The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 28, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, July 28, 1947
Page 3
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MONDAY, JUL"Y"28, '10-17 BLITHEVlLLE (ARK.)' COURIER NlEWS GOP Economy Figure 'Phoney' Republicans Claim Budget Cur To Exceed $2,800,000,000 By DAYTON MOORE (United Press Staff OrrrspondcnO WASHINGTON, July 28 (UP) — Republicans today chalked up a reduction of about, $2.800,000,000 in new appropriations requested by President Truman (luring the past (ession of confess. 'Some Democrats charged that more than a third of the economy figure was "phoney." But Republicans replied thai not only entire amount "solid," but Uiul cancellation of part of the old. carryover appropriations would make the final budget, savings mjch higher. Some OOP estimates pili the total at between 54,000,000.000 and $5,000.000.000. Congressional nnd Budget Bureau liscal experts still were camp:ur.i!{ the amounts of Uic Individual a,>, propriation bills for this fiscal year. Congress did not complete 'its final approval of five of the 15 /c- Bular and supplemental money bili; until late Saturday In the fin.ii hours of the first session of tne 80th Congress. Preliminary budget figures showed the Republican-controlled Congress approved around $31.{iOO,000.- 000 of the S34,'!00,000.000 requested by President Truman for 1948 cash appropriations. President Truman's requests were *3.1M>.0(iO,C03 higher for fiscal 1943 htan he estimated last January. | Part of this resulted from adding to the budget new expenditure items, like the S«to,COO,000 Gree-k- Turklsh aid program. Part resulted I from adding to 1S48 bills some of j the items originally listed for 19^7 I Deficiency Appropriation bills. Republicans and Democrats were further apart on estimates of expenditures for the fiscal year started July i. president Truman last January estimated 1948 government spending at $37,500,000.000 and I Budget Bureau officials said next I month's revised estimate still wdulil | be close to this amount. They said new expenditures — | like the Greek-Turkish nirt pm- I gram and flood control work — and [shifts in spending from fiscal 1947 jto 1948 would just about offset the I appropriation culs. House Republicans early in the [session set n goal of whackii'j I $6,000,000.000 off the S37.500.COO.OOO (spending figure. Senate Republicans set themselves a target of 54,1500,000.000. House Democratic Leader Sam iRayburn contended the Republicans had saved only about n $1,000.- Sen. Millard E. Tydin-s D Md ! wero s=h «»iled fo1 ' 3 p.m. CST • put the savings-M 'ito- more" than'i I'™: EDT > to ^l'. T . , 1*1,203.875,008. But he said the GOP I /rhen tllc 193 ' L '» ral » •deserved commendation "oven if it' •did fall far short" of the origins! •goal. Expect a Happy New Year PAGE TOKEB This latest picture of Shirley Temple nnd her husband, John Agar, was taken nftor the happy couple had announced that they expect ft baby in January. The lormer child actress, now 18, says shu hopes to continue work as long as possible. Simple Rites Held At Grandview For President Truman's Mother BY FRANK ELEAZKK 1 [United Press Staff Correspondent) | GRANDVIEW. Mo.. July 28. (UP) —President Truman, his bear! heavy with grief, his face grave and drawn, went to a little cream- colored cot'U\gc today for the simple funeral services for his mother. The services wore private. Only irembers cf Mrs. Martha E. Tru- mnn's family and her two physicians were to be present when the Rev. Wel'oern (Bowman, 4G. pastor of the Grandview Baptist Church lor the last seven years, intoned the final words of comfort. iBowman, preparing