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The Buffalo Times from Buffalo, New York • Page 31

The Buffalo Times from Buffalo, New York • Page 31

The Buffalo Timesi
Buffalo, New York
Issue Date:
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32 THE. BUFFALO- ILLUSTRATED TIMES UFPALO I- I ESlrialIy lncr'ase tbe company's business, especially in tn lummer, wnen wu- SEEING BUFFALO OF THE OLDEN TIME 2 Free Treatment to All Ulio Commence Before March First AT WASHINGTON AKD CLINTON STREETS. Catarrh, Tuberculosis, Asthma, Bronchitis and All Throat and Lung Diseases Speedily Cured. founded Egli'se St Pierre. It Is said that St.

Louis Church corporation gave them a blessing, and accentuated it by a gift of 400. The building had a high basement and here a French school was started with Father Ferreol as master. Father Guth was succeeded by the Rev. Edward Chevalier in August, 1854, and a year later Rev. J- M.

Maurice took charge until 1865. Rev. Father Klein, who succeeded him, EGLISE ST. PIERRE ET NOTRE DAME VDE LOURDES stood at the southeast corner of Washington and Clinton streets from 1840. the time It was built by the Cottage Baptist Church, and Society, an offshoot from the Washington Street Baptist Church which ultimately built the Niagara Square Baptist Church, until it was pulled down on May 12, 1900, to make way for the modern hotel, the Lafayette.

It looked its 60 'iilflO The marvelous Inhalatorium, endorsed by Tubercular Congress, is doing a world of good since being permanently located in Buffalo, therefore all sufferers of throat and lung troubles are invited to test its wonderful curative powers ABSOLUTELY FREE. We especially invite those old, chronic cases that have given up all hope of ever being cured, to test at our expense this wonderful new method of treatment. We want them to learn that their present suffering is needless and that a restoration to a life full of happiness and usefulness is theirs for lived In the basement of the church. During his pastorate the church was Incorporated with seven trustees as a governing body under the name of St Peter et Notre Dame de Lourdes. Rev.

M. Sester, vicar-general for the French and German, came to Buffalo in 1859 and improved St. Peter's financially, and Rev. Father Sorg became pastor in 1867, for several months going from here -o fit T.ftni Church. Rev.

L. E. Le Breton followed him, then Rev. Father Joseph Zorgel for two years, Rev. Charles Berard for six years, Rev.

F. X. Urich, Rev. R. Faure, D.

and Rev. J. Cammer presided up to 1886, when the beloved Father Joseph Fenger came to it. Under this able man the church was finally Bold and a' new cut stone church and a fine parsonage on Main Street between Best and St. Paul streets, was rniifiTri years, and yet all of our citizens loved it.

Just south of it stood the old "Darrow" home, which had been con verted into the parsonage in front of which was always a well kept lawn. Every nail, board and brick seemed consecrated, and as they were the best of their kind they resisted the vandalism of the gang of fierce wreckers who seemed to gloat over their task. But modernism was the master and through sweat and toll, this church was at last laid low and became only a memory, while the Lafayette is today a commercial fact. Father Fenger, was quite happy when It was possible to utilize a great part of the building material in the parsonage of St. Columba's parochial residence in which Father Connery was to Uve.

The fact that the Universalists occupied this the asking. One trial of our Inhalatorium method will convinee you that here is at last that cure you have despaired of obtaining. Don'c delay in this matter it is too vital. Call and let us prove to you the full truth of all we say and more regarding the Inhalatorium. REMEMBER WE 0FPER $1,000 REWARD FOR ANY CONSBMPTION OR CATARRH GERM WE CANN0T KILL The Inhalatorium will do it.

We prove it. Have a free consultation, X-Ray examination and Test Treatment today FREE. Test our new methods of treating Rheumatism, Heart Disease, Liver and Kidney Complaints, Skin Diseases, Dropsy, Old Sores and all Blood Diseases. Best treatment on earth for Blood Poison. The National Clinic, 7 East Swan Street.

