The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 30, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 30, 1947
Page 9
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 30, 1947 BIA'THFA'ILLE (ARK.) COURIKR NKWS Classified Advertisements Pmatm Rooms Sl earn heated I rout tied room ad- Joining bftlll. Men only. JMlGllc 4432. Bedroom with kitchen 101 Eut Bycaxnor«. bAbjr'i lir* acpaadtd on getting milk, In frtnttc h«lt, the r culled d&lry utter dairy. NO one .,«»* where the a)l-itntx>rtaiu milk in Id be obtained. Disparate, the ttier placed a Want Ad lu a Kansas Clti newapap«r. Next morning the phone ran?. The voice at the olhrr end had the JJOIII'K milk. Eight persons r PS ponded with offera to *ay« th« baby's lite. television programs present themselves," Father McDowell satd. "One Is closed circuit or kjioud- casl shows under Ihe direct sponsorship of ihe educational lusll- tuLioii; the oilier is use of commercial educational facalitlts during the Wanted to Buy Vfts BUY FUR AND PECANS Holiest prices paid. e«e us but ore you Sell. JOE HESTER'S GROCERY s. HiKhw&y «i Below Swift Ol) Mill Small 4 or good two room house 1» cliy. Ctmuicl Mary Jltibb. I'orciKcs- ville, Uo. Route 2. )2'30'plc-J|14 Gl Trek to College Has Passed Peak, Educator Asserts CINCINNATI. O., TJec. 21 IU!>> — Dr. Raymond Walters, president of the University of Cincinnati,'said today although the nation's uul- evrsltles reported a record tnroll- ... . ... . . _ . . ment last Fall, the OI tide "apnar- perlods the station Is not, normally v «ntly has reached Its peaV." on the air." i Dr. Walters, in a survey prepared The expert said television could '< for School mid Society, educational prove particularly effective In con- j weekly, said reywrts from 716 up- veying visual inlorirmUou ol a not I proved universities and tour-year eallly-icpeatcd nature to numer-I colleges showed that enrollment In ous classes at once. It could be used ! freshman classes, both veteran nivl for expensive laboratory demon-1 non-veteran, have decreased. Dr. Walters quoted a letter from the Veterans Administration which showed a tolal of 1,143,933 veterans enrolled In schools of higher cducn- WANTED 20.000 POUNDS PECANS Don't Sell till you Gel Our Bid Blytlievillo Curb Market 130 East Main 8t Phon« 873 114-ck-ll Commission Cuts Arkansas Quail Season Nine Days LITTLE ROCK, ArK.. Dec. 30 (UP. —The -controversial 1941-48 quail season has been trimmed of its last nine last days and the dally bag limit reduced to eight, In action taken by the Arkansas Game and j Fish Commission yesterday. The commission action followed a •wave 'of protest that the state's quail population was 111 danger of ,^ exterminated. '^The season \vill close ou Jan. 6. Instead of Jan.' 15. as originally planned. The new bag limit, a reduction of two birds per day, will go into effect Jan. 1. Meanwhile, the commission awarded the contract for construction of an eartliern dam on Lake Chlcot to Ben P. Hawkins of Lake Village, for approximately $60,000. strallons and explanations, where the demonstration equipment was delicate, he said. "Television as a regular tool of the classroom could assure greater uniformity In teaching and testing | students confined to VtospUnls, aduU \ education centers and university e.xtcnslon courses. "It ts not Inconceivable.' ' lie said, "thai the extension courses of tomorrow may uc conducted by , television.. .Television as an educational and. hence, social lorcc, cannot b« overestimated." llon lor Use Pall quarter. PAGE NINB Hamboo Is the world's tallest grass. 