for the briel She broke her hip in a fall February and. although it minded, she had been in bed almost constantly sin:c. She was buried in a plain metal casket. Her blue dress with flowered dickey was one she bought lyst wincr for a proposed second visit to the iWhite House. The trip was cancelled when she fell. The cottage when she snout her last six years was prepared lor the funeral rites in strictest simplicity •A plain wreath hung at the door. Even had" Ihe plans been otherwise, low besides the members of the fa-mily could have fcuud room in Airport News jocxl flying weather yesterday draw ocnl pilots to (lie Municipal Alr- [>ort In largo numbers nnd airport officials reported a busy day. Iliirry Wceilnjun returned yesterday from a week-long nlr lour of MldiiKnn He flew lo Three Rivers, liattlc Creek nnd Knlninnzoo to visit lel-.vtlvAs there. He also visited Windsor. Canada, nnd slop- pert nl iniltan.ipolls. Ind., on the return hop. Making Ihe trip In Ihe HlythcvUlc Flying Club's Ac- roncn. Wecdimui was iiccompanled 1>V his nine-year-old son. Nicky. Thad Nlcols and Gene Uradlcy flew to Cily nnd Joucs- boio yesterday In a Hood Flying Service ccssnn 140. I'. S. Harlzog lust week flew to Birmingham, Selma nntl Montgomery, Ala, ami returned to ihc llelil here by U<M>I> n,c same day. U. O. Grant rl<"W lo Mliicsippl in his Luscoinb lu't week. Considerable r!i;lit flyin-; Is expected by nlrpor. official:; besln- nliiK Friday, when a full moon Is scheduled (a brtphten up th? uren — barring overcast skies. Mood Flying Service has purchased u«> nr-15 ln;ermedlatp trainers to be used fn:- ground school and rllfilv- tralnhi;; In t!ie cninnirreiul rating course <;xpecto< o start In the near future. One of tlie cross-coun','-y pilot's ^t peeves has been aboi'Mirc' 'at he niythevilte Municipal Airport Fhc "Ply-In" restaurant, owncii ml operated by Miss Marie Kol- vycfc. officially opened them to tiny in [he old civilian mess hall This alleviates the plight of the innuary pilot who. nt too manj ni'iiorls today, lands alter a long cross-country hop and finds noth nig available to cat, except coke nnd candy bars. Transient pilois who signed the airport register last week Include Jane Lamb of Panigould, flying , Piper cub; E. I. Stnckay of' win field, Kan., in n Luscoinb; and D ". Wilson of Jone.sboro, In a PI per Cub. Has Gilty Look* but soiemn ceremonies in fashioned living room of year-old Mrs. Truman's as his text a part of the fC'h Psalm—a reminder of God's the old!^ ne small living room, the 94-' "*ler twj doctors—'Bri'-j. Gen. 'Wai- cottage.I laec Graham, white House physician, and Dr. Jcsepli Green, the family phy.sicion frsm nearby In- eternity and the Meeting years of man. frhc private services for the woman who Sflw her son go from a Missouri plow to the White. House (5 , and of Undertaker E, K. George the cars carrying the family \vill travel 17 .n:ites along U. S. Highway I 71 iiast the v:ell kept fields of corn in Mrs. Truman's native Jackson County to Forest Hill Cemetery in Kinsas Citv's south side. The President asked that no pic- Clinton Davis, Billy Alexander ! t ' llrcs bc taken at the home or |Harlan Starr and Jonnnv E'lrl I «motery. Wooden barricades were ICsceo/o News • Speck have returned from six |wceks stay at the Boy Hcout |jynip at Mammoth Spring'*. r J Read Courier NCTVS Want Ads. I LOST 32 PONGS'. -Wear Site 14 Again" I Miss Kcynolils. IlrnoMr'n says: I "Once 1 weighed ISIilhs I Ion v.eicht \vrc>:ly uilh AYDS Vitn- niiuCniidy Ht-ducin^ I'f.m." N'nvi- urc. Your I'Xfyiriruce niuy or m:iv rot ExMhCKnm?. hut Iry iliKc.i^T rctfucinspl.-in. l-Vf v-Fi:j/ Hut Uttfit Sno'.v htutlti or money l^cl;- IncliTiic.