Office hours, 9 to 12 A. 2 to 4 and 7 to 8 P. M. church prior to moving into their new church (now razed) on Main Street just north of Huron Street, and that the Young Men's Association used the building for awhile as a lecture hall added to its interest. -But it was truly consecrated to St Peter's parish work and many were the weddings, baptisms and funerals held in it from the homes of our stalwart French citizena, most of them from Alsatian borderlands, who had sought out the United States for various reasons, principally was dedicated January 14, 1900, by passed from earth April 1, 1908, and on M.

Phillpps came to be its priest. He Buffalonian since he came here from Asch-bach and as the popular pastor of St. Joseph's the Erie County Hospital was well Father Philipps, therefore, takes a this parish, not new to him, and regrets the city makes it Impossible for all of members'- families to come to it regularly. St. Peter's realize, however, that a wedding, funeral, or baptism, the descendants" of the founders turn to the and so its usefulness goes on.

that they might be free. The history of the birth of this church is interesting. When St. Louis grew cosmopolitan, and tfs English speaking people wanted an English service, the French communicants followed Rev. Father tired from St.

Louis Church, and In Studying the Daily Paper. The daily papers have sometimes teen used in the schools for special purposes of instruction, and It is now announced that a business college In Lewiston, Idaho, has established a class for the study of newspapers. Considerable interest Is taken In the Innovation. Much of the criticism of newspaper reading is due to the fact that people do not know how to use the papers. They fall into bad intellectual habits for this reason.

And the evil la greatly exaggerated. The press should be counted among the chief educational agencies. Its ethical tone has constantly improved. There are obvious considerations that prevent a nation's newspapers from being very far ahead of its general condition of morals, but the newspapers of the United States, with few exceptions, are cordially backing the reform movements of the time. The growth of circulation and advertising has furnished the means for making better papers, and syndicate methods now provide material that used to hs found only in the monthlv magazines.

Most newspapers maintain regular departments devoted to literature, the drama, woman's interests, labor, etc. Editorial writers present a review of events and measures not adequately covered in the news. In spite of the cheapness and the number of periodicals In these days, the newspaper continues to enlarge the place that It occupies in the homes of the people. It would be profitable to teach young folks something about the making of a modern paper, especially those who Intend to enter business. (Spokane Review.

If wireless teleraphy had never dons another thing, its efficiency as a life-saving device would make it one of the noblest inventions of the age. (Cleveland Leader. THE CHILDREN'S ESSAYS BY KATE BURR. IF YOU'VE GROWN to be pessimists apt to get a Jog to bring, you around tenderness and truth yet growing in of Knowledge. Member tke Asaciated Pre.1 1 Bualnaas Office -and Editorial Rooms, Nos.

13-195 Alain Street eVCNING SUNDAY NOSMJUI MACK, Effittr and Proprietor Evening Times (Dally) 13.09 per year; 25 cents per month. Illustrated Times (Sunday) 12.60 per year. Entered aa aecond-elaas matter at the Poatoffice, Buffalo. N. T.

TELEPHONES. Bell. Seneca 320 Private Branch Ex change Call for department wanted. After P. M.

Buaineas Office. S261. Editorial Room 3260. Norman E. Mack.

3262. Composing; room. 8261. Frontier, 4165 Private Branch Exchange. Call for department wanted.

After P. Bualneaa Office. 4163. Composing Room. 4166.

Editorial Room. 4167. THE BUFFALO TIMES TELLS IT TO ALL WESTERN NEW YORK. Population of Buffalo Police Cen-a'i. 1908.

415,552. State enumeration. 1995. S76.61S. Manuscrlpta not returned unless accompanied by pcatage stamps.

No attention paid to anonymoua contriou-tlnna. Failure to receive papers and rhng-ee of realdence should te reporter to the Circulation Department, Sold at news stands of all hotels In principal cltlts of the Lnltea States. SUNDAY, rEBSUAEY 21, 1909. FOn MORE EFFICIENT 3IAIUXE INSPECTION. White we do not believe that the Burke bill, recently passed by the House of Representatives.