11 readies a height of 100 teet. Christmas Trees & i p Holly & MistUto* \ A Cedar t—Any Sir* • 'r Special l*rice* to Business Firms, • J.- Clillrrlitfs and School* ; '{Place Your Order Howl: I Moreland's \ tj MUSIC STORE ! grhonc W.'l 31.1 So. Jnd Sees Television As Great Aid In Future Education SOUTH BEND, Ind. (UP)—Tile Rev. Archibald McDowell, moderator of Notre Dame University's radio club, foresees the time when university will be conducted by television. Father McDowell lin.s been In charge of televising Notre Dame's home football games this fall. He felt they had proven successful. "Two major types of educational Dance Nightly In The Chick Room Say, fellas, here's your chance to really j-el the ganjs together. The Rustic Inn Is opening the Chick room for dancing nightly with no cover charge. Come In any night aTter mealtime. (8:00 p.m.) New Hours: 11 a.m. 'til 12 p.m. Rustic Inn Walnut at Division Buy Your Plumbing, Heating and Appliances From An Old Reliable Firm ... The \Vm. Eraser riumhlni anA Hr.illnj Company tin been In business In Blythevllle far the past 23 jfars ai\d ha'vt « fine «tock of plumbing needs an hand for immediate drllvrry >t 401 Knit Cherry Street. We Carry Weil-Known Brands Such As: • Smirhwoy Electric Water Hearers • Arvin Electric Room Warmer • Evans Automatic Oil-Fired Heater • Smithway Butane Water Heaters ALSO— \Vinkler Perfection Dcl.uxc Oil Space Healers, l.miergnn f)rl.uxe Oil Space Ilcutm, a tf.w used ON Burning S|i;ice lleaUrs and HIR well-known Iron Fireman conversion Oil Ilunrer ftir your present coal turim-e, Dclco Water Puinns. Peerless Water Klnu Wuter Pumps. K»tim Beverage Coolers and Home l-'rerzers and Wilson Uprite Freezers. Clllcor Floor Furnaces, 50,000 BTU c-.iiuu-iljv Knhler plumbing fixtures—;ilso ftme pood used water hr;itrrn. Why he satisfied with iiiiytliiiiK shorl of tht bcsl . . . See *lilJ Slnck of Kqufpment before you buy! "We Service Any Equipment We Sell" Wm. Fraser Plumbing & Heating 2 blocks casl, i blocks siiulh, Bl.vtheville Hospital 401 East Cherry Phone 2422 M fnj --^-JjH/f H^ d*- • »«<!«, «C.t.M L 12-30 l-'KKCKl.KS & HIS FRIKNDS By MERRILL BLOSSER }low You Gel That? YOU GUYS ABB \SO WERE LOtlfr C^A-iY,' DUELS AR£ I SKIS.rS, BUT NOr cxi>- rASMioueo / I ANVMORE' i—,|-' A ^—, "Wh«n I think of all th.» laiy ni»n I could have marriedi" I SHOUID STICK. MY tJecK our • FOB. IWf , HOMOR! ' WHAT DID, IT tVEft. co FOR ME? I'M XLAKD. OAOLING.' sCRAMMINC- | I SO ITS REALl-V 3Ur OF HCKE ' i TROC I PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug StoreS Steel Oil Barrel Racks Btl« T. L MABRY MISSOURI ST. PH. 1627 I Have On Hand At- All Times • Several tractors and equipment ... both new and usefl ones . . . | JOHN DEERE, FARMALL and I other makes. Also, I have for , sale at all times 70 to 80 head of I mules. Terms can be arranged. . Will trade for most anything . you have. i New Ford Traders Ready for Delivery F. C. CROWE 1 Mile S. of Braggadocio X.rro.Vi oj uostjaj ou peq I nig uaq patlJH a.\RH 01 am Jo; -IQ 'S[AV* P^[[!>i SABI] v) appap itiSnu Xoi|,L -^smunip 00) uiocs l.uptp I pile l)0f Jj JO))oq aq aDj[od ail) m!AV ' alu P^cldois pnij -oS inoqe puiui Xui paSuiiip pj ino JO J i puu uaui di3ds )noqn patuoDuoD 001 SCA\ i '^(.'A\DA!.ip aq) ui -lasjnja iisip DIUI sSuim SUIDS joop U31|D)|^ aq) )no siq puu uui]d|DT iu»n police \ •aouj o; SDP.J JOAO su[\ ~t\\u\ o; JdU^^I ^>q p|no.*A )[ 'lull] 3DS o; o3 duuiiclP[0) pj 'Jop •OlUj) 3UO[ H SL noos su -.imu SBA\ pa^jtis pue aq , ( 'p[noo do;s pjnoa X asoddns |,uop I,, 'X(pl3K PJGS I (,'no asoddns J.uop t,, 'auo isuj &\.[\ lO paxmi poq zi'i — OAU^I p,aq uinj •RIS^H.I.A'S TOP Bv VERMRER instead of fighting each other, why don't you team up together?