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The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada · Page 1

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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Monday, October 31, 1898
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d J-' " i VOL. ix! WIffNITEQ, MANITOBA, MONDAY, OCTOBER 31, 1893. NO. 251. jj KILLED. A ' West Bound Special Passenger Train Derailed East of Kat Portage-Two Men Were Killed and Three Were Injured. - T Cause of the Accident Was a Broken Bail A Number of Caw Went Over an Embankment Ten or Fifteen Feet High. ' Rat Portage, Oct. 81. The marine Hi!' from Hnllfux to Vancouver was wrecked one mile east of Mnr-gacli station on the Wablgoon sec-lion. Two marines wore killed and three Injured. Their names are not known. TJio train was In charge of Conductor Dowplng, Brakesman Curry, and Engineer McGulre. Brakesman Curry wnH slightly hurt. The car In wldch tho mon wore killed was next to 'm baggngo car. Tho accident took place at 3 a. in., and Is a bad ono. Six coaches wore knocked Into k'uidlinj wood, and how the accident happened is not known. ANOTHER ACCOUNT. Rat Portage, Oct. SI. The most serious nccldent tlmt hns yet ocurred oil the AVnblgoon wction of the C. I'. R. hapis-m-d tills morning nt 2 o'clock, about eleven miles east of liere, to tlio train carrying a body of marine! nnd men of war. The train left tlie track when going a-high rate of speed, smashing one of the coaches containing; about 50 men Into kindling wood, killing two men and injuring four other, severely. A wrecking train with Doctors Ounn and MaoDonn, of Rut Portage on board, wn on the ground liofore 3 o'clock. The doctors attended to the injured. Conductor 'Downing and one brakeman wero In tlio car which met with the worst usage. Downing etcaiHMl with n severe shaking, but the lirakeman was badly cut aliout the bend, necessitating stitching the wound. Tlio first liaggago car left the track, pulling the tender with the rnglno off, wrecking the whole train, except a loeper which reiiuilned on the rails, i Tho officers wero hi tlio sleeper. No raiiso Is given for the accident. Tlio track Is expected to be cleared alioiit 8 p.m. C.I'. lis STATEMENT. T!u following statement Is furtilsh-1 liy tli" C. 1. It., and may bs taken as official ; At 1:30 this morning, while west-txjuiul sisilal piuwengcr train with r.ritixh government sailors and marines, was passing a point 1 1-2 iiill wt-t of Margocli (si coaJ station cast 1 of Rat l'ortngo) tlio tciuk-r of engine, itwo Imggago curs and four Colonist cars wer dcniOed. T'm engine with .tho exception of rear driving wlieebl remained on track. The tender, two NiKu..g' cars and tlir colonist car meat over the oiiilsiiikmont, which Is ID or 13 foot high Mid were considerably damaged. Tho fourth colonist car left the. rails but reiiuilned upright on I'm tl'. Commissary car and sIioist na rear end were not 'derailed, Frank Jllockney and William .Miller, lsjs from training ship "Aglnwurt," (hat-ham, Eng., were klllisl; Samuel Hnrrl-in. stoker, from Pillnbiirgh, and Thos. Burn, ordinary wninnn, lnJun-0, also a innii named Nanus 1 Smith from I'mv. la.uuvllle, Que., who was tsirrowlng a rhle. having got on train !twern Vs. two lioggng ' car at Ilnwk I.nke. lie bad his rliiht nrm broken. A train of uvicV- to rvptacn tliose dainni;ed ;was started from Winnipeg wtrly this Morning, passenger nnl IsiKRngo vr' now llng traiifiTrml. and will fach the city this evel.lng. The Injured