Is as comprehensive as It should be in providing for wireless telegraph service on ocean-going ships, it marks an advance In the movement to protect life at sea. Another Indication that the government I-. going to give more attention to this subject than hitherto Is found In the work of the commission to investigate methods of Inspection of vessels. This commission which was appointed a few months ago. Is headed by a naval officer and comprises the chief and Supervising Inspector of the Steamboat inspection Service.

The duty of the commission Is to examine the laws regulating the Inspection of vessels and the adoption of safeguards against accidents and for the protection of life at sea, to make such recemmendatlons as to improvements as might be found reasonable and to codify the laws and regulations already in existence. The commission has held a number of sittings and has granted numerous hearings. Recently the final report was presented. The report recommends the enlargement of the authority cf the Inspection service and a bill for the consideration nf rnnsjrfss, systematically arranging existing laws and making additions. bill subjects to inspection all steim vessels and all motor vessels carrying passengers for hire, as well as tiling vessels of 300 gross tons, an.1 such 'line vessels of 50 tons or over as carry pTSsengers for hire.

It is stipulated that all inspected vessels must carry on board the best and most efficient equipment for insuring the safety of at sea. including apparatus for fisrhttng fire. All lifeboats are required to be fitted sn as to enable them to be launched In less than two minutes from the time the clearing away of the boats has begun. These are, of course, only a few of the new provisions. In addition, the Inspectors are given enlarged powers, salaries, the examination of licensed officers is made more practical, and the necessity of having licensed officers is extendel to practically all types of vessels.

It does not appear that any changes aro suggested in the rules of the road, as these rules are International rather than national. Some of the worst disasters ever known In the ocean or inland marine have been traceable to Insufficient inspection. It is well that the Federal authorities have taken hold of the subject with vigor. PROPOSED FIVE CENT FARE TO WILLIAMSYILLE. kpt.

fatner Adoiph is making a vigor ou? fight to secure a five cent rate for the people of Willlamsville between that point and Buffalo. The question is now before the Public Ser vice Commission, and while It Is a small matter, Is one of those things which the Commission Is expected to decide without compelling the people to go to considerable expense, in pre sentlrvg their case. The distance for which the five cent fare asked is less than five miles, and judging by trolley rates, especially where there Is any form of competl the rate Is very high. The peo pie believe they are entitled to a five cent rate, and the working men who live In the village and work in Buf are commending the good priest for his activity. On the other hand the company maintains that a five cent fare would i umuuj ineir project, but the only ground on which to the lay mind such an objection could rest would be that the traffic is not sufficiently heavy to maintain a trolley line, unless heavy tares are charged.

As a business proposition, nowever, we are of the opinion that a flat rate might mait- liamsvUle offers many Inducements for a day out for the city folks. The question Is one to, which the Commis slon should give very complete con sideration. AXQTHER ARGUMENT FOR PUSH ING THE PLAN'S FOR THOSE TWO HOSPITALS. If a city's hospital system is not extended to keep pace with the growth of the population, the time is sure to come when hospital accommodations must be extemporized. Buffalo now has an illustration of this In the fact that the old, public school No.

.41 at Spring Street and Broadway Is to be fitted out as a quarantine hospital for the scarlet fever cases, which are prevalent at this season In Buffalo, as in so many other American cities. Here is another argument for getting about the work of building the contagious diseases hospital, for which, and for a tuberculosis hospital, the city has granted a large appropriation. LET STREET CLEANING FUNDS BE GRANTED -AND THE WORK GO AHEAD. Only vigorous and Immediate measures can relieve Buffalo of the street conditions which prevail. The matter of replenishing the empty coffers of the Street Department will be brought before the Common Council and It appears that the only way to meet the emergency is by a bond Issue.

