The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 31, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 31, 1947
Page 8
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PACK EIGHT BIATHEVILM? (AUK.)' COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 51, 1947 Negro Balloting Upheld by Court South Carolina Case Affirmed Second Time; May Be Appealed RICHMOND, Va., Dec. 21 (UP> — South Carolina election officials today were expected to carry lo the U. S. Supreme Court an appeal court's ruling that Negroes should have the right to vote In South Carolina Democratic primaries. The U. S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals'yesterday affirmed the constitutional voting right of Negroes In South Carolina primaries and accused the state at using Its powers to violate the constitution. Earlier U. S.. District Judge J. Waites Waring had ruled that South Carolina officials could not Interfere In the Negroes' balloting rights. Yesterday Hie nppenl court held that "there was no error" In Judge Waring's decree and denied an appeal by the state's election officers The case was expecled to be taken to the U. S. Supreme Court, whlcn lias Already ruled in 1941 that i «ote In an election under state con irol could not be denied on grounds of race or color. i The South Carolina case goes the way back to (hat 1044 rulln h which emphasled the fiindnnicntii freedom of ballot regardless of ra-v or creed. After thai decision. Gov. Olln D Johnston called the South Carollu legislature into special session dissolve all existing primary I and turn election machinery over ' the party to hold primaries as "private club." George Elmore, a Negro novel! store operator In Columbus. S. C contested the "club system" In 194 charging that he was refused ballot In the primary. He brought suit against the sta Democratic Party. Judge Wnriug upheld his suit ni U. S. Appeals Judge John J. Pn ker affirmed It again yesterday. BABSON (Continued from Page 1) provcmenls, and jjrepare for real War preparations will accelerate, trouble someday. 1548 will see an average hourly 'yiic Miply of certain vegetables, wuge rise of 6 |X?r cent to 7 per fruits, and fish products should In- ( cent, l/jwcr Income taxes should crease during 1948 and the price Increase buying power, but this will ol these should full all burring , be about offset by further rises in other products. Fanners should t , , certainly diversify more in 1848, get | ">siropnes. some weather, Insect, or blight ca out of debt, put money Into Im- Ment will be In shorter supply In 1048 than In 1947. Should the current propaganda lo "eat less and have a better flsure" cnln popularity, upward |>rc.ssurc! on meat I prices would be greatly reduced. Farmers will try to gel both 104S Presidential candidates lo promise further subsidies. The above four Farm the cast of living. There need be no more unemployment In 1S48 than In 1947: but '"Unemployment Insurance" will be taken advantage of by too many unprincipled people. Wngeworkers will Kradually see that the Taft-Harttey Bill puts a checkreln. only on their labor leaders, but not on union membership. Hence, Hip bitter hatred against gradually build up good reserve*,'in greater demand with still higher. feres, Mr. Truman will be the Dem-1 in sane religion, temperance, and In cash or governments, for the big break day, which will come some- M Subiect of widespread discussion and editorial commcnl is Niclns Kyriaziciis. above one of two foreiKn correspondents arrcslcd as an alien Communist by the U S. immicrntion otllciols 1'he Inner clnimed he lost his lournal- islic Immunity when the two GrccK Communist newspapers be represented were closed by the Athens government assume normal weather which we do not attempt lo predict. I.IIWIT Taves The Federal debt will be decreased during 1048 No personal I axes will lie Increased durliiK 1048 "»d lner " *' m bl> some reductions,—perhaps 5 [X'r cent lo 10 per cent In lli n upper brackets and the entire elimination of those In the lowest brackc. We forecast that the new tax bill will enable n mnn to share his Income tax equally with his wife without sharing his Income or property. The 25 per cent lax limit on lons- lerm gall's will remain unchanged. Kelall Kales Goods on connlers will be nf helter grade In 1018, even if retail prices hold up. There will be many "innrkrtown snli-s" ol Roods or Inferior qualily and curbs on Installment buying mnv iclnrn. Forecasts , this Hill will gradually subside. The bill Is merely an "SEC" for labor leaders who need it today as much as Investment bankers needed the SEC which wa.s started ten years ago. Any labor legislation during 1943 will be to amend the Tall-Hartley Bill and to raise minimum wages. Inflation The Inflation Era which we have forecast for several ycirs will re- mnln at this stage until Nov. 2, 1948. There will be no reckless printing of currency or government borrowing In 1948. 