Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 16, 1895 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 16, 1895
Page 1
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outrnal VOL- XX, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA- SATURDAY MORNING, MARCH 16. 1S95. NO. 65. w IE IT WEREN'T FOR US WHAT FANCY PRICES YOTJ WOULD PAY FOR YOUR Dry Goods! We are always hunting for a way to reduce the prices of Merchandise; we are always looking for good things for our customers and this time we have found A TEMPTING MORSEL! A SHOUTING BARGAIN! A BOLD OFFER! IT'S THIS! We have a fine line of Sheets and Pillow Cases! Made of all the standard sheetings to be found in the market, well made and at our DOUBLE MURDER. Blood-Thirsty Italians Show Thei Hand in Minnesota. Tragical Outcome of a Dispute Over the Cutting of Some Timber. ST. PAUL, Minn., March 15,—A special from Duluth says: "A double murder occurred early Friday morning at McGregor, small place 70 miles from Duluth, in Aitkin county. The settlement is inhabited mostly by Italians. Two families got into a quarrel over the cutting of some timber which each claimed as their own. This morning A. Cristli and his brother Nicholas took rifles and deliberately shot Benjamin Jerinetto and his wife, almost instantly killing them. The man's head was then severed from his body. The murderers lied, and the sheriff of Aitkin county is now after them." r.onklnp for Them in Dulutli. DULUTH, Minn., March lli.—Chief of Police Armstrong has been asked by the sheriff of Aitldn county to look out for the two Italian brothers, as it is expected they will come into Duluth on a jS'orthern Pacific freight. GOVERNOR IS ACTIVE. lie- Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday, March 16,18 and 19. We will sell them at less than the cost of the RAW MATERIAL. Here are a few of the prices. Come and see the goods. .CHEAPER THAN THE RAW MATERIAL. Pillow Cases. This Licks Urn 42x3G 7 l-2c This Lioks Uiu 4^x36 ...9c Lookwood standard bleached 43x38 121-2 Pepperell standard bleached 45x36 102-3 Pratt of the Loom standard bleached 45x80 19o Lock wood Standard bleached 45x30 I*5o Lookwood standard bleaoked 45x38, fane/ hoiu, 3 In deep 25c Lookwood standard bleached 45x-IO, double hemstitched ad one fancy tuck .33o Lockwood standard bleached 45x40, 8 fancy tucks and one fancy hem 35e Lookwood standard bleached 43x40, 3 fancy tucks and one fan ay hem 30c Lockwood standard bleached 45x40, two fancy hems and 1 fane/ tuck 35o Lockwood standard bleached 45x40, two very fancy hems, beautiful stitching and 1 row of beautiful embroidery very handsome Telegram Kcculved at Wuuhlu £ur<llng the W:il»enber£ Affair. WASHINGTON, March in. — Friday afternoon the following telegram was received at the department of state from Gov. Mclutyrc, of Colorado, dated Denver: "I am Just In receipt, o! a detailed account by telegraph from tho sheriff at \Vab>cnber;;. It does not ililTor materially from thu newspaper reports, Imi'jesL hold,a.nd, as lam informed thorou^ti investigation nude. Evidence iu writing subscribed by witnesses .and Hied In officn of cleric of district court. Shena further reports that there lias been no trouble of any It lad since, and no danger and that lie Is thoroughly able to maintain peace, and uo dimmer of uprising of Americans or Italians Am lii receipt of a telegram from ambassador- for Italy sayins in part; -please give orders fnr iuiutcdiato action aenlnst murderers of Italian-;.' Immediate action will be ur™edon proper r.mlnri'.ics looking to arrest and punishment or nu'.iiy pursoxi The ai-tlni; Italian consul inform.- nu tiiat he leaves Friday night (or WalMOiiljcrit. 1 have dven him such let- tors as lie asked '.or to tho sheriff. From every source of information evorythinc is quiet. Have taken stops to ascertain nationality of deceased. " ROME, March 10.—Several newspapers comment upon the Italian murders in Colorado. All deplore the slaughter, while refraining from violent language. The Tribnna says that tho Washington government ought to keep the doctrine of states' rights from enabling each state from becoming in turn the asylum for assassins. NO FURTHER TROUBLE. In New Orl«iui« Being: Loaded Under Military Frotoctlon. ORLEANS, March 15.