The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 31, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 31, 1947
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 81, 1917 (AUK.) COURIER NEWS Use of U.S. Army In Greece Eyed Congress May B* Asked for Troops if Situation Gets Worse By R. H. Shickford ^Tnifed Pr«» Staff Correspondent) ^WASHINGTON, Dec. 31 (UP) — The State Department and lilgn Army officials kept the door open today to the possibility that Congress might be asked for permission to send American combat troops to Greece If the military situation there continues to deteriorate. Acting Secretary of State Robert A. Lovett told news conference late yesterday that American policy on this issue would have to be related to the circumstances. He denied any current talks with the British I on the ^possible use of American i troops to replace or reinforce nritlsn I forces, but. admitted there had been I discussions In the past. j A high Army general staff officer predicted that Congress will have 10 make "some very sruvc decisions"! before June. One of these, he said." is whether to continue to finance ' and equip the Greek army. Another,' he hinted, is whether to send America]! combat troops to Greece as o last resort to save the Greek Qov- ernment. This officer admitted lhat, file military situation in Greece had deteriorated in the last six month-r and was continuing to do so. He said there was virtually no possibility of "cleaning up" the guerrillas by June 30 when the present U. s. old program for Greece runs out. • Need Frank Statement Both State Department and Annv officials agreed that wtiat is necdeo i at the moment more than anything else Is a frank statement that the '• Vnited states will not pull out of I But such R statement involves many high level decisions and finally, of course, approval by Congress. Even the high Army source who leans toward the use of American troops admitted that such a decision would commit the United States to a road which would involve other future and unpredictable grave steps. The administration's major concern now is that in the midst of the Marshall Plan debate It may have to go to Congress for more money for the Greek military program or even— if things get, a lot worse — authorization for dispatching troops to the area. Greece would participate in the Marshall Plan but none of the money could be used for military purposes. At the moment, the Greek army is almost completely equipped and fed by the United Slates. A year ogo it was hoped that within a year Greece could be put on her feet sufficiently so she would not need further military aid. In the light of what has happened. that was too optimistic a dream. Come next June, the administration as it looks no\v win have lo ask Congress whether it is goinj; to go ahead In Greece or pull out. Chicago City Club For St. Lawrence Seaway Project CHICAGO (UP)— The City Club ot Chicago has gone on record as approving construction of the St. Lawrence seaway and power project. The club gives seven reasons. Fending before Congress now for approval Is the 1MI agreement between the United States and Canada for the (212,000,000 seaway. If anil when the St. Lawrence waterway conies into existence, it would consist of 2,400 miles of connected waterways. They would be deep enough to permit, the heaviest of occan-solng ships to travel from the Atlantic Ocean to the extreme western tip of Lake Superior. On the pro side of the controversy arc these points as outlined by the City Club of Chicago: 1— The hydro-electric plant* will furnish cheap power. 3—Th« «*aw*y n-lll hold down (he cosU of (hipping. 3—The seaway will csrry foi-elifn raw mRterials to manufacturing pi an 1.5 in the interior, holding down cost*. *—Flow of foreign material will stow down the use of our natural resources such as Iron. 5—It will stimulate the construction of naval and ocean-going vessels, particularly In the interior eVIt will be an aid to national security. 