The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg,  on April 1, 1895 · Page 4
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The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, · Page 4

Winnipeg, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, April 1, 1895
Page 4
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. : " ! k THE WINNIPEG DAILY TIUMTSE, MONDAY, APRIL 1, 1895. j , ' ; , 1 TiEOlnN WORLD. InfeTfNt in 1b UiHnr Clnlt Hal llorkry Ntitei. Two trotnlilr! fliriirea In lnll-l rrlckct linve l'-ti rrmove.l ly di'iitli. Ilttv. JnitKH 'yTrt. for HO yi-ir n tntmlM-r ', tho wcntlve nf tlii-KiMnfX Cninity t-lnti. lnyl lor Oilnril ') ymrn nitn, awl wiim prtictK-'ill.v the urlKlii'itor nl Ui iiiiitch'Ht Iwttverii the two HUlvcrHltlcK. Tli" K'trl of lleMKlHiroiiKli. thf it Hon. I'rei!. Vw nlv, i.lnvi-il liW llrt inntrh Ht Iyonl'n In K', nii'l fontlinifiJ to inr-tlrlpn'.e In m.t of tlie iffpat nintdi- lift tri In 15. II" li"l J""1'''1 Oont of tlie Mirylctniiie club, nml wn mm of the truatw" nt thn time of hlH Ornth. Lord liP-nhorotiK I. w one of the f'-w home mlrr l J he Iloiiw of I.rN, nml iil-o "' J frw pcern who liive refuel th" r-diir of the (inrtpr. which v.n offered hi in by Mr. (ilinUtoiif. I'urlltir. At the TlilHtle rink on Hnturdny n Ik lit W. A. lnr.n rluk wna jle-feuted In the Ued ('out competition hr a combination ekl'lel by It. II. I'eel. llrflln. The WlnnlpcR Rleycle club will re-ornniie for the eeimon on Friday evening. Tlialnrf. Liverpool. March IlO.-In the race for the Liverpool eprlnp cup and WKl doverelsrnH yeetenbiy, Tllton nnd Mirrywlne ran a dead brat for the flrt pliiee. (Int-tteer wna third. The jndtfce decided the race In favor of MerrvwlHP, giving necond place to Tllton. PnrtlbHe. (Iilcniro, Mnrrh 01. Jimmy Hurry, the 105-pound rhninplon of the rlnit, virtually defented (neper Leon, of New York, Inut n'lrlit, n the Intervention of the police wan the only thing that naved blm from a knockout. llTkey. At the hrg milwr of the hockey efn-on the niPinher and lion, membcrH of the derceantu' mean ilwilntl to play a eerlee of horkey nmtchee during the winter, the loier to entertain the wlnnen and their friend" to a eupper. The hon. meinbern have lot, and they will entertnln the victor a per arrangement next week. aquatic. New men are continually making a beginning with Dan. Murphy' rowing machine, nnd the remilt will lie that there will he n large quantity of new material to pli'k from when the lenxon fipenx. , The Ilenlev Regntta committee hn extend d to the Herman How-iir nmiiwliitlon the nme tirlvllege which In enjoyed by the nmnteur of Kranre, vli., entrle lor the race cim he made not Inter than four, week liefore the regatta, liihtend of three month, a hitherto. In addition (Senium onmnicn will no longer be required to produce n certificate of their Ktntu from the I'ngllHh conmil. It will be miltllrnt If the preHlileiit of the (lerninn nMrlatloq guarantee thnt they ore amateur. The Kinperor William ba prem-nt-ed to the Frankfurter Uuder limm-lln-rhntt (lermnnla (the club which row-d In 1H70 ngalnnt the London H.C., In 18M0 tor the (irnnd Chnllenge ( up. nnd eent Aclilllt Wild In anil IHHn to compete for the IHamond) a plft to rrlohrnte the H.'.th year of it exlntence. The emperor ha alno lounded a challenge cup for the chol-nr of the Ilerllu publlo eihool. fpnrtlng Note. With tbo dlHapppnrnnce of uow the IntoreHt In the riding club tin awakened. The plan for the next run I nrranged. I'renldent Peter and vice prctildeiit Mcllnlfle will manage the paper and Mr. llngel will act a mae-ier of the bound. It I likely the flrnt run will take place In two or three week. Arrangement nre nUo under way to ecure ground for a er-maneiit hurdlo track. KIBK Ar RK.lilNA. Old Cnrt Hne BulMIng romidelely linltea Vlttbl lw Llhrry Peilroyrd. Reglim, April l.