This Is a case where public sentiment will fully approve the issuance of bonds in such amount as is needful for the requirements of the situation. Where there is such urgent need as at the present time, there will be no criticism if the appropriation is granted without referring It to the Finance Committee. The methods should be as expeditious as they can possibly be and preserve consistency with authorized procedure. The streets must be cleaned, ef fectively and completely, even if it Is necessary to pledge the credit of the city to do it. We must also reckon with the future.

Though it is near spring, there is plenty of horse sense In Chairman Weimar's remark that winter is not over yet by a long shot." A weather flurrv in Mamii might threaten us with a repetition of the frightful street conditions of these days in February. While the city legislature puts Its shoulder to the wheel, let there be no let-up or ntermlssion in the street-cleaning work now going on. Buffalo must be rescued from a situation which is in terfering with business, putting the public to untold Inconvenience, menacing the health of thousands of pe destrians Who have to tramnl. through the heaps of snow and oceans of slush, apd making the thoroughfares a spectacle. Every Knox a boost in Taft poli tics, according to the Omaha Daily Bee.

Philadelphia's operatic uproar has dwindled down to a calm in tone ef fects. The New York Sun asays: "The world Is growing better. March 4th is not far away, you will kindly note. Rochester's Convention Hall agita tion Is now assuming business-like proportions. Buffalo's did that some time ago.

Why should a commission be neces sary to decide on the advisability of raising the Maine? Un and awav with the wreck should be the slo gan. It would seem as though too much Rooseveltlan publicity would have a tendency to weaken the power and effectiveness of the Secret Service Department. A vigorous movement Is' under way In the East looking to the suppres sion" of cigarette smoking among wo men and girls; more power to all at work-in so worthy a cause. The Post-Standard of Syracuse Is authority for the statement that a girl llkes to be told that she is pretty even if she knows that it isn't so. This Is not true of Buffalo girls, be It known, To the query, "Who owns the sky?" the Dallas Times-Herald answers: "Easy Standard Oil and Steel Trust," and It might have added not only the heavens aoove but the earth and ail that in it is.

"Adam was a Democrat," says a Philadelphia paper. It might have added that he is yet; is Mayor of Buffalo, and Is making a record for giving the taxpayers needed relief from railroad domination. That extra session of Congress Is to be convened Just 11 days after the present Congress explrea This means that most of the members will not return to their homes for the purpose of learning the views of their constituents. A bill is under consideration In the Forto Rico Legislature making it a misdemeanor for a man to go barefooted on the public streets. The Omaha Bee notes that the name of the American shoe manufacturer behind the bill la Hot ghren.

Some of the people In Buffalo got Just this kind of a Jog last week. The school children of this city closed a competition which brought some remarkable facts to light. They studied the life of the greatest American and then they wrote about him. More than twenty thousand children ranging in age from nine to nineteen years wrote their thoughts about a man who combined in himself all the elements of true greatness. 1 To think about the great Is to emulate greatness.

These children and young people thought about Abraham Lincoln that wonderful, giant-hearted, magnificent-souled man of the century and what they wrote about hdm indexed in some degree each Individual character that tried the pen. They sent their essays to their teachers, w-ho slfted them to the prin clpal, and finally, by a roundabout Journey, the majority of those which won prize medals found their way Into PURCHASERS' INDICATOR Good Places to Patronize Will Be Found In This List of Reliable Business Houses Man Ascending. The rise of man Is endless; be It hope; All stars are gathered in his horoscope. The brute-man of the planet, he will pass. Blown out like forms of vapor on a glass; And from this quaking pulp of life will rise The Superman, child of the higher skies Immortal, he will break the ancient bars, Lau-- and reach out his hands among the stars.

(Edwin Markham, in the Nautilus for February. DAILY HOROSCOPE. Monday, February 22, 1009. For women, Venus gentle fortunes wills; And through the earth a glowing impulse thrills. Saturn Is in conjunction with the moon.

