The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 1, 1948 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 1, 1948
Page 13
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THURSDAY. JANUARY 1, 1948 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Expert Says Atom Is Still a Secret Scientist Says A-Bomb Is Beyond Soviet Reach At Least for Awhile AFL Wants Him (UP)—Prof. Giovanni Gl*Wul, one of Italy's foremost physicists, contends that the atomic bomb is not "scientific" but a technical secret and that the Soviet Union cannot produce It "within foreseeable time," Giorgi, 16, returned recently from a government mission to the United States to investigate modern methods of the telephone Industry. He aald the United States Is the only country which succeeded In producing "not one but many so-cnned atomic bombs" and that it is now applying radar's "electric eye" to it. Giorgi pointed out in an interview that he had written in his book. "The Smashing of the Atom,' that the "secret of the technique" of the atom bomb is protected by a "thousand executive details, every one of which ... is known to a different person." Reasons Listed He listed three other reasons tor | the "secret:" i 1—The necessny of having si- • multaneously a large number of scientific laboralories directed by men who have devoted their lives to the study of nuclear physics. 2—The necessity of providing mighty industrial plants, Ihe personnel of which is trained by devoting all their lives In acquiring., skill in certain special operations, j 3—The enormous difficulty of , co-ordinating and Integrality the [ work of so many persons and so many specialized technical plants. [ . Giorgi Is the author of the sys- of handling electrical units ned after him and adopted Ffroughout the world <Das Georg- Ische Masse System). He said that to obtain any of the "terrible nuclear explosives" and utilize them in putting together tin A-bomb, it is necessary to obtain uranium and graphite and many other products' which are absolutely pure and specially treated. Many Expert! Needed To "purify" any one of those products, he said, such colossal industrial plants as the TJ. S. Dn Pont Company had to contribute their skill. H« added that In such Important plants, * "legion of chemists, physicists and technicians". have devoted their lives to mastering their specialty and have machines and instruments of difficult and complex structure which could not be imitated without a long preparatory period. Giorgi emphasized that certain principal operations which permit the passage from common uranium to explosive metals require "action on each individual atom to detach an assemble one by one." He said that to form one milligram of the ^product it is necessary to gather so nany atoms as are expressed by a "number formed by a digit followed by 21 zeroes. Otherwise expressed, he explained. "If we worked gathering 15,000 atoms per second and continued for two billion years—approximately the age of our planet—we would succeed In putting together a milligram of the product." He said that to collect the few tens of kilograms necessary to make an atom bomb would require a period euqal to the calculated past time of the sun, if undertaken individually. "And yet the United states," Giorgi said, "has succeeded in combining »o many effort* to obtain not one but many of the so-called atom bombs, which, now are stored away and held ready." Problems Complex Giorgi, who has coiuacts with many American scientists, said that th« Soviet Union could not pro- due* anything similar for a long I Have On Hand At All Times Several tractou and equipment both new and used ones . . . fOHN DEERE, FARMALL and other makes. Also, I have for sale at all times 70 to 80 head of mules. Terms can be arranged. Will trade for most anything you have. New Ford Tractors Ready for Delivery F. C. CROWE 1 Mile f. «f Bragfzdocla Ex-Sen. James M. Mead of New York is lop candidate to head the AFL's new Educational and Political League, (he llrsl venture Ihe labor organization has lal;cn Into nntlona! politics. Mead, who ran for