used the car in touring the country anrt thai Legion Urges Quick Start OnVA Hospital U.S. Wins Point In Balkan Peace Talks Before UN Nine Aviators Killed When Bomber Falls United Press reporter Ham Mclnlck. left, only newsman on the scene talks with deputy t-hcriffs fjimnlhiE the small frame cottage In Ornncl- vicw. Mo., where Mrs. Martha ullc'i Truman, !H-year-old mother of the President, died. (NEA Telepholo.t LITTLE ROCK, Ark., July 29. (UP)—Immediate construction of an $8,000,000 Veterans Administration Hospital in"IJttlejBook regardless ol location was demanded today by the State Department/of the American, Ltifion. The move cams Irj the .form of a resolution Introduced by the legion's rehabilitation"committee and adopted by theI convention In session here. ..'•', \ Aimed at? thel lengthy discussion Kaiser Tells Senate Probers Of Assistance Given by FDR WASHINGTON, July 29. (U.I'.)—West Coast. Industrialist Henry J. Kaiser told Senate tiivcstii;iHors today that an appeal to the late President Roosevelt r'jsultcci in nil about-face by the Navy In Its opposition to Kaiser's plans for building jeep nlrcrnll carriers. A few moments before tlic hulking Paul niniyan of West, Const industry, red-faced and iiiiury, hail accused Ills questioners ol dcnylni: him t!ie riyht lo protect himself against "a smciir campaign." He appeared before a Senate War* Investigating Subcommittee to tell his side of the alory of an S18.0UO.OOO nir mammoth which still is earthbound after five years of bulklini;. But In stormy wrangling with the committee—which refused to lis- he made his expense money gamb- line. the officers said. The state officers .assisted State 'Patrolman, Wyatt L. Patrick, of Joncsboro nnd Constab'e Arch Lindsey. of Blythcvllle. recovered their fifth stolen car Saturday night near the Lutes community on South iHighway 61, nnd arrested its driver Sunday. Stolen Car Burned The car, a 1940 Chevrolet sedan, was found burned near Kconce Store on -South Highway 61 Saturday night. While investigating what appeared to be a routine burned automobile check-up, the officers learned tha't the car was stolen several weeks ago in Mon- cttc. Mo. Short'.y alter the car was found, a call that a man was seen prowling around the rear of Lutes' Gin. near \vhere the ear was found. Lindsey and the state officers investigated anrt arrested Jimmy Quinn. 35. who save his home as Pitcher. Okla. 'Al, the 'time of his arrest. Quinn was barefcotcri and had a fresh burn on his hand. The officers feline! his shoes and parfiall} binned coat in the chnrred automobile He is being held in the. county jail here pending further linvestigalion. N. Y. Stocks Final Slock Prices A T .v T 157 1-4 Amer Tobacco 771-4 Anaconda Copper 37 1-8 Beth Slcel 88 1-4 Chrysler 53 Coca Cola 176 B-8 Gen Electric 331-4 Gen Motors .VJ 7-8 Montgomery Ward oi 3-4 N Y Central 157-8 Int Harvester 8fl (.3 North Am Aviation 3 Republic Steel J7 3-8 Osceola Man Buys Reinmillcr's Cafe On North Second Operation of Rcininiller's Cafe 114 North Second, was taken ovc yesterday by Al Sullivan Jr.. for. merly of Osccola, after its sale lati last week by Mrs. Homer E. Wilson Thc transaction wns completed Friday and the cafe was closo over the week-end for rcdccoratioi and interior rearrangement. Mr. Sullivan said he plans lo install new kitchen equipment, which is expected to arrive this week. Present plans also call for renaming Ihe cafe "Al Sullivan's Restaurant," h.6 said. A native of Osccola, Mr. Sullivan said he moved lo Memphis when he was 15 and resided there 25 years. He has spent the last three years In Colorado. He has been in thc restaurant business for the past 20 years. Mr. Sullivan said. Mrs. Wilson had owned and operated thc cafe for the seven years preceding its sale last week. over- Ljc»liin .of- the .