The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 26, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 26, 1947
Page 6
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tAGf SIX BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COUBBBR NEWS SATURDAY, JULY 26, 19-17 Dutch Meeting Stiff Resistance Abandon Attempt To Take Indonesian Capital Of Jogjakarta BY ARNOLD BRACK MAN (United Press Slaff Coirespondenl] JJATAVIA, July 2G. (UP)—Dulcil troops liave encountered increasing Indonesian veslsUmce in Sumatra mid parts *° f Java ' a Dut< ' h communique announced today. A Dutch military spokesman disclosed -JiiiiHttaiieomisly tliat the Dutch have abandoned their present attempts to capture Hie Indonesian capital of Jorjukarln. The Dut3i communique detailcc lievi- resistance in Sumatra, ant said the Indonesians were ):ultin; up move opposition nroimcl Moil jokerto. South of SoeraUaJa on Ja va. Tdie iinilitnry- sixskeannn, in an nounning tliat Jogjakarta woul not l!C attacked further at tin. time, commented that lie coul not say jnore. i . TJie Jogjakarta - bound Dutch troops approached within 28 airline' miles of the capital, but the Indonesians claimed .they cut off their tise of supplies by capturinu Sainarang, from which the attack began. ! Today's Indonesian communique I announced mat .heavy fighting con-) tin'ued around Saainrang, and lhali Indonesians chased the'Dutch out 01 ofie '• nealby vHlagc.. capturing | large amounts ot arms and am-1 munition.. . . . The (Dutch reportedly were 1C-! grouping their armor at Choriljoii to attack samarsng from the west. (In N-akine, Dutch sources ic- ixirled that the Netherliiuds. did not want outside unedlatioy or 'the Dutch-Indonesian dispute. The Nc- ihc-rlands view Hint the fiightum was "purely an internal affair" was said to have been explained n formal notes to representatives of the Untied Statc-s, Great Bri- ain mid China. All three had indicated a willngness to mediate. (The Russian radio relayed i complaint bv the Moscow news pa;:cr Izvesiia ithal the United Stales and a vent Britain were intervening >" (he Indonesian dispute on the side of Dutch capitalists.) TlitTC were 5G signers to Declaration of Independence. In. is vit-hln hereby uunicd to «i>|»ar thirty days In the co»:l In the caption hereof and inswer the complaint of the plaln- Iff William W. Austin. Dated tins 25 day of June, 1941. trom the dale of the first .publlcu- tion 'of ithis notice, which is I'JUi day ot July 'A. 10. 1947. If not so presented wiihin such time (hey will be forever barred. The ndriivss 11:11, Percy HARVEY MORRIS, By 'Betty Smith, D. C. Wright, Ally, for PHf. 7|12-19-2C-8;2 In IN THE CHANCERY COURT CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT MISSISSII'1'1 COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Cleatus Adrien Plaintiff vs. No. 10151 Mnry Adrien Defendant The defendant Mary 'Adrien is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court nMjncd In the cwpllon hereof and answer (he complaint of the planllff Olea- I (us Adrien. Dated this 12 day of July, 1047 HARVEY MORRIS. Clerk. By Dorothy Conley. D. C C P. Cooiier, ally, for pltl. 1|I2-19-2G-8|2 WARNING ORDER Die Chancery Court, Chkka- sawl'a District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Vernon R. Geary Plaintiff. vs. No. 10.137 Josephine Toria Geary, Defendant, Tlie dcfen&5iH Josephine Toria Geary, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days In the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Vernon R. Geary. Diilcct this 7 ckiy of July, 1W7. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk- Percy A. Wright. Ally, for Pitt. H. G. Partlow. Atly. ad Litcm. Tiia-19-20-8'2 of the undersigned .|s U>c ClerK.i Route 1. 'Box 657, IJlytheville. Dated this 18 day of July, A. D. 1947. 'Lee Executor of the Estate of Charles A. Hyde, deceased G, E. Kuck, II. G. Partlow, Attorneys. 7J10-26-82 IN THK PROBATE COUKT FOK TIIK CIIICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, Alt- 1 KANSAS. I 'tlie niR'Uer of the estate of IN 'IDE CHANCERY COUKT, CHICKASA.WBA I) I S T K 1 C T, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Arlenc Plntl, by her sister & next friend, Morene Ashmore. ..Plaintiff, vs. No John Flntt Defendant. The dcfen((int John Platt is hereby warned to appear within thirty days In the court named in the caption hereof nnd answer the complaint of the plantlff Arlenc Platt. Dated this 12 day of July, 1047. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. 'By Dorothy Conley, I). C. C. F. Cooper, ally, for Pltf. 7|12-lD-2G-8 ;! In Charles Hyde, WARNING OKI>KR In the Chancery Court, Clilcka- sairl>» IMslrlcl, Mississippi Conn Wiiliam W. Austin Plnlnllif vs. No. 10.123 Gertrude W. Austin... .Defendant. S to ........... ^ „„,,,•,. The defi'iidant Gertrude W.'Aus-1 r.cfore the end of six (C) mom.nh deceased. No. 180C lice Hill. Executor. NOTICK Notice is hereby given that letters testamentary were granted to the -undersigned upon the estate of Charles A. Hyde, deceased (lie 7th djiy of July, A. D. 1947 by the 'ProbaAc Court for the Clilck- nsawba District of Mississippi County. Arkansas. IA11 persons having clalnis or demands against said estate must present them. cliffy mutheiitIoAt«l. the •uiulorsli'ned for allowance DEHTH of a DOLL "0 by Hifda Lawrence; Distributed by Nf A SERVICE, INC. THH STOllYt Mnrk »kc- nriil I'okc »t M Nt-y trll fcln* nlMiiit ihf l«l*^ Iliinnf rrtm\ ,thi- tulh nrrliv.l IIM tke e vu» fuuoil Uruil. ' - ; XVIII W HEN Mark reached Hope House, the lobby U'as Pilled with girls and women of nil ages, streaming in and out of the dining room and lining up at the elevator. He went up lo tlie desk, and spoke to'the woman in chnrge. She was one of the two he had seen pelting into the cab and laughing. "Miss Brady?" she repeated. She was plainly surprised. "Why, yes, I believe she's in. May have your name?" '' uli Mark East. Tell her, please, that I'm investigating Ruth Miller's death." "Investigating?" "Yes. At the request o{ one of Miss Miller's friends. It's- a fof- --mality, that's nil, and quite usual. "People always want lo reassure themselves when a thiny like this happens." "But I didn't know—" She was perplexed and annoyed. "I'm An- -"geline Small, Miss Brady':; assistant.- Won't I do as well? 1'don't want to trouble Miss Brady unless •j-it's-' absolutely necessary. She hasn't fully recovered Irom tli(- siipck." -.. .• She was recovered yesterday, he .•* told- himself, if. she is ytmr clavk- haired friend. Not only recovered )»tt laughing out loud. ..';, :'i understand your solicitude "Miss Small, but for the record l'( ' beller see Miss Brady. • I won 1 i detain her." Miss Small hesitated again * VYou say you represent a frieiv 'of Buth's? She gave, us the im pression that she friends one at all. Tluit's.why Mis Brady was eager to take her in.' "Her friend," Mark said easily "is Mrs. Nicholas Sullen. 1 r,il|) pose Miss Miller thought lha ckuming Mrs. SuUon, or tall jout her, might .sound like put- ng on tlie dog." Miss Smnll left the desk nnd •osscd lo the lounge, asking him i foHnw. "Will you wail iii here, lease? Miss Hrmly will sec you/' * '* * PHK lounge was empty nnd lilcc- attitude, for instance — " "That's it. that's what I want. Her altitude.* • * • 46/~\N the afternoon of the day she died," Miss Brady said, "I met Ruth Miller on tha street. She should have been at work, nnd thai in itself was odd enough to tnnke me wonder. But there was something else I liked even less. She was carrying d suitcase. When I asked her what she was doing she told me n vague story nbout a doctor's appointment. 1 didn't like the way she For Complete Protection Against All INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glencoe Hotel Bldg. 124 W. Ash St. . 1W BY HE* SERVICE. IMC. T. M, BEO. U. S, TAT. Off. pcrtaa'c DI^l" gained an average mor last year wjicn ines were most of 50 poi;;ul,s ix?r cnimal over prevalent. ' Club 61 Blythevllle, Arkansas Highway 61 North Dine and Dance Couples and Parties Open 6 Nights Weekly Owned By W. A. (Red) Blckerstaff and George Ford For Reservations Telephone SH Only "The only thing wrong with you is that you've pushing yourself too hard!" been FRECKLES ft HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSER Kittv on I he Loose L Jy l(j remiiiu so, for Mfss Small rmly closed the rlonv when slio efl him. He examined Hit; KCIOI!, iinplc fnmilurc; (ho caroful, cur- cct prints; the bnghL, incxpuii' ivc run. Very nice, he tlccklcci; little loo neat and institutional >ut probalily hcavon to Uic board- •rs. ... The door opened ntid Miss Iraciy entered alone. She was the ark one, nil right, and there was othing institutional