The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on December 3, 1917 · Page 11
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The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada · Page 11

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, December 3, 1917
Page 11
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THE WINNIPEG EVENING TRIBUNE mondav, December s, ni7 11 j j Sports Section Gladstone Eleven Captures School Football Honors Defeats Principal Sparling in Overtime Game Laura Se-cord Juniors Win W'"lNNIPKi l'ul!i' S"i-"! football teams iwe i'list . Iiriiijjinir to a close one. U i the piosf successful VI .seasons in the history of that uf- ' " Ani.iiti'vn. f'nc inure t'lminpioii-ship whs (h-i'icli'il Sntunhiy and another !iMon was ;ilv a i ' f I - to tl'P t:i::il st ;.!;', 'caviti,' only ono more r:iiit' to bo playi'l before til'1 curt;: in is rill) if ilowll on tlii year's ia . (ila'Klo'ie vou the lii! rnieiliate "II" chain- i lionliip hy ih iVatini: Principal! SpH r!i 'i tr I to nil. I. aura Srennll ijiia'ii'cil to inert Strati, conas for lic .1'inior liotors hy ileiVatiutr Victorias J! to 0. Jenkins Scored Winner T!".e Principal Sparling boyp put up a Ki-fui light before going down i :o defeat. Twenty minutes overtime; was played in older tii decide the. argument. Tho 'lladstone pi. ij i t's kept on the attack most of the tm.c but grand dil'n.slv" wmk by tie-losers w ha maniu-'ed to k" i tlx in scoreless il'iniii the regulation tine of play. !n the lirst la-minute period 'if e'ra pl.iy .tonkins scored tin; only i goal ul tl.i' game, j The u min i s lined up as follows: I 'iardnor, .lenlurs, Douglas,". Rannurd. Ircing. So ver.s. I'oiilson, And' rsiiii, I:, ig,-r, Summon Ihe. Easy for Laura Secord Lhuih Secord hii'l rather an ease '.me in qualifying to in. i t Strath-"onas In the flu -i 1 '.ami' for th" Jurl or "tie. The Sc. ,ird boys outplayed :iie 'ic..i and counted li tiiuis !i::? '. hey I. eld their opp'ir.i n's seureless. H,lrdtt ref'Stl r.'d the June (,(' he first hulf. ic pl'c. rd up better after the tntirval but loose work l.v their defence allowed Secord forwards to iji-t. through for 2 move tal-'ie The Lama ' Secord team Has: Todd, rn'i". I'sher, Thompsoi.. Hillhous. ''ap!. 'i. .Argot, M'ot'.. Burden, Mansor, Kichards. Title Winnert I This season's play lias ': een i'e.'t- I tared by the number of thrilling; 'tamos which have been provided in tfve meetings of division winners. Teams) In the habit of copping title vere forced to relinquish their hold i on silverware. Aberdeens won the j :'er.iiir honors. 'Jrc nway landed on i top in Intermediate "A" after play- .ng 'i games with King Kdwaid. : liiadstone has won Intel mediate "H." j The Junior championship lies bo- i 'ween Laura Secord and Strathcona. ' TRAVEL BY TRANSCONTINENTAL I Kxcursion fares dally during Pe- ceni'oer are offered by the Canadian I (Jovernment Railways over the fain- i ous Transcontinental Line to and . through Toronto 'or ail points. Adt. ' I Jim Scott, Ball I Pitcher, Promoted . '.'HTC.ViO In the list of corn mis- j fliuner officers announced hi the of- I fli-crs' trainintr camp at the I'residio. j 'iin Francis' o. was th name of Jas. ; Scott of t'hleaKo. ("apt. S'-otf form- j erly was Pitcher Scott of the Whit - i Sox stiff. He rpilt the team in mld-Heason, was accepted at the Calif r-n to camp and his title as national frniv ctiptain Is the nsult. ; Scfdt's coinmis'ion can be attrib. ; uted tn the fact that he had several j months of drilling last season under .Serst. Smiley, now n lieutenant m he regular annv. I u Montreal Hockey Referee Killed .ii .NTHI1AL, IVc. 3 rapt. pi:n- a a Campio'I. M.C.. SO Sher'orooke I West, i: .-e!i Known athie'e who cfed an refevee in numerous hockey :uat, hos. and iho was with a western cavairy unit was killed while leadir.K his men in the preat cavairy i '.'hargp at Masnirres. t'apt. Camp- I oeil was born in Montreal. For ;ome years he was manasjer of Mus- i len's Limited at Calcary. Ross Lands Kayo LETinimmtn Aim., nec. s-ai! iosa pave Al Moore, of Montana, a ! 