The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 30, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 30, 1947
Page 3
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 30, 1947 BLYTHKVILLR (AUK.) COURIER NEWS BITIIR HOMES PAGE TURBK Termite Called Home Destroyer Wood-Eaters Can Be Controlled When Found Early Enough Termites, with the possible exceptions ot live, are one ol the most home, according to Chester F. Wil- destructive enemies of the American Hams, extension agriculture! engineer of the University of Arkansas. They work ill the dark and the damage they <io is usually not known until the honey-combed piece if wood crushes or gives away. But termites, like all other pests, can be wlul 1J11S wlll . allow 511Illclcllv V e,. controlled if found early enough. 1 t j| a uon under Uic building to dim led. Work From (irouiid lip It Is not uncommon for termites lo work from the ground up through the mortar joints of a brisk pier to enter the sills or beams under a house. Thely also build tunnels, similar to a dlrldaiiber's nest but smaller in diameter, up. the side ol foundation walls and piers. A piece of galvanized sheet, metal, tin, or heavy building paper may be used as a termite shield between the foundation and sills, Mr. Williams said. Such a strip should be continuous over the outside, foundation wall, it should extend straight, at least two Inches past the inside edge of the foundation wall, then bend down slightly and extend at least two incres beyond the bend Outside foundation walls should have at least one square foot ol opening for each 10 linear feet of wall. This will allow sufficient ventilation under Uic building to cllm- Inate some of the conditions favoi 1 enemies of man and tells how to able to termites, avoid their damage in a circular Removing slumps, large roots, published recently by the Unlver- j ami scrap lumber from under x sity of Arkansas. j building will also do milch Plumbing and Heating Bureau Gives Tips on Winter Care of Water Pipes Timely dps oil Hie winter care I and conservation of the household plumbing and heating equipment ore offered by Hie Plumbing and HcatliiK Industries Bureau. The Bureau's suggestions arc designed lo help reduce service colls for plumbing and healing contractors who still arc commuted with a shortage ot experienced help and a lack of materials, particularly pipe. Don't try lo lhaw out frozen Mr. Williams described the hidden The food of termites is wood cellulose, and they are not partlculai about the source of their food. Dead trees, stumps, fence posts, fallen limbs, lumber scraps, furniture, building timbers, floors, paper and books make excellent food for termites. Termites, like ants, live together in great colonies, usually beneath in warm, damp one reason why toward termite clolhs. Many master plumbers and heating contractors have equipment which will thaw pipes by (he use or mi electric current. Don't use a plumber's torcli to thaw pipes. In Inexperienced hands the torch may b c a dangerous instrument, it nmy cause fire or an explosion of Ice turned to steam n closed pipes. cutting down on possible damage, Oil-Filled Trench Helps Termite damage to n building c;ut usually be eliminated for a period of one to three years by the following procedure: Dig a trench about 12 inches wide and 8 to 12 inches deep jnst inside of the outside foundation wall and around each 1 pier. Pour into the trench one gal- Home Building During Winter Seen This Year The coming of winter weather Mils year Is" not expected to slow down building activity ns It hns In previous years, H wns declared to- Burcau of New York. clearing house for building Information. The statement was based on a nation-wide survey which shows Hint because of (lie Ideal wealhcr conditions which prevailed over most of tlie country until mrlv November, building crews have been kept busy rmu-li later In the season than usual. Tills has Careful Furnace Firing Will Save Money and Fuel No matter what S0 ii of fuel you Use, nor how modern mid ••juilo- inallc" your heutlng plant. ym , Wl(1 waste a urcat cleul of y,un- ovnl, ««» or oil unless yon Rive HK> heutlne system plenty of nl trillion. Soot In flues mid mound fur- mice colls, for example, will rob Legion Granted Permit to Build Civic Auditorium Only n\e building ppi-inlU wcro Ksued from lire office of City En- BlnrcT .Jo,. Curni'v during the past two weeks bill Inclusion ol the Amerlrnn l.eitlnn',s permit lo build Us ^>rc)|X)sod auditorium on Norlli FcfJiiil Hlri'ot. linoslei! i|u- tola! cs- ' you of „„„•!, fue) and manv dolla,; p- 1 " 10 ' 1011 "» $ ' 1;I ' 0(H) ' no Hinder whal you bum. Thcretme I "' application It should be oU'Mii'il mil regularly. ' !'," sl '-'' (or " rrnlMti If you have » i-oal-Ilred fmniu-e be sure the fire nod never Bets thin. At the same itiue. leave Blowing coals til the from nt ilu- fin- | )0 | eon- SO'BII casr-.x will be consumed. Con-1 tliuial poking ,,mi iilslrlbnlliiK a fire will wnxi« la,gc qttnivmies of fuel. I In oil or tins Insinuations, (ho blggeM \vust<! comes when the supply of fuel anil air Is ncil properly mixed. Often yon will ob.M-m 1 tmintni amount of'planned sirnctloii to $-1:1.000. or Hurt Uason HK penult llsli'd tlie I'.sllmaleil i-oM or tlie steel and re-enformi com'ivlc slruclui'c as SM.otlO. Other wrmlls follow: the surface of Ihe earth They thrive l>lcr ' ;T r " Uo lhe lrcllch one Ril '-i 111 warm, rtarm, InralFnn" -rhU' U !on ° f burnt mot01 ' "" or m ° l0 '' "'> and kerosene for each 10 feet ot I length. Place inches of soil In Ihe "As a result, with Ihc set before cold weather, the remainder of the construcllon Job ., onrl 1'rocced without Interference call a plumbing contractor at once. b .v climatic conditions," the Bureau The damage caused by n fro/en pipe I s:ll(l which bursts done. Don't assume that, frozen pipes will thaw unaided as the weather Bets warmer. When pipes freeze, , ember lo use only (In- ivaimnu-iuU-d sl/e of coul and Bnule ol fu< for your siirelfii: lurinu-i 1 .' locations. This is they are so often found under houses which have continuous outside foundations. If it is warm under the house during the winter months, termites are as active as in the summer. Termites trench, then pour a second gallon ot oil for each 10 feet of length into the U-ench. Fill the trench with soil. Two common points of entrance the wood' lirubrs 'where lliey of ter ' nltes » l buildings are where make contact with the ground or ™ncretc or masonry steps make masonry conslrhclion. They make contac , 1 Wlth w - ootl sllls anrt whcrc continues trips from the source of «" cretc or masonry porches tic - - 'to the building proper. their foot! to their colonies. By cutting off their passageways, termite 1 ,. lrcru , cd sllls '" n building may damage to buildings can be elimina- ' clll "inatc damage lo the sills, bus will not prevent termites from Decorate Your Home With New Beauty! Give your home the "new look" with new, beautiful wallpapers and paints. See how nitich brighter, more cheerful your home will bc when you let our experienced decorators plan your home the new way. Come in today. Choose your color schemes, paper aiid paints. Quality at budget prices. We Recommend Reliable Painters and Paperhangers. DEAL'S PAINT & WALLPAPER STORE Excellent Huilding Supplies 109 East Main Street ['hone -146!) may far exceed the cast of having it thtuvcd by a plumber. Don't pour boiling water Into frozen toilet bowls. A sudden and extreme change In temperature Is vcriv likely lo crack the vitreous china bowl. ' Don't draw water from the "draw- ofl" faucet or the domestic hot water boiler if (lie water pipes are frozen. The boiler might collapse • under the vacuum created. ^ Don't light a gas water heater connected to the domestic hot water pir»s if the pipes are frozen. Don't let the water run low In the boiler of a steam heating plant. Instead ot trying to watctl Ihe water line, better have the boiler equipped with a device which automatically keeps It. supplied with the right amount of water und culs •iff if the water line Is