The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 2, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 2, 1948
Page 7
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 8, 1948 West Coos* Grid Moguls Suffer Humiliation When Michigan Defeats California Team 49-0 B>- United Press PaC ' tlc COMt C <>» r "-™™ couldn't b€ blamed ' whlc " lhcir o lon The moguls of ^^c^r*^ n ™ «* "»- — the second New .Year's Day in a row, the cream t*am ot the - < i . Bowl Game Results, Attendance JLYTHEVTLLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS IB.' I'nllw) Pretii) .ttendanoe , B ° Wl anc« 21,000. Dixie M»rj 19, >»««"> c.llfomU «, (N n W |i 0 '' !c " nS ~ TcXlls 37 ' Alaba '»» '. ^tendance 72,000. l DalU "' ™-*»'«*"' u. Pen,, state ,». ' M " ml ' K1 »- 0 « r «i» Tech 70, K,.n SM 14. attendance J8cksom ' mc ' ««-0«orgl« JO, Maryland 30, .ttei.d- 21, William and Bowl al Birmingham. At..—Aik lilendanrc 20,000. Memphis, Tenu.-Mlsslsslupl 13, Tex.s Christian B, F '' CSn °' A year ago it was Illinois which upturned U. c. L. A., 45 to '14. and today Rose Bowl fans had reason to wonder If the pact between Ihe Pacific and Big Nine conferences was making their annual dream game a nightmare. For It was the most lop-sided and dull of nil the major games played yesterday. The 93,000 fans who packed the Rose Bowl at Pasadena many of them paying up to $15 for mid-Held seats, must have felt as If they had been short-changed. The seven-touchdown parade by the Wolverines set up renewed clamor by their partisans for recognition of Conch Fritz Crisler's mighty machine as mythical national champions in view of the fact that Notre Dame's fighting K" h " B . re =°"!L.» We J"."''.'*'' »y v .,""<jij ui uie event, passing for two touchdowns Intercepting a long heave that was destined for a West touchdown and scoring himself on an eight-yard quarterback sneak. Georgia Ties Maryland The 21,000 Inns nt the 'Gator Bowl In Jacksonville, Fla.. also got In on a large s!?*d helping of thrills ns Georgia and Maryland battled to a 20-20 tle..Lii (Bambino) Gam- bmo scored, one Georgia touchdown, passed lor another and set up the thii'd with passes. Arkansas had lo come from be- with a 97-yard touchdown |IU --.,.. i, *> i -j m w lUUUIlUUWll march in the fourth period to defeat William and Mary, 21 to 19 before a crowd of 20.000 in the in- Dixie Bowl game at Bir- Clyde Scott and . he, hcm bowl customers got plenty of for their money. More ihnjj 500,000 fans attended = games scattered from Florida to Hawaii, easily the largest number ever to sit In on the K'eiv Year's Day socials. Georcin Tech Wins At Miami, Fla., Ihc record tola! of n9.578 fans at the Orange Bowl ' saw Georgia Tech win a 20 ~"i over Kansas only be- r" " le ™' st bal1 tlle last 15 ya " !s on lwo sllr ' l(of nl" had ab- but punchy smashes into the line of lhp thrills ! The Delta Bowl game nt Memphis, .Tenn,, likewise had a "plioto fln- |ish" when Mississippi, belatedly aroused, scored two last period luochdowns to defeat Texas Christian, 13 to 9 before 28.000 fans Charley Conerly, Mississippi's sharp passer who was hampered earlier by tendance \ i altei ance 12.000. • "^ __ _ H<X|S5cOre Late Gi/mer Goat 4s Alabama Bows ' To Down Indians Last Period Drive Gaini Porkers 21-19 Win in Dixie Bowl By Roland Dorwon (Unll«rrr«M Spurl* BIRMINGHAM. Aln <UP>~Ncw< Yenr's Day S "" Die8 °' Cltl - H ° rdl " sll "'"°"« S3. San Diego 0, r'lnnl period . football nn™ v « Uxtay of tic 20,000 fans wl !fl turned out for nirmlHgham 1 , Inaugural Dixie Bowl same and were treated to it full dress melodrama In which Arkansas lopped William * Mary, 21 to 19 "• HonoluUl - T ' H.-Hawnli 33, Redlands 3!!, attrad- »• Shrine East-West at Sun Francisco tendance nttcndnncc 2,500. Sun Bowl at tendance 18.000. -East 40, Wr»t », attendance Birmingham, Ala.