Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 22, 1936 · 4
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 4

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Friday, May 22, 1936
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PAGE FOUR '" FRIDAY, MAY.22, 1936 ; THE ALBANY DEMOCRATiHERALD, ALBANY, OREGON L I L U' During this year the league will JUNGLE UK AM A - - c- cm upend slightly more than $0,237, especially during tho last term when Lucille Travcrs and her set had practically ostracized her. Gail's eyes grew dark as she Glamorous Diva 000, all told. This is about equal to Cnfn4 l AUnj. iiir, tioffl. at MfMi ilM Mil. Miaht Uit4 Pra four days' expenditure of the Unit 4 NKA Nt Carriaa. aaUMkaaa 1M. ed SUitc' 1930 armament budget. a thought of Lucille. Ever since Lu Anstfrr to PreTlona Puzxle 11 Referred. ' Milan aa4 puelahMa L, Jarkaoa aa4 R. R. Croatea. mm,'-- 1 13 SDI is DOW Similarly, tho cost of supporting cllle had learned that Gail was penniless, she'd had to no use for her, had Informed her that a school like Miss Cranston's was no IF ID 1 1 t I a IB IQ irr A I 1 1 It IL I I1HHI KITTIO RATES OKUVKRKD kV CAkRItK the league from 102Q to tho present momint Is substantially lens than the cotit of maintaining Japanese oa mt, fa ) c ttM awaih. la aaaaaa .......... i.7 HORIZONTAL 1 Prima donna, who ones iwtj a great actresx It Worshiper. IS To excite. 11 Uared. 17 Humor. II Pin. 10 Drees. troops in Manchukuo in 1934 Oaa aMata. la aaVaaa M lljtts U L AlO i N i MA SP ETHr-OlXE L T E D TIE A QUA T gJXZ INUjfliE lMer ECfUNtK (Te own ilTTs f f Nins Great Britain has paid , to the BT MAIL Uaa, Saalaa, kUriaa, Laa aa Uaaata league, from the first to lust, about one-fourth of the price of a new Oaa Mr. la aaraaaa M M dreadnought. Incidentally, even XI Loses color. INIA l6nSlAAlRA5UAJTiEI la BMtia, la aaVaaca I. Tkiaa momti. la aavaaca I.U On awata. la adnata ...A place for her. She had even tried to turn Rosemary against her! Gail shrugged her shoulders. She'd be homesick for Merrx wood Hall and her old friends ft she didn't stop thinking about them. Passing an attractive looking tearoom she suddenly decided to have some ice cream. She could at least speak to the waitress when she gave her order! She must speak to someone or die of loneliness right on the avenue! The tearoom was crowded, but at last she found a small table this expense has been clear gravy, for the league's rescue of Austrian ICTA ft FIUOIP A LI 1H U t B at r.irv l? r XU Klanihara la H. a. A. fitdl IrltriTE UfTWIRC 24 Vulgar fellow. 1b EWiAlrtrKTElBIMiAiNiyi, Oa ar, la aavaaaa W.N la awatiM, la adaaa i.7l mm Oaa awata. la aaraaaa M wax credit in 1922 enabled Great Britain to recover a loan to Austria of two and one-half million pounds, which otherwise would have been written off as a bad debt. 17 8oft mass. 18 To scatter. 21 Pull. 22CryiialHne tutxiuc. 24 Sail eater nth 21 Tumor 2 Rhetorical. 31 Devil 34 FroM bite 36 Encountered. 34 X. 38 Membranous. bl 41 Appropriate. 42Cem weight 43Siflng voice 44!nitrumat. 48 To jog 47 Plf uiee. 48 Cornucopia 60 To perish 62 Silkworm. 63 Therefor 64 Owed. C Pair 68 Dye . far ot aa train aa4 aawartaadi .. mm la attbrlM ckaaxa af addraai obnrtr aaoaM ihvt fa aU ll aa a" rvliltahc Pailv Iiavt avaaaja This, then, Is the way the world Taa Dtateerat-Barala Foblbhlnc Co.. It Wit, , for two. A woman of uncertain age was seated at one side, and as is willing to spend for peace. For a laarpuarai Alrrtxwq Mawapapar aaanaa tS Molstore J7 Courtesy title. S Either. SO Thing. 31 To exist. 33 Indicated. 37 Vampire. 88 To scatter. 40 House cat. 41 Ventilating machine. 43 Exclamation. 4S Door rag. 47 Brooch. 43 Laughter sound. oaii settled herself and started fire Insurance, in the form of ML C Minima Ca Maliaaal A4wa VERTICAL 1 Jail. 2 Rim. 3 Part In a drama. 4 God of war 6 Guided. Doctor. 7 Spike. 8 Musical note 3 Branch. 10 Poultry disease. 11 Laws. armies, navies and air fleets, it SI Iron basket. C4 Drone bee. SS Journey. 67 Large constellation. 68 Epilepsy symptom. 