The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 31, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 31, 1947
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 31, 194T BIATHEVH.I.E (ARK.) 1 COURTRR NEWS Wallace Flays GOP, Democrats Self-Styled Leader Of New Party Offer* Hit Recovery Plan MILWAUKEE, Dec. 31 (UP) — Henry A, Wallace planned to fly to his home In South Salem, N. Y.. today for a month's rest before launching an Intensive campaign to win his third-party fight (or president. Wallace made his first address as a candidate last night. K« charged that leaders In the Democratic and Republican parties were "whooping it up for a war with Russia" and outlined a seven- point program "to form a basis for world peace." More than 3,000 persons paid admissions to hear him speak in the Milwaukee auditorium. Tlie audience was enthusiastic and listened attentively to the address which was not broadcast. Wallace approved of the Marshal! European Recovery Plan as a means of aiding destitute nations but disapproved of the Truman policy motive as a means of Halting Communism in those nations. Truman Doctrine Crltici«il He said the plan "with the Truman doctrine as its core" has interfered In the social economic and political affairs of the countries which have received aid." He also criticicd the administra- Domestic Airlines, Hit by Crashes, Write Off '47 as Sad Financial Year fly Charles Corrtdry (l)nlted 1'rcss Aviation Writer) WASHINGTON. Dec. 31 IUI'1 The domestic airlines are writing off 1947 r.s a sad financial yeur. Whether they can overcome tills year's unprecedented deficit remains to be seen. But the Air Transportation Association said economies In'- stituteii i» 1041 slve "indication ot belter financial picture in 19'18." Indications, according to Robert Mamspeck, the association's executive vice president, are that airline losses will reach $13,000,000 this year, compared witli $7.000,000 In 1946. The money trouble occurred despite record passenger, freight and express volume and a small increase in fares..It Is attributed to unusually bad weather, rising costs, depreciation charges on new equlpinenl aud a scries of disastrous crashes The crashes look the lives of 2n persons and the indicated falallt} rate Is the worst in several years It will be between 3.2 nnd 3.45 pei 10,000.000 passenger miles. Last year's, was 1.24. The five fatal accident; this year were four fewer than las ii.s own economic recovery plai with no politics! or economic con ditions attached to loans or Krant. which might infringe on Ihe conn try's sovereignty. 6. Grant money only for economic recovery with none to be given for military supplies, armaments or wa: nil the nine In 1910 took 87 lives. The Air Transport Association, In , year-end review, said the airlines nade "substantial progress" in every leld of tliolr operations In 1547. The bulk of the honors went to he International operators. Kxccpt or years when they had no crashes, he, overseas carriers had their safety record—\.08 fatalities per 100.000,000 passenger miles. They carried 1.412,580 passengers, 35.6 >er cent more than last year: 34,^53.100 ton-miles of air freight, a 126.9 per cent Increase: *1,5M.OOO >rofit at the end o( the third quart- The domestic airlines carried 13.000,000 passengers, a 7.7 per cent Bain over 1946; 70,805.631 ton-miles of air cargo, a 115.5 per cent increase in freight and 26.2 per cent in express. Their air mall volume was down .six-tenths of one p<r cent totaling 32.757,300 Ion-miles. The International and domestic, airline fleet comprised 961 planes t year end, compared with 809 last December. The Air Transport Association said 150 more transports should go into service in 19-18. Including the Boeing stratocrulser. 80 to 100-passtngcr commerical version of the B-23 superfort. and Hie Consolldcted-Vultre Convnir liner, a twin- engine plane. Divorce Rate in U. S. Shows Sharp Drop From Peaks During War Years Fire Marshal Appoints Special Aide LlTl'LU ROOK, Ark.. Dec (U.P.)-Stale Fire Marshal Baker has named W. L Bland of the Welfare Department a Apodal deputy fiie marshal with author- , • Uy lo order correction of flrej > '" llr lll< ' lloll<t reversed ...... Infants in private and public in-1 'J 1 * nut Ion settled down to slilutions caring for children. | ltme 1|V »>K- t Halter announced yesterday Hint , Dlvol ' Cc J> lrt ne.« weed [lint ilu> | »H inspection of such Institutions , K mls<| n for (lie decline was the lias already begun. And Bland I .'!*" llial m<wt "' th« hnsty war- PAGE nvn I By Untied 1'rrs.O F'or the first time .slnte before Hie war the inUlnn't divorce rate dropped sharply this year, a survey showed today. In 1946, morii'Amriiciinij than ever before flocked to Ihe rtlvoivn courts (o Iron out their postwar matrimonial problems. wltli 11,000 last year. Ihe nil-time peak. II. wns Hie [Irsi. downward Ircnd In llcui) since 10:17, SI, Ixml.i reported H 4'.l per cent, reduction In divorce petitions, As of !)«•. -i\. there were -1,800 petitions filed, I'ompnrt'd with K.-Hl) In 194li. of tlie sharp drop, one of Ihe clty'.s three rlmueslic relations courts WHS closed. Dies in Rail Accident Baptists Seek Larger Sunday School Attendance NASHVILLK. 1 Ti-nn,, Dee. 31.— (UI>|— secretaries of Southern ! Baptist Sunday Schools, In annual , convention here today, laid out (their work far next year. Their Kouls Include: A lolal or 1,000 more Sunday Schools, or a Klanil tolnl of '20.000 In in Southern nnd Southwestern slates. A minimum o( 16.000 vacation Hlble School*. (Mi- an4 Utt has already begun. And Blaudl y el added that he has found In almost)"" 1 all the children's Institutions so far Inspected a hick ol even ordl-l nary fire precautions and evidence 1 of lack of knowledge of fire liar,-; nrds In general. | Hakcr declared: I "We reel that the activity of' the Welfare Department In cnr-i lying forward Ihls program will! result in the saving or many; lives which might be lost because of itc.ilih and fire, havards which may presently exist In such institutions." , preparations. 7. Place Germany's Ruhr Vall'.y Five Yachts Damaged By Fire at Charleston CHARLESTON, S. C., Dec. (U.P.)—A yacht cnptnln was critical condition here today, bnni- Little Rock Woman Dies Falls Through Skylight UTTLK KOCK. Ark., Dec. 31 (UP1 —Funeral services were iilnuncd lodny for Mrs. rtena B. Hiissman. 77-year-old Ltille Hock matron, who died yesterday afler a short Illness A resident of l.ltlle Hock lor 5S ic inim-lngMi which did not'"dike" already had been dissolved Other faclors the,, cited were: I. Womep had lost some o[ their Independence mid no ioniser wen- able to shed Ihelr Imsbands and net high payliiK Jobs. a. Soaring price* h,i,l cuncellrd out the "cuxy money" of Hie Immediate postwar period, and fewer couples could affoni divorce i 3. Tlie higher blrlii rule 'tended to- keep iniurlnKes Intncl. As David H. Holx'ris. counlv plio- Ihonotary nl ['itl.sbuinh, pi'i.. put I II. "llosli' llio riveter and Winnie the welilei' aro biu-k home inking I cure of their children." One of tin. hlnnest illvor.-c de- •llnes rrpnrlerl In n siirvev ccm- I.ITI'I.K HOOK, Ark.. Dec. 31. i U.I 1 .''---Fuucuil servlrcs were bo- IIIK planned loday for George II. Grcsham. HO, or 1,11 lie lioi'k. who died yesterday from Injuries suffered In an m-cldcnl in the I'lue jilnff Missouri Pacific Itallroart yards. Gicsiunn u-us on the side nr ftl. engine when it brushed imst n Muul knnckiiiK him oil and crushing him. lie died shortly iir- terwards in a I'lue Hluf[ hosplhil. .Surviving urn nls wife and ui\c Firemen and Police Go Under Civil Service TKXAKKANA, Tex., Oec. SLUM 1 !—Policemen and rlremen «r Tmirkann, Tex., will operate tinder civil service following approval yesterday by Ihe voters In a special In other action, Ihe voters approved participation In Ihe municipal rellrenlLMit system and established minimum pay for firemen and policemen. the war-wrecked nations. His own plan to promote peac. and prosperity, he said, would: 1. Establish a reconstruction fund within the United Nations, similar „„,, to the United Nations Rehabilita-1 for their bi-partisan foreign "pal- lion and Relief Administration, to Icy which leads to American inter- help those countries to become self- ventiou all over the world ' sustaining. 2. Establish [of Europe and too guarantee that the Reich could never again tin eaten world peace. His speech last night criticicd the Republican and Democratic parlies -,'•- -• ll-HIV. VII K.IILI.IlllJII?.. lo four olhcr IIIIRC yachts and * score or .small sailboals In Charles-' \A/ 11 a • ton Municipal Yacht Basin. rrOHOCC KCSigrtS The explosiln occurred laic yes- . special UN agencv to administer the fund. 3. Encourage nations "possessed of the means" to contribute sufficient money to the fund, along wWi the United States, lo mainlain it for five years. 4. Give nations which suffered "Both are engaged in witch-hunting and supporting the un-American committee." lie said. "Both are. responsible for the present inflation which steals away the husband''; wages when the housewife goes to the grocery store." At a press conference prior to the speech. Wallace said that he ,„ , . ,. , . , • 1 v -'^ 1 L "<= aijuetjii, wanace said tnat he J f \«" Aif »' S P y '° llse 'I" 5 considering inviting U. S. Sen. the fund Allocations would beifclcnn H. Taylor. D fda to run based solely on merit and need, re- for vice-president on his third pa y fl^L?/, 1 . 1 ?!..! 1 ^ 1 ™ 5 ' """"^ °' "cket. Taylor, at Washington.'^aid social institutions. Shuns "Political Strings" S. Permit each nation to develop he had talked the matter over briefly with Wallace but had come to no decision. terday while oil was being pumpen into the water from ihc 42-foot yacht "Wanderer." Police said the "craft's captain. Daniel Di:;on. was the only casualty, lie suffered serious burns and ivas in critical condition today in a hospital here. Flames swept his boat Immediately nflcr the blast and spread quickly to the other boats. Firemen battled the hlnxe for an hour before bringing it under control There was no immediate estimate »f damage. The flames were sutarju-rt before they reached a new $25,000 municipal yacht shed. The "Wanderer" is owned by Jesse Orvin. of Charleston, vicc- ]>'" of the Atlantic Coast Lift Insurance Company. NEW YORK, Dec. 31 (UP)—The New Republic magalne announced today that Henry Wallace has resigned as editor because of his can- itidacy for president In 104B. He will continue to write a weekly page for the magalnc. the announcement said. Housing Project Ready HELENA, Ark.. Dec. 31 (UP) — The Helena Housing Corp. was ready today to begin construction of a 5250.000 housing project in West Helena soon after Jan, 1. The project will consist of 45 duplex dwellings. 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HPIIO rttvorces totaled 7.1U2, complied .Annexation Sanctioned PINE III.Ul'l'', Ark., Dec , (U.I'.> .- Unle.'is protesting rural* residents luki 1 Hie lo the) SlJile Supreme court, the city ol Pine Mllltr has H clour pnth lo- wurd tuuiL'XulUm u( seven new ureas, Jefferson Clieull .Indgp '!'. o. I'nrtuuu yeslrrdiiy upheld a county cninl rnilllu In fnvor of Ihe ni'xntlon. follnwIuK * lunn tl]-nwn cml luiarlng. The proposed anncxntlmi adiE some KI.UOO prisons lo population »! Pine mull. Officer Faces 5 Year Sentence in Theft of Checks Kelly guilty of tmtitxtomtat. sery, absence without Iran caching »lx rheck* without account. Kelly admitted all thargca. : • Kelly will tie heldjwr* until hi* c&ne can be reviewed by Second Army headquarters, an Army Board of Hevlew in Washington, and th« ('resident. If lil« jienlence !, approved, th« Army captain will be dlmtued dojn the service and will nerve flv» yearx in an Army disciplinary barracks Kelly, originally scheduled foe honorable discharge yesterday, dl*. appeared from Camp Lee on Dw. 1 with paychecks of 31 fellow officers. He admitted cashing two -of the checks, belonging to a major and a lieutenant-colonel, after he had Inkcn "a few drinks."" Ht Mid he infilled the other IS ehfcki back from Richmond Hi- also admitted' cashing bad .i amounting to $160 before he left Camp t/ee. Kelly was AWOL, for ft day«, during which lime hi* promotion to cnirUlu came llwounh. He gave lilmsclf up In New York pn Dee. 15. CAMP I.UK. Vli.. [Iff,. 31. UJPi — Cupl. Kdvvurd [>. Kelly, former Oeni'llle. N. ,1., icsuiurnnt man- n«er, today raced dismissal from the Army and rive years or hard labor [or cashing check* bclonij- ' Ing to .superior nldci'is nnd spend- vvlll] Ing Ihe money on a IS-day AWOI; the! spree. 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