Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 22, 1936 · 5
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 5

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Friday, May 22, 1936
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FRIDAY, MAY 22, 1936 THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY. OREGON PAGE FIVE Unused Furniture Gejs Covered With Dust Want Ads. Get Results ..'.. Sell It! 7 For Sale, Miscellaneous 20 Wanted, Miscellaneous Uutter l'ub extra. 37u: tnd- I Teta Tomator were eaalrr; like, i w le I'allfornlan. NEW TODAY rd, 14c; prime flrt. 3c; fimta, 1 CM Mil I Wtaill, CltKKN I lit) I U 4VIILI. ctir(). M,rt dry , fine fur cook sluvre, .awdu.t .having. Albany Fuel Co.. ll I'alaiHioia SI., Phone (J . in'nif tl 00; gray 120 00 tun. ...... ...30c 40c OATS: White, No. 1. No. 1, 123.00; grav feed ' : WOOL Wool, per pound ...... lohlr. per pound , . . . KT1 WOOL WANTED -rjS market value. M. Sender Co. m7-30 ('hee. Oregon triplet., 13c; Inaf, 114 Broker, will oar in PI ACF OKDER8 EARLY FOR I unvU utra fine large carnation, all color, fl dux. for Memorial Day. 1 1 it 11 "a Floral rlhnp m!l-Sl FIVF M'UKf "VKY KU'K UK A-' ' tlon near Albany anil all under rulifcation with got small hnu.e at a sacraflce lrle. llecau of lcknea. i are rul farm buy; all lay. level anil good farminir land In rnltlva-linn except amall amount along rri'k. Kiir quick sale only I2iaper acre. Tripp at Murphy, Kealtora. h-lnw nnotntlon. (IK K, Kebrraall eat t'e. 5 Livestock, Poultry, Eggs 10 ATRF NBAR i-epano.n IV nuilLO i,n,a 1,,,,,,-ovn,,, t 4Mt. - - 10 acre Uiiprityt-d, urice ISnOO, federal of $3700. Wanta email place In exchange. 4 acre near Pullman Waahlnttnn nice Improvement, will exchange for valley farm. C. M. Pollarhide Df) ATP SEVERAL 111 ATS 13 TO Vjn Id j n A. ,rvvrBi railM. mSltf PACrADA BARK WANTEI WE yMOUrtnMare in the market for an unlimited quantity of dry' or green Caacara Rark, Will pay hlahcat rah price. Albany liar-grain Home, 2nd and Baker, Phone 7t. aU-tf HOLLYWOOD hwn,,(,hT,!sk,l; aale, I? per 100 May 23 !.'.- Phone &-F-S. Oakwnod IHiullry, Kami Tangent. tre. ni2l-21 417 Lyon St., Albany, Ore. m! 1-13 WANTFN ELDERLY WO.M rrwiiiv r mn (rnB.llB p t'OMAN WRFrit'lWn RUI BCHOOU t'ATTI.K Kleer Heifer Hull Cowa, beef Cow, cutter ........ HOftg 140 lit ItIO itound. . . . . 16" t210 tiolihilH ... . 210 to 250 pound ... , '.TiR to 350 pound 350 pound up Sow i.,.. 'o. U mtf nen- ""LUI,,"U All kind of lumber aion to go snon 'on maintaining EXECUTOR'S NOTICE OF ' FINAL SETTLEMENT Notice is hereby given that the undersigned Executor of the Estate of Henry. A. VoUstedt, deceased, has filed its final account as such executor in the office of the County Clerk of Linn County, Oregon, and the Court hat set Monday. June 1. 1936. at ten o'clock A. M. as the time and the County Court room of said County as the place for the hearing of fli MAM- UNITED KTATE8 CtMNH home, Addrea W, 8. e-o tiemm-rat- FOR SALE-mr Sr OLD RfiQTnM ih'u. itppies Kon for aule at price. Alio brick, lath. Can deliver. 