The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 1, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 1, 1948
Page 11
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 1, 1948 BT/TTHETTLLB (ARK.J 1 COURIER NEWS Dry Forces Win Ground in 1947 Three Counties Vote Ban on Liquor Sale* In Special Elections By Boh Brown (United Presi Staff Correspondent) JUtlTTLB ROCK, Ark.. Jan. 1 (UPi ^tlthough the number of local option liquor elections decreased last year, prohibition forces won out in the majority of those held, a United Press survey indicated today. The check showed that only 13 local option elections were held In the stale last year, nine of them county-wide. This compares with 21 elections In 1046 and 43 elections in 1943—Ihe first year in which such elections were authorized by a 1942 Initiated act. Of the nine counties voting In 1948. three wet counties voted to continue the legal sale of liquor; three wet counties voted dry; and three counties voted to remain dry. Wet counties remaining wet were Drew, Yell and Jackson. Wet counties voting out sale oJ liquor ' were Searcy. Lincoln and Saline, while dry counties remaining dry were Independence, Benton and Baxtor. In 1946 eleven wet counties voted dry and only twp wet counties voted to remain wet. In other elections during the 12 months ending yesterday. Judsonia ' in White County went, from wet to dry; Howard Township In Conway and Crawford Township in Washington County went from wet to dry; mid the town of Reyno In Randolph County voted to remali dry. And as the year ended there were only 37 entirely dry coimti, in Arkansas, compared with 38 where liquor was sold legally, other A'.uios. incUiding Sebastian, Un• \«m and Ouachila, were partially , wet and partially dry. Revenue Shows Increase However, despite the desert areas in the state, revenue from liquor tax continued to pour into the state treasury. Revenue Department figures show tli^it during the first seven months of the current fiscal yeai—ending last night—the state collected « tital of $2,552.000 from the whiskey ; tax alone, some $789,000 more than i the »1,783,000 taken In during the ! lame seven months of last year. Part of the increase must be attributed to the additional 56 cents per gallon tax In-posed by the 1947 legislature. However, revenue department officials are of the opinion that ni'.iL-h or the boost came riirect- | ' ly from increased business. Revenue Commissioner Otho \. Cook was not so optimistic, however, about prospects lor the coming 12 months. He predicted a slight, decrease in liquor revenues despite .the fact that 14 new retail outlets have been allocated in the state. Infant Dies in Swamp as Result Of Bizarre Robbery in Georgia BAINBR1DOE. Ga., Jan. 1 <UP> + —The body of a tiny baby plrl, dead | from exposure, and her nearly-dead five-year-old brother were found In a swamp near here today, apparently abandoned by iheir parent.-, us they fled after "robbing a taxi driver. Decatur County Slit-riff R. A. Stephens said (he seven-momii-old eirl was found dead on a small hill by a swampy river and the little boy "almost dead" in Hie bushes nearby. He identified them as the children of Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Cook, of Bainbridge. Stephens said police had searched for Ihe Cooks mid a brother, Eugene Cook. 32-year-old ex-convict, since a Negro taxi driver reported they robbed and shot him near here Monday niRht. He said ihe trio stole $20 and Ihe taxi from Charlie Burke, the Nesro. and Jled in the car. They apparently took the children into Lhe swamp in un attempted Stephens said they abandoned the car near the ssvanip and tried to go down the rh'rr in a rowboat. When the rowboat overturned, the C[»:K brothers led Mrs. Cook inxl the rhi.dren on the bank "to so lur help." When they hadn't returned by the next day, Mis. Cook left the children and wont for aid herself. "She- finally found a Ncfiro home, sot some food and went back for the children, but- she couldn't find them." Stephen said. "So she returned to ihe nrsro houses." There she was found by Stephen $77,000,000 Tax Take for State Forecast LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Jan. 1. (UP) —If the year 194B lives up to the prediction oi State Hevenue Commissioner Oiho A. Cook, it will be a tremendous record-breaking one as far as state Income is concerned. • Cook predicted yesterday that the state will collect some 577 OQ3 The new licenses were issued by I ooo from-its mujor lax sources