-!! lc.ns condurlcd hy Idwtors mo.'ciiinn 100 I avcr»ilcin:ifcwu'c tliL-AYDS Vitumi k» . |No cirrcisf, Nolnxntivr ps, Eal plcmy. YmMlori : jt mcr.ri. lx>lan>cp.clc . yo it tlienl <lo.<n. Sunji!culi,-n vf> joy ttclirioia AVDS Vil.imi<ly licroic mc.Tls. Only M.2 for 30 days' supply. ^ ^^ Phone 47C. liiaced across the streets approaching the cottage and deputy sheriffs and state troopers patrolled them to kcop l:nc-k the curious. But there v.-ns little need. Gramlview neighbors respecter! the request of the President for .privacy. Deputy Sheriffs, City and State Police nuri ! Secret Service men also patrolled The waiting grave \vas in the buvial pint, purchased by Martha Trum?.n's Father, Solcmon Young, a freighter. The plot, trnall and rbrcurc, was in one of Kansas Citv's largest cemeteries. The 20- by-21 plot !r.y on a gently sloping hillside, shaded by broad branches of ancient maples, elms and caks. 'A place had been saved for her for 33 years. It was beside the un- mnrked f;ra,vo of her husband. John, the-President's father. John Truman died ot cancer at the age of fi2. Mrs. Truir^n died Saturday morn- in?. victim of a tired heart that had .threatened her iifc for months. dependence—were the on'y persons outside .the fnmilv at the services Grandvicw's 1.203 residents puid their last respects to their neighbor vcsterday when the barricade, on the streets were lowered tliey passed quietly bv the caske in twos and threes. With typical mid-western neigh borlincss, clcsest friends broufih r.ics. cakes an c ] covered dishes ft;, the family. The 'President spent tin entire clay nt t.he cottage ycstcrtla cx~ept for two hours in mid-af ternoon when he left with hi daughter, Margaret. •A solemn, ouiot air hung, ove the town today. There were fc >eop:c in the streets, behind Ihei windows they watched (he big blac: cars that whisked the family to th :cttnge and away again. The Pres dent mourned alone with his fain ily who shared ,the depths of hi Brief. , iThere Kvcre no flowers. His mo (her recently told the Presiclen that flowers were for people wh ivere alive to enjoy them—not for the dead. Announcing the Opening Of THE ACCESSORY SHOP Located Hotel Noble Bldg. Featuring the Following Lines: Hosiery By Holeproof and Wi!l-Dc-Lainc Slips By Alberts, Inc. Bras By Form Maid and Sho Form Bags By Rambler And Many Other Nationally Advertised Lines Mabel Hcgan & Jess Srite Owners Jess Sritc, Mgr. Tennessee Chute Harbor Project Begins in Spring ,„ VIOKSBURO. Miss July 'UP) - Mn]l. CJc-n. 'Robert Crawford, president of the Miss issippi idvcr Commission, toda reported that construction of th SI8.000,000 Tennessee Chute Hai j)r, project at Mcinplil!;, Tcnn ill begin next Spring. The project. Is expected to b completed in three ycnrs. Construction will start with closure of the head of Tennessee Clmte by a dam made of a half-billion cubb fcot of dirt drawn from Ihc river bed. Irlps, E. CJ. lliiker, Cicnei'jil 1'asv- eugn Truffle Mummer, iiiiiiounc.vA loilny. Itiiker said (bo phui will |jo In effect by scuifinbvr 1, nut) 111 it' W. H. Johnston. Frisco nift'iil, will thovllle lo Imndte nppllcnllons for serve 1 on llic ciiminitti'e In Hlv- oiint; from (lie First Nuttoiiul Sunk for the Instullincnl-imin 73-Year-Old Nurse Raped ATLANTA, Gil . July 28. <UP) — A 73-year-old muse was reported In serioils condition at u hospital hero today after she was beaten and criminally assaulted In her room ye.stenlay. She told police she doubted that she could identify the man who climbed (hrougli her bedroom win (low in the dark, early-morni'ic hours and beat .down her rcsi.