men wero attended by their own ilis lor, who was on the train, and other mistical help wn Immod'iiloly wnt from Rat Portage. Tho rnuo of tho acolilent wan a broken rail. Tlio track nt this point U laid with heavy 7J-II. Kt.l nnd luirf Anglo bars Cov.Tlug three tie. C. P. It. DO(TK LEAVE. Dr. iurut. tho C. P. It. company doctor at Kat IMrtag". was In tls. city til ni'TiiIng and left by tho iMiipty each. V hlrh were sent to -placo the damn gd ones. . Many startling and varied nr-r'Sint lit ln clrciilatwl In tho Oily. It wn n-)M,rt-l thin morning that eighty marlii' were killed nnd 'a imvny more Injun!. Tlwi C. P. It. nfflc-I iU, In ansvver to HtnUnim-nU alsmt t'w roiid Nil It I nil that It -honld And It l In a IKVmllo an hour xmdltion Tls-y ato totally at l to eijilnln why tlio rail should wk. TO CI'RK A COM) IN ONH DAT. Thx Omura Promo gntiitiMi Tsv llot All ilnigKlst nund th mom j It it Uii Vu ur. Stt. J ' . a tlmy say; It was put down tol very long ago. Tlie train will arrive between 17 and 18 o'clock, a fow. minutes alien d of tlio regular westbound express. A WALK-OVER. Haultatn's Opponent Has Thrown Up the Sponge In Macleod Constituency. Regina, Oct. 31 Word has Juft been received tlmt Cox, Haultaln's oj-pouent In Jlncloo.l, ilias thrown up the sixmge and Uiere will be no conteKt In Macleoil. A CITIZEN STORY. Statement that Mr. Slfton Is to be Hade Lt. Governor of Manitoba is Not Credited. Ottawa, Oct. 81. Tlio Citizen Fays this morning that non. Clifford Slfton Is to ls madoLt.-OQvernorof Man-tolm. TJio story Is not credited here. PREMIER'S CONTRADICTION. Ottawa, Oct. .11. Tlio Premier wns won In regard to tlio statement In tho Citiien ntsnit Mr. Slfton nnd the Lieut.-Oovernorshlp, nnd replied, "You may say that there is not oven n. shadow of truth In tho above statement, Mr. Slfton Is too good a mnn and too offlclent n minister of tho Interior to iliKpeiwo with .'Is ser-tvioed." BOUNDARY COUNTRY. Dan. Mann Believes the New Line of Railway Will Open Up an Immense Territory. Montrenl, Oct. fll.-Dnn Mann lins returned from British Columbia. To a reporter ho said on the construction of tho Bounilary exton-don of tho Crow's Netit Pass road, a distance from liobson to Midway, 1X) miles, tho difficulties worn very great. Capital, energy and 4,X0 lalHrer working nil summer have overcome It. A good deal of track It nl ready down. Mr. Maun stntm that the entire work will 1st Unbilled hy May. He believes nn enormous traffic will Imi nt onco Available, as tho mines 111 the Ilound-nr ycoimtry nro turning out exceedingly well. S1I1TALUTA FIRE. A Loss of$7,000-A. P. Manson's Dry Goods Store Completely Destroyed. WolM'ley, Oct. 31 A. P. Malisons dryiroods -tore, Slntalut-i, ns burned" tlit morning. lss $7,MIH; Insiir-nnce $2,HlO. ANOTHER REPORT. Slntabita. Oct. ai. A. P. Malison's general utoro at tids point was burned to tho ground nt H o'clock last night. The low U nlsmt fl,(HH), In-eluillng !fl.r,lM) hi rash. Iiihuthiioo In the t.'mi-n's lusmrnnco compiiny Is for !f.'t,ril)(. Tlio fire was eause.1 by n lamp explosion In the rooms alsivo the rtor. NEW YORK ELECTIONS. The Democrat Now Has A Load In tho Placo Tor the Governorship. . Now York, on at. - The Ii.-rahl viwtiTdnv publlslwil reports from all parts of' New York Mate on Hio n-tltlng H,ltlinl cainwilnii now In prot;ns. Afur Acnn'ful n-vlow nt in.'