The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 6, 1948 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 6, 1948
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWf TUESDAY, JANUARY 8, 19« Ex-King Michael Reported Broke Secretary Pictures Him 01 Virtually Penniless, Exhausted By Lodwlf Popper United Trftt SUff Correspondent LAUSANNE, Switzerland, Jan. 6. (UP)—Former King Michael of Romania was pictured by his secretary today u a virtually penniless fugitive from behind the iron curtain, exhausted by his flight Into exile. Reliable reports said Michael talked for 15 minutes last night with Princess Anne of Bourbo Parma, In Copenhagen, and It was agreed the princess would delay her, scheduled visit to see him in Lausanne. It was apparent that the 26-year old exiled monarch was more shak en by the events surrounding hi abdication than the world yet ha learned. With his mother, Qnee: Helen, he appeared shaken, drnwi tired and nervous when ne arriv •d here yesterday afternoon, Mircea lonitlu, Michael's sccre tary, told a press conference th* the youthful ex-king had gone int exile "with very little money" an had no assets abroad. He said that Michael was forced to sell a Quantity of wine from the royal cellars, and other personal possessions, to obtain funds for the tlight from Romania. The Secretary said that Dr. Ion Popescu, former administrator for (he royal estates, had remained in Bucharest in an attempt to work out some kind of a settlement with the government concerning a transfer of Michael 1 property and money. Jade Collection Left Th« secretary pointed to the small amount of baggage carried nj the former king and said that his famed Jade collection was one of the things he was forced to leave behind.' Michael'! abdication was "polit ical and only political," lonitiu said He added that the Communist dominated Romanian governmen did not object to Michael's marriag but said it could not take place i Bucharest. Major Jacques Vergottl, Michael •Ide, said the final nights beloi leaving the Hungarian capital wcr extremely hectic and that on on occasion he had to sleep on tl floor of Sinata Castle with Mich •el's Alsatian dog because of coi ditlons. Michael and hi* mother remain ed in their suites al the Hotel Bea Rivage last night. The secretn laid Michael would make a stat ment In a few days but that at tl moment he was exhausted "fro all these events." "It was understood that Princes Anne would wait a few days un Michael had settled down and de cided on his future before coming Guerrillas Using Albanian Bases To Shell Greeks ATHENS, Jan. «. (UP) — Press Ispatch«s reported today that jcftist guerrilla artillery WM »hell- ig Greek army positions Irom »m- lacements inside Albania. Plane« from "another power" .ave been shipped Into Albania, for .uerrllla pilot training, dispatcher rom the mountains ol Northwest Greece said. Albanian trucks were ft&ld to ave been shuttling through th« area north of Bourannl, the con- rol station on the highway between Konilsa and the Albanian border. A spokesman for the Greek gen- ral staff said last week at the height of the battle for Konitoa that Albania, Yugoslavia and Bulgaria were furnishing large quantl ties of men and material to th« guerrillas. Military authorities In loannlna capital of Bplrus. re;>orlecl that thi campaign against the guerrillas wa going on North of Konltsa dcspi'. rainy weather. A heavy battle was reported alon the Pcklari Iratl Northwest of Ko- nitsa. Motorlti forfeit* Bond On Charge of Jame* Bhelton forfeited a bond f lib In Municipal Court this morn- ng on a charge of speeding. In other court action, S9 persons rested over the weekend and yes- erday were assessed approxlmatly 6&0 on public drunkenness and dls< urbing the peace charges. Eighteen persons arrested by city police forfeited 120,26 bonds while Ivt others were given fines of 10 and cost*. One wa> fined $15 .lid costs. Five persons arrested by county officers forfeited bond* ranging from »30.25 to 133.25. U. S. Aid* Greek Army \ WASHINGTON, Jan. e. (UP) — 'Hie State Department announced today that the American Mission in Greece has been authorized to divert an additional f 15,000,000 Irom economic reconstruction to finance Increases In the Greek armed force.?. It ts the second lime that the United states has dipped Into the funds appropriated for economic re- Taft's leadership of the Republican CAMPAIGN (Continued from Paje 1) leader of the Republican Party on capllol hill. He wants