The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 5, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 5, 1948
Page 2
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PAO* nro BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEW? MONDAY/JANUARY S, 1948 Union k Blamed For Unfair Ads > R«f Time Lob«r Unfair Proetkw WAJHZNOTON. 'Jan. S. (OT)— Tb* National Lkbor Relatlona Board had vnder ecnalderatlon today the tint'official finding by one of I la •(•nil that '• union U guilty of an unfair labor practice. In th* flrit can to 'reach the flvf-m»n national board since the Taft->lartley l*w eatabllihed a list of "unfair" practices for unions, ft board examiner ruled that the i-United Brotherhood of Carpenters i <AFLV attempted to force' an em- ; ployor Into dealing with It. ... . The' old Wagner Act had estab- , lUhed a aet of ''unfair" practices • for employer* . only, • -, : : '•' Examiner J.. J. pttrpatrlclc raled i'(h»t » atrlke by the union's' local i 14 s agmlnit Ira A. Wataon Co., ' Ghattuiooga, Tenn., .»•« illegal un, der the new labor .law, . i- He Hid the union called a strike I oh » remodeling job for George J,D, Stanley.- near Chatt^noog», to , force Stanley to stop doing busi- )-neaa with the Wat ton firm. The '.union refused .'to let its members [. work on . the .aame job "with the i non-union employes of Watson, i ntapatrlek recommended Unit the [-board order the union to cease ,'encouraging it! memberE In their • i-refuaal to work for sn employer, '!"where the object Is to force or In- | 'duce the: employer, O r any other i person/'to cease doing business 'with • third person." ' Ether -party may ask the bonrcl ,.t« grant a public hearing. The i board .will then Issue Its order ' which :la enforceable In the courts. ' Labor sources said the union would (appeal 1 'the case to the Supreme ''Court, If necessary. Coast Guard PBY On Mercy Flight- To Miami Hospital Boston Strife* Form Embargo on fnight Moving Into the City BOBTON, Ju. I. <U«-Thr«« major r«llro«d« flapped embar- UIAMI, PU., Jan. I. (UP>—Rea- (oca on freight ihlpments Into tills Idents of South Florida who saw rea today as the full Impact of a Three Bandits Sought After Running Gun Fight TbU It th« "pew look" in hot water bottles and ic*-p*ck* for folk with *or< throatt, ilmu pplns »nd— er— New Year'J hangovers. Modeled by Margaret B«nder, of the B. F. Goodrich Company, Akron, Ohio, are: a helmet-shaped ice cap; « hot water bottle in mask form, to jelieve sinus aches, and • wraparound ice bog for the throat Coatt Guard PBY plan* wlnglnf orth at tow altitude Sunday houcht It wai Ju»t a routlo* f llf ht. It wu anything but routine. Inthe plane a doctor, a nurse and oa»t Guard medical eorpamen an- lously watched over a young won while taking turn* pumping reclou.i oxygen Into a portable on lung itrapped to her chest. Miu. Tabltha Uauldin, II, of Pkkena, a. O., waa atricken with nfwitlle paralyali at Key Wwt, Fla,, laat Tueaday. When her con- II [on turned critical during the efk-end It waa decided to risk a lurried trip to the polio clinic at Miami. The Coast Guard jtnt a PBY with a crew and medical eorpamen to Key West for Mlu Mauldin. Dr. Robert Kelser. Nurse Wllhelmlna Rlckenbacker and Orderly Melvln 3hau who had flown down writer to attend the patient were In charge of the hospital plane on the 64- mlnute flight to Miami. LI. (Jg) L. V. Terry, the pilot kept hla plane below 2,000 feet to give her as much oxygen aa Possible. \Brides-to-Be Await Bonds lOh Ellis Island I; NEW YORK, Jan. !. . (UP)— j-Eighteen prospective brides waited i out a lonely weekend on Ellis.Is- { land today while their former G. I. ,:fiance* sought the $900 bond nec- i easary to release them. I' Two other* of the group of 20 [;glrl» who arrived a few hours nf- i ter the law permitting them to i;enter the country expired were ';free, and aald they planned to be ,.marrle<S "a* soon as possible." i The Department of Justice or- 'idered the girls freed in bond Prl- , day "pending adjustments of their i Immigration status." What It reality meant waa that once they are [married they can attain citizenship i i in the usual way. There will be no I.question of their staying. '• However, the announcement was i made so late that only Nlcholiu I'Carbonero, 72, of Jcrse v City, N. J., •jand Opl. Alfred F. Kane, Jr.. of , Portage, pa., were on hand with i-th* bond to release their sweet'.;hearts—Maria Salvo, 22, of Paler- J'mo, Italy, and Glovlnna Marzoll i 1(. of Rome, respectively, i The other prospective brides £ mostly Italian girls, probably facet 5 a weekend on Ellis Island because i the immigration and naturalization f offices here do not reopen untl J .Monday. S Carbonaro met his brldc-to-b a for the first time Friday. He ha ''obtained