1948 will see a public reaction against "feather bedding"' "workless" jobs, and union rules which result in slow-ups. More labor- Careful buyers of stock* will Insist on making full payment and avoid borrowing during 1948 Bund« We are definitely bearish on low- coupon rate, long-term bond.s. Many of these will sell at even lower prices In 1948 than In 1941. Money rates will gradually Increase. If Congress gives a good reduction In Federal taxes to Investors In high brackets, 1948 will see a further falling off In the prices of most municipals and. other tax- exempt bonds. As Indicated above, however, we do not expect such » desired tax reduction. prices during 1948, Big commercial farm acreage may sell for less during 1948; but subsistence farms located close to established communities will hold up In price. General building should Increase during 1948. Young people are gradually getting accustomed to high building costs and. tired of living with their mothers-in-law. Both office and residential rents will be higher in 1948. Property owners are entitled to receive higher rentals. Only ns such are granted will there be as much building as there should be. Mortgage rales during 1048 will | continue about the same as In 1941. ocralic candidates, with the possi- civic righleousncM durlnj 1943, bility of Mr. Marshall being on the | ticket with him. We forerusi a greater interest with continued reaction against dcnoniinatlunalwm, intolerant* and dogma. In view of the large decline in; These r»'«s j>re very favorable for ° many preferred stocks during 1947,: tllose wno nav< : U ,l?, nc ° ur!l8 ,,-, u this rate of decline should begin i build. However. In 1948, It will be to level oft during 1948. j harder U> obtain morlgae loans. at™ 5 to ^mcalC'ln "SS Bolh ^,«f l' Tr'uman and the and not. becon,e U*, lieavHy in-1 ™,can ^^ers^w,,^^ play- and other puwlc i * "«• too early to forecast the are now | outcome of th c Presidential elec- I c rested ephone utt!IUe-s, in issues many of selling too high. which Krai Estate tlon. The Republicans, hosvever, I have so bungled the price contro- Clty real estate will continue to ™rsy that Mr Truman ha.s a fair .old firm through 1948, due to leu ! cha ' lce of re-election, wailable space caused by pulling! Congressmen returning from Eu- lown structures to save taxes, lo: rope will determine our foreign saviiiK machinery"'"*!!! "hTWtaiTcd, I provide parking spaces, etc. There policy and take it out of the Hands The public Is gradually rcnllzlnR also Is a disinclination to build city j of the State Department .the: Brass that inflation can be beaten only property in view of the present Hats, and even the President hlm- by increased pro<luctlon. £omctimc during 1948 production In many lines'will have caught up [ with consumption which will pre- Navy Veteran Announces For Governor . dollar value of all retail sales . vent further price Increases in such In ll!48 should at least eruia! 1941. lines. Hie unit value of retail snlrs will be less in 1018 than In 1941; there will be [ewer cu.stomcr purchases in most .stores, although each There will be many Inflation and price investigations during 1943. Both the Democrats and Republicans will try to lay the blame for cuslomer mav visit more stores to high prices on the other party, "shop around". I Slock Market I'nri'iRM Trade We believe that 1948 will be a Our foreign trade will be less i year of switching, lor various rea- In IDtS limn In 1047. We shall help sons. One of these will be an Rt- Europe; but It will be on a more I tempt to get out of stocks of coin- economical and efficient scale. i panics which have most of their as- More foreign loans will lie made ] sets In big "viilnerable-in-casL'-of- cltles into companies whose assets are well distributed and safe from attack. The Administration will try lo keep Ih2 Dow-Jonc.s Induslrial Averages between an upl>ci H celling o: Thief Obtains $100 From House Restaurant WASHINGTON, Dec. SI (UP) A thief stole about $100 In ul from an open safe In the office the House of Representatives restaurant yesterday, but passed up an additional $450. The motley was in two small cash boxes In the office safe. The safe was not locked during the nlgl.l. The office door was. Capt. William J. Broderlck said the thief apparently entered the office after It was opened at fi:OI a.m., by Chnrles M. Peer, rcstau- •rant receiving clerk, no It could oe cleaned. Lions Committee Plans Ladies' Night Program A six-man committee lo handle arrangements for a Ladies Night program to be held in March by the Lions Club was appointed at the weekly meeting of the group yesterday noon In the Hotel Noble. \V. P. Pryor was named chairman On the committee are Worth Holder E. M. Terry, L. E. Olds Jr., Free: Flecmari and Joe TrleEchman. Harry Farr of Blytheville was » Kuest at the