The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 28, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 28, 1947
Page 6
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PAGE Btt BLruuEVILU} (ARKJ OOUBIEB NEWS MONDAY, JULY 28, 19-17 Chiang Plight Discusses of China The Sea Serpent Season Is Open Generalissimo Says AH Hope of Peace With Commies Gone Genera"issimo f interrupting a Editor's Note: Chiang Kai-shek, Sunday tea party given by his wife,' cat down with visiting American 1 editors, for a frank discussion of China's problems. Earl J. Johnson, vice president and general iicu 1 ; manager of the United Press, was I Mnong -the group. His dispatch fol-1' tows.) BY EARL J. JOHNSON (United Press Staff Correspondent) •. -NANKING, China. July 28. (UP> —Generalissimo Cliiang Kai-shek walked into n tea party his wife was giving Jor n group of visiting American editors and spoke freely about some aspects of Clilsa's plight which have * circulated pre- viour'y in the twilight zone of speculation and rumor. The first surprise in what appeared to be a leisurely and extemporaneous talk was Chiang's frank recognition of reports that his government is undemocratic and that some o( the men around him are corrupt. The second surprise was his statement .that, all hope of further negotiations with- Chinese Communists lias disappeared anil that in his opinion -his troops will win the civil war against these elements. II was obvious that the Generalissimo hopes for substantial American aid in attaining this goal, but he did not make a direct bid for either money or munitions. Instead, he asked for understanding, .tor a cessation of earning criticism. ' He reminded Madame Chiang's (rnests that iAm?ricn, too. has a stake in his fight against Communists. The phrase that appeared most frequently in the' Generalissimo's discussion was. -"open armed rebellion of the Chinese Communists." This left no doubt that Jie regards \vhat is happening in his country as an all-out civil war and that he wants Americans to look at it that way, :too. Asks Tolerance He hopss thai under these conditions Americans will ^e tolerant o: the shortcomincs of his government—he mentioned criticism what he called its enefficicncies and (moral practices—and that in par •titular they will not ascribe thesi to anv flaw in the character o the' Chinese people. During his 30-minutc talk, Chian became cmohatic only once. H pleaded with editors not to prir stories from correspondents wh used their personal disnppolnlme: in China's progress RS a spring beard for what lie called "irrcspon sirjle and incorrect criticism" ithe Chinese people. J At tins point of his talk. Chirm:;' leaned iforward in his chair. His I smile disappeared from his lips, 1 and he accented his points with a short chopping gesture of his rfsht hand. /The rest of the time, the Generalissimo sat erect and seemingly composed in a leather chair Tvhile Madame Chiang directed her household staff in serving iced tea and hcl towels to her visitors. The steaming towels she described as an old custom. They are for mopping sweat off the brow on a hot afternoon, and Sunday afternoon in .Nanking was one of the hottest the visiting editors have encountered anywhere in the Far East. lAfter shaking hands all around. ond giving everyone a cordial "Had," the Generalissimo saiil thrcush his interpreter . that he wished .to make a statement aboul China's economic condition an; about Chinese .Communists. Thcr •he began a review of China's cco- npmi ctroubles before the war. Hi said that they naturally had become much worse during the las two years of '•armed rebellion b' icans To Endorse Taft Toft To Address Group At Columbus Banquet This Week "y in the public mind with the Senior Ohio Senator. Labor control was about the only issue on which the GOP could make Robert iA. Taft to head next good in full in the first session of the 83th Congress. But the Republican program of labor control cccnmy and Income tax reduction combined during the session w keep Mr. Truman shifting somewhat 'cagily toward the left wine of his party as the conflict o party policies developed. Memories of Ihc famed Loch Ness monster \vcre revived \vhon fishermen at Port Angeles, Wash . brought in the queer erillcr pictured above. The "sen