her name and address a :from her alster, Mrs. James Chlara 3 of Jersey City, whom he has knowi ^-all hi* life. J' "We got along swell from th K , flnt,* he said. "I knew we woulc HiWe had been corresponding for 'long tune, and then we fell In love ; Kane, »tationed at Port Dlx. I t J., met hi* fiance when he was a > : 1CP In Rome. £ "This Is the happiest moment i , my life," he said, slipping his an it around her. i , " a 1 : \ Serrlce Hint d An automlble's starter shou ('always be used sparingly, as about 5 SO minutes normal driving is re- J quired to replace electrical energy i'ustd from battery for each minute J of starting operation. Decision Is Due Jan. 14 in Trial Of Boss Petrillo CHICAGO; Jan. 5. (TJ.P.) — ruling Is expected Jan. H on fed cral charges that James C. Petrlll president of Hie American Fedcr tlon of Musicians, violated th Lea Act. Both the government and th defense concluded their argumen before Judge Walter J. La Bu In U. S. District Court last wee District Attorney Otto Kerne Jr., charged Petrillo violated th act deliberately and was subject the maximum penalty of a year Jail and a $1,000 fUve. Petrlllo Is charged with havln called a strike in May, 1946, again the Chicago Radio Station WAA len It refused to hire three add onal musicians. Defense attorney Daniel Carnv his final argument, told I urt that the union's" actk gainst WAAF was "in keeping th normal labor activity." The Lea Act. also known as the ftiUi-Petrlllo law," says that union in no! force any company to hire ore persons than it normally! eeds In its business. La Buy hold le act unconstitutional when etriilo was tried previously but he U. S. Supreme Court reversed t decision. pai hree-day-old strike 'by 6,000 APL ruck drivers hit Industry and bus- new In greater Boston. Official* of the New Haven, the Boston & Albany and the Boston z Maine railroads aald they were :urtaillng all freight except "es- entla! supplies" to prevent shipments from piling up at local terminal*. There would be no Interruption f food or drug shipments, the railroad laid, nor of military car- goea. Truman Thanked tor Ait Extended by Americans WASHINGTON, Jan. 8. (UP) — President Truman has received a scroll from officials of the Pro vlnce of Hesse, thanking the Amer lean people for helping feed un dernourlshed children. .The scroll said that last yea 320,000 school children received additional substantial dally meal through American aid. touting Expediter Lifts Control* on Trailer Camps WASHINGTON, Jan. S. (OP) — Housing Expediter Tlgue E. Woods today announced removal ol trailer campa from rent control. Wooda aam motor courts and trailer campa attached to motor courts previously had been decontrolled. This left some trailer camps controlled. The new action put* all rental trailers on the aame uncontrolled basis. tire briefly halting the chaw. The bandlta abandoned their own crippled car and left It burning beh'nd a Negro house. Then they entered the home of Rutherford County Magistrate A. A. Oobelet, robbed him, cut the Ulephoni lines to his. home, and made a get-away in his auto. 8HBLBYVILLE, Term,, Jan. t.— (UP)—Police today tought three masked desperadoei who spread a reign of terror over Bedford and Rutherford Counties during the weekend, robbing businesses, break- Ing Into home* and stealing autos, The men escaped after a wild gun battle with State Highway Patrolmen who pursued their 194« Buick sedan yesterday. The bandlta fired on the patrol car first and the patrolmen retaliated with sub-machine gun fire both car) iped M miles rier I —in thi South, famou* C-322J. Tfcli " hour. Bedford County Deputy S!»:r- what folka in th« South have b»«iuinj iff R. C. Paschal said he saw one' of the men In the back seat of DON'T F001 WITH UKTNIEI MED1CINES-CET THE BEST KNOW! RHEUMATK & the Bulck slump and felt pretty sure "we winged him". But the Bulck kept going deaplte a bullet- punctured tire until the gangsters put a bullet In the patrol car front' or 40 year*, when dimpueu and ba veather znike your mutclei feel,10 p&lit- i'u! and w)t« from rheumatic pain. One tcupoonful of C-MMin water usually itarla to bring grand comfort, ind bltmd nlitf from mat rhtumatic- .ain "roiiery." Caution: Ui« only «s iroct»d. A«k for a bottle of C-M23. If "SB Powerhouse on Wheels! Air Force Seeks Recruits Sgt. Arthur G. Bahn of the U. S. Army and Air Force Recruiting Station Here announced today that cx-scrvlccmen may now Join the regular nrmy for a three-year enlistment nnd be assured of duty In the zone of Interior for the entire period of'enlistment. Read Courier News Want Arts. Offers Training nducements to Recruits Renr Admiral T. L. Spragne. Chief I Naval Personnel, has announced lat high school graduates are now for entrance In the U. 8. Vnvy In