The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 18, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 18, 1931
Page 5
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MONDAY, MAY 18, 1931 (AUK.)' cotmiEu NEWS PAGE: FIVE CLASSIFIED ADS Two cente * word tar Aral Insertion and one cent » »'ord (or each subsequent insertion. No advertisement . taken lor less Uian &0c- Count the words and tend use casli, L'hone 306 FOlt SALE FOR SALE USED CARTER LOO TRAILER. 2 1 ,-.. ion. Excellent conUitloii, Eqiup- l>cd nilli A-i 32xt> Heavy Oiiiy 10-1'ly Tn-cs. A Krai mryiiin ui $10S. PHILLIPS MOl'OK COMPANY. , 1«'K20 DEWEY GROVES AUTHOR OF FOR SALi: — Several nice Ircsli Jersey tows, al my barn. K. o. Adams, I'liomj 'Ho. TF COKN l'"OR SAL!}—Good white ear corn. W. T. Hilcy, New Madrid, Mo. I2P-K2U FOR SALE OR TRADE-Uotxl pay ing buiincis lor car. Will aivc or lake (lie difference. Address "X", Courier Mewd. 18P- FOR SALE BRAND NEW FO11D CLOSED CAB All bled, Complete with Windshield, Doors willi Glass, Scat Cushions, etc. Save S50.00. Fits 1028, 1'JM anti early 1930 Ford Trucks and Cars. Only 570.00. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY. 18-K20 i''OI{ KENT FOR HUJT—Aparlment in Ingrain building. See Parkliurst Cotu- liuuy. ' 9C-TI'' FOR RENT — 3 room apartment. COS N. 5th. furnished 14P-K10 l!i:Gl.V lli:ili: TOIMY ni:nvi, iioiii)i:.\, •r>-rnir in love nlllj TOMMY XVII. SON, •ur- m'd* lu Jf]n>lnK bU cl'ilu-mmt Mini IUT !,uu-.uur, iiti:\i: KVCHKl-r, bul frill, l,> fnnvlnco JilDi Ihut II In him duly to hl> fatu- llj to fiaUk collrKr. Lutrr Irene poxlponr* 1ht Hinr- rlni;c dale brllevh]^ »he U lo be- CUHIL* a r:njr<i nlnKrr. Sccurinff nn auillliou, hke perinlia Jier>l <n K'> lu ifa? fehitlEti ivltli her. NVEtlle vnillnbT In un untc-rnoiiL llerjrl jillfc diuvn nt a (ihiti.i nuil eroon* Hteludk'A. duo uf llii_. dlrcL'[i»r» henjr* hrr nnd Klveii l.rr u prit'rile ti-M. llr pniiulsrv INI Inl.Tvlew Mlllj UK. l;\VI.I>lll> Irrtl.- Cull. nnd Is rurl.iu> oheii >Kf hi<nr» J*vr JiUIrr hnN ln:fn Klrrn u lexl. l!er>l'B liu^krK or n r:idlu enreer dim n« nu 11 ori) euuiei frum 1he • luJlo. 1 Ai |n«( a Infer nrrlve* nnd >!ie *ll|i* tuuijr f»r hrr luler^lvw. ,\cr>,,,i, Oiirlnu <!'>• iirJrnl. llrryl Ik rlncr-i \\livll prrKrnu-il ullh II eutitrui-r. Her vtrlnty 1 M Itlntr- • >ve,t fur ht-r liiinllj iinj T.immJ l>ellr\e >hr rnlilird Irene <if IUT el-:iiiee. lleryl'M *lrT,m In n Kut- fenn. :md otic rrliirnx linniR In llr. i;:,,l,,n!-, II I-, ,,inl, u , l:i,],-n \illh Ilnr:i1 Irlliulf... ilnrnlii^ ^lilli envj. Irrue ilri'ldfM lo nkurry MIW «{> OX Wl'l'll Till-: SIOUV CHAl'TKIl XVH B am 'poll this elou^ini'iil Tommy Ircno Ifejd their iilalis bc taking no chani'e ol iuterfcrtncc Beryl saw tier sister scwhiy on a pretty new dress of eyelet em broldcred organdy Uren^ sewed til ribbon bows oa: her mother lia mado the dress) and noted the mya tcrlous smile that accompanied th work. FOR RENT- Newly lurnlslicd collage, 4 rooms and hath on Davis street. Call 908 or u'50. L. L, Ward. WANTED QUL^HY ^VAWTTiD—Market prl r Jcs. auy 'quaiitay! Marilyn '!iat- Aiuiy. 210 B. Fourth Bt. SC-TF ^^'ANTED — Family washings or general housework. Mrs. Dora VJzeli, 2207 18th St. TF TKKbONAL CASH PAID tor second hand furniture. A. L. flowers, corner Main >t Lake Kts. CC-Tt STOCKHOLDERS MEETING of The Blythevillc Cotion Oil Company The Annual electing ol the directors and stockholders o£ the above company will be held Thursday. June Oth at 10:30 A. M. in -tUe>aices^of .W. A. Gage & Co., — Kills' Jildg.. 