'lean knock out at the end of the: 'ifh round in their bout here I'rt-' day niktht. The local tavorfe ha.l 'he best all the way tlvroimh. ai-thoueh the Montana man I'-uKht damply. Moore c'ropped as t'ne r -ir sounded at :!.c end of 'he fifth round ' and bad not revived when the ca.'l "o five rinc came auain. A b ft to hp Vearf and a riqht to the !aw d d fh trick. ; ' i "' I iiafjaajaaaiaM a - . HII Natural M A f Alkaline Mi 1 j Water IpEk E Bottiti EHP atthi I VICHY " Upp m ' r Not Genalne wilhont tbe word I ! iPay Tribute to ; Jimmy Hewitt j VA.Cii;VFU, B.C.. Ptc. 3 ! A memorial service In honor of the late Lieut. James T. Hewitt, honorary president of the Van-! couver I'r'ss club, wnn held Sunday afternoon, ("apt. It. J. Wllon, chaplain of the Sixth P.C.O.K., ofilciiitlnic. A clowmir tribute to the memory of the soldier Journalist was paid by the speaker and the sympathy of the chili was extended to the widow and family of a iralumt young officer. Lieut. Hewitt was formerly sporting editor of the Vancouver I'liolnce, and was killed In action Nov. 13. CHARLIE GIBSON FINISHES STRONG 10 BEATC.RDCGO Saratoga Star Takes ' 86-Pin Lead in Special 10-Game Match Finishing the first half of their i 10-nainc series with scores of 211 and 2, Charlie Gibson secured an sr. pin lead over Charlie Rocco in , their special match. The first 5 panics were rolled Saturday evening : at the Saratov.-!, alleys. Another I bumper crowd was present. ! The Veteran Rosso rolled well, I only having 3 errors, .but M splits played havoc with his first and fifth ! Karnes. lie t-liowed old time form in the second arid third panics with counts of 2.1 and 1st. Charlie 'libson sure Is a demon when he's up against it in a piy:e : contest. The Suratoua slur was ii . pins down at the end of the third , Kanie, but turned in two nice 200 counts In the last 2 Karnes, while his opponent fell to 170 and 147. 'lib-son had 5 errors and 5 splits. The remaining 5 games will be rolled at tbe Vie Tuesday afternoon. I Saturday's scores wure: Ttoico HI. 221, 19fT 1 70. 147 S7? iibson l;.".. Itl'i, r.e.i, 211, 22S !ol4 I The averam-s for the 5 iraniesj were: Koeco, 173.3; C.ibson, 11)2.4. 'AINT' NATURE mm FUL.. QcncAhcrn Did You Know? The dentists In the atone age had a novel form of anesthetic for patients who wished tusk yanked without pain. A half ton pebble was let bounce off t tie patient's cranium. Also, when playing cards In the stone age a derrick was used for Healing. If they hail the concrete mixing machine In them days It would come in very neatly for shuf- fling th- ca rd.i. I Two touchy Jobs would be to give a cactus a eoM cream massage and a porcupine- a scalp treatment. ; If the winter tills year Is like It I Has last season the natives of Ha-! wail will have to go sleighing again on serf boards and skating in bathing .suits. Ski 1 chain manufacture report sales of skid chains for side-wheel boats are unusually low this year. Boosts Herr As a Scout .Miller James Ilupglns. former manager of the Cardinals, now leader of the New York Yankees In the AniiTlein leairie. is out with a biu- boost for Fddie Herr, the scout, who inearthed several stars for the i 'an"' i na Is and was recently signed 'or ,v one year contract by the i trow ns. "The F.rowns made a ten strike when they landed Herr," said Hug-pins. "I (.-onsider him one of the best Judges of young baseball plav-. rs in the business. I was associated Ith him long enourrh nnd think I oiit-ht, to know something. I think it It: no n.ore than right that I should siv something In hts behaif." Herr signed wtth the Cardinals despite the fact that he had several flattering offers from other clubs. He b ff the employ of the Cards at the termination of his contract on Oct. 1. Fob Connery, Um other scout I for the St. Tuils Nationals in 1017, I has pone to New York with Huirgins. j Note Fddie Herr piloted the Winnipeg club to a Northern' League pennant In 1907. BASEBALL SECRETARY DEAD j CJHCACO. Dec. 3 Robert McRoy, j former secretary of the