/ Don't you If you join you'll be VIC FLINT WATCH Short P Gl l -ap JDJ iJu ^ o* pa\uu.\\ i.iauuiiuij i 11 jo ^ l.upjp -JOAO a infl 'uoi^uaut oi ui ) /UlTl) DOS 3u| ; usaq peq i >BIJA\ se o.>[[0d i noq u puy t? i_ us K A\ ssnuisnq u pus aaoui 3uiA\oqs auo ipus 'jua -sajd oqj 01 dn p^o sqiuoiu xis SGA\ »v;s omii aqi tuojj SJAV J° sa.mpul a.ia.u a-iatt,L 'uoA"uuo aqj jo mo] -joq aq> }e JBO qjuap aqi jo sa.uti -aid 3J3M ajaqx 'uiaqi je ps^ooi pus sjaded *m dn p T J |Buy am ua-\3 '^stA\i pa l '3iuopaE5 B SutmiaaAa a^j sX«A\ie 3H 'lem »5i!i SBM a ,,-ajn;3!d jC JOj jCipi.tq.nd BOJJ ODIU "SJacledsAiau aq; P.IKA\OI p .w liojqi B ;daA\s an « nj aqi noi t.uaae 'il^A sjq u; ^nuio G pBq zrj '3Dc^ UM3J1S sJadedsA\au i 3iq jnq 'O]pnis Xvu 01 UMOp 'asnoq aqi OIUT NUJ jC^A\B dAO.ip Xaip Ul u •J o)ui jnd A"»q; S8,v> »j ptiu 'pasj i uoqi p n po;jBA\ GD ao)(od -jno jo astias e i^s -japjniu H JOJ pue 'pauaclcleq puy '3j-"»i":c| OUJBO GA\ pjes at^ ;t)qA\ \ 34 icqi luouroui apuiu pnq ajj 'ui punojc ^oo[ 01 aui auios a.\vu( j,, -pin uuius DUO si:M a.ioij.L 'pa.rnq -uiamo.1 i 3uim.OoAa unq pjoi I pui? i|3nn.u)((i pirn astouo.') aq 01 pau; i 'asnoi] An: \u j.iy P uw S |AV tiiiiAuq iCm 01 paj pun HOLHA\ oipn;s oti; ie t>}iiaAa aq; ;o auinsoj a uJiq 3Ai:3 puu ojojaq uoou.iajjn aq) >[oi3q jcia,u UJAB i 'unj^i? Sum a 3Ji)iia ;>m J3AO juaA\ i 05 • uuijdfOT ,, — ||a^\ f , If DAOLjaq i.upinoD ||i)S' j j.iap ~.iniM 'PS^s pcq aq *Jop.inw 'ino tio aaaHy oj 3uiA"j^ uuaq uua ai\ R aTjn dumf oi ut'Soq utiuq l pUU 3JOU! SU1V1\.C(.»1 3Ut \\3\ peq oiu -DE ^ uaqj, aq A"iu )u paSSn; SuiJa.^suE uv pue Bvti aoej ii|3i} n.«o .Cm ijoj i °P siq PUB uappns sj3A\suB aqi us SABII -tins i,, -oo} OI;SBOJGS ,,*A\OU noA" asod P HE ?i ind t{3 aqi PUB a ,,'apeui I n jo pcq aijs auo M1CHAKL O'iMAIXKY and RALPH LANK WASH TliniiS m He Kan Oic Ad By TURNER lou puu SI uo sa[3ue . aq 01 iqg no^ -JEa^ • • iuai|i paiji^ QUA* o; s -IDSU oip ; ( «P!P A'oqi 3Anq 3AV,r "^Il"ll P! L ' S ou s,n,, -so.<a -CL'.[3 sit ^oajjp B aui 3AU3 3Ai aji\3y o; Eaii | M pun i[Diua[> joojcl s ujqi » SG i II;IAV 3uoiA\ isncu noX— no^ «•»««• J^M- )SE] am paxg pui} oq,« ijDf SUM 11 %','' i ") > j':,*,' N1J "l"",'* 1 ^ - ' > J l0 * l '.' | |;; OUT OUR WAY ByJ.R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hooble ' STOP RIGHT \ WHERE ->OU ' ARE.' TELL ME, / NO--VOU KMOW / HOW SHE HOLLERS I ABOUT ME DIRTyiM' I UMMECESSARV DISHE5-A V so i PUT TH' TOAST \ OVER. TH' SOUP AM' > COfFEE SO THEY I CAM'T PLOP OUT.' WHV VOTHSRS GET <S1?*.V NO.QGIZ MPfiTE«,X DIDsi'T-' BUT I'fA GO1MG TO A Mew VEAR'S PARTY AND 1 X'AA STUOYirJ& ARCH- ITeCTUKB ,SO IF X'M FORCED TO OPEI^ M.V DUMB MOLlTH.X'LL POUR SOM.&6ODV A FULL 3D&OFVT/ POP.' -«*- TILL MOW Voo'^e eeeu CHIEF SftDFLV DOLL IAS™ HeC TALEMT DID you OOTA GAS? rUltlR.MlM6 THRU THE SILEkIT STREETS. PAST KM OLD OKEWtD BREWEE.S, THE G11L TURMS IN TO mouse WEK: DOOR... OWE OF THE F£W STILL OCCUPIED Ik) TiUS BLOCK... THKD! ma \U HEMIEM'6 N(VME WP VOU MEP.MSS RUN' mufi THIS CLEl'CR^SM' f in IRIS: BV ftW6K.- 11S1MG FOR. ft W»,W UNPSB- f We FEET.i'U FIND OWE SEMGiril'E TO »IS IIEI6HT... MORE WILLIUS TO COSPERM6 1W KH fXPERIMENT... BUT DOkfT SOU REM.I5E \ TH«'5 ftFTER WHW H^PPeHEP 1 WUST TRS TO PR.. ^oD^^.^s, IT'S / HGMN NOW! ONW A CJUESTIOM OF / IT NW BE MY TWE TILL POLICE - Inflalion Here Ity FRED I{ ARM AN WEAL RIDE AROUND BErtirTO THE Sfose TILL CUSTOMER IE.AVES. ALLEY OOI' HERE'S A NICKEL FOR THE ToBACCT Answer (o a I'raycr By V. T. HAMLIN " ( AN' THERE'S NO \VAV ' V T'BRIDSE IT ^^-, li'J'jT ' -" BOOTS AND HKK 1UI1)1)1KS Jusl, Talk in' i By KDGAU MARTIN

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