The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 31, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 31, 1947
Page 2
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TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 31, 1947 Truman Working Russian Shop Foreman Finds it Difficult to Feed Family With Wage for 48-Hour Work Week On 1948 Budget President Expected To Atk Authority to Spend $40,000,000,000 By. AusUiv C. Wnlirwehi (Uniled Press Staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON, Doc. 31. (UP) — President Truman's fiscal experts were putting finishing louche* to- dny to his new federal budget. Indications nre that It will call for an outlay of close to $40,000.000,000 in the fiscal year starling July 1. Mr. Truman will send his nejv budget to Congress Jan. 8. An outlay of $40,000.000.000 would about match the actual outgo for the current fiscal year, which ends June 30. Spending this year will probably reach $39,500,000,000, some $2,BOO]000 above the President's August ' revised estimate At $37.000,000,000 Fiscal eWerts base this on the assumption that Congress will pass the Marshall plan by April 1. The administration cxpocts to — . sixnd $1500000,000 before July 1 ! seven ounces of tea, a pound of on the Marshall plan. On lop of sugar and pound of apples, plut this stop-gap aiti anrt occupation Ills macron!, lye bread and milk, costs will require another 51,000.000,000 betore July 1. accounting for the 52.500,000,000 boost over the President's August estimate. But if receipts run up to the $44.000,000,000 or 545,000,000.000 expected by some lax experts, there would still be a surplus close to the $4,100,000,000 predicted by the President. The President estlninted revenues.would reach Sil.TOO.OOO.OOO. The administration has requested $5,300.000.000. for the Marshall plan In • the new fiscal year but RUSSfAN SHOP FOREMAN 3-34.. By S. Burton Heath (N'RA Staff Correspondent) NEW YORK (NBA)—Any American family living on charity would consider Itself starved, If it had to exist on what a Moscow ahop foreman can buy with his entire wage for a 48-hour week. Detailed information if hard to gel through the Iron curtain. But the recent deflationary decrees did give some new data. On their basis, It Is possible to say that If Jo« Rus- ski, Moscow factory worker, look his entire pay envelope to a Soviet store he could take home: 3 pounds of good veal 2 imunds of sole 7 pounds of macaroni 6 eggs 7 pounds of rye bread 1 gimrt.s of milk 3 ounces of tea—and 24 kopecks, or 3 cents, In change. The jhop foreman could do better. He could buy three pound! of veal, four pounds of sole, a full 'The'^admliifstratlon" cxpocts" to dozen eggs, a pound of butter, Just Received...... NEW SHIPMENT. lie would have three rubles kopecks (39 cents) left over. That would not be enough to buy e c:ikc of soap. The buying i»wcr of a worker under Communism appears to bei less than one-sixth as great as i that of a worker under American capitalism. His wage for a 48-! hour week is less than a third Thli .Mlnik housewife could lake home, In her banket, ill the fnoc a Ruiilan "ulraw bo**' 1 could buy with his wanes for » 48-hour week even at the new "low" prices decreed by lh« Kremlin. In the V. S. the same llemit would coat lesi tlwn $10. what Die American worker gets for a week's pay or less. wuUl take all the Russian proletarian could Other foreign programs in ihc new fiscal yenr are expected to take an additional $1,000,000,000. If the President asks (or universal military training, as ho in expected to, this would lack an- Carload of Maine Spuds, Christmas Gift to Scots, Snarled in Much R«f Tape BOSTON, Dec. 31 (UP)—A carload of Maine potatoes, originally declined as a Christmas present to the people of Scotland, sat In a railroad yard today, snarled In red for 40 hours. Everything he buys averages to cost around twice an much, Contrasts of money wage and money cost are deceptive for many reasons, even if they are made on the basis of a single exchange rate. But It Is not misleading to point out that the average American In- earn In two months, three weeks and two days. , New York stores have been advertising good fl-tubc radios, \vith automatic record changer, for $70, while the average American factory worker' earns In 60 hours. It would take Joe Russkl five full 48- other SI ,000,000.000 on the budget , tupc, with British authorities re' ..... ,,. , for the 13« fiscal year. On this basis, the new budget would approach $4p,000.000,000, Revenues, even without a tox cut. may be below the current year, because ol a slow down In swpVus property sates both in the United States and overseas. Cigarette is Branded No. T Fire Hazard as 1947 Losses Surveyed BOSTON, Dec. 31 (UP)—Some 11.000 Americans were killed by fires In 1817 and sljout S100.COO.OOO worth of properly was destroyed in the nation's worst fire year in hls- dustrlal worker received $55.83 In'hour weeks to pay for a five-tube September for an average 40.25-hour • radio without record player. pay week. Out of this he would have I Um | C r American Inflation loilcl fuslng lo accept them for fear they night curry plant Into the British Isles. Ralph Allen, president of the Caribou. Me., Chamber of Commerce. snld lie hoped Sen. Ralph Brewfiter, R., would interview In the matter. since Lord Inverchapel, British am- bassnclor in Washington said he could do nothing. Allen pointed out thnt the 50,000 pounds of potatoes would help out Ihc Scottish people who "are rationed now to three pounds of potatoes weekly." The tubers were to have been Included In the cargo of the "Yankee Friendship" soon