thi* _ook yesterday and bring total j year, compared with iib;nit. $sr. 003,- ;iquor outlets in the state to 5S5. ooo in 1UI7 and S57.0JO.OCO in 1946. Cook said the voluntary halting] The revenue commi.wioiicr liited of liquor production, high prices ] as Ihe major "source of the increase and IBM free money will bring; sales, gasoline, motor vehicle and •bout th« revenue slump. I income taxes. Gets '90 Days'—And Likes It Turkey Turning To Democracy Bill of Rights in the Making; Americans Get Much of Credit ISTANBUL (UP) —in Turkey, the police still can grub you, slap yon In jail and hold you as long as they like .without lelllnK you why. filing charces or notifying your family. nut Ihe Turkish parliament' is about to puss a taw stopping those tactics. That Is democracy coming lo Turkey. Leaving the self-confessed dictatorship of Ataturk, the Turks are being fed democracy so fast and In such large chunks they are Imvlnn trouble swallowing. Bui (hey are trying, and they like It. They are clamoring for more. America's fifihtlng war-lltne Ol'« | probably never dreamed they were having a hand In the matter, but most political observers here BKI-OC lhat they did. When Ihe American Army helped knock Hitler's cloud castles apart In Europe, it helped bring the Dill of Rights to 19000000 Turks. . Backed Wrong Horsr It happened Ibis way: Eevryime ,„,.„..,.„. , „, ,„,....., kno W6 that Turkey played footle and Police Chief R. T. Humphreys i "'"" tlle Germans during the war. When Ihe Nazi swastika was rldln? high It looked us if Turkey would Him her guns at the Western allies. Gcrmnny had Ihe material and know-how Turkey needed. But when the high-flying Nazi eagle started getting his tall feathers tangled in radar-directed ack- ack, the Turks decided they had backed the wrong team. They aimed their guns the. wrong way. There never v«is any question of the Turks going to bed with the Russian.!. The Turks had fought loo many wais kicking ambitious Russian territory-grabber.! off their land. It used to be the Czam und now it was the Commissars. 'But (hey still are Russians and we don't like them," say mov Turks. Swing Toward II. S. That left the Western allies, and America was top-dog in this camp. Turkish political leaders saw what was happening in other nations In the Fiussian sphere and decided Ihe only way to keep the small Turkish nation Independent and free was to make friends with the United Slates. America was a land which took her democracy seriously. Turkey with a one-party system, was practically a dictatorship. Some of her laws still were a hangover from Ihe days of the sultans. President Ismet Inonn decided that had to of Rainbridgc, and she told her story. The party went on an immediaie search for the children, bill Ihe sin had died by the time they weic found. The hoy wns near death. Mcanwhih-. deputies picket! up the Cook brothers in the vicinity and arrested them on charges of armed robbery. Til li\ p-year-old boy \vn.s taken ( to Bainbridge hospital where physicians said he has a chance to recover. The body of the baby sirl [ was taken to n iunera] home hcrr. Stephens said the girl was the child ol Cnok and his wife but that ttie boy is Mrs. Cook's child by a previous marriage. She Li a naiive of Oklahoma, ho said. on, all political partiw. provided they h«d no foreign connection* Ilk* the Communist*, t/trt legal. It caught the Turks like i thunderbolt, but In nix m<mtl» they had organlMd the opposition Democratic party. Once th« new puny wan born, H grew like a rain-drenched Texa« thistle. Tiny, unknown weekly newspapers which backed Ihe new parly RICW almost, overnight into powerful dallies. Big. powerful papers backing the old, one-party •ystem began to fade out. The Democrats prepared for the next general election! scheduled tor early In 1947 and were semallomillv successful. Leaders of the old l'«op|p's Republican Pnrty gasped, although they managed to remain In power. Inonu Arli Again Almost everyone agreed that Ihe president was on the side of Ihe young progressives. Fearing (lie possibility of a government upset, he inacie another bid for public popu- arlly by staining bl» nation onre more. Last August, he announced that he was ready to resign as head of the party and lo serve his country as a non-partisan president. The Democrats had demanded that police powers be curbed. The People's party hammered out a police-curb. It Is .vue to be passed. The Democrats demanded complete freedom of tlie press. Actually, pressure of events of ttie vast two years has pratlcMly freed Ihe press already. A newspaper still can be closed by court action for "unreasonable criticism" of Ihe government bul. in (are of belligerent public opinion. Ihe government would riare use (his power only In an extreme case. The newspapers criticize their government, dally and freely. And lhat Is why Rep. Karl Mundt of the U. S. House of Representatives, during his recent visit to Istanbul, said: "Turkey is Hie most democratic country I have found In Europe." PAGE NINH Suggests New Canal Through Mexico s,,... * ?'