The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on November 10, 1919 · Page 7
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The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada · Page 7

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, November 10, 1919
Page 7
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" " : , . ! THE WJXMPKU KVKNJXO .TKMIUJMO monoav. November 10, 1 , j j WOMAN WORKER PLACED BEFORE GRAVE AND SHOT Drastic Action Caused by Expressing Hope the Poles Would Come , 1 1 1 o f t i t1 ji commit t't undT tho fvl-v, evf. r i "rt hi thn tlty of Minsk, ow nrrMii'.l hv tio polrn. Tho l.-itent ''Mtht by a ' ross wnrkor v!in ; lust rrt 'ir-t't 't'tti ft rnl!"T n-!irMnrnt In t' v " 'ly - ocm jm p! ri t 1, . "rirfms thn mut-lor of r v-mmm hcHpitnl ofsim 'in who -was rash TtnuRh to fxpn1 t ir rn; tlint ron - iiifin V"uM )-':i,rr when thr town .11 to th rolfK Thn (Jircr'nr . ? th JiOffpIrn) : '1 irt1on, tnia riitiC unr nn 111 ln--f-rt)tl r-'nkf ; . ;n ' n M' r',l to him n. mirlv (lfh-ial of thn Jtel r'Tinif. ?rti"l th lfittrr thnt thr nrr;v:il of vo.nii irmn ;i rlriiiK'1 lor Vrttr. IV. p this ) o v,itt flfp' "t'il ; fo SmolrnsVc Jlis ii.lstant. vf;nttircl n little twithrr; hi x- r.rr-MirifT hor opinion, wan Himt into a j t t fn Hm dawn I'lOuo tho tftkir! rit- r t'lc Tiih urmv. v1rtM ry workers e l" f . - j s !iirn';in K'l mjq nnmNMnn ' f'"IanI. th- lu-Hpltals rind orpri;i n:i h-h i i.f thf city wpip found in Rich I mtr tird of fund h; in my a' t:irni 1 had brn obliiffd to rlost-. C n homo f'r wi r or ph n r. ? i I j iif-n TiPTiont so rnu h ns .1 rru' (f i-rrad fr moro tf..n ; Cf'k. M;ny others hnd F'jf'i'iril ftiiniltir tniv;i- fMon. Arrorrtinc to r pfrts on In - otl irnt if nn. onlv o u t sli lo a 1 . 1 cm ,nip Dust' p op!" froni th' .'fi.'t.q f rorrf.r .1 ml MifN-rtnif In uhi h . r iiVmrgnd. I WATERPROOF H!r rn numprnus wnvj'tn tnaki- .ilH-r n-fl tr rpr'"l . M''!t tn'j . " I 'iMi contl? hont cfiual p.-!rt nf r:iut- tallow arifl l"'i"w.i. .M" In n -nft. past" with ra.itor nil nml color if d'-slr'! with Ivory hl.'n-k. A T T I hot. Or ai'l'ly part of mutton fUt ntiil lipr.nwav without ;in' oth-r ttntrffli' rits. ' ' r mix w it it : rantln h-nt riphl otim-f s of r:n. i iinwprd oil, four ounrcA tji' .suet, thr--" 1 ttiir of wax. uno-h.-ilf rmnrp of ! renin, two wirt oni-lialf oiirn'c? of tnrpuitlno and npply lnt. Or m-!t ono pound of tullovv an1 on"-r;:lf pnunil of rosin nml apply with i Tuih rod hot nil tlio mixture th ''fifhiT wJll ulorb. JELLY FOR INVALID . On tt)lrpooiif ul PURiir, two en - lop-s p'latln, t w If vp I tiit1-- poon f uN frrounrt tn plora. t wo I vt l ' . tOBponnfuIs around riip, two i .ihlHsponiifuis or' p( m l h.'irlpy, two i h iKfirtH of roj, water. 