American ' league nnd later connected with the Huston American league club, is ilea, in Mllwarkee, tt was announce I Sundav. He hud been In a san-arium there since last July, whpn tie tavp i,p his duties with the Cleveland club. He will be buried In Cbicaiio. He Is survived hy a wife and one cl.1l.?. SKATER DROPS DEAD ST. JOHN. N.F.. Dec. 3-t)onid Li'iigiey. known in the Maritime I'r.n.iui's nil a fas' Rkatcr. dropped tiead la th street here on Saturday. "1 I . yry vAVVN.W . ui , USTtH Tb THIS T y 1 l'U BET YOU SCCic VT 1 5 A Canadian Soccer Players in France I irmiiirnaaaaiaiBaBnaBMMai aMilliilMasaiMaaiiiiliiiMiiiaiiiiiii i FIFTH CANADIAN FIELD 'AMBULANCE TEAM. Thia agaregation of footballera has made a great showing in Franco and England. Do you know any of the boys? JOHN L. SULLIVAN Al 59 FINDS HE HAS JUST STARTED TO LIVE Former Champ of Heavies Enjoying Life on a Farm-Beats Demon Rum If iF all the champions who have ; I ruled in the ring there is I I none who has enjoyed more 1 ' popularity than John L. Sullivan. In the eigb'Ues and early nineties was the idol of all, from the little newsboy to the staid I business man. There is a saying in sport that a man's popularity dies when he retires from active participationthat he is soon forgotten. It is not so w ;th John L. Wherever he goes he Is still hailed as one of the greatest of fighters of all erne. On October 15 he passed his tt ft y -ninth birthday, and ho stands forth as a living monument of what athletics will do for a man. Although it has been twenty-one years since he engaged in a boxing fut, he is still spry on his feet and has more energy than many men who are much younger. And this In spite of the fact tb'at John L. for a long time was a guy liver. For long be basked in the dazzling glow of the white lights and absorbed more than his share of the (lemon rum. Hut all that is passed. The veteran heavyweight champion has turned over a new bnf. He is lined up against strong drink. He Is fighting John Barleycorn, and his friends declare that he Is winning on points, with u good chance, to score a knockout. Lecturer and Farmer Just at present Sullivan is living on his farm at Abington, Mass. He's living the simple but real life with his chickens and dogs and vegetables. Hut every once in a while John goes on a lecturing tour, lecturing on the evils of drink. He says that before 1D20 he hopes to have a half million dollars, und then he will retire to his farm for all time to live in ease. "And I'm some farmer." said Sullivan. "I neier knew there was so much to barn about farming until I started to study it, and I still have a lot to learn about it. Hut I tell you I'm rapidly developing the kind of a punch that will knock out this high cost of living guy. And I'm fi-titlng hard to knock out this John Barleycorn, too. Demon Rum No Good "The demon rum is no good. I battled with him for a long time, but I broke away from him before he scored a knockout oyer me. I otly FAMOUS B1XING ! REFEREE IS DEAD P HITJC NEW YORK, Pec. 3 Charley White, aged r 2, widely known boxing referee, died ut his home here i last night of a complication of di- I seases. White Is one of the veterans of the referee end of the boxing game and for years has been called upon to officiate champ onsblp and near championship tights. He is credited with being one of the squarest I men who ever stopped Into t!:- ring. Among the prominent fights in which White officiated as referee were: Jeff rics-Corbett. Fitzslmnions-Sharkev at Coney Island; Fitzs m- tnons-Ituhlln, Maher-Ruhlin, Wal-rott-Smlth, Walcott-West. Walcott-Creedon. Jordan-Plxon, Mc'Jovern-Frne ami K-rne-Cans In this c ity, and Young Corbett-Mo( lovern at Hartford, Conn. i The last bout of Importance r'f- 1 creed by White was ;he W'lllard- 1 Morau I1k!,1 lii Nc.v Yl rk abuit two tin a-o. ' j SSport jabs . i The make-up of the Winnipeg team lndieatis that ' Pad" 'Keller and his Framion bowlers will bo given u warm time tonight. ' There hr.s been much talk as to who should and who snould not be on j the team. We'll see what the i score sheets record, and they say hg-I ureg never lie. "Issy" Is busy trying to puzzle out which will be left otT the team, Hill lllarkness. Walter Poyle or "Tony 1 Suarez. He thinks Uoyie should ho a ii.