Mercury Is stationary In the eodfac. Moon 2 days old and In Equator. Mercury and Venus are In sextlle and In benefic aspect to the moon. Court. Marry.

Ask favors. Bakers, confectioners, caterers and dealers in food generally will find this period auspicious. A favorable time for all affairs of women and all dealing with them. Visit. Entertain.

Seek amusement Do anything connected with singing, dancing or music. A good day to write social letters or to travel. The bosom of the earth should hold fortune today. Deal with land or house owners, farmers. florists, architects, builders, carpenters, engineers and surveyors.

Seek out the aged. They will have Influence for gacd. Women with this blrthdate will do well to avoid social or business quarrels. Let them keep silent amid gossip. Men with this blrthdate must avoid speculation and Becret dealings.

Children are torn today under a sign indicating artistic impulse. Girls should be trained to develop their perceptions of beauty and sound. Boys QUICK SHOE REPAIRING. United Shoe Repair Company. Goodyear process, same as factory: perfect work.

16 West Eagle at. BUTCHERS' TOOLS. JOHN E. SMITH'S SONS 60 Broadway, Buffalo. N.

Y. niimnvni clocks and Jewelry, 855 Enat Geneaea St. Out of high-rent district. IMPLEMENTS AND VEHICLES'. Dairy, garden and contractors' sup piles.

Farm and delivery wagons a specialty. The Bagley 461-463 Elllcott St Buffalo. MEATS. J. W.

Rosendale, prime beef, pork lamb and mutton. Stalls 27-29-80-J1 unirn pmi'nrn 1 Sure death to roaches, water bugs, bed bugs or money back. Palmer's Rid Roach. 325 Franklin. 'Phone Tupper 41.

THE ANTiaUH SHOP. Unusual apilltiea altered for the selection of wedding and other gifts. 421 Virginia Street SIGNS. All kinds of signs aiated. Window lettering.

Designs furnished. Geo. A. Oehler. 360 Main St Both 'phones.

EATING HOUSES. ADAMS' RESTAURANT. 14 E. Eagle Opp. Hotel Iroouols.

TI HKKIl niua PAULINS TURKISH BATHS 49 East Mohawk Burraio. is. y. SMOKERS' EMPORIUM. Headquarters for Plttsburar and Wheeling Stogies.

Geo. H. Otis, 277 Washington St. EATING HOUSE. The Dolmont Restaurant TTp-to-date.

Sanitary Cuisine. 17 West Eagls Street BAKERIES. Ask your grocer for the loaf that has a MRS, RUDD'S BREAD. RELIGIOUS GOODS. A.

Haefner, Fine Art Store, No. 4 East Genesee Street Great Reduction Sale on. Framed Pictures. FISH, OYSTERS, GAMB. Ravln-Seibold Fish Oyster Co Wo 429 Elllcott Street (opposite market)! Phones Tupper 223, Frontier 719.

AUTO TIRE REPAIRING: New and second-hand I Tubes and tires vulcanized. B39-64S Btreei, ounaio, y. BILLIARD AND POOL TABLES. Wm. rthlnfp.

vitfi. grade tables supplies, etc. 622 Brotd way, isunaio, in. x. Cartlag Marvin Furniture.

Dlanoa. handled properiy. Debo Transfer Company, 262 Pearl Street, both telephones. Coaeh, Board la mm Livery Stable. John O.

WhUinsr. 2ie.i Kiinn Street Bell 'phone Tupper 74, Frontier 28. THE MOTHER FRENCH CHURCH, Guth, who re April, 1850, here Of love and cynics of faith, you are to a realizing sense of the goodness, the orchards of the world's Trees this office. sale. When advertising is dispensed with some more costly means of moving the stock must be employed, or the stock will not mor.

The only way to save money on advertising is to do more advertising" and better advertising in the best mediums. built. This church Bishop Quigley. Father Fenger April 11th Rev. has a been a Alsace in 1873, Church near known and beloved.

vivid interest in that the growth of the original Those who know when it comes to hearts of the old-new church, SNAP SHOTS THE jig saw puzzle is an educator. BE a booster if not a boomer for Buffalo. DON'T forget to order a cherry In it, tomorrow. ERIE County should not only have good roads but the best roads. GEORGE would' have been too old to vote had fie lived until tomorrow.