-The ohl court Iioiihc building here win completely KUtted bv lire liiot evening. The fire wn tllrovertl at 7 ill), during church nervlce. Tbo caretaker went through tbo building beloro attending church nnd found It all right, lltrtl an hour later the whole etalrcnne wu lu flame. The land office nnd nubile work office were both In thl building. Tlio valuable government law library of 2,r00 volume wa completely deetroyed: thl Ion I Inee-tlmnblc n many of the volume cannot be replaced. The value wa nt i,.t Kill IHIO. The cberlff mid judge' llbrnrle were Ixith detroyed. The townhlp reglter and letter hook of the Qu'Appelle dUtrlct and Hwlft Current dlxtrlrt hook and a tew of the (17.IHH) file and the nt. were nved from the land otflce.Kve-rythlng el wa burned. The building root U,(HM). The Ioh on correspondence nnd valuable paper cannot be tlninted. The tire had obtained Mich headway before the alarm wa Iflren that the brigade wn unable to h more than prevent It epreadlng to adjacent building. The origin In nil rrohablllty wa Incendiary a Cnre-nker McAra dlncnvered a email Kre In the bailment at R o'clock Hatur-tlav morning which he attributed to liicendlnrlNm. Ill UHplclon were nroiiM-d by eoelng foottep In the trewh enow. On opening the bne-iiient door he found the place full of moke. lc located the fire which he promptly uppreiHed and reported the matter to the Uerlff. IIRANDON NKWS. Itrnndon, March i!H.-The wife of Mr. Wui. JohiiHton, Iniplemeiit agent, died on Tuenday luornlng very ud- Mr Andrew Vhltela w.of the White-law Trading Co., tarted to Toronto and euKteru tunrket tivday. Mr. llnnkln, furniture dealer, has tight the fine rMdence lately own-ed hr Mr. Kobert F.dgar. on the corner ol Sixth etreet ami Lorne nve., nnd I turiilxlUiig the eame In princely tvle for the return of Mr. Kan-kln, who ha been In the cant all winter. II A T reon cn vou give for pnrlng VhA I for thin, Crk.'rrmlUlM.-wre, hf n thu cn Kj t Mine l.w nlnlng m premium- with jo.iW Ct.lH. ..e .iid L."cr viihus hlKheJ' mle-. mrkir llvr -, h.uilri"' ' hir the me mone f Our TeM nl Totn-f- r ln'l-H llrect ty .11.. ni bnA W lh N'; "I" w.lPr. Whve In lwk every kind of U Zr,,n. We Invite trll of our (fM nd tve fimi to Uo t.-t N'f-re lurchln. ultRAT .N011-WI..-TKKN TKA t'O.. ISlMaln irect. Children Cry for Pltcher'o Cactato. THE PALACE CLOTHING STORE. THE RUSH IS ON Koronr noilir Hp Inz SulU and Overooat. Tweed 8'1'U from f J.OO up. Pantu from '5. Thsnlo nl good in tho city. Infest cut and UP : 'Jl lf.'sd 1 5 and $1.75 uobby tr.Kli.h . 1 .1. "' Beoich I "ants at tl.0, ro! v !.", , stylo. n12lorcnL chap.T lh.n )ou cn fU .wu nd hcu d be -old nt l 00 ndlnm buy Iho sum quality in o'ter tore. We Klvn he ehesp. Hot Hulls from $1.15, short -i you tnA Hu t of egi lot $2.', w II w.rh from4'iu. 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Wliilntheroiiho lcnmo a frieud of Mr Clevtihmd, who wa then plain Trancw Foliiom, and after her cullegeday went abroad to ftmly ninslo. Her voico I a mpraiio, and it hua been highly cultivated under the best European teacher. N4 loiifj Btfo Min Willard wa invited to become .Mr. Cleveland' ,'ucjt at the White Iloune, nnd iho ha iuce given a number of neinipublio iociety matinees, at the houses of various Wellington notable. Kho Is now giving a number of concerts la various citi of tbo United State. Tho concert aro given in pub-lio hall, bnt they are designed to bo as privato a P'wh' bio and are for tho amnso-jneut of .noclcty peoplo and niunician. Mi Willard dins not desire a poblio career. She dislike dixplay and billboard advertixing, and at tho clone of ber fcmlpnblio tour of tlio went In tho summer nhowlU retiro from tlio itago and lcom tlio wife of a Now York man. Mine Willard' mother and ister are In Berlin, which they now coiiKider tho family homn. Ono of tlio young singer'a aunt is Mis France E. Willard, the world famous lecturer on temperance, and her brother, it 1 Raid, i tho very clever writer whoso article ou tramp lifo vigned "Joxiah Flyut" bavo been published in one of tho leading ninga-rim. MIhs Willard Is a very pretty young womnn, with a low browcrownod by a wealth of Lrnnzo colored hair. Ilcr rye aro brown, nnd her check glow with the roxy tint of health. ANNA GOULD'S COUNT. He I Vonnf and Ilanilnome nd Hm tlie Mini Approved Illue HIikhI. It is a dull woek when thoeiitorprlliig preiH does not announce tho otiga(jomoiit of one or another of tho unmarried (lould children, but It seem woll settled that tho latest announcement is correct and fliat Mixs Anna Clould Is soon to wed Count Joan do Cnstellano, n young Frenchman of