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The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada • Page 1

The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada • Page 1

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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1 l.7i The man who ii desirous of making hit wav ii the I 3 world and trying to do business without advsrliaing, ia like winking in the dark; he may know what he is doing, bat nobody else doe. Therefore to be mournful he must advertise and keep his name be fore the public. III innipeo Tribonb ia jua the paper to eet the ae requirements. Its mo tto ii "advert iae," and ita advice ia "Ad-ver tise judiciously." "Ju. die ious advertising ia the key-, to Be of success." Do not over cro wd your advertisements to that no thing can be read distino tly but word them so that they can be read at a glano e.

The most au ccessful advert isersof the ay are thoa who bav but a ew wo rds. Let your rule be always Short and to the Point Weatii er Indications Fine light snow, and rising temperature. At the Hotels. Clarendon: Mr. and Mn.

Reid and family, Stockton; H. L. Klllolt, Mellta. Queen's: H. C.

Froro, Now York; O.W. WU-cox. Minneapolis; 0. J. Cnmporwell, Buffalo; R.

JobiiHton, Brandon; C. Held, Swift Current. Leland: W. K. Kennedy, Btonewall; W.

Lewis, Montreal; K. Goldhtnne Windsor; T. McKay Mid wife, Mcdiciue Hat; A. 8. Clark, Kort William; W.

K. Kershaw, St. Shannon, Gretna; J. O'Urten, Portage la Prairie; J. H.

Hunney, Sourls; li. Meikle, Minx C. Meikle. Wton, Carman; Hone, W. Morro and wife, Toronto; 8.

H. Dickson, Hartncy; W. Hlanchanl, Carman. Manitoba: W. Mills, J.

Bruce, Minneapolis A. Scott, W. C. Davidson, Toronto; A. Mill, 1).

M. forum, C. Held, A. Douglas, BU Thnmai; C. M.

Strango, Kingston; J. 8 Ho gan, Hamilton; K. Goodwill, A. O. Gralnver and wiff, S.

O. Mihnws, Montreal; VV. M. Ool-clennh. Kai PoUtfe; G.

J. Pope, W. M. Gunton. ChicifO; T.

Suirkey, Bniinerd; J. C. Graham, Kort William; A. V. lloiiinson and wife, J.

Saxaal and w.fe, Cavalier; U. Yeu, Rodney. Grain Markets. Reported by private wire to K. G.

Slmcox graiu broken, room 9. Graiu Kxchauge. Liverpool, Jan 28. Wheat, spot, quietj poor demand; fixtures steady. Off coast wheat and corn, Milling doing.

On passage, wheat, firm. Chicago, Jan. 2S. Wheat, Jan. closed 59-in; July, closid 54js: May, opened 63J; closed 53 b.

Oats, closed 2M; May, opened 2Dj closed Corn, closed 41j; May, Opened 45 closed 43. DuLtrru, Jan. 28. Wheat, closed 50; May, opened 57, closed 57; July opei.ed 57 1, closed 58 jj. Nw York, Jan.

25. Wheat, May, opened 58 closed 5SJ; July, opened 59; closed 58 closed 57J. DOMESTIC MISSIONS. Canon O'Meara'o Tour Interviewed on the Couditlon of Affairs In the Northwest. Toronto, Jan.

28. Rev. Canon O'Meara is here on a trip in the interest of domestic mission work in Rupert's Land. In an interview he said the contributions so far were very satisfactory. He thought the material prospects of the settlers in the Northwest were of the brightest.

"People seem fairly well satisfied with their lots," he said, "although there aOe eomo districts where the crops are short and there is undoubtedly much suffering. Ia a period of ten years there has been a very distinct advance ia the average prosperity and comfort of the settlers. The greatest drawback at present is the low price of wheat. The oost of living has materially decreased in the past few years, and I do thiuk it will jow average more than 12 or IS per cent higher than in the east. The enhanced oost comes in chiefly in the matter of fueL" He returns to Winnipeg this week.

LIBERAL CONVENTION. Bon. Mr. Laurler Will Address a Big Meeting la Toronto. Toronto, Jan.