-, n.jx.rl.. the lb-mid .v that It has i lnwltnllon in saying tlmt JmUjo Van Wyrk. D.m-rnl. now hn n lai over Tlniulore INswvelt. Ur-ihlhflM. In t'i rnc. for tho Kover-norhlp. that the V tli-lnlure of tlm state of New Vork will U hii'uhll'aii nnd that a l:ojtitl!rnu stirno.; ti l .bvnrd Murphy will U itit W tho fnltisl StnUw m-nste. Tlio lh-rald la roiniortlon with m veral other ell known and rllAblo newnjKvjxT. nj'iicnlivnssml oory eoniiP l"nftl i.I trlct In tls'17 nltol States ami .tstr tliat t's ti t r.nlt is? tho rnipltntlon 4 all this Information shown that tho unit fiiltl Stnfc oongif will ) Itisibllcflti from 1. t as HinorHr and tl l'nitsl HUV nslo will lUisiMlean trr a rory narrow major- ' ' ,i i . ! ill C. P. R. STATION DESTROYED. Holmfteld, Man., Ort- .Sl.-Tt C.P.R. station was burned down Saturday morning at 2 o'clock. The rau of lire Is a mystery as tltore was no sign of fire Inside before the fire was VooverPi. Mr. FiNhor and family lost some of Uulr offets and the agent was bruised by falling. PROTEST. CollKirne, Ont., Oct. SO.-The trial of the protesrt against J. R. Douglas, I.llsiral inemlior for East Northumberland, whore ho dilented Dr. Wlll-ougliby, was op!iied on Saturday afternoon. Douglas' majority was 480. OFFICIAL RETURNS. Perco, Quo., Oct. 31. The returning officer's official dec la rt Ion of the result of voting on the plebiscite, which did not take place until Oct. 13 In (.inspe, shows: For prohibition M, n gainst, 1,357; majority against 1,204. SPECIAL CABLE. Toronto, Oct. 31. A special cable to the Evening TWegrnm from London, says: The Times to-lny publishes the coiTospiiiulPiiCe that recently panned between the managing committee o the Navy League here ami the Toronto branch, also a letter from Secretary Wlrkham, 6t Toronto, to the secretary hero. MINTO'S AMBITION. Surely this Will Outrage the Lip-Loyal Politicians He Wants to be Friendly With the States. Toronto, Oct. .H.-Tho Glolie's London sjecliil nays.: It would appear that Lord Mlnto's chief ambition as Govornor-Gonerni of Camilla Is to bo Instrumental In the furtherance of the Aniglo-Anierlcan alliance. At tho old Etonians dinner to himself, Cnr-tou and Bishop Wolhlon, he dwelt upon tho pnlhilltloi of closer relations betwn the two countries and said: "It wjll bo my earnettt endeavor to beir my share In tho guidance nnd furtltornnco of tlio-e great possibilities and Interesto." MADRID IS ANXIOUS. Spain Will Resist Any Infringement or Her Rights In the Philippines. London, Oct. 81. TJio Madrid cor-rcsiHuiik'nt of the Standard says: "Tls-re is mnrli anxiety In Madrid as to tho result nt Monday's Joint sitting of tlio jsvico commission. Inasmuch as Spain only accepted llie protocol conditionally, on a sulwe quen t agroemeiit lielng arrived at on tlie Phillppino (piestlon.she will strn-uoiisly resist any InfrlngoiiK'nt of lier rluhts In tho rhllljiplie'S without rom-tonsjatlon. ACAINST DIVORCE. The Strong Vlows Entertained by Her Majesty-Judicial Separation Another Thing. Iondoii, Oct. fll. The Queen has again takiii a stand ugniiist divorce ary country are turning out exceed-UovjiMX'r, mainly nlsuit sile,xa vs; "Tlie Q il en Intiiii.i tis the prolioulli meat on t!s jwirt of prolate might have tx-ti written In stronger terms, us she Is totally averse to divorce under nny rlrruiiit.'inc. Sho In willing t admit that In no ln-ti t utluii r- tlsT nsre people wronged than III liiarrlago. nevert'ielexs, lier belief Is that an Infinitely more Mitlffartory s tn to would nrlno were inarrliiKe made linliMMilvahle, Uitli by church liml si l to. The (Ju.fll iiiIiIh that mIik lias no objection to a Jnilicial tm pa ration, lier strong disapproval of dlvorcn bi llig duo to t