The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 26, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, July 26, 1947
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT N1TliraOAt>^T> s\tx t.r/^r»'ra»,t am An-.*-* »_. _ _ ^^ ^••^B W W ^^^ VOL. XLIV—NO. 120 BlythevUle Dallj Newt BlythcvWe Courier Hlylheville Herald Mississippi Valley l>wder THE DOMINAr?TJ.iEWBPAP^ OK NORTHKABT ARKANBABAND BOOTHKA8T MISSOURI Hl.YTllKVII.U-:, AUKANSAS, SATUKIMY, JULY 2(>, 1<)I7 4 Captured Here Linked to $3,500 Memphis Theft Two Also Identified As Pair in West Memphis Hold-Up Wednesday Members of the Memphis and West Memphis Police Department arrived here this afternoon to question four Long Beach, Cnlif.. men in con- Miss Lois .limes, an employee of the Darling Sliop in Memphis, today icU-Mlifi,-,l Hoj- l,ee Wilson as the man who snatched (he money l )i)B containing; srifiOS from hei while she was pri'iiarlng to de.posU the money in the Union Planters Bank in Memphis Kai- unley night. She also identified Milton Hodge as the one who helrt (he B un on her while his companion was taking flic money Girls Show Ability In Dress Designing SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS ncclion with a daring $3500 robbery in downtown Memphis alter two of the miai'let were identified yesterday as the men who held n]> and robbed a 'West Memphis taxi driver an-] liis passenger there Wednesday niglit. He-ports of the Memphis robbery .said the men involved escaped on a large green sedan bearing yellow and fciack license plates. At the time of their arrest, the four were driving a green Lincoln Zephyr sedan with California plates, which are orange and black. Two of the men, Roy L. Wi'son. 25, nnd Robert Wilson. 24, brothers who -said Ihey were natives of Parkin, (Ark., were -identified yesterday by cab driver Cecil Briggs and IY-S passenger, GitoiJ'e M, Washington, both of West Memphis, as (lie men. who robbed •them of $5!) Wednesday night a West Memphis. The ether two. Milton Hodge. 22, and P. M. Hedge, 30, originally of Blvlhcville. are being held for invest:gabion, of these and other crimes, officers said. Robert Wilson was identified •hen; by Mi\ 'Washington. Mr. Cecil Briggs and C. E. Briggs. owner of the cab company. The cab owner .said he was acting/ as dispatcher Wednesday night, and assigned Cecil IBriggs' cab to drive Wilson when be ordered a taxi at the cab stand. Roy Wilson was identified by a group of persons who were present at tile cab stand when they ordered the taxi. A picture was sent to West Memphis and idcny- fication was made from it. Mr. Briggs stated that he and Mr. Washington, who is an employee of west Memphis Tran.Vor- tation Company, picked the Wilson brothers up at Briggs Cab Co stand in West Memphis abo.ut 9:15, Wednesday night. He said the Uo men told him to drive them to -,i Broadway street address about six blocks from the cab stand. Upon arrival at the number, one ol the men covered them with a gun while the other took their billfolds ana change purses. Mr. Briggs said. He stated that the men ordered them to gel out of the cab, a 1946 Plymouth sedan, and llitt when- he opened the door the dome llglu flashed on and that he got a coed Klimpse of the robbers. After They were robbed, the men ordered them to start walking in the opposite ai- rection, Briggs stated. The robbers then turned and flcrt to waiting c,r. which was n<scribed by Mr. Washington ;is l'ie- ing "similar" to the one that tnc four men arrested here were di lying. The four were arrested on No.