to cut taxes and trim Marshall plan spending. This session preliminary to the nominating conventions will be In large measure a contest between la politically glamorous. He construction of Greece to finance military projectr Missourian's Walk Failt To Save Him From Fin* Theft Suspect Pleads Guilty; Gets $50 Fin* H. O. Lenear of Blytheville, was fined ISO »nd costs In Municipal Court thia morning on charges or petit larceny on his plea of guilty to the theft, of a small portable radio Irom a Blytheville radio repair shop where he was employed. Lenear was arrested Sunday by Deputy Sheriff Holland Aiken for the theft ot the radio belonging to Tom Boswcll of Blytheville from the repair shop. An original charge of grnnd larceny was dismissed unJ ] lesser charge of petit larceny was ; filed this morning. Congress and Mr. Truman's leadership of the Democratic party. Congressional Republicans will make the OOP platform. Mr. Truman's recommendations to the Con- the Democratic j-.-tform. Yorks paralyzing snow storm were . ... . . the subject* of the first Hoa^e'..^ 11 - Arthur_H. Vandejibeij. R. Fears Too Much 'Fiddlin' WASHINGTON, Jan. 8. <UP>- "•-" The Eastern fuel shortage and New £ atf speech when congress reconvened «""'•• a " d T , S| \°, aker Josc f K W ' , . \f« I'M 11 .If T5 \f <»cc a fa * ll*» tit An today. Martin, Jr., R,, Mass., are the men marked as possible compromise Re- »rmjr. lice Is pretty definitely "tabbed as Republican and a lot of people hereabouts think he if cautiously following a strategy which will make him available tor the Republican nomination In Philadelphia next June. But Taft will be the Republican field commander In the prc-cno- vcntion period because of his dominant position In Congress. He will be one fo th« principal planners of party strategy, too. As the contest begtai it looks like Taft and Dewcy will be going to next June's Republican National Convention with the most delegates. If they knock each other put the delegates will begin to think about compromise choices—but not before. Rep. Robert Trlpp Ross, R,, N. Y I publl( . Bn presidential nominees as said another New York storm might thls sesslon of ^^^^ meets But result n disaster He asked for an d ite tne , r h , ,, rank , the , Immediate Investigation of the fuel |s , atlve branch _ VftndcnberK K , s shortage. president of the Senate—neither •Lets not fiddle while we have , t| nat | on:>1 political spotlight no fuel oil fo burn," he said. ' '. . CONGRESS (Continued from Tajre 1) i again on the GOP radio rally j last night by saying Hint "police slate methods won't work In the to the extent that Taf has obtained SL Unless Taft's leadership In Congress falters during the next six months the Republican presidential .platform will be pretty much a Taft platform because of his far reaching influence on legislation since this congress met one year ago. Other Candidates on Sidelines The other candidates are on the George Perry, who told police was from Holland, Mo., didn't llsh the Idea of relinquishing $20. In Municipal Court this morning he Just walked out of the whole fair and headed back to Missouri However, his self-granted reprieve as a brief one. His absence was -scovcrcd when his case—a public rimkcnness charge—was called for lal. Policeman Raymond Bomar made a quick reconnaissance of the clnlty and picked Perry up on orth Franklin Street. Perry was aided In his walk-ou y a crowded courtroom, bette X)pulated than usual because o 'eckenrt cases left over from yester ay, when there was no court ses on. Perry paid the $20.25 he sough o save when he was fined $10 an osls on n pica of guilty. *n —An ity briefly at 11:20 a.m. CST to- ay. The quake swayed buildings and asted only a low seconds. There was no Immediate re[x>rl f damage In Mexico City. The government observatory con- irmed the quake but said it did not have any data on It Immed- ately. Jell Marshal's Case To Be Heard Tomorrow Preliminary hearing for Leonar Morris, marshal of Dell charged wit al abuse was continued utttll t Municipal Court th Morris was arrested Sunday b sheriff's deputies following a complaint from a 15-year-old Dell High School girl. He was placed In county jail here and charged with rape but the charge was lowered prior to his preliminary, hearing which was scheduled for this morning. morrow in morning. Hits Mexico Cityl Un ' tcrt States in peacetime as we s uie s l!n« and. perhaps, In some' .saw under OPA." .what safer position, especially Gov. r-T-rv ™ri,,mr,kf.' r<m shnnk snoox niPV Mn Truman's message was re- Thomas E. Dcwey of New York. Mexico nol ' ted **> contain a comprehensive Dcwey denied he was a candidate BH.»IWU program o{ soc | nl | C gi s intlon. Soin-: throughout the pjvconvcntlon per- of his proposals may overlap with lod of 19M and the nomination fell Republican - sponsored legislation in his lap. He had no opposition on social security, minimum wage.s, when the time came for the dele- housing and federal aid for cduca- gales to make their choice. Dewcy Tired/AII-ln- Listtess Feeling Brought To Halt As Vibrant Energy is Released To Every Muscle, Fibre, Cell Do you get up la the mornings still tired, reel ctown-and-out all day? Have you checked-up on your blood strength lately? Overwork, undue worry, cold, flu or other lllnee* often wew6 down the red-blood-cells. Every day—every hour—millions ot tiny red-blood-cells must pour forth from the marrow ol your bones to replace those that are worn-out. A low blood count may affect you In several ways: no appetite, underweight, no run-down condition, lack ol Attacking Moslems Killed NEW DELHI, Jan. 6. (UP)—The Indian Army reported that 200 Moslems were killed today when some 4,000 of them wearing uniforms and steel helmets attacked Naushera In Kashmir. An Indian Army communique said the Moslems attacked Nau- shera In daylight, using machine guru, mortars and artillery. .ion. Is following the same strategy so Bui there was an inescapable con- far. The pack Is doing what It can to sjnokc him out. Former Gov. Harold E. Stassen of Minnesota will continue through flict abulldlng over a federal health program. Mr. Truman wants a prn- Section and disease. gram of national health Insurance this session to campaign the coun- flnanced by payroll taxes. Most Re- try for the Republican nomina- pubicans oppose that plan and fav- Hon. or. If anything, a program of federal aid to the states. The Republican radio program Lalcst reports Irom Wisconsin are that Gen. Douglas Mac-Arthur is "receptive" to public office. The last night (Mutual Network) was'great mystery of this presidential sponsored by the party's national i year, however, is Ccn. Dwlfjht D. committee to answer a similar pro-1 Eisenhower, chief of staff of the gram staged by the Democratic Na- | ——: — Truman Visits Capitol WASHINGTON, Jan. 6. (UP)— President Truman made a surprise visit to Capitol Hill today to attend i birthday luncheon for his friend, House Democratic Leader Sam Rayburn of Texas. to meet him. Earlier report. 1 ; indl- I Group ot County Judges cated that the couple was to have I Discusses Road Fund Suit LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. Jan. «.— (UP)—Eight or ten members of the «nne this week. Police Asked to Help Locate Missing Consul PITTSUROH, Jan. 6. (U.P.)— Alexander M. Gnlbrcath, former acting British consul here, has been missing for six days, police disclosed today. His two daughters told superintendent of Police Harvey Scott late yesterday that their father walked out of his office in a downtown office building Dec. 31 and has not been heard from sihce. The 50-year-old career diplomat received notice from the British Foreign Office only a few hours before his disappearance that he was to be "released" from duty here effective Jan. 1. One of his daughters. Jean Galbreath, who served as his secretary, said her father had been in ill-health for the past two years She said she didn't think he had much money in his possession at the time of his disappearance. , Galbreath's wife, Jessie. \vas reported under a physician's care*. Arkansas County Judges lion met In a private conference here today to formulate their next step to obtain an additional $1,553,000 in money. Crnighead County Judge Clar- | tlonnl Committee last Friday. The pcakers Included House Speaker Joseph W. Martin, Jr.. Chairman Eugene D. Minikin. Colo., ol the Senate Finance Committee. Taft and Hallcck. After blaming the administration for unwelcome developments In Eu- ope, Mllllkln predicted that Congress would approve a foreign aid program but he did not say how closely It would resemble the Marshall plan requests of the administration. Truman "Promises" Broken Martin promised that Congress would cut the cost of government and pass a tax reduction bill. He described the maintenance of taxes at wartime levels at "Intolerable and Indefensible." iconomic report to Congress Friday and his budget message next Monday. His budget Is expected to call for about $41,000,000,000 In spending for the fiscal year beginning July. energy, a run-d< resistance to Infi To get real relief you must keep up your blood strength. Medical authorities by analysis of the blood, have by post tlve prooj shown that, SSS Tonic I amazingly effective In building up low blood strength In non-organic nutritional anemia. This Is due to the SSS Tonic formula which contains special and potent activating Ingredients. Also. SSS Tonic helps you enjoy the food you *at by Increasing the gastric digestive Juice when It Is non-organl- cally too little or scanty—thus the stomach will have little cause to get balky with gas, bloat »nd give on tnat «our tood taste. Don't waltl Energize your body with rich, red-blcod. start on SSS Tonic nov. As vigorous blood surges throughout your whole body, greater freshness ana strength should make you eat better, sleep better, feel better, work better, play better, have a healthy color glow In your akin— firm, flesh nil out hollow places. UUllons of bottles told. Get » bottle from your drug store. SSS Tonic helps Build Sturdy Health. Osceola Court Session Adjourns on Second Day A whirl-wind civil session of the Osceola District of Mississippi County Circuit Court ended at Hallcck accused Mr. Truman of noon today In Osceola after hear- \ breaking "a solemn promise" to coin g only one case. In the only case ready for trial this term, John Shirks was given judgment of $400 In a suit (lied by him against Mllllgan Ridge School District No. 8. which was given Judgment for possession of a house Involved In the suit. ence Freeze said the judges would confer with Prosecuting Attorney Mtllard TIardin of Newport and other prosecutors representing the counties. Today's conference was called af- er pulaski Chancellor Frank Dodge ismissed the suit last week. The hnnccllor said in his ruling that he counties had received all the noncythe 1947 legislature Intend:d for them to get. Freeze declined to comment on .lie possibility of an appeal of IJodgei decision. He also refused to comment on whether the Judges Reserve District No. S would take action on their recent ;lcmand that Crlttenden County i Judge Cy Bond resign as their pres- ' Ident. Court Issues Order . Restraining CIO Pickets LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. Jan. 6.(UP>—A temporary restraining order that halted picketing nt the Southern oil Co., here early in 1946 has been made permanent by PulasW chancellor Frank Dodge. He granted the injunction yes After empaneling of jurors, hearing of this case began yesterday morning. Jury commissioners who will pick ventrcmen for the next civil term of court were named this afternoon. The other 19 cases on call nnd set for trial were continued until the next civil term beginning June 7 In Osceola. Judge Zal B. Harrison of Blytheville presided. operate with Congress and of lead- Ing opposition to every major Republican-sponsored bill. The Senate Republican Policy Committee yesterday gave Senate legislative committees a go-ahenil to begin work on 15 major bills Including those to Impose rationing ~ •and price control. Taft emphasized ; • ' * that the bills should not be regarded The Pennsylvania highway system contains 20,338 bridges, of which 248 are covered. DANCE to the Music oi One of America's Outstanding Bands! at a "must" list and lhat commtttei consideration did not assure favorable action. For full Senate consideration thl month, the policy committee scheduled bills to authorize a permanent Voice of America program and to approve the U. S.-Canacllan agreement to build a St. Lawrence waterway The tax reduction bill will be one of the first to be considered by the House. Mr. Truman will send his annual State No. 81-105 Report of condition of THE FARMERS BANK & TRUST COMPANY . Bond consistently fought the suit f of Blytheyille,, at ilic close of business December 31, 1947. against the State Highway De- ' State banking Institution organized and operating under the banking piu'tment. Bond was in Little Rock today, but told United Press he knew nothing of the conference and that he had not been Invited to attend. Ibs. 20.50-23; good sows 450 Ibs. down 23.50-24.25; Tew 24.50: over 450 Ibs. 23-23.50; few 23.75. Most stats 11-20. Cattle 5,500. all salable; calves 2.000. all salable; market about steady on a lew good offerings at 26.50-20, and on medium to good terday against members of the P>XHl, i hclfcrs nnd ,..., xcd ycn rllngs at 19- Tobacco, Agricultural nnd Allied 6 Cows steady .. bllt somewhat slow; laws nf this State and a member of the Federal Reserve System. Published In accordance with a call made by the State Banking" Authorities and by the Federal Reserve Bank nf this District. ASSETS Cash, balances with other banks including reserve balance, and cash Items In process of collection $ 5,288.416.40 United States Govcrijfncnt bonds, direct and guaranteed.... Obligations of States nnd political subdivisions Corporate stocks (Including S9.000.00 stock of Federal Reserve bank) Workers of Amcrlcft (CIO), who went on strike In December. 