governor of New York acainst Thomas Devvcy In 1916, was a consistent supporter of organized labor In the Senate. I Is not Impossible Tor ""other , mtlon even well endowed—like the " Soviet Union, which has absorbed I great purl of Germany—to sue-j ceed In producing the tcrrlbln nu- '• clear explosives, but not from one year to the next. It would require an Immense amount of effort and a period of lime which It Is Impossible (o foresee." Clioigi said he believed that future A-bombs will not be cmployod "so simply" as before, because "in a future war, Hie systematic use of new explosives would be tied up with Hie famed electric eye, an Integral part of radar. In' the production of which uiher xronps of factories aiul industries o{ extraordinary complexity and Importance are engaged. He Implied thai the Soviets could not possibly match the U. S. In tills field either because "the production of these radar Instruments miniature dimensions involving of mllnmctrlo radiu waves" will take a long lime even for the U. a. to perfect. H« said nnulher win 1 would STO live emergence of now uupredictnbl* weapons and that whoever has them would not announce them to th* world and "no attention should b« pnlrt lo anything announced publicly." PAGE ELKVKN of Steel Oil Barrel Racks An; Blie T. L MABRY 423 MISSOURI ST. PH. 5627 time to come, "1 auv convinced," he said, Dance Nightly In The Chick Room Say, fellas, here's your clutnce lo really gel the ganR together. The Rustic Inn Is opening the Chirk room for ilancinK nightly with no cover charge. Come in any night after mealtime. 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Shield him by my silence? Wai he so sure .of my love for him. that he thought I would do this? Was I so sure of my love for him, that I would? The attraction between us had been an intangible thing. An <«> crystallized emotion. It might have become love ... in time. Now I didn't know what I felt. My thoughts were mad, whirling dervishes. I couldn't sort them out, or my feelings, or my impulses. I could only gasp weakly in the manner of a drowning person clutching at R straw: "The police, do they know—1 mean how they were killed? That detective wouldn't tell me anything." Jeff looked at me oddly. "I thought you knew. Avis and Art were poisoned." It took time for that lo register. I slared back at Jen"—afterward I knew how closely he inust have been watching me in that moment —and said thickly, "Poisoned— poisoned? But how could they be I poisoned?" "That's what the police are trying to find out." Jeff said slowly. He began to talk, giving me time to gather my scattered wits about me. "The pupils ol their eyes were one of Ihe things that tipped the police olT. Dilated or something like that. It seems the eyes of people who die in automobile accidents aren't like that. And so the police had autopsies performed and found poifon. That's why Lei- phiin has been asking so ninny Questions about what we had to drink. And who mixed the drinks. Tile idea is that it was given to them here in yottr house . . .* T RURRKO my h;md over my foro- 1 head. "I can't believe it, Jeff. Why, we all ate and drank everything—all of us." "I'm sorry I upset you," Jeff said. "I—1 thought you ought to know." When he next spoke it was with determined cheerfulness. "The police don't seem to be making much progress . . . maybe they'll drop the whole thing and let it go as an accident. Let's you and I try to forget it, anyway. T want you t-'^.wn at the studio in the morning." "You mean you're going ahead with the picture, now that all this has happened?" "Going ahead with it ..." Jeff was slopped for a moment by his amazement. Then lie began to explain patiently as one would explain the obvious to a moron. "Of course, we're going ahead wilh it. Holly. Don't you know thai all this has given us a million dollars worth of free publicity? II will be the most talked about picture of the year." Liz Lcyrien had said the same thing. It seemed that T was always underrating Ihat man's cleverness. "We'll have to get a couple of new leads," Jcfl went on. "We may even have