The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 7, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 7, 1948
Page 2
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PAGB TWO BLYTHEVILLE » (ARK.) COURIER NEW? * Passengers From Poland Reveal Rumors of U. S. Monetary Changes NEW YORK, J»n. 1 (UP)-M«nv* of the 600 pass«ng«» who arrived ' of the 600 p«ss«ng«» who arrived I today aboard the 8. 8. Ernie Pyle I I -.£ A A**. brought packages of mushrooms \J , Qf f\. IO L flfOl I Pwp/7s from Ct/ier States Early Poll Shows Wallace a Factor Newspaper Figures Show Massachusetts Could Go Republican BO8TOK, J»n. T. <UP) — The Boston Globe, said today that a poll in Massachusetts indicated that •bout II per. cent of th e voters favored Henry A. Wallace ror president—much of the support com- bx from Democrat*. "In fact," the dispatch said, "he iraws to heavily from the Dem- BCT«t« than when compared to the RooseTelt-Dewey vot c In Massnchu- tettt four years ago, It would make the state a 50-50 proposition and mljht put the commonwealth Into the Republican column in a presidential election for tlie first time •Ince 1924 and the days ol Calvin Coolldge." The Globe, an Independent newspaper, said survey showed that If the election were held today Wallace would draw 11 per cent of the •tate's total vote, which was 1.950 000 In the 19M presidential ballot- Ing. The Democrats, It said, would lose more than twice as many as the Republicans. Tint would give Wallace some 115,000 votes, the Globe said, or which about 152,281 would be drawn from those who supported President Roosevelt tour years ago. nboul 62,416 from those who supported Gov. Thomas E. Dewey of New York and the rest from those who did not Tote In 1944 _r -i***. ^ _^-jL-ILI-uivi tmuK'iLur nt Warsaw h ^f™ carrltA Massachusetts Airs. Sadcwskl said her husband had by 103,000 votes in 1944. Applying disappeared In 1939 and she Imd not Wfll1*r* p jG nrncruw+lvn tntnl +n II...-. . , . . . m.\t nut. and spiced meats because the latest rumors In the Polish port of Gdynia are that the American currency soon will be changed and that there 1* a serious food shortage In tills country, acording to a ship's officer. Tht vessel carried 69* repatriated Americans and six aliens on Us 14- day Journey from (he Baltic port. The passengers Included 95 children between one and 12. Most of the passengers were cared for by travelers' aid. Passengers were allowed to lake their packages of dried mushrooms ashore after paying duty. Customs agents would not allow the spiced meats to be brought Into the country. Among the passengers was John Bell, 21, a native of Chicago, who said he had spent 10 months In a. Polish jail which was guarded by Rushm secret police. He said when he showed the police his American papers, they beat him In the face, Boil said prisoners In the Jail were ted 300 grams of food (less than a pound) and "some soup" dally. He said he intended to live with a 76-year-old uncle In Chicago but that he had no idea of the uncle's address. Bell, an electrician^ said he Intended to Join the U. S Air Force as soon as possible. Also aboard was Mrs. Mary Sadowski, of Chicago, who said she went to Poland 18 years ago to visit her mother attd had left her LITTLE ROCK, Arlt,, Jan. .« (OP) —The Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas today formally repealed a rule prohibiting the admission of out-of-stat« students. Dr. Lcwiii Webster Jones, University president, said the action was taken on Ills recommendation. He revealed that accommodations at the school had Increased sufficiently to permit a restricted admission ol student] from other StlUPS, Prospective "foreign" scholars still will not find entrance tO'the Razorback school as easy ajs It was In pre-war years. A selective svswm of admission will l>e set up, Jones said, to screen out all except the most scholastlcally accomplished applicants. . The university pre.sldent said he wanted to "make it clear" that non-residents would not 1« admlt- .ted to the Fayettcvllle school in such numbt-rs as to crowd out tiny Arkansas students seeking admission. The rule barring resident of other stales from the university was passed Immediately following V-J 3 Americans Die In French Crash Total of 15 Killed When Airliner Misses Field Outside Paris By H.-tyne* Thompwn United rreis S<:iff Correspondent PARIS, Jan. t. (UP) — Thiva American*, one a woman diplomatic courier, were among 15 persons killed last night when a French airliner from Bmsscls crashed and burned while coming in lor a landing nt foe -shrouded Le Bourget Airport oulsldc Paris. A Polish girl passenger was the only survivor among the 1« persons in the plane, which carried 11 passengers and a crew of five. The dead Americans were identified from passports and identity cards as: Mrs. Jane WallLs Burrcll. 