meeting. I.ONSDALE, Ark., Dec. :il IUPI — The 1918 Arkansas cuUci nalorlal race has taken a surprise turn, will-. Hie announcement by John l.ons- dalc. Jr.. 33-y9nr-olcl mayor of Lonsdale, Ark., that he will be a candidate In the coming Democra'.ic primary. Lunsdale Indicated his campaign would be built around the promise of better roads and smoother operating school system. "It's about time," the young Navy air corps veteran declared yesterday, "to peel otf our coals and set work Improving the roads and chaols." He 'criticised his only official op- lonent. Radio Evangelist James A. .Inckrcll. lor some of Mackrell's ncthods. Uncle Mac has taken up a lot n[ collections over here." l.onsdale said, •and hasn't given Olio IhinR in return. We're nlraiil he's not golnj to!" Lonsclalc In 1945 was elected mayor of the town which tears his family name. He Is serving his second term, l.nnsdale Is a native f)f New York City, but his father w,,\s well-known Arkansas railroad builder. during 1948; but many of these will war be direct to business concerns rather than to political governments. There w^li be considerable competition from other countries In legitimate foreign trade where the credit t.s pood. Other countries will not compete with us In our "char- 1 Itles"; but they certainly will com- petp for all profitable tiuslncss. Throughout 1918 war talk and uprising will World War Inflationary building costs. | self. Suburban real estate will continue j Unless illness or accident inter- IN BOTTLES AND AT FOUNTAINS Good Will USED CARS * --30 Day Guarantee-- 1946 PLYMOUTH 2-Door Super Deluxe $1695.00 1946 PONTIAC Streamliner "8" Sedan Coupe $2095.00 1946 CHEVROLET Black 4-Door $1695.00 1941 CHEVROLET Black 4-Door $995.00 See Them Today! Smith Pontiac Co. around 185 and a floor of arounc 1CS. Commodity speculators will be curbed. Thc wisest will not Iry lo pick any special "winners" in 1948: bu „ ^."TiEi !T,«" wno t^VmC slols 0 ^! Franchiser! Bottler: Pepsi-Cola Rotllin K Co. of HlythcviUe Pepsi-Cola Company, Long Island City, N. V. 126 South Lilly St. Phone 4371 How fashions do change! Girl Hunter Killed DAVID 6. ANDERSON MASON CONTRACTOR Brick Work of Quality Boiler Work and Remodeling a Specially 1101/2 E. Davis St. Phone 4641 Third and fourth generation Americans always have darker hair coloring Ilian their ancestors. HONDO, Tex. Dec. Jacqueline Miller, 17, 31 (UPI — Ward Belmont College student In Nashville, Tenn.. was accidentally killed In a hunting mishap near here Monday. Miss Miller was shot through the forehead. U was believed her rlf)c was discharged by snagging on brush in a deer blind. Her body was found by her fa- Ihcr, O. R. Miller, a San Antonio auto dealer. YOU'LL BEAM The moment you see how our NASH DEPARTMENTALIZED Repair Service works on your car! Regardless of make or model, our thorough work will put it in good running condition. Remember: Experience has proven that SHEL- TON'does the job right. SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY 119 W. Aih Phone 4438 NATURAL FOR Kidney, Bladder This Natural Mineral Water frcm Hot Springs, Arkansas, Helps to— W h y not give Mountain Valley ft trial? It has helped m any thousands. Delightful to drink. 1. Stimulate kidney function. 1. Soothe bladder irritation. I. Neutralize uric-acidity. k. Discharge systemic wastes. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Alain and Division Blytheville, Ark. FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG, BLYTHEVILLE ARK. • 9hone, 3646awt2525 liu", lale^l fashion ,swin£ lakes the ladies ri^hl hark lo where, they were when the. Gilison (rirl was ipieen! The slylc iiiaga/incs hint lhal liip pads will lie worn. Skirts will he long and draped. We're, goinp hark lo laces, slays, and whalehoue! Hark po milady's modes. Hack in every respect lull one—price! Hut then, eosls on everything else have been sky-rocketinp, too! On everything? \Vcll, practically everything. l!nl we'd like to remind you thai the average fani- . ily is still getting twice as much eleclricity for ilF money today asil did twenty years ago. Jusl think of how many johs this ready gianl docs for yon— for |>ennies! Von can l>el a 1918 chapeau thai your friemlfi ami neighbors in this company will go on working day and night to assure you that electricity remains your willing, dcpendahle, I'/IC-V/XVI.M'K;servant! Lisim lo the Elcclric Hour—Ihc Hour ol Charm. Every Sunday, 4:30 P. M., CST, CBS. ARK-MO POWER CO. FOR SALE TRACTORS and Equipment Now On Display At Our Lot JOHN DEERE FARMALL ALLIS CHALMERS FORD AM Sizes and Models ^ > We can furnish equipment for must of these traclorj. H we don't have what you wanl, wr. can Ret U for jnn . . . THESE TKACTORS ARE PRICKI1 KOR QUICK SALE! See Us Before You Buy BUD WILSON AUTO SALES Corner Main & Franklin , Bud Wilson - Phone 2037 Jess Horner

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