-tl; Highway 61 near the city liniis early yesterday morning by BaV-c Policemen c. E. Montgomay E :rl A. E. Ciironlstcr. Montgomery raid lie received his first tip on ih c four men Sunday night from Men.i-his officers staling that they were possibly headed for BIythcvillc. Lafv that night, he iairi, he receives "u call from West Memphis officers that a green Lincoln sedan wa. reported parked in front of Diva's Tavern on Highway 61 near i'ls junction with Highway G3 and tlvii the driver's actions (were .suspicious. The ear carrying, the four mcr was spotted in BIythcvillc Thursday night and it was learned at that lime the men were registered at the Pcabody Hotel on East Mat Street here, Montgomery slated The two state officers went to the liotcl and found Roy L. Wilson in bed. They later found Robert Wilson and Milton Hodge on Mair Street near the hotel and F M Hodge driving the car on Norlh Highway 61 near the city limits. All four of the men gave their homes as Long Beach, Calif., but it was later learned that the Hodg< brothci?. for a number of years resided in BIythcvillc. The Wilson brothers were born in Parkin, Ark the police re|»rted. Two .38 caliber pistols, a supply of ammunition, and a quantity of keys, believed to be keys to lock boxes or desks, were found in the car and the hotel room at the time of ihe arrest. Courier Ncus I'lwto Winners of the style drew contest which was held at. tic 4-H Club Dally at Walker Park Wednesday are from left to to right: Freda I-inclier of Lost (jane, lirst place; Dixie Sutton of Promised Land, second place; and Joyce Lute of Lost Cane, third place. To Push Probe ^Students Of Lincoln's Life Busy ; Secrets Of Hughes Affair Brewster Says Political Pressure Cannot Stop Inquiry By ANN HICKS (United Press Staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON, July 2(i. (UP) — hainnan Owen Brcwster of the Senate War Investigating Committee declared- today that neither 'polilical pressure" nor exaggerated "sex tingles" would prevent an inquiry Monday into Howard Hughes' S40.080.0CO worth of wartime plane contracts. The Maine Republican charged that reports thai Hughes provided flight <r club dinners t and !$10U-u- nighl party girls for Interior Secretary J. A. King and other government bigwigs were' part of "smeai campau-n to divert, public attention from the ical issue " "What we want to find out.' said Brcwster. "is how 540,000,000 worth of the taxpayers' money was spent under the plane contracts given to Hughes. All kinds of political pressure has been brought to stop this investigation. Bu* it's going ahead next week on schedule." Senate investigators want know why the government paid Hughes lor n plywood cargo plane and some photographic planes that reputedly never were delivered. Hughes maintains som were turned over to forces. Brcwslcr's statement disclosure that John w. Mevcr. publicist for Hughes, had revealed the West Coast plancmakcr's entertainment expenses at a secret session or a Senate Subcommittee. Meyer named Krug, Klliott Roosevelt and Gov. Moil C. Waltgren of Washington among (he honor guests at parties for which his boss paid the bills King replied i hat Meyer's expense accounts were "a swindle of the grossest kind." He said his personal records would "indicate Ihe mendacity of Ilic accounts." Wallgren. a close personal friend of President Truman and Chairman of a Senate Avi.ition subcommittee during the was-, admitted having attended- some of liimlics' parties at whrc^i (here were "many beautiful women present." But he insisted (here was "nothing wrong" with the affairs. Source of growth in a tree .. the leaves. Every particCe of food must be prepared in Ihe "slnrfl factory" ol a green leaf, of them the air Dying Words May Save Life Of Negro TUCKER PTilEON FARM. Ark.. July 26. fUPi—A condemned Negro j-ciith is alive today, following WILLIAMS < (United Tress Staff Corresponder;li WASHINGTON, July '20. (UP- — The long-secret papers of Abr.x.itnn Lincoln — opened to the piibli-; (he first time today —'.os- cd new evidence of hls'"patient attempts" to avoid war