28 Mr. Laurier will be on Tuesday in connection with the convention of the Young Men's Liberal olub of Ontario. A big meeting will be held in the evening I Roman Catholic Petitions. Quebec, Jan. 27.

In all the Roman Oath-liohurohes of this city to-day the petition "be forwarded to the governor-general in- oounoil by the Rov. Father Allard, O.M.I., Mmmistrator of the arch diocese of St. nniface, in connection with the schools Manitoba, was read from the pulpits and priests strongly urged their parish-n to sign that petition as a supreme and appeal of all the Catholics of Dominion to the federal authorities, Ttatingthat it was the daty of the Utholics to do so. expressed ths that no party consideration would in-nere with such duty under the circum-j00. Thousands of names were attach-w the lists immediately after mass.

A Heavy Asslganent. Toronto, Jn. 28. Foster A Tender, a "1 rtil carpet and house furnishing ea-jwushment, has assigned. The liabilities Jf1 flOO.000.

The principal creditors are Dominion Bauk and English houses. -s sj ii I I Position for Harkett. MMtreal. Jan. 28.

It generally be-sdlnpoliUcal circles that Hackett, M. i will be appointed pro- aciei treasurer. Hre at Keewatln. Jan- Beeton's thi. ompleUly destroyed by fire vsning.

fhe loss Is about $1,000. a Chareh Rareed, -) w7imw. Jn. Disaiplea church 1' TORY POLITICAL TOUR, ye-Electiitns Take Place To-Day In King-ston and West i. Algoma.

Foster, Hagg-art and Other Ministers Openiusr a Western Ontario Campaign. Norman Jan. 20. There was a meeting held in the Norman hall last night in the interest of Jas. Conmee, Reform candidate for the Ontario legislature.

Henry Lang-ford, barrifter, of Rat Portage; Mayor Barnes, of the same place, and T. H. Barron, Q.C., M.P., one of the noble thirteen, spoke in favor of Mr. Conmee. This is a big fight.

Ottawa, Jan. 28. Foster, Haggart, Patterson, Wood and Dr. Montague commence a western tour at Gait to-night. It will last until about Feb.

12. MEETING OF TUB RAILWAY COMMITTEE1. Ottawa, Jan. 28. The railway committee of the privy council met to-day, there being present Sir Adoluh Caron, Tupper, Daly and Ouimet.

Boms 12 applications, principally street crossing cases, were heard. KINGSTON ILICTION. Kingston, Jan. 28. The bye-election is proceeding quietly.

Politicians on both sides are working vigorously. A big vote is being polled. DO NOT THINK TIIK wn yK ilkiTION. Ottawa, Jan. 27.

Two very prominent railway managers, one connected with the CP. R. and the other with the G. T. have within the past three days expressed the opinion that there would be no general election before a session.

They did dot pre tend to have any special information, but even opinions on the question from such quarters are worth something. People, however, are asking the question, if there is to be a session why is it not called! 18 THIS A BOORBACH? Kingston, Jan. 27. Eminent legal men agree that if Dr. Smith is elected against Hon.

W. Harty to-morrow ho cannot hold his seat, as he is disqualified by being tyT man for Wilkinson Sons, liquor merchants, in the matter of their securing a license from the pronvincial government. TUB PREMIES AT BELLEVIELE. Belleville, Jan. 26.

Sir Mackenzie Bowel! arrived in town this morning. His health appears to be good. U. S. Revenues Increasing Under the New Order.

Washington, Jan. 26. Some striking statements regarding the inancial outlook of the national treasury were made in the house to-day by Chairman Wilson, of the committee on ways and means. He said there was no danger that the treasury would default in the payment of any of the expenditures for government, that it could under present conditions stand a deficit of $50,000,000 in receipts this year and still pay all obligations, that revenues were increasing and rapidly approaching a point where they would yield a surplus, and that the present tariff bill would provide sufficient revenues for all purposes. He advocated the repeal of the duly because it was right and just to do so, because it was a protective duty levied for tho benefit of the sugar trusts and against the interests of the consumers, because it would relieve the irritation of foreign governments, and because the revenue arising from it was not needed.

lit A Divorce Case. Newark, N. Jan. 28. The much-talked about Coleman-Drayton divorce case is a special order on the docket of the court of chancery to day.