69 Madame Butterfly was one of her famous rolee. tO She was a picture star. ttemt tUeraarataUraa, to read the menu, the woman lit a cigarct. tMflKif 1EM . . sT -i ' Its' ,'"7 "Hope you don't mind mv will pour out billions of dollars; for fire prevention, in the form of the one international organization AND f TILL WE WAIT smoking," she said, in rather mannish tones, as Gail raised her eyes from the menu. whipb can do anything toward Between-1 Wednesday morqmg "Not at all." said GalL while keeping the peace, it spends next and Thursday morning , no less lit ;1L,i 1 1 (? .'a M Ml jr V fiAT -..,-' W J -f it winy ,.f. I 4 Boy. she turned to the waitress and gave her order. Suddenly she to nothing. than, three automobiles were V$7A: vTC! 7KH7 wrecked in the "death trap" ol the realized how long it had been If there is anything logical about world that lays out its money since she had eaten. Pacific highway between Shedd and Haliey. One. ol them was so The talking and laughter at the that way, the logic Is not visible tables around her fascinated Gail. demolished that it has been abari to the naked eye. - a a a doned by its owners and a new car The wave of homesickness passed as she felt herself caught up in the bright atmosphere of . the A good deal has been said lately about the "death" of the league. substituted. No one was killed, it is trye, but. Judging from the appearance of the car, this is nothing Certainly the league has proved place. New worlds to conquer lay before her, and as her eyes roved from table to table she felt that in this new life to which she had unable to check the Japanese in short ol a miracle. On man was, Manchukuo, the Italians in Ethio however; severely cut and bruised. committed herself all sorts of interesting things might happen. pia, or the Germans in the Rhine' land. But each failure merely em "Are you interested in art?" In both of the other accidents persons suffered minor injuries, and the cars were more or less 1" Id j U i j 17 Id I? fO II A H J "j-- 15" " " "" TT 17 "7" 'ia" 1 U T ' " " I I L w r' - c?5 . &t 3.7 , 25 """a? 3o" ST Ss . i ' r ,t to , , ia s4 ad' ip ; , -. 'iAp ' ' at" TT " T""T4a"""""'" 46 T 46 """" " 4 " " 40 " r- ; 2g" I ! ! 1 I f I I I -1 " t I JE phasizes the world's dire need of boomed the woman across the table, for Gail had taken a small damaged. . a, league which would be truly ef fective. sketch pad from her handbag and was making a tiny drawing of a clever piece of neckwear she had The victims were out-of-state Unless modern civilization is to residents, from California. just observed. Gail smiled her assent. She did In each case the wrecked automobile was alone. - No collisions not feel particularly attracted to collupse utterly In the fires of war, there must be some strong, concerted action to remove war's causes and to compel adventurers the woman. were involved. Nona of the three driver were passing other cars. As WelL if you haven't already seen the exhibit of modern paint to keep the peace. Such action can be taken only through the league ings in the Ferrara Gallery, it far as could be learned all were driving with reasonable care that might repay you to take a look around. But there, I don't suppose ' by Jean Seivwright -C Sawka,lnc- Tj would have carried them along or through some organization re? markably like it. How long will it you'll take the advice of a wom temperamental person. Maybe working With her would be hard; but Derek Hargreavcs had advised Gail to take anqthing she could get at first, so that she might get experience. She smiled as she remembered how earnestly he had talked of her chances of getting a job. Luck, he had said, often played a big part in landing one. She'd HK; HKHK TODAY tiAII. KVKltKTT, winner of the an to whom you haven t been for be before the world at large is without ; mishap elsewhere, : Yet without warning each of , these three cars careened and went into waitress moved to her side. "Guess tips!" man from the popcr Is here. He is going to see about that Write-up I wanted, Quick, let me have it." 