between Lie states- Lincoln scholars, nfler a mitl- iiiRhl lo noon appraisal of the 18.350 papers in the collection WOM "unanimously enthusiastic" over the content. They called the collcclion "rich In the details of- the 'military, political and personal aspects of Lincoln's administration." Until today the collection, deposited in the Library of Congress In 1929,. ha<l-Ji<^n^oclif{l-,un m PJ cord with trie ^vlll of 'the' dlvir'war President's son. the lale Robert Todd Lincoln. The son hart stipulated dial Hie collection b c kepi, from all'eyes — save those of an indexing experf until 21 years after his death. A first study of the items failed to yield any information which would "require any considerable revision of written history." the Library of Congress reported on the basis of the combined appraisal of . experts. i "Rather," the statement contin- 1 ' lied, "the collcclion provides much needed amplification, claiifieiillou and explanation of passages I history which have hitherto been but imperfectly known." The experts said they foi|ul nothing bearing oti Lincoln's courtship of Ann llutlerige, whose death Unvaried their plans to be married. Thc collection also failed to yield any new clues to the assassination plot against Mr. Lincoln, or lo end the recurrent speculation over his lci;ilimacy and lhat of his mother. Nancy Hanks Lincoln. One export called attention to Mr. Lincoln's "patient attempts lo avoid the conflict (Civil War)." "Hi.s repeated ammendmcnts of his first inaugural address snow hifi willingness to make concessions ralhcr than Incur the horrors of a civil War," the export commented. Experts agreed that the papers, including nearly 1,000 items written in the martyred (-.resident's hand, "throw much light upon the conditions under which Lincoln worked, the forces lo which he wa.s exposed and the manner in which he reacted lo a'.id handled the situations in which he was placed." "No skeletons are brought out of (he closet." the scholars said. "The very complexity of the cor- ic.snondcncc, the variety of :he persons and the minuteness of 'hi: dctailr in which the President wns concerned, show him as one who had.lils fiiiRcr continuously on the pulse or opinion and affairs a* ft-.v other men might have done," the statement said. One historian expressed surp,v-:e over "the amount of pre-Preslden- tial material and date on Illintv; Is impossible to make a final appraisal of the find a I this time." his reprieve yesterday by Governor F)rn Laney when the youth — in what he supposed were his djing politics, showing that Lincoln loo;: words—Implicated another Negro in a major part of his Springfield a fix-month old nnsdlvcd Little (111.) file to Washington." Reck murder. Tilc experts emphasized lhat It •Warden Lee Henslce of Tucker ' Fri.<iOn Farm said 24-year-old Cubic Lee Johnson told him one minute before the scheduled rx- ecul-icn at dawn yesterday, thai a Negro named Ira 7ieU was connected with the unsolved irairclc". Johnson claimed he \vnn-trd "to leave the world with a o'car conscience." iBell. at present rioins time at Cummins Prison Farm, vic,orr,u<.ly dcnicd responsibility for the bludgeon slaying January 24 of 57 year old Percy Wal'arc Hi!! of St. Louis in a Litlle Rock railroad depot. Jchnscn says (Bell admitted the killing to him when they were both bran? held in rcunlv jail. Little -Rock Dcte:fivc Chief C. O. Fink and other officials will come Pii'aski county lo Tucker today to question the two Negroes. Sanders Rites Held Funeral services were held this allcrnoon. 