1'iit rlatino ; I mixed with hum-it into it Miii'-epan, ; Y 'd'l tapioca. i i ley, rire an-l t wo 1 iUaTt.s of cold WHtt'i. cook slowly, I -int:l the lujui-I is rdtircd to on nimrt, strain itn-1 set ;fHle until : I wanted. This j'Jiy i nouilshii p and j li asily UlKHted. It may lf Jwr-t- ; j, -iifd morn and flitored or a few i I spoonfuls of i may dtftnolvoil in I, ttA or &oup. ! I BEAVER COAT j t-'ur oonts mny f rlrfn'1 hy mh-niiiif rnrnnu-al Into tho nkin. Tli inoal hoi:li! I'" il.irnp. Aft'T it has i ilrlfil uli.'iko tin' root well. To im- ' iit'nve tho luslro of tho fur hont corn- I nita in an iron fklllot t. a tl-i ! Hinun without tuirnli-g'. Whilo hot I IfrinKlo ovor tho fur nnil rtiti lu j ' ivith a flannol rloth. Aftorw-ii'l r$ - iii.ji.i t.y bruMhiut; anJ i-hakiai;. j 4f ' r I ' V j English j Upholstered j Furniture Y ! Our displays of J- upholstered furniture for i jj hvmg-room and freside !' comfort ar at their ' a wide selection of i ! worthy furniture in al! ' i jll the most favored cover- I I int3. jj yi oderatelu priced. j I X MAIN STREET ! - M in,' tV v n .1: r , i II A T ! y 'T's tv ! I , 3r2 HARQRAVE ST. j t. ' Announcements . j Tuf 'lit b'lnc Arnit.allvo I'A. tlio rftJl'i-r flcp'iily ioiioarwfil of th H inriipcir Oratorio Sooioty c hoir will I'o helil this ovninB in th" Muic aiai Arts buliUii'g The Informal ri.itrio'io Ian:, under tho iiiHpli os of Lh I'olih Wo-i.if ii's Itciii'f comnilttoo, will bo hold Ih :s t vinltiR- in (he Koyal Alexandra hotiU A io( imp rntitlod "The FoikwNext I'oor" will bo nlen by I r. Uyron I Stauffer Tliurstlny evening at 8.15 o'tiook in Ureon wtnd Mothodtnt 'hufti untler tho fiuspires of th Liailles' Aid poototv. The annual titootinic of tit W'lnni-peif Women's Institute and Home Ia onointoH sooloty will bp hold Tuei-iil iv iin;s n', K o'flool; In Y.W.C.A., l.ll:io ae. 1 nil Kates mill r)ve their ri'ooi t or. thi- N a it KduratlonaJ j i on : r.'neo. . Th" Arrrf - ami Navy, t-r.'in' band , wii; hold ils weekly daii'-- at the H-'.-ird of Trade iniildiiiK Wednesday j . tiintr. heeinnir.K nt S f)'rloi k. ! "'einr the Hrltinh lsle, In City. ' ' ' nif and O.untry-d.le," u the nub-j Jt t. of an lllust rated lecture, to be xhiii liy 1 r. J. I). MuKhson. Tueday ov.tiiM;. at S o' look in Vouiiir Meth-j . ii ; h r i liunii. A ssi -iiini; n the pro-Slum "ill he Mrs. Iturton Knrth, O. H. lintTlllis and Stanley Osborne. I The entertainment 1. Kiven niuler tho '.iii'-I.ioos of the I oacones.i' Aid Society. i i..i ..'.pi; : 1 I'nrnpers' ii..iooition j i i I on r t Mori 1 i y pii nin tr at o'clock lr: tn.' Snris of l.'nijluiiil lub room, liuai I of Trado buil l.riK. Sooral 'miiottan! business ninttnrs will come ui" for disoiission, inoMirm the re-n. iiiinir of the station at J.nko Julu. T!i Indeprnuent i irdor of Foresters ill itivn a dance this evening in the lioyal Tf mplai vl- hall. .110 Tonnt st. City Churches Celebrate Signing of Armistice "God Vindicated Himself," In Outcome of World War, Pastor Says N The first anniversary o the B.jrnin of the armistice mi obawrveil by many churchu Sunday. Among theee were