—The situation here Friday is unchanged along the upper wharves of the city. The military, who had been withdrawn at nightfall Thursday, were in position a^ain at 7 o'clock in tho morning. At that hour the work of loading the ships was resumed at the Harrison line, where most of the serious trouble has occurred. The Washington artillery did not put in an appearance until 9:30 a. m., and Capt, Woods, of the steamer Eng-ineer, would not let the men po to work on his vessel under police [protection only, fearing trouble if the men were not thoroughly guarded. Work is now going on there, however. Gov. Foster Friday morning stated that he would keep the military on the river until all signs of danger had passed. When asked if he thought that a settlement was near at hand, he said that he could not tell. There was a movement on foot among those whose interests are directly endangered by the recent trouble to settle the affair, 'but it would take several days be Core anything definite could be done. Tho governor did not anticipate any more riotinsr. A BAD WEECK. Vandalia Express Meets with a Serious Accident at Terre Haute. Flames Complete the Work of Destruction—Express Company a Heavy Loser. WITHIN OUR BORDERS. Telegrams from Towns Bind Citia* in Indiana. REDEEMED THEMSELVES. Conduct of the Japs lit WcI-IIiii-\Tei Under Trying Circumstance*. SAX FKAXOJSCO, March 15.—The Jap- uese soldiers by their conduct at the Kittle of Wei-Bai-Wei have redeemed themselves from the stigma, cast upou ,hem by the barbarities indulged at .he taking of Port Arthur. Ja Sh.iu- ung as in the Liaotung peninsula the Chinese behaved with pitiless .savagery. Vhorever they caught a .Japanese they tortured and mutilated him. •.On One occasion, surprising :i party of thirty Japanese scouts cooking their midday meal, 300 Chinamen tied up any that retained si^ns of life, after a fierce struggle, and tore from their bodies everything that could he torn. A few hours Inter the main body of the division to which the •unfortunate men belonged mr.rched by a.nd saw the terribly disfigured corpses. But there was no attempt at retaliation. Not a single instance of cruelty or needless slaughter is recorded against the Japanese. On the cootrnry, wo hear of common soldiers treating women tenderly, and of a captain that carried :v baby in his arms UirC'iigh. the thick of a combat. MECCA FOR VETERANS. I'orm BLOWN TO ATOMS. SHEETS.. Pepperell standard unbleached 81iOO 42 ,1-2c Fruit of the Loom full bleached 81x90 53o Lookwood standard bleached 81x00 53o Lockwood standard bleached 90.\D3 09c Lookwood standard bleached ,9Se 81x03, with fancy 3 inch hem.. Lookwood standard bleached two 3 inch fancy hems and one fancy tuck Lookwood standard bleached ' 90x00 1-2, two fancy hems, 3 inches deep with one row of fancy embroidery, very fino only ...$1.98 Terrible Accident to ii Alan lu London by tin Oxyffen E-xplunlon. LONDON, March 15.—A man was blown to pieces at Fenchehurch street station' Friday afternoon by the explosion of a bomb which he was carrying. To those who saw the explosion it was apparent that the man dropped the bomb accidentally as he was walking along, with the result of blowing him to atoms. When the excitement caused by the explosion subsided it was discovered that a man standing near the person who had dropped the bomb had been injured. The station was also somewhat damaged. It was at first thought that the man who was carrying the supposed bomb was an anarchist, .but it has since been learned that he was not, nor was it a bomb that exploded, but a cylinder of compressed oxygen intended for use in connection with a magic lantern at an entertainment Friday evening. Each and every one is a bargain. We invite your inspection. Busy Bee Hive, 409-411 Broadway, 306 Fourth St. 1895 SPRING 1895 We taie Pleasure in Announcing the Arrival of Our Spring Suitings! And we feel justly proud ia the success of our untiring efforts which enable us to show yoi; this season the est, Most Stylish, Most Attractive and Exclusive e of woolens in the city. Carl W. Keller; fTailor & Draper. 311 Market St. .^•M^^^^M^^MMB v« .. « — • .*- Governor of New South \Valcs Dead. SVDXET, 3S T . S. W., March 15.