'Memphis, Tenn. 4C-KG-3 New York Cotton NEW YCmK, -May 18 (UP)— Cot- loll cloieil barely s'.eacly. OiJcn High Low Close 000 SOI May Jill Oct Dei: Jan Afar 925 938 D75 usta lOOfi 102(i 035 D40 975 MB "icon 102G 015 050 071 932 1C02 an 953 075 1005 Spots quid, at 015, off 25. Why tliat smile, sho \vomlerct Irene had worn it oa her soft re lips constantly In neryl's prcsenc for Itic past three d;iys. Beryl might havo guessed U Iruth luit lier work kcjit tier busy lo give, much thought t Irene's affairs. Tommy's clatlo would have Riven it away but Dor liad not seen him with her ststi Bhice Irene liarl agreed to the clip meiiL Irene would not take Hi chance. She wanted lo make Ber suspect lliero was something In tl air and worry over It but sho d not want to give ber loo man clues. Again Tommy packed hl3 su case for a honeymoon—and again he was frustrated. On this occasion the interference came from a Brim source. Dealli stepped iu and put an end to the afiair. Quietly and without a word to anyono his Aunt Emma died. 111= uncle called him an hour before the time ho bad set to slip out ol the house to meet Irene. It was morning. A heavy, foggy morning o* tbo kind on which people wiln asthma find It difficult to brcalh. Uncle George couldn't, bo said, Tvako Aunt itniuia. Tommy rail to ECO what 'sf «ul<J do. Presently ey called n doctor, liefore tlio lyslelan got there Aunt ICnnim .d turned eolil. Out In Iho sound the foe horii wcil dismally. Ainu ICnima ad always hnlccl lo hear It. Vagrant thoughts came to Ton), y as he stood for a while before :o window, iryliiB lo check h!3 ars so that he eniilil go down and •lephouo lo Jrcuo. WlthiJScryl It was as though she lived on the edge of a deep, black abyss, never knowing ai what mo- CM Bbo would bo.pitched head' lit,' Into the bottomless depths. « • * \NCE when she was a llttlo girl ' Micro was a thing fiery! hail said sho would never do. loiter sho did It. 11 wasn't n treat sin— senio slight ptcco tit mischief Hint she liad since forgotten—but from VJR. IIOFKMAN -hail Induced Ircno to plnco this condition upon her consent by bribery. Slio ami Tommy would, lio had said, coma to live with him nnd the Hoffman liouso wan an utlrntitvo dwelling. Aunl Kmma'a sinter, Krnesllnt!, who liad l>een fccenlnR houso for him would bo going homo soou. She expected to lake- n lot EflYL liked ll:e fog horn. Its bellow or ff.lnl lioom had Irred elusive thoiixlils In her ilnd, sho had said. S coined lo come—like that train In ,Ilium —and carry her away. Only .ili was - u boat, and for a bit of would never lovo anyone bul Tom-1 she eould feel thru she had my. Still slio believed tula was; me raveled, been somewhere. Tommy liad [ruijliej at her. Carried away by a sound—liuti! 'lint's sorno imagination!" "Now he ilid not laugh. Did death ,!ve you a nc'.v sense—someone Iso's death? ficwllderlns tlmiislus —and ho had to telephone Irene. How did he feel when ho hail nlked v.itli her? Hark In hln ronm —the leavs unchecked now—lie was not conscious of any effect n[io:i limself from Irene's words. Wiial ia<l she saiil lo him? Cerialnly nothing of moment, nothing to be remembered. Many people came to Hie house Irene, of course, and fiery], loo There wcie .many HiliiKs lo do. Tommy felt bev, p i!dercil. Death was iiciw to him. Now anil terrible, lleryl told him in conventional •;jEC3 that tovlureU her It sho had learned a lossou. The j el her sister's things with her liut lesson wus that the might say sln'ji, 0 wolm | £CQ ,|, llt tlicj . w , orc | 0fl . would never do soamlso nBalii biit>Ti iC y were olil-f nub toned liiluss and that did not mnke II a fact. Slie h( , uiiderslooO people were malting a tiiss over