1 o'clock, for Carl Sanders, infant son of Mr. and Mr-.. \V. J Sanders of Arniorel. Buiial was at Memorial Park. He is survived by his parents and several brothers and sisters. Holt Funeral Home was In charge. Mercury Rise Yesterday Summer -temperatures rctirrned to Bly.lieviile yesterday as ihe mercury soared to a high of 92 degrees, accordins lo Robert E, Blaylock. offioial weather observer. Rail V/orkers In Agreement Arbitration Board To Make Final Decision In Pay Hike CHICAGO, July 2(i. (U-P)—Thn iaUqn;,s ppncipm rMlroftdif and 17 ncn-opcr.ntlntf rail unions n^rcccl today to lei a six-imrmber nrbitra- tion ba^ni m i/c u ,gn the ^mlpn reqv £S in s-rftl-'li nt» p n^ l.Oro.CKlo members. UJol.h Kides :iRrccd lo :: stfbnr*t• *" iubilraUon last, nicht t'Ulcr all rtt- tctupts at rciu'liiiiR n» v _ lx>3Kcd Mov.'ii. Tho nRrccdicnt to an nrbltraLinn of thu unioii.s' dcniaiuls wa.s uii]](ninfctl by ih'c NsiLiona' Rjuhvay Mcdiatinn -RonixT. The mccllHtfon lio-nrcl—scl up, under ibs Hallway Labor Act—entered the tli.sputo 2i) days npn. Un a bin (o of foci an (i[?rcc.inctit. tiic bo.-ird .suggested arbitration. th-r :i;irons and t,)ic railroads accepted. Judgr Frniik P. Donghi.s. cliair- nnui of t)ic bo.-mi, snid nrbitraUon 'mrntinri.s wruld t;cr,in licrc DCS week. Kc .snid (he. coard will at- teirul <\o ihaiKi \dnwn ;L drci.sioi within 3"> days, unless its lime is extended. He s;\'n\ the bonrd's drci.sion wonlc ho binding on hoth pArLic.s. T!\r board's decision will nffee 1.GOB .ODD clfM'ks and ir^iSnlcniince \vorkccs. Tliri-i arc mornber.s of 1 AFfj, CIO nnd indr.pendrnt, union.-, whit'h liavr joined toHct.l\«r to press U:ch' pay raise rienunids. |Nacc Committee To Solve Medical Center Defaik LITI'LE ROCK, Ark., July 2f, lUPi — A six-min imint committee representing Hie boards of the Univcr.sil.y o( Arkansas. an<l the State Hospital, is expected lo Announce soon vvlien il, n-jil hei;h working out details for the stale', proposed Medical Ccnlei'. TJlc coininittee wa.s apjioinV!! yesterday nt a ineclhlH o r boll hmrds when il was decldctl to lo cate t!ie center nn Ihe State. Hospital (•rounds in little Hock. Spokesmen fir (he two cmmis said l.hal the nucleus for the center — which they descrilied as an acute treatment unit — will be i.\\i State Hospital, the Memorial Hospital, and the University of Ar!i- nasus Medical School. The committee has been authorized lo invite other hospital croups In the slate to participate in the center. And particularly, tile committee Is to invilc the Wl.-.rans Administration lo participate. 'Hie veterans Administi.ilion h.u= been looking for some lime for n site on which to locate an 8 million dollar haspilal. Dr. If. c. Chenault. University vice-preslcknt in charge or Ihe Medical School, estimated the cost or the center at close to six million dollars. A larf;e portion of this Is cxiKclcd to come from TetlcrnTald Hotel Noble Has Slight Damage In Morning Fire Flames Are Confined To One Room; Blame Spark On Awning fire helioved .sidried by i\ chlm- ncy spurk re.-ulled In henvy d;im<Rf l» n third-lloor room nnd stair•use eni-loMiie at the Hour. Noble Tins morulujr. • I''irc Chief Hoy Head snid n Cllllinicy S|v,.-k ii])paiTlllly fell OHIO Iiibrm awnings outside' the room i-iirt. faiuicd by 11 Southerly brce/.e, ignited the wooden c,n- eosure that Julted frcm the third Jloor onto a fire escape platform. 'I lie nwnliiRs hud been remove:! fter a windstorm and piled '•ahifi (he eiiclcsnre, Hotel Man- igcr Jesse Still, suld. The nu-iiinjjs and enclOFiiie-were less llun n toot f,- cn , Hlo w ,, sl window of UK, diiuxiRcd room and the fire entered the room after bnrnhiB out Hie window. The rr.oiii | tlll | „„!. | )t . en ln llsn •>'• I"e p-ist week. Mr. Stilt suld, and wa.s occupied by a hotel liouse- Kce[:er who Is on vacation, Mr. -Stilt, said. The celling nenr the window ivnd he -mattress on the bed were heavily damaged - although tlre- nicn restricted the bliiz; to lt)e loom an,| enclosure. The rocjn is located on the Suutlitvesl comer of the third fl'oor. The hotel miimiKcr said it was not ncssibio to give nn Im-incdiiite estilmate of the fire loss. •Mr. atltt ordered the hotel's lire CMVnguishcrs and hosc.s brought Into adieu and -the fire wns l:e- Ins foiiRhl f r o m the Inside when firemen arrived. 