The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 25, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 25, 1952
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, TWE K, 1982 Waxey Gordon, One-Time Millionaire King of Underworld, Dies in Prison BLTTirRVTT.T.p; (ARK.) COURIER By H011RKT H'EI.I.S 4. SAN FilANCISCO i* _ Waxey Gordon, who rode in armored limousines when making tsvo million dollars a year as underworld hi '-••-•»-*i r , viivr Jlltl- ^v ^r *«• » » • % V*4 >n dollars a year as underworld' ..... . . ^V^^^Si-ils: Will Not .sick old man under one prison sentence and facing another. Gordon. 63, was stricken by a heart, attack at the federal prison hospital. He was charged as kingpin of a huge heroin He svax alroaciy under a 25-year J N'esv York State prison sentence for peddling narcotics. Wlien arrested in August, 1951, he fell to his knees on a Ncsv York street, sobbing: "Please kill me shoot me. I'm; an old man—I'll die in prison." ill- was right. Gordon's underworld c a r c e . . dates back to 1'JOfi. svhr-n he was | arrested as a pickpocket. Hi 1 rose: to poster (|iiick:y in the hectic 20's—| bt" fell fast in '.he 30':< imd -Hi's. | Ho picked up his nickname—a n'.s'nqliiiL,' of his ^iven name and! Gordon as a Cfjin'eniem alia.s-- v.-hen he left Fhnira, N.V.. Re-' fotmalory afer his first arrest. > His Ki'i-onl • I Thereafter he was arrested 20 times, charged ss'nh .•'•<s:ui!l. la)'-: eeny, homicide, receiving stolen, Goods, income tax evasion, World War II black marketing—ami fi-, nally narcotics law violations. 13e ss'as convicted 10 time. 1 mostly for minor offenses early his life. ~ n p I • I . Pia Lmdstrom -* I.OS ANGELES i.fl _ Actress lutrrid Bergman has lost her plea for .summer custody of her datiph- ter Pia, 13. and the child leaves'in a fesv days for As|icmvall. Ha whore lift father is a surgeon at a Veterans Administration hos- Superior ,Iiid?o Mildred I ' -"•yesterday uj)he!ri the com™ tlic father. Hia's father, Dr. l.indslroiu, thai tlie return of (lie Sir] to Italy would not be in f'i.vs best interest. Judfre Ullie's ILpape opinion salii tl.-- [is!•<•/»s seemed |,.;.s imor- •MOd in Pin's svcKal-o ,(,?,!) i,, wllrl , •each is entitled to under the of Dutch Cabinet- Resigns for Vote Soys Ike Would Be Easier for Demos to PAGE \TKE Taft M. I-OI'.\JI SI.AIN _ M,. s . j,. cil[ , Thompson lahow, 30 of Kirkwood. Mo., r. B:. l.n;;U suburb, was found ripad in a dowiiiov.-n S( I.oui.s hold roo:n, hrr Iliroal luu- COMMISSIONED _- lj,, tv c Parr, son of Mr. an,! Mrs R ( Fair of HlyUieville. has rri-eiv, d a commission us second tieiile!! am in the Air Kon-e follow,PI. completion of six-mof.'hs li.iin ill!! at Lackland Air Force Ua^c Sa.i Antonio. Tex. He svas name I one of the "dj, t .,| B |-sdii at,-s" of las class. A srad'.iaie of not a piece of mo,)-! „ Uni ™'^^ of Arkansas, u 'Bin and paid loT o ! *?"' " !" >fmM r lmne "" 1 «''< > be delivered under contract ami to »!'" «'i»'h he svill report lo -clvert until it is <,m,e,,,,u to: Ram ""' n " P . 101 «. J™. i'.s fas'or," thr j;:, sairi. [ ' j The court also deplored the «-orltl-wi(!e piililicity attendant to the actress' separation from I ind- strom in low, her romance with Italian director Roberto Rossellmi and ihe subsequent hiiil, out of 'wedlock of a son Ijy him. I'ind.strom testified during trial "liu'he d' X V '' ift ' s Cllslori y iwuijonj t m »vn n c. Pla , Daniel P. Mm ran, son of Dr. and OCX S'prrr U.IST - • JI M l f i t 11 ii "A child is p ercy to he boui>hi a , K | paid ,,„. be be i (It (i f 1 hit AMSTERDAM. The Nellie, lands , '^- The Dutch Cabinet submitted 1 NEW VOHK V (;, n 11. ;1] Us rcsipnntion lodav to cjueen " ov<>r of Massachu !