birth, position, OOUKT JEAN PR CAKTELLANB. . woalth and good hnblts. Anna Gould Was educated in Mis Ureenough'i Female seminary, Hostnu, and wan there nt the timo of her father' doath in 18DU. She was so quiet and niodont, howover, that few of her coKtudents were awaro that she wa Jay (lould'i daughter and tho heiress to about f 13.000.0u0. In November, IS'Jil.whilo shewn still in mouruin?, tho attentions of Harry W. Woodruff, a haudsomo young actor, scomod welcomo, and tho notur'i suit wo looked upon with favor, it i said, by Mr. (Joorge J. (lould, who had favorably known Woodruff when sho was an actrcs in Augustin Daly's stock company. It was snid that (Jcorgo Uould had consented to the engagement of tho young couple, provided Woodruff abandoned tho stago and studied law at Yalo. Woodruff wont to Yalo ami i still poring over his Blavkxtono, Kent and Story, but ho was soon dethroned as a popular claimant for Miss Gould's hand. On Jan. 2X I H04. her eiigagemont to William H. Harrimaii was announced. Mr. Harrimnn Is a gentleman of position and fortune, a prosperous banker and member of ninny of thn must exclusive clubs In New York. Ltws than five month later it was announced in I'uris, where Mis Anna wa sojourning, that the Ilarrimau Gonld engagement lind been declared off by mutual consent. At thnt timo overal prinoo and counts were nsjil rants for her hand, bnt Count Cnstell.ino, who had been tho young woman' devoted admirer and George Gould' personal friend for a number of months, soems to liaTO won the coveti d priio. Miss Gould is tlio younger daughter of Jay Gould and is about SI year of go. Her prwpectivo husband, upon whom, it is said, sho wilt subtle fj.000.. 000 nt tho timo of their mnrrlagu, Is but six years her senior. The count i closely related to half tho great house of Eumim nud his estates aro tho Chateaux do Kochccottti nnd I.angeni on the banks uf Iho Loiw Ho is handsomn, athletic, aivomplished and amiablo and is ono of tho bet drt-Ksed iron in Now York, vt hero lie has bueu visiting for soino time. A r.i lie of Wliliigton'i Anrwlon. Georgu Houry Kattonbury of Detroit believts that he has a uni'iuo relio of one of tho ancestors of Georgo Washington in o parchment deed, written in Norman Freiuh, datl Juno 0, 13U0, signod by Kichard Wushlngtou ami sealed by him with the Washington senL THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE. We do no, hold o'lrsrlvc reponsllile for the ociinion exiire'd by our correspondent. The Kdltor. TKMI'EriANCi: IX LI MO A It. To the Kdltor of The Tribune. Hlr-To read the letter of Mr. Hpince In your weekly Itcue of the 2Ut lnt ni would think that there wa not already n sufflel'iit niiiuber of question, and lite one, too, b lore the elector of Mnultobn, that prohibition must be put so prominently forwnrd ns to throw u II other In the Hlindc. Mr. S. from hi no doubt eny (financial! position, may not quite tnke in the very serious condition of too tunny of your rend -re with whom at the present timo the strngsln I for 1Ka and the inpnnH of fpeillntr nnd clothing their families. Without at u 11 wishing to underrate the 1iuportan"e of prohibition, of which the writer hn always b-tn nn ndvornt?, I submit that It 1 of more Immediate Importance to know whether the farming community can continue to bold their hinds and make both ends meet, or he reduced to beggary. General Ilooth, of the Salvation Army, struek the keynote of modern reformation when he said, "Feed the hungry and clothe the naked before ntUni'.tlng th lr mornl Iniprovi--nient,' which Is simply n new rendering of the old saw, "If 111 talking to a hungry man." The burdens placed upon us In the shape of oipresslvd taxation to supply fur.dn for the hoodP-r at Ottawa, the ruinous rnllwny rates on a line hu it by the propie money and ostensibly for their benefit, - and the fur too expensive and cumbrous governmental machinery added to the low price of 'arm product, have so Impoverished our people thnt many lu this section are unable to secure seed for their land, and will lu consequence be sunk still further In the mire of debt. The wof 1 4 actually at the door, and when a man h being swept awny by a torrent li not tho bsxt time to talk prohibition to Jilm. e', him. ou