Maryland, i't. James, i'on and Fort Itougo Methodist churctifi, St Andrew's, Ht. Stephen's, Ht. Pa'xl's. All Saints', lOinmanupl Baptist and bt. Albans. The wervtce .t St. Paul's church also was of a memorial nature in honor of the following members of the congregation, who made the supreme sacrifice during; tho war: C'pl. Arthur Anderson, M.M.: Pfe. Charles R Alnslie. Pte. Hubert T. Anrus, Kgt. George M. Brown, Pte. (lordon W. Barber, Cpl. James H. Courtnall, Pte. Andrew W. Carmlchael, Spt. William imnc&n, Pte. Andrew row, Pte. Firth Duncan, Pte. Oeorge (iooderham. Fllght.-IJeut. J. Knox Oraham. Sgt. Robert Hutton, l'te. Havld Hamilton, lie. 'Walter Hull, Sgt. John J. Irvinir. Priver David Johnstone. Kergt.-Major James Kay, Ijleut. James I. Kerr. Cpl. William Korr, Pte. John . Lyons, Ite. J. Max landsuy. Uleut. James M. Mackie, 1). i CM., M.M.; Sapper James C. Murray, Pte. Thomas It. .Marshall, lte. Douglas Moffat, lie. Frank C. Morrison, Pte. C. Noran Mortimer. pl. John McWhlrtor, Sapper Hobert McNeil, CP'' James Northcote, Pte. James Nlchol, Pte. James C. Noble, Pte. W. Jack Porterfteld, Capt Oeo. H. Ross, Sgt. Thomas Rae, Sgt. Marcus RoberNon, Pte. Oenrge C Reld, Iliifht. -Lieut. Thomas R. Pouter. D. CM.; Lce.-Cpl. James Torrence, Pgt. William J. Walkey, Sapper John K. C. WllUams, C'pl. Andrew li. Wan-iess, Pte. James Waters. Pte. Duncan White, Pte. David Wilson. The Fort Hours Methodist church servire was called 'Vtdl Pone s i - j I vice. ''; m;a'.iv ai d her allies were i lira ten; t5od vindlriafed himself," fe taHtor, Rev. A. J. Armstronst. said "Might had the minutes but ilijr.-has the mlllemlum. Of the dead in Flanders' Held we speak lr. praise but Clod says. "Well Done!" "Today all the world rejoices In the victory won on the bljod ami i.tie stained fields of Fiam'e aitil d" ladders, " Rev. A. S. Colwell said in ti e tarvlsnd Services at St. Alban's w? e rrn -mortals for those who gave ttei. lives In the war and services of thank -.vlng for the first year ' peace. ben,Utr c' the spectnl at the St. James Methodist ohtr- '. wfe the reception of DO now memb'i-'J and more than twice the usuul tiumli i' taking he sacrament. "TI. tim'j 's comin? when It will he a disgrace for a healtny man to be Idle and no more respect will be paid the idle rk-h than tho iole poor," Rev. A. Hamilton said Sunday evening at the Zlon Methodist church. WARD 6 WOMEN TO HEAR CANDIDATES A meeting of Wnrd 6 women rato-payers and other women Interested wlil be hehl Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock In Mao.hray school. A ward committee will be organize! and chairwoman. Candidates for eJdorme.ii ajid school trustee wlil speak. The candidates Rre R. II. Handnl, J. H. Kaplonovltch. S. Blumberg and Robert Jacob, M.P. I Special Display of i I ! I Fioorcoverings at Banfiehfs THE RELIABLE HOME FURNISHER of ifrttlOVffffi Credit l i SUPPORT THE NEW fl UN l iLSLf'' " . ExtCridCd li