•!!-, ' lien J ll'aiw as 5.700.009 of her 10 mil. 1 '' 1 '''"' 0 N.'illonal ('oiu r juirj, |<, (lion subjects voted for ji new lower " ot01 ". snvs Oi-n Dwiuh' I) f~.i :i 1 house of T'arliameul. luns-ei- "\x-ould !)*• hv- f::j- r-.,.iei As is customary, the Queen re-' ' Jc:| t" than .Si'ii. Holu-n ,\ .|'. f . quested Lavjorlle Premier Willem never «-<ys t'u- ...,,.,' ,Drees and his mid<lje-of. t |,e-roa<t vious- iK/miam v ,,t ',,,,,;',',. ' I ibor ministers to remain in „[.. lans lias i-nusrul ;, doe until Ihe election results per-' mucndo in his 'n,,'n JIH formation of a new Cabinet ' 'ri Wilh s'otin^ compvilsojv for all'on thi^I?^ 111 )'! "'' nun and ssomen over 2H, there vs-a.s iwr-iiiis -'r''' ',"< ''" l .usl, ,„ the polls, but the ...llo,. A I,' uejime "t went forward calmly. Most iuldrews ll soler.s feel thai inlenmtiunnl re- Democ)-Hie < ciiniemenls and agreements svill! ' •out ro] the decisions of whatever 1 """ ' nveriiinentix m power, and the t impaiKtl has been oxceptmnaiu- (illll, \ Inliil of 10(1 losser house soats in to he filled. scallered J MDI.S ate expected early tonight I) isive trends probably will be &! m'u early loinoirow. The Call). ( ^' S 'inri.i " lts al<> ^^l"' 1 '" 111 m bold iiii-ir ^-"' f ft''?''-' '"\ ' 1>1< •' "s Parliament's largest <^ ^ n warn'. Party leader Carl p. M. Homme is beinji meiuioned as a tl i sible choice for Premier. •«• p. i Inmoriosv the provincial leitis-' Division Number for Road I MU.WAUKKE W, ~ Wisconsin ihiiiku so much of Us 32,11! iRfd .A: row) Uivision that j, i s r( . nnm . ' ill;; il Male Inshway. Highway 43 , nas recently become Highway 32 FREE CATALOG BUSINESStS. FABMS, RANCHti, INCOME PROPERTY fOU SAU THROUGHOUT THE WCST Contains mrnos. Jownloiu. jross. <'-;"'. K-nt prl<-f.. etc. KI-KCIFY ui SJ.VKSS on I'ttorKiiTY AND your rciuir-ji In spirlm Sorvtce Mm.- tor (.,i.,l.i S \,,. 6H.V. liilional Basir.css t Property Exchange <IO( W 3fd!t,.loiAnr<!l 1 I fe?^ News of Men In the Service .«,« ote room, hn,- ll lr oall,,-u- Mr,, h- d " r ' U ™'i ' — t ta " y SlnShefl M " '"""""s-n. 1 Rossel fm Wn '^' ln ° M10SP Pia ""'*! P Mcl.rar,. soll of Or ,nd / mothei or a tv.o-year-old dau^h- " -,' oss . ellu • now Miss Be, smaii's; Mrs. n c. in ean of Hlv hrvm. / o;: h ^rr^,mT'coroneS s-V-^r^z^ia^nCT-^ 5!!!^-^^™...' -sr^e, bee "— Ji -- Soon he controlled the output of i n i i ses-cral illegal breweries, forcing J- t. friGfCiQn out other racketeers. ! . . ^^"' out other racketeers. He lived in a S6.000-a-year Manhattan apartment, sent his three, children lo expensive private f n r "' schools and pi"ocj))ctions. backed B GLEN COVE. N. y., roadway,, former mansion and estate of the [late finanoer j. Pierpout Morgan He was reputed to have an ar-' wi11 ''? auctioned off .July \i" to rangcinpnt with his principal rival, j satisfy <"" 1 """ -•-- • • ' the infamous Dutch Schultz. where-1 OIr '" l by Ihe two divided Ihe Greater last n! The SB-room stone edifice was built in 1910 at a cost of 2' 2 million dollars. H occupies n three-acre ........ }' S30.000 in hni-y. (axes th c "ve City Council decided Now Vork area into separate preserves. In lfl.3.? jn-o of Gordon's lieulen- ants were cut dosvn by gunfire ini the only recorded attempt of gang- .jsitc on East Island, off the north . ,.