Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 17, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, July 17, 1896
Page 8
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J"T Apron Day,\Today i ••- *^ 5 .aMf Aprons For the Poor. For the Rich. or Anybody. For Everybody. ~ _, ^ , «,, ,, ^ ftiH the Aprons of a large Our Eastern buyer^havmg purcha||" * ,-• . „ , ,1,1 CM ^afice, we propose to give you Concern at a remarkable SfsfiP^. ' ^Jf^^Mifemat^-maSimm m j r • • j,i^s on Aprons ior less than you Today--by giving you pf™ ^ buy the material. ' ;/ APRONS IN WHfEE AND COLORED. t _^ ' Come Everybody and *et an Apron at your own price. THE Straws That Show Which Way 1 the Wind Blows THEY ARE ETER si. Show that it must have blown a tremendous pile towards Fisher's, for Hicy have straws ot all the new shapes and sizes, straws hi straw color and any oilier color you wish piled on tluiir shelves and waiting to be called "the last straiv" in 1:be newest style bought at Fisher's by every pleased resident of IxjgMasport. Llg-lit Derby's, light nobby straw hats and jaunty handsome 1 bicycle caps are what we have a big rnn on now. Mr. Sheerin Accused of Pa? to Gold Hen. ility HOW DIDJEDIE? \ Younff Edward Anhier Found Dead on the Track. flURDER SUSPICIONED Body Horribly Mutilated Head Cut Off. and FISHER - THE HATTER. Fire -Tlie largest auJ-most complete assort- >sKDi in tlie city. 1 I'artfos Intending having li-omo dis- of ,' C0llie of (la we bunting, Cycle Co THE OPENING GUN Of the Campaign Will be Fired at Peru July n. Miami County Republicans are fir- I'smping fora bis lime at thai city Saturday, Jinlj- 11. In the circular letter sent to all of t.lio UepubUcmj papers in. o o dance Friday evening. r 50 cents for tlie dance at Friday evening-. •A JjJ.OOO si'lk and anoliajr skirt today auft ,ff.48.--Traflc I'alace. JFoc.salc.r^Vacauit residence lots High, .street—G eo. W. Funk. Ttofli: Jfarkley has accepted a JK>,S tito lit, Busjahn's drug store. TK. A. 0. MHieJ-, Thursday only, •Ms cww.oflke, :il4 N'orth street Natara! gns bills for the month jiilX are DOW, due nnd payable at th •cm-paoy's office on Pearl street. Tlie .ingest ba.tch of laundry worl 2Iat was ever 'handled in this city it 4*.dcui£le day was done at JIaiben.' Huwctry lust Saturday for the Buffalo TglU show.- Brown has been called Jo the c3mrch at Andrews, nnd be jfjnruaK with the second Sunday in Julj i»jH prea'di I'hcrc the second aiid-foartl giflVWa-tlis of each month. .airmetaibers of the Sisterhood of jgWmstent we requested to be present Tihnrsday, July p. m. Biisinoss of Im- corue before the Court. r Japanese, foreign nnd domes- He fire works and irovollies for my •ftourfl* of 'J.uJy trade. I wJJl be in Lo- w^oi*r'Jiily 3d, ajixl can be found at jfo, 321 TWrdstreet, Chinese laundry. _SrtlD.«il»l gfw companies, makes tlie : ot bills for consumers using ktmts '.of gas mufJi more eoiivcnl- •'< TJhe 1 person paying for natural . w lio is also a. user of the artificial ^__ iy both bills at the sanio time a* tfte catopfl'Xv's) office, r.!17 Pearl street. AS l>ilto :fl)fe '''ue and collectible on the. month with customary ton Sills for July, 1S9G- now tills section of the State, l)t is stated that •this w.111 be the opening gun of the cam-' jpafein. The Gluicago couveuion will iluive been, and passed, and t!ie Issues will! be squarely •joined between the two pi-eat parties. Miami conaity Is a fitting ground 0 ! u which to start Uie ball rolling, ajid Uie announcement that the Hon. .Tames A: Mount, the Republi'cua candidate for Governor of the Suite oJ! Indiana, will speak jn Wie afternoon, and the Hon. WJMlam B. Mason of Chicago, in the- eveu'my, Is sunk-lent to bring out a crowd. In addition to those two principals speakers, Hon. YS'. D. Owen, Hon. George W. StceJe, Hou. W. S. Haggard, Hon. A. C. Daily, Hon. F. .T, Stolx, Hon. IVilMiisim A. ICetclJiiTO, Hon. D. M. Geeting, Hou. James B. Black, Hon. U. Z. Wiley, and oitilicr ni-ou prominent in the polities of the State will be present. Twelve bands of music will akl In making- things IIrely; glee clubs galore, a grand parade and fireworks. One-fare excursion rates have been promised on all tlie roads eautewig Peru. Miami county Republicans luive almost a sure : of carrying 1 that country thJs fall arid Che workers there are enthusiastic iu the cause. Tlie Iiiid'i.