serpent," which local fish experts can't identify, is six feet, two inches lone, has nn nluminuin-likc coat which rubs off easily when touched and :i double bony ridge alunu its bottom. Call Him No. 1 Jap Gangster Reds Training Army In Cuba, Dominican Says As Impassive as a Bnddhn, KinosnUc Ozn sils in prisoners' clock after his arrest in Tokyo. The fiO-yenr-uld Japanese is described by police ns the city's number one gangster chief. He is accused ot making millions of yen by usurping the rights of properly owners in bombed-out areas, and renting their homes lo others nl high rates. To Hold Services For Victor E. Florence TEXARKANA. July 28. (UP) — Funeral services aie hoing planned today lor Victor E. Florence, prominent Tcxarkana ju.sinc^sman, wlio was found dead in his home yesterday morning. A eoroner'.s juvy termed .Ihe death natural and said it probably occurred following a WASHINGTON, July 28. (UP) — i Dominican Ambassador Julio Orgo- Bi>-Fricr charged today that :i group of Communists and disgruntled Dominican politicians are assembling an army In Cuba wi'.h the intention of invading the Dominican Hcpublica and overthrowing the government. He .said the Dominican Etn- bussy here had received" information that a large transport left Cuba last week, equipped with American landing craft, flame throwers and a "large number" of weapons \vhieh they hope to smuggle into the Dominican Republic. Orega-Frler said the Communists, aided by members of the party in oilier Soxith and Central American countries, began assembling the force in Cuba after the Dominican Republic outlawed the Coiiimunlst party about three months ago. The Communists, he said, claim a force of about 3.000 which allegedly is being trained near Havana As soon ns the men arc considered ready, they are sent to ports h western Cuba nearest the Domini ! can Republic, he said. • He suid recruits arc being Ei^tl) ercd in Puerto Rico. Venezuela anc Guatamalca and sent to Cuba fo training. He sniri he believed no more than 103 of the present fore In Cuba are dominicans. Dominican officials have not been able to fix the exact .strength the force, Orega-I-'ricr said, but It is believed to "number wclHover 1,000 men." He said the Communists also are collecting recruits In Lntln and South American countries to send to Greece. By l.YI,K C. WILSON (United Press Staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON, July 28. (UP) — Presidential pre-convcntion politics shifts this week to Ohio where the Republican state organization is scheduled on Thursday to propose Sen year's GOP ticket. Pre-convcntion campaigning was off to a fast Mart ns members of the aotli Congress scattered to I heir .licmc> alter Sunday's boisterous adjournment. Gov. Thomas H. Dewey of New York Is ending a swing through the central and western stales in quest of 'political support. 'Harold E Slas'jen of Minnesota is covering some of the same territory. There has been some white House discussion ol a sv.'ing across the country for President Truman, but the idea scorns to have faded. It appears, therefore, that the next significant political developments will feature Tail. He will be prin-i cipal speaker Thursday at a Columbus. O.. banquet sponsored by the Ohio 'Republican organization. It has 'been announced that Ohio Republicans on that occasion will state their position with rerpuct to the 1948 Republican Presidential ticket. That scarcely can mean other lliisn announcement that Ohio hacks Taft. It will be accompanied, presumably, by an endorsement by Sen. John \V. [Brioker. also of Ohio, who rnonlhs ago privately assured Taft he would support him. Taft turned out to be the Republican's Congressional strong ^ran. He chaired the Senate publican Steering Committee and Still Hunt For Treasure Of Fabulous Captain Kidd WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, N. C., July 28. (UP)—Excited treasure hunters combed tiny Money Island near here today in a renewwal of the 24C-year-old quest for the legendary Captain Kldd^plratc loot. Yachtsmen and fishermen reported seeing freshly dug mounds ol earth on the little island In Greenville Sound between the Inland waterway and here. News of the renewed search forthe treasure senl Woodenhead «» New Cough on I'ats Found LONDON (UP)—-A deadly, poison