3rd A Montaomery. iii21-!:-8 Ininie Turkey Jl.rald. niZ2-:& bought at Dawann'a Drug Store. niarttf ..I5S0O7.00 . . 4 604(4 50 . . 3.5041 00 . . S.OOttl.OO .,1.50 Q3.00 ..17.250 7.75 7.7541 175 ., 7.254 1.25 .. 7,35ft J.50 5.5041 .:; . . 4.50l.0il ..$7,5011 1. 50 .'. 1.00 4f 4.00 .,- &.00tf t.00 7c 10c W. II h HI, ' . mit-tt IMiulta to hatch June II and 20. Wen Icy lichner. Phone 14-F-4. mil -33 QAWITARV oi'tside toilets 24 Personal Onion market wa aieady. Lettuce a trifle eaalrr. The Dalle pea. ateadler; quality belter. Flrat ahlpment of watermelon arrive from Imperial Valley. Polatoea of the old crop climbed to a new high record of 4 per cental during the 24 hour: thin being one of the htgheat price nn record here. The advance for the day waa from 50 to 74k and reflect not only the extreme scarcity and probable famine of old potato., here and along the Pacific alnpe, but the extreme Rmallnea and aenautlnnal price advance for new crop. I'nder normal condition new potatoe ahniild be going down at thin period, luatead of .hooting aky-high. rOHTI.AMI 1.1F.NT4H'K Portland, (ire.. May 22. Hog: 200 Including 153 direct. Active. Fully ateady. Uood-chnlre rirlveina $.35- 60. Heavlea t.75. Light llghta and laughter pig l 75-. Parkins aow 17. Feeder ptga SO-0.75 Caltle: 50. Calve 50 Including 3t direct. Around ateady. Common gran, .leer down to 15.75, Uood long fed steers quotable' to $1 or above. Few common heifer 15.50-7. Few mill I4.75-5.7S. Good vealera t. Sheep: 160 Including 103 direct. Steady. Few medium 77 lb spring Inmlia llootl trncklna quolalile to fin. Few good shorn ewe f 3 50. urvniiniii mude. Inatallfd free. : You lumber. Call V. 8. Km-; ployment office. Albany. m23-2S allEEP FRFQH JERKEY XW FOR SALE. l,LOU yra. old. 50. B. Jl. Al-bera, gheild. m21-22 V'fllNILU 8S who can cook a firat-claaa plain meal and haa aome knowledge of practical nur-ln,' or better allll, a riealre to learn. Apply by mall, statin qualification. K. 0, ii, i-ii pemocrat-JLraltl. mil' CAB CAI C WHITE LJ-:t5HOK. ST0MAP.H I'U'ER. OAB PAINS. OIUIVlAUn mligeilon victim. ' h"y auffer? For quick relief get free .ample of Cdga, a doctor' preacrlpttun at Fred lawnn' Irig Store. nil-J. Uml . . Ewe , . . , Yrarlluga Live Urriwd . I yn ynuu i,aby ,hlcka. Tellv IJCrrj ICE T.OXES ONLY II ASP Uv5t"1' up. Pick your now, a large etock to aelect from. Lawn mower trade In your old mower on me of our new light running, high wheel, ball bearing mower. Garden hone We have a number of piece of good lined garden hone, new hone lid ft, length. $1.95. Sprinkler, garden tool, etc. Albany Ilargain linuae, Second and linker SU. mIO-tS VEAL IFRQFV OW' Jl'HT FRESH. FOR ery Thura., following Mon. it June . $7.Bii per 100. Pacific Hat.-hery. Alan Tangent, Ore. m22 , aow with W. Erb, plge. Phone 4-F-4. U m2l-22 1 6 Miscellaneous Classified wool ' Co. I for Sal Real Estate , WAXTKD WE PAY hlghear price. M. Bender j ' mM-JlJ PAQU paid r-oR lVn.THY tft Cewpaayl No, 1 hen. 4 to I Ilia ITc Nn. I hena. over I Iba. ......... ,17c No. 1 fneitluin hen, over 2t lb. 14c Nn, 1 medium hen, under 35 lb. 14c I'FED Fl'RNI-Uxik In your lure. ete. I ARfiF TEARUNO PERCHERON LAnUL ,ti yttung jeraey cow to freahrn aoon, t'i: young white boar, IIS. Cecil Kerr, Sclo, Ore. m2t-23-8 attic." 