Mrs. J. Coleman-Drayton is represented in court by her solicitor, R. V. Xindabnry.

By the oourt's order the complainant must shew osuse tomorrow why the defendant should not have leave to amend her answer, Mr. Lindabury averring that owing to Mrs. Coleman-Drayton's long abseace in Kurope he had not been able to have a personal interview with her. Lanslag'l Health Government. Lansing, Jan.

28. A delegation from Detroit has arrived in the oity to defeat the passage of the bill placing the appointment of the Detroit board of health in the hands and abolishing the power of the city mayor in this particular. It ia expect-ed that Mayor Pingree will arrive on the scene this evening or early to morrow morning to lend his aid to the movement to head off the bill, which, if passed, will oust his appointee and followers, Dr. McLeod, the present health commissioner of Detroit. Suffrage Association.

Atlanta, Jan. 28. The executive committee of the National American Woman's Suffrage association to-day opened headquarters at the Aragon hotel for ths reception of delegates to the annual ooiven-tion of the organization, whioh will open on Thursday. The Eomaa Catholic Petition. Toronto, Jan.

28. Father Allard's petition re Manitoba schools was read In the Roman Catholic churches in Toronto yesterday, accompanied by a note from Walsh asking all the parishioners to sign it. Serious Troubles atCaura. Colon, Colombia, Jan. 28.

It is reported that serious troubles have occurred in the Interior. Troops have been sent to Cauoa, one of the largest departments in Colombia. Two politinal arrests were made here. Hajward Murder Trial. Minneapolis, Jan.

28. Another juror was secured in the Hayward murder trial this morning, making 10 all told. Damage by lire. Alymer, Jan. 28.

The loss by fir at the Aurora Episcopal church, damaged on Sunday morning, was $1,500. All Quiet To-day. Brookltk, Jan. 29. The strikers are quiet to-day.

The militia are being seat home. Glenboro. Glinbobo, Jaa. 17. Quite a large number of our citizens attended the carnival at the Cypress River skating rink on Tuesday last.

Our curlers also attended, but suffered ignominous defeat at the hands of the Holland adept al the besom and stane. Ths noaor of Ulenboro was upheld, however, by ear townsman, Mr. John Kennedy, winning ths mile race handily from five competitors. Mr. Tnoe.

(jotherlsxd left on Saturday morning last to join his father in Treheins. His Honor Judge Kvan is presiding at the court of revision held here today. A large number of names are being added tothe lists. Kev. Mr.

Moddock, of Willow City, N.D., ia visiting in town. Mr. Leaoh, of the firm of Leach Royal, barristers, who has been mauaging the Glenboro office for some time, returned to the oity on Saturday, but his place has been taken by Mr. Royal. Mr.

W. R. Weare, for many years a resident of Glenboro, left on Monday last for Rapid City, where he has obtained a lucrative position. Glenboro, Jan. 24.

Dr. Todd, of Winnipeg, is in town, having been called to consult with Dr. Lougheed. Mrs. A Stevens is very ill, and small hopes are entertained of her recovery.

Mr. McL. is expected home from the east soon. It is rumored that ho will have a part ner. Thus.

Saunders returned yesterday from the Winnipeg general hospital, where he went to have his leg set. Mr. J. Morrow, of Logan A bank, left for Carberry Tuesday on a very interesting mission. SENSATIONAL CASE.

A Woman Arrested at Brockville Charged With Bigamy and Poisoning'. Brockville, Jan. 28. Mrs. Annie Dowi-ley, of Mallorytown, is in jail on the charge of bigamy and She was formerly Annie Graham, a beautiful girl.

When 17 years of age she married Dowsley. A few months after she went to Brockville she changed name to Macdonald, and subsequently went to Gananoquc, where, it is alleged, she entered into a conspirrcy with a man named Williamson, a marble dealer, to marry James Dempster, a acptua- Senerian farmer aear New Dublin, and in-uce him to hand over his properly, estimated to be worth $25,000, one-half of which she was to give to Williamson. They were married last August; then Dowsley appeared on the scene and threatened if one half of the property was not deeded to him that he would have his wife arrested for bigamy. His offer was declined. She was arrested and Williamson has fled.

