The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 28, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 28, 1947
Page 4
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MONDAY, JULY 28, 1917 Engineers Rush Tests On Plane • Want Monster In Air .Before Investigation keally Gets Going Triple Play . By PATRICIA CLARY Bniled Press Staff Correspondent SAN PEDRO. Cal., July 28. (UP) —Howard Hughes" engineers rushed tests Saturday on his monster ply- in'bed iplane in hopes that the; could-get it- iulo the air belore the Government starts investigating - Wa.Oad.COO contract to buiy It,. Spokesmen foi the mlllionaii^ pilot and plane manufacturer rcfiiset to' say whether it conlti be flnishet before a Senate Committee opens hearing Aug. 4. "Only Mr. Hughes knows, anil he hasn't said,".they.stiid. Hughes said the Government hud already accepted delivery and paid lor the "completed" Hying uotil. He snid lie was making-further tests by choice. "If that is true," Committee Chairman Owen Brewster. Ft., Me.. commented in Washington, "the committee will be interested in learning why the Armed Forces accepted plones which have not been tested and some of which have not flown." Hughes shtd the Army also had paid for two XF-11 Photo Recon^ naissancc Planes, although it denied receiving them. ;sinc'e June, 1940, the world's "argest airplane has been, under tests at ft $150.000 dock specially built by'Hughes. Its huge.bulk Is being checked inch ' by inch for stresses and strains. The flying bont is 202 feet long. Hughes snid the tests were cost- United ing him $7,000,000 which he never Give Poy Hike To New England Textile Workers Witter Use ot Public Buildings Opens New Vista For Community Life W Hidings Opens Vistas worthjlj cumber''' f BOSTON, July 28. (.UP)—a man ftgemenl-approvecl contract grant- Ing pi.v Increases totaling 'jS (X.0,000 annually to 30,000 emplo"' in 32 N«w England cotton mills was forwarded to locals Cor ratification today. Tlie contract, already approved by the CIO Textile Workers Union of America, will become Directive Friday [or one year. ; The Policy Co:nm! t .t.i:»> of the 1WUA approved (he now con- ract at a meeting yesterday unit nion officials said it wouH he pattern tor wage settlements 1EX) mills .In Nc.v England, "cimsylvania cniploylnB^anoth"'- Il ' s ) >lll)llc ' bllt P'vt-tlme only: These are tlie National G.COO workers. The contract provides a general wage Increase ol i'tv c cents an hour, bringing average plant earnings to $1.U1 hourly, and pru- 'ides lor five paid holidays 'Oliver McCirnin, M; Charles Browne, IS, nnd Robert Wolfnrd,'J6, lc-fl lo right, measure; a '10-incli, Ki-pound iivuskc!lunj<e. they • c.uif,hl with .tin-co lini'S, a shoe smil laclsle box after ;i 45-miuiIte ball If. Tlie bin one w;is (akon-froin Hie lagoon,at Scott FouhlaitV (3 Ik'lle Isle,, the.park in tho cynlcr. of the Ddlroil'Hiybr.j , . North African Jews Try To Crash Palestine Boswell Wins Golf 'ournament For Blind Named to Sweden liy KLIAV SIMON 1'rcss Staff Correspondent JERUSALEM. July 28. (U.P.)_— ! Brills! 1 , sailors boarded two, illegal Jewish immigrant ships lodny and immediately began to transfer the hysterical passengers :o boals bound for Cyprus. Tlie SOO-lon Return-to-Zion carried 37-1 passengers from -North Africa, the first non-European ry President -Truman has nomina ed H. Freeman Matthews, above, for the post of Minister to Sweden. Matthews, veteran State Department official, served as consultant to the President during the Potsdam Conference. hoped lo get hack. Hughes, one of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors, ctenieit that his lavish parlies for government officials had anything lo do with bib contracts for the Iwo planes. •He pointed out that he gave Hie parties after he got the contracts "So far us I know." he said "there is no law against a mai: spending his own money to entertain his friends. "If I reme.mber correctly, during the war It was generally consid ercd a privilege and an obltgaltoi lo enterlain soldiers nud officer returning from abroad." One of the expense sheets fo Hughes' parties listed as a guest Marilyn