414 W. chaa. Rnhrboiigh A Hon, Firat HI. Jl-tf O ULirri TRAILER tDfALS) " 1 ILLL with bunk for Iokx, lunilier. Cheap for cah. J. W. Miortrlilge, 316 Cnlnpnole St. Ph. 62. m30W Colored aprlngt 1 7c 47 1A AfRF FARM FOR PALE milea out: new t room hii.ii.e. new eMrk.a hou.e all . other out-bulldlOKK (alr; on rnnln power line. frop. all In. A BARGAIN. Hee owner. Win.. McKln'ley, Rt. 1. Albany. Or a32-n22 KORIN No. 1 broiler, I J to 3 Iba. Ituoet.ra , . .13c ...7c OUCrp P11KAR1.VU. CALL Ol ILLI TrUBXi rhnf 29-F-4 I or call RTflPI equipment rrn.Ni- uivyrv turt, 3l ,.,., located in Brueh Cr.i-k, -all bottom land, vrop all In. very (rood building. very fine little place. I hone. I cow a. all euulpimht needed, all furniture needed. Total price only m move right In. , IRVINE 1 HOOD, Phone 30(1 aJOtf t 1315 10. 2nd. m-jl UpJQ FOR PALE RED IKXIS. IIWIO s mo ,,, f. F. Eyre, Fern Rldge, Holley, Ore. m20-22 Automobiles Wanted llOrn OAS RANCES. ELKCTRU.' UOUU range, oil elovea, electric A gun plate, loweat ponallile price. Itebullt uard range, large Mock only ?.75 V up. Ite.t iiokhI-value at Albany Kurguln llou.e, 2nd linker. m!ZI IFRCFY Rl'LL S MO.. JERSEY PHUUI'f'K KXriltKfiR The following price1 wera named to be effective Monday! fACU PAID FOR- OLD OOLD, VAOI1 al!nlll rrown. Iiildge. filling, old Jewelry, watch caaea, tc. F. M. French ft Hon, Jeweler. i dSOtf Slag 10c F.nta All rrlra Are Delivered Albaay ' 4'aaea Hetaraed Extra Uc Standards ..'.,......; 7c Extra medium 14c Standard medium 13c llrnwna extra ,' lie flirty extraa r Slruiik. Albany. Itt. 1, Sftnileraon Itrldge. ' .1 ml. Bo. m20-22 WANTFn rKT CASCARA BARK tU M. Sender fo. in22-jl pACLI FOR YOCR CAJt OR VOV 1 1 qmty. Warden'. Car Market. Ihnnon. Phone 1331. mS-JS 21 ,for JRent Hay, Grain, Feed PAINTINfv " .WALL PAPERINO. irvillllliVI trrir decorating that' different. Phone 43 or S13-L. ' Wilbur l)awan,ft Clnlre Snyder. ' m30-tf pACU FOR QLII AND WORTH -vAOl I fgam horrg and cowa. Day-old calve. Ph. 11-F-I4 Albany. Cecil Montgomery. m!4-tf FAR Af F J HAnitAKOAN-rvrv, calx ,. Ppulllli over hatch, fall J. L. McFarlaad. Tangent. I'hnne 604-R-4. ni23-3S I mlergradea ............ Pullela Pee weea t. IIWUOL g(Kllt Clllliii,tn. . I n, nlr Irvin'a tiiirnge, niSl-JS VEAL ClirjAN !"AS HERD FOR SALE. OUUnil JohB nrkhart, Rt. 1. Al- bany. 4 mi. out on Lebanon Hwy. ' .m20-22 ...13c ...13c ...10c ....7c ,..IUc ...SCc ...25c ..IS.75 BI'TTKIIFAT DEAD ANn WoHTHLE.SS HORSES and cowa picked up free of charge anywhere, phone collect I4-F-14, Albany. If' no anawep. Phone Jl-F-4, Corvallia. ml4-tf Fl I .WnRTH ATS HEAT' LLLOtlUll I II ..vrrHtuffert furnl-lure. Ph. 35, 105 Ellsworth. nS-tf Live ... limned " A grade H grade 1 n I m . TODAY'S B1ARRET QUOTATIONS C1 Ofin ACT QCTICK 100. ; 10 P 'OUW , . .rrrtof prairie land ill under cultivation fair building.' the beat buy ever offered In Linn county. 