ie hbi'rt.v which it Imparts to divorced peoplo to marr.v lig-n In, and to t'io rt-mnrringo of illvorr-m n,pii, no mutter w l.nt the crouiiils of diMin-o, Alio Is unalterably ri ml list strongly iihmI. Tills l tlio first official expression Her Maty lias given to her tiounoil fie A DOCTOR'S CRIME. An English Jury to Make an Example of a Ulan tor Preforming an Illegal Oporatlon. L mill Hi. Oct flu. I "(inr ns'li wero; found guilty of mtirilr this wm-k and liti-li'i'd to ! bAiigs. t'ndoubv-oilly tis newt sUirtlimt of the four hth M-tit'iiiis was Hint t Dr In V-inar-li.n ho j. rfiiriiusl nn HU unl i,(n r-n. i tijuni n rlrl from Hioilli-t of wlili h she ilhsl When a few month at' ' Dr. ( ci!lln. a well known society d stor. wa wilt to irUoa for m w rnl yearn f. r a similar isfniee, th iiiI.t rhrncVi rle ll, rrlino n a lii.rrlMo oik' which iiiii"t lie rhrrkiiL ( n s of thU kind with las-omlng too fn-i's nt. A wariiliiu hint was thrown out that fulun nft.-mlers fiilght ! Vvlt with oven mnpn r- vi'M ly. So It tuns d out. Dr t niihv taso t'io rrlino wn isilr mnn-Jaiwhter. Ir. Whltnmrh' ca, was fnll-d mnr. iV-r. for which the ;'mlty i hnnir-lug. m TJll". LTI'. DR. Wltt'lllT. Ovlswa Oct .H -Ther" wn a birir" ntnHlancn nt Dr WiV'f" fun-oral t-ly. ABERDEENS' FAREWELL Attended Service at St. Andrew's In Ottawa for the Last Time. Sir Wilfrid and Madame laurier Gave a Farewell Dinner on Saturday Evening. Telegraphers on the Intercolonial Complain that They Are Poorly Paid. Ottawa, Oct. 81.-Lord and Lady Aberdeen, attended St- Andrew church yesterday morning And bado goodbye to the tongTogatkm. They were memliors of tlie ciinrch. They txk up tluJx places In front of tlie pulpit and gave u warm Klmke hands to all as they pa sued out. TELEORAH IEUS' GRIEVANCE. Tlie railway telegraphers on the Intercolonial will way have a numlior of grievances, which they Intend laying lieforo Hon. 9Tr. DJnlr, minister of railways, (irnml Master Iwell (A tlw Interim tlonal Order of Telegraphers, arrived In Jio city to-Wiy to present tlio case lor the men. Tho principal complaint of Jtho telcgrn pliers Is tlmt they are too isirly pabl. One argument for higher wages Is tlint the road was built to Julii provinces togetlior, and trjeir employees shoiihl be well paid no matter how the receipts were. A FAREWELL DINNER. Llout.-OovBriur Firgt of the Northwest Terrltjorlos, and Madame Oiuahn, Oct. Ul. Ileforo another day dawns tlw Trans-Misshwljipl and International exposition will have ceased to exist i'xcejt ill tlio memory of tho 2,r,(K),0(l() vlsitxirs wlio havu paMl through its turnstiles since May 1. Tills Is tho last (lay of the big fair nnd nil Omaha and many nelghlsirlng towns pounsl their imputation Inside tho big gate to help m.iko Omaha Day a fitting culmination of tlio great enterprise. Hy order of the mayor tho day was declared a municipal holiday. The scIwmiIh remained closed and business generally wis In a great measure KUHMuded tor tlio day 111 order that everyono might participate In the final celebratlisi. Tho trnnsportn- Forget arrived In tho city on Saturday from tho west. They ilUiod with Sir Wilfrid and Madame Lnurier on Saturday evening. Ird and Lady Aberdeen and Lidy Marjorie were present. lt was a farewell dinner given to TJietr Dxcellenclas. Other Invited guests wore Capt. Ersklne, Mr. lUvely, L. O. DnvUI and Madame David, Montreal, and Mr. Chevro, of Paris. PER SON AI Capt. II. A. 1'JUa, accountant of the Dominion government In tlio Yukon, arrived here tills morning. He re-mulns until Decendior nnd will again return to Dawson. Mji Jo r Walsh came Into town today. NOTES. Tho prohibitionist have arranged to meet tlie government on Thursday next at 8 p. m. There was a brigade church par-ado liere yesterday. Lord Aberdeen and General Mutton were In attend-(itiwe. Mr. Maxwell, M. P. for Vancouver, R. C, Is in the city on government business, lie Is accompanied by Norman Mcilsnin. Lt.