dangerously •ow. Don't neglect to have worn out or ;so!ete air valves replaced on ra- iators of steam heating plants. •oor air valves are one of the most, omnion causes of complaints about •oor heating. It is a complaint that an be avoided If air valves are heckcd by a heating contractor nee a year. Don't neglect to vcnl radiators ot ot water heating plants occaslon- lly. Remember that If the radiator ; full of air. It can't be lull of •ot water of steam, and you won't | •?t Die heat which Ihc combustion I ' fuel Is putting Into the water. j Don't, ex-pose hot water rudla- I }rs In bedrooms to freezing tcm- ! "raturcs by opening windows wide 'uring extremely cold nights. Leave -nvtt-off valves open B little bit to \ permit circulation ot water during ' cold nights. j Check registers of warm air hnat- 1 ing systems for fire hazards. Registers placed in woodwork or In combustible floors should bc sur- rounde.d by a border of non-com- bitstible material not less than two inches wide, securely set, In place. Proctor Planter Dies MEMPHIS. Tcnn.. Dec. 30. (UP) —Henry crafl. 4fl, a Proctor Ark planter, (tied yesterday In n Memphis liospllal following « .stroke last niRlit. A native o[ Memphis, Craft hurt built up extrusive plantation holdings near Proctor which had been in Ills family since before the Civil j He had returned lo Memphis . to take things easy preliminary to ! turning over management of " the ! I plantations lo his two sons. CoWBlll. for rive-room nml mi Irame icsldencos on South 2IM at reel; estimated easts Sl.omi and jnon, n-.spci'lively. S. 1), Hlliuik. for a 24 by 30-foot nine niortTy sum- bulldlnji at 40-t South IIKIl; e.sllmalt'il cost. $1,201). William t-'ni.ser. tor a one-room rcmri'ci,. block ImUdlii)! at 101 Kust Cherry; rsllliiatcd cost. $-1,0011. A poimli in move a building was Issued Mrs. II. Alley. Rent Control Extension Bill Promised by GOP ""I WASHINGTON. Dec. 30. lUl'l — Chairman Jc-.<se P. Wolfotl. U Shaw Calls a Critic "This foolish American" LONDON. DOC. no. (UP)—QeniKC liaiuuit Shaw, long considered lo be UvUaln's leadlni; aminstlc., let It, bo known today that lie owns a down lllblcs utid never travels without one. / Slmw imuli- Hit-.disclosure. In replying lo Ktlcnnn Dunucli. editor of Ihc Nassau Tribune I" Ihe T»n- hamas. Dupiich bad wrlllen lliat Shiuv MIIS "bound lo cuU?h hell" for auclloning o[f an old lliblc which hud beloiiKed lo Mrs. Shnw. "Ask this foolish Aincilcuii who hlirks I should In- liniiKi'd for scll- "I! «n u«ly Hlbhi what should Uu lone to (he liibli- Society which s thonsniiits ot imu-h liiuirt- -r ones evoiy (lady." Ihc Irlsli pluywrlnht salil, "Tlic .silly fellow N-i'd not be anxious nbout me I hnvc n do/.cn lilbles lett niul never travel wllhout one." Mich, ol Ihe HOUM linuklng Coin- tre «ald ioday (hut vent contro will lie t-xlcndcd "In Nome form' by tlie next session of CorVgrM*. Wolcoll Enid the only "stumbling block" was how to »llow for th» 15 per cent voluntary Increase* provided for In the l«l extension I»», which expires Feb.'29. Woloott said his commlltee would start hearing* on HII extension bill toon after iiBicss returns Jan 6. • - • WARNING OKUKR Willie Cernlillnr Ward. Plff. vs. No. 10,345 Sam T. Ward, Dft In tnc Clinncerv Court. Chlcku- faivba District, Mississippi Counly, Arkansas. Tlie defendant. Sam T. Ward. In hereby warned to appear within thirty day.s in tlie court named in the caption hereof anrl answer the complaint of Ihc plaintiff.. Willie Geraldine Ward. Dated tins 8lh day of December, 1!M7. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Betty Peterson. D. C. Attorney for yilnmtitt, E:l B. Cook. Attorney ad litcm, Arthur S. Hanison. 12i!)