—lit. Tton. Sir Robert William Duff, governor of JJew South Wales, died here Friday. Gov. Duff recently arrived here from Hobart, Tasmania, where he had attended the Australasian conference. He was ill before leaving Hobart and was in a prostrate condition, when he arrived here. He was born in Scotland in 1SS5. The cause of his death was an abscess on the liver, upon which an operation had been performed. Lonp Drawn Ont Boycott Kuded. BKOCKTOX, Mass., March 15.—The fight which has been in progress lor over three years between the Bouve- Crawford company, shoe manufacturers, and the American Federation of Labor has been ended. Circulars have been sent out announcing that the national boycott has been lifted. Woman Suffrage in California. SACRA.MKXTO, Cal., March 15.—The senate on Thursday adopted a constitutional amendment giving women the right to vote. The amendment has already been adopted by the assembly a.nd will now be submitted to the voters of the ThuumindH of Old Soldiers Colony In Georgia. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., March 15.—One year:ago P. H. Fitzgerald, a wealthy citizen, here, started a colonization fcheme which had in view providing oheap'-homes in Georgia for old soldiers. .The idea was to buy 100,000 acres of land for the site, and as soon as $500,000 in shares were sold to start the colony.- The scheme had the protection of Gov. Jvorthen, of Georgia, tmd attracted general attention among old soldiers. It was announced here that over 14,000 members are now enrolled in the books of the company, which is to be a sort of cooperative affair. The books will probably be closed by April 1. Nebraska leads in membership. Indiana is a close second with -1,000 members. The other states which will send delegates are Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota and Iowa. A sawmill, planing mill and shingle mill will be sent ahead to prepare house building material. HARVESTER COMPANY FAILS. LOXDOX, March 15.—A dispatch from Shanghai to the Central Xews says the Chinese guilds in that city have met and agreed to subscribe to a war loan of 500,000 taels. Billiard Flavor Dead. XEW YORK, March 15. —John B. O'Connor, one of the bast known men in the hi 'Hard world, is dead. Walter A. Wood Reaper Concern Confesses Jnitffmcnt—Sheriff In Custody, CHICAGO, March 15.—The Walter A. Wood Harvester company confessed judgment in the superior court Thursday for g2C,-53 in favor of the Kational Bank of the 'Republic. An execution was issued an'd Deputy Sheriff Sheridan levied on the stock in 'the warehouse of the company at 7-t Taylor street. The company, it was said, was a little short of cash and in the prevailing financial stringency could not borrow money. It is claimed that if given a little time it will pull through all right, and that it has three dollars of assets to every dollar of liabilities. , lirDiA>"Aror.ls, Ind., March 15.—Suit was filed here Friday afternoon to attach the stock of the Woods Harvester company, Chicago, held by the local company. Coke Workon Get a Baiie. WOUXT PUEASAST, Pa., March 15.— Not since the halcyon days of the old syndicate has the'Connellsville coker received such pleasant news as came to the-, 10,000 employes of the Frick arid Southwest companies at noon Friday, when notices ivere posted at all tbieir works stating that an advance in wages, averaging about 15 per cent, vcjill go into effect on April next. House*'rnuuaatfd at Colombo*. COLTTMBUS, Ga., March 15.—Heavy ruins have caused immense floods throughout this section. East of this city "a section known as the "bottoms" is entirely submerged, the water driving people from their houses. : ' Trott ID Southern California. VACATHiE, CaL, March 15. — The damage done in this vicinity to r -the early fruit crop by an unusually heary frost will not fall much short oi TEREE HAUTE, Ind., March 15.