-.lure. An exchange says rnssllng will succeed boxing in New York. And they've cut out tree lunches in New York. Hy the way, Tom lirownlee is an Irishman. We apologize, Tom. It is reported that Harry Scott had I I ' wish that 1 had broken away from him years before I dul. I would be ! worth a lot of money today if I had. 1 I'd be worth so much that i wouldn't i have to worry any more. Hut since ; finding myself I um rapidly building j up the old bankroll again. 1 am get-: ting back some of the money that I . put in'.o circulation over l ars and in I the gilded cues. 1 used to think that I would die if I couldn't bnsK in tti glare of the bright lights, but I have I found out differently. I wouldn't care j if I never saw a bright light again. I "It cost me a lot of money to trav-i el th pace I used to travel, and I am ' in a pos.tlon to tell the world that ; there's' nothing in it. I am in a po-, sitioti to talk from experience. I am not talking about something about which I know nothing. When I de-; cry the so-called gay life I am speak-,' ing as one who has been through it. Why. Miy, the pay lite Is out here in l he country, where you can breathe the good air. where the sun seems to shine brighter out among tb'c chickens, r.glit close to nature. This is the life lor me, and it's the only life 1 crave." I Like a 2-Year-Old i ! John doesn't act his age, nor rices he look it. His hair is white and his I big mustache is gray, t ut he- is as i b,g its ever and outwardly appears I to be Just us robust and siron,;. And 1 he says he Ik Is younger than ever, i "'Setting old?" said John. "Not me. I'm getting youm;. I feel, more fit i j riht now than 1 did when 1 boxed I I that three-round exhibition against 1 Tom Sharkey in New York 'way ' back in 'H6. If I had felt as good ' then as I do today 1 wouldn't bay el retired from the ring. I'm tlfty-nine, I j but 1 feel as chipper as a kid." Ho says that he is in bed every I night before ten o'clock and up with I the chickens in the morning. "That's ' what keeps me feeling eo fit," went i I on John. "Feel that m iscle." He tightened the biceps 'of his; right arm. And It is some muscle, i "That arm is just as good today as when 1 ocm Paddy it) an at Missis-; aippi City in 1 and w on the chain- j pionsliip. I don't notice any change i in it, and 1 don't beiieve there is any change in it." I Would Surprise Old-Timera j If com" of tbe old-timers who used to travel in Sullivan's wake through the (Jay White Way could come back from across the Great Pivide thvy would scarcely believe that the Sul- . llvan of today, whose strongest drink is Ice-cream soda, Is the same who was wont to stand at a bar and invite all present to drink with him. It. is hard to imagine that this same Sullivan spent a- fortune seeking what Ire thought was pleasure. Now John L. finds his greatest pleasure out In the open, feeding his chickens, or tramping around the countryside with his dogs or lulling on the porch of his iKune gazing for hours at a time at the sun dancing Irotn out a clear sky. That's John L. of today. How (iiflerent from the John U of yesterday! lie's found that it's possible to live the simple life und still be popular. If he could only have found that out when he was at the zenith of his career! If he could only have mndo the discovery before he lost the ! heavyweight championship to Jiml Corbett on September 7, 1S32, at ' New Oilenns. Ill 21 rounds! 1 "It cost me a lot to rind out how to live, but I am glad I found out before It was too late," concluded John I ' I California by the Grand Trur.k ' Pacific Paliway .Mount Kobson Skeena River route means a trip will rank among the big recollections of a life-time. Passengers are now making reservations for their winter trips especially those who will take advantage of tbe excursions to Vancouver and Victoria 1 oa U.ccubtr 2nd. to Sta. Advt. i i L his Argos. out on the river Saturday. I We wondi r if it was "Saturday." ; Only 22 more days before Christ-mas. I My, what a whale of an army ' would be on hand to bean the kaiser i ! (p -THE YNK& ARE if all the castoff New York American leugue team's managers enlisted! Full nmny a man has hist his bloom-in' luck Uy fighting when he ought to drive a truck. I G-MAN HOCKEY FOR ONTARIO: 10 BOOST JUNIORS O.H.A. Spend3 $5,000 on Victory tonds Sheriff Claxton President TORONTO, Pec. 3 The annual meeting of the Ontario Hockey association, which took place here l Saturday, was dominated by a war- time spirit. Delegates were present I from all purls of the province. ; It was decided to adept six-man hockey, as played in the professional league. Formerly-the O.H.A. was opposed to the abbreviated style, but they were all of one mind thai the system introduced by the National Hockey association was infinitely superior in every way. The same penalty system will be continued, j The amendment passed without cp- ! position. j As a war-time measure it was agreed that players residing in a town where there is no O.H.A. team may play in the nearest town or village with a population of less than 6.000. I Sheriff Claxtnn was unanimously j elected president in. seccession lo Capt. Jim Sutherland, who Is over- j seas, and the new executive mem- : hers chosen were: frank Pissette, ' Toronto; U H. Dawson. Sarnla; Frank Hyde, Woodstock; and W. A. Fry, Dunnville. A cash balance of J5.973.50 was re- , ported. Five thousand of this was applied to the Victory Loan. Tlwre will be. plenty of material for tho Intermediate and junior pinups, nut it is doubtful If there : will be a senior leagup. Only the ! Toronto I'entais were prepared to euter It. . Teg Golfer I Wins in U.S. W innipeg was represented In aolf tournament held In California re-; r. ntly by Chas. K. Pinglo. The 'Pea-- ger won first honors In a competition for the Sid Chaplin cup which was 'Hinged on the m.nlolpal links. Los Angeles. Seventy -live contested the event. Dingle made the round in SO, which was the eighth lowest score registered. He had a handicap which gave him a margin of four points over his closest rival. TOMMY WRIGHT ANXIOUS TO PLAY m AMATEURS Noted Billiard Star Asserts He's an Amateur Would Help Red Cross Tommy Wright, the well-known English billiard expert, thinks he has a grievance against tho local amateur Illlliard association. He complains that he applied for permission to play on one of the league teams and was refused. He considers that because he has not been employed In the billiard business for three years that lie Is entitled to play as an amateur. No. Tommy, you are wrong. You are still a "pro." and you should apply for reinstatement. Make your application to the Milliards Control cluh, througrh the local association, und there Is no doubt It will be granted. Wright. In his communication, offers to play any amateur In Winnipeg MO or 700 point match game, but specifics crystalate balls. There is no rule that prevents an amateur and professional meeting In a match, provided It Is not for n money stake, and undoubtedly the local association would sanction such a game, especially If, as Wright suggests, it were played for the benefit of some patriotic fund. Wright's Letter Here Is "Wright's letter: Tribune Sports Kditor: "I have bern watching the reports of the dif ferent Knglish billiard matches that have taken place Just V'ely In Winnipeg. I applied to the secretary of the Amateur Kngllsh Milliard league to compete in one of the teams al-rendv playing in the league, but was, refused. "As the games are being plaved under the Hilllard Control club rules. I think I am In order hy offering to play any amateur Knglish bllllaid player in the city. 1 am not a prri-fesslonal, us I have, not worked In any billiard room 'for over three years. "I will rlay a match with any of these gentlemen, providing they play with crystalate balls. The game to he 600 or 700 points. If agreeable a collection will bo taken in aid of the Red Cross fund. j "I might say that I' am the onlv I man In Winnipeg that heat Arnold Ibbotson, tlie ehamp'on of Canada, but that was about four venrs ago. "TOMMY WRKiHT." 692 Scores Win Coca Cola Prize Joe Smith and Hob Haird are I among the bowlers having plenty of Cocoa Cola to drink. These ten pin i spillers won the competitions at the Mtag and Victoria alleys, respective- iy. It Is rather remarkable that these i trundlers won at their alleys with ! the same score, 692. I Hipfel led at the Stag until 11 p.m. Katurdaj-. Young: Smith then came along; and put over a surprise. Smith and Haird each won a case of Coca Cola. Weston to Have Hockey Teams j With the view to entering the new Junior and Juvenile Hockey league, an organization meeting will be held in the basement of Sparling church, ' Thursday evening at 8 p.m. j All boys living In the district and Interested in hockey under the age' ! of 20 years will kindly be on hand. ' Any adults wishing to attach themselves to the club and wishing to help I the hoys, are asked to attend this meeting, or get In touch with Alex. ; Thompson, as it is the desire to have a good management committee In i i order to make the club a success. Argo. Hockey Boys Enjoy Practice Manager Harry Scott had a number of his Argonaut hockey players out to practice Saturday on the As- j sinlhoine river. This workout marks the Initial practice for local puck-chasers this season. The boys wl'I hold Indoor practices until the Ice at , Winnipeg; rink Is ready. j A meeting of the club will be held In McKinley's store Tuesday evening at S o'clock. President Billy Flnlay will outline the winter's plans. POSTPONE BOWLING GAMES Onmes hilled for tonight In the Cluh Bowling League have been postponed owing to the alleys being used by the Telegraph match players. TESSLER BROS., LTD. I High-Class Tailors ' S37 NOTRE DAME AVE. Three Doon Wrt of tVlnnlprf Theatre A MESSAGE TO MLN Don't tak any chance and aufTer unnecessary pain. Dor Scven-Pay Core hr Men lll bring lntnt r!lf nd complete ' i.sfHction. Prlo tt. romplcle DUNLOP DRUG CO. tin Main St. 263 l'art( At. Mall orders promptly IllUd ' i Why Wear Readymade ? w hnve thbusands of yards of Imported woollens bought at a price ' 60 to 757c under presont market value. A Rreat many of these line I! ran t be duplicated at any price. Winnipeg's best dressed citizens are i' our steady customers. Why not you? 1 1 SUIT or OVERCOAT $OC jj Made on the Premises by Expert Tailors Mai I J. NORR1S; Next to Orpheum Jj ! Sprague Cleghorn Breaks Leg, Likely Through With Hockey MUNTREAL HOCKEY STAR BREAKS LEG SPRAGUE CLEGHORN This famous hockey player has met with ano'her accident and it in I a Montreal hospital with a broken . leq. Cleghorn suffered hit injury by slipping on the side walk. He it one! of the greatest puck chasers in the i game and is one of the most unfor- I tunate, suffering many accidents. I 'PEG VS. BRANDON TONIGHT The Western Canada Telegraph Rowling tournament gets uiulerway this evening when Winnipeg opposes Brandon. The' local men will roll at I the Club alleys. Fans wiil be uble to keep tab on the progress being made by the 2 teams as the scores will be wired at I the end of the Illth nnd tenth frames. Three games will be rolled. Winnipeg will be represented by a strong aggregation of pin spillers. Charlie (Jibson will pilot the 'I'eg-gers. The local team will be given plenty of competition ty rolling against a strong second squad. It is expected that a largo crowd will visit the. W'iiiiipeg Billiard and Howling club tonight. Arrangements have been made to seat the fans. A small charge will ha made, the. money to go to the Christmas Cheer Fund for dependents of soldiers now ovtrwas. The teams will be: Hrandon Winnipeg Kellar Gibson Wallace Suarez McDennid Harkness Church McKean I u lid aa v Forpli; Wormian loyle CANADIAN NORTHERN TRAINS FINEST ON CONTINENT A fast, substantia! and elegant train, such as the Canadian North ern, run over a route of superior I physical excellence, i not the only alluring feature of the new route Canadian Northern service. The jlute Itse'lf possesses features of Interest In keeping with the character of the train, for if "travel is a liberal education" much of tnat education Is attained by a knowledge of the country through which one passes. The Canadian Xorthern possesses certain characteristics of scenic interest,' and has Its attractions from a tourist's point of view. While the landscape Is what might be called of a "quiet" nature It possesses qualities I that make It worth while to tho tourist. Advt. (51) i , Brilliant Montreal Player Suf-I fers Second Fracture to Limb . : OTTAWA, Dec. S It is r.ot likely that hockey fans will ever sec Sprague Cleghorn on skates again. Tho latest accident to the great hockey player, when ho broke his ' right leg has likely put him on tho '; shelf for good. There might have been a chance : for him to come back If this was his j first fracture, unfortunately lie broke his left leg pearly two years ao. ' . This left his leg weak and with both ' limbs affected H Is hardly likely that ! he will ever play pro hockey again. i The broken leg In hockey is something like the kayo .In the prize ring. The victim seldom comes back. j Sprague Cleghorn proved an excep- Hon, however, last year, but his case was rotable. (in January 20, 1SUS, at Montreal. In tho geme between Wanders and Tarontos, Randall and Cleghorn came together near the goal and as both were travelling at a good rate of speed their momentum 'arrlod them Into the boards at the end of j the rink, where Sprague put up his j leg to ward off the Impending crash i and his ankle snapped. He was out j of the game for the rest of the winter ' and after ten months' rest attempted i to come back. , ! His early form was promising and ! once In a while he turned In tt good enough game to warrant recognition. ' Hut he never approached the grand i ' form that made him the superman 1 , ho was In 1M5 and 1916. Fortunately, the percentage of fractured skin bones in the Canadian national gamo Is much lighter than the K.O. aver- ' aire In. tho padded rlnx, otherwise hoekeylsts would be ft a premium. Hruce Stimrt practically ended his hockey career with a broken collar- I bone In 1910. The late Marty Walsh j Is an example in the opposite direction. The first year he became a pro- i fesslonal and long before he acquired j his great fame, he broke hlg leg Rt j the Soo. He recovered and played the next season. Three years later he played his best hockey, but thf matured hockey player and Sprague ('leghorn Is a young man as hockey players go ne' er regains his beat form after a serious accident. I 1 ! Old County Football Scores LONDON, Dec. 3 Below are the resu'.ts In Saturday's football game-. In the British league: London Coinnlnatlon Arsenal, 4; Ilreritfurd, 1. Crystal Palace, 3; Clapton, I. Kulham, 4; Tottenham, 3. Went Ham, 1; Cheitea, 1. (juern a Park R., 1; Mlllwall. P. Midland nnrtlon nirmfngham, 1; Noita Foil-at, t. HrH.ff.inl City, 6; Barn. 1. Crlrnnby, 1; Leicester. 1. 1 Hudderaleiil. 3; Sheffield United. '.. t.lmuln. 1 ; Hull. 8. Notts County, 2: I.eedj. 4. Sheffield Wednesday, 3; Hralford, I . I.anrahirft Neellon Ulackhurn, 1; Liverpool, C. Hiackpool, 6; Hurnley, 1. Holtiin, 1; Stockport, I. Kverton, 7; Hury, 1, Munchinter city. 5; Southport, 6. Hur:em, H.lhani, 0. Preston. 0; Manchester United, 0. lluchdale, 0; Stoke, 0. NeottNh League Morton, 1; Celtic, 1. Kilmirnork. 4; Hamilton, 3. KanKera, 2; hutnharti n, 1 Third I anrk,' 0; Panh-k, 1. riydeliank, 3; (.lueen'a Park, C.' Hliiernlan, 3; St. Mlrren, 1. civile, S; Heart, 0. Motherwell, : Ayr, 1. KulkJrk, 4; Alrdrlc, 3. I , jf!' !! There :s ascertain j About a Knitted Muffler jj. ! that adds greatly 'jjiil to aman's winter costume. j;;!' ill We are specially featuring ' Knitted Silk Mufflers !; ij jj With fringed ends. jji Also Knitted Wool Mufflers. ( !;!,; ;! I in six different shades. 1 $1.50,. $12.00 jf J 291 PORTAGE AVE. j'iji

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