1 100 total price. Why rent? t IRVINE L. HOOD, Phon 300 alOlf CI m AM BEED FOR SALE. TEST OUUAI1 . germination, 3e lb. E. tl. Cook, Hnrrlahurg, Phone ' 17-F-24. m20-22 KIIEKP WHAT IN THE COUNTY COURT OF LINN COUNTY. OREGON In the Matter of the Estate) of ) Flora A. Mason, deceased.) - , . - In Probate Notice Is. hereby given that on the 8th day of May, 1936, the undersigned was appointed executor of the last Will, Testament and Estate of the above named deceased, and has qualified. All per sons having claims against the estate of said deceased are hereby notified to present the same, verified according to law, to the undersigned at the office of Foshay & Mason, Albany, Oregon, within six months from the dute of this notice. First published May 8, 1936. ROCKEY E. MASON Executor. May8-l!i-22-29 June 5 Trv n "Hwnti" ad. -O L D horaea VVrtll I cu nil worthlM1, 22 10 Wood and Coal Help Wanted Price quoted below are the prevailing at 11 o'clock a. m. sa day of publication, and are mbject to change at any hour thereafter. and cowr Iicad animala picked up free of charge gnywherif, Cale II Montgomery, Pliune collect :13-F-I2, Cnrvallla. ' ' mltf 100 rORD9 wOOD WANTljJn, of.n u or 2nd growth on ground- Addreaa liox 2241, c-o ' Democrnt-Herald. . m22-2& TIIRKFY- PICKERS WANTED i.uirL i A,,piy nt swirt ft co. ALL KINDS w$e? k''e Stewart, 1133 W..12ih. m7-.1?-H m21-S3 Purtlnnil, Ore., 5lay 22. Extreme alrmglh wua ahown In the batter market tcnlny, although no - price changes 1 were recorded. Egg value held Well, A.paramin anld 12.60 pyramid for heat local and Columbia river, while limited offering from the Inland empire were nominally priced 7-8c lb. ' - vwjvvuuiia hi. emu unui sccmim, ll any there be, and for the final settlement of said estate. Any and all persons having objections to said final account are hereby notified ' to present the same at said time and place. Da bed and first published this 1st day of May, 1938. THE FIRST SAVINGS BANK OP ALBANY, OREGON .' VICTOR OLLIVER, ' E?eCUtP-Albany, Oregon, Attorney for Executor. May 1 8 15 28 29 NOTICE OF SALE OF : " SCHOOL BONDS School District No. 5 Linn County, Oregon. Notice is hereby given that the Board of Directors of School District No. 9, of Linn County, Oregon, will receive sealed bids until seven o'clock P. M. on the 2nd day of June, 1936. at the High School Building in the City of Albany, Oregon, for the General Obligation Bonds of said School District in the sum of Thirty Thousand' and no100 ($30,000) Dollars, said bonds to be issued for the purpose of providing funds with which to remodel the Senior High School Building and to construct addi tions thereto, to construct a new Maple School Building, to build an addition to the ' New Madison School Building and to equip and furnish each of said buildings with school equipment and school furnishings. Said bonds are to be dated June 1, 1936, to be in denominations of- $1000.00 each, to bear interest at a rate not to exceed six per cent per annum, payable