Bufcrd, Miss America of 1946. She said she was nmabed at being "linked up with this mess." "I have never been out with Mr. Hughes nor have I ever met his sidekick, John Meyer," she said. "From lime to time Mr. Meyer has telephoned me to go out on dates with Mr. Hughes, but cacli time 1 refused." She didn't explain how Meyer j Cnlqiv happened lo telephone her. >«ccm DULUTH, Minn., — Charles Boswell, Guard Armory buildings in Memphis, use'.l once a week by the State Guard, twice a month by '.he American Legion, once a year by tlie Cotton Carnival. organization. . The Board has not been nari'I row about, -penults to groups, but tlie process !•> seme. The buildings are locked up • days, as soon as pupils gJj home and teachers get their ctesSifj; cleaned up. - 5 Even the school wounds arc little used outside of K:!ICOI hours. The iFark Commission Recreation Department uses a few in the summer, but mcst. lie idle— just idle and rseless as mcst of the excellent, libraries which every junior and senior high school is required "uy law to maintain. A'l these thing.", and many more like them, the taxpayers paid to- build. -pay to maintain, but get no use from them most of the year.. Meanwhile, bond issues are votetV, to provide yet more facilities, do things that these could do. ai themselves to lie idle a great- deal' of the time. By NUA Service MEMPHIS INEA).—Memphis isl finding space for community living without spending millions of dollars for now schools, auditoriums, sports arenas and recreation; centers. It's going to-utilize'What it al- tuildingt are idle. Just across a surveyor's line vncalion and insurance benefit*. ' Under tile: contract . tin; union •eservcs the right to re-open w.ige negotiations Jan, 1, 1048 and uj strike II no agreement can be r'.-ady has—a' program adaptable m readied at that time. • almost every community in Die One clause protects tho. Union' roOntry. , from suits under the Taii-Has'iley | ,'rii, 0 Memphis -Press - Scimitar law "except in cases of strikes .found the answer to the problem in violation- ol the. contract siic-^ymt is p'aauing 'municipal author- cifically; authorized by the gciwul itie.s throughout the country .when president of the Union." I it, sent one of its reporters on-a Union President Eniil llievc' survey of existing public buildings, salt! this was the fourth wage in-j He fo ,, n( , dozens of them,, on crease ncgotialed in the nonlic/nj wnicll taxpayers already had spent millions .of dollars,- idle most of cotton - rayon weaving'-y 1 July 2*. -(UP who lost Iglit in the Battle of the Bulge, was acclaimed today as lops among lie nation's bMnd golfers. The Birmingham, Ala., former 'colball plnycr, dofealed defending Champion Clint -Russell of'Duluth and 1 in the tournament finals Sunday. •••--' Boswell was medalist among the five competitors in the tourna- jnent. His 218 medal score was 13 under (Russell who was second in medal play. Others participating in the two- day tourney were Robert Anderson of Los 'Angeles, bl'ndetl in the fight ring 15 years ago. D. A. (Ciiis) Thibcrt of'{Windsor, Ont., woodwork shop operator, and Har- 'Huntor of Detroit, the only since September, 1945 au-dlint ;:ie. t " nc ; timc ', He ils ked editorially why wouldn't be smarter to make total cents "fringe" increases amounted to :il j^ an hour in udcUUn lo, better use of those already built benefits. Hum lo spend more millions on I other • public buildings that . also ' Curostly Does It ' (BOSTON, (UP) — A curious cat Investigated aji electric motor inj the basement of a South iEosion drug store. Curiosity does kill c:us. Too Late to Classify Girls Wanted Waitresses, cnr hops, .salad gIVL A|)| .Tucsuny or Wednesday, 2 Lo 5 inn i nl Rn7.oibiick Dilvi- In. Solklh Division St., Hlgliwuy Cl. 7l28-ck-31 I orSafe , __ . _ ___ blind person employed on the Ford Antique walnut sncreinry. n Motor Company piptiuclion line. Caddies directed 'their play. Livestock lioynny Iftblo, ?. nntlque wnlniit bcdslclo cables, antique walnut msir- ble top table, modern divan, lainrs itncl Onltiow 5-lube table model i-a- illo. Phone Osccolu 70. would be utilized only a fraction