'A four-Ill now window directly shove the enclosure, which opened (into a r-iia-ll roof over the hotel kitchen. ,-iYo burned out. fl'he housekeepers room was wa- :jer damaged, ns were corridor rugs ciitsktc it. .None of the housekeeper's clothing was lorl. Three boilers Kept, fired 24 hours ii- day kci'p Ihe el\lmnev in constant use. Mr. Still said. The chimney stnicturc adjoins the damaged re-cm. Work Is to begin soon on Hie !n- btal ilion of oil healing equipment teXfwtfcwfcMhc hotel's coal-ushi(- "Ul» <Uld culminate sparks and »Cr' etltt said. Republican Congress Adjourns Today With Claims 01 Most Election Promises Fulfilled Congressional Scoreboard Of 80th Congress WAHIIINOTON, July 2(i. (Ul't—llei'e Is a bux score on the major accompllshmeiHs of the llrsl .session ol the BOlh Congress: i.uliur—The Tiift-llnrlley Liiboi Law was rnnctcd over President Trumiin's velo lo cffecl (he llrst general overhaul of Federal I-ubor Laws In 12 years. Tuves—Win lime excise lux rates were extended. l,CKtsliillon to reduce personal Income taxes was twice vetoed and both vetoes MisUlncd. l<'nrelKn rollcy—A hl-parllsun Congirsslonnl bloc enacted a $400,000,1100 program of uld lo Greece nnd Turkey to check the spread of Communism and iipimivod a ijcncriil (orclKii relief prni;rAi» In siwnd $350,000.000. Kuiltd—(Jonmess approved u budget lor fiscal 1048 .lomcwhat reduced from President Trumnn'.s budgcl requests. Armed .Services—The Armed Forces! were lilted Into n "uninrntlon" pliin under u single cabinet secretary nnd wllh sepnmlo departments of the Army. Navy and Air Porco. I'rt-sldi-iHiiil Tnmic—Congress npprnvcd n .Jonslitutlonal amendment limiting future Presidents! lo two four-ycnr terms of office. It would not direct Mr. Trmimn. The i.uiciidrnenl has been ratified by Ifl of the 36 slides needed lo put It inlo eflcct. ['residential Sur< c.ssloii—Congress passed n mcnsurc mnklng the Speaker of the House nexl-tn-llne to the Vlce-1'resident. If miy, for the ['residency. The line of descent noes next to the President Pro Tern of the .Semite, thence through Uie cabinet. I'orliil I'ay—Coiiuresis pnssed k-glsliilion outlawing portnl-to-i*irtnl pay claims. War Controls—Mnny win- controls were allowed lo expire. CoiiKrcss provided only for selective extensions of still deemed cssentldl; rent controls were extended lo Feb. 21). loin, with a provision for "vol- imtnry" 15 per cnnl rent Incrcnscd In lenses extending through 1848. Unllnlslied business, deterred until next session: Another try nl reducing personal Income tuxes. A decision on Universal Mllltnry Triilnliii;. Pedernl uld for educnllon, henllh nnd medleiil services. Legislation to forbid the assessment of poll laxc.s In elections' Involv- Lni; candidates for Federal office.;. A bill lo forbid discrimination In employment because of race, religion, color or natlonill origin or anrc'.try. A decision on wlmt—If iinythlni$—the Federnl Clovcnm'eiit should do In the housing Held. Lct!lsln(lon lo raise the present 40-<:itnl. nilnlmum wage to 60 or B5 cents. A decision on what—If nnylhliiu—should be done to Implement the Mai'.shull Plan to aid In the reconstruction of Europe. Hold Alleged Check Forger Under Bond n. W. Priest, of lilyHicvillc noiitc One. toriiiy waived preliminary hearing on two coums of forgery and uttering and was ordered held under $2000 Imnd to await action by Circuit Court Priest, was arrested Thursday by Depuly Sheriff Holland Aik.