—The Vandalia west-bound passenger train Iso. 7, with six passenger coaches, was wrecked at the east yards, near the fair grounds, at 1:30 o'clock Friday morning. I'liKHcricura Miraculously KKciipe. The express and baggage cars were crushed to splinters, but the passengers miraculously escaped with slight bruises. The train was ten minutes late, and was running at a high rate of speed when the headlight was thrown iuto the yards, and it was found that a switch-engine and two cabooses were standing on the main track. Engineer Pat Daily reversed the engine and applied the air brakes. This, no doubt, saved the lives of many passengers, but it did not prevent a disastrous wreck. Position of the VTroclc. The train stopped so suddenly that the passengers were thrown from their seats. Then there was a rush from the car. Fully 100 yards from where the smashup occurred are the two engines, the pony switch eiiR-iue reared high in the air and leaning against the big Pennsylvania mogul. The cao and tender of the yard engine 11 ro crushed ilat and one of the cabooses is on top of the entire heap. \Vrtick Uurn*. Xo. 7 was going at such a hifjh rate of speed that she seemed to pitch the smaller engine off the -track and carry it along. Far to the front ot one of tlie smashed cars, covered by trunks, twisted rods, bicycles, etc., could be seen a small flame. In less th;m a. minute it was burning fiercely, and as there was no way of getting at it the passengers could do nothing but stand by and watch it rapidly lick up the wreck. Tho Injured. The passengers ivcro brought to Tevre Haute at about 3 o'clock- and presented a sorry sight. Torn-dresses, shapeless hats, bruised heads, scratched hands and clothes bespattered with oil marked their appearance. An official account of the wreck, rendered by the officials, showed that the injured are: Engineer Dully, slipbtly bruised, cut In liip; Fireronn Haoley, slightly cut in face; J3aR- pigemastcr E. K. Storms, baclt sprained: Conductor J. Kulim, Ic't wrist spraineO and bruised on tho hip: W. P. Kilt, oi the "Irish JJcarls" company, wnsc sprained. "• lamp Ml on his fcead, muKiaf; a cut which is not serious: Adolph Gaxs; M. HiKprins: W. G. Sago. The train was delayed three hours and fifty minutes. The pa.ssengers all went forward in the regular cars. 'KxprtHf* Crtn.n*:iiiy'H Jfeiivy I.O*!H. It JS'learned that the Adams Express company loses a large amount of money in the car that was destroyed by fire. The money was in a safe from Xew York for St. Louis. The heat of the safe consumed the paper money and the coin melted and ran together. There are various statements as to the amount of money destroyed, from <?-'!>,000 to $100.000. That it was a large amount there is no doubt. The cashier of the office here was talking over the long-distance telephone with the Xew York office nearly all morning. 3o one connected with the company will give any but very vague information. Wreck In Ontario. LOXDOM, Ont., MarchlS.—The Lehigh Valley express on the Grand Trunk railway, due in London at 10:43 a. m., is reported ditched somewhere outside of London. Cause, a broken \vheel. Not known whether any lives arc lost. Snit Itegun for * reunion. LA POKTE. Ind.. March 15.—I. &. Moray, of this city, has instituted, a suit in the Washington court of claim* for a pension. He served in the Mexican war, and also in the rebellion. For the latter serrica he was granted a pension. Then when the Mex'oan pension law was passed he Ei-sU-:.: i"or a pension under the law and it wa» granted, but upon his taking the latter the first pension was stopped. Ho now sues for the latter. Mlnslnc A cc ii r, Caucht in Florida. JEFFERSOXVII.LE, Ind., March 15.— Frank W. Lahndall, the Singer sow- ing-iu:\chine solicitor who disappeared four months ago with several hundred dollars of the company's funds, leaving his young wife almost destitute, has been caught at Madison, Fla. Officers armed with requisition papers left for the prisoner and he will be brought back nt once. Lahndall came here from Fort Wayne, lud. He is also wanted at Denver. Tldinps from riic MinnIn LONDON, Marcli 15. — The steamer Jlayfair. from Barcelona, reports that on the morning of the 10th she sighted the missing Spanish warship, Eeina Eegente, between Taria and Cape Espartel. The warship had lost her funnel and bridge and was apparently in an unmanageable condition, although she did not request assistance. The Maylair's captain does not think that she would have been able to outride the storm which prevailed. MADRID, March 15.—The Spanish cruisers lolade Luzon and Alfonso XII. have carefully searched the waters of the Spanish and African coasts and the straits, but have found no trace of the missing warship Beina Eegente. State Cannot II tip the Deltttute- DZSTER, CoL, March 15.