"THERE are nc recent reports of good breaks at Monte Carlo; they are all bad ones. ARE you reading "The Mayor's Wife," by Anna Katherlne Green? You should. THERE should be no question as to honest electiona. There should be nothing else. THERE should be no discrimination in the enforcement of the Sunday closing law.

MR. Icegorge must acknowledge being responsible for Niagara having to "back water." DOES anything look more foolish than a 98-mile horseback ride with no fortune as the object in view? THERE seem to be no dissenting opinions that clothes are one of the greatest needs of the stage today. ALL right Governor Hughes you will find the people good for anything that is for the people Irrespective of politics. NOW know why snakes never complain of poverty: A Georgia scientist nas discovered that snakes can intoxicate themselves. NO MAN is a competent Juror In the State of Mississippi unless ran rH and write.

It should be the same in every state in the Union. A PARAG RAPHE asks what becomes of the airships that fail to fly. It has been taken for eranted in this section that they die a natural death. A MAN in Ohio has invented a one-horse aeroplane, upon which he has made many flights without propellers. Gradually he expects to develon it lnt Jackass power, then it will be a horse on well, somebody.

THE Press of Philadelphia, In making the prediction that the Pennsylva nia State militia would doubtless be one of the finest features of the Inaugura tion Day parade, forgets that the "TTnrl Sams" of Buffalo are going to perambu late the avenue on that occasion. THIS from "Mary's Cook Book" may interest the women folks: Slice cold boiled sweet potatoes until the slices resemble the microscopic sections In a quick-lunch chicken sandwich. Then set in a baking dish with alternate layers of Roman cheese and chloride of lime. Dot the top with tints of delicately tinted axle grease and Just enough tur pentine to moisten the potatoes. Then varnish with a good outdoor varnish and brown in a quick oven.

The Telephone Controversy. Buffalo Republic. The Supervisors have again refused to Install the telephones of the Bell company in county offices. There is reason in all things. We doubt that the attitude of the Supervisors toward the Bell Telephone Company is in the interests of the public.

As we understandlt, all that the Bell company asks is that the county should pay for the service that It gets. Certain members of the board stubbornly refuse to meet the company half way. In the meantime the people suffer. Citizens who have only the Bell telephone in their homes or places of business are unable to communicate with the Sheriff, the District Attorney, the Medical Examiner or any other of the county officials. What good purpose does this serve They are written In all sorts of hands, designed In all sorts of covers, put together In all sorts of ways.

Class ribbons, school colors, fasten some of these essays. A sentiment, an Immortal saying of the great log-cabin President whose life saved the nation, whose death baptized the world In a flood of grandeur, prefaced some of them. A carefully removed blot here, a laborious phrase there, attested the earnestness of the essayists. The writings breathe the children's Lincoln and I am not saying too much when I say that every ona of the painstaking writers of these essays has gained a little a mere hint maybe, but SOMETHING of his noble sacrificing spirit. v- As one cannot play with pitch and remain undeflled, so one cannot touch a great life without receiving a brush from the enveloping mantle of that life.

These children, studying in their special ways, have mixed their own individual story with the story they tell of Lincoln. The boy on the East Side. Who is getting his education by a harder effort than some others, sees his Lincoln through the pine knot fire of the President's boyhood, sees the struggle and hardship, and to him it means much. The girl who has lived with practical parents, looks upon the bread and butter problem the father whose wanderings mads true the proverb, "A rolling stone gathers no moss." The Idealist and dreamer hears the martial call of war, sees the mustering army and the great commander through a haze of crimson eloquence. The philanthropic girl and boy think of the Proclamation the blotter which wiped the stain of slavery from out the land.