-KiaiiulJs;..Journal has the following witih rei'crence to the preliminaries of til Hi Clvcugo convention: Tlie Iudisi.ua dtiegat.km will meet on Mo-inlay toiijiiko Ms selection for mom- bis* ot tilic various convolution cranial Wees, and for. i.'lie Indhuia member-of the imtiuiKtl co-nimiitce, Over the eom- mii.lee place-; •t'h.ere Js but little contest, except thai almost every mem-bor of the drleirairjou would like to be put upon the resolution- committee. Among them, however, W.-.A. Cullop !s probably tin 1 most']) Willis tent in his demand, It seems entirely proba.ble, liowovor, Ur.it 'the more rmUatl silver m<;>; will make a tremendous elTort to unhorse S. I'. Sheerfoi, the pruscnt mcuitifi 1 of lie naliloauil ccim/m-itlcc . and -secretary or that body, said rt>place. him wllih, Allen W. Clark; of Greonsbra-g, Hie umn who. iias done more than- all ' fo-r the- ;.silver seJiMm-eut.; -In Indl- ana;iff.,;.the'-- man ;• -who bossed Edward Anhli,'r, a switch tender iu the SonUiside yards of th-e rauhandle railroad, south 01' the Wabash river, was fouiiil dead at the skle of the track lasfnisht..at about 1.0:00 o'clock. His head was cut off and was lying in the center of the track between the rails; the body was lying alongside ilie track ten feet to the Wcsl of where the bead lay 'a lid on. the North .side of the tracks, while lils lantern, was setting alongside the track on the South side, almost opposite the head. How death came to Anhier may never | be known. The circunvstauces point to foul play anil when tlie position of fhe dismemberer! parts ot the body and lantern is taken into consideration, thu theory that lie was foully dealt with hjs hody placed on the track so that •ain down would miiulate if, that Hi carried - ! oi positively To give yo will sell Our $6 and 6.50 Wo Our $6 and 6.50 Fine} Our $5 and 5.50 Doesltl Our $4 and 4.50 Fancy C Our $3 and 3.50 Fancy j6a- Our$l and 1.25 Cotton i._Wi Our$l Cotton Worsteds y years of ago with flic Sulli- the StaiteVcoa.vt'iiitio'ii ajid'stlH. jtot noth- ALLEGES CRUELTY. Dora B. Rodgers Wants Divorce and Custody of Her Children. I't for -'hlmsd.!'--. bu-t';ch.eap glory;"'The-faut tilMt Sh-eoi-fn i«> ;ui uu- jfOuuil-mciney man .,is-..bnd ifh;. but the- "push" is:no\tv$|lexr wrnit.h because; a.s secToliuy.-i-of llht c-cniHalfctee, 1 he has- giy-cn Wie gold ni-eji aU the bcwt of i't In msilcing up bbc- 'tamponiry roll of 1-iie c-unvemton. L'liei:e are conittwtiing delegations; in' Nebraska, Nevada, , :South Dakola and as well HS i-n a number of seal- tared disbricts -in other States, All thes.'i contemns, except .liliat, in iXuvmla. tuni jjxyn the money question, and it is fchUmod -that in. every . l-nstanco Mr. S'heoi-iiu has put the.gold delegates on the temporary roll, and, Inasmuch as the gold faction lias a majority af. the inaiMicuui] conniiitlee, the roll Is likely to Ix; approved iu tluis shape. This gold uuajorfi-f o,u fllie na-hl-'ounl committee is somewhat of a .surprise ;to tlie'Indiana politlclams, but , "fails' 'been well understood elsewhere, for several months. It comes about through the ' fact thiit. ..several' 1 - oi: the States that have declared for silver are .r.epresemted by go'Id men on tlie national commlifitcf, suoli as i'arpey o-f Ca-bio of Illinois, Sheerin of Bldiai-dsoa- of Iowa, Sherley of Kentucky, Prirdher 'of MJssou-rl, Sas- tor of Nebraska, Ransom o'f Xortb Car-. the fin gains gronn Aiihjer was abon' and' unmarried, a.nd family of h:.s sister, .Mrs. ThomJ van, at M-1i> Indiana'street, in what (a.ni'ilhirly known as Jerusalem, near the P.