—The supreme court holds that the bill passed by th'e legislature for the relief of eastern Colorado farmers is unconstitutional. Destitute farmers will have to look elsewhere than to the state for seed with which to make a fresh start this spring-. c&oooerv 3«core irver va,ooo. BOSTON, March 15.—An apartment house in Winthrop street, Eoxbury, was entered by means of skeleton, keys and 83,300 worth of property, consisting of railroad and bank bonds, jewelry, bank books, notes, mortgages and stock belonging to Miss Mary B. Swift, was taken. Miss Eebecca Ketnick also lost $100. | A CoiiCt-nnhLl CommUfflon. TxniA.SAroi.is, Ind., March 15.—An act that will be of great interest to the people of the state was the creating by tho last legislature of an ludianacen- teunial commission of thirty members, to be appointed by the governor, to consider plans for the proper celebration of the 1.00th birthday of the state in 1!)00 and report to the next legislature two years hence. Corporate Not;l«:<:t Cuurtcd Death. ANDJ;KSOX, Ind., March 15.—A $10,000 suit for damages was filed against the West End Alexandria Gas company by Jean Baptiste Griner. of Alexandria, Me nili'ges that his boy had been sick and wns recovering •when, during tho cold spell, owing to noglecton the part of the company, the gas pipes froze up, cutting oJT the supply of gas. The child took a relapse from a cold thus contracted, and later died. Lurid Company In Trouble. VALPARAISO, Ind., March 35.—Samuel Glover, of Chicago, filed a petition for a receiver for the Porter Land & Manufacturing company, organized by Chicago, Boston and Cincinnati capitalists with a capital of $:!00,oOO. The company owns thousands of acres in West- chestcr township which have been platted and many lots sold on the installment plan. Adiulrted. Ai.mox, Ind.. March 15.—In the casa of the state against George M. Raj', of Shclbyville. for obtaining money under false pretenses, the jury brought in a verdict of acquittal. Ray is an agent of a Chicago school supply liouso and had sold township warrants to T. P. Kesler. of this county. The verdict seems to give universal satisfaction. IJIfrt SuiMellly. Ei.KiiAHT. Ind. March 15.—Mrs. George T. Ager, aged 03, well known throughout northern Indiana as an educator and worker in affairs pertaining to the advancement of women, died suddenly and unexpectedly at her home here oi heart disea.se. The interment will tako place at Goshen. Held r»r TrlaL Muxcrr:, Ind., March in.—Justice of the Peace Walter Barry, Arthur Sherry,Wa.lter Saljs and Roily Wright, charged with the whitecappiug committed at Grandville two weeks ago, were given a preliminary hearing at Royerton and were held to the circuit court. Valuable Stock iiurncd. Gosnzx, Ind., March in.—The fine stock stables of John Harper, near this city, were fired by incendiaries arid together with fifteen standard bred horses and other blooded stock wero destroyed. The loss is$10,000to$15,000,. insured by local mutual companies. Cnrpot IH-alrrrt AK*J{?it. ANDERSON, Ind.. March 15.-- Makepeace & Lowther, dealers in carpet* and drapei-y. assigned to George E. NicoL Liabilities, S13,000; assets, S10,- 000; preferred creditors -for 87,000 ara Mrs. F. A. Lowtber, Anderson Banking company and A. I. Makepeace. Mad A«t of a Jilted I/over. "" SHEr,nyvrLr.E, Ind., March 6.—Misi Lillie Dows was accosted on the street by Elmer Israel, a jilted admirer. H« became very abusive in his language, ending with knocking her down several-times. The G. A. B. Encampment- MUXCIE, Ind., March 1:".-— Elaborate preparations are being made for th« sixteenth annual encampment of the G. A. R. of Indiana in this city. II •will he opened March 26 and run thre« days. . J*aw Ic I Ind., March 15. — Judge O'Rourke has 1 declared the statute defective and inoperative that forbid rail•ways from discharging 1 a man because fce was a member of a union. The decision will be appealed. Afraid af-f**mif 'CTI«M» jn. KETGSTOX, Jamaica, March 15. — Gen. , Hippolyte, president of the republic of Hayti, has led his .whole ariny ont of the capital hi order _to fight the rebels in open country. He was afraid that if he remained with his troops in the city of Port an Prince the insurgents. might surround him and. shut him. in, •

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