-n' anil was charged with Ihe forging and passing of 10 checks ranging from tin to $6G over a two-month period. The cheeks were drawn on Armorcl and 40 and R planter:;. Thc checks were cashed -it Severn! business establishments in Blythevillc. and Priest wns Identified by several of Hie person:, cashing the checks as rielug the one who presented I hem lo be cashed, police reported Low Bl'CCS. diirini? last niglu 73 Mays Asks ^or Time WASHINGTON. July 26. (UP>- Formcr congressman Andrew J. Ma.y and the Ga.sscn brothers, each sentenced to eight months lo two years imprisonment, today sought an extension to Nov. 17 to appeal their conviction on war fraud and bribery charges. President Signs Bill Permitting Vets Cosh Bonds WASHINGTON. July 20. (UP) — President Truman today signed into law the bin pcrmittiiiK veterans lo cash their Terminal Leave Pay Bends any -time after Sept. 1. A':oul 9.COO.C03 veterans hold n round $1.era,000,00(1 of the bonds T,h'_ -President strongly urcrd the veterans to keep their bonds "if they do not absolutely need to cash them now." 7Tc raid in -statement .that the general Inflationary pressures would revive substantial boost" if a larcc proportion of the leave bonds shou'.d be cashed in the near future. When the bonds were issued they WC-TC cashable only after five years frcm the date of a veteran'. 1 discharge. IThcy twcrc to draw 2-1 2 per cent annual interest dun that time. Under the jicw law. a veteran may hold his bonds for Ihc full five ••cars or any part of it and collect interest for that period if he desires. Or he .may. at any time alter Sept. I, cash a'l or part of his bonds at a bank, in the .same m-inner he would cash a government savings bond, for face value plus accrued interest. Mr. Truman originally oppnset Ihc legislation. Rut he signed the bill after it went through Congress without a dissenting vote. Weather ARKANSAS — Pn.vlly cloudy, tfl- day, tunlrjil and El..1.lay Kc-t .j i_. much change hi Quakes Reported NEW YORK, July 26. (UPI—Two sharp earthquakes about 4.000 miles away, possibly in Pent, were registered yesterday on ihe Fordham University Seismograph. The first came al 3:18.38 p.m. EOT and the second at 3:26.-13. A slight secondary reverberation was renlslored nt 11:0-1 p.m. Names Forrestal New Secretary Truman Delays Trip To Mother's Bedside To Sign Merger Bill WASHINGTON. July JO. (U.f.) — E 1 fc.sldcnl Tnmnin si|;ne:l tlie Armed Forces "Unification' bill lodny in tin muis,m! ceremony [n Ihe cabin of his airplane Just br- lore he flew to hi.s molher.s bedside in Missouri. Mr. Truninn nomlnnlcd Jiimes Forre.stjil, present Scicr'.'lnry of Nnvy. to bu the nation's first "Secretary of Defense." under ihc new law. • In that post FoiTpstnl will have, jurisdiction over the nation's en- Llrr military set u]). Under him will be separate departments of army, navy and air. Ench will be headed by a secretary, but only Porn-sin I will have cabinet I7i"k. Mr.. Triminn delayed lii.s Inke- tiff half an hour while Senule Eeeiclary Carl I/icfflcr spe:l iho hilt to National Airport or him lo sl(!n. U wns rushed to him from Capitol Hill immediately after Scnalc President Arllnir !!. Van- ^nbeiK sinned il. Mr. Truman Immedialely It-d the way up Ihe ramp Inlo the S.'cied Cow. Scaled at a table In (he plane's cabin, Mr. Trmimn sl;,',iecl the bill with six pens. Prescni al the siunini! were Ixiefflcr. Leslie L. IJiffle. director of the Senatn !;cmocratl(; 1'ollcy Committee nnd and confidante of Ihe President, and Harry c; linrke, Senate clcik for enrolled bills. Willie waiting for Hip bill to arrive at the airport. Mr. Truman alternately talked nriimaled'y willi members of Ills parly or stood Bravely silent. Misses Srite And Hogan To Open Accessory Shop Miss Mablc llo-san nnrl Miss Je.wle Sritc today announced that they will open a women's accessory shop A"B- 1 In the llmcl Noble building. Called "The Accessory Shop,"; the new firm will be located al the Northeast corner of