-VSs Institution and-'the University of Arkansas Medical School, thc resolution urged immediate construction regardless of site. Joe Hearne of Little Rock, chairman of the Rehabilitation Committee, said that "we all like medical centers and we feel that Arkansas should have one. bi'.t we also feel there has been too much delay in construction of the lios- iltal." Hearne pointed out that thc hospital is badly needed and that ills Jractically impossible now to get a /eteran into a government hos- 'Ital unless It Is an acute case. He ilso indicated that continued de- ay could mean the loss of the lospital to Arkansas. Present plans call for construc- ion of the hospital on Ihe south side of Little Rock on the so-called Roosevelt Road .site. Bui a novc is afoot to h»vc it moved to .he stale Hospital grounds on Wesi Markham. Final business before Ihe dele- ales is the naming of a successor o retiring Commander J. Wesley Sampler of Rogers. At present only two candidates arc being promi- inenlly mentioned. They arc Maurice "Footsie" Eritt, congressional uedal of honor firmer from Fort. Smith, and Leonard Moody, executive commttteeman from Marlanna. ten to a prepared statement until heyhad answered questions— Kaiser ranged from (lying boats to aluminum plants to anil-submarine aircraft carriers and back to ilylna boats. The senators arc Investigating war contracts granted to Kaiser and his former associate, millionaire plane-maker Howard Hughes, for experimental aircraft,- _. • Ktiicer : tp|d.. thr-_ ; ;stv»jj>'.ors . that top-ranking naval" officials gave him a flat "no" on his Ideas for the baby carriers until Mr. Roosevelt, changed their minds. Under careful (iiiesllonnig by Sen. Osceola Street Work Progresses . Claude Pepper. D., Fin., Kaiser also Osccola. Storm Sewer Pipe Pla<i on Semmes; Planned July 20.— The laying :h storm sewer tile on eet from the Osceoln to Ermen Lane on Lho of the street anil from the high school to Llnwootl Avenue on the North side, has been Completed. It was announced todny by Chnrles Hnmpton, city engineer for brought forth much of thc material defending his war production record which was contained iu his prepared statement. Kaiser's statement challenged the subcommittee to uiimask powerful "forces" in nnd out of the government which, he said, gave "a clever, mysterious kiss-off" lo his wartime plnn to whip the U-bont menace with an arinadn of wooden flying boats. ire declared that similar forces tried—bul failed- to kill his Idea for jeep carriers to sink submarines. In refusing to let. Kaiser rend enemy Flat Lake Negro Held On an Assault Charge Al Murphy. Negro of the Flat Lake Ccrr.rmmlty, is in the county jail here today charged with assault with a deadly weapon. He was alleged to have shot another Negro, Walter Davis, as a result of a quarrel last night. V .Murphy is alleged to have shot Davis with a .22 caliber rif'.e. thc bullet, penetrating his left shoulder between the collar bone and the shoulder bone, while he was walking home from work late yesterday. Thc wound, was not considered senious and after first aid treatment. Davis "was allowed to return to his home. Thc shooting is reported to have been caused by an argument between thc two Negroes over family iclations. Deputy Sheriffs Holland the statement, subcommittee Chalr- mnn Homer Ferguson, R.., Mich.. said "You've released it to thc press already." In direct testimony. Kaiser said his flyins boat plans fell afoul of "a beautiful frame-up." He didn't know "who in Washington" participated in thc deal. But, he testified, "they succeeded." Kaiser was especially bitter about, Orovcr Looning, War Production Board former aircraft specialist, who told tile senators ynstcrday thai Kaiser's plans were "visiotliiry ami somewhat, impractical." "Da you claim I hat Mr. Locnmg double-crossed you?" Ferguson Inquired. "Yeah." .said Kaiser. "I think he did." Kaiser recalled that in 1042 Navy