-Oov. Forgot, of the Northwest Territories, nnd Madame Forget, are In tho city nnd dined with Sir Wilfrid Lnurier Saturday evening. Mr. Treadgold.t of the Financial News London, la liere on his wuy back from Klondike. He had a long Interview with Mr. Slfton Saturday tifennsni. Mr. ('. E. Oregory, barrister, of An-tigonish, N.S., is hero to nee the minister of Justice. Mr. Oregory Is pleading for a commutation in tho case of II. Davidson, sentenced to be Manned of murder on Di. 81 next. Mr. Gregory will hnvo nn Interview with Mr. Mills on Tuesday next. EXPOSITION CLOSING. 2,500,000 Visitors Have Passed Through the Turnstiles Siiiee May TIi is is the Last Day of the I5ig Fair at Omaha. tlon fncllltleft ol tho street car lilies going to tlio park proved entirely In-iKhxpiato for Hie accommodation of tlio crowds. All klmls of veliicliw wero profit Into service, nnd at iu m it was tMlmnbsl that fully 100,000 persons had paused through tlio gutes. Ill tho expiMition auditorium Inforinal oxtcIhi wero hold during tho morning iimler tlio nusplrea of the Commercial1, club and the Knights of Ar-Snr-llen, tho two or-ganli.'i tlons which have contrihtiU'd much to tlio mirciMi of the enterprise. Tint dlre'tors niuiounro that tlwt exponlt ion rlo m with a cash bal-Biico of nearly $.'150,000 on hainhainl It Is liollovod tho Kts kholilerx w ill receive a return of seventy-five cenU for I'very dollar lnvi.tisl. SPAIN IS DISGUSTED. Probability of Spain Withdrawini,' From the I'iwc Conference ami Allowing America to Do Virtually as She Pleases Demand for Philippines. . Toronto, (let. ai.-Tlsi Mull s Pari cable sajs: It is necary to re-Hat that the danger of a complete rupture of tlw puico tir)ritkntloM l very gravo. TJs Snlsh ciminl- ,oiMr nro all Ignorant of w luit the American ileiimnd will lie In rcgnrl U th I hilippltii-a l'i;"- thiw tletnno U are much mors niinnanlJiioiis than even tlut Swiuhirls nutirlpat)', nn ligreonmit will I"' llliswhli, and tlm rifeiencii wCI eniw to n j-ly enl. Ysir rorre-poiii-nt Is nblu to say ltlM-ly t!t If tho Stat proiM Vi niiuex Cs Arclilis'laao wltlnsit ptijll g n.r than the I'lilllp-pinn ileht, ."piln w:l wltlslraw fnnii t!w rojifereiice and il-lAr she 1 nt th morry of tls rncli. ixmipwr-or. S,'ii will rMiKS' V any roerrwsn Amri n may npply and will .,h I'.Hiope V put a Chei k iTt AimTtP-an gr"tI F.urs,"' "III iVi untiling 'f tho kind, but tlm Mint. will tlm ham the iinplenaant tak of onforftliig Its iloiiianls ngiuisl an llsfwWting fS Tlo Mall's Issktn eahlo ,,y. A Mi-ilrfcl illswvch staWw the prvl.iit ihJ tho eMtiil.h soo oommiMon 1-birnsl Uis govortinwnt tlist It in ueh" to nsitiaioo Hie ilUriMd'n. WANT Till; PIIIUITINI'.H. PsrV, rt. fll.