1945. The chancellor held that the right of slrlkers to picket peacefully Is inviolate as long as they remain off plant property, but he said they forfeited their rights by using threats and Intimidation. Three of the original pickets were convicted of using violence In enforcing the strike. While the conviction of one was reversed by the Arkansas Supreme Court, the two other convictions now are pending before the U. 5. Supreme Court. Y.B.M.A. Nominates Two LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Jan. 6.— (UP)—T. A. McAmfs. secretary o the Arkansas Game and Fish Com mission, and Frank Whitbeck, Llttl Rock business man. have been nominated for president of th Young Business Men's Assoclalio In Little Rock. They were nominated last nigh and vlll be elected at the nex meeting. Livestock anncrs and cutters 12-50-15. Loans and discounts (Including $1,749.05 overdrafts) Bank premises owned. Including Montgomery Ward Bldg., $65,000.00, furniture and fixtures Sl.OO Assets of Insurance Department ther assets 5,125.500.001 61.000.00] 9.000.00 1,094,537.86 65,001.00 19.547.13 1.00 TOTAL ASSETS $12,563.033.39 LIABII. IT1KS I Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations S 9.343.622.93 rime deposits of Individuals, partnerships, and corporations 978,905.49 Dcposlls of United Stales Government (including postal savings) 28.747.75 Deposits of Slates and political subdivisions 507.344.18 Deposits of banks 812.378 13 Other deposits (certified and officers' checks, etc.) 318.191.45 TOTAL DEPOSITS : 511,989,189.92 Liabilities of Insurance Department 19,547.13 TOTAL LIABILITIES (not Including subordinated obligations shown below) $12.008.13705 C A 1* I T A 1. A C C O 11 N T S Capital* S 150.000.0 Surplus 150.000.00 ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, Jan. 6. IUP)—U3SDA1 — Livestock: Hogs 14,300, salable 14,000; market uneven; weights 180 Ibs. up fully stead?. with Monday's average, but top 2Sc lower. Lighter weights steady tollf: higher; sows strong to 25c higher;-spots up more. Bulk of coc£ and 1 choice 130 to 300 Ibs. 37.25-J7.S); top 27.601 most 240 Ibs. up 2TJS; !«0 to 170 Ibs. 26.25-27.35; 130 to iso n*. 3tM-x; 100 to 120 Mother's Friend m*ss*ginf preparation helps bring ««« »nd comfort to expectant mothers, M OTHER'S FRIEND, tin exqulaUrlj' prepared emollient. Is \urful in nil conditions where a bland, mild anodyne massage medium In *Xln lubrication, Is desired. One condition In which vomtn for Tnors than 10 years hara u<ed It Is an application Jet massaging the body during pregnancy... U helps keep the Fkin soft and pliable... thus avoiding \ini\rccjvw\Ty dl?comloil iHi* Xo and tightness. It relrc&lies and lones the F kin. An Ideal massage application for tho numb, tingling or burning sensations oC the nkln.,.for the tired bacK muaclea or cramp-like pAlns In, the legs. Quickly p.bsorbfxl. Delightful to use. Highly praised by users, many doctors *nd mirses. Millions of bottles sold. Just ask any druggist for Mother's Friend—the ekln emollient and lubricant. Do try It, iother's Frierr Undivided profits Reserves . TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 130.2Dfi.34 115.000.00 554.296.34 TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS S12.363.033.53 I •Tills bank's cayUal consists of: Common stock will) total par value of $150.000.00 M F, M O n A N I) A Assets pledged or as-sisncd to secure liabilities and for other purposes S 125.000.00 I. R. L. Banister, cashier of the above-named bank, hereby certify that the above statement is true \o Die best of my knowledge and brlic!. R. L. Banister. Cashier Correct—Attest: B. A. Lynch F. E. Warren C. A. Cunningham Directors. State of Arkansas. County of Mississippi ss: Sworn to and subscribed before me this 5th day of January, 1948. <Sc*l) E. R. Bryan, Notary Public. My commlr,flon expires March 35, 19S1. 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