36, a diplomatic courier for the American Embassy In Paris. She is survived . James Harold Wallls, Scarsdale, Y. Mrs. Hurrell was born In «. r. — — i--j-"tr ui3.i]ijjutuu-u MI Kioy iinn sne Had not Wai ace* prospective tolnl to the heard from him since. She will llv' mult of that election tlie Globe with a cousin in Chicago, estimated that his candidacy would ' have reduced the Democratic plurality to about 13,000. The poll also indicated that most of Wallace's support will come from the middle and lower income groups. It said his stronghold will be Boston, where 17 per cent of voters questioned favored him. President's Pilot Plans To Take Ciri/ion Job Col. Henry T. (Hank) Myers, vet- wan airplane pilot who hns flown presidents and cabinet members •11 over the world Is retiring to take a job as a civilian airline pilot, the «lr force announced yesterday. Myers will be replaced as presidential pilot by LI. Col. Francis W. Williams, an Air Force pilot with 10.500 hours flying time In the past U years. He will pilot the new DC-6 flying White House, the "independence," which carries President Truman and other high government officials. The Air Force Bald Colonel Myers, a reserve officer, requested relief from active duty. He has been presidential pilot since July, 1943. Williams was chief pilot of the Air Transport Command's North ^African Division during the war. He has eight y"ears of commercial Inr Une experience and eight years Air Force service. ._ . , ~ , ••-' l*ao.ll.u IJIlml-UJilll.-!; lUUUVllllu V -i> '!LlT:° 1 f l ._,?""?! 1 ^ r .'".Warsaw, da;' when the post-war Influx of veterans swamped the school's facilities. The enrollment now Is approximately 5.200, Jones said, and still Is highest in history, but construction of new buildings on the Fayetteville campus bfl5 provided ac- commodB.tlons for a greater enrollment. He salrl repeal of the rule conformed k» R recommendation of President Truman's Committee on Health Tests Proposed For Altar-Bound Couples LITTLE ROCK, Ark. ,Jan. 7. (UP) —Dr. Edgar J. Easley of the State ' Health Department hns announ-1 ' ced that a drive will get underway " In Arkansas soon to enact legislation making a physical examination •> prerequisite to receiving * marriage certificate. Dr. Easley Is head of the department's venereal disease control division. He said the movement will be irfttlated with a Social Hygiene D»y In Little Rock Feb, 4 Produce Firms Deny Charges of Fixing Egg Prices BOSTON. Jan. 7 (UP)—Charges of conspiracy (o fix egg prices throughout New England were denied in U. S. District Court yesterday the Boston Fruit and Produce Exchange and 11 companies and corporations. The defendants were Indicted t>y a federal grand Jury Dec. 16. Appearing before Judge George C. Sweeney today, all pleaded innocent except Armour and Co. whose counsel was delayed and will be heard next Tuesday. Judge Sweeney granted all counsel three weeks in which to lire- pare nnrt rile motions. Among the defendants are the Brockton Cooperative EBR Auction Association, Inc., and the New Hampshire Egg Auction, Inc. State Parole Director Asks Drastic Changes LITLE ROCK, Ark., Jan. 7. (tip 1 )' —State Parole Director W. P. Bull sntd yesterday he will recommend drastic changes in parole board regulations at its meeting tomorrow at Cummins Prison Farm. The board a!so will consider 53 applications for clemency, Includ- Dubuque, la. Louis sibrc, New York City, director ol the Amlmex Trading Corp. ot New York. John Shcrrod Power, 30. a. civilian employe of the U. S. Army, survived by his wile; Mrs. Power of Washington, D, C. Power was born m Witco, Tex. The other dead Included live French crewmen, two passengers, two Belgian passengers, a Frenchman, a South African ami a Pole. Airport officials said the plnuf, a Douglas DC-3 operated by Air France, circled above the airport for an hour walling for the log to lift so it could land. The plane flnnliy attempted a landing but touched Its wheels to the ground in a soft plowed field 800 yards short of the runway. The craft was torn apart by thc'cnisM, .scattering wreckage over the (ie'ct - ................. ---- „„ ......... ^ u „.. over e ec. Higher education, of which Jones | lire broke out but was extinguished is a member. The university trustees also ratified a recommendation of the school administration for consolidation ol all fees Into one figure—a flat S5G pel- semester rate on the bulk of the student.'!—those seeking bachelor of arts or bachelor of by lire trucks Irom Le Bourget. Kiwanis Presidents Meet FAYETTEVILLE, Art:.. Jan. 7.