tt. f BUiWv Gold Seal lo Reliable Victory Loan j AKlPHlF PePlc I III Washablc-Sanitary-Economical i X" wonder Conpoloiiin ugs are ia such grent doinaud tho new designs are so attractive I anl the culorings ore very rich you take no risk in buying Congoleum Rugs. The Gold jl Seal guarantee ensures you satisfaction. Any rug found unsatisfactory will be replaced or i money refunded. j A complete showing of lovely patterns in all sizes. . lll'll Cx!t 7-6x9 9s9 9x10-6 fxl2 $12.85 $15.60 $18.75 $22.00 $25.00 Glengarry Rugs are Perfectly Reversible j. Reversible liuirs are always in fjreat demand hut this is not only feature. Woven I j from selected tibre these rugs will pive hard wear, and the ivonucrful effects give them ! j jj an additional charm. These ruprs will harmonize with most any color, and suitable pat- t ji ferns will lie found for every room. I J 7-(isU 9x1) 9x10-6 9x12 J I sp $14.50 $16.60 - $18.75 $21.00 S n OTOS T: GEMINE BLACK WAUT j I pg- p, iffl'l Dininoroom Suite ! Ra inkfilil n - " Comprising extra large Ruffet, I I J oBsriif v-j f'll "rlInT' i m il m f ton measures 61) In. x 22 in I I 1 Si- '(, ) K & -STt , IS -fT r I i3-in- Ch,na Cabinet, 50-ln. InQl hr - lJil;OKP'rf', fflTl Extension Table with heavy U !' T''7i Lir FTfkil JhlMr feal Postal base, table extends to HH v4TiVf"J J) .( I I j! s'lP seat, upholstered In best I VTVL i! , ' ouaJity leather. Regular I ' fecial $41)0.00 IU j iljil H.-.y uill bo ooiufortablo In thir "TP atsjr I II I I j SLEIGH0 WAGON I jj fNv '.'L.. 7 Genuine quarter cut oak, jl III Cr fti fumed linish, rubber tire r Inl PI ! ( nSA' wheels, separate trav, simi- ' L- r 'Hi li rv'?f n- Jar to illustration but has j fcs j ! I S10.25 MH''MM WH i !j Two only cutters. Color green. iTh f M f I 1 P'' 1 1 IP l Tho f-eut 1 upliolstered and can VL J 11 K S(H)I If ' H ' I- removed. Reversible handles. 1$ fj a if fj f ( JL )) i ' ! Sfe,.l runners. HeKUlar $1.1.7.".. VQ I 'l l I Tur chase Your Columbia Records at Banf field's J ji Khaki Blanket Notlfngham Net 'I'l'ij Kin lieMvy welirlit flannelette In khuki color witli In a neat design, with key border. 43 inches wide I i 'l I Hinpe border. Size 70.4. rjf Regular (1.00 yard. evf ' ' I I 'I , :' I' i r OO.f 3 Special 75C J l Huck Towellino Drapery Chintz li Stout iunll'y and good absorbent quality. IS in. In a variety of coioi lr. i. Suitable for most anv III I W',M- Special. i f room. 36 In. wide. Regular $1.25 tr I llC Special, yard VVC I I Saturdays . jZQ SvfjlA ?7" from 8.30 to 10 p.m. "rtZ ? to I j PHONE Gf - MEMORIAL TABLET IS UNVEILED IN ST. PAUL'S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH A bronze tablet otuinemoiatiim men of the church who fell In the war was unveiled In St. Paul's Pres-I byterian church Sundny fuotnin bv lieut.