-iuliaiidle shops. He was tending switches in the yards South of the river and a green li-ne freight which came iu about 30:30 o'clock t'ou.nd the switches set all right for the passage of the train. The rcar'hrjkcnui-n of the green line dropped oil! to close the switch behind the .trahr.and. discovered Auhier's Ian- tern setting beside the track. Close by between the. rails he was horrified at linding a •h.tMn.'iu head, and ten feet or more a.way he found the body. The yai'd. office..was •notified as soon as the train reached the main yards and an engine-and caboose was sent back for the body. Thie in-iiil'Iatud remains were brought to -.WoH's nudertaking established M'liere Coroner Downey viewed the body and It was given 'in charge of the undertaker. • . ''J'ht'. (vjrcixwi-,, in se.aircliing-^ thc.H'loOi-i ing of Die diMid boy, .found'.uxjriiing of value and this gave rise to a.suspicion that fov'il- play was responsible." 1 An- hier can-led a warch :uid (hi* was missing. -The theory i.s that lie was knocked oii-ttie head by tramps and robbed, and thai iiis body was placed on the track to make it appear that he had been run over aikl killed. The ya.rd-s ,-i.re infested with • tramps, and they are extremely troublesome to the tniiamen, who' fre- quenrly .have trouble with th-e fellows i.n keeping, them, off of the freight trains.. Boy's Long Pants^ Childrens Pants In fact every pair in house goes at 60c on the D lar to jgiye every citizen in the country an opportunity to he'p themselves. 313 Fourth Street.;" Hofl AH Grant after! settle the LSTA|ES SENATOR s's Friends Ktlie Honor. r.r.iou ot WOJ L.-S bpom of Hiram r by ,Tohu ; county, bringing evi feet with a hurrah: "The ua.me of lee. oC Grant been propo«x! Ln the ' Sbte a candidate' for ••from the State- of Tut .knowing h-is ste;idfas;tnp|ia n 'a uil ii" iioiiivH.v duj-ing t.he century in advocating ! jj^ the groat principles of THREE DOI-LABS EIGHT CENTS A.VS-XAXS Mr STORE; party, his p^isahaL. honesty, his psrfoct needs of this great Itiis sympaitihy with chc poopk?. his abiIiHy.ro srajSfe dill questions of national lutiS&t3n tli § «*» Don B. Ilodffers, by her attoruej T;iimes.C. Newer, hns brought suit fo ivorce' from -heir husband, Charles Kodgcrs. Tihc complaitnt, whleh was led yesterday, recites tlia.t DlaJntlfC a,nd jndiwit were Married June 5, 1SS9 nid sejiarated Fobi-uary 3, 1SOC. The •U'e alleges that Cbailes lias faJl.ed- to rovJde, 'has beau guilty of cwel and uluvuiau t'rca.tmeu't, has cursed and bused Inn- and- otJionv.-i.se mistreated er. . She.;isks absolute divorce and the custody o-f their two children, a boy of five ami a girl of Wwee, with a restoration of her maiden name of Dora B. Kerns. • ; XOTICE. tIn J T Wiltiidrawn from the S tracker, .Tr., & Co., aud by sald'iirm Is George Strec.kej:i,,tr.. ;i,i-., & Co., a.u'd.all ftrni are' to' be -paid ' 3 STRECKER, I. KELLER. :., July J, 1SOC. A BHAYE JLVN, A tt-uJH of -liorscs. attached to the delivery, wagon.of tlie Bel Elver dairy started to ruu awriy yesterday evenlng : on Broadway, near., the Jim-dock hotel, but were stopped by the prompt and brave action of the driver, who climbed?] over the dashboard'aml jumped In front o-C the-horses- at the risk of hls;Ufe. The animals- were frightened by the es- ploalonof a giant firecracker, : ol-iua, Biiice of OJiiio aud'Holt of Texas. "Sheerin claims to be,an ardent sup- IKirtea' of GoT-eraor Maitlflifcws," said one. of the siilyei 1 'leaders, wlio'stands very close to the GOVCMIW,' in : eoiivdrsa'tioti- witth a 'Journal reporter,, yesterday. "But It seems to me thiit,' from the Matthews point of view,' ,he Is Indulging lu some very b)id ]X)l'liblcs., 'iHi'e' co'nrcri- tlon fa going <to be dvermhelm-lngiy fo-r silver, and I venture' to- say that a ma- Joaity oi' uhe delegates seated fro'm these Situjtos by' the-, eonim'tttee. on crodeutiate will be silver, -delegates. Doos * not occur to you .that tire fact itluit they 'have-beisn' sli'ut out of tlie conventltou, eveo .temporarily, by a well- toowu 'supporter ,of , governor . Mat-' tliews will have a'.tetwleucy , fo drive frour'li'is isupik)t;t aJtei- they are ««iitecl''"?' It seems to me .that Sheeriu vas Jn a,position where'ahe might—un- QSS,Ire.wires more for tlie -cause .of gold. thUM-lie does 'foi' HjiWiews—h-ave''donc tiifi-Governoir a"great d'esil of good. He SAYS HE IS GUILTY. Man Caught at Tipton Bernard Daily—Scott, Denies. •V The Tipton a'nthoritlas