hU feet and let him feel that he It stilt lu the land of the living, nnd he wl'l have more disposition to listen to your lecture. Do not ask him to wnit until he can g?t ashore on a prohibition plank of the 1'utron's platform. Iteferrlng to the adoption of this plank, It will he observed that It Is the l'lth nnd Inst, and was only adopted after a warm debate nnd carried by the small majority of two. This looks supHlMously I ke being added to broaden the platform to afford more- standing room. From what source Mr. Hpence draw hi assurance that It wn not put there "to catch votes" I do not know, hut perhaps he will enlighten us In his next. With one clnuse of Mr. Spence's letter nil will ngrpe, no matter how high sounding the platform, how strong the pledge, there must lie behind all the man. This is icood common Dense, nnd It I to be hoped It will he followed by the electors of Llsgnr, and we LlU-rul think that our cundldate fills the bill. Mr. 8. hills Into the error of calling the 1'ntroim' Advoeati the official organ of the Fntroiix. It has h.-cn very Justly repudiated a Much for It persistent attack ou the Liberal press nnd party, as your ow n column'), Mr. Ldltor. can how. , "The same ronraa was adopted hy the so-called l'atrons' candidate at a recent meeting here. Not one word did he say In condemnation of the outrngpou robbery going on nt Ottawa, but he had a slur to throw on Mr. Lnnrler by milking a garbled quotation from one of that gentleman' Hpeeches, without giving the explanatory sentence which followed nnd qualified It. Let the electors of Llsgnr compare the life nnd conversation of the two candidate now before) them, and I think that tiot only In tenixranca, but In every other quality that goe to make a reliable man. the Liberal have no r en son to he ashamed of their choice, or to doubt that, If elected, he will do even-handed Justice to all. I would any to the elector of LIs-gar, you are fighting ngnlnst power and principalities, ngnlnst money and nil manner of corrupt Influence nnd dlshonpHt combinations; do not be divided by side Issues; purge the nboui-itmtloim thnt have made Canadian politic a by-word nnd n reproach; place In power honest men, whose lifelong record Hhows a clean sheet; beware of sudden conversion on the nve of nn election; Iwwnre of wolves in sheep's clothing; look well to the pntecedejits of those who ask your vote, nnd assure yourselves that their present position wn not taken to "cntch Vote" and distract attention from the very vital interest soon to tie decided at the poll. Inquire, Where 1 the Government candidate T , JOnv WILLIAMS, Killarney, March i!5. TI1K UOM.VX CATHOLIC COX- rSCIKNCi:. To the Kdltor of Th Tribune. Sir What I conscience,? It Is that within u which bids us "do right, do right." Conscience Is not a standard of right, neither doe It decide what I right. The mind receives light, facts, evidence. Impressions. The Judgment renders n derision upon the information obtained. The con-scleisre carries out the verdict of the Judgment. The mind I the court; the Judgment I the Jury; the conscience 1 the sheriff that executes the sentence. A Insects take the color of the leave upon which they feed, o 1 the mind Influenced by the food It receive. The mind-color Is Imparted to the Judgment, nnd the Judgment-color to the conscience; or the voice within bidding us "do right." If the Intellect Is dwarfed and warped by n false education, the conscience, will not nave the man under It Influence from crooked path. A man may do wrong hi all good conscience, a did Haul of Tarsus and a host of worthies. What I right to one mini I wrong to another. What Is right to n man nt one period of hi life and under certain Influence, Is wrong to the enme man at another perlor of hi life under a different set of Influence. If then thetate must ndupt It policy to tit men' consciences It will need to be like a weather-cock floating hither and thither with every changing wind In the vain attempt to bring It policy Into hnrmony w ith the ever varying thing w hich men rail conscience. The state I under no obligation to consult the conscience of the cltlxen. If the stale 1 bound to tnke under It fostering care the con-science of the Itonwin