board had voted in to 0 ngalnst, his jeep carrier plan to, ... Bl check the German submarine men-1 Jaycccs nt Thc laying of the storm sewer Is purl of Osceola's improvement drive which cnlls for the .blncktopplng of nil main gravel streets in the city nnd the installation of wlillcwny light poles along Walnut Avenue, through thc heart of the clly. Mr. Hampton stated that, work on the storm sewer on both sides of Ermen Lane to the Southern city limits win begin next week. At the completion of thc storm sewer project, n total of 7920 feet of tile will have been laid at a cost of $8000. Work on thc blacktopplng of the grovel streets In Osceola has been halted due to thc lack of rock, which is used ns a base for the blacktop. A shipment Is expected nt an early date. Mr. Hampton slate. All of the streets outlined to be surfaced have already received the prime coat, he said, with the exceptions of Union Avenue North of the grammar school. French, Australians Yield in Attempt to Bar Larger Nations LAKK SUCCESS, N V,. July 20. (UI'J — Tile United Htnlcs won a preliminary victory In Ihe United Nation* Bnlkans debate lodny Alien il luriml buck French ami Australian ntlcmpU lo bar Ihe big powers from Ihe proposed Balkans pence-keeping cpmlnlwlon. Franco und Australia agreed not lo press their inopu.sals alter American Uclcgiite lleischcl V. Johnson snld the united Stales 'to-ls very strongly" Unit all 11 mil Ions of the UN Security Council should sit on the commission which the Western powers h(r|ie lo In.stnll 'or nl Icnal two years In the troubled The skirmish ovev composition of the bonier palvo] pushed the council nearer the showdown hi which Icussln must choose between vetoing the American lu'oposuls or allowing them lo be approved over Hie objections of the three Bovlol- supiiorled Bovornincnls of the Balkans. Before the French ami Austml- inii proposals for culling tho slv; of the commission were shelved, Columbia's Dr. Alfonso l,opoy, bliiiilly told Ihe council thai the United States was directly Involved in thc Balkans cilsls through thc Tinman Doctrine aiul thc toun iigrcciiienUs with Ihe Greek Government. l-ope/, remarked acidly thai he u'i'.s glad the council .seemed cnger to lake nclloa iu the Balkans case while hi Indonesia there Is "actually undeclared war rc^urdlnji which the Security Council Is do- Ing nothing." Lope/, said that "under agreements bcUccn the united Stales and Greece concerning Ihe Truman Doctrine, Iho presence of thc United States In Athens will have very much lo do with the development" of Iho commission the United States wants Installed in'the Balkans. He complained Hint thc month- old Bnlkans debate scorned dcsllriect to become another example of Iho council's failure lo reach atf'rccmcnl on a major question Involving world pence. . - " As the council moved toward a j polnt-hy-polnl vole on Ihe majority bncked American yiroixwnls. Ihe rc'presentnllvc of Albania, Bulgaria, and Yugoslnvln—thc targcls of the American plan — reiterated their opposition to It. KCHilN FIELD, Fin., July 2». (UP) —Capt. Robert Giumlmn, public re- lallons officer here, 'announced that nine crew members were killed and another seriously Injured when four-motored bomber crushed today near Nacc-viile. Fltv. The crash occurred at Il:'l3 a.m GauKlinn wild. The plnne hnd taken off'* shor time helore from Eglln Field on n routine lialnliu; flight, Names of the victims were with held pending not incut km of rela lives. Cause of the crash wns unde teiiulncd and n board has beci mimed lo Investigate. One crew member escaped Injury. British Execuje Three Leaders 01 Underground Reprisal Threats Involve Lives of •"•'••.••• Kidnapped Sergeants Game of Death Mrs. Jane ciullcclKC, 18-ycnr-old Dearborn. Mich., bride of two months, is shown In (Killce hcntl- (marters tollowhiK questlonlnq al'.or death of her husband Lloyd. 