—Wllbcrforce 27, Ornnbllng 21. at- ' * ln -Bclhune-Cookinan 6, Lane College i't Worth, Tex.—Sam Honslon 7, Philander Smith 0, raso, Tex.-Miami ol Ohio 13, Texas Tech 12, al- froiii behind in (he "•bucks, who foiiRhl B u - ....... , oue uphill battle most of the way wen 97 yards In their victory march with Clyde (Smnckovcr) Scott for' e ovcr mer Nnvy backfleld star, and 'ix-on Campbell sparking (he drive. A 33- yard puss from Gordon LOUK lo Jim Cox put the ball on the William & Mary 15 and from there Campbell needed oniy livo rtnmltiir plays to get across. The Vli-Rlnlnns got off to a fast Modern Farming Tends to Destroy Feeding Grounds, Cover for Quail T ° I" os - 27 ' 7 ''" Su90f B<w/ By <-HAR[,KS NKTHAWAY llnllcd rrttf Sport* Writer NEW ORLEANS, Jan. foot bull's ablest supporting casts look a bis silver Sugnr .Bowl back home lo Texas today-M a reward for a stimulus, yi to 7 Longliorn triumph^ovtr -Alnbnma In the »ix- mial New Year's i»y classic before a .full house of 13,000, fans. Tlig enme, evenly contested for more than two iieriodt, suddenly iirncd Into a rout midway In the Iliinl period when thn alert Texans blocked a inmt ami turned the br«k Into H touchdown. The play s arrcrl tackle Clcorse 1'etrovich as the Mocker and niiarri Vis Va- stcek who fell on the bull In the Alnbnnm cud zone for the touchdown, u broke a 7 to 7 deadlock and simultaneously broke Alabama's bnck. Btttt Blackwater TVom The Wakcricld Scrviw, station "Ro ii-nin or niythevllle nosed out. the Blnrkwater Independent* 54 to M In a same played on the Blacle water court lust, night. Whitney ot Blackwatcr led hi., """ '"Morliiit with 25joints „„<! """ ' " five cold and buffeting wind, filially began to connect nnd accounted for both touchdowns with his tosses. Still another stirring show was in i „„ „„ (lie Sun Bowl at El Paso, Tex., i LITTLE ROCK, Ar»., „„,,. ... , ul ., —Despite emergency action by the Game and Pish Commission in culling the 1Q47-4S quail season and daily bag limits, the quail problem in Arkansas is still a long way Irom being solved. The Commission, in response lo - ot protests, from .sportsmen, a Wllvc decided this week eo end the scn- '- '— " and to cut the 1948 are drive i™ IT! " Cd ° d Ja > thnwk « i wllcie Mii «ni of Ohio nosed out dine linked clown on a fumble nl \ Texas Tech. 13 to 12 before innnn ;"'""> <:u"serv!Kion .specialists who a time when it seemed cbrtain that, Paul Schoultz scored what nmvnrt bcllcvc the Commission's action was n^vUhT'tT W f '" " le mnk 'l l ° ^ lhC *""""* ^^"down from "'-""vised. ni.-, with the ball just n yard away! the 16 in the final period althourh >m tne tymg tally. The hero iv«s : Texas Tech camp within n point of ..,.,111 Jim sull, who cunnecUid for: a lie with a tally by Bernic winner three touchdown passes to give Tech U tackle who intercepted a N ami us winning margin. l ,>ass nnrt ran an u.,,.,].- >„ »»:, uiim lu cignr. nut uicro are Kansas will have (o take over Thcv many conservation specialists Who I will have to rebuild the rao'd will believe the Commission's nminn which ovi,'to,i i,, ,1... ..1.1 ., .. . . ...v - ... ..iv i (l | jn mi- 111! [H p|' tvllOWS he may use the land as he pleases. Agricultural workers explain Unit the tanner, in the lon K run, actually is liurlini; himself by strip- Ping (he land of its natural sifts. But the larmer quite naturally, thinks of the problem in its day- to-day aspects. He has developed n suspicion of game conservation as well as of the hunter themselves That's where Ihe hunters of Arwill have to take over They These conservation mc-nPpoint out be done to n rh \ • ' <?rmtl •, M t ' e . betwce " unbeaten I Southern Methodist and Perm state t DM!aS ' i>BSS