semi-annually, principal and Interest payable at the office of the County Treasurer of Llrih County, Oregon, and will mature, as olio ws: Numbers Maturity Date Amount 1 and 2 June 1, 1938, $2000.00 3 and 4 June 1, 1939, $2000.00 9 and 6 June 1, 1940, $2000.00 7 and 8 June 1, 1941, $2000.00 9 and 10 June 1, 1942, '$2000.00 It and 12 June 1, 1943, $200000 13 and 14 June 1, 1944, ' $2000.00 15 and 16 June 1, 1945, $2000.00 17 and 18 June 1, 1946, $2000.00 19 and 20 June 1, 1947, ' $2000.00 21 and 22 June 1, 1948, $2000.00 23 land 24 . June 1, 1949, $2000.00 25 and 26 June 1, 1950, $2000.00 27 and 28 June 1, 1951, $2000.00 29 and 30 June 1, 1952, $2000.00 All bids shall be addressed and delivered to the undersigned Clerk of the School Board of School District No. 5, at Albany, Oregon, on or before seven o'clock P. M. on 6 For Salt Used Cars ion -HEVHOLET COL'PE FOR I. OCA I. fJRAIt M. geader Co. Wheat: No. 1 white, 77c; red and mixed 75c bu.hel, - , UAKLEY: Hansen, 121.00 ton. FDR RFNT e-ROOM house, run ,nrm im K, K. ,. quire 522 E. (h St.', AJban'. 1 m22-2S' fJIDI ABOUT 20 YRS. OLD, Ulllll WBriied for general homework. Ref. required. Phone 65S-L. CjilJl-2J ROfin WOOD PRICED RIOHT uwu Delivered In any length. Leater Chllcote. 10 Saul lam Rd. Phone 734-R. J20-tf ow .ale. Orant Wlllamaon, Rt. 4. Albany. m2l-22 BUSINESS CYCOLE By HAROLD GRAY MV BUSINESS ISN'T MUCH THEY "PRECIOTE II MUSTN'T I 1 I VyH THINK FOLKS DIFFERENT FROrA ANY OTHER BUSINESS HAJM5 WORK- BUT I NEVER FEAR COMPETITION MY BEST CUSTOMERS LEAVE ME TOR A WHILE- TO BE OVERCHARGED FOR SHODDY GOODS- BUT THEY ALWAYS COME BACK THEY LOSE WOOLU STICK IW TH HONEST, FWR PRICED H OVERLOOK I i I HUMeVM I I I HONEST. MATERIALS" FAIR Utile THEY DO, I SUPPOSE- BUT IT'S EASY TO FORGET MOST FOLKS LIKE TO 'FOLLOW THE TH ONE WHO'S fJVEM 'FNA PRICES IN TIME IT W klaTLlPP . I i WORK WO VE IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE STATE OF OREGON FOB LINN COUNTY. NELLIE HART HARRIS, ) Plaintiff,) J vs. ) R. F. PRATT, as Administra-) tor of the Estate of Margaret) Hart Miller, Deceased, and) GEORGE E. MILLER, ) Defendants.) SUMMONS TO: R. F. PRATT, as Admin istrator of the Estate of Margaret Hart Miller, Deceased, and GEORGE E. MILLER, defendants. IN THE NAME OF THE STATE OF OREGON. You are hereby re I LOSE BUT ONLY FOK A 9 BECOMES A BUSINESS U ANMIE- u ,j a DONE FOR 'EM- PERFECT SERVICE ' IITTIC UU1I I WORTH STEAI... M&V.i FOR VENRS? an NEWEST FAD r b -virv .1 ' - . Anrie And Pther Comics quired to appear and answer the Complaint filed against you In the above entitled suit within four weeks from the date of the first publication of this Summons, and you are hereby notified tnat u you fail to so appear and answer wun In the said period of time, default will be entered against you ior want of answer, and that the plaintiff will apply to the Court for the relief prayed for in her Complaint herein, as follows, to wit: 1. That she be decreed to be the owner of the fee simple title IN JJYSTER'S POWER MYRA NORTH, Special Nurse - By Thompson arid Cpjl June 2, 1936, end