of The idea auight the popular fancy. The president of , Memphis State College came forward with suggestions for using' college facilities to better community advantage. The local chapter .of the •American Society, of University Women endorsed the plan. There have been numerous official promises ot cooperation. • Memphis has a six-building Na licnal Guard Armory, The State Guard drills there once a week, the American Legion post meets (here twice a month, the Cotton Carnival bands are 'housed there one week a. year. Otherwise the the 'Mid-Scuth Fair Ground. It is used once a 'year. It has a nice brick Shelby County Building, a horse show arena, a'brick exhibition building and some wooden structures. A women's building burned recently. Before the war, the Park Com-, mission planned to put a sports; arena in the Shelby County building. Then the Second Army used the fair ground for wartime headquarters—it's that big. Now the voters have approved a multi-million .dollar, bond issue to pay for a, new $800,000 women's building, a lew. $2,C03,000 sports arena, and other structures. The Prcss-SScimltar asked -why not put the sports arena into the almost-nevef-used Shelby County Building, as planned; and use the adjacent Armory buildings during Fair week. Nobody, lias offered a reason wiiy not. 2,500, all salable. Market about ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCK- stca0y D ut sales limited and buy- some of its attractions away front-he auditorium, leaving that idle part of the time. Shelby county has 82 schools outside city limits, mostly small neighborhood ones for negroes wno like to have community school centers. Memphis has another 60 .schools. But under the law, the Board of ducation has to take a formal itc if a school is to be used by ijbody except the school itself or entertahuiients, etc.). or by auxiliary (like the PTA), or a vie club, or boy or girl scouts, or TifOA, or a. church or other re- . fThe only public building in Memphis --getting- virtually- full-time use is the auditorium. Counting out hot summer weeks, it housed 257 attractions last year and promises to do as well this year, rang ing from wrestling to symphonies But if a new 42,000,000 sports are no. is built, it must, take at leas YARDS. July 28. (UP)-(USDA) — Livestock: Kogs 11.000; salable 9,000; market active, 50c to $1 higher than Friday's average. Top $29, sparingly. Bulk good and choice 110-24.0, Ibs. 2850-28.75; heavier weights not ful- Iv established. 130-150 Ibs. 2G.252175: 100-120 Ibs. 23.1S-23.50; top light sows $23; bulk sows 17.50-22.76. Cattle 8,000; salable 1,000; calves Jews to attempt a mass b through the British blockade ot Palestine. The other vessel, a converted carried 314 other Jewish ers showing a tendency to bear down. A Jew medium to low good, »22.75-2«; choice steers 30-50; qual- mostly top medium to average \ i on steers and butcher year- • lings. Cows alxuit steady; ^ .ifcw good cows, 1G-11.50; common and medium beef cows 13-15.50; canners and cutters 10-12.50: light below. Good beef bulls, to sausage hulls 17 down; veal- ers 50c higher. C.I. MECHANICS The<* It a bTfl demand for trained rncchan- Tct. Ectmngi up To $123 (MM «r**k. Sptcifl'- lied I* a In trig in automobile •efari. body wait, welding, and auiomoliv* •lectikily. Appfoved focG.1. twining- Ear* *»t»»l»YO« leaiii. Coll Of mall coupon ol one*. N< r. o. ORAUGHONS SCHOOL of MECHANICS GRANDPA'S FULL OF PEP Now He's Found Fast Help .From C«ttin* Up Night* MONEY -FOR MATRIMONY OR MATERNITY—, Milestones call for money. When you're getting married or expecting a new addition to the family, get the money quickly from G. C. P. C. PHONE 2921 122 W. ASH ST. BLYTHEVIU.E \ GENERAL: CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION British sailors boarded the ships without much trouble, but passengers on the Return-to-Zion oceanic lystcrkal when Ihcir vessel I benched Haifa and they were asked to :llsembnrk. The most hysterical group ever to arrive in Palestine, they struggled wilh British troops who sought to unload them and put them aboard British ships. feared they were being lo North Africa. To case