7—It will furnish employment. Wheat. Is grown on about one- fourth of all the world's cultivated ground. LaPaz. Bolivia. Ls the highest, large city In the world, with an altitude of nearly two and onc-hal! miles. Auto Theft Ring Leaders Eccope From Texas Jail TEXARKANA, Dec. Jl. (UP) — Officers ot this border town were alerted today following the announcement Hint two key men in tin $500,000 automobile theft ring which was clacked last January wer« at large again. The men are Maxlo Lott. 34. and Jolmnta On-. 52. Both rjcnpt-il from the Kockwnll, Tex., county jail early yesterday. The piled hinges from « steel door and forced a barred window. Ixitt and Orr were srrvlnt; five- year sentences on felony Iheft counts. Read Courier New* Want Ad* PAGE ELEVEN" nolia area brought the announcement today that the Magnolia Compress will sell one of its three large warehouses and trim its |iay- roll. Officials of the compress said that cotton handled dropped to 9.000 bales this year compared to 25.000 bales annually in past years. 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Terms can be arranged. S Will trade for most nnylhtng S you have. New Ford Tractors Ready for Delivery F. C CROWE I Mile 8. of Braggadocio .Irff. llrfnr dm rfninrku IhHl Avln' UcnTh Ker- rnlnlr work* mil nlcrlr for mr ainrc ft lrnven .IrIT trtr. I rh.iimr: tfcrn. Thr police mlj;hf Ihlnk we bulk knJ • niullvr for ninrdrr. xvn r plIERE was a double funeral for Avis and Art. From the newspaper descriptions It was the biggest thing of ill kind ever held in Hollywood. Traffic was roped off for blocks around the church and Ihe funeral procession that followed the two hearses to Forest Lawn was two miles long. I sent flowers but I didn't go. I knew I would never be missed in the crush at Avis Vaughn's last public appearance. I hadn't seen Jeff or heard from him since the night of the accident. But sometim* during the two days between, then and the morning of the funeral, Bob Leiphan had a talk with him. I didn't know that, however, until later. It was tht afternoon after the funeral that Jeff came over to my place. He looked almost ill. I suppose having to parade as the husband—legal even if estranged —before all those hundreds of curious eyes had been an ordeal. "I'm sorry, Jeff," I said and took bolh hvs hands in mine. It was all there was to say. He .sail], "Well, it's over." I asked him if he'd like to stay and eat with me—I happened to have an extra steak on ice. He looked grateful, said he hadn't had anything all day, and that he didn't feel like going out any place. I love the kitchen in rny house. It's designed like an old New England farmhouw kitchen with * scattering of gay rag rugs on the wide planked floor, potted geraniums in the window recesses, nnd a square deal table and two loni; peg-legged benches instead of chairs at the dining end of it. The olectric stove sits back In n brick- faced alcove that imitates a lire- place and the ice box is camouflaged to look like an old dish cupboard. OUT it wasn't as spic and span that day as it might have been. There was a pile of unwashed dishes in the sink, dust on the furniture, and Ihe floor needed mopping. Consuelo, my Mexican cleaning girl, only conies in for a halt day twice B week. A:;;! she'd spent most of her time on her last visit it the scene whera Avis and Art were killed, looking for souvenirs instead of cleaning iny house. I apologized n bit to JelT for the kitchen's appearance and for Consuelo. He had an idea, "Say. maybe I could get you.a full-time maid. Avis had a good one—Marie Ma- loncy, her name is. She's still over at Avis' apartment sorting out her belongings. Want me to see if 1 can hire her for you?" "That would b« marvelous," I said. "Simply marvelous." I grilled the steaks and mixed a green snlad and set out a bottle of wine (I had driven ..own to Ihe liquor store thai day and replenished my stock of drinks), quipping, "Here's a little 'Suspense'." And that reminded me that we had some suspense of our own to cope with. 1 was a lillle breathless about it. "JcfT, do yon know that Ihe police think Avis and Art were murdered—that it wasn't an accident?" JelT didn't look at me. He looked down at Ihe table. "Yes," he said. "I know." Leiphan had suggested that I put my agil« mind to work on th« OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams why and Ihc how of Avis nnd Art being killed, and I had heen do- Ing just that for the last two days. The