It is also that she got poison to kill the old man, and the arrest prevented the consummation of this part of the plot. DYNAMITE SEIZURE. Nearly Two Tons of the Terrible Staff Taken From P. Labby's Barn. Port Arthur, Jan.

26. The Sentinel issued an extia to day containing the following: Customs Collector Nicholson seized 71 Ixixesol dynamite lost night. It was found in a warehouse on oourt street, just behind Mr. Win. Vigars' bouse.

The dynamite has come from the Paulson mine, at the Minnesota end of the P. A. 1. A W. track, and Mr.

Labby accounta for being in poascstion of it by stating that hs purchased it from "a man." The seizure took place about half past four en Friday eveniug, and Mr. Nicholson at once put men on to watch it, and took immediate steps to procure a suitable place in which to store the dynamite. It was removed early this morning by permission of Mr. Geo. H.

Macdonell, M.P., to the Hamilton Powder magazine, and the fears of the people who live adjacent to Mr. Labby's place will thus be relieved. Mr. Nicholson obtained the Information from P. A.

D. A Way, that the company brought in the powder, twenty-one boxes on Nov. 27, 1X94, and fifty boxes on ths 0th of January, 1895. All the parties are known who have had any connection with tbe transaction, but their names are for obvious reasons withheld. Wholesale arrests will follow, and it behoves the authorities, municipal and otherwise to take immediate steps for the punishment of the offenders.

Tbe offenses in connection with this case are of the greatest magnitude, but we are sorry to say that great as the punishment is it falls short of being sufficient. Mr. Nicholson is entitled to great credit for his prompt and ellicieut steps in ridding the town of this great peril. Canadian News Notes. Smith, of Hamilton.

will likely be appointed chief of the city police at asulury of Montreal no sooner recovered from the big etorm of Saturday than it had another to deal with. On Saturday there was no wind to make trouble, but on Hunday night It was both snowing and blowing. The libel ault Arising out of charges made by the I'atrlot newspaper of Charlottetown, I. K. ugalnst Honft-tor Ferguson resulted In a draw battle, gross mismanagement by Ferguson being proven.

The Jury was dismissed. Tenders tor two fire engines were opened in Toronto on Saturday afternoon and they were referred to experts tor a report, the following gentlemen being named as aucb John Fenson, T. C. Redd and H. H.

Northy, to be asRlssted by the city engineer and Deputy Fire Chief Graharu. Tbe Wellnod county council on motion of tbe reeven of Fort Krle and International Iirldge unanimously adopted resolution to memorial-te parliament to enact an alien labor law, the resolution Is as follows That in Tlew of the general depression existing at present among the laboring classes and mechanics la this Canada of ours, and of the fact that 'Canadians are rltrldly excluded from employment In the nolgborlng republic of the United States without first declaring the Intention of becoming cltliens of that State, and the fact that large numbers of worklngmen and mechanics are continually coming from the neighboring state to work In Cannda at starvation wages thus shutting off our own cltlxeus from their means of subalittence therefore be It reasoived, that this council memorialise the Dominion government to enact such leginiatlon upon this as shall preserve labor for Canadian cltlxens. Tbe French Cabinet. Paris, Jan. 27.

It is announced that ths cabinet has been completed outside the ministries of war and marine, whioh Gen. Jamnnt and Vice Admiral Beenard bars been requested to take, but have not yet accepted. The dioroes regarding the appointment of ths new mLniaters have been signed. Purify row blood, tone op the yaln, and rxgnlaM the dtffnellre organs by Uklng Hood's Barseportlla. Bold by all druqita ITS ONLY CATAESH But all the same if this trouble Is neglected it will develop into catarrh of the stomach, consumption or nervous prostration perhaps all of these troubles.