were not mistaken .when they thmight they "had the accomplice of Scott in the Henley burglary. Detective Morgan went to Tiptoii yesterday and brought back with hi.ui the prisoner,, who proved to. be .Bernard Dally, sou of the late Bnruey Daily, wlio, during .his liife was'.one. of the brightest lawyers of Carroll, county. He was arraigned before Mayor 5IcK.ee yesterday afternoon and pleaded guilty- as charged, and was bound over to the .Circuit court in the sum of S500, In default he was returned' to jail. Despite the fact that,some, of the clothing and a pa.tr of shoes said to have been stolen from Mr. HelBeywere found to his possession, Scott says that he wis ' not Daily's accomplice in the robbery. M. F. Mahoney and, George Chase have been engaged ,for the defense. terest of all ifciie.people abfljtb place among Mio statesmen'qfftiiis Republic; l:licreforc be it -fj^j "Resolved,.That we cu'iididate for United Si instruct the candidates iaJ el (strict who sfcaH be nnd eleuliod in :>ovom.lK>r toiyole j : i work to secui-e Uie election toSthij o cral Assembly of Indiana seat nqw occupied by.Hon.. hees in the Dotted States Mr. Erownlce tlinaked tl tion n nd slid tbafi- whutevet the result of tlie action of tij tion lie would always h«v< sjwlj in -Ms heart for i zeiis of his own and Madfe' for 'proposing his name for s odice. Before the convention it gave three clieecs for "Bro oext Untteil States ucJiator." •S~*"t o &-S THEY WILL Prof. .Octave CJiannte, pie tlie American Society of with a triliied foi-ce of men, fo days lias-been on the lake shor er's StaHJou, exp machines. They claim to coutrt chliinc whleh Is an- housekeeper and not *> on the 111 ue effect of wicker than toerteneed weU-r uraIshed aing e to- ttl, Wpjeclate your patronage, ^-ampbell Bros. Market St. T" Are Employment. you a horse, buggy riEETINQ. aue made in Berlins;- /All' t ments are made witiij'gwflt secro Professor ChsMiutei'iiiid his A Special Ag-ent Will be Named ' Next Week. , Hurry Cowan of Dnuville, III., has ac- coptwl a .position - at-, Busjahn's drug store. .Mr. Cowan.-c'omes highly reeom- meuded, being n firadunte In of the Illinois School of Pharmacy,, coiiAd -iittre-won orfer to hl-m'all Uie delegates' who-aiie likely t« be $c;a-ted' from' ,th'e;'c ; c»fflt-eaiting States.inijtead, of drl.vtng' from'iiiin:'-.' T'oiDirlceihat tllii ms' inoinitiigr iiiakes .a.; stiwig, plea for 1ihe:re['en*iou\'of SheerJn-.on the; national comniitbeey "', bccotLse' "he" holds the position ot eeaKtHry ot that body; Well. . five' :s<mtilinel r ris-...considerably Wnged with .yeIloyv. : itseK. -'A new national comnilbtee \\111 be two to one for silver, and It Is preposterous to siippose that it tid!l elect a-njan of such pronounced gold aentimente m Sheerin." . • 'J'he Humane society'held a-meeting yesterday afternoon at .the parlors ot .Wi'e Muwlpck hotel. Unfinished business was transacted. .Mrs. Cause will be out of the city for a few day« and upon, her retum\iu)*otflcer will'be selected. A uunjiber,pf-appUcajtlous.for tlie position, have silready been made by competent men. The officer .•will probably be chosen at a meeting, to be held next Wednesday-afternoon.,. . , - . ', L '/Jacob Tu8sing; : -th« -\\-lne 'and liquor' dealer-aftErle'.avenue- and -Fifteenth street, wishes It .understood' that It was not his-wife who was assaulted Tuesday night by young Baker. The victim of the • aiWflurt was Mrs. Tucson, a widow. .>'.•.'"••.- '.. any connection with of aerial cranks, autt; .positively to break Jnto the newspapers wia results of. their oxpertmonts. A j ewimeat officer Js'ln. a,t(enda:ice.l editor of the .Westchester-Triouj saw one test before his idel discovered,- reports-' that th raised Wjnself about six fetl grmiad nnd saUed' .for, fifty fc| •hie machine careened nnd"- down. '••-•'. THE O^LY SALOON IsJ , Jacob Stump, who waa loon keeper to keep op^ttii last Sunday does not / ttom Tlw -gnuiili jury! ret ry-two Mlctnieuts agaliist 1 day, and the mayor.. refusefl Ms city license, which had may be Impi) him and go out of t . i .' I . jJj^rS

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