the Hotel Nobtc building. The shop will handle all types' of accessories bill no suits dresses 1 or coats. Miss Hoqan said! A display counter will b c set un In the lobby of the holcl. she snul. Thc shop location has been com-| plclcly remodeled and redecorated and a hardwood floor has been laid. A formal opening will be held Aug. 1 for inspection purposes. Miss Hogan said, and sails will slart Aug. 2. Thc shop will bo managed by Miss Sritc, who has been ••. buyer and head of the -ready-to-wear department of Joe Isaacs, Inc.. for the past 20 years. Miss Hogan said she woull retain her position with Ihe Lee Motor Sales Co. Truman Wings Toward Home As Mother Dies OHANDVIEW. Mo.. .July 'Jfl. ,UP) Mrs. MniDia Ellen Truman, mother of Ihe President, died (oday while her famous son was I'lyjtur to he r bedside. The nnnonnccincnt wa.i made at the home of Vlvlnn Truman, the President's brother. She died In her modest frame cottage here In her native Jaokson County. The President, advised of his mother's rapidly weakening condition by the family physician, Dr. Joseph w. Clrccne, had taken off from Washington In his special plane nt 10:30 n. m. OST. Mrs. Truman, whose remarkable strength hnd surprised doctors since she Iractuied her right hip In n fall In her bedroom Feb. 13, suffered a relapse July n. Since then she hnd been confined lo her bed. Her hip mended, but the Jong stay In bed during the winter nnd • early spring months had taken its loll. On May 17. word wns .'.enl i lo (he White House that she *ns , crltlcnlly 111. I The snmc day the president ftew from Washington lo begin n 12- dny vigil nt her Iwdsldc. He hit only when doctors n.ssured him Uiat Ills mother was on the mend. The decision to fly home came as Congress, putting on a final burst of speed so It can adjoirrn by nightfall, sent a flood of bills to the White < Mr. Truman was working on some of the bills when he received tile emergency call from Grnndvlew. Mr. Tnnnan planned to sign some ol the more im|iortarit measures before leaving for Gmmlview. He •rill lake other bTls with him for stndv nnd action during his sin5 in Ctrandview. Mr. Truman will fly in his four-motored plane, the Sacred Cow. Restaurant to Open Mcnday at Local Airport A restaurant at the •Blythevtllc Municipal Airport will bo officially opened Monday, it wns announced today by 'Ainport Manager Ernest HnlsoK. The restaurant, which will specialize in serving transient pilots on cross-country flights will be called the "Ply-Inn." Owned nnd opera-ted by Mrs. Marie Kc'wyck, the restaurant Is located in the building formerly used as a civilian mess hall at the Army Air Base. This building Is situated opposite Hangar No. 1. which is near the black hangar on the road to the airport from the South entrance to <thc air base properly. The restaurunt building -has been leased from the city by Mrs. Kolwyck. It Is being opened tccause of the increase In transient air traffic at the airport, Mr. Haisell said. Mrs, KoKvyck was formerly connected with Relnmiller's Cafe for two years and the Rustic Inn for four years. New Tax Bill To Greet Congress At Next Session Few Important Bills Lcfr In Hopper As Solans Leave Desks nv SANDOK s. (United Press sUff Correspondent •> WAsaiNCffON,. July 26. > (UD — The first session of the Reiipbli- can-eontrotlnl 80th Congress ad-' Jounii today . after seven- hectic mcnlhs of work and strife, Ccav- IIIB behind n record highlighted by basic. Inljor reforms and two vain ltomptK to <:nt Income-taxes. lOnty a half dozm Important measures. Including f| vp npprdpria- llons bills lor government agencies, were left on the "must" calendar. |I)ul itlicy wore in the last .stages of enactment ejid Republican fenders were confident they would be out of the -wny before the day was over. ' Spenker Joseph W. Martin, - Jr;; predicted that weary house members would lie ready to hit the va- ' J cation .