Martha Beeant sends a book free whioh tells how to get cured and whiof also ooatalns an Interesting ehaptor entitled "A Few Words, to Wesson," end other valuable information to loth seies. The Martha Bosant York-villa, Oak IN THE ELECTRICAL CHAIR. David Hampton, of vr York, Electrocuted lu the Prixon at Slug- Slugr. He Was Appareutly Resig-ned-Tbe Crime Which Ho Committed. iiog Sing X.Y.,Jan.2S.

David Hampton of New York, went to the cloctrio chair today. He was apparently resigned and spent the last day with his spiritual ad vicrrs, Rev. Father Creedon and Rev. Father McGuire and the sisters Mary and Clotilde from the house of the Good Shepherd. Parrytown, father of Creedon, administered the rites of communion.

Hampton's crime was ths murder of Mrs. Annette Ahrens, a widow ninety years old, in her apartments in West Kifty-fourth street on the night of Doi. 29th, 1K'J2. CHURCHILL'S FUNERAL. Romaius Will Be Interred This Afternoon at Bladon Church.

Jan. 29. The remains of the lata Lord Randolph Churchill were conveyed from tho Churchill residence on Groavenor Square to Paddington railroad station this morning and placed on board a train bound for Woodstock, Oxfordshire, where they will be buried this afternoon at Bladon church. OBITUARY RECORD. Death of M.

De Giers, the Celebrated Diplomat St. PcteroburH, Jan. 27. M. l)e Giers, minister of foreign affairs.

Is dead, lie died of Inflammation complicated by neuralgia of the heart, lie was somnolent throughout Saturday. At tl In the evening he fell asleep and died without waking. The Czar, the Grand Duke and Duchess Vladlmern, most members of the diplomatic corps, and nil the ministers attended the service of payer held In bis memory this morning. The funeral will tuke place on Wednesday. The seml-ofliclul St.

Petersburg; Journal says: M. De tilers bad been the actual director of the Uusslana of the foreign olflee since the licrlin con-IfresM. He had been the faithful, enlightened and sincere executor of the Pacific intentions of three sovereigns. He was an ardent patriot and a talented, and tireless worker. It not thought that his death will result In any change of policy, as Ills successor wilt be like the a man' of pacific Intentions.

London, Jan. 27. Prof. Arthur Guy-lev died last night. Loudon, Jnn.

27. The Conn tee of Kinnoul died yesterday. She was the third daughter of the seventh Duke of Beaufort, and was married to the present earl in 1H48. Toronto, Jan. 27.

Uichurd Ardngh, chief of the fire died this niorning from the effects of Injuries received at Tbe Globe fire on Jan. 0, when lie was compelled to Jump 40 feet to escape cremation. He was years of age. Heart failure was the Immediate cause of death. Hamilton, Jan.

'Jl. Mr. Wm. Hynd-man, blacksmith, employed at the Ontario rolling mills for several years, dropped dead shortly after starting work at 7 o'clock yesterday mornlng-IIeart disease was the cause of death. Deceased was tit) years of age and leaves a widow and two daughters.

BALFOUR'S KMKKZZLEME.NTT. The Snbsrrlptlons to Relieve the Widows and Orphan! Amount to 1225,000. London, Jan. 28. The committee of prominent philanthropists apsintel to raise a fund for the relief of the poor widows and orphans who were left destitute by the fraudulent transactions of Jebez Balfour of ths Liberator Building society, and who is now awaiting extradition in Brazil, has announced that the subscriptions now amount to or about f'AOW less than one-half of the amount alisolutoly needed for the work.

The committee feels that the results are the mors discouraging as new cases of ruin and destitution continue to come in. Since January 1 fifteen new eases, nearly all of them aged people in the most distressing circumstances, have been called to the attention of the oommittes. It was hoped that euough money oould be raised to provide small annuities for those between seventy and eighty years of age, but this plan has bnea necessarily and tne utmost that oan now "be done is to pro vide a little casual help from time to time. 1 1 No better motto for members to pledge themselves to than that of the Noi ih Dakota Y's: "I am but one, but I am ens. I oan not do everything.