25. 'Ihe pull had been plnylng "Ru:;. slnn roiilclte," In which olio bullet IS Inserted In the cylinder of revolver. Participants take, turns spinning tho/cylinder, holdllig (he Him up lo their heads, and pull- lii|{ the trigger. Jnnc spun and won, but, I.loyd lost. Police my they Iind been drinking. <NEA Iclcphoto ) Refugees Balk At Landing On French Soil TORT DE UOUC, Prance. July 2!). iUP]-Somc 4,500 Jewish reliiKe^s arrived Loday aboard three 'British freighters and told iFrcnch authorities they wou'd not land Indonesian Air Force in Initial Attack on French soil alive. The refugees were here by the British transported who Inter- Radio Eocony Vacuum Sturtebakcr Standard of N J Texas Corp Packard U S Steel 8 7-8 16 3-4 21 7-8 79 J-4 67 1-4 5 3-8 7^ 1-4 Temperature Climbs Tlic mercury continued its upward travels here yesterday and BiySheVille residents sweltered :n •temperatures that' reached a, peak of M degrees, Lowest temperature recorded here during last night was 71 degrees, according to Robert E. Olaylock, official weather observer, Aiken and Erwin gated the shooting. Jones tnvesti- acc. The following day. Knlscr revealed, he called on the Ihen presidential secretary Marvin H. Mc- Intyrc. Kaiser sat;! Mclntyre could not arrange an interview with Mr. Roosevelt, but offered tn place a brief note from Kaiser "on tho chief's desk." Ferguson broke in to Kniser if he had also appealed to Mr. Roosevelt for n go-ahead on thc disputed plan to build giant air cargo flying boats. Kniser said he couldn't recall and Pepper insisted that the witness IK- permitted lo precede In response to thc Flor- idtan's questioning. Legionnaires Cancel Dud Co son Post Meeting The weekly meeting of Dud Cason Post 24 of thc American Legion scheduled for tonight has been cancelled due to the State Legion Department convention now underway In Little Rock. Princess EHxabtth Sets Date for Her Wedding LONDON. July 29. <fUP>— Princess Elizabeth and Lieut. Philip Mountbattcn will be married in Westminster Abbey Nov. 18, it was said todny by excellent palace sources. Funeral Rites Tomorrow For Dan M. Dunkin Funeral services for nan M Dunkin. who died suddcn'y Sunday nigh!*, will he conducted tomorrow at 10 a.m. at Cobb Funeral Home Chapel :•>*• the Rev. R E. I... Bearcen. retired Methodist minister of L;,v,hv:l!e, assisted by the Rev. .Allen D. Stewart, pastor of First M«thcdl.«l Church here. Burial will be at E'.mwood Cemetery. 'Pallbearers v.ill be Max Logan. C. V. SccauRli, W. C. Higginsiu, State President Of Jaycees to Attend Fish Fry Bradley KimbrouRh of Ozark. president of thc Arkansas Junior Chamber of Commerce, and Charles Landreth. also of Ozark. secretary of the stale organi/allon, will be guests of the lllythcvillc, at their nninia! stag fish' fry at. Walker IPark at .V.30. this afternoon. Crawford, president of the Jay:ec's ''Rooster Club." (leu- to Op-.--.rk today to pick up tlic sner-'.s and bring them here in his plnne. final plans f or the fish fry were made ni thc board of directors irecting last night in the Jaycoa club rooms. The board also approved appointments to 30 club commiltces. Mr. Kimbrciiph was fchedulcd to inspect the latest project, of the Blythcvillc club, the construction of a clubhouse and playground on the site on North Second street f.ctjuircd early this •month. A welcoming committee of Jay- cccs met Mr. Kiirbroueh and Mr. tandrctii when they landed at the Municipal Airport. copied thorn nbo.'ird the President Warfield as they sought lo reach Palestine. The Jews flatly Informed ih they would not leave the .ships anchored 'In the harbor here f.nd said they would go ashore nowhere hub In Palestine. Rene Colavciii, secretary-general of the 'Prefecture of the Depai't- moiit of iBouclics dn Rhone, visited tho three ships loday. lie said he had c,iven Ihe refugees a message from Premier 'Paul Rnmadler