'It isn't ready. Besides, John H. Ijirnf rnatUmp !i-k1kii lirlie, ready to realize that fact? Wondering what strange adven mally introduced." She rose quickly, and stalked from the tearoom. , I'limfi, In New York In find work. flHira imrt'tita urn liollt d-'itil. Hhe you don't know her. She's a frightfully rich woman, but ter-rihlv nuppr. She means all ritrht. As' things stand now, we arc the ditch. Two of them are known ture she might meet next. Gall left the tearoom, i - Iihm niitnt thi iiiihI threw year at Gail watched her go, a puzzled to have overturned several times, spending all our money on fire insurance and letting fire prevention .MIMH t'HAN'STON'H fwHtilimubl "Oh, dear, are you going crazy look in her eyes. Then, lightly, the I though. Always gives wonderful (To Be Continued) never thought of that before. If No one was killed but death was hi IkmI for Kir In 1ub tu Ml t:rkn- lAA9-Am I irk 1-imrA nn Knln fpftm tki c i. .!,,. oione had ability, and perhaps ex take care of itself. there with, extended hand. That Klon'ii avnrroalty and frl-.nlHli(i for I in I In iiinlhi'r. Each has its place but the one is she pounced on Gail's designs he missed his grasp Is creditable Arini'd with n lller from I.arni, impotent without the other. (lull kcii In hln nfflip ami In told ho In nut of town. DK1SKK I1AU- only to providence. It was through no virtue of the roadway that lives lmfT2mmr?rempi7n?,r?rcmn a v, No, a Zloncheck is not a pass JltfcAVIOH, an urllnt, nvcrht'iirii Ihln roii vrnal Ion ni nffvra to li - tp in II, iviiviri ua v i J - i 0i iwum V uoiij get a start. Perhaps Derek Hargreavcs was right she'd surely had a lucky break when she stepped into Madame Lizette's. Yes, that was so, for Madame apparently didn't think much of her work! ct:n it u ..i i out ticket from St. Peter. lie mlvlKcs her In mi In MAHAMK jyudUUUaUsLdV IS U LSLdLIZ-JJ "Some sketches I've been looking at. I don't believe you need to look any further for a designer. I think you can use this girl. She has some very clever ideas." "So?" Madame gave Gail an appraising stare, as though not by the flicker of an eyelid could her victim learn what imjffssloh h$r hlZKTTH'B Hhi to ainily for a Job. liHH nrrlvra iiiitd JiihI rnr icm- liiriiinnlnl Mnnanm l.i'tti him ouii, ii uiiii vtiuiu iiuv aL.jii:u arm il in r ilrHlmn r Iiiim mini' In KOAC Radio Program ym Madame s oincc an hour later and heard her talking to a Holly Hiioii (lull la hIiowii Into the office wln re MIHM rAUtL.H;' Mml-unio l.lzrlli 'h KuniBlmil, la tit work. Albany's Leading Grocers 4friend about the newest addition work hud made. .. . A' "Yes." declared Miss Caroli' sow r.n o with tiih mtoiiy i to hot staff njie might have bad mnrp ranfiHnnrl nf hrvr nliitwt.v xinrl "She's just won the Larnc prize Friday. May Z. 9 p. m.. On the Campuses; 5:30. and she's a graduate of Miss Cran- lrealize4. that. ' from Madame's CHAPTER III paid rVr to belittle ""Zl?1:,. , v.. viewpoint, it p should "I've no time to talk to anvone Madame' sliruggcd her Music; 5:45, The Vespers Led by Rev. D. Vinceii Grey; 0, The Dinner Concert: 8:15, What Trust the work of. her helpers. "For Simmtff Only ers. "Oh, zee prize winners! They just now," declared Miss Carolie. "If you want to see mo about a position you'll have to come in make me seeck. They think they Companies Do; 6:30, Evening Farm know everything." She waved her plump white hands. "Let me have Hour 0:30, Battle ol Bugs! B:a, Market and crop reports and wea the morning." ther forecast; 7, Agricultural Economics; 7:13, W. P. Duruz "Mar "Oh," exclaimed Guil. "I'm sorry if I've interrupted you. It was Madame Lizette I really wished keting Products from tho Home SNOWDRIFT SHORTENING to see. Wesson Oil Orchard"; 7:30, Music; 8, The Oregon State System of Higher Educa - xviaaame t.izeue? you re a friend of hers?" Miss Carolie rose tion Virgil D. Earl, Dean of Men, quickly. of O.; B:15, We write a story; that ad." "But, Madame, why advertise now? You can't get anything better than these," and Miss Carolie placed ' her hand on - Gail's sketches. Then, turning to Gail, she said, "I don't believe I got your name." ("Gail Everett!" the girj replied. "What's that name?" Madame questioned, while Guil watched a slight tremor pass over the woman's silken-clad shoulders. "Mecs E-verett?" .' "Yes," . repeated GalL as Ma 30, Music; 9-9:15, United Press 'No, I'm a designer. I'm looking for a job and someone in the showroom told me I'd have to see you, but I didn't know you saw Slowly Gail sauntered on, looking at the windows, getting new ideas from the models she saw displayed or from some passerby, for always Gail's eyes were aware of style.. It was still early. She did not