to dicker with another studio for an actrest to play the part Avis had. All of our stars are tied up in other productions right now." 1 had a brainstorm. "Jeff—why don't you give the lead to Madge Narney? I watched her the other day playing the part of the secretary. That girl really puts her heart into her work. I believe »h« has talcnl. Vou said yourself when you first mentioned her to me that she was one of your most promising starlets." Jeff stared at me thoughtfully, weighing whal I had said. I could sec him warming to the idea. At last, he admitted slowly: "Maybe you've got something Inert, Hotly." And so another Infinitesimal piece iti the pattern of our murder mystery—and its eventual solution—was laid in place. • • • TEFF left. I put away the food ^ and cleared the table and did the dishes, all the time going over in my mind what we had talked about. I began to realize what it meant—Avis and Art being poisoned, I mean. For one thing it seemed to exclude the possibility of any outsider being the murderer—Jimmy Peters, for instance. Narrowed the suspects down to the people who had been in my house that night . . . the three survivors. It was funny the feeling I had ,whcn I arrived at that fact, as if suddenly there wasn't enough air in the room. Only Jeff Haverson, Liz Leyden and myself could b« suspects in the eyes of the police if Avia Vaughn and Art CievM were poisoned in my house! It was then I remembered the poison 1 had. The lillle packet of poison I'd brought with me to Hollywood and that I kept hidden in the dressing table in my bathroom. That gave me a really bad moment. What if Bob Lciphnn had found that, I thought. The day he and his men went over my house. I was sweating nnd no from lh« California weather as I dashed up the stairs, intent on gelling rid of the incriminating item then and there, I opened the little drawer in Ihe dressing lable and reached back lo where the envelope should have been. It wasn't there! (To Be Continued) KHKCKI-ES * HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSER Itrav* Moment AS YOUK. SCCOMOS, WE'LL MAKf Alt. THE FOR. THE DUEL; JUST sir BACK AND RELAX. OLD BOY-.-YCHJ OONT HAVlf A THING TO WO**V ABOUT.' FAMOUS WORDS! WORRVIM THAT Does ir.' 1't.L SHOW IM WHO'S CHICKEN AROUNO HERE.' RUNMIM& AWAY i IOLD YOU MC CHICKEN I WHAT SAVINS? 'It was the funniest New Year'i party «ver—you should have teen tlie look on your 1 boss's fac« when you pushed him into that fourtui I>UISCILLA'S I'OI lVe/( Waldo! I haven't Iward anything about your Mew Year's resolutions! On, sure, Hazel! I'm going to quit smoking-- gs soon as my supply runs outf Necktie for \\\\\\e M1CHA1CL O'MALLKY nud RALPH LANS V.'HtN HE COME3 10, Hit Wt RE NUT) lOOOTHIS K>K rUOSt MfASlY TMO DIAMOND* VOU'RE GOING TO GEI/SCW*. BUI IT'S 5Hf M- TROUBIE. fINISH KIM Off. 6OY5 WASH TUUBS Telling Friend 'Wash TURNER, OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Ma j. Hooplc SODA IS TRYING TO CUrr SMOKIN6 AND IT HAS HIM SO NERVOUS THAT HE HAS SPELLS OF RIDING AROUMO IN CIRCLES; ~TD DO ANYTHIMei CAIM'T B6DON6 , VJOK.E WE — otoe FEELS so LOGY SLUMBERING LAT& — HM<-KAFF.' H6 BOYS SUGGESTED A VJELSH RAREBlT-w-THSY N&)ER AGRE.E *>U'RE AS PALE A& A LIME FULL OF 6ED SHEETS, S0fv3~ LET'S TRV A LITTLE EXERCISE —COW HANDS FLAT OMTH6 FLOOR A Fevo TIMES AIJD -toou Be is» SHAPE TO FK3HT W.OCATS/ j RUM our O' THE CAPE MOD SEARCHED EHERV INHERE BUT COULWT FIWD ATRftCE OP HER! I POH'T KNOW HER NAME OR. WHERE SHE LWES WM YOU STIIL POH'f KNOW SHE \V*S SO UPSET OVER. THivr wiwr-MX r*s^ ? NO. I GOT HWOIHER. PAPER P.W IOOKEO UP 1H€ AD. IT'S A RATHER STRNNSE ONE..BUT....WEIU HERE...READ IT SHE MUST KNOW THE \ WMM. UN 1 IT PERSON WHO PLKCED IH I DOESS'T If WOUtPN'I HMe /APtlONE MUtt- &CR OK ADDRESS RED RYDER Disgusted FRED HARMAN HAPPT NE.W1EAR, IAY WHESJ i WORKED w A M RESOLUTioS! I>\ KEEPitf THIS Yi\R 15 To CHANGE i s M' W\l O'LIFE/ OR Bt1T£r?o ER ALL DAT MD A riiCKEL FOR A SACX OF PAID irt GOLD DJST; NOW CUT IT OUT AN 1 HELP ME GET ACROSS THAT RAVINE! HOOTS AND IlKK IHJDDIKS By EDGAK MARTIN

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