„ „ ,,.,,.,4-i S'W of Lone Island. .,,„„ land to knock off Waxey. i TI» former Morgan estate was I ceinh Two years later Schullz was' ~ mowed down. By that time Gordon's luck had turned. Convicted, like Chicago's Al Capone. of income tax evasion, he svas sentenced to 10 years in I.ea- vensvorth (Kas.) Federal Prison just four days before the Prohibition Law died in W33. Testimony disclosed his bresveries netted him V< personal profit of S4.555.S37 in 1931 and 19^2—while he paid an income tax of $2.616. Released tram federal prison in insn. he signed a pauper's oath. He attempted a comeback in the rackets. ?mt failed. Last Angus!, detectives and narcotics agents caught him svilh heroin. Already a sick man. he was sent io Sing Si/iir as a four-time loser. While Gordon was in Sing Sing and later, in AlUca. N.Y. prison j narcotics agents completed their probe of his activities. On March 7. an indictment in federal court here named him as boss of a huge netsvork of dope distributors and peddlers. Tssenty- Iwo others also were charged. He vvas brought here for trial and transferred to Ak-atraz because he didn't gel along svilh other prisoners. And What's in a Name? SAN FRANCISCO MV_If Walter Speed had lived up to his name, he wouldn't be. going to police traffic school today. Municipal Judge Homer Buckley JJ^Vrtered Speed to brush up on his 'driving because he held up traffic on the heavily traveled San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. Speed was going 30 miles an hour in a lO-mile limit lane. said a factor in the decision svas 'the child's unfavorable opinion of the defendant's husband." The jurist urged the parents lo "put aside your pride and selfishness" so that Miss Beremn,, mav lie restored to Pin's nffect : Lincfstrohi svill 1 - ' ••••-- "i^ iiumirio of prejudice and vindicilis eness ••! ln f <" — - _;_ j Mrs Liken over b.v Ihe city for hack ! phi's"' "' taxes last August. : er. son o[ ft svas used lor about a ve-ir T „• ' Baker of by Andrei Gromyko and other , Mlsslssl i'P i County men and , 5 nremhers of the Sriviel diplomili • u HC from Dunkltn Coujjly. ^vo., staff, but tliev ens-e il t,t in n ! 5'"'' haVC 1 ' c ""'n«l lo the United B-»e It up ,,, Dc - stains under the Army's rotation Leilard A Rr-ad Courier News Classified Ads Get tlie Mdese Ivery mellow drop... TOP KENTUCKY BOURBON extras are yoyrs wM rced' fae />? EXTRA V/IDE CHOICE of Slyhmj cud Colors Ro-|i:re or Sl\lcline . . . y, ,. ;.-_( f;.-.- EXTRA BCAUTY Af-!D OUAUTY of Body by Fisher 10.95, 9 ^^ /, > ( '-v Oufy fine. 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'.., • lasted five days and nichts Min.vnrd c,! hiisbanrt r,; Mr,: .Tc of niythe-.llliv ,. ,-„,,v. ns and- » ,, . , .......... his "attmido , Oak 1/caf cl "sters awarded for fly- missions. Col. and Ihnir i«.,> ,-t'ilrtrrn ,v o , ih Tucker in i'l Mr*. I-'riic-l o '«'- svilh the !>;,. /,| <r yrt n. Carler. husband off nnai ..nice Cnmtiany of Mrs. Pecpy C«r(er ol Kenneii. Mo riiJamry Division: Pfn. It!) snn of Mr. ls " ow "(Inched lo Ihe Third' M,,-' nn<> DLvision w hl<-h Is stationed on policy. They are Opl. Bobby I, Hak-' and Mrs John liar' Lowest priced in its field! .r, ,1 I r , a CS«,re..r l.T t , 1 ,!, I RICES CUT RUGGED R{VF:£S!DES FOR SAFER liOLl^AY DRIVING Sb.c 6.40-15 6.70-15 7. 50-15 7.60-15 8.00-15 6.70-16 'i:i!SU)i: Aii; (i Tir; f'-.-ice 12.45 12.55 15..?;j 16.95 18.75 13.25 SHHI.NS Tube Price' * 2.25 2.55 2.65 2.80 3.35 2.60 UMKKSU, 6.50- 15 6.00-16 6.50-16 ,.'s i'lii; (il. Dl 15.35 10.95 15.05 (( CARS 2.55 2.30 2.60 ONLY 10% DOWN ON TERMS SALE ENDS JULY 5th

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