Catholic, It Is equally lt function to consult the conscience of every other cltlien. If the Kontan Catholic must have aepnrate schools to accord with his conscience; every other cltlien and every association of cltltens nre entitled to demand separate schools In hnrmony with their conscience. Ite-ault: A many variety of school nt there are varieties of conselenr and their name I legion. Fruit: Jargon and discord and pern ;uni atrllc. Canada a "babel" of school ns well o of creed and tongues and )OlltlC. The Maori In nit good conscience cook his rnemlet and eat them; he must hnve separate school In which to teach the culinary art. The heathen Chinee lu all good conscience feed hi god Joih on the lnvisahle essence of roast pork; he must have aeparate schools. The secuWirlst in nil good conscience treats tlie ltihle ns n Joka; he must have separate ectiool In which to teach hU children the mysteries of Col. Ingersoll'n '.Moses In the bull rushes," and "Adam's rib." The Mortnnn In nil good conscience tukc.4 to himself wives, young find old, from) 1 to IS, according a the Lord has prospered him in hasket nnd In store; he must have Hcparnte schools In which to tench the young Idea bow to shoot. No, air, the argument might do for the middle nges, but not for the ltith century. The state Is no respectnr of persons nor of consciences. . Its function I to meet out equal Justice without regard to cidor, race, creed, condition or prejudice. Kquul burdens, equn! pivllees. All men the objects of its care. This is the standard of right. If a case arises in which It I difficult to decide between right nnd wrong, then the state must pursue thnt policy which will result lu the greatest good to the grentest number. I'lnee nil creeds iion tho-saine footing. Make your schools secular, then null your flag to the mast-head, nud lilll desperan-il ii in a long as there Is a shot In the locker. . ' F. HOUATIO MEADOWS. DEATH'S DOINGS. i The Gr'm Reaper Has Pern Huaj During: Ilia Psst Ftw Days. Mr. Robt. IblKTSon, tho well known north end contractor, died yesterday at tho General hospital from the effects of nn operntlon he underwent on March 10. The deceased gentleman wn 0.1 years of age nt the time of hi denth nud had been In thl country 111 years. In 181:i he was one of the candidates for nlderm.nilc honors ngnlnst Aid. HutchlngH In Ward !. l'revlou to coming to this country he had carried on the business of builder nnd contractor in Ilutley, Yorkshire, for n number of yeBrs. The funeral will tnke place fUim Inte residence on Nutherlund street to Ht. James cemetery to-morrow nt 3 o'clock. The deceased leaves n widow nud nine children who nre nil at present in the old country. 1TXEIUL OF THE LATE MRS. GARDNER. The funeral of the late Mr. Gardner took place to Ht. Jnme cemetery on Sunday afternoon and there was n lnrge attendance among those present being l'rluclpnl McDInrmld, of the deaf mid dumb Institute nud a largo number of pupils, decensed bnv-Ing been deaf and dumb nnd a favorite nt the Institute. Rev. Joseph Hogg conducted the ceremony while I'rof. McDInrmld repented It hy the signs for the benefit of his pupils. THO.S. GUTHRIE'S DEATH. The death was announced yesterday morning of Mr. Thoa. Guthrie at the home of bis daughter, Mrs. ItancroR, 217 Rupert street. Deceased was a Scotchman hy birth nnd wn 7." years of nge nt the time of bis dentil. The remains will lie Interred nt Stonewall thl iifteruoou. LATE MRS. HAMMOND'S ITNERAL. The funeral of the lnte Mrs. John A. Hammond took place from the residence of her huslMind, Mr. Hammond, 714 Toronto nvenue, to St. .lame cemetery ou Saturday last. There was a good attendance nt the funeral. DEATHS ELSEWHERE. Three Rivers. April l.-Mrs. Ryan, wife of Kev. W. W. Kyan, Methodist minister, died on Saturday, aged 68. St. John, B., April l.-F.x-Mnyor Deter died yesterday of kidney trouble. Wm. Causey, nged 07, retired contractor, died yesterday. Calgary, April 1. J. D. Geddes, city clerk, and old and respected cltlxen, died last Saturday night lu the General hospital, nfter n tew day attack of la grippe. Fletcher. April 1. John Hnmllton, who hn relative residing In Toronto was run over by the mall train near Buxton last Saturday night, and died yesterday. Both leg were nearly cut off. Tarls, Ont.. April l.