shall be accom if- krZ-ISCOIUCE AGAiM . leg HI WITMINJ A FEW MOMEMTS.EVECvj rn I YJJ I WELL, LEW VVEM - I'VE SENT A V ITHEY SHOULP BE POKIMG TMBR panied by the certified check of each bidder in a sum hot less than 2Vi percent of the amount of such MEAWWWILE, of the real premises described 'as follows: riT' . WE MEET, EW ? AMP 'M U LAST PEWOM IW HAKUM WILl r I if!.. 3 BACK AT bid.' . ''' TME ENEMVSJ W&l TMI5TIME I e4AVES II BE PEAP-OR. ANAONJ& TME J 1 m-M The legal opinion of Messrs, 1, t r O-3iTlCOLUIVlM OP TBOOPS TO TME 1 HEAPS OUT AMY MINJUTEv NOW-- Vkl Ji-fr OTMER EMP OF THE TUUMEL- i HaMP TMEMTME FUNt BEGINJ5 f&T!-Z I ALL WE MAVE TO DO, MOW I 1 T" JX ' Yi PWm 'S 5IT Tl QMT?.' rf IfOX 6ETS CAUGHT r&r V ,jft I SAVED VDUR rmiSi Wn MI5SNC3 SECCET Teal, Wmfree, McCulloch, Shuler CAMP Beginning at the Northeast corner of the D. L. C, of Jas. M. Coon and wife, claim 49, In Township 13, Range 4 West of the Willamette Meridian, thence South 58.60 chains, thence West 41.46 chains, thence ' North 98.60 chains, thence East 41.46 chains to the place of beginning, containing 242.90 acres, in Linn County, Oregon. 1 and Kelly, attorneys at Law, Portland, Oregon, as to the legality of such bond issue will be furnished the successful bidder. The Board of Directors of laid School District No. 9 hereby re serves the right to reject any and all bids. - . By order of the Board of Dl of School District No. 9, Linn ift- County, Oregon. ' and all thereof, subject only to the rights of the Administrator herein, the just and valid claims against the estate of Margaret Hart Miller, and the expenses of administration, and upon the clos Dated and first published this 14th day of May. 1936.J D. H. BRENNEMAN, Clerk, School District tfo. 9,' Linn County, Oregon, Address: Albany, Oregon. Mav 14-21-28 ing of said estate the administrator be directed to release said property and all thereof unto the plaintiff. 2. That the administrator and all other persons be Immediately restrained from selling, disposing Z THAT'S DIFEEEENT lECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY BLOSSER of or otherwise incumbering the property in question, except sub ject to the rights of the plaintiff, TAGIM AFRAID WE during the pendency of this suit THERE YXI ARE.TAG ALBANY BUSINESS DIRECTORY The merchants and professional people listed on this page are known as Albany's most reliable business men and women. Call on them today. Please mention that you saw their ad. in the Democrat-Herald. 3. For such other and further i "THINK WELL, PERHAPS I -xU I . 1 1 u4C aiicrrAkTiJ Aramrr v. CAN'T KEEP THE RIGHT OFF THE BAT relief as to the Court shall seem POODLES HAS SOME GUY BY THE SEAT OF dog ...I Have au. equitable. TtXJR DOG TRIES TO f SEE, THE II M ' ' -'. ti (COLLECTOR TWE rX5,TAG RUN (A This Summons Is published by I CAW .DO TD MAKE J (GET- ME IkTO A LOT I POP yjcoMMCJ. I Order of the Honorable L. G. Le- cam we keep him, pop? ) HIM O0T5IDS ) j GEET, LOOK AT HIS PAWS ... ' ( AWD WE'LL TALK ., .THEY'RE ALL SWOLLEKI (ABOUT IT LATER.' L ' ' . .FROM