nnd rai! 40 >•">« '0 One-Slded Score, 53 to 0 The day's birpesl rout eve,, ' " i operating in tin strategy wa.s fatal as Elwood Pet- H riod tie it for the Texuns by making 238 remained for HUie College of Pacific to salvage a measure of ilation for Pacific Coast teams Harry Oilnicr of "Alabam'iTln iS 1 '' B . m '\e-^" c , at,Ne.w,Or, ^i" " lcd ° ul j° be striclly--no nowi-i-f 5 ! i " h >bV dircct( ' cl ruu n, )a ssf " T" S '" " " t <" pass '" E 1<u " o'" 1 touch- i states generally have (ailed. Quail depend upon weeds lor lood and cover. But Tanners, especially in view ot current high prices on their produce, arc attacking weeds vigorously nnd cultivating all available land. In addition, a report now before the Commission, cites these factors as contributing to the continuation 'ornia. ' " f a fairly low quail population: V-In..the. Salad Bowl> at Phoenix llle burning-over of fields, wide- Ariv,., where there was some pre- ' spluad over-grazing, and the nban- game hard feeling between the ! <lonmcnl of once cultivated lauds, •teams, Nevada was a 13 to 6 victor i - Tfle Coim " iss ion and the Soil over North Te.xns State the battline eot bpvomi (joo w lvl 'ich existed in the old davs wlicu the farmer actually direet'ed the hunter lo the uesl quail spots on his land, to the weedy patches and ' thai if anything can ue none lo ins mnci. to the weedy patches and liall the decreasing incidence of overgrown railfences. H will t'nJ-e a thl: bob white quail population In lot ol care and consideration' ot isas. it is up to the hunter the landowner's riflil.s nnd property and livestock. Meanwhile, the Commission Is continuing Us survey of qunil conditions in AArkansas during the remainder ol Ihe abbreviated sea—• " *.~v L ,. <_,uau.y itsiucKing son. Federal Aid Coordinator T H experiments in other Southern | Holder has been placed In charne states generally have failed -of a KPWMI.,,,,,,,,!,,,.. _i_..,.,.?_ Arkansas, it is up to the hunter and the rainier, together, to do It. Biologists and conservation specialists -Sgree that the only sound way to increase or even stabilize the quail population is to provide more food and cover. Costly restocking <U times >= Conservation Service actually powerless to halt tlicse destructive California with a touchdown in the Johnny Uijack, ,per f ormin 6 just i as ably for the Bast All-Stars M he watched Notre Dam e ! a 33 Tim is what truck operators find in our shops: Tools, machines and equipment designed, or selected and approved, by International to meet the exacting standards of the International Truck Service Engi n0 ers. And in our shop truck operators find one thing more nieyfind mechanics thoroughly trained according to International Truck mcth- "ds jn the expert use of our modern equipment. Our .quipment and mechanics mak. money for truck operators in two ways. They save shop time, which means minimum charges for maintenance and repairs. And the high- quality work turned out means long trouble-free, economical truck ope ra ., tion. Yes, our maintenance service saves and makes money for truck operators. One experience will coovux* you. PHONE863 -_. ....... i*,,n.i_n in Limijje of a seven-member crew checking on hunter success and tjunll population. According to Holder, the group will have a report on their survey in lime for the scheduled refutations meeting ol the Commission Jan. 19. In addition to Holder, the group consists ot Lester Wade of Elevens Moody \VestcrIicld of Thornberg'. Gene Rush of Harrison, John Kirby of Dicrks, Carl Hunter ot Little Rock and Mark McAfee of Vanndale. The victory was a personal one for Layne In hfa, loiig-ndvwllscrt cmoi with Alabama's sensational Harry Gllmer. Qilmcr was the Boat of the game and he admitted It. statins he hud never played -..