-Fat. Flannery, nnd old nn respected resident of I'a-rls, who hn been missing since Friday Light, wn found yesterday nf- ternoon In the mill race lu the eastern part of the town. London, April 1. Genernl Sir George Tompkln Cliesney, K. C. B., niemlier of parliament for Oxford, died suddenly In this city yesterday. Sir Chos. Henry Mills, Unron Itlllliigdon, died in London yesterday of pneumonia. LT.-GOV. MACKINTOSH AND THE FAIR. "Lieut.- Governor Mackintosh arrived In town yesterday nnd wn seen nt the Manitoba to-day by a Tribune reporter. Regarding the fire lu the ltcglnn court house, the governor say a good many thing have been laid to hi charge, but he can prove nn alibi In that case. The greatest loss will In? the law society library, Hvhlch I valued nt LM),(KH) nnd wn to lie moved Into the new court house In a few mouth. HI ihusinea lu town I to help forward the exhibition. He hnd noticed the rut lu The Tribune nud rrmnrked that they save a very pood Idea of the proposed structures. .After arranging matter In Winnipeg, Lleut.-Governor Muckln-toh goes to Chicago to complete affair In progress there. Hu ireturiis via the Soo line nnd MooncJiiw. SI I'IWED INCENDIARY FIRE. At 0.45 on Saturday night Patrol-man E. Blair, of the city police, noticed a tire In an empty house on Jlnrgrave street. Just north of I'ort-irge nvenue. Ho at once cnlle.1 the fire brigade, and 4.lie flames were subdued before more thnn $1(H) worth of dnmngo hnd been done. From nn examination which followed It was KiisiMTted that nn Incendiary had sen nt work. n the portion of the building In w hlch the lire hud broken tut wn found to Iss saturated with fx-nilne. A the bouse wn the portion of a terrace great damage might ibave heca done but for the timely discovery. The police nre Investigating. i RAILWAY MAGNATES COMING. The N. 1'. receiver, the genernl malinger nnd genernl traffic manager, nre now on a tour of lnectlon over the line. They were out on the Brandon branch yesterday, and will visit the 1'ortBKO branch tis-dny. reaching the city alsiut p. m. They leave ugnln by special train before midnight. MINISTERIAL MEETING. Plan of Hospital Visitation Arranged by the Ministerial Association. The Ministerial nssoclntion met thl nioriiltiB nt the Y. M. 0. A. rooms, nud there were present Kev. Joseph Hotrg. John IJokk, Alex. Urnnt. W. (). Henderson, l'lthlndo and MacBeth. Kev. Mr. l'edley wn not able to be present to rend hi pnper owing to other pressing engagements. Rev. W. U. Henderson will give n pnper on the "Morals of the City" nt the next meeting, May 6. A discussion took pluce In regnrd to the work of visiting by the member nt the genernl hospital, and It wn decided to draw up a plan which would nppotnt one minister from the nssoclntion to visit the hospital twice every week, nnd nlso to speak to the patient on Hundny, If nrrangenients for this could be made with the hospital superintendent. The plan of Hospital visitation was as follow t For the week commencing April 7, Kev. Joseph Hogg, 429 Klgln; April U, Rev. J. M. Harrison, 510 Ross; April 21, Rev. Mr. Duval, .17 Donald; April 28, Rev. A. Grnnt, 859 Bannu-tyne; May 5, Kev. Hugh l'edley, Har-grnve; May 12, Rev. John Hogg, 248 l'rltchnrd; May 1!, Rev. V. (J. Henderson, 85 Lilly; May 20, Rev. C. B. ritblndo. 444 Kennedy: June 2, Rev. I'rof. Htewnrt, Wardlnw avenue; Juno 9, Rev. C. M. Cordon. Manitoba college; June 10, Kev. 1). II. Jacobs, Henry avenue; June 2'1, Kev. K. (I. MacBeth, 124 Clark; Kev. Y. E. Fletcher; July 7, Rev. T. lr. Richmond, McFarlnne; July 14, Rev. 0. It. Turk, (irnce church parsonage. In ense a minister is unable to take the week assigned him, he will please effect nn exchange with some member of the association. v i"OLICE COURT. At the police court this morning F. Wilson nnd Nicholas Burr were sent up for trlnl on the charge of shon-hrenklng nnd theft from Mr. d. K. Jlrown's store, lu the Catharine block, l'ntrlck Flndleys wa charged by J. V. Illnns, Inspector of city sidewalk, with stealing a number of tools, the property ot the city, valued nt about $10. The case was enlnrged until Vednesdiy.

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