What I oan do I ought to do and what I ought to do, by the grace of God. I will do." There are many flower mission depart-menU in local onions doing no work because "there are bo flowers." The superintendents havs surely failed to notice that this work has far outgrown the limits of its name. 8uch work as he following is legitimately pursued in this department: Distribution of Bibles and clothing, canned fruit, provisions, scrapbooks for children in the hospitals- coal purchased sick people given boggy rides; half hour's sewing for the needy; ditto readings to the sick in short, as yon ana your brother or sister kaa need shed about them the fragrance of a kind deed. The board of management of the Girls' Reading intend holding a sals of goods KasUrwerk. This will allow every member and friend in the city or country to assist by sending in some article of plain or fancy work.

Ills hoped that all who oan aid ia this way will at once Inform the secretary or some member. Miss Aikina secured ths first new member who was introduced, Miss MoLelland, this being the particular work I he members were pledged to for January. Two hand red names wers At last week to add to ths mdlioas already attached to the unique and historic polyglot petition, Which Will be presented to the United (jtates forernment oa Ksbraary 15, by him WU-ird, Lady Eeory Somerset, and other prominent leaders, after which it will be presented to all the government of the world. "As well might a carpenter expect to build a house without haioroer and saw, as a white ribbon worker be etlicieiit without readinir the national state organs of the W. C.

T. ISI FAVORS THE SCHEME Of the C.P.K. Colouration Society, hut Doeg Not Thiuk tho Government Will Aid It. Commissioner H. II.

Smith, of the Dominion lands returned from his trip east ou Sunday. In answer to the Inquiries of a reporter this morning be said that bis business while away bad been of a departmental nature, and that he bad nothing to say of special public Interest. Asked us to his opinion on the C. V. It.

workmen's colonization scheme he said that he bad read accounts In the Winnipeg papers of the progress of the idea, but was not thoroughly acquainted with the details of what the men desired. "Are you favorable to the scheme?" "Yes, from what I know of the matter at present, mid 1 shall be most happy to glvd It all the assistance In my power. I think you will find that this Is what has always been the policy of our department In such cases. "Is it likely that aid will be granted by the government Mr. Smith seemed surprised at the question.

"No," bo said, "Ida not think so. 1 did not understand that they desired financial ntd. In any case, It Is most unlikely that such would ever be granted, as nothing of the kind has ever yet been1 done by the government. Of course, 1 cannot speak definitely on the matter, and until the particulars are before me It Is Impossible to discuss the matter intelligently." Mr. Smith said be would be very happy to meet Geueral Superintendent Whyte, Land Commissioner Hamilton, and the committee appointed when they were ready.

He bad not bad any Intimation from them as yet. FIRES THIS MORNING. IL If, Drnmmond'a Residence at Fort Kongo Severely Scorched This Morning-. The fire brigade had a busy time again this morning. The first alarm came from the residence of Mr.

Williamson. 220 Edmonton street, at 7.20 o'clock. The south fire hall sent aa engine and chemical, but tbe latter was sutlicient to put matters in order. The cause of the trouble was a defective flue and the damage will oot exceed 0. rihi is vokt Before the above fire could safely be ieit (20 minutes later) the alarm was rung from the corner of Ttcbe street and River avenue, and this also being oa the south district the central engine was the first on the spot, notwithstanding the fact that Chief Code is far from being well, on the second alarm sounding he sprung out among the first and was there to personally conJu-H the fighting operations; when they arrived on the scene they found a serious blaze in Mr.

U. M. Drummoud's residence. The gentleman named was manfully fighting ths amea with pails of water and trying to stay their progress before the brigad arrived; he was fairly successful as matters, bad as they were, might have been worse. The residence is of brick veneer and the fire originated from the floor safe, whioh is supposed to havs been in defective condition either in the safe itself or the elbow adjoining.

The' fire had got good headway Ufore being discovered and the brigade were at work for upwards of an hour before it was under control. Mr. J. Strachan, who lives with Mr. Drummond, was not alarmed until it was too lata for him to escape from his room by the stairway and bis calls for assistance brought Conductor DiDgman, of the electric Street railway, whose ear was approaching, to his assistance.