only tetiubie theory 1 had arrived at w;is lhat someone had tinkered with Art's car while it sal there in my driveway. Had done something to the brakes or the motor so that it nm awny with Avis, and Art when they started down the hill. • * • INEVITABLY that line of thinking had linked up willi .Jimmy Peters skulking around outside lhat night, watching Avis and Art together in my living room and loo jealous lo come inside. I had refused to go on from there. The Idea of Jimmy Peters with his contagious smile and friendly eyes being the murderer was oulra- graus. Hut I couldn't quite forget, either, that a lot of uoys were coming bat.-k from war with some unprcdicluljle kinks iti lli«;ir cliar- aclerfi. Bui now, lalklnx lo IcIT, '. re- mcmbwed something che—some- thing that had happened thai fatal night nnd that I had entirely forgotten. The car lights that had shone along the driveway when 1 had been down in the kitchen n.x- ing the sandwich tray; and how I had assumed that It was Jeffs cor turning in from the street. And how he hadn't come into the house for a good 10 mlnulei afterword. AD that rushed Into my mind, ai I looked at Jeff. And I fell an if someone had hit me In the stomach. The qu«(ion shaped itself reluctantly but stubbornly. I had to know. ".TefT, what were you doing that nfglil—I mean between the time v.-hcn you drove into my driveway and Ihe time you came into the house?" Jeff looked at me then. "T was sitting in my car thinking how nice and simple everything would be if only Avis were dead—and I were free lo ask you to marry me." He slated it flatly and unemotionally. A fact to be faced. "Oh Jcft . ." I stared at him while my mind spun grogfiily from the impact of his meaning nnd things clicked into place nnd there it was—Ihc mystery solved. And Jeff the murderer! (To Be Continued) FHKCKI.KS & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSER STOP IMOTlN*. HILDA. AND LISTEN/ ^T T A li ^E U LM-* W0 ^ Ler OKAY. IP THATS vou Ftc,_ Aoour IT/ FOR. YOUR SAKE, HONCY- , I'LL GIVE UF' IMP DUGL.' 1 SURE HATE To MISS A GOOD DUEL, Bur THE WAV I PlGURE, A GUV SELFISH YOURfT SO NOBLE. LARO/ BUI- ITS ME BEING SCLRSH.' "Ws'd better wake grandpa nnd tell him the New Your'. no,.. I. going full blast on the radio-!,.', n .»* r heard anything liko it!" But it's only 8 o'dock. can't ive see tear come in?. I'd like to let them 5i'<? y up, Hazel, but you know how Mcfs are— O'MALLEY nml f BROTHER DROOT, THAT PUNCH OF WXIRS (NOCKED WIUIECOIDER IIIAN Alt THE 3RIMKS SOflVAl [*"umcr* mT^ . YMV, tUT SOMEONE'S BOUKDTO HEAD THIS WAV ID Sf E AfJOOT TR»T SHOT FIRED ft few blocks dwdy the sharp winter air so<Jmt to dl10lhe vie; DID YOU Mt-AR THAT SHARP CRACK? THAT ww A SHOT. BUM" WA™ w» WHO FIRED WHAT. driving around the Casbilt, showing the section to Libby, whcn-- V£$. AWNKfER VAN DER FLUNK, I MSRRO IT. SIWU Wl INVESTIGATE 50V,fWWER» NEAR HERE 19 THE TAVERN, DIRK. WHERf OUR Willie WASTHfRICIIAMJRICANS WftlEEf.WEHflDBEST UX5KABOONO. WASH TUDHS LKSL1E TURNKR f NDED IN THE HUES BELOW HIS IOW. I ROllED IT WrMJLV TO TM 1 EHOOSE BEFORf: TOUCB SIWV IT... HE fO ItfWE FOUND OUT WHERE IT ^^ [ CftME FBOU... IE15? 5PEklt>TME KBiT Of tIPE OKPERWP3 MURDER I DIDNT COMMIT! OH, DOWT sou see Tl^D?.. SCONCE OR. IMERSOIAEIIUN6 ELSE WIUMM'PEH SOU WWII IT'S TO TEIL POLICE BUT HT LEFkST SOU CWO MOID DOIM3 (VNWIING WORE tO CREME SUSPICION! IG'.IK IFJSUKE PIM) i w^s SANE ENOUGH TO to •SOMETHING NO OTHER MWO IN HISTORH HM EtJER (JOUEl WE WORK IS THRU... IviAT mtH M V,MJT-*OBR!IJ3» OH, TRY IT, VMNMIE— YOU'RE A GOOD SKATHR AM' KIN MAKE. TH' TUWJ NO.' "THEYALWAYS Pill I SOMFTTHIWG EXTFSA SPECIAU SMART-At-ECKY TO INTAKE GIRLS LOOK RIDICULOUS.' Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople WELL, M*30R HOOPLE.' T- ws rtopihie WALDO VttOLD 66 HOM£ EARLY TONIGHT, I30T IF -ifcHJ-RE SCMl^G To THAT STAG PARTV AT THE O\KSLS CLU6, He'lL PROBABlY 86 FD6U\leR6O OMTHE FROMT PORCH vOtTH ACQUAINTANCES PutfT FORGET MWSOR RKP RYDKR Temptation By FRED BARMAN ff. CortE HOME FROfA SCHOOL TOPAf. REP RYPER' VISIT INDIAN RESERVATION S PLACE.* OINNXOL' BOY CU'EH YOU GO! OOOLA'5 IN A PECK ..,\ OF TROUBLE AJg 1 WE SOTTA GO RESCUE HER! HOOTS AND HKR HUDDIICS

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