-Tlio A nut-lean -neo romnils'Hsietw, eorb rarrylug n srt-rolbi, rusitaliiliig r"rls an I 'roual tiM'iisrh'iila, left t'n-'r hendipinrter In L CHEICSi: DEALER ASSIGNS. Montrtvil, Oct. 81. Joseph Warrington, ono of tlie biggest cheese dealers In the country, has assigned, at tho request of a loading creditor. He hns nuiny brunches at central points In Ontario, nnd has practically dominated tlie choose market here this season. Ills llabllites are placed at 100,000. the Continental hotel for ihu ms ting with the Spanish eommlsnloners at tlsi foreign offho i-liortiy Is'for" noon. TJio pri-lil'iit of the Spanish Con-lidsKSI, Seiior M. ,t'TO Kion, Who luilth nt ono tins was o prorarl-isis as to threnteii an Imleflnlte swl-i!ieiiieiit of llm moJiiii ,had linprov-i.t mi n to eiuihlo him t i a It'll I to-diiy'o somlon. Ill) nrrh-l III a clm-o carriage, with his rolleagiies, oliortly after Ul.e Am. rU'mis ie.ii .. the meet-ln,r plain. Shortly nlfr 2 ocps k tlio ten coiiiiuU-Hnn'is c..ilriin(il $wh other across the table on whleh, In I7k.'I, IdHiJainin I rnnklln an I hi" rilligii' s1(jiw tho treaty of hide. ponioiic of the Pulled Stn ten. IV A morion ti commissioners pre'UUsI A written H,no) of the purpiso of Us- I'lilVsl Stat to take the en-tlr group of tlie i'hilppiiH Ulimds, ami to nsnniiu' mcli a roportloii of the PhlllipliM-' debt as hn lon sp.-nl f. r tl U iM-flt of tho bland or their InhaMtants, public work". Iniprove-ineiit" if JsTiiinneiit l Iternu'iits It wa nlixt set forth that th" I'nlt'd FtaUM wojill not nmns any part of tlw phllltipliM ili-1,1 w hhh has laou In-rurrel by Spnlu f'C tls furthernneo is? military or tinrnl o'rlbim to ps'll tls Insnrris ti.i of tho unlives. Tlio sehi was siljonrrssl until I'rl-iUy In -lor to give llm StsuilnnlK lime Vu pntisro A r'ply. Tlm session VwUy ntel a llttlo over All limir. FASH0DA 7 I QUESTION. .1 The Eclair Learns that it Will be Settled Favorably to ; Great Britain by the Tteeall of Major Marchand j The New French Cabinet. j j . ; . i i Names of tin; Members The 'Jntention of France is to IWns: Up the Whole E-rypt ian Question j British Activity. I 1 1 " - s f : Paris, Ort. 31. Tlio new cabinet Is constituted aa follows: M. Lobrot, minister of Justice. M. Dupuy, premier nnd minister of tho Interior. M. Do Froyclnet, minister of war. M. Lockroy, minister of marine. M. Iiolcasso, minister of foreign affair M. Peytral, minister of finance. M. IiO.vgus, ndtdstor ol public In-utructlon. M. Delondo, nlidstr ol commerce. M. Ouillahie, mlnlstor of the colonies. M. Vlgr, minister of agriculture M. Krauts, jnlnlstor of public works. Tho Eclair says It loams on reliable authority thnt tho Fnshodii question will lie settled favorably to Great Drltaln by the recall of Major Marchand. Franco, i.he pnsr snys, ylelils nil, reserving only the question ol the right to tho Dnhr-IJ!'uiinll district, which she does not consldor lis belonging to Egypt. Continuing tlio Eclair remarks: "M, Dolcnsao, however, hns now decided to rniso tho whole Egyptian question, which should have Ixsmi done from tho first nnd thus avoiding the humiliation of yielding to the r.rltlsh ultimatum. When tho-pitlon Is thus enlarged Franco will not Isi alone In Its discussion with the Marquis of finlusbury. Egypt Interests ail the powers. Russia has promised M. Dolcasso Us most effective assistance and hosliloa Germany hns tho MgRost Interest, In view of her East African possessions nnd trailo In the far east and thai, the Snog canal should not .Is-coine exclusively Itrltlsh, and 1m dlsosoil to Hiiji)H)rt tho Fraiiro-Kusslan arguments for a definite settlement of tlie rgyptlali ipiestlon. . ItATJII'Il ALAUMINO. Inion, Oct. 81. There was an ,un-expisrUslly glisuuy feeling this .morning on the stock oxehango, nnd the Paris lour so, Jmth these markets being Influenced by the aggn-ssivo tone of some I'j-onch papers. Ih'sldes this, something extraordinary soems to have hiipis'iKsl, and lt looks as