- (UPJ— Northwest Arkansas Klwan Judges to Take Road Ruling to Higher Court LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Jan, 7. (UP) —The Arkansas County Judge* AJS- aoclation decided yesterday to appeal the adverse decision In their suit to recover an additional $1,553.000 In highway turnback funds. After conferences litre today, Prosecuting Attorney Miilard Har- dln of Newport said the association would take Chancellor Frank Dodge's dismissal of the «ult to a higher crmrt. Ife had met with "eight or ten" county judges. Hardin earlier had been authorized by Ihe judges association to lead the fight for recovery of ihe additional funds under their interpretation of a 1947 law. Dodge dismissed the suit against the State Highway Department last week on the grounds that the counties of Arkansas had gotten all the money tht 1M7 general assembly had intended for them to get. Trees In many of Germany's forest areas now have little lumber value, due to large quantities of shell fragments embedded in them. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 7, 1941 With the Courts Chancery Clifford B. Mosley vs. Nina Margaret Mosley, suit for divorce. oaolando Smith vs. olen smith, ault for divorce. Caruthersvllle. Mo.. Production Credit Association vs. Valleyfield Q(n Co., and Jack Finlcy Robinson doing business as Dixie- Gin Co suit to determine which gin holds superior mortage on cotton of Cecil Crenshaw of Hermandale, Mo., and seeking $930,93 as balance of loan made by plaintiff on such cotton. Circuit Thclma Ogle vs. Charles F. Hodge. et al, judgement for 8250.00 against defendants and possession of land and property. •romptly r«lt«v«» cou|rtt o < TIGHT ACHING CHEST COLDS MUSTEROIF IUION MOTHER.... DolhisTontehttf VourChildNasACold Works To Bring Relief While Little One Sleeps Basketball Uniforms We have them in stock at competitive prices There's no basketball made —better than MacGregor Goldsmith! Concrete Tile Sewer Tile Slit. 4, « tn« t Inch Culvert Tile Sim It, It, IS, U, 21, t«, M and 36 Inch * A. H. WEBB Hwy. n at fltat* Lta* Bljthevillt 714 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug StoreS AT BEDTIME rub throat, chest and back with good warming VicksVapoRub. Us special relief-bringing action starts instantly ... invites restful sleep. Then It ... WORKS F0« HOURS to bring relief even while child sleeps. Often by morning the worst miseries of the cold are gone. Try It! Get Vicks VapoRub today. Remember . . . the best-known home remedy you can uie to ratiev* mixriai of coldi [• VICKS VAPORU3. science degree. 1 ;. The wanp fee will ' ' tul - s ' lnvc installed a new vary slightly lor students majoring """' """ 1 "' nant governor, llc'Ule- 0 , Chism Reed of Paris, following the first district, muss meeting of club presidents ever held in the state. Ttie Installation ceremony was conducted by retiring Lieutenant Governor Richard Grccr of Fay- ettcrlllc. \ The Eight Northwest Arkansas club presidents who took part include Bill Helnrlchs of FaycUe- epl.onc"coV>anV""irparing'"to"! ''''?' ^ Ki " lb " W °' S "° :un end S 700,000 installing J?dlalV ^'"° t t 0Jfn <^°" « f L[ '«°"'' m and a IIPU- ™niml ,*m™ ~* vviiLy tiuou ot larks, i In law or music. Previously, fees were levied on an Itemized basis, Fayettteville to Get Dial Telephone System FAYETTF.VILLE, Ark., Jan. 7 (UP)—The Southwestern Bell Tel- eplv tem'" n mra^e7ce"ural" 0 mce Syn "t! w "ey" EllloU of Paris. "cecTi Nor- Pnyettevllle. according to Hie local'T'!, s l m »E<'" lc . Fred Lufman manager. o. A. M. Johnson: , ?L3° BCrs -.. 9'^ t0 !' L ' tUc °'. *™: .He said-the date .for the start of the changeover Is still indefinite. Death Held Accidental for parole, 18 for furlough t Zlon community. , Ark., J,,,i. 7._ Funeral services wore being planned today for 24-year old Harold Burton Dofid of Oakland —— j —» «--v.« IMA.K A-CU, T. ui*k..iuk;ia ue it^uift'u lu serve one- And he said a bill requiring the! third of their term; second offend- pr«-m«rria«« examinations will be' era two-thirds of their term; and KftQV WnPn till* nPYt. COVcInn rtf tU» IVltl'rt Slffnnrln... ___... »4.-I_ il..- and one for commutation of sent- 1 A Washington' County coroner's" cn £ e -., ... , „ I Jllr S' snld yesterday he died from Ball said he will suggest that the I a wound accidentally board require longer prison terms | while clenntnc a gun. for repented criminal offenders. At ( Surviving are his parents Mi- present, all convicts are eligible for • -- J _._... parole after serving one-third of their sentences. Bail will recommend that first offenders be required to serve one- and Mrs. C. L. Dodd and brother. Read Courier News Want Ads. Ssas^rrtS" «'" ; J™;==»:'srjf£s= Sr'""' 2 "• tonville, and prcd Palton of Fort SmtUi. y tfeware Coughs from common colds That Hang Or Creomulsion relieves promptly be .... -.-... ^ause it goes right to tlie seat of th inflicted | rouble to help loosen and expc crm laden phlegm, o::<l aid Tiaturt a soothe and heal lav/, tender, in- ;amed bronchial mucous mem- wanes. Tell your druggist to sell you v bottle of Creomulsion with the un- .:erstanding you must like the way it 'ulckly allays the cough or you are • o have your money back. CREOMULSION orCoj2hs,ChestCold:,Bronchitb I HAVE A LITTLE WIFE TO THANK ^ FOR ALL THIS MONEY IN THE- BANK b," 1 J&t «.'^>S^2 V;^/ fl Tfi CAVtO HOW POES 5HE DO \T ? 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