Mr. Dlngman commenced to construct a temporary ladder, but the place got too hot and Mr. Htrachan jumped from the roof of the veranda to the ground below, dislocating his hip. Conductor Dingman carried nim to the residence of Mr. Drummond's brother near by, where he received medical treatment.

Mr. bands were frozen with ths exposure. The damage to the building will amount to about f-'JOO, while it is difficult to estimate the value of ths furniture, but 11,000, it ia generally believed, will cover this, making the total Iocs about 1,300. Tbe insurance was as follows: Northern (Mewrs. Drummond Bros, at MofTattihoiiHe IVOOO Northern iMowmi.

Drummond Bros, fe MolUIti furniture J.ttO Union, on Mr. J. tttraohau's ofTocU SuO Total f.fO PUGILISTIC PERSONALS. Billy Murphy Is a tailor. Johnny Griffin Is studying medicine.

Geno Harnbacber Is making umbrellas. Billy Meyer Is In the olgar business In Chicago. George Godfrey outs coupons and gives sparring lessons. Billy Kdward la a prlvntodrtoctlvoand hoU'l "bouncer." Mlkn Donovan toarhes boxing at the Now Yoik Alhletlo chili. Arthur Chambers and Tateey Pheppard re running concert hulls.

Corls'tt, Kltzsliiininns, Sullivan, Dlxun, Kid Hngiin mid Joe Wulro't are actor. Dnn Creeiloii, Tommy Tniry, Tom Kelly, Torn Allen, I'ndily llyan, Young Mitchell, Jimmy Cum. 1 1 and Jake Kll-rain are filing Barleycorn." Fltzslmmnns has now deposited of the 110,000 stake which ho and Chnm-plon CorU'tt nm nmtclied to fight tur In addition to a 4 purse. Kltzanys; "I do not see why Corln'tt docs not accept the Klnetosonpo company's offer and let the light occur In New Mrxloo, That would be sure money." WAR TALK IS INCREASING. Battalion of Infantry Making- Preparations to Move From Mexico City.

Will be Held on the Pacific Coast Preparatory for Trans-- portatiou. City of Muxjco, Jan. 28. -The fourth balUllou of infantry is making prepar a-tions to move from the city, tin) object! vs point being Acapulco on tho Pacific coast, where they will be hu'd wi'h other forces bow there for transportation by sea for the Guatemalan invasion, if so ordered. The war talk is Increasing.

M0KKIS. Siiccsisful Coueerton Hums' Anniversary-A Bunaway Accident. Morris, Jan. 20. What might have been a serous acoidout happened Tuesday last.

While Mr. Kastner went went into ths Commercial hotel, his young team of ches- nuts took fright and made off. They crossed the street between Law He Bros', store and hay scale andmadc straight for the public school. They were hitched to a heavy pair of sleighs. The polo of the alcigh caught the corner of the building, one horse runuing just clear of the building, the other going bead first into it.

There is a holo out of tho side as if cut with a saw, with tho exception of the slivers. The horse on the outside never stopped running. The horse which hit the building got up and made off, leaving the aloigh with nothing broken but the whipfether, and strange to say there was uot a aoratuh on either of the horses. Mr. J.

Kastner has returnod to Win-nlieg. Our Robio Burns anniversary concert came off last night, and was large ly attended. There were several encores, but were oclv resnonded to hv Mr. 11. J.

Mctavish and Mr. Ballard. They could not keep tho audience quiet until they responded, it was, without an exception, the best oonoert Morris has had i nany a day. We will make no commentary, ae it was all home talent and all well done. It was held in the I'reahyterian church, Rev.

Mr. Innis acting chairman. Mr. Peter Kastner left to-day for Winnipeg, where he joins his family. Ws are very sorrv to Irae Mr.

Kastner, and hop it won't be long before he returns. Mr. Vrank 8. Bell has procured a skeleton for his trotter "Morris He expects to get her down in the class before spring. Mrs.

H. M. Kificord returned from a visit to her relatives in Michigan. Mr. F.

MoKenzie returned from Winnipeg after a day's ahaence. The loadstone seems to be in the south, and he bad to oome. Mrs. Jas. Rodman was called to Napinka owinf to the sickoeas o( htr daughter, Mrs.