offering Ihefn asylmn in France am! thai Ihe nlfer was rejected. Colaveri trnn:unlllcd the reply to Ramadior. Colaveri said thai, the doors lo Iho ho!ri~, of the ships were barricaded with barbed wire nnd that, thc refugees complained bitterly of their treatment, alleging' that there was no water and no ventilation. UATAVIA, July 21). (UP)— The Indonesian "air force," in Us first combat operation, bombed two Dutch-held towns In Java today, the Indonesian radio announced. The targets were Semarang on DIG North coast, nnd Snlntlgn, In Kn»lcrn Java. Thc raids presumably were carried out by one or two planes. The Indonesian radio at Jogjn- kniiii, with n blg-tlmc nourish, said (hi: raiding aircraft evaded two Dutch lighters and returned to base without dnmnge. The broadcast said pamphlets as well as bombs were dropped on Semarang. An Indonesian communique sold Kepiihllcnn ground troops shot down two Dutch fighter planes at Man- tocp, 2f> mllcfi west of Modjokcrto Iti East .lava. Indonesian soldiers, the communique snld, now control the rtorlh Mnntocp nrea, and had killed "many" Dutch troops. Anela. the' Netherlands News Agency, said thc Indonesian nlr raid on f3cn\arang was carried out by n single plane. I In Singapore. Indonesian officials said the Indonesian rnillo re- porlcrt that n Dutch .submarine shelled the Java Coast Sunday. They reported Hint the submarine emerged in Snncln Strait between Jnvn and Sumatra, nnd turned Its guns o;i the town of Labuhan.) An Indonesian boardcasl said American-made, Dutch-piloted l'-»0 fiKlitcr planes strafed thc MCROCWO nirtletd outside Jngjiit-Akln today. The broadcast said this apparently was In retaliation for the Indonesian air nttack on Semarang. By F.I.IAV SIMON Uiillrrt Press Staff Cwi' JKUUSALBM, ''July' 29. (I).!'.) — British authorities hunger! three members,of ..the Jewish underground -• today, iind I lion hcgan a grim/wait in the expectation that the underground might kill two ' British hostages ariil ~dttmp (heir corpses ! in\ a public *(|ti:iro within a few hours. Tlic Irgun avnl ,LQuml junder- ground said In Jerusalem that the hostages, two British army ser- Kennls, were "being''executed,"!. A little later, a telephone .message from a purported Irgun representative said that the sergeants would be returned loday — probably dead, British aiithorltalives felt. Irgun would acl In the most dramatic way |Ws.slblc, probably by throwing': thc corpses Into a public place. . Irjuu Promlsen Blaadb»th Irgun also promised the grcntesi, bloodbath the Holy Land ever,hai seen. It started by blowing up • a pill box In front of Ihe Acre prison whore the Ihrce Jewish uhcteiv ground members were lianged. A bomb wounded five persons East of Tel Aviv, and an army .vehicle was peppered with hand grenades In Jerusalem. , • • .;•.>• . . The bodies of the-three'-tiangyd Iryunlsts were carried to Saf*d Iri separate police cars and delivered o relatives for burlnl nf the foot of ancient M. Caiman Cemetery, f'ollcc guarded all entrances to thb cemctely lo prevent Irgun-from striking. All Jews were kept 'ln- doors. The three Irgun members wero hanged before dav.'n at the grim old crusader's castle prison at'Acri)'. They were convicted of participating In n raid on th c prism May 4, when many Jewish and; Arab Inmates were freed, and sprhe killed.. The hnnged Irguniita we're: Mcir Nakar, ai, a shoemaker and native of Jerusalem; Yosef Weiss, a Czech; and _ Ayshaloji' 'Havlv, .20. son "of -n leather merchant. Two younger members of the band driw long prison sentences... : - •,.'••• British trooiic frantically worked throughout the night :to" locate the two British sergeants whom the underground promised to kill. Spot raids, however, failed to uncover any trace of the irien e- Mer» vln Palce and Clifford 'Martin — who were kklimpped June ' 12 at Nathanya. Major Quake Reported PASADENA. Cal.. July 2<J. iUPi — A "major" earlhfiuakc approximately 7.50D miles away in an undetermined direction was recorded at 5:38 a.m. PST loday by the California Institute of Technology. Jennings Bailey Buys Market on South Lake Street Purchase of Bus's Store. 