If a crisis Is' approaching. Tho llrltsu naval preparations aro lielng piislnsl with groat activity and a Itrltlsh otiHrgoitcy Mpiadron of seven lAttlhliiN Is assnmblliig at DoviSLshlro, and ojllnvi nnd Millorson loavo are Isilng ris'Jilhsl. It Is reported 1'ranco hns n-fusl to withdraw from I'nshisln. igilTJSlI ACTIVITY. Ixiniion, Get. 80. Tliere lias 1soii tho groaU-st activity nt liovenport todiiy, tlie silo of tae largest arsenal In (.rent IU I tn In, nnl of two of the flnost iksk yards In the world. TJio got eminent is Hurt-milling nn emergency tiuidroii, wbli'li. li h iiinli-r-tood, will go to Glbrultar. Iswplto the fact that the wind has boon Mowing liliniist a jtale, the second class battleship I oIonhiis arrive, I from Holyhead, tho first class battleship Howe, from (junwistow ii, nnd tlm first class lsi ttleslilp IUuiUiw from tirwll-uk. Tlio third rla.s crulwr 'allloM, which was lui tlio way to the (a.i-arles, was Intercepted, and has ri-turiKsl uueipts ts'diy ti I'lyuiouth. Other warships lire coming to Join tho squadron, and tho government has ordered ill 10,000 tons of coal. MAKCIIANI) AT KIIAUTtll'M. Tho nrrlvnl of Major Mnrcluwid at KluU'tisnu on his way to t'alro with the sirtioii of his report which was hot IliiUlieil when (Ij'tiilii llaratler li-lt I nshisla, Is rKarilisl as a Hit In tho cloud overhanging Anul'H 1 reucli relations, for III splto of tho .nil olfliial denial lmicd In Paris that oriWrs wero sent to the major to go to Cairo, It Is lully l4llevrd hero that tho French officer would luit ls on his way to Cairo unless lie had received a lilut to that if b-ct fnnn the French governuient, w ho consider that his leaving f iih)i-ola will take tlio sling out of the situation ami nt tlm same time prepare I'm nee for the eventual withdrawal of the whole eisi: tlin, which Ikov I'olislntu of aovi ri officers nnd I'.'O men. The llrltlsh view of this latest Iihivo Unit tlie Marquis of Halishnry and hi iiilnlst.'rs are ili-'luhti"! to afford Major Mar' hand the facilities for reaching Cnlto. Put tiny would hardly rnn to sen I him Isu'k. rirept In tin rjipaclt i' ol giiesl or seU-Mlitic .-ft- i plorer; that Is to say. I'raiice would I flr-t have, to rmioiiiH'o her M,ltleal I'lali'M '"is-'l on his iiiIshIoii. A f iM II.IATOUY TONE Paris, "t .'ID. The French press U 1 c-1 ii ol pi ir to ' manifest n lunch more conciliatory spirit r.-girdlng Fnslnsbi, npnrnitly with n lw to preparing 1ho public mind for the recnll ol tho Marchand oxpslltlon. I,n Pntrlo mnki-s ttm niiiHsinenient that Immoill jMt ntssi tho n-ns'nil-llug I h rhamls'r of deintle a pn rhiimitU.ii will 1s Ismssl declaring that I'.nirland hns annoxo.1 Tgypt. M. Ihipny hn to enmpletn the ' rnbliwt to-morrow. It I ntinrmnriil that M. ik I'riyclcet has ncnit'd thn war iifflro portfolio, sulJ-ct to the j proviso that tlw selection for th ; i remalidng cabinet offleors moot with i Ids ujiproval. M. Paul l'eytral, mln- i '. Ister of fliutiroo In tlio late cabinet ot j j M. Ilrlsson, has (ks'JUiod to accept the t , , colonial portfolio, on the ground of i ' lll-ls-alth. Tlio antl-Semlto members j of tls chamlsiro I dutiaitlos havelssu- j od a nuuitfi'nto to tho country de- i cJorlng that the government of the 1 1 republlu must Isi iBvorcxl from Jew- Isli Inflneivees, "which axe ruining It, 1 1 and subjecting Franco to tlio yoke J of tho ,Iovh." 1 1 Tho I rcaich newKwjipors sHm to j have llttlo faith In ltiusHla helping her ; ally til tho present crlsls.whlln IUissInn ! ilisjiatchos to l'J-ltlsh papers