nbout her lolhos ;i]id poise. And not in »in;iH'a class, although SniiiU was ;ood cnnu^li. This one was from iiolhcr u'orld entirely. *'l..ct's net . to the point," Miss 3rady sJiJcl nt once. She looked s if-shu linrln't laughed for years. Are you n detective, nnd if you ire, exactly \vhnt t]o you think 'ou'rc lookinj.; for? And where Iocs Mrs. Sntlon come into this?" 11 toolc five minutes oC persiin- sivc tulk to \viii her over, nnd even then he wasn't confident. "I only want cue fact," ho said, "on^ statement from you that I can use. I don't care what it iSi I don't even know what it ought to be. I3ut I've gut to reassure Mrs. Sul- Lon. It isn't all business with mc r .he's a very ilcar friend. She insists that [luth Miller wouldn't kill herself. 1 can't argue lhat. But I hnvc wondered why the verdict was snicicle instead of accidental dculh. O[ course, I can go to tho police, but you don't want that nny more than I do. So you tell me. Why was it? Why didn't somebody say she fell? Wasn't lhat possible?" Miss Brady was slightly mollified, "1 suppose it was possible Hut there were other things—her I looked, and, frankly, I didn't believe her. So I said I'd go along. At Hint point she was cither unwilling- or unable to tell me the doctor's mime. There was only one thing for me to do then and 1'did it. I brought her hack litre. 1'didn't believe the doctor story nnd ! still tlon'l, and I was interested in the suitcase. We've had tlic suitcase business hcfore. Kull of linen, silver, other girls' clothes and jewelry. I Ivied to watch her during the evening, but you know about the costume,party. They nil looked alike: And ' I planned to have a talk with her later that night. I never had a chniicc. I've tallied to several girls who think they talked to her, and they nil sny the same thing—that her behavior was decidedly peculiar. That's all." "What happened to the suit-' case?" "1 opened it, naturally. Nothing but clothing, her own. She was evidently planning to run nway. Why, where to, or what have you, I don't know. 1 can only iliicss that she was in a jam of sonic- sort, saw something closing in, nod .-.:i?cJ to skip." "ATjiybo/' :%fc sakl, "it actually lid close in. "Here? Jri this place? Impossible." "Miss Brady," l:c nskccl finally, "are you and Miss Small satisfied to let things stand -is they are?" "Certainly. As ri.r as we're concerned, the situation is clear, unfortunate, and ;i:jished." She stood up and wnll;ed to the door, lie followed. "Goucl night," sho said. She ndclei!. '-My compliments to Mrs. SuUor.." (Ti> Be Cnntlnued) Free De/ivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 1044 Chickamwtm GOSH, ITS LIKE A GHOST TOWM SINCE THAT t-IOM GOT LOOSE .' Ev/EK-VBOOY'S BEHIMD LOCKED DOORS i wAS/'-.-Hossesr, p L vVlSH I I SHOULDMT BEOUrCMAS- IM& L1CWS I > GOT HOME - v-JOCKTb DO/ a—- 1 -.u GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 975i Ark.-Mo. State Line on the left at the Arch 'A ft. 7 Crown 1.35 Calverf 1.35 Scheniey 1.35 Cream of Kentucky 1.35 Three Feathers .'. 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RYDER Soft Music Our Boarding House with Ma). Hoople THERE MUST BE ANi EASIER WftVTo FIRST MILLION Wft^, Our Our Way By J. R. Williams DtDWT VOLS EVENJjf CATCrt EMOUGHf [ DONVT. TO BDY A !^E\M /( t Hf\D SOT*3O FOR BEIt^S FRAPPED THE Mft30R TAPPED Von HALF , AMD VOO PROBABW KEST IS 3OS.T GVPPlMS A GOAT OUT OF A I GOT THIS LCCi \ DRESSFD. BUI II ) S WAIT TILL Ml-. ROLL'S OVF. R M'VTI IRA1 IV - .1 DOM'T WAWT ^ MY HEAD BIT / ILL HAVE THIS 5IDE Ol- HIS HIRT OM IM A 5ECOMP--THEM HELP ME ROLL HIM OVER: GENTLEMEN IN WAITIMG S -BEAVSR, fCU SCHOOL SODS 5PADE VT.LKY OOP Nice By V. T. IIAMUN VIG FLINT The liricf Doesn't Relax BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANfc ONE THIN6, MR.M06UL-- K*TT TELl ANTONE CWTSIOE >DOR FA WHY THAT YOU'VE BKWO TO COWE5S YOUR WST TO THE 5WEI.LJ WE CAN DRIVE IN WHEN HI4 VICtlYl MAKES THE TRUTH PUPLIC.TWEBLACKMAIl ER 15 OH THE SPOT. IF SRrVITT FOUND OUT TOUXPIAN, HE WOO LO 'UKE STEPS TO TW TO'STOP \OU. TOD Rt RIGHT, .ftieO RIGHT IN THIS AFTERHOON TO THE CHIEF. V^ELL.HAPDLV. WAITLL YOU SEE RCSINSON CRUSOE THROUGH HIS EVES.' AMOS BRONSON . YOU OLD RASCAL; YES.WE HAV= BLJT IT SEEMS Fair \\ aniin v\\y.'. BOOTS ANF> HBK THROUGH \CK ^TfiGfc, t HOPt 1

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