Etich things nt (ho Tri'-'cui lime. Mo nceil uol have urged further, thcro Irene made up tier mind. What envy II wunhl exc-ilo of his being married lo Irene | | tl [,„,.,., IQ Ecc 1|( , r „,„„„,. ,i, 0 mlGht bo fooling licrsclf aRnln. Ileiyl argued, wlicn Blic said slie true and Iho anguish Uio lliouglit j, caused her was real enough no mnt- ler whal changes Hie future mlsihl hull!. Kor n whllo after hla aunt's ilcalh Beryl felt safe. Then the lonns nf Emma Hoffman's will heirlooms, Irene ihoimht. She reracmbereil Heryl had unco f-iiA si,n Imped Mrs. Huffman \vnnM will bar just one piece o[ 1)10 l.owcstnft. Of courso Mrs. Huffman hadn't done anything ol Uio OUR BOARDING HOUSE ByAhero i in, made public and Bhe didn't | ki know whal lo think. Tommy wa« • Irene decided. lo give n lunrliron not the heir. His aunt had died I for lleryl. bringing tho l,o«si(ilt luiesiatc. Slto'd had a suiicrstl-1 from the dilna flusrt nml sc-rvlns It lions fear of preparing for death and so her favorito nephew was le[l lo share her forluno wllh other kin. There were several children of several brothers and slslera am! Tommy did not receive much. Irene told her nothing. I3cryl (110 not usk (lucstlons. It was like the crisis iu Fin Illness, breath and waited. Sho was mi certain. Would Ircno think o! grieved she waa fnr him. Uci I Tommy now? Wnn there u streak voice was steady, bill what she 5'ip- j nf fineness In lK:r character deep would havo asieuisheil lier foeil on II just us thought wcro ordinary ware. Sho was vlannlng tho meal even as Mr. Hoffman continued Mlklnn. Tcrhnps her mother would cook tho luncheon. No, Mr. Hoffman would lei tier have a maid for that.' A smart irnild in n bluck dress and She held her i lace nprnn nnd cap. "I liiiron'l a lol of relatives ilko imna had." Mr. Hoffman was gay. and Irene's mind snapped b.ick pressed Tommy. Irene had declared openly against tho tyranny ot a fate that upset her plans. Beryl had Icariictl then what those plans were ami whal that mysterious smilo had meant. Irene did not seem to nilml thai Aunt Emma was dead. Sho was annoyed because her plans . were spoiled. I3cryl had dreaded to hear whal Tommy would say. Would he. like Irene, think of himself? Would lie :iave less regret for (be passing of one who had loved him because that passing Interfered with his plans? Ho did not onco spcalt of proposed elopement ond Iteryl knew, with an elation she lounc] it hard to bldo, thai it was because lie had not thought ot it. Slie watched htm with Irene and could see lliat Irene was provoked will: him. There cc-ld Lo but .MIC explanation for Unit, thinking about her. the ME -1GQK PAY-TRUMK UP IM M f DEV WAS SI* SPOOK IM -TrT PARK, Af Ml£~A(i" 1 DEV ALL SAID .W00~00 CALM sawni < ~ so>'e-r ME -life MeA-f CCEAWSR VJE'LU GO, up -THIS SPOOK FOR AMP "FOR ALL I v I under Ihc ehalJow exterior? lu her generous momenta neryl Moped Ibis was true—and rebelled agalnsl It in a flash. Irene coiiht icver m'ake Tommy hairpy. No matter what he*thought, that .was true. Irciio told her nolhlng because she did not want Ucry! to know •what \vas goins oh. ,' ; Suppojo lleryl knew that Tommy was giving up college? She'd heard Beryl express herself on this bubicct with a ulenl for words Ihat Irene had found too searing to wish to hear repealed. Irene had a habil of shruggmg. bolh mentally aud physically. She shiuggcd asido what reproaches her conscience urged upon her In this matter of Tommy turning his back upoa higher education for ber &ako. Stio hart promised to marry him If lie would accept his uncle's offer to take over thu mauagcmcnt o Il» y*» -91 [Hoffman's Motion 1'icluro Palace as Dcrinanent job. nit, iiuii ircuus mum ^IL;I|J)II;LI u.itn ; in .im. u, 8 ™,p ib. .icninnuc* ot BQOTS AND HER BUDDIES his words. Sho and Tommy would llvo with lilm. They could remodel Ihe house as (hoy liked hc-causo some. day 11 would be Ihclrs. Il wouldn't 10 nuy fun llxiug tho houso but hey could luva a decorator from \'cw York nnd that would people open their eyes. Iroao wja too much taken up with these thoughts lo givo Mr. llolfman tho answer ho wanted and when sho realized, as she did suddenly, that ho ducemcnt on Inducement, eho deliberately walled until bo bad made his final olfcr. This Is how It came about Ihat, wllh Iho nnliclpalion of a handsome wedding present in her mind, By Martin WUKKKICM SISTER "MARY'S KITCHEN New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, May 18 (UP) — Cu'.iun closed baiely steady. Open High Low Close May 902 Oil 001 307b Jul 942 942 915 Cct 917 978 050 Dec 008 000 071 Jan 1008 lOOa 984 Mar 1028 1028 1008 022055 076 985 IOC I! Spots t|iiiet, at 085, off 15. Closing Stock Prices A. T- & T ICQ Anaconda Copper ^5 Auburn Auto 1W Caterpillar Tractor 2-1 1-S Clnyslcr )« 3-1 Cili;s Service 131-2 Continental Baking 11 1-i Cienrriil Electric 30 5-8 Lienern.l Motors 30 Montsomcry Ward 10 New York Central V2 3-4 Packard 71-4 Radio Corp IS 3-1 Simmoiw 12 5-8 Texas Covp IS U. b. Steel 39 . Ainrriran Writers lo Mccl PAWS. (UP)—The lust conference of American wrilers lo 'IK held In Paris will convene the last of May, concurrent with that of the SocielD dcs Gens (!c Lcltrc de France. Under the auspices ol Ihe French Society of the Authors' League of America, the Florence Bhmicnlhal Association has convoked Ihc conference. BY SISTER MARY j NEA Service Writer , As the weather grows warmer, our meals naturally grow lighter and meat loses much of Its appeal. However, we must continue to serve some meat dishes in order to maintain a balanced diet and unusual methods of preparation are a decided aid"ih meal planning. Traditioi| has taught us lo serve certain fruil sauces wilii certain meals, but modern progrcssiveness has gone further and conibiuec fresh or dried or canned fruils will meats in cooked dishes. Sometime: just the juice is used to give ; piquant tlavor. Again the whol fruit is drained from its juice and broiled or grilled and used as border. Sometimes the tmit i chopped and combined with th meat in a loaf or casserole dish. Dietelically Ihese fruit and mea combinations arc very much worth while. The acid of the iruit act _8 upon the fat particles, breakin them up an:l making them easie for Ihe system to assimilate. Th .it, '! teaspoon pepper, 1 t xmn brown sugar. it uuticr ami when bu ir in flour and continue lo COO id stir until bubtly. Atld s.ilt, cpper tinci brovm suijar and sloiv- • acid water, slirriut; consuintly. id i^isins ami biltis to Hie boil- ig i»int. Add lemon juice, horsj- idisli and almonds and bring to oiling poim bul do not let boil. able -1 Gander Keeps Peace • u>i --gj Among Barnyard Fowl OAK OROVE. Oregon, (UP) — A Blinder relates to lilloiv any qnriirelinj? or fighting anioii 1 ^ dif- tcrcnl fowls in John Holland's barnyard. ll picks cul tiic aggvcsjor in a flock of young turkey gobblers nnd gives Itim a whipping. A turkey lien and rooster were liaviny a sparring match. The gander proceeded to firil wlu;i the hen. ar.d then Ihc rooslcr. Tomorrow's Menu BREAKFAST—Sliced oranges, ce- en!. cream, frizzled dried beef on nilk toast, milk, cclfee. LUNCHEON — Baked macaroni nd tomatoes, bran rolls, chceolata oil, milk, tea. I( u c Now SM | cc (,'rcam DINNER—Baked slice of ham ST. LOUIS. (UP)- -Apple vendors ith raisin sauce, new potatoes, iu —unemployed heads of families parsley butter, spinach in" cream who resorted to selling apples as a sauce, carrot and jiinsanplc salad, means of supporting their families v.