Affirm IsHltlvoJy that tlio Cinr Is dorldoilly opihwisI to war.nnd has counselled the Fruicli government to abandon Its nn- I toimhlo littltuile. It Is even said that tho Cxar has charactorlied tho French i i attltndo as ri-cklesn. i I In tlw meft.ntlnie military and navnl proajtrntloua continue on both side of the channel. There was talk At Dor- t Ing rommlNsloiioil, Imt & reassuring ' fature Is the deonrture of Sir We ' Henry White, tho director of a- vnl construction tor tho JVItlsh navy, , on a two montlis' visit toKgypt. No oiqiort to-ihty of n flying sqnailron U I cxtri'ino meawires therisftiro, are ex- f poctetl by tlio admiralty officials at 1 the pnM'iit moment at nil events. A COM3Ui:jSO. !i - Mr. Georgo Wyndam, 'Conservntlvs member of Jiarllametit Tor Dover, speaking to Ids constituents, hns made i A compnrlson liotwoen British and ' United State alms. 'Ho said: In Oonllnnrd nn Pavel ! IN .JERUSALEM. Emperor William Omclated In Per- j ion at the Dedication Today. 1 1 , i ! Jenisnlom, Oct. 81. Tho dedlrntlon Uslay of tho Gorman Evangelical j. Church of sur rVivlous wns arcoin- ! panlisl by jnurli pnnp and ceremony, ; In which tho central figure wa Fhn- I js nr Wllllnm ,who, clad In full church v verrtmenta, officiated In person. Im- I, inodliitely after the conclusion of the coroiuonlos the lmjmrlnl pnrty left I! tor Jerlelio. 'I LORD MAYOR'S SHOW. 1 i American Colony In London Ex- L; presses Its Thanks to the Com- mlttee In Charge. Guidon, Oct. ai-TJio American col- ' ! ony In London hns formally expressed ' f Its thanks ,to the conimltts'o In charge f of the ArrniigoinontM for next week's 'i I-ord Mayor's show for the good will nmnlfoMUil toward America In tho ComniltWe Sections of SubJecU to U albvorlcally ri'prosentod In the floats whUJi, In Aceortlnnco with tUiMt-lMHionsI cimtom, wUI form a pnimlneiit leitur of tho pageant. Vt Ithout a dlswintlng Tolco tho Com- f mitt.... nt its first mooting, doclded that tho rlom rola tlons U.twoon Kng- ! land iiml Vulu States should I ' mado tho Niil.Ject for nn nll.orlcnl ! display. It Js lemrno.1 that tho float Will 1S IspmliNl c,t nm ,,. flc-neo only by tlmt Illustrating n a siN-ctarular sens., the victory of I.rd kitchener In tho rVsulan. i KILLED Onl THE RAIL. H. C. Clark, KnockoJ Down While FlofrKing- a lraln Near Modi- ' cine Hat. ' i , r j On this morning's expn-rw from tlio i ws,t wa n- i.viy , nu m,frtmiat.. hmik.wmnn, who was killed mar MixIWhio Hat, wlillo standing on the railway track. T)ils was Alexnu-er i 11. Clark, of Allntiifalo. II W f11(. glng a train to pn-vent It running Inki nn ols-trm tlon ,sir the station nnd In stiTpii ,,(f trn,.k ,,, n, t'olh'.. th. t:-nlii on tlio other, lie wim Mrii.k ami thrown ,,ff the truck mm l ilUs Hiiitniitly ' ' 'llw L.'f ..... i , , ' I ! 1 ) "ill UUI-,, I. I liMtllOIIM undertaking eKtnbis,meiil, w Iiern It t was eii,U,i,,M. lb. n verv ba.llv ! brill-d nn. I brt buck liml h.-eii br.,k. en. lll brother acc.miisi ides tin. !' Isslv to Allaiulali., wUn. it will Is. "',! shippiM to inorrow . II.. was a nienils'r 1 . of tii" I trot herb, ... ,,f :nar Train. ! I ' nun. ' j Hospital inm stkiation. Morden. ih'l. L'th-Tlio hospital hi- ! estlgnlloii wras Com bnUsI tislny. Counsel dellveroil their nddrosw-s In ' tho Toreiioon, Isith lolng limited to oiwi liiair, so as to onnbin them to ' leave tlay. As the evidence taken Is 1 very voluminous Judge Iinin sahl it, ,j Ms. o me 1 1 mo lforo a decision ij Would ls glvsm. I ( 1 jl

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