?%• "" N ' " e no. PM i < ;" nsl<lcr °»'ld>ns « new cmiiil between Sallim Crnz niul I P om in™ 1 " " cxlco - Cll;lv « s" w » -oHMnl would bring ~,, M •?"" Cl ° s " to Ncw Vork ' nnrt WO »W «<"V« as » • ecunty mea»ure for the United Stales Man uoove shows present I onama Cannl, and proposed carinl tliroiiKh Mexico. \lntant New Year Quickly jGets Eyeful in London as Ball Turns Into a Brawl LONDON. Jan. 1. <UP>—London greeted the new yenr R-ith a wild brawl at the minimi Olielsc« Aria Bull at which several youmr, women revelers stripped lo 'ihe skin ns thousnnds of balloons ruined down in stalely Albeit Hall at the stroke of mldnltilit. foinn 4.000 dancers nm[ y.(H)l) spoclnlors nltrndcd Ihr- riotous crl- ebrnllon nnd a lotnl of I'l burn vrv- fd couitllou cases of etinmnngnr, wliliki-y and Kin. Festivities went, on until 5 a.m. The Amorirnn Unit™ is the fn- vorilf Imnev tree ol America, llcws prelcr it to nil others. AUTO UPHOLSTERY SHOP At LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. 307 East Main Street p|, ent 5)9 YP.I. wo ilo nil kinds V niito upholstering-, using only th» durnblo and plenslnii malctlnln. W , ma & M .t com o It your cushion.,. Also door panels, back panel, and Hint will I,, u K uddcd comfort and real charm to th« • carm o ymn • e,.r. e also do hrartilnlnir, sedan top-decking ami eonvtrt. bo topi wo rebuild u-uck seats, fit rubber mats; cut. ritVnd bind buck v,a en, pel,,. Wo nlso do heavy d»ty«ustom 1.H your Auto Upholstery troubles l» our trouble. SI" ta you! Thomas J. Lilly & Son For the Best in Tailored Auto Trim RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Tyiiei Kxcc|l( Cancer) DRS. NIES&NIES 511 Mull!. Hlyllipvllle, Alk.. Photw IK1 BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE- -NORTH TENTH be changed. He bepan in June, 1845, by suddenly announcing lhat from then DELIVERY SERVICE BE LUXE = We have four deliveries doily Monday through Friday 9:30 a.m., 11:00 a.m., 2:30 p.m., 5:00 p.m. Saturday Deliveries at— 9:30 a.m., 11:00 a.m., 2:30 p.m., 5:00 p.m., and 8:00 p.m. 109 West Main —Wt Deliver— Phone 2668 Caught between kissej from relatives, Maria Forrnicola, 21, smile f happily after Immigration oHirials grnnled her a temporary visa Her ex-trl nance was killed in an automobile accident while she was en route trom her home in Ilaly to marry him. Now she can stay m this country 90 days, and if stie marries within lhat time she can stay for keeps. Maria lost no lime—slie already wears an engagement ring (rom Frank Alfidi, 27, of Yonkors N Y Just ask... w9 like to say YES" to LOANS • AUTOMOBILE • SIGNATURE . • CO-MAKER • FURNITURE Outtk, Prlvot. S.rvU. . PerwnolUed Attention Cttmt in or Itlephon* 2928 122 W. Ash St, BLYTHEVILLE GENERAL: CONTRACT | PURCHASE; COIPOBATIOX^ START THE NEW YEAR OFF RIGHT! BETTER CLEANING with the HUDSON FINISH IN ONLY S HOURS FOR THE ASKING! Phone 3151 FARM (J| LOANS Home Olllce, Newurk, N. J. tONO TERM PKOMFT CLOtINO IOW RATE <:AU.. Will IK OK SEI RAY WORTHINGTON 115 8, Third 81.. tllrt!irv)!!e, Ark. Srrvlnii Till.! Si-i-llim M Vein Aurhorlirrf Martians Loan Solicitor tar TIIR PRU11HNT1A1, INSliRANCR COMI'ANV OF AMF1ICA HUDSON CLEANER TAILOR BlythtvilU, Ark. CLOTHIER St«»le, Me. STUDEB AKERS £ CHAMBLIN SALES CO. £ 1Q Sal., • STUDEBAK« • Service E Enjoy surely ami JUMC:O of in In* through regular ear Inspection. B « I'ut in Good Kurnilng Oidur IJ • New fain I Job JD • Chock Kli'ctrlcnl System m fL • llnike I.ttiinn niirl Steering J^ * * A good iclectlon of D«W and UJM) tructe. MM, a MiBk*r J£ at I«U mixtol uttd oart . . . all guarantor J^ •p RaUro.i ».£ A* Mmta T* _. [.n Chamblln Dial 21»S BW CtoinUfa "D R « S T U D EB AKE RS "You'd think llic hoy volod mosl-likely-to-succced would ho smnrl onoiiKli to lake his car to SEAT MOTORS for clicck-uus!" First National Insurance Agency FOR COMPLETE PROTECTION Phone 2311 108 North 2nd St, BILL WILSON CHARLES B1TTNER

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