„ o *,.. ,,,i u. a insi M wo ''- sc K n '»r. l.uyne was voted st.irt. scoring two ioiic.luic.wm for , raost vahlab l= player on the a 13 to 0 lead before Arkansas ? trc " 8th of llls oxiwrl signal call- sprang Into offensive action Tho 8l pusses which connected first score came with only'three 10 ," mcs '" -•* lrl cs for 183 yards minutes of Ihe R, lmc Kone whcl , ",'><> one touchdown, and for his Tommy Thompson recovered an Arkansas fumble on Ihe six and Jack (Plying) Cloud took two'plun- ges to get ncnxss Cloud also scored the second touchdown In the second period on a 78-yard downfleld drive in wliich he went over from Ihe two. That wns (he cue for Arkansas to .start moving nnd that was precisely what the Ra?.orbiicks did Bools Fowler, ivlio kicked three vital extra points which gave Iho southwest conference team Its mnr- Kin of victory, shot a touchdown pass to Ross Prlchnrrl (or the first score in a play that covered 54 yards. Seconds later, Mel KicQaliii . , intercepted a William Mary puss Oilers Defeat Morgan Insurance Five 83 to 34 LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. Jan 2 — (UPi-Thc- Phillips 66 Oilers rolled on their nil-defeated way today after romping to an 83 to 34 win over the Morgan Insurance Company tiuintct here last night. a fine exhibition of polnt- tine defensive piny After ihc blocked kick. Texas turned In a dawllng fourth period performance lo complete Alabama's humiliation. One Longnom thrust was halted by the entire 'Duma line only a foot from thn doiiblc-strliw. Bui there was no barrier nhenri of end L<'w Holder a tew plays later when he Intercepted a Gllmer pass on the Alabama 20 and scored breezing. Less than a dozen plays later, Texas did II again. Frank Guess who booted three extra point* for Texas, kicked olf after Holder's touchdown. Gilmcr ran the ball out from the end none lo the Alabama 20. on the next play lie fumbled tinck on the 10 nnd Hold- recovered. Five plays Inlcr, — — sneaked across from tho Alalmmn one-yiird line, Alabama scored in (he second period at the end of an 80-jMvd push. The payoff cmnc on ail- mer's pass to end Ed While, who pilfered the bnll from Jim Onnndy. Heel Texas back, who was sure he had Intercepted the toss h, the end zone. Hugh Morrow kicked the t .xtra polnl. Texas' first touchdown was n Lnyne special in Ihc first period to end Peppy Bloinit from the Alnbnnm rive The steers had started the drive on their own 15. Lnyne who did almost everything, tried n pair of field goals. He missed Ihcm hut it, didn't matter. He complained mildly after the K«m C that breeze from the Sugar Bowl tunnels bothered hta passing. That also didn't mntter. dribbling forward, the Grecillcs humbled favored Oklahoma 40-32 In the Sugnr Bowl Tuesday night lo receive the rating of top contend- cr.s for the conference title this year. However, the Commodores are us• ~., L .o juuiijcu inwj nn mi- tially one of the top milking teams mediate, lend nnd were never head- of Ihc conference and nre expected ed-Ieading :io to 23 at the half. lo cnusc the Qreenics considerable Bob Kurlaiid, seven-foot ce;tlcr trouble. for Ihc Phillips five, lend their I Two top Tennessee nrcn teams scoring with H . points. Morgan Eutherford, Tenn., HlglSool , nd center Ken croswcll racked up 1C Treadwell of Memphis will ur- its to take high Honors. I nlsh the preliminary entertnlnment EITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. f'rldny & Saturday "The Gay Cavalier" with Cisco Kid Cartoon and 2nd Chuplrr "i'frlh nf Nyoka" Saturday Owl Show "One Million B. C." ' with Victor Miilurc nnr! Curolf. I,»ndl Abo Musical Short Sunday and Monday Tuesday ' and ran 70 yards to score, O .,...x. Arknnsns a 14 to 13 hnlfthne margin. William iV Mary forced