The child of sentiment sees with weeping eyes and follows with pen that falters the idlst martyrdom, the quenching the country's light and the black pall of sorrow that forty years has not removed. And so they all have got some of Lincoln for themselves. But this competition has given the pessimists of love and cynics of faith another sharp Jog. It has become the custom to decrcy family friendships, to consider men too busy and women too frivolous to take the vital interest in their children that the ol-fashloned fathers and mothers did with theirs. Well, a procession of fathers and mothers busy men of affaalrs, and women of many avocations have swarmed to THE TIMES office, and kept the telephone wrires from growing rusty.

TheyJ have inquired when Jennie's essay would be printed, and if we had received Jack's picture safely, and if we would prefer to use the photograph Daisy had taken last year or wait until she. could sit for a new one. Yesterday morning a white-haired, feeeble grandfather toiled up the stairs with a likeness of a bright looking lad between his trembling fingers. I was the first person he saw. "I've brought Dannie's picture, he said, with that directness of age which has gained all and lost nothing.

"He won one of your medals. This looks like him, only he is smarter-looking. We didn't think he would win. He never liked compositions. His teacher said that his was the best In his class." I gave the grandfather a chair and listened with a strange contraction at my heart to his peroration about the" lad he loved.

Far away under a tall pine sleeps the kindly, silver-haired man that loved my childish days, even as this one does HIS grandchild. Cousins, aunts, uncles, send us thankful messages. One uncle about to sail around the world wants to take with him copies of the paper containing the medal-winning endeavor of his two nieces. Oh, you pessimists of love and cynics of faith, there's love a-plenty and faith galore, and if you don't believe It, come here and watch the progress of THE TIMES-medal competition. BEDS AND BEDDING Special sale of Brass and Iron Beds for balance of this month at cost.

George A. Otis 81S Main St. MANTLES Alvin W. Day Co. Contractors in mantels, tile, marble and mosaic.

Fireplace goods, tile bath rooms. 877 Main Buffalo, N. Y. OPTOMETRIST J. Wagner, 91 E.

Genesee- fltg glasses without drugs. Specialty, straightening cross eyes, relieving blurred cataract eyed. Artificial eyes to match. CARTING AND MOVING. The world moves; so do we.

We are prompt and careful. Moderate in price. Thomas Davis 308 Walnut St SHOE FACTORY. Custom shoes at factory prices. Waterproof boots and shoes a specialty.

Ulrlch, 186 Sycamore St BUTTERING. Jelke's "Holstein," the only THE "high-grade." Burnham Dairy 31 K1K Street BROOMS AND BRUSHES. Association for the Blind. Benefactor broom. rmirvuiaa uut lamory.

tav Elllcott St OPTICIANS. Chaa. A. Schopp. Jeweler and Optician, Grand Court Elllcott Sauare, Buffalo.

N. Y. Hul table Souvenirs. RELIGIOUS GOODS. Pure beeswax candles for Feb.

2d, Candlemas. A. HAEFNER, 49 E. Genesee St ROLLER SKATING. Go to the Coliseum, where hundreds of thousands have skated.

32 Edward Street LAUNDRY. Banner Laundr- 269-263 Pearl St Phones Seneca 434-R. Frontier 2686. Are you satisfied with your laundry work? If not "phone us for a trial bundle. METAL POLISH.

VLnni, will hrftfS flTKl CAT). per shine. Try a can and you will use no other. The Kortum Mfg. 10-12 Pearl Street.

Buffalo. N. T. SODA FOUNTAINS. Maaafaetnreni of a--date Fraa- tataa.

Repair wrk apeelaltr. Complete vtflta from S15 up to "lOOO. Shew room 408 Ilrnadway. Bell, HiM 834. Frontier, 84.

AUGUST F. MEYER. Newspapers the Cheapest Mediums. (Philadelphia Record.) Costs a definitely ascertainable amount to find a buyer for every article in a merchant's stock. newspaper advertising the cheapest means of effecting the.

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