-Col. John Pringlc. D.D.. moderator of th I'resbyterlim general as-I sentbly. Address-'s wen- made o. I Dr. V. H. Iu al. Dr. John MueKiiv and Rev. I'. Hriice Thornton. Solos were given by Madame Heatrleo Overton, who sang "Rest," and l'te. i ! N. N. Russell. "Christ in Flanders." j The anthem was "dossinn the Hal." j and Uuilr.'unt's funeral march iuii ! pl.i ed during tho flortory. The e ice llolll,l noi Im- ao i-i ;i ! ion lor Ri'ief, but i.vih'T one of Joy j mil n erill to better things for those left behind. Dr. Pringle said. The j other speakers pointed out that all should emulate these who had falleu I niol att.oHiti'd to make lheworld s I belter plrice. I fiiiuli foirc'.i-ts fbwrveel the ' centenary of (he dls 'oery of Iodine by plncine a tablet iu"n the blrth-pluo iC lis disebverer. f - Madam j Did You Wash Today With 1 Egyptian Queen laundry Magic? i You Should Have, Because It will wash your clothes perf e ctly without rubbing. I It will wash them cleaner, whiter and more sanitary. j It does not contain wax or acids of any nature. H I It will wash any article of clothing perfectly from the finest I of laces and woolens to the coarsest of garments. ' I It is guaranteed to be harmless. I Don't judge EGYPTIAN QUEEN by other clothes washing substances you have used. I GIVE EGYPTIAN QUEEN A TRIAL 3 Large Washings Ol 7 3 Cakes (One Box) Importers and Distributors I BREMNER & McVEY, 610 Avenue Block. Phone M. 4488 For Sale At I Departmental Stores, Grocery Stores or your Druggist. I WINTER FOOTWEAR- AT MAIL ORDEil PRICESjl Boys'aod KoMIm' Bock Moccasins i women's and Children's MoccaslnsLI psraa H1" $1-65 pISEB Children's Broivn arrs 75c f as-. S1.75 III S S $1.95 Wf Felt Boois S2.0o'"" I mmmj miw itrr-$2.75 -S2-35 IPsPt iVm v -Y&'t i Children. Si,ea (gQ OC ffm VMM vo.d moiBflh I i itfl&tt Pr f08twear to keepJUthVk"ddi"- Mm li Men's Ovfrshoes.Oiir Price. $2.75 li'wlk. Tl war,n i an.d com,ortaW"- l- rsr .hue i. md ir.mi th. t i!i?vl VWK while soles and heels are of heavy i . I "r?i"ut j?T:Z'y tSits. fFlt- no half sizes. Low Overshoes rhty'i-'Li ierm. SisJs arsssf) ''-Si nS !' ' Si r)n II I IfrV:1! '".".' f tfyi'lrV'-' l Dp,.r, ot An. w.t.roronf Cf Il Women's Fleece vmm aSyl Lined Walking Shoe Wm Mmn 1 2-Bncklj Overshoe lor Women A Special Value at ?,f ' and Children S7.00 fiwll Men's Heavy Overshoes I "Ztfjl r- SI .95 M.d. from hi8h-8r.d. m.h98any ft ' ,T?.'..90 fC'fS frw'-u oo or eolor ealf ,kin M wann - SSV? $' s!r't QQ OK JS i Vf ITS H&.0 I'-ned throughout. Built to com. fS'? , ,t O3.0 il y Mom-' rr l"ne rli comfort with r-i'KT'JP't i"'1 .wUr '. " 'fiVj ?M'VS2.60 appearance. ,U. y foMfc ' d?M 'WT' pftffiM ,hl. Neo.ln soles, and Is one of ' lWJli 5' .l'V ": f?X?'A ""-.rr hih-ri. T,r.i., our mrt popular shoes for UW-iIM Vrt.l f.. '-'J' J-.iA'trA IfhXTll'X ilv,'-.o. JSS&Z-jZr H..V. rubber fWT ' if f fi ". "l,"r',"! ,09 to cut -of -town A y ,r,h" ' ri-'i'il,. ' if XHiLM v Pn request. pnc:. Jf CMKISTIE (GKANT LIMITED 0 KINGSTREET inMcDERMOT AVENUE f; IVyfMPEG, CANADA J J

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