-affle's and crushed strawbcr- , milk, coflcc. REPAIRED WASKED EATON MD SON rlinnr. 700 Main & 51h St. l.'or a limiled lime 1 have rc- ilncfd my prices on prime lea- llier halfsolcs lten'5 lishl haHsolcs with Gooriycar ruWx^r hrcls — $1. Men's medium halfsolcs with Goodyear rubber heels .. SI.25 Men's heavy halfsolcs with Gcoo'year rubber heels .. $1.50 W. J. KNOX mineral salts of the [mils arc valuable in sustaining tr.c balance oi •x meal rich in protein and in counteracting the cllccts o! meat in the diet. There are so many delicious ways of serving fruit with meat liiat one might almost go on imhliiiilcly mentioning them. Ham an:! pineapple is not unusual, but Frenchcd pork tenderloins with apricots, Inmb chops with orange slices, ro.isl beef with browned pears, roast por;; with raisins, veal ami raisin loaf with bananas. Iwmbitrg sl'cak with ,_,„ broiled apucoUs are novel and del- IT ^^_^— ' ectablc. Fish with raisin sauce -is an out-ol-lhe-ordinary csinb'.naliun hat is excellent. Bananas arc always available iml arc very easy to prepare and serve. Baked or grilled, they are very good served with almost any kind of meat. The simplest way lo use whole fruits of any kind, bananas, pineapples or apricots, is to dip them in melted butter or oil, then in seasoned Hour, and broil them under a ciear flame. The follotrinj raisin sauce Is delicious with baked or broMcd lian or with fish. * * * Kaisin Sauce One-fourth cup seedless raisin '.'i cup blanched and shcrred al monds, 2 Uiblcsswons grated radish, 3 tablespoons lemon juic 2 tablespoons bulter, 2 tablespoons Dour, Hj cups water, 1 teaspoon she issued nor ultimatum to Tom my. Tommy felt thai should La delayed tho marriage \vhllo In ro- spect to his nunl'a memory — a decision, which h* j&borliy regret. (To B* Co dors thai apple sales were dropping 11 it was decided that they sell ice cream Instead. NEW EVERYTHING Courier News Want Arts Pay. WAIININU CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. First National Bank of Blytheville, Plaintiff, No. 4948 vs. Ross Stevens. Et Al.. Defendant. The defendant, Winnie Enlman. is warned lo appear within thirty clays in Ihe court named In the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff. First National Bank of Blylheville. Dated 4-25-31. R. I,. GAINES. Clerk, IJy Elizabeth lily the, D.C. Leon Smith, 1 . Ally. Ad Litcm. 27-1-11-18 - are changing tlieir wares. Whei: complaints were made by the ven- A HOT TIP FOR V«-).. 66T TUE FUVIJJS LETS BS AT TEWU AUD TUATS DP YOO ID FIX Wot KK lit TO ALDUS, JU. BE DRIHWW' TUAT JUST ABOUT THE SAIL, TMEOJSU THEBES EMOUSH RDR Yoo TO GWS SOME TO FIEEWAW DETECTIVE GOT BIS AT THE AMD G01MS To 8BEAK ELEv/EtJ A CLOMP OF wietze BSFCCe B.EM6W O'CLOCK .'.' A SANS'S pl..fttJ To TOVJARD THE RAW VWAU.S OF TH£ BAH ic_ JKAX SHOWS THE WAV! VASH TUHIiS I'M VEPESWNG UPON VOO SOTi To _te=- fVb f^TOOLTO CMCU J:' TrtRUB'. I'M OWERS, TOO. TO t£T OKL-f Ofjt R.WG-LEAOER l\'OOLON'T THE SMU&&UKS& RING, Tut 600IE j OP. T^E AMO EASY AR.E ENTHUSIASTIC ftBOUT «ELVItJC> PiNViSOM "10 PRISOM. LfS GE.T BUSY. ^ SEE? BUIL WIXMTS XOO TO BECOME VMS UtU- WCEPT, BV (ML ^^e^MS. Ciwvj ws CONFIDENCE, A*JP VOO'LL TWE , eOMV , JEKN! COULD P u CAN&. X'SEE, I'M AFTtii- , H1GHEP.-UPS. _ MO U.S p*r.Cfr.CIMHTKUMItvKt.n^> FRKCKLES AND HIS FRIENDS

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