which attracts rats, acts on their !u:igs and drives them out' into the open air to die has been developed. It is alpha napthyl thi- ouroa. the discovery of a 'British chemical manufacturer. One pound fan kill 3,OM trown rats, 4.COO mice or 144 black rats. Read Courier News Want Ads. today. Kitkl, who died on the gallows in London in 1701 for his piracy, reportedly buried most of his gold loot on Money Island. But only $70,000 worth of the cache was recovered from his ship and hiding places on Long Island, N. Y. Eclmond Bergwln, of Oakland, Neb., found this lifc-lilsc root in a swamp in Wisconsin. After trimming off the nose a bit :mcl adding the pipe, he used it to decorate his rote garden. additional hunters to the scene also the Committee on Labor and Public Welfare. In addition. Taft so consistently acted as Senate Re- pu'-.'ican leader that, many persons altrcst forgot! the position actual)} was held by Sen. Wallace H. White Jr., of Maine. Whether Republicans nominat-: Tatt for president or pass him by e will be a top issue in the 1SH 11 'imnign. That is because the He ublicnn 'Labor Control Law hear; ils name and is identified definite Immediate Delivery A Gould's Automatic Water System Gives you the most for your dollar Farmers Terms Part this Fall-Part Next Fail jeep • Thf,-"J«p" p u || s plows, sceden and other farm implements; towj 5,500 I'M., hauls 800 Ibs. You can cross town or pasture in the "Jeep." A power take-riff to run your equipment. Corns... see how widely the"Jeep"spreads its cost. SEE IT NOW AT POOLE MOTOR CO. Stecle. Bio. Phone SUcIe 49 LUCKY STRIKE presents THE MAN WHO KNOWS.. FREE OFFER for Deafened Persons For people who are troubled by hard-of-hearing, this mi-/ bs the means for starting a new, full life —with all the enjoyment, of sermons, music, friendly companionship. It is a fascinating brochure called "Full-tone Hearing" and is now available without charge Deafened persons acclaim it ai a practical guide with advice and encouragement of great value ff yo-,i would like a free copy, send yum name and address on a penny postcard and ask for "Full-tone Hearing. ' Write BELTONE. Dept. 13 1«0 W. iflth St., Chicaco B 11! Also show this important news to a Iriendwho may be hard-ot-hearini;. Chinese Communists." Civil War learned rrhe dcbiliU'.unK fight tiRn Ccmmunist.s £rt iruch ol the tlame for China's chaotic rconomir. position ns wel as for its inahility lo make drastic po'itical reforms. China ha.s a no\v conslitulion guaranteeing rather \vidc personal liberties to her people. <\\ ticcs into effect on Christinas on this year. Meanwhile, Chinm: sakl. he is introducing as mn.ny reforms as possible but that Criinuiinst.s tako advantage cf every new personal liberty he mints. Couumists use these privileges, lie .sturi. lo practice .their subversive tactics. The talk nd{'.rd iy to n p'ca fo •understanding between the Chinese and American jiovernmcnls. and between thru prvpks. It came on the eve o! I.!. Oen. Al'jcrt C. "Wedemcyrr's .seccnd trip to Nan- king on his "'uct-fimlin.:" -mission. Undoubtedly, imi.-h that, she Generalissimo to:ci tl:p .Vr.oricnn editors ni ; (arts '.vhirli I !;e America:', investigator, a pn.scral OIHO.- of Freaidont Ttuinun. will Ii:x! \v];e:i he returns to tv < :\pi;a'— if iic docs not V.ninv t!:rni altr.idy. F^crencc was a -member of Civil Service Commission which hiid just, completed an extensive Investigation of the City Pu'icc Dep.u Uncut and demanded Ihe resignation ol two ranking officials. The officials. Chief R. Marlin Oilcs and Capl. Calvin Davis, resigned last week. Florence \v;'s ;\ native of Ilh Hume Town LITOHPIBLD, Conn. (UP) — Though he's ni'ways been known as the ''Green Mcuntam Uoy" from Vermont, Ethan /Vlen actually was horn in this Connecticut village Jan. 10. 1737. Tex., but name to Tcxaikana in 1E32. Jie is survived by his wife Atlanta, I luul one daughter. SALE HARDWARE CO. Inc. HOMt of Farrous BRANDS I2b W. MAIN ST PHONE 515 THE TOBACCO AUCTIONEER! "I was born on a tobacco farm and I've sold tobacco'at auctions for over 19 years. In all that time I've seen the makers of Lucky Strike buy fine, good-tastin' tobacco ... tobacco that's got, quality, real quality?" K / ,^--^-•/=•" ,- J. I.. CUMMINS. 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