J. Badger. Mr. Jaa. Rodman and Dr.

MoTavish weut over to Bathgate yesterday to a dinner given by one of our old town boys, Mr. Kd. Mulvey. The programme for the Burns' concert was as follows; Chorus, Ya Banks and Braes, choir; sketch, Robert Bums, B. Innis; song, A Lad was Born in Kyle, John Lawrie; song, A Hundred PipeiS an a', Jas.

Lawrie; aong.Hoetland Yet, John MoTavish; reading selection. Miss A. 8 to wart; duet, Crookit Baubee, Mr. and Mrs. M.

l-swrie; song, Ths Auld Hootch Hangs, Mrs. Chisho-1m; instrumental selection, J. Phillips; song, selection, Mr. Ballard; solo and chorus. Will Ya no Come Back Again, D.

M. Ure; reading, Patie Pirnie's Wooing, D. Hay; duet, l'arady on the Hunting Tour, Mr. and Mrs. Jaa.

Lawrie; solo, My Nannie's Awa, Jas. MoCreath; recitation, Aunt Lucie's Mistake, Mrs. Boll; song, Lasso' Cowrie, John McTavish; solo, Land o' ths Leal, Mrs. Chiaholm; reading, Collar's Naturday Night, J. Stevenson solo, Roderick Dhu, 1).

M. Ure; song. Green grow the Rashes I-awriei chorus, There's nae Lack Aboot the Haj-se, choir. Concert aid Social at MUlbrook. A oonoert and social was given in the schoolhouse here on Friday evening of last week, and was one of the most suooosful we have ever had in this district.

The ladies of the district attended to the wants of the inner man, after which the Kildenaa Glee CI assisted by a few of our local contributed the following programme: Chorus, "Keep in the Middle of tha Road," Gloe Club; song, "Anchored," Alex. Matheeon; recitation, "Tha Slavs Who Raved Su Mary's," D. W. Molvor; song, "He Me Dance tho Polka," Capt. Oldrenta; dialogne, "Sol'liVs Return," Messrs.

Gill and l)onald; chorus, "la the Morning," Glee Club; song, "I Couidu H. Mclvor; dialogue, "Tbe Widows' Victim," Miss Gallop and Messrs. Mitchell and Snider; chorus, "Vive La Compagnie," (ilea Club; song, "Little Alabama Coon," Capt. Oldrenta; recitation, "Wreck of the Julie Ilanto," 1). W.

Molvor; song, "The Cat Came Back," N. K. Molvor; violin solo, Wm. Holmes; Instrumental.flute and violin, Gilbert McKay and Jackson Holmes; song, A. Matheeon; chorus, "With Mv Glee Club recitation, "A Dutch Wedding," J.

Hnider, stump speech, "Carpet Boy," Capt. Oldrents; accompanist, Miss Campbell "God Have the Queen." The KUdonan boys deserve praise for the way in whioh they oarred out their part of ths programme. Their comical oogro costumes and the mautier in which they per- formed each part captivated the audience, and they were greeted with many encores and rounds of applause. Our local performers did woll and thler efforS were appreciated. The ihool house was crowded, and Judging from the favorite expression it goodV ') all enjoyed themselves very much.

Over 123 was taken in at the door, which will be voted towards oompletina the church shed. A vote of thanks was tendered to the Kildonan glee club for tholr assistance, and all returned to their homes fully satisfied that this was one of the most entertaining vsnings they had ths pleasure of having in ths district this winter. Dundee. DnxDH, Jan. 22.

Several of Dundee' populace took oooasion to drive down to tha oonoert at Milbrook on Jan. IS. Tha Glee olub of Kildonan, aa well a a few local lights, entertained the listener for several hours.after which refreshments were served, and as soon as the rev, preacher decamped the Qddle was tuned. Tha population of Duadt Is steadily increasing. Mr.

W. J. Donaldson is study in; tho prospect of a i saoisvd heir. Ur. dl LA ia at pres.

nt vary low. I 1.

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