In front, again in the third period on a 55 yard drive In which Buddy Ix-x made 2B yards around end and then threw a six-yard puss lo Harr v nlnnc for Ihe touchdown, Thai set up thn final drive lor Arkansas which came in the waning moments of the game. Tulane Cagers to Meet Commodores in Memphis Ttilanc's galloping Green Waves, victors In Hie Sugar Bowl basketball toriinnment earlier this week, will lake on (he Vandcrbilt Como- dores In n Southeastern Conference bntlle on the Municipal Auditorium floor in Memphis at 0:15 tonight. This will bf the first of five top collegiate contests scheduled to be .played In Memphis this season and Is expected lo be one.of the best. The Grccnles were * runner-up' to Kentucky In'the Southeastern Conference last year. Paced by Mel Pay ton, the fast making, the experienced and polished Oilers jumped into an 1m- iPi®i „ . . — "'"" •""•"•". i IIIMI tne preliminary entertnlnment. •-' •" **^^ ' ' ' "" ' " """ "~ PAGE •' Greater Uft/« Reck Teams fo_0p«n IJTTUB ROOK. J«n. z 1-wp gre*ter Little Rock ball lean* will open Uwto .seasons tonight, meetlni ot»te opponents l n a doul al Robinson Auditorium North Utlle Eock-niii :rnl High of Memphli In er while Northeast High of ci hotna City tangles with Lfttfe Roc* In the nightcap. , . ^^ Tomorrow night th« two will »n-ltch opponents. •^^^^^^MB^B^M^^^^S^W* New Theater Manila's Finest Showi EVER! NIGRT Box Opcni W«k n»ji 1:M •« Matinee S»(urd»j A 8u>d»y Sat.-8an. 1 p.m. Cant . Tonight 'BLACK HILLS" , wllh Kdille Dean Alio tihort Saturday Cheyenne Takes Over" wilh Al "Laiih" LaRue Alto Short Subject! Saturday Owl Show" "JEZEBEL" with Belle. Oavli. Also Selected Short* Sunday nnd Monday "DOWN TO TOM A. LITTLE, JR Openi «t p.m.i BUtto 1:W ».•. Friday & Saturday "West of Dodjj. City" with i: " Churln Slarrcli ns the nur»n(o K14- Smlley Humetle Serial: "Secret Ajtent" chapter I Also Short* ' ' Saturday Midnjte Showj'Wv; Starts at l«:4BXp.m. >' •/-' "Bulldog Drunimond \ ,' Strikes Back" with Ran Randall and GlarU-Hnrr Also ShorU and "MARGIE" (In Technicolor) J«nne Cr»ln, GI«n L»nf«« Lynn Bar! • 7" Warner News and Short* - - THEIR. HORNS BECAUSE THEY'RE 1,0 HAPPY ABOUT THE EXPERT VJO1K 7H6Y ffET AT- NEWVEA.B.S/ BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO YEAR ... <>v> 1 I I I 1 1 I I 1 [Mj 1 1 i I I I 1 1 1 I NEW PRICES ON USED CARS AND TRUCKS I Ifllfi Dodge 6 Passenger Coupe. Jusf like new- Very low mileage! Chevrolet .1 door Sedan. Radio, heater, seat- J9II .Vl-Ton International Pickup. covers. This car is in excellent condition. 1946 Super-Six Hudson 2 door. Radio, heater, scat- tovers. Runs and drives like new. Iflll Master De Luxe Chevrolet 2 Door. Seat covers. In Tip-Top condition. New Heater— A good pickup at low cost. 1937 Ford 1-2-Ton Pickup with Cattle Rack. Good Shape—Excellent Tires. Priced right at only $450.00. DUV IHCVILLES ONLY ALL WHITE T H EAT HE eckdajrs KOI Office upeiu »:S» p.m. Show StarU «:i5 p.m. Saturday Box otfko Opens 12:4S p.m. Show gurt.i 1:M p.m. Sunday Box Office Opens 1:4S Show Start* Z:9» Tonight IDEA GIRL" TRUCK AND TRAILER SPECIAL: 1942 CMC 2-Ton with 1942. Nabors 24 ft. Seed and Grain trailer. Truck is in fine condition. New engine and paint job. 2 speed axle, This truck and trailer is ready to go right to work for you. Dhitheville Motor Co with George Doleni ani Jaiie and "THAT'S MY, MAN" with Don Amechc and Katherine MoLcod Serial: "Daughter of IJon Q Also Short Subjects SATURDAY "Rio Grande Raidira with Sunset Carson and Bo Serial: "Son of ZOT Also Cartoon Saturday Owl Show STARTS AT Hit* P. M. "Strange Conquest" with J.ine Wyalt and Lowell Gilmore Serial: "Jungle Girl"; Abo Cirtool Sunday and Monday'UIAMS sail 'A-V\ Als* New* *

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