WALKlKia 'SO j- 1 FAR y J r' ( . ' X5r tf) )i;i:LI, OF TROUBLE .' WHO EMDS MEET... HE'S 1 ' I I UUI ML htDUA I I ( J ALIO nprr uim'A J A welling, Judge of the Circuit Court t f'W TlrtU A THE PANTS ANDWOWT of the State of Oregon for Linn A LARGE DOG j AMD IS HE CHASING, Jz,1 LAMB Jrrfi H County, in the Albany Democrat LET GO? w outside ry LET GO b ATTORNEYS HE EATS TOO FRECKLES Herald once each week lor four successive weeks, and the date of &1 much : 7 Tj prTw (, -r the first publication is the 1st day , MARKS tc McMAHAN Attorneys at Law 1st Nat'l Bank Bldg. Phone 299 i ,v ;i i f ii a i i i i ii of May, 1938. Pi & EVANS t t9.,fl;il ioUe-TV II AUTO FREIGHT Attorneys for Plaintiff. First National Bank Bldg. Eugene, Oregon. i. i. rj j Mav 1 8 15 22 29 SILVER WHEEL MOTOR Freight Daily service to and from all points. Gosco Briquettes and coal dealer. 1st & Montgomery Sts., Phone 371. NOTICE TO CREDITORS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned, by an order V CARPET CLEANING won "lT " nr' 1 U. ajo'. f of .the County Court of the State of Oregon, for the County of Linn, THE SHADE SHOP ' 409 West First St. Phone 78 duly made and entered on the 27th day of April, 1938, was ap ALL EGHT, LET'S GO! BY HAMLIN 4LLEY OOP pointed Administrator with the FILM SERVICE Will Annexed of the Last Will and Testament and Estate of IIAN HURLEY'S DRUG STORE FOR Overnight Film Service NAH R. TILLOTSON. Deceased. (17 wea, IT LOOKS AS IF we ll WHATS TH' MATTER WELL. COME ON -WHAT 50 NCW YOU GO HUWTING WO, WOT EXACTLY, BUT TH' RESULT IS ABOUT TH' SAME - HAFTA GO HUMTIMO and that he has duly qualified as such Administrator. All persons ACE VOU WAITIMG 7 y SO, I'M JUST A FUNERAL DIRECTORS ALOKJE, EH? WHATS THE WITH FCOZY- DID YOU TWO HAVE 'a ivm e-p.o , y ALONE DINJMy.... f i t-r-ri r- s- ,rt -ill V MATTER, WITH having claims against said estate A FALLIMO OUT? YSEE, THAT LONG- are hereby notified to persent the FORTMILLER FUNERAL HOME. Day or Night Phone: 447-R TAKING ME ? S AW- BUT Hmm -s about t i "TIME HE HAD I: WOSED IDOT IS I'M WOT I gee; OOOLA, same, duly verified, as required by law, to him at the law offices OOMNA BE GUXS INSURANCE SUCH A BAD 5 MO PLACE of Edward E. Sox in the First GRAND WIZER - t -1 -at i HUNT EC ... FOR VOU - YOLTRE JUS OWEN BEAM AGENCY Opposite P. O. Established 1911 Li "t WM. BAIN, INSURANCE, Money to Loan, Farm Security PRODUCE National Bank Building, in the City of Albany, In Linn County, Oregon, within six months of the date of this notice. Dated and first published this 1st day of May, 1936. JOHN A. HELTZEL. as Administrator with the Will Annexed of the Last Will and Testament and Estate of HANNAH It TILLOTSON, Deceased. Date of First Publication: May 1, 1936. Date of Last Publication; May 29, 1930, ' A LITTLE - I rH A LITTLE SWIFT AND CO. ALWAYS IN the market for eggs, poultry, veaL and cream. WASHING MACHINES OTTO KOOS, AMES TIDWE. T m act u . pat. off r iftfL I-. mi ir wf stsvict inc y "ly J Maytag, Easy, Thor, Washers.

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