wont to go back yet to her room in the young professional women's clubhouse. It was a lovely place. Miss Cranston had made all her arrangements for her to stay there. What a lot of people her old teacher seemed to know! Important people; too! But then of course Miss Cranston had founded Merrywood Hall more than 20 years ago, and now many of her earliest students were, the wives of leading Americans in business and political circles. How strange it seemed to be walking down the Avenue and never seeing a person she knew. Stranger-still not to talk to any onet Gail smiled as she thought of her roommate. How Rosemary Setirlw and she used to chatter Saturday, May 23.. 9:00 a m. The Story Hour; 9:30 people in the mornings. , The Half Hour in Good Taste I'll Bring the Sandwiches"; 10:00 "Wei, that's our rule, but" Miss Carolie laughed. "Won't you sit down? You've come in at the psychological moment, for I'm just preparing an advertisement for a music; : io:i5, uuarding your health; 10:30, The Junior Matinee; dame announced, -"Tell that man 1:30. The International Scene; 11:45, music. there is no ad. Give him the information he wants about that material we have used in Mees were spared, but it was apparently the fault of the road that the three accident occurred. The drivers, being unfamiliar with the dangers of this If thai eight-mile piece of highway, were easily subjected to its wiles. They did not know that they must drive along the center of "hog-back" pavement if they would avoid being hurled into the deep ravine on either side. ' To the north and south the road surface is flat Only here in the "death trap" does it bcHy in the middle. Only here ia the surfacing sa narrow and treacherous. ' No: warning signs apprise the stranger of the menace. Curves and crossings are marked, but no such Jtazard has taken nearly the toll that is claimed by the "death trap." The unwary must find out for themselves. m ; . Yesterday the state highway commission was in session at Portland. It dUcussed further construction on roads from Portland to the beach . for the pleasure of the metropolitan area, but said nothing about doing anything toward making the "death trap" safe. It authorized the spending or nearly half million dollars on resurfacing oiling and construction, but had no money for . the saving of lifea. - . , -; v. ,.v , w" -' Thousand of dollars : were thrown about the state at yesterday'!,, highway commission meeting, but not one penny fell upon the dangerous Tangcnt-Halscy section, of, the state's piam traffic artery. Just why unnecessary or unimportant road work should get so much attention while "this dire need it ignored is a question that seems to defy an anwscr. Perhaps a few more' "crucifixions" would help. Well, month by month they are mounting, and possibly the required number may be reached, and though it U a pity that so many sacrifices should be exacted, the lives lost, now may be the means' of preveirting eventually hundreds of deaths. designer. Before I send it down, perhaps you'll show me some of 12:00 Noon Farm Hour: 12:05, 52c U 1 ll tan ' X"v 6-Ib. Pail l i 1 Can ... 39C United Press News; 12:15 Agncul All Wynne's trousseau. I will talk to; Mees E-verett." , .-.- your work, "Of course . I will." . Quickly tural Engineering Students; 12:40, Market and Crop Reports and Gail untied the portfolio she was carrying and drew' out her weather forecast. - Once more-' Ge 11 joined the throngs on . Fifth Avenue." Her 1:00 p.m. music; 1:15, - The World Book Man; 1:30, Programs on Parade; 1:45 music; 2:00 The sketches. . . . . "Oh, that's beautiful!" the older womun exclaimed, picking up a watercolor drawing of a youthful evening frock. "What a .clever CORRECTION Of Last Evening's Ad. BORDEN'S MALTED MILK . British Isles Travelogue; 2:15 music; 3:30 Romance under lite Borden's Milk water; 2:45. music: 3:00. You and step was light and a little song rose in her heart. She had a job! Tomorrow morning she would joux-the crowds of men and women as they hurried to their work in the towering gray buildings that flanked tlio gay street, and stretched in dim vistas on both sides of the wiSrld famous avenue. idea that is." She pointed ' to the, Your Radio: 3:15 music; 3:45 The Monitor Views the News: 4:00 i n yyri Musical Stories; 4:30 Stories for Boys and uirls. 