(rail by 5:30 p.m. EOT. .Sen-.. ate leaders were less specific fctit. had no Kreat doir-bl that today would see the windup. " " Unfinished btmlnesK -la, the House Included a bill to extend the wool price support pregrn,m- until Dec. 31. Olhmvlsc, the house schedule wns kept flexible to sandwioh In. tho remainlnir appropriation bills' us they left the Senate or joint llousc-Scnale conferences. Oil .the other sii!e of .thcicapltol, Eciue scnnlors lioped -to- 1 squeaw In a measure to Investigate the need foi', I lie State; .'Department's "Voice of lAmtirloa' - Broadcasts" »nd a .|>rriiX)BU ctp study ImmlCTii- tjpn prol>leiiw..,liicSiidln? President Trurrmh'B- p*|con-noled -plea.-• for admission of 400,r»o Enfopenns.' The 'swan sm>gr ror'thls-||r8l : Re- .Of^cnn congress In 16 years was wrlllcii to the tune of politic,';. The sonntc was in session |»st mid- iilBiit Ipst nlgHt but Republican leaders finally called It quits' at 12:20 a.m., charging that Democrats wore obstruqllni! .propoted Inves- tldnlions solely on po!ltiD8^ grounds Only the night before the Democrats filibustered to death a • Re- rVbllcnii move to Intervene In the Wlitlcally-cxulosive vote fraud case In President Truman's native Missouri. They in turn Kaid the Republicans were motivated by politics. Meanwhile, leeislallon was . shut- tlhic; between He-use and Senate, and then to the White House, in rapid fire order. Thc latest sent lo Mr. Truman for signature, included n bill to end government control over consumer Instalment buying Nov.. 1 and one lo set quotas for |:rod«:crs In the' U. S. sugar market! in -the five years beginning Jan. i. For the weary senators and representatives, adjournment day came none too soon. fThcy had fought each other; they had occasionally fought the prcsi.denl. It. was. a lough session in 'which such critical Issues ns foreign affairs, fed- crn.l spending, taxation and -labor problems got the -major attention. There was no disputing that the Republican nrajority Irad delivered On the GOP campaign' pledge lo curb t'abor unions. The Taft-Hart- Icy labor hill, written into law o'ver a presidential velo, provided the first b:isio overhaul'of federal labor laws in 12 years. ' ' On taxes, Ihe Republican Congress twice passed, bills • to bring tax relief to 49.COO.COO -Americans. But each time, Mr! .TrunigirVJr^p.ned with a velo and each time the veto was custaincd. rrhc uncertain status or trie remaining, appropriation bills, left In cioubt the exaot box score, on the Republican economy drive. But indications were that it would end up by tritrrtling around' $3,OCO.- OOO.OCO off Mr. Trumahs' requests for appropriations. 'According to preliminary budget bureau estimates, the administration asked $34,400000,000 In,'new appropriations. Indications were it would get abcut S31500.0DO.OOO. Republicans thought they- riad :nadc a good record; ^that they had fuliried most, of their, cam-; pp.'jrn premises despite occasional presidential opposition. Democrats, on the other hand, advertised their partisan view that the GOP. fell short of its promises, particularly on the issue of governmental economies. The Republican congress - turned down far more of the legiifatlon requested by President Trurn»n than It approved. Presidential, requests which died v( ;h adjcuninvjnt liwhid- wd universal 'training, »', national health Insurance prcgi|rn, admission of displaced persons, socla IsecnrUy expansion and legislation for. int«r- American military coopemtlon. Mr. Trumanasked.'the congress ifor "effective' 1 extension of ,r*nl contrtf He signed only with re- Ivictance the Republican sponsored bill which opened Hie way to i5 Srf CONORKSS Ml T*ft 6'

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