these fears, llic Bntisli broadcast an announcement they would be placed ment camps In Cyprus. But the immigrants kept scrcn'.nmg: a lie! They're taking us lo Africa!" We Handle Your Car With Care! Wheel Alignment t Eliminate unnecessary expense in wear of your tires by Idling us keep your car in perfect alignment. Our guaranteed work will save you money- ATr Forcei' n«w Xft-45, on« el Itio fin) four-engine jet bomb«ri. • H«iV» food new* for you folk* whi hftV* to f *t up At night to pan water, bav backache, too, b*c«ui* of minor f unctionm Vidncy diiorden. Thr** g«n*ration* ago, m t amoui doctof developed a medicine for thii very troubl. Now million* have used it, often wit amazingly fast, eflettive remits.The med cine ii Dr. Kilmet'i Swamp-Root r mat! of 16 herbs, roots, vegetables, nnd ba urn* — truly nature's own way to relie Instantly you take it, it starts to wor Buttling out kidneys . . . increase* the flow of urine, helping to relievo exces» acidity . . . so irritated bladder gets • good flushing oul, too. Caution: Tak« • i directed. You'll say it's marvelous. For fre* trial supply, writ* Dept. F, Kilmer fc Co-, Inc., Box 1255, Stamford, Conn. Or —" set full-sized bottle of Swamp-Root today at your drugstore. Kirby Bros. Dine, 'r: to warts drug stores everywtieto DANCI Saturday Night 9 'til 1 Air Conditioned Mirror Room HOTEL Aim. 60c Incl. Tax EARL WALKER & SON PLUMBERS Contracting and Repair Service Prompt Service—Local and Out of Town Phone 3553 Tuneup - Lubrication Your car's motor will hum smoothly if you bring it to us for regular checkup. Our experts will spot those minor (laws before they develop into serious 1 rouble. The Courier News PRESENTS "In Pamphlet Form" A Short, Short Course WRITING CHURCH NEWS Expert Motor Care You can entrust your motor troubles, no matter how serious, lo us. Here you'll gel a prompt, accurate diagnosis of your car's ills . . . and factory-trained men will make those repairs efficcntly and economically. LEE MOTOR SALES East End of Main St., Blythevilk r Itli the observance of Air Force Day — August 1, 19'17 — America reaffirms its balicf in Air Power as Peace Power. |* • Every thinking citizen must realize that as long as our nation is strong in the air, we have the surest 1 guarantee of a peaceful world. But aviation is a S rapidly changing science. The air supremacy that t iwas ours at the end of World ]\Var II can be lost ^overnight if we do not strive constantly to build more efficient aircraft—to develop new power sources *•' — to explore vhc weather and the stratosphere — to train and equip flight and ground crews. The Pamphlet Was Written By One of Our Own Editorial Staff BY JAMES L. VERHOEFF v • Your Air Forces today are doing these things well. And they are planning ahead. Your . understanding of their problems and your loyal support will help them maintain the leadership so vital to the peace of the world. v KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE SKY! AIR POWER IS PEACE POWER AIR FORCE DAY AU6UST 1, 1»47 THIS MEJJUOE OF MTiOKJU. IMPORTANCE IS fOllUHED IT: Russell Marr's Liquor Store Finest Domestic & Imported Liquors, Wines, Gins 114 S. 2nd St. Phone 807 Social and civic organizalions, nnd school groups should find the .same degree ol interest in this booklet that it holds lor church workers. It it docs no more tlian whet the appctito for more news from these sources, it will have served well. It can do much more. The Courier News Believes the pamphlet will enable you (o help your curch, your P. T. A., or your club, and at (he same time enable us to give our subscribers a belter newspaper. THE BOOKLET IS YOURS FOR THE ASKING. JUST MAIL Till: COUPON. This booklet was prepared In response to requests from leaders in churches, nnd other organizations, and because of the interest ot other publishers In a short course in . Church News Writing sponsored In Blythevlllc last yc»r by the ministers of the city. Dept. WCN Courier News Blytheville, Ark. Please mail me, without charge, a copy of your booklet "Writing Church News." Name Street or box City State

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