701 South Lake, wa« announced loday by Jennings Bailey, who with Mrs. Uailcy is taking over operation of the grocery and market. The store was formerly operated by C. 13. (Bust rCettlngCT. It has been rcnutncd Bailey's Market. Mr. Bailey said. Mr. Bailey was formerly secretary of the Blythcvillc Junior Chamber of Commerce and is a member of the Miisonlc Order here. Roy all Flies To Europe on Army Mission WASHINGTON, -July 29. (U.P.) —Secretary of War Kenneth c. Royall left for Europe by. ^l«ne today In an effort to-settle, a feud between Army • officers; and the Elate Department over 'occupation policies. . .The War Department said-^hat Royall will apend seven; 'dfiJ'S •"cbn- ferrlng with Gen. Lucius Clay, chief of U. S. military. forces in Europe. Clny and certain State Department officials have been at,.odds for more than a year over wavs of reviving Iluhr coal production, considered a key to the'economic recovery of Europe. Anglo.-Ahieii^ can conferences on Ruhr, coal pio- cfuction are expected to get underway here late this week. John Meyer, IWh'.tworth. Paul Gene E. Bradley. Nelson, Frank SoyBeans CHICAGO. July 2D. (UP) -^3oy can market: Open Close IGreemvcll and November 280A 276A I March 275A 275A New Raw Cotton Loan To Japs is Discussed TOKYO, July J20 '.UP) — Prospects for a new loan ot raw rot- ton to Japan are "very good," Peter V. McDermolt. chief of ;hc Supreme Headquarters Forclyn Trade Division. sn!d today. McDermolt has been iu almost continual consultation with eight members of an American Cotton Mission lo Japan since their ar- rlvnl July 21. He !s expected *.o make n definite announcement regarding the new losn this Mercury Soars And Marked Tree Man is Victim At leasl one Arkansas man succumbed lo Ihe state's latest heat wave which today drove the mercury above the hundred mark for thc third straight day. The first clcjth In thc stale this yenr attributed to hent came lo 32-year-old. Dunne W. Hullay. n farmer of Tklarkc/ Tree. Hi died last night after being overcome while changing a lire. Dardancllc and Scarcy topped the state yesterday with 'reading of 1C5 degrees. Their temperatures' tied the new season's record of 105 set Sunday at Forl Smith. Blythcvillc reported a high of fi6 degrees, four under thc season high for Blythcville. and a minimum of 71 this morning. Railroad Shares Lead Decline Dn Stock Market NEW YORK, July S. (UP)— Clocks had their worst shakeout n uuore than a month today -with he railroad shares leading the decline. . ... . telling gained momentum until shortly after 2 p.m. when the tape ran two minutes late. The market regained its equilibrium .before the ast half hour but recoveries where they occurred held to fractions. When thc glamour went out of Ihe railroad section, the holdout culls hutriccUy -took profits and thc decline spread to sll sections of thc Jisl. Under the DOT theory, thc railroad average had to confirm a recent rise in the industrial component to Indlcite further advance in tne list." .Industrials had made a. new high bul tbe rail average stopped about two points short of going through its 1947 top. i Steel Prices Hiked BETHLEHEM. Pa., July 19 tU.P.)—Bethlehem Steel corpora tlon has raised price* oft a long list of steel products by an »verng of tfi a ton, effective ycsterdiy the company announced, today. N. Y. Cotton NEW YORK, July 29. . IOP) — Cotton close steady: ••"'•. open high tar ctaae Mar 3323 3330 33SO IMS May ...... 3280 33K «•» 323$ July 3201 3101 31S» life Oct 3415 3*» JMS 3MS Dec 3M2 33S3 UN »K> Spot* close Nli; down ,«7. '.

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