a trade school o( their holce upon fulfillment of entrance limUficnllons. They must be: (1) Bel-ween the ages of 17 and 1 willi no prior military service \ n any branch of the nrmeil forces. ] (2) A high school graduates or able to produce an official docu- | mcnt to substantiate a high school i education. | (3) Able to pass the entrance : ihystcnl examination. [ (4) Able to pass the applicant j qualification test with the mini-1 mum score applicable to the school [ of their choice. | The following trade schools are open to enlistment of high school graduates under this program on a limited quota basis only: Cooks anrl bakers, electricity, machinists (shop), machinist (dlesel), radio, metal-smith, yeoman (clerical), storekeepers (supply and disbursing), sonar operators (sound equipment), fire conlrolman, radar, patternmakers, electronic material, aviation electronic material, submarines (basic), aviation (fundamental). Million-volt X-ray, capable of penetrating sevea Inches of steel, has been designed to hunt out minute flaws In aircraft eirjlne parts. BUT- OUR MECHANIC KNOWS THE $64 QUESTION/ If thcre'a anythint wronf with ysiir ear, yen can count •• him to Bnd and npatr U VfcUj a*4 wHrmt vnreason- •ttac y»« ear In today for •"* taa»ectl«n and utlmate. W* a« e«*ln>ed to do the best !• «•«• acrrietBt and repairs, •*»» BMbntied PONTIAC MXTBODBI A COMPLETE STOCK OF PONTIAC PARTS AND AUTOMOBILE ACCESSORIES Smith Ponliac Co. 126 South U%S». Phone 4371 Just ask... we like to say "YES" to LOANS • AUTOMOBILE • SIGNATURE w . • CO-MAKER • (FURNITURE- Quick, Prlvot* S»rvUo • Personalized Attention Com* in or tmlmphanm 2926 122 W. Ash St. BIiYTHEVHiLE CENEBAL CONTRACT: Basketball Uniforms W« have them in iteck at competitive pricts There's no basketball madt —better than MacGregor Goldsmith! .PLANTERS I HARDWARE CO.Inc Concrete Tile Sewer Til* •lie* 4, * a>4 I Inch Culvert Tile SUea U. It. It, It, tl, 14, M and M Inch A. H. WEBB / •wy. « at «UU UM , rh«M Blythtrlllt 1U PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Beat Price* Kirby Drug StoreS City Radio •Service* Dial 2407 Fet Expert Repaln Ui E*»i Mala 81 Felix A. Carney Jumpinthe driver's seat andstepon the gas. Feel the mighty surge of power from the Willys-Overland "Jeep" Engine and the sure-footed pull of "Jeep" 4-wheel-drive. With all that power, no wonder the "Jeep" can do a thousand and one tough jobs in business and on the farm. It's a powerhouse on wheels! Come in and see what a "Jeep" can do for you, Jeep PRODUCT OF WILLYS-OVERLAND MOTORS, INC. TOLEDO, a POOLE MOTOR COMPANY ELLIS POOLE, Owner and Operator South Highway 61 at Steele, Mo. Phone Steele 49 GET A RADIO REPAIR 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE OH ANY MAKE OR MODEL. KK- IJABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We call for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Electrical Appliance Co. Authorized Motorola IUdt* Sales and Serrloe 10* Sooth r!nt St. ' FOR ELECTRIC WORK *Cal! 2397* —FOR— • Bob Powell •T. W. 'Hop' Nell We specialize In house wiring, .farm wiring, motor repair and appliance installation. BOB'S Electric 500 N. Fifth St. Rlytheville, Ark. JI MM IE EDWARDS OFFERS L Beautiful 9 Piece Rubbed Walnut Dining Room Suite • BUFFET • CHINA CLOSET • TABLE • 5 SIDE CHAIRS • T ARM CHAIR Step on it! Bring down trodden heels, worn sole to us. Swift, expert servic H-fl LTCRS QUHLITY SHOe SHOP 121 W. M « I N ST. FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks . . Water Proofing Paint 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver Phone 691 Free Delivery Call REGULAR $467.00 SUITE SPECIAL $349.95 Janiary Special! 1 ELECTRIC TOASTER S2.95 Janaary Special! ! WAFFLE IRON $12.95 January Special! ! ELECTRIC BATHROOM HEATER $6.95 January Special! ! ELECTRIC BATHROOM HEATER . $16.30 With Fan Blower Janiary Special! I TRIG SINGING TEAKETTLE $3.50 January Special! \ COFFEE PERCOLATORS $6.95 January Special! ! KITCHEN STOOL $1.95 January Special! ! SUNBEAM SHAVEMASTER $24.95 January Special! ! 36x6 WINDOW SHADES 60e January Special! 1 TRIMZ PAPER DRAPES Pr. 98e JIMMIE EDWARDS FURN. 301 Eoit Main Street Phone 24S7 PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 1044 Chtckasawba MALONE Plaster and Stucco Phone 2029 U This the Day After Wash Day? Did JOB catch a eold hanilni oat that w«t uartit Doei your tack ache from ironln«? Sa« yoaraelf hour* of ifscomwt MW ««ct*r bllla. 8wA yaw teudrr t« ••• Fln««t milet— »t»mpt •» tt« t/mtfti. . Call U» For Both Laundry and Dry Cleaning NU WA LAUNDRY CLEANERS Phone 4474-4475 I n* *ML *&*>*? tttwcutwM set m* Still & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury Dealer Phone 3479 Blythevilte Ark. 112 W«lnut 5yt \

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