5:00 On the Campuses; 5:30 mu Of course the salary was noth sic; 5:45, What the Educators are VISIT OUR STORE TOMORROW SAVE MONEY ON THESE BARGAINS ' We also have a'store full of Special Bargains. It will pay you to call personally and, look over our many offerings, and make your shopping complete on Doing; 8.00, The Dinner -Concert; 30, ivenlng Farm Hour New tvAP0HATtH ing to write home about, and Madame had acted rather strangely. She had kept repeating' the name, "Everett" as thought it held some special significance for her. Gail had felt rather annoyed Publications; 8:45 Market and Crop Reports and weather forecast: 7:30 music; 7 45. Science News of the week; 8:00 Music of the Masters; 9:0Q-9:15, United Press News. at the moment, for she was proud of her New England ancestry, and the way Madame repeated the name made her feel that ' it brought to mind some distasteful unusual . line of the .decolletagc. "Are these all your own designs'.'" "Why, yes!" "They're very attractive,',' Miss Carolie declared as she laid them on her crowded desk., "And you say you won the Lame prize?" "Yes. guess I was rather lucky, for MUs Cranston has some very clever students." "Then you went to Merrywood Hall in North Carolina?" Miss Carolie loked intently at the girl. What was the idea of one of Miss Cranston's students looking for work? Then she remembered that oiie reason why Miss Cranston's exclustive finishing school had been so successful was that she tried to develop any natural talents the girls might have. Besides in these days even the richest girl might come to be thankful that she was equipped to make her own way in the world. "Yes', I've been there for three years." "I think your work Is very LARGE CANS. 6c c-it 49c 7 memory. j BARBS Madame Lizette had also shown he was quite skeptical about Plf WE WILL REFUND CITY BUS FARES TO ALL PATRONS BUYING $2.00 OR MORE MERCHANDISE this store is open evenings. but we close on Sundays. Gail's ability, but somehow her 1017 disparaging remarks that were intended to make the girt icel less than the dust, did not accomplish their end for Miss Carolte's en-1 PRICES thusiasuc praise ' still echoed in Gail's ears. n ; ONE-SIDED EFFORT I'ndouhtedlv Madame was a BROOMS MEDIUM WEIGHT KITCHEN BROOM iiill Permanent good; was Miss Carolie s verdict. "Then you feel Madame Lizette might be 'interested in it?" a a a a The door opened and Madame darted in. "Have you got that ad ready. Moos Carolie? The young 25L fiVWi i'.r,.rjr,Y "WHEN Ali Baba suddenly bc-" came rnat champ, the sport world learned it knew nothing about him." Excrpt, of course, the fact that he might have chummed with 40 taxi drivers. . The wcoejtiort of a Oiltorhta official to lag outos of drunk driien with Vt imliafs, "D. D." may meet U'ifH the disavor' o doctors o dicihify. Mother's Day that day when iom and daushters gather to honor her in so joyful and touching a reunion, that it takes her a week to clean up the dishci. . a "Tou-nsend old oc m-olvinff pension oroani:ation tcill hold its cont-e'ition in July" Probably officials or already icork. ing on 1'ie rfrolrinp piaiorm. . Chamber of commerce jko-men drm.ind return to "sni(y n gfivftn-feitt ' An'i !!..) dn' V(.'i'M'rlll !? MIA Miiii, Iiw) Wave Complete with Shampoo Finger 'Wave and Trim $2 to $7.50 Schilling If a man owned a factory and spent huge sums to pay for fire insurance, but refuted to lay out a dime to remedy the defective wiring, faulty flues, and other defects which made fires probable, it would not be long before his friends and . relatives gathered about to have his head examined. There never has been a factory owner like that and there never will be. But mankind as a whole seems to be bent on making a very similar record in regard to the danger of war. A current bulletin from the League of Nations Association in New York illustrates the point. The League of Nations budget 5 3 V S3 - " more VELVET, 1000 Sheet TOILET TISSUE ff IK .'y i more eacEi von WALKER'S BARBER fir BEAUTY SHOP .Shoe Shining in Connection. 215 Lyon St, Thou 679-R FANCY quality LARGE N0. 22 CAN SPINACH 10C Mustard KANSAS UTI MO. for 1938 has Just, been revealed.

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