-i- tniicc". with savage blows on her headi and body. The aged nurse lost consciousness after the attack. Yon Figure It Out HOLLISTER, (UP) — John Anderson nnd C. P. Hcuston. each' a truck eiglit Icet wide, met on a. county read bridge passed and made-it safely. The highway coirmlTsioiirr can't figure 0 it out—the bridge is only 15 1-2 feet wide. CANEID €P 4 I II I I IS Natural, imposed pictures made in the familiar surroundings of their own home . . . Phone 461 today for an ap- pointment . . . you'll be delighted with the finished pictures. COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY WEDDING PICTURES Mil. COURIER at the. Screen nctiess Kyle MncDonncll Koes on the gold slamhird us she models « Iwo-piccc bnthint; suit of gold metallic tin-end In Hollywood. The suit Is not just tor Siiiul-lotniBiiiK cither, us tho elastlclzccl fabric Is (jnaranlced water repellent. - vorc Joy-rklinc cinslicd and burn•<l less than SO yards from the )unie of the pilot's fnther-ln-law lenr here yesterday. They were Klntcr E. Rakestraw, ^2, and Jnines Tanner, 1C. linkcslrnw'.s fatlier-ln-law, B. E aiirldee, who watched horrified as he plane plummeted to the ground, "1(1 It had been circling so low hill he could recognize the two Two Georgia Youths Die As Plane Crashes, Burns ATLANTA. On., July 211. (Ul>) — Two youths mc'l u 1'u-ry death when the small ulrpliuie hi which they Eddie Solibo Roof Coating, Industrial and Household Paints Call fur frcr Ituor InsprcUull , . . l,ct me solve your (lalut jirul>- Ivms. l'':icttiry Dlstrlliutoi- for Cn- limliU KellnhiK and ('lu'inlriil Co. 121 1C. Kentucky Avo. Ulyllieville, I'lidm; 25:!li occupants. The bodies were burned beyond recognition. •'•;., : h Node? To" My Patients My Office 1* 'A»»in Open Ph»i» 217Z Dr. W. F. Brewer Dentist : • .; . DO YOU HAVE $5 or $5000? THEN . . . THIS IS FOR YOU! .. your savings or in vestments to Rlytheville Fedenil for "somolhinjr bellur" miich IjeLtof! Increase the ride ot earnings on your savings; every dollar of your money from ?1.00 up draws full earnings', re- eunllcsK of thu xha of actTount. Kv-jry account is iir .sured by an iiiMtrumcnlnlity of tlie U. S. Government up to $5000.00 . BLYTHEVILLE FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION 124 W. Ash St. Phone 3545 ; : ;>"*: >"*"*'>"*;>;>; »»"*! >"*/*!X^ Frisco To Aid In Installment-Plan Trips ST. LOUIS, Mo., July 5B. — The Frisco will join uilh other mil- roads In the Hast nnd West In establishing an Installment plan through which travelers will liable to borrow money from ' their local banks lo llnaiice railroad POISON irr A U. S. GOVERNMENT BUREAU UEPOKT announces the discovery til a new tannic ncid treatment [or Ivy poisoning*. Tlic treatment liiis been found excellent-; it is gentle and sale, dries up tlie Misters in a surprisingly short time — often n-itliin 24 hours. Theise government finding nrc incor- poratcdrin the new product IVY-DRY At your drugstore, 59e: •irr-nitY i, mi t , t, irr com',, u^^^t,. K. I. •RECONDITIONED Poole Motor Company Has 'Em! Tlio lam over of used cars hero nt 1'oolc Motor Co. is not KO tfi'oal as tlinl ill' other LIU- (Iculoivs. We do nut buy n car, nor .sol) it it inocta cei'liiin .specifications. When yon liny o car licrc, you net assurance o£ having IxniRlii one mechanically sound, truly represented! For Cars You Can Trust — See.... POOLE MOTOR CO. ELLIS POOLE, Owner & Operator Highway 61 North at Steclc, Mo. Phone Steele 49 TROPICAL SLACKS We Still Have a Good Selection of GULF STREAM (Pleated) mm and MOUNTAIN BREEZE (Plain) SPORT SHIRTS Manhattan - Marlboro Long and Short Sleeves HUDSON CLEANER CLOTHIER - .TAILOR 320 West Main St. Blythevill*, Ark. Phon«2612

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