-10-23-30 -Spills Sleep Tinijkt! A few drops ol VIck& ViX-tro-Hftl liitachnofe- t*Sl work a rlKht where trouble is lo open nose, relieve utility, Lrin- fiUMil congestion. Bring* quick relief froinsntny, MH'czy head cold dli- Iri'.M, Try 11! Follow illrccllous In package. Montgomery Ward DRESS CLEARANCE 431 Greatly deduced! FALL DRESSES BE PROUD OF YOUR FLOORS! Modern Houses Built Without Wood Trim In the home where the owner wants to emphasize modernity, much of the customary wood trim around doors and windows should be eliminated to achieve an atmosphere of open space. Doors should be flush- type without panels. . Wood does come Into wide use in modern design, however, for fixed functional pieces such as shelves bookcases, cabinets, wall desks and other items that require separate nieces of furniture in the period home. WARNING ORI>ER Wallace B. Woodynrd, Plf. vs. No. 10,310 Fannie Mae Woodyard, lift. In the Chancery Court. Chickasawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. The defendant, . Fannie Mae Woodyard, is hereby warned to ap- poar within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and ansa-er Ihe complaint of the plain- tifi. Wallace B. Woodyard. Dated this 8ih day o! December, 1!)47. HARVEY MORRIS. Clerk Claude F. Cooper, att for Ptf. Ed B. Cook, ally ad litcm. 12;9-16-23-30 Read Courier New; want Ads. bridging over to untreated wood ot • the building. For this reason, the | metal shield, is one of the best guards against termite damage to , a building. j All of the precautions to prevent termites from entering a building are of no benefit if firewood or lumber Is stacked against the side of the building, the engineer warned.! WARNING ORDER R. S. KM per. Plf;. vs. No. 10.339 Carrie Harper, Dfl. In the Chancery Court. Chickn- sawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Tlie defendant, Carrie ttnrpcr. is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, R, S. Harper. Dated Ihu «tli day of December 1947. HARVEY MORRIS. Clerk C. F. Cooper, atty. for plf. Ed B. Cook, ally ad litem. 12.9-10-23-30 SHlRWIN-WllltAMS PORCH & FLOOR ENAMEL $1.65 Qr. Interior and exttticir floors K<-'t c*ir»- tough protection with this frcsh- Jooking enamel. One ciuily-npplied coal of this lusirnu* finish rc\i$is the bc.iiings of weather atuj time, covert tolidl)' and restores good looks, HARDWARE CO.Inc. HOME OF FAMOUS,8R&H0S 126 W.MAIN ST: •':.. ^ .IHOK^.SIS DAVID B. ANDERSON MASON CONTRACTOR Brick Work ot Quality H«il«r Work aurl Kcnuulelini; a Specialty 1101/:z E. Davis St. Phone 4641 Kidney, Bladder 1)isorder " This Natural Hot Mineral Water Iron Arkanaa*. Help* to— I. Stimulate kidney function. .,' • 1'lSuotliD-bladder irrllii'tloii'. ^ J. Neutralize mlc-ncldlly. 1, Dlscluugu sysli'iuLc wastes. Why not Mountain" s l y i Vatley • trial? II has helped m n n y thousands. Delightful to drink. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY Main nml Division lilythcville, Ark. SHOP FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION CRANE KOHLER AMERICAN STANDARD "ARE YOU A FOXY SHOPPER?" Do you look around before you buy? Compare workmanship? Compare prices? If you rio, you'll find that the best in plumbing FIXTUHKS and SUPI'UES are found at our shop. Don't take "seconds" from anyone . . . get the best from "PETE"! FHA TERMS AVAILABLE ON ALL * FIXTURES AND WORK * "PETE" The Plumber 109 North First Street Phone 2731 Let Us "Brighten" That House In Your Future!' S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCHBLDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. • Pkone, 3646a^2525 When you ga/e into UIP "tryslal b»U" of your future, into the house plans that mean so much ... be sure you include the best in materials and workmanship. Von know by experience that, you fjct only what you actually pay for . . . by this we mean that OUR excellent materials and workmanship are worthy of yoiir consideration. CHARLIE'S ELECTRIC 116 North First SHOP Phone 2993 FOR SALE TRACTORS and Equipment Now On Display At Our Lot JOHN DEERE FARMALL, ALLIS CHALMERS FORD All Sizes and Models We can Furnish equipment for most of lltese tractors. If we don't have what you want, we can (tct it for yon . . . THESE TRACTORS ARE TRICKI) FOR QUICK SAI.K! See Us Before You Buy BUD WILSON AUTO SALES Corner Main & franklin Burl Wilson - Phone 2037 Jess Homer

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