to sail for Scotland with food and gifts from New England. pnld only $6.41 for what cost Ihe Russian worker an entire week's wage—only $9.81 for everything the Moscow "crew foreman" could buy with a week's pay envelope. ] The market basket priced above contains only essentials—a bit of meal and fish, some macron! for starch, one lout of bread and one quart of milk a day for the family, less than an egg a day for the family, » pinch ot tea—no sugar, no butler, no condiments, no fruit or desserts. Likewise no rent, no transportation money, no lunch money, no doctor or entertainment or reading material. Not even anything for clothing. Nothing but small quantities of a few basic foods, soap has .skyrocketed to 15 cents A cake, and fee cream to 40 cents a pint. An American must tend his machine seven minutes to pay for a to buy a pint of Icn crc;\m. The Russian must work four hours tuul 25 minutes to pay for an equivalent cake of toilet soap, and three Hours and 40 minutes to pay for a pint of ice cream, Mabe nothing emphasizes the contrast more than vodka, the Ruslan national drink. Any New Yorker can call the neighborhood package store ami have a quart of 100-proof vodka delivered for $4.24, which he can earn In three hours. But Joe Russki must think several times before he decides Joe Ruski has to work 30 hours] get O ji edi His vodka, In Moscow, will tory, it was estimated today. General Manager Percy Bugbec. ,,„.,. u ,.,, ,, of the National Fire Protection As-' potatoes back," Allen sold. "If the "We're not going to take thosa sociaUon said the lighted cigarette will continue to he the nation's No. 1 fire threat unless U. S. cigarette companies co-operate In helping curb the skyrocketing number of lires due to 'careless smoking' »y urging careful smoking pratlces In their advertising." Horned Frogs in Memphis For Delta Bowl Inaugural MEMPHIS, TENN., Dec. 31 (UP) —The Horned Frogs of Texas Christ- Ian University arrived by train from Fort Worth yesterday lor their New Year's day Inaugural Delta Bowl game with the University of Mississippi. Coach Dutch Meyer brought along his '^first-string squad of 4-i men, with the same number on the "B" team due to follow Thursday, Meyer had a secret workout yesterday on the Memphis State Col- British won't take them, we'll give them to somebody else." legc campus and a public workout today nt Crump Stadium, site ol the Jan. I clash. and 50 minutes to pay for a cotton dress that tlie average American can buy his wife with five hours j and 60 minutes' pay. If Joe got notions, and wanted his wife to be warm in wool, a dress would cost all he earned In four weeks, plus one day and a half. Hln American counterpart could walk Into one of Fifth Avenue's name stores and take away a woolen dress with the "new look" for less than 22 hours' pay. For himself, Joe Russkl would \VARNIXG ORDER Charles H. Kendall Pltf. vs. No. 10.35S Loin M. Kendall Dft. In (he Chancery Court, Chicka- .sawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. The defendant, Lela M. Kendall, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days In the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Charles H. Kendall. Dated this 15th day of December, 1M1. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Betty Peterson, D. C. Attorney for Plaintiff: Claude F. Cooper. be even harder lilt. A worsted suit, such as any New Yorker can get cost him 45 hours and 25 minutes of work—almost a full week. These contrasts all are computed on the most reliable figures available In this country, which assume that the constitutional 48-hour work week, is standard; and that the average factory worker gets 500 rubies a month and the straw boss 870 ru ble.s a month. Those are the lates figures that can be found. Wher money figures are given, they ar bused on the diplomatic exchang rate, 8 rubles to the dollar. OPPORTUNITY FOR GOOD MAN IN THIS COMMUNITY We are a $75,000,000 company, writing :ill forms ot life insurance, and we need a £ood man to represent us in this area. Fine opportunity for man nf 30 to 40 years, with average or above education, married, and well known in the community. U you have any life insurance experience, fine; If not, we will train you. Chance for excellent earnings with a fine company. Write us now, giving details. All replies confidential. R. D. SMITH, % THE MACCABEES 412 Boyle Building Little Rock, Arkansas RHVniESOFREflSOn ami tt ELLIS POOLE .**'*. DEAL AT POOLE MOTOR CO. REMEOV } \ WHAT DOCTOR, TELL ME., DO A SHOPPING- PRO BL.EM MRS, BV_UE Happy New Year! To dare to go forth with a purpose true To the unknown lask of the year that's new, To help your brother along the road To do his work and lift his load. To add your gift lo the world's good cheer— Is lo have and give a Glad New Year. POOLE MOTOR COMPANY ELLIS POOLE. Owner & Operator South Highway 61 at Steele, MO. Phone Steele 49 QuaianteM by food HMMkccpIn; GLAMORUG All-Woo I Face You've never seen anyuiing like these new rugs — at anywhere near the price! Pure wool walking surface for luxury feel and longer .wear. Cushiony base of imported jute. Fine for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, guest rooms. You'll be amazed at how much rug you get for so little money. Your choice of the following patterns and colors. (A) Sea-color Floral... choke of beige, blue, rose, green, or wine. ^} feSti-color Floral... choice of blue, rose, tan, or green ground. FOR